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It's been a while since we've had a thread about the superpowered mahjong-playing lesbians with no panties.
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Yuri milestones for those haven't followed in a while:
>Yuuki's aunt married a mexican woman
>Hisa's an iPS baby
>Toki and Ryuuka fucked
>Sawaya and that blondie probably too
>Kuro and Kyoko are the biggest perverts according to Ritz
>Hisa reciprocates Kyaputen's feelings
>It appears a sizable number of pro players are lolicons (pic related)
>Toki and Ryuuka fucked.
Source pls?
>Hisa reciprocates Kyaputen's feelings.
Oh and for this one too?
File: 1611454889717.jpg (103 KB, 636x435)
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It is a sequence that occurs between chapters, which begins with a loving look between them, then they are naked and then putting on their clothes.
No matter what excuse you want to invent, there is no other explanation.

reading the manga, simple as that.
File: 1625879700911.jpg (103 KB, 600x750)
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Of course, they are not the only ones.
Hell yeah. I'm gonna have to learn Japanese faster just to read that.
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I don't think that's that necessary, because for the main series, Birdhayu, Achiga and Toki, the translation is pretty pointed, but for King, Final Fantasy, Makoyaya it's another story.
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On Makomeshi, Akio Translations is currently reaching out to Mayoi Subs to confirm if he can continue the fan translation for that series too now that Achiga is on indefinite hiatus again due to catching up to the main series.

Which is great, since MakoMeshi has been providing neat character moments for the Nagano teams.
What about Saki and Nodoka? What's their status?
that's great, it's a nice way to expand on the characters and interactions.

basically what made the end of S1 from being technically a couple, now they call each other by their names so.

I am more concerned about AkoShizu, the main couple with such mediocre performance that they were completely overshadowed by Ryuuka and Toki, in addition to a lot of official material that let's not forget that they are supposed to be a thing.
It says a lot when the live action makes them better not only as characters, but as a couple (it works better)
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finally I was able to see the live action of Achiga and apart from what was already known, it is cute and sad at the same time, that in this version Ako gave her clothes (only sweater this time) to Shizu, for her to be with Shizu in the game, in contrast to the other 2 couples and Awai.
Also a nice hug between Ako and Shizu at the end, this live action did a lot for the couple.
File: 76834276_p0-resize.png (2.88 MB, 1232x1500)
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>Sawaya and the blondie
Foreals? Haven't read in a while but Sawaya was my favorite.
I don't know anything about this series but is there anything yuri related with the girl with white hair?
She has subtext with a midget and a grandma (like literally 60 yrs old or something) (separately), IIRC.

The cast is more than a hundred characters large, most side characters only receive focus for as long as their school stays in the national tournament. Miyamori (that's their school) loses after being introduced in the quarter-finals so they only get focus for one arc.
The explanation is fanservice like this creepy butt shoots
Hisa mothers divorces so is a bit letdow
She's the harem lead in her team, at least thats the vibe I get since everyone keeps latching on her.
Not exactly a harem, but she's in the center of a love triangle with a Kiwi and another Japanese girl from her team.
File: 278819.jpg (429 KB, 1128x1600)
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shut up erica, women have curves and Ritz is not shy about showing that.

not really, it just puts a taste of reality in the Saki world, it's just adapting family problems that were already an important topic for Hisa and Mihoko.
There was also a theory, Hisa was attached to Saki, because they shared similarities due to both families being fractured.
Tell me more.
For those unaware, Akio Translations is now continuing the scanslations for MakoMeshi and has just released a new scanslated chapter.

Also, for those interested, Yen Press has released Vol 22 of the licensed English version of Saki earlier this month, meaning they've finally caught up to the Japanese volumes.
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New chapter is out: https://mangakakalot.com/chapter/saki/chapter_249
File: 1597845034595.png (369 KB, 684x1246)
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returns to /a/ waifufag.
Are there any more kisses in this series? Could you post them all?
File: 5667287_p0.jpg (1.82 MB, 3000x3000)
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File: 98-06.jpg (1.05 MB, 1337x1920)
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New Toki and Shinohayu.
File: 98003040_p1.jpg (915 KB, 1200x1600)
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New chapter of Saki is out.

This hanchan is going to end with Hisa unconscious, isn't it?
File: 83309906_p7.jpg (218 KB, 853x1100)
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>All these big boobs
>Not a single fan service scene where girls press their boobs together

Why does Ritz-sama hate panties anyway? Panties are cute.
Panties are in the way.
but you can just move them to the side for easy access. Skirts get in the way, too, if that's the standard!
When starting Saki she was told to not draw any panty shots. Her galaxy brain solution was that there can't be any panty shots if nobody wears panties.
Holy shit, is that real? If so, I'm laughing my ass off. I had underestimated Ritz-sama's power -- a mistake I'll not be repeating.
Vulvas are cuter.
File: 6348398_p0.png (759 KB, 777x1087)
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Mahjong Soul is having a second Saki collab from Nov 15 to Dec 6. They've confirmed is going to be available to ALL EN servers this time (The first one was only available to US and CA).


The first two characters revealed for the second collab is BuCap


>Skirts get in the way, too, if that's the standard!
Yes they do.
Ako and Toki are the last two revealed for the second Mahjong Soul collab


I'm still disappointed in that lineup, AkuShizu is the couple that needs even more exposure and Toki already has her own manga, Hisa and Mihoko on the other hand if they were a good idea.
One day I'm gonna have every physical volume of Saki, Shinohayu and Toki. One day.
File: 20-05.jpg (817 KB, 1134x1600)
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Akio Translations have translated a new chapter of MakoMeshi, featuring Yumi/Momo and some friendship moments between Yumi and Kanbara.

I definitely expected them to save Toki for the 3rd collab when they showed Ako. It's a little weird to see Ako without Shizu and Toki without Ryuuka.
It's insane how there isn't single docking scene in a mange with this many big titted girls.
File: BuCap.png (2.79 MB, 1920x932)
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Mahjong Soul's 2nd collab with Saki is now in progress and comes with its own Event and Story, unlike the 1st collab.
File: 1601227600652.jpg (180 KB, 1200x800)
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honestly I was waiting for Yumi and Toka, to have the 4 leaders or at least Yumi and Momo.

That makes it more painful honestly.
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