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/u/ is for discussions about the yuri genre of manga, anime, and other related media. Threads requesting images or series recommendations are discouraged (try >>>/r/ instead). When starting an image dump thread, please contribute at least 4-5 relevant images yourself.

Where to read manga:

Some notable scanlators:



Just getting into the yuri genre, or just looking for recommendations? Click [Reply] for /u/ guides to manga, anime, and live action.
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Before starting a new thread, please check the catalog for existing threads.

File: DyaJhEUUwAE4ak1.jpg (723 KB, 1363x1364)
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This thread is for:
*Screenshots, pages, and discussion about general series, current or old, not covered by an existing thread, be it yuri, fanservice, subtext or goggles. Canon and non-canon both welcome.
*News reports about things relevant to our interest.
*Original content that doesn't fit any specific thread topics.
*Missionary tribbing!
*Pretty much anything that doesn't have or need its own thread.
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Men are super narcissistic, I know.
Yeah, haven't got around to playing it yet though.
That should be obvious, given our MC is not anyone from the games or familiar with this setting's mahou shoujo thing. Having a newfag MC is like the most basic excuse and tool to explain how shit works to the audience with the excuse of explaining to MC. Thinking the game is necessary is retarded. More so when the anime is made targetting newfags to get them interested in the franchise
It's not like Madoka explained everything from episode 1. Or Symphogear
Felt like making a yuri blog, but is there any point? I just like to write about stuff and give thoughts, not necessarily review and be a holier than thou blog. Also I want to somehow promote obscure artist, one shots and manga.
YKA isn't for wiomen. Like all Ikuhara shows it's for Ikuhara and whoever like his weird shows, men or women does't matter

Previous thread: >>3395784
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File: 69718894_p1.jpg (1004 KB, 895x1107)
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>But I don’t know if I’ll buy it again.
I know this is Nintendo thread, but I recommend getting the GOG version on sale. If nothing else, you can mod in the cheesy as fuck original anime OP song. It's a good time.
i think a lot of people did back during FE Awakening's more popular days because Cordelia/Sumia was quite a popular pairing. and yes, it works beautifully
File: 1604475964968.png (704 KB, 1109x1280)
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704 KB PNG
this is quite lovely but those very pointy fingers are throwing me off a bit...

File: 78558651_p0.jpg (463 KB, 850x1200)
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Shadows, masks, hair covering, and out of frame shots all welcome.
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1.36 MB PNG

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The Owl House /u/ General — Kaio-Ken Amity Edition

Previous thread: >>3385983

The show is now on Disney+!
MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/3IYw3YDC#FjiRKOsXoFhEQ9iwR7Ed4Q
Shorts: https://youtu.be/4AeOCBycFbc

Even older threads:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Amity asking Luz to piss on her mouth
that wasn't the watersport that I've wanted and it went up to 11 really quickly
File: 1597709525276.png (3.16 MB, 3312x3272)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB PNG
I prefer the sweat and the BO stuff, as the show implies them, somewhat, the latter one is a bit of an extrapolation
File: 1615953935528.png (2.21 MB, 1820x2048)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB PNG
File: Ewi_C8PWUAozCth.jpg (740 KB, 2029x2351)
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Reminds me of this pic. Interestingly Amity is the one acting rapey to Luz here.

File: EsGvRwWW8AEIpYh.jpg (356 KB, 1080x1350)
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Archived threads:

previous: >>3339566
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I wonder if we'll have to wait years to see the weirder (aka: better) porn for this show?
File: 1618029777520.png (2.72 MB, 2906x2337)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB PNG
How toxic Catra is as a girlfriend?
Depends on what's going on around her and if she's putting effort into working out her shit. By EoS she's more or less minimally toxic.
About as much as Adora, I'd say. Both seem like the really jealous type, but Catra already had her whole mental breakdown about it, so she lost her rights to express it (She'll write threatening letters instead). Adora just outright threatens people with the sword.
sounds like the average lesbian relationship to me

File: 1611554510124.jpg (210 KB, 1404x790)
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210 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>3340371


Official YT channels:
Assault Lily Project - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBWEbD8FflD5g3Ya_dRV-g
Ludvico Girls High School - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCehrt0eozclO0DNDddn2Cww

Hitotsuyanagi-tai novel (has free preview of chapter 1) - https://ebookjapan.yahoo.co.jp/books/413408/A001760220/
Assault Lily ARMS - https://www.azone-int.co.jp/?sid=cct203&jcd=4560120200002

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Shenlin is weird
>Shenlin’s face when she wants to fuck Yujia
Sneak peek of the new CHARM props for August. Seems to be the Grásíða, Failnaught, Keraunos, and Hrunting used by Hronesness' members.
File: 20210410_112621.png (669 KB, 631x830)
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669 KB PNG
File: 20210412_000350.png (220 KB, 800x450)
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Happy birthday Yuyu!

File: 142.png (2.91 MB, 3056x3028)
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2.91 MB PNG
A thread for discussing yuri webtoons
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**the art is top-tier.
It was written by Seo Rim and illustrated by Mockma.

Read it here: https://lilymanga.com/ys/getting-to-know-grace/
Yeah its not bad, lot of good revenge and violence.
Good taste, onee-san! And yeah, I found it through this board.
Thanks, I just read it in one go and I loved it. Now I need to find the epilogue.
It was so cute when Gyerin blushed over seeing hearts around her name in Joo-Yeon's contacts. I like it so far, Joo-yeon's goofball antics contrast nicely with her beauty and sadistic tendencies. It's quite cute how she is like a puppy in the streets, but a wolf in the sheets!

Recently read the Frozen 2 manga and while it felt like an abbreviated version of the movie the art was nice.
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Stormhawks another awesome show that was canceled way too soon.

File: yuriEbxqx7jUwAAtmBu.jpg (1.21 MB, 2488x2204)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
With the next movie being so close, we need a thread.
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File: [000091].jpg (263 KB, 673x640)
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File: 1611435719316.png (827 KB, 1280x913)
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827 KB PNG
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File: 01.jpg (201 KB, 1000x1414)
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201 KB JPG
Girl on Mom - Secret Bust Lesson

how do i access to exhentai?
Just replace the "x" on the link with "-".
Make an account on E-hentai, delete your cookies, log in to E-hentai, then immediately go to Exhentai without gaining any new cookies in the process.

That's the opposite of accessing. You can't get to the Exhentai-exclusives that way.
>”My mom and I do it almost every night! She’s got the fattest ass in the entire neighbourhood. I like to slap her thigh and ride the wave in to her butthole! Yeah, it sounds creepy and perverted, but I don’t care! It’s a Mankanshoku tradition for mother and daughter to get it on! And you’re more than welcome to join in, Ryuko, what with your slamming body and your enormous rack, you’d make an amazing addition to our get-together! So join in, sit on my mom’s face, and let’s FUUUUUUUUUCK!”

File: 83457587_p0.jpg (594 KB, 1460x1275)
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594 KB JPG
Mary is a better MC than Yumeko?
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I like it in the manga when others call him a wimp and he’s legitimately confused. Like come on bro, there is not a single scene your in where you don’t anxiously sweat at least once. Not, a, single, one.
any pics of Mary getting mogged for her flat tits?
Ririka thinks they are cute and she will suck/feed of them until they get bigger!
proof of Ririka sucking tits?

Old thread: >>3397783
Volume 8 episode rips:

>"New" fic recommendation list: http://pastebin.com/7PfNUaCG
>Older recommendation list: http://pastebin.com/NyBwmzVf
>Ancient rec list: http://pastebin.com/R3TxjN1b

>Ship list: http://pastebin.com/U6sHLcN3
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Changes according to her mood
Crazy how popular this ship got in some circles despite these two never sharing a single word of dialogue, only being in the same room together 3 times, and currently are now separated by a full continent.
Those sort of ships are super bandwagony so it's less about anything in the ship itself and more about people joining in on the surge. Basically the same phenomenon as bowsette, earth-chan, sailor moon redraw, etc. but smaller.

File: Exe5epMVcA8AK46.jpg (205 KB, 1200x849)
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205 KB JPG
Previous Thread >>3315952

General guide on buying yuri manga

/a/'s buyfag guide (some relevant info, incl: customs, shipping, book and doujinshi retailers, alternate honto signup guide, etc)

How to signup for honto:

How to purchase and convert a JP kindle book

Japanese wiki listing yuri manga (not updated anymore):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm someone who lives in Japan currently and is trying to do the same. I just want to know what is the best way to help them. Buy from bookstores or digital copies, support their fanbox, RT and comment their tweets, and what else? It really saddens me going to book store to book store and seeing massive rows of yaoi but the yuri section has to share it with subtext Kirara series and anthology books. (I like both but the amount of actual yuri manga is so little when I know there's plenty that exist out there)
> just want to know what is the best way to help them
Just buy their stuff is enough, but even one person can only do so much. That's why promoting stuff works better in the long run.
>the yuri section has to share it with subtext Kirara series and anthology books.
That's the problem with yuri manga in Japan, they have yuri only section for Yuri Hime manga, the rest are separated by their publisher. Not sure how bookstores arrange stuff but mostly the same.
If you live in japan send in those surveys, also always buy physical copies on release week. Fanbox is a good way to give monetary support for an author but it doesn't keep them serialized so I'd only consider that for doujin artists who don't have ties with a publisher yet. I'm sure retweeting and liking is helpful in a very minor way to motivate or let the publisher know people like it, but unless you have people following you I don't really see how it would have any impact on a larger scale since its real purpose is free marketing.
Offer your body to them for free so they can get the horniness squared away and concentrate on their work. You may have to undergo surgery for Itou Hachi though. Just being a little person probably won't cut it.
>Just buy their stuff is enough, but even one person can only do so much. That's why promoting stuff works better in the long run.
I've been telling people who live here about yuri but I don't think it's working. They called AdaShima muzukashii.
I should do more surveys, you're right. I always forget and find it kinda tedious to do, but I should always do it.
But I don't want to have sex with the mangaka, I just wanna make sure they can live a proper and healthy life.

File: sara nagato 3.png (277 KB, 707x1000)
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277 KB PNG
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File: 1590107802911.jpg (202 KB, 700x525)
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File: 92178 .jpg (461 KB, 1500x1155)
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