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/u/ is for discussions about the yuri genre of manga, anime, and other related media. Threads requesting images or series recommendations are discouraged (try >>>/r/ instead). When starting an image dump thread, please contribute at least 4-5 relevant images yourself.

Where to read manga:

Some notable scanlators:



Just getting into the yuri genre, or just looking for recommendations? Click [Reply] for /u/ guides to manga, anime, and live action.
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Before starting a new thread, please check the catalog for existing threads.

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Gal pals winning the contest with the power of hollywood movie tropes and being gay.

You ready for the second core?
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>that was explicit.
So explicit the show creators had to confirm it on social media afterwards lol.
>Carole & Tuesday
More like Hetshit and Queerbait, amirite?
If they don't fix this by the end of the season I'm personally going to burn down the studio Bones building.
So explicit that they didn't have to but retards like you second-guess everything. Fuck off. Everyone in this thread is a fucking joke right now.
The fact that you're so angry about your narrative being questioned proves that deep inside you have your own doubts.

File: D95Mb9DVUAANTP7 (2).jpg (479 KB, 1919x1076)
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479 KB JPG
YuYuYui 2nd anniversary stream:

News from the stream:
>Kohagura Natsume no Shou was announced and will start in July.
>A continuation of the mobage story was announced, called "Kirameki no shou"
>A Kotamaroom Fanbook will be released sometimes in Fall.
>The 4-Koma will return and be released in-game.
>Miroku Renge's design was revealed, she'll make an appearance in the new story.

A new CM confirmed the new mobage chapter and revealed that a new Best of album which will include new NoWaYu chara songs is coming later this year. Three other announcements will be revealed later on as well.

Hanayui backups

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Cute feet.
Because she usually doesn't take part in the action and prefers watching from the sides. She probably doesn't know how to react in such a situation.
Snok is likely a glass cannon when it comes to this matter. She can endlessly tease people and fluster them, while being a tease herself, but if you take control of the situation from her and were to put Snok on the defensive by pushing back, she melts and can't take what she can throw out. Nobody really fights fire with fire against Sonoko and teases her, they usually either get flustered themselves or completely shut it down.

While not romance related, you can see a bit of that idea in the scenario where everyone finds her diary and starts reading it. Sonoko gets very flustered and even runs out of the room embarrassed.
There's a scenario in the third VN where she dreams about Tougou making an advance on her and she gets flustered. It was a short scene but I really liked it. I want more stuff like that, and more rare interactions in general.
File: ECclepeUcAAEJnp.jpg (105 KB, 1327x939)
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105 KB JPG
How many unsolved mysteries do we have at this moment on the franchise? I bet we can count more than 20

File: ritsuka x carmilla 29.jpg (144 KB, 750x1000)
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144 KB JPG
Continue From>>2936958
List of NA F/GO /u/sers
760,336,105 (Elanya)
047,042,187 (Celeste)
523,026,020 (Saint)
510,567,668 (Robobot)
658,593,770 (Nana)
900,621,176 (Ayako)
800,382,373 (Infini)
738,015,745 (Kalilith)
247,271,757 (Zemicchan)
135,677,727 (アキラ)
750,451,770 (SAVAGE)
433,700,307 (Zhana)
473,556,961 (Gudako)

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No. You just have to pull the same servant over 5 times. Keeping them doesn't affect it.
I bet they're proud of themselves.
Ugh I wasted at least 60 SQ and 7 tickets and I still didn't get Jack. All I got was Stheno and the Devilsh Bodhisattva CE. Speaking of which which of my high level servants would this be good on? Ishtar (Archer), Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer), Euryale (Archer), Nero (Bride), or my Kiyohime?
Ishtar and would be best. You would want it on farming servants with the best one-shot overcharges.
Is that drawn by the Cylcia Code artist?

Updates and Discussion for English and Japanese games, visual novels, RPGs, etc.

Previous Thread: >>2942258

Lists of Yuri Games:

Yuri Game CGs:

Related threads:

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>microtransaction VN
The future is dark.
That's nothing. I end up gimping myself in a lot of games because I will only use female characters.
You do realize that you'll end up spending more on that than you would if you bought an actual game, right?
1200 conversations and 5 routes (only the girls) are in total 6000 conversations or 60000 energy.
1000 energy is 5 dollars, so you end paying 300 dollars for reading the five routes.
If you aren't going to pay, you need to wait 6000 hours or 250 days to have enough energy.
Yeah, isn't worth the time nor the money.
Thanks goddess there are videos on youtube.
I refuse to play any game where I can't self insert as a female character. Few exceptions.

Last 2 threads were in August >>.2696030 and April >>2603224

General guide on buying yuri manga
(there is a guide to buy digital manga from amazon.jp from a yuriblog, I will see if I can found it)

/a/'s buyfag guide (some relevant info, incl: customs, shipping, book and doujinshi retailers, alternate honto signup guide, etc)

How to signup for honto:

How to purchase and convert a JP kindle book

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YH imprint but digital only? I hope this isn't a new thing they're trying out.

>LiLium-百合アンソロジー・リリウム- Vol.1 new anthology, digital only and pricey for its length. Has a very short entry from Takashima Hiromi.
>I don't remember anything except it was cute.
That's all you need to remember.
I didn't read the scans because I was waiting for the tank and now this? Fuck this shit. There is way too much digital-only stuff lately and I don't like it a bit.
>Buy 3 books shipped to the US and get a 1000 yen coupon
>Coupon is good towards book purchases
>Apparently unlimited use on the code US3BOOKS if you want to make multiple orders

Amazon.co.jp has an interesting promo going on that helps offset the cost of yuri.
Did anyone get this?

File: 1552255913688.jpg (141 KB, 800x538)
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141 KB JPG
Previous thread
Discuss, reccomend, etc.

Useful links:
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It's the same thing as an artist drawing het porn of their yuri OC. It completely breaks the illusion.
Your comparison does't work, anon. It's a porn featuring real life actors. They act. They are being given roles. Why would you expect a general porn actress to be a true lesbian?
The expectation is there because if they can't at least maintain the illusion then lesbian porn is worthless.
Two girls that you know are straight. That can't even convince to believe that they might be into each other, is not hot.
It's not only that Sora does porn with guys, but that she does porn that is deliberately marketed as conversion porn. It comes off like she only does lesbian porn to have something built up to break down.
I can guarantee you she doesn't actually give a shit either way, besides possibly sticking to one category of porn (like only lesbian porn) to establish a niche they don't give any thought to past or future roles when considering what videos they want to do.
Does anyone have the sources for these? I know the titles both say Ayane Asakura, but it's definitely not her in either video.


File: clairerei.jpg (80 KB, 350x495)
80 KB
Is there a better otome-game isekai?
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Not thanks
It's an omni-harem which is more than what male-aimed harems go forth
Did you just make this word up? I googled it and all I got was Ben 10 and Dragon Ball fanfics because of people/objects that have Omni in them.
Probably anon didn’t want to use the word bisexual or something.
You very rarely get examples in series with male lead like Hastur in Nyaruko, but don’t know they’re ever treated seriously by the audience
It worked pretty well for the first two volumes, but the harem gimmick with lack of any romantic progression has gotten really grating since then.

File: hq.jpg (27 KB, 1024x575)
27 KB
Anything with the Auntie, please. I can't believe there's nothing about her actually exists.
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File: 76135228_p0.jpg (549 KB, 1200x846)
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549 KB JPG
Does the manga end the same as the anime?
Possibly Yes.
Apparently this is getting a special one-shot chapter next month and will focus and a pairing that won some sort of popularity poll? Can anyone verify this? Especially the bit about the popularity poll, because the only english source for this is ANN.

shio is literally a child

File: 1564106760003.png (754 KB, 891x1280)
754 KB
754 KB PNG
The story seems to be close to it's conclusion.
Also, this reminds me of those bloody worms from Wrath of Khan, ugh.
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File: 1549696371746.jpg (128 KB, 1920x1080)
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128 KB JPG
>it's 2 days earlier than normal and long fucking dead.
File: 48.png (73 KB, 422x302)
73 KB
>looks we
looks like we
They didn't spend much time on that meetup, kinda disappointing. I guess it's just so they're all in the same place when SHTF.
>together with Magical Five
Safest place for them to be, frankly.
And Jade's wet dream.

Eh. Maybe.
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File: 50924292_p3.png (943 KB, 1139x1262)
943 KB
943 KB PNG

File: officially lovers.png (57 KB, 192x344)
57 KB
Honkai Impact 3 is a beat-em-up mobile game where almost every playable character is a lesbian.

Previous thread: >>2898936 (OP)

Official Manga: https://manga.honkaiimpact3.com/
Fan-translated: https://mangadex.org/manga/22297/honkai-impact-3rd

Global-US has an armada for /u/: LilyGarden (ID: 1295) is Max Tier with ~25 active /u/sers, daily bosses, and a fuel chain in the warehouse.
SEA players are scattered among their own armadas, but are active in discord and often raid together.
Global-EU players are unicorns.
If you are new, check to make sure you are starting on your desired server. See below for details.

Discord for organising co-ops: https://discord.gg/me5ssV7


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Well yeah. Saw someone posting these scene on FB and only 1 comment. Truly different community
Well that's /u/
Einstein's speculation about the reproductive biology of vampires was great. I'm curious about what this scene said in the original Chinese though.
well Nox isn't letting me launch Honkai anymore. Maybe I should just upgrade my phone at this rate, if I want to finish this event
MuMu mostly works but has log-in issues with google play.

armpit licking
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>not the translated one with hairy pits

File: bakenekohazuki1.png (135 KB, 570x311)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Continued from >>2927069
Welcoming any and all translators, typesetters, proofreaders, quality checkers, etc to bring more scanlated yuri goodness to the world.

Previous translations:
Complete (but may need QC): http://pastebin.com/f0nsev2C
Incomplete (need TL help): http://pastebin.com/snFYvnVJ

/u/'s scanlations: http://dynasty-scans.com/scanlators/u_scanlations
Raw ripping service: https://mega.nz/#F!LOJz2SpL!3o_LhDgUuqKM8k35iDAubQ
RSS: https://rawanon.github.io/rss/feed

Tips for learning Japanese: https://djtguide.neocities.org/
KanjiTomo (kanji reader tool): http://kanjitomo.net/
SFX reference guide: http://thejadednetwork.com/sfx/
Typesetting guides:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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enmtkrrg (Slow Start, KiyoEi)
Seitokaichou-san no Gokitai doori! (Heartcatch Precure, ItsuTsuboEri 3P, revised TL)
Komika Boo, is there a better one?
I still need a good one for lewd noises too (not for this one but in general).
I like some of KG fonts for lewds, but I was told I have a shit taste in design, so don't listen to me.
YuriNemo Communication (Watamote, YuriNemo)

File: 1553339916546.jpg (38 KB, 640x360)
38 KB
From AnimeJapan 2019 first trailer for Gochiusa OAV2.
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File: 76268172_p0.jpg (354 KB, 1386x1600)
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354 KB JPG

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