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/u/ is for discussions about the yuri genre of manga, anime, and other related media. Threads requesting images or series recommendations are discouraged (try >>>/r/ instead). When starting an image dump thread, please contribute at least 4-5 relevant images yourself.

Where to read manga:

Some notable scanlators:



Just getting into the yuri genre, or just looking for recommendations? Click [Reply] for /u/ guides to manga, anime, and live action.
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Before starting a new thread, please check the catalog for existing threads.

File: OnceMoreForFun.jpg (302 KB, 1380x800)
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Previous thread: >>2424706

Updates and Discussion for English and Japanese games, visual novels, RPGs, etc.

Lists of Yuri Games:

Yuri Game CGs:

Related Threads:

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File: Blue-Reflection-01.jpg (173 KB, 1280x720)
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anyone already bought the game? http://store.steampowered.com/app/658260/BLUE_REFLECTION__BLUE_REFLECTION/
Just what does this mean? Since when did characters need to have a never-seen-before personality to be good? Give me some examples, retard.

Well written characters leave a long lasting impression, and Kindred did it well. Unlike AnoKiss whose characters most people can't even remember the name of.
>a never-seen-before personality
I'm fine with them simply not being high-school manga cliches, my standards aren't very high.
Ignore the "logic", they're just retards who are trying to use as many fetishes they can and see what sticks.
A simple concept like "yuri fans don't want to see hetshit in yuri games" is too hard for them to understand.
But what if those are feminine tentacles?

File: fall2017.jpg (561 KB, 2472x609)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
I made a shortlist of series next season that look promising.

YuYuYu, LLS, and Konohana Kitan and maybe Sidecar are the only ones I feel confident will be /u/ relevant
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Never read any of them and never will.
honestly it all looks like shit
>translations = not mine

Yeah. It's doesn't look as shitty.
They go by he pronouns and their voice actresses lowered the voices and saying male pronouns that boys say if you weren't listening

File: DFdxxGvWAAAjkVd.jpg (125 KB, 860x1024)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Discussions for Mahoik/u/. Previous thread >>2365318.

>Series/Novel Updates

>Current Translations

>MGRP Glossary

Remember to thank the contributors and drawfags for their hard work.
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and by split i mean male & female lol
File: DKYqaOpUEAAE0RP.jpg (64 KB, 800x600)
64 KB

Sorry this took so long; the china girl (?) released it late and I was busy on my end.

Overlord v12 is landing at the end of the month and I will be working night and day to finish it, so I won't be posting anything until the middle of October at the earliest.

Have a good one, and when you see the light ahead, I hope it's not a truck.
File: DKUWTipVYAECyu9.jpg (56 KB, 579x442)
56 KB
Hey, no problem and thanks for the heads up! Good luck with Overlord, we'll likely still be here since there's not many of us in the thread and we're moving at a snail's pace.

See you then and thank you for this!
File: DKKfSJTU8AIlBPh.jpg (188 KB, 1080x1200)
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188 KB JPG

It looks like tumblr is doing a Mahoiku Week sometime in January. I was considering writing some smut until I read the "guidelines." A bit of a disappointment and waste all things considered, but it's tumblr so it should've been expected in the end.
Being tumblr has nothing to do with the ban on NSFW content. Other fandoms have their smutty fandom week just fine. MGRP week's organizer is just a faggot.

File: DramaCD.jpg (371 KB, 1280x583)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
Previous thread reached bump limit and is on page 10 : >>2429936

Chapter 32 is out : french kissing and (almost) boob groping

8 chapters arc confirmed with continuation of the summer trip in volume 9

Anime PV released the 1st september : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI5CJyRZ4b8 [Embed]

Airing date : January 2018

Studio: Passione (Hinako Note)
Director: Takahashi Takeo (Hinako Note)
Series Composition: Hayashi Naoki (Flip Flappers)
Character Design/Animation Direction: Ijuuin Izuro
Music : Lantis (Tari Tari, Glasslip...)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Still no kindle/comiXology versions available... Please Amazon!
Reading arc 2 once again. Himeko was a real bitch and written as à villain. I wonder how much foreshadowing we have to understand her role in the next chapter.
I think she might get toned down in the anime. Her being there from the beginning of the anime means she won't come across as a the villain of the week as much as she did in the manga.

>wonder how much foreshadowing we have to understand her role in the next chapter.
I think she'll punch or slap Yuzu in the face if her breaking Yuzu's face comment in an earlier chapter is anything to go by.

File: InAWorld.png (298 KB, 600x337)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
Previous Thread: >>2426379

This thread is for:
*Screenshots, pages, and discussion about general series, current or old, not covered by an existing thread, be it yuri, fanservice, subtext or goggles. Canon and non-canon both welcome.
*News reports about things relevant to our interest
*Original content that doesn't fit any specific thread topics
*Pretty much anything that doesn't have or need its own thread.
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>Shoujo Ai level
And that's how I know that I don't need to bother with the rest of this list.
If you dislike male MCs because of how prevalent they are, would you dislike female MCs or yuri romance if they were more prevalent? Using popularity/inequality as a pretext for why you hate something is what a hipster does.
File: DKipeqTVAAANJqo.jpg (611 KB, 1536x2048)
611 KB
611 KB JPG
And as well as the gxg stories (which are non-adult), there's a yuri loli story too.
>Asking why people on a yuri board prefer female protagonists

Are you stupid?
Too much of something is guaranteed to cause repulsion in a portion of a population. It's natural psychology, retard.

File: 57022161_p19.png (280 KB, 700x545)
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280 KB PNG
Literally hunting yourself a girlfriend.
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Kaguya x Europa, wow...
File: DGQD7aFU0AAN4Xi.jpg (73 KB, 900x727)
73 KB
File: DFRA-osUwAARLQ9.jpg (91 KB, 600x839)
91 KB
File: DKplaYIUEAAwW81.jpg (256 KB, 1200x756)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
>Don't manage to roll Grea
>It's fine, next legfest probably won't interest me anyway
>Anne mid month
>Dorothy & Claudia SSR
Everything will burn. At least the event could be cool if they getting a big presence, maybe even spotlight in the summon since that's tended to use the event's SSR art.

Looking forward to SR Rosetta getting Yggdrasil Merge too.
>Dorothy & Claudia SSR
So is that going to be two characters in one?

DiaAkko the True OTP Master Race Edition Gold

Previous >>2427853
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File: 1497130927854.jpg (197 KB, 600x690)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Why does this make me so incredibly fucking sad?
Don't me wrong though, I love it... but it's pushing some bad buttons.
I mean, when you think about it, it's a fairly concise and indicative term. You hear "Glomp" you instantly have an idea of what is being suggested. What's the next closest terminology you could use? "Tackle-Hug"? "Ran up and embraced"? And neither of those make good onomatopoeia.
Because you know that you will neither
>A) Be a charming and sophisticated English philanthropist who has overcome personal tragedy to find fulfillment in both your work and an inspiring significant other you grew to love for her role in helping you achieve your dreams
>B) Be a friendly and outgoing Japanese entertainer who has overcome numerous obstacles you were not even aware were put in front of you to fulfill your dreams of spreading joy and wonder to others while also finding personal happiness with a significant other who has driven you to greater heights through both open support and friendly competition

Either way you take it it's depressing in comparison to our own experiences.
I didn't like the author taking away Chariot's emotional moment with Lyonne, but well, that's what fanfics are for anyway
File: IMG_8018.jpg (202 KB, 1246x1168)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Conclusion to an epic trilogy

Is there any

File: Scarf 1.jpg (545 KB, 1148x975)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
Some of you might remember threads from last year about making /u/ themed scarves. 50 were made, 50 were sold, we're back to see if there's interest in more of them. And if not you can always enjoy a shared scarf image dump.
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Post the argyle example please.
File: img-thing[1].jpg (32 KB, 300x300)
32 KB
File: pb6z[1].jpg (244 KB, 1004x836)
244 KB
244 KB JPG

It's in the OP
Are we supposed to receive an email back after preordering?

File: Untitled.jpg (33 KB, 549x373)
33 KB
> Official Site: http://www.foxtoon.com/comic/I_hope_you_did_not

> Raws and Translations: https://etherpad.net/p/ihydn
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Stop complaining about a damn thread...
It brings order to the board.
>Stop making new threads when the other one isn't even dead yet
If threads aren't bumping when new posts are made then it's very acceptable to start a new thread. If you don't like it go somewhere else. Get on topic, or get out of the thread.

Looking forward to the translated version after it is posted.
No spoilers of the new chapter?
if you can't wait, why don't you buy the chapter yourself?

the most is again about jahee. (is it written like this?)
in the last panels you can see Guk (i hope is written correctly.), but not much.

File: mayuri_hiver.jpg (810 KB, 1350x1800)
810 KB
810 KB JPG
The final instalment of the Flowers Series will be released on September 15th - that is, next Friday.

So, I thought a thread was in order to hold, perhaps, a few discussions on what we know of the series and what we expect to happen in Hiver.
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When is the second game supposed to drop on Steam? Any official release date yet or just sometime in 2018?

can anyone translate this;;; my japanese isn't that good so i don't understand most of it


And looks like why Yuzuriha and Nerine sending letter to suouh are explained there
edit: or maybe its just some speculation?
Correction is welcome.

>1. What's the thing that somebody (Suou? Erika?) saw in the secret room in the library?
>2. Who's the person attacking Yuzuriha?
>3. Why did Yuzuriha and Nerine follow [somebody's] instructions?

Seems like some left-over questions the poster had after finishing Winter.
Why don't you read the VN yourself to get the bigger picture, instead of pondering on someone else's comments?

Previous thread: >>2304243
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She was too sexualized to mesh with other characters easily especially with the sister ship themes or historical exerts to use. Thus she is or tends to be overshadowed by other girls That's my guess
So she was too predictable you mean. Blonde hair big tits but not a foreigner her pairing with Ryuujou just made the flattop more popular. Atagogets more breast jokes than Musashi and have you seen Musashi
>[RH] Gekijouban KanColle Director's Cut [84E6D215].mkv

I've already seen the non-director's cut. Is the extra scenes worth downloading it again?
Three minutes of eye candy plus an alternate (extended) ending. I'd rewatch if you enjoyed the non-director's cut.
musashi is great, i'll give you that

>new ending.

Well, looks like we're doing this again

File: 1502022679903.jpg (582 KB, 1023x4000)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
Just wondering why the hell there was never a thread about this glorious manwha? Also ch 34 when?
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Gu should have a stronger will...
Thinking about picking up another story (this) to read since many of the one's I've read have ended recently, or are comming to an end soon. Anywhere recommended to read it from the beginning (that's not a pay site)? Otherwise it would seem the only way to read it is search out individual links to each chapter, and I'm guessing like a lot of other stories the original links would have died or been removed.
So I wonder if the guy will now call on Moon past baiting promise to get her when she and Gu are together?

Maybe he will propose for Moon to move in with them. The guy has an obsession for Moon and he now has means to get her, especially if he will learn now Moon really likes Gu and vice versa.

But the father is right, if Gu won't have a male heir everything he built will go to Gu's husband by law. So basically father forced Gu into this situation where she really doesn't have a choice. Maybe we will indeed see a threesome happing where the guy gets Moon but also tries to make Gu pregnant out of obligation.
If he really is a jerk he holds all the cards now.
>But the father is right, if Gu won't have a male heir everything he built will go to Gu's husband by law.
I do not understand. why would the whole inheritance go to the son-in-law, and not to his own daughter?

did not it say in previous chapters that Gu will eventually take over GBS?
and it was the reason that she should work at GBS to get a picture of how the work is going on there?
can be also wrong, but something like that was said in that direction.

File: 1408670704406.jpg (132 KB, 818x1157)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
In the grim darkness of the far future, there can still be pure love right?
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File: 789234478923.png (758 KB, 850x818)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
tsundere peach offering
The takeaway here is that elves are bad at tribadism?
Look "Warhammer High" in 1d4chan.

Maybe it is the first time tise DEldar had sex without creepy stuff.
I thought the same thing. I'll just go ahead and say it is.

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