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Any thing of Fairy Tail? Bonus point for Laxus
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File: 49026684_p0.png (341 KB, 783x566)
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341 KB PNG
File: FT516.jpg (429 KB, 800x1166)
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429 KB JPG
File: FT512.jpg (126 KB, 1024x706)
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126 KB JPG

File: Jorgen.png (600 KB, 1280x720)
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600 KB PNG
Old thread hit the limit
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File: kagami_cock.jpg (2.17 MB, 2150x3035)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
I decided to go ahead and give it a try myself. I'm not skilled enough to completely remove the towel but I'm pretty happy with my first attempt at this. It was pretty fun so I will probably contribute more to these threads if I see a request that looks interesting.
I guess it is editable.
File: ultspidermanbutt.jpg (82 KB, 688x753)
82 KB
Can we make Spider-Mans exposure a little more..um..exposed?
File: IronFistUndies.jpg (161 KB, 461x500)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
And can you take Iron Fists undies off too?
I'm not someone who sees this technique done a lot, but that looks amazing. There is no way in a million years I would have guessed that you'd edited it. A+!

File: 8249573495.jpg (184 KB, 1000x733)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Kuroko no Basket
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File: i.jpg (88 KB, 1022x534)
88 KB
It's on myreadingmanga, take a look at the knb doujins (dont have link sorry)
Source please?
File: 43894969_p9.jpg (104 KB, 600x480)
104 KB
104 KB JPG

unpopular sexy characters fucking suck. Theres no porn of them and when there is it's straight.

PLEASE post anything beowulf from skullgirls. if drawfags could be nice enough to draw him or edit poses from the original game. that'd be amazing.

i've been in love with this manbeast for far too long, and its time to use excessive force to get him nude.
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File: Dat Junk Jiggle.gif (438 KB, 452x448)
438 KB
438 KB GIF
I ain't usually one for bara, but damn those tits on Beowulf drew me in. That and the dick jiggle.
File: Best Skullgirl.gif (1.46 MB, 466x561)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB GIF
File: beowulf.png (539 KB, 988x296)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
Reminder that Barawulf is available in the latest update for the game and you can get him for free for now.
I actually don't have Skullgirls because I'm not terribly good at fighting games, but my friend is a huge fan so I hear a lot about the characters from him.
File: 06.png (646 KB, 1280x720)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
Someone want to edit a dick onto this?

File: skoptsy.png (150 KB, 500x523)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Last thread reached image limit.
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Source is Monsterbait. http://www.monsterbait.me/
File: 1397256865797.png (1.8 MB, 1748x1500)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
H..h..holy shit. I thought I was the only one who finds Azog somewhat hot. And I like dildos, and I like rubber. And I like fisting (though I don't have any one to do it with yet).
File: gorilla.png (353 KB, 1148x926)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
Would you a gorillaman?
File: goblin boy.png (1.18 MB, 802x1060)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Of course I would a gorillaman

File: David front.jpg (479 KB, 1071x2046)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
Sculptures and statues of men.

Is there a term for being sexually attracted to stone carvings? Because I have it bad.
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File: front.jpg (53 KB, 360x700)
53 KB
Maybe you just really enjoy art? I like statues but it's not necessarily sexually attracted to the statues themselves. It's the male form. Naked male bodies are amazing, male forms in general are sexy and attractive. The Greeks and Romans were doing something right

Ishida best husband.
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File: Senkou_035.png (218 KB, 700x909)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
File: 23899114_big_p5.jpg (591 KB, 720x720)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
File: 32572233_big_p1.jpg (362 KB, 1000x750)
362 KB
362 KB JPG

File: images (2).jpg (8 KB, 188x264)
8 KB
tomorrow im going to have sex with my boyfriend for the first time, any suggestions on positions we should try? im seme btw
this isnt the place for questions like that

go to /lgbt/ or /hm/ or /soc/ even

also please dont refer to yourself as a 'seme.' You're a Top
i like this one
File: 91716_original.jpg (35 KB, 304x366)
35 KB
please leave and delete this thread. this is not the place for this crap. reported.
Are you going to fuck him with a strap on? I have never in my fucking life heard a guy refer to them self as a seme. if you are a guy I hope you break your dick

Hey, can we start a SSB thread? I didn't see one and I'd really like to see some pics of the new guys like Shulk and Especially Robin ^,^
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>Ness, Lucas, and villager

They're shota, that's not same at all.

>all other pokemon too

But mewtwo is quite different from other pokemon. He can talk, kind of humanoid and can be considered "alien". We have yaoi of alien species from multiple series all the time in /y/.
He's an anthro animal, dude, just like Lucario.
more Ike please
File: ike little mac.png (117 KB, 898x828)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Yes. Took a while.

Bruh just because villager is small doesn't make him shota. Villager is a grownass man living on his own. Shota's just underage shit (or at least prepubescent).

File: inaho x slane.jpg (96 KB, 514x810)
96 KB
Previous >>2156578
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File: image.jpg (144 KB, 582x1024)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>AZ bondage project
File: CCpFNpGVIAAM08w.png (398 KB, 1000x1400)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
They haven't gotten too creative yet.
Someone also asked if Asseylum knows Slaine's alive. I hope they actually answer some good questions and don't just pick out easy mundane ones.
That one gets more creative if you turn off the lights.
File: image.jpg (138 KB, 640x1136)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Turn off lights/view on iphone, the artist does these occasionally. Dunno if it works on upload, lets see

Can we get some yaoi of Sadao Maō?
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File: 38981400_p2.jpg (361 KB, 595x765)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
Is there really not much Urushihara stuff? He's my fav, I want to see more of him.

File: 47416461_p0.jpg (293 KB, 496x699)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
Post your lovely husbandos in here! All types are allowed here, exception of the furry-related material. Otherwise, have fun with your nosebleeds and boners!

Previous Thread:
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File: sketch.png (168 KB, 800x600)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Should I finish?
Yes you should
Anyone wanna try their hand with coloring these pics?

They're already colored. But they shall never see the light of the internet.

File: BS Appollo Starbuck.jpg (195 KB, 340x868)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
So I'm almost done watching Battlestar Galactica and the amount of yaoi I managed to come accross is ridiculous. Is there any more hidden somewhere in your bottomless folders, /y/ ?
File: BS Gaius (oolong).jpg (96 KB, 500x675)
96 KB
Surprised there isn't more considering [spoiler] Felix Gaeta and Louis Hoshi are an actual thing in the show.

File: image.jpg (131 KB, 777x1280)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
It can't end! Keep it going! Post hyper cocks, hyper cock growth! Pictures or stories! Or maybe even some personal fantasies? (Or, if you like to tease people, pretend you are hyper hung irl?)
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please do post more pictures to keep this thread going
I honestly wish I had more to post :(

Becuz I can
File: 1402313545804.jpg (123 KB, 600x529)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
File: 1403259806676.png (460 KB, 1000x750)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
File: 1409542719638.jpg (82 KB, 500x600)
82 KB

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