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post sleepy/sleeping girls <3
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Post /u/ families. Anything goes: adoption, SCIENCE, magic, brainwashing, kidnapping, research papers, etc.
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Can Kuroko still win the BiriBiri Bowl or will she fail miserably to Misaki?

Whoever wins someone will lose.
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Time for some Yuri of the softer variety
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File: 86615594_p0.jpg (794 KB, 1200x1200)
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Teacher who went to visit her hikki student ended up being confessed to by her. She then seduced her to get her to go to school.
File: 90530527_p0.jpg (763 KB, 1158x1637)
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File: 293898348934.webm (764 KB, 578x326)
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previous thread
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Discuss, request, and recommend /u/-related /lit/ works!

Previous Thread: >>3475471


ulit Archives 2020 torrent (10,058 books with release dates up till December 2020):

>How to find books:

Mobilism Search for Lesbian, FF, LGBT, and GLBT keywords:

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>find a girl on discord to groom instead
That was very specific. Is there anything you want to tell us, sis?
"Time to brush up on your Chinese. We're going to Japan"
File: Spoiler Image (20 KB, 297x475)
20 KB
people used to make up a lot of stuff about me doing it and ive been on the other end its kind of a sore topic for me still, i cope with bitter humour (im currently dating a girl 5 years older than me so i dont have to worry about what people think anymore)

i picked up this book off of goodreads enemies to lovers lesbian list, and while its not enemies to lovers its a very nice sci fi novel with similar themes, id recommend it to anyone here. im a little tired to do a full review but i can say that like 85% of the book is good, just the LI is a bit too harsh at the end for me i like when they say i love you...

i also read satisfaction guaranteed which is a contemporary romance about an accountant inheriting a sex shop and falling in love with a girl who works there. its pretty good, reminds me a lot of the one someone wrote about the food truck girl and the investor.
I don't know if articles are also accepted here but I found this one about the peak of Japanese lesbian double suicides in the 30's. It was quite interesting as it forms part of the history of yuri itself. There are also mentions of homosexuality in the Takarazuka Revue and its major competitor at the time and how otokoyaku were turning everyone into lesbians thanks to evil western influence.

Previous thread: >>3441834
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File: E7CAcekVEAQ7OZk.jpg (924 KB, 2508x3541)
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File: 91322585_p0.jpg (422 KB, 1180x836)
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File: Senrans.png (372 KB, 1280x985)
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Pure Senran love is the best!
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File: E6OtNJUVcAEScA1.jpg (1.41 MB, 1600x900)
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1.41 MB JPG
Based, (perverted) Katsuragi.
File: kattat.gif (1.36 MB, 496x563)
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1.36 MB GIF
>...Katsuragi getting a harem of girls show


File: 1498780874254.png (2.5 MB, 1582x1159)
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2.5 MB PNG
All Pictures edition
Let's have a thread with no imageless posts!
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File: E7Ae0teVoAMeJTn.jpg (1.01 MB, 4096x3272)
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1.01 MB JPG
File: 20210724_110647.jpg (3.81 MB, 2500x3750)
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3.81 MB JPG

Previous thread: >>3489333
S2 is good for now, but liable to collapse.
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Go back to /a/, please, you don't belong here.
So triggered for being called degenerate,go back to /a/, the board you’re describing, this is a board for yuri fans
Lurk more or fuck off.
You can keep complaining about shit that hasn't happened yet. Me, on the other hand, will keep enjoying the show so far and Tohru's love for Kobayashi.

more like Yuri Camp amirite?
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File: 1620703245839.jpg (205 KB, 710x1000)
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205 KB JPG
She can't be stopped anymore!
Cute feet.
File: 0505.jpg (746 KB, 1493x910)
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746 KB JPG

File: aukg505sopl.jpg (196 KB, 800x538)
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196 KB JPG
AUKG has a new lesbian vid and it's HOT!!!! Including their second one from AUKG and it's trbbbing one.

Useful Link: http://www.javlibrary.com/en/
Previous thread:>>3260125
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File: aukg495sopl[1].jpg (192 KB, 800x538)
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192 KB JPG
>Also what was the code for that one jav where a gyaru converts a nerd into another gyaru?

aukg-495 maybe? Gal seduces a flat class rep and gets her trying on gal clothes and such.
Yeah that’s the one thanks! Got any others?
Let's see...
BBAN-132 has a gal in a threesome with two other women, LZPL-020 is a school girl one with one as a gal.
Ok guys here me out on this one, has anybody seen one JAV in wich a teacher falls in love with the mother of one of her students? I remmember the son/daugther is never mentioned and might as well don't exist, the teacher goes to a private meeting in wich they trib the fuck out of each other, eventually the husband finds out about the affair and divorces her, so she moves away with her new girlfriend, does that ring any bells to you?
DIV-161, fifth scene

Previous Thread >>3435832

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArknightsEN
Database: https://aceship.github.io/AN-EN-Tags/index.html
Info: https://gamepress.gg/arknights/
Operator Analysis: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L5smDJR2_4JCLvDJpT2Cz94inl8MFtRXH-xEOyuahIA/
Youtube Level Guides: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEZi1cY8cm3h-UuDoFs7GDu8m4T8chfjM
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If you don't mind speding irl money, Surtr will be available from the 2nd anniversary 6* selector ticket. Otherwise she will be in the cert shop in the future, if you're patient.

I think Saga is unfortunately a case of outright powercreep--Siege gets dommed by her hard. However Bagpipe + flagbearers are still the meta option.

Meanwhile Dusk has an interesting stalling ability with her skills, but being an above-average AoE caster in a pretty underwhelming class isn't really saying much. Eyja's mere existence renders the entire class redundant.
Nah, don’t plan to drop cash on AK anymore, and how does Saga compare to Siege at all.
They're both a bulky 2block AOE attack skill recovery.
Yeah but Siege is a very simple in your face fighter. Saga has the whole leaking meme thing going on.
File: 1605630704552.jpg (606 KB, 2865x1955)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
Dusk is the best AoE caster in the game if you care about that archetype. And of course the romantic tension with Nian.

File: Volume 18.jpg (663 KB, 1800x2560)
663 KB
663 KB JPG
Murcielago raws:
Korean version:
English version:
Go to nyaa.

Arana raws:
English version:

Previous thread:
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Kinda funny.
Is Kuroko always the top?
File: ネームやろうね.jpg (239 KB, 1158x2048)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
What's up with Vol. 17
Now it's an October release?
Translators are slow as hell

File: 1620105785064.png (227 KB, 873x788)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
What are you working on? Tell us about it. I want to hear about your original characters, story ideas, unrealized dreams of creating the greatest yuri VN of our generation, etc.
Try and be sound boards for each other.
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I'm currently working on writing a VN about an American high school girl who is a yuri fanatic. She learns from a thread on her favorite yuri imageboard full of other yuri fanatics about a Christian girls' preparatory boarding school which is opening and has the feel of the stereotypical yuri school trope.
She attends the school and enjoys the atmosphere reminiscent of her yuri manga, but there's a twist: it was really built by a lesbillionaire explicitly to be just like a cliche yuri manga school. With the secret exposed, she joins the secret group running the school.

I hope the premise sounds interesting. I will post the draft once I am "done" writing it. Any questions or ideas are welcome.
Ahaha oh wow, I once had a very similar idea it was all for the school founder to live out her own yuri fantasy though.
I'll be rooting for you now.
Thank you for the constructive criticism. Is it that bad an idea? I wouldn't want to write something no one will read even if it is just a fun project and nothing serious.
I'd prefer college setting desu

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