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File: 87884780_p0.jpg (854 KB, 1240x1754)
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Time for this overlooked yuri series to get a properly yuri thread on /u/. Season 4 is coming.
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Soft angelic boobs.
Endgame couples right here.

Let's recall what got into yuri in the first place
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File: 9021.jpg (51 KB, 398x500)
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.hack/Sign was kino and really underrated. It sucks that there's not much art of Tsukasa and Subaru in the real world
File: IMG_1417.jpg (337 KB, 1700x1284)
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This goof ball
Agreed. I only just watched Sign for the first time recently and thought it was pretty great in a lot of ways. Would've been nice to see more of the real life Tsukasa and Subaru. I imagine there probably would've been more if it wasn't so old- and if they're designs weren't so (appropriately) plain.
>hetshit Utena
They're the movie version which is yuri

File: 1661242319149.png (2.68 MB, 1920x1080)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
Winter is upon us, again - https://jastusa.com/games/jast022/flowers-le-volume-sur-hiver

General resources (CGs, OSTs, drama CDs, etc) - https://pastebin.com/KH5KgHGG
Anon's Mega collection - https://mega.nz/folder/y3wGQSzK#ClO6cYEaH-ebYXl8oAJ-Bg

Voie Lactée drama CD translation - https://files.catbox.moe/q9dm4p.pdf
Voie Lactée scene - https://files.catbox.moe/fozsqj.webm
Été drama CD scene (The Meaning of the Plum Blossom) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNcQfkf0te4 [Embed]
Partial TL of Automne drama CD - https://pastebin.com/DxgNdgbW

TL for Erika and Chidori's letters to each-other - https://imgur.com/a/YnNvyCB
TL for 20th Anniversary Special Book - https://rentry.org/flowers20th

Otherwise important material - https://files.catbox.moe/te68o7.webm

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File: 1678588610304510.png (297 KB, 600x845)
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I love Erika so much
File: FKGs5HsVIAIm_6m.jpg (298 KB, 2048x1930)
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File: F--9QKtaoAAskiF.jpg (138 KB, 949x1604)
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It was her birthday last week~
File: 1678205250742197.png (738 KB, 808x692)
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738 KB PNG
I'm sorry, but I won't congratulate a homewrecker!

File: 1687362748676818.png (829 KB, 1000x710)
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Previous thread: >>3884483
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File: 98157306_p0.png (3.04 MB, 2075x2775)
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3.04 MB PNG

File: LastGoodbye.jpg (68 KB, 850x582)
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Previous Thread: >>3710263

A thread for yuri from From Software games, including Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring.

Other Souls-like titles, like Nioh and Code Vein, are also allowed.
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What kind of name is 'Plain Doll?'
It's not one, it's a descriptor and an apt one because the doll is in fact a doll.

Modeled after Maria in fact.
File: 1698198552568359.jpg (521 KB, 1912x1771)
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521 KB JPG
>what little yuri art of AC6 will be 621/ayre

I waited for so long for this franchise to get to part 6
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File: Jolytrish.png (339 KB, 1333x1133)
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339 KB PNG
File: danai_ym.jpg (922 KB, 2048x2034)
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File: aporo_12345.jpg (536 KB, 2298x2972)
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File: SOTR__.jpg (734 KB, 2048x1719)
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734 KB JPG

That work you really like with virtually no yuri content on the internet. What is its name, /u/?
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I wish. It seems like everything is inundated with het to me
File: 55375522_p8.png (352 KB, 650x559)
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352 KB PNG
I just watched the first half of Patlabor TV and thought Noa and Kanuka had great chemistry. Would definitely read a bittersweet story about them having a one-night stand the night before Kanuka goes back to America.
Profound taste, anon.
The whole show is extremely gay but nobody cares because it's mostly subtext.

Post official art (published by the artist behind a property or company). Bonus points for art from non yuri origins.
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This one is fake because someone edited her phone. Originally her boyfriend calls her in that moment, but his contact in her phone is omitted here. So this pic is ACTUALLY HET and therefore disgusting and not allowed here! Delete it!
>someone edited her phone.
That's real fucking neato.
it does count and i'm proud of u for posting that

They’re such a cute pairing, especially since Visha is one of the few things capable of humanising Tanya
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What Isekai Quartet should have been about.
I don't think Tanya would particularly care for any of those girls. However, if we're talking about how Isekai Quartet and /u/, I would say having Tanya dating Visha and thus being the only isekai protag getting any (assuming I'm remembering what I vaguely know about the others right) could be funny.
delinquency record fic came from the death today, go and check for some spicy yuri also bump
It's less about her caring and more about her being the center of attention from big-breasted beauties.
Tanya's kinks continue to be delightful. As is her continued descent into becoming a supervillain.
I'd prefer a more worshipful pose personally. Being the token loli being smothered by her curvy companions doesn't feel right.

Its about time

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Alcohol and Ogre-girls ch24
Follow-Through ch1 (Kirara Carat 2024-01)

>throw me a way

>human civilization
humans' habitat

>I didn't care
I don't care

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i didn't actually think it through properly. i'll make sure to upload the individual chapters going past volume 5 (unless there's higher quality somewhere)

quality matches the sample i looked at. 31-32 here if you want to take a look
At first I didn't think it was that big of a difference but the free ones have very noticeable JPG artifacts, so this is definitely an improvement over the other ones.
Also, I only noticed this after my post yesterday, but the spread pages on the free chapters have roughly the same dimensions as vertical pages (just rotated 90 degrees), at a whopping 1060x751 vs the 1692x1194 of these.
New thread >>4103871

File: 1610386303911.png (932 KB, 900x900)
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932 KB PNG
When you have two arms
Previous thread: >>3607078
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haven't played gbf in ages who is catura
Hah, reminds me of Street Fighter where they had the same thing with Dhalsim's wife in the back. Cute little detail.
Your mom get isekai here
How is Gab's fate episode?

File: FmHaxsJaEAAcfj2.jpg (496 KB, 1422x2048)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
Signalis thread.
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File: F_K5ZzPWAAAEksi.jpg (374 KB, 818x1107)
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374 KB JPG
looks like they're sleeping on a large Monopoly board
They had to entertain themselves for 5000+ days somehow.
If you read between the lines its pretty obvious the Penrose program is intended at least in part to weed out undesirables and outcasts such as Ariane. The only ones who would willingly fling themselves into deep space alone are either the ones who bought into the propaganda and want to do it for the glory of the nation, or they are misfits with nothing to lose. The Nation screens applicants and would likely keep many of the former out of the program because they would be more useful elsewhere. So in a sense, Ariane was the perfect candidate for the Penrose precisely because she was a deviant.
Sure, but she wasn't condemned to this program, she chose it willingly. Every authoritarian regime has some programs that are really fucking bad but the propaganda makes them sound like they're really fucking good actually, like volunteering to be in the army for the Glory of your Nation™ only to be thrown in the meatgrinder to die. I'm not arguing that the Penrose program wasn't one such meatgrinder that manipulated young people into thinking that they're going to be making history when in reality 99% of them starved, died to radiation poisoning or Replika meat, or killed themselves, just that Ariane wasn't specifically targeted by it. She just happened to be the kind of person who would volunteer for something like that, like the rifters in Starfish.

The quintessential lesbian sex act.

Continued from >>3920650
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Any more with this exact pose? A lot of the yuri mating press I see tends to have them lying parallel. I want to see belly/abs.
I'm an idiot, will wait for next thread.
New thread here: >>4102344

File: 9257924.jpg (311 KB, 2048x2002)
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311 KB JPG
Previous Thread >>4033147
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File: GAeOaVDbAAAciPZ.jpg (205 KB, 1179x1228)
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205 KB JPG
Bocchi and Kita's rings form a constellation.

File: 34.jpg (230 KB, 650x933)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Thread to post and discuss untranslated yuri manga.

Yuri magazines

Non-yuri magazines with some yuri series

Various raws

Web releases calendar

Buyfag thread >>3944605

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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wait, what plot?
Shirakawa constructing these situations intentionally and Kiyota being onto her.
This girl is fat.
移籍連載 is the term used for series permanently switching magazines/sites. It mainly happens when a magazine goes under or is split off, when the author switches publisher, when the author needs a different publishing frequency or when the publisher decides a series is no longer worthy of dedicating print space to or wants to elevate a series that was previously digital only.
New Thread

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