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old one approaching 300

post your questions that don't deserve their own threads here (i.e, all of them)
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Beginner here. My question:

>Should I spend $300 on a single mid-tier pair of boots or on two low-tier pairs of boots to help bring my wardrobe up to acceptable levels more quickly.

I'm conflicted because on the one hand, quality over quantity but on the other hand, my entire current wardrobe was bought at fucking wallmart and I desperately need to raise it to acceptable levels ASAP.
File: IMAG0275_1.jpg (136 KB, 670x1736)
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136 KB JPG
Someone please just tell me straightforward what to do. I'm fashion retarded and the infrographics for women are lacking or total basic Starbucks girl.

Anything is greatly appreciated.
one pair of decent boots is fine imo, it's not like shirts or even pants, it's more acceptable to wear the same pair of shoes a lot. plus boots should be pretty durable.

what kind of boots?
Is there any such thing as effay male swimwear, specifically that looks good on skinny guys? I'm not talking high fashion shit that makes you look ridiculous, just something I can wear and not look like a massive dweeb.
you're rocking that scarlett johannsson circa ghost world vibe

get a plaid skirt and fill the rest of your wardrobe with black and you're good to go qt

File: death shirt.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
After spending my teenage years wearing exclusively band shirts I now pretty much hate the way they look. Is there any way they can look effay? Was just gonna make them all into vests for summer as I think they look marginally better like that.
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define "tumblrcore"
I don't understand these useless buzzwords
File: unnamed.jpg (51 KB, 544x728)
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Who /fromindianlakes/ here?

File: image.jpg (242 KB, 528x960)
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242 KB JPG
How Effay is my car?
Post your car thread?
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File: idiot chick.jpg (89 KB, 960x720)
89 KB
avg mustang driver

OMG i got a car for my sweet 16

>what kind?

uhmmm my dad said something about it...ford terminator?

idk tho its so cute mustang XD i heart mustangs the horseys and the cars <3

>2003 ford mustang cobra SVT?

yeah, cobra something i don't like the snakes on it tho

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Fox Bodies may look shitty, but they're fast as fuck cause of how light they are
Terri's are god-tier. Also, what kind of fag would actually ask "2003 Ford Mustang Cobra SVT?" Cobra R is also sick, no matter what people say about the wing. Also, I don't drive a Mustang right now. I'm just curious, what do you drive?
Fox body's are great, believe whatever stereotype you want.

yeah my 5.0 is going to run 10's on bald used street tires, cobra manifold, nitrous kit i bought used (can't afford to refill it so i never spray) and once i figure out how to get it running (after my autozone paycheck for $200 clears) ima be cookin' rice burners

>my friend has an eclipse GSX turbo, 4g63 when he gets THAT runnin we gunna start a team with my other buddies bug-eye rex with the ej25 swap in that bitch

yeah bro when all our reliable shit starts runnin we gonna be the best

the very best

gonna catch them all

rice brners!
They're not that light at all, but the 5.0 is easy to upgrade and there's a huge aftermarket

File: BAPEBAPEBAPEBAPEBAPE.png (3 KB, 260x250)
3 KB
Post any bape fits you see fit, bonus for shark hoodies.
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File: NjQiv6h.jpg (22 KB, 611x609)
22 KB
Sorry rephrase....I wish I could find this in my size
The shark hoodie is the most childish design I've ever seen.
w2c white north face logo cap?

Can't find it anywhere.
File: 1426027721526.jpg (55 KB, 900x677)
55 KB
>spending 93 dingerdongers on a t-shirt even if you are rich
i wear $300 silk tees everyday

why are you contributing to a fashion discussion imageboard

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File: my shit up.jpg (573 KB, 1518x2361)
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573 KB JPG
File: Sean_Opry.jpg (356 KB, 649x1000)
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356 KB JPG
How to achieve? what to tell the stylist?
Is that natural dirty blonde or dyed?
Taking a nice bath rn. What do with hair?

File: DSC_0418.jpg (197 KB, 1600x1063)
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197 KB JPG
>/fa/ locations
Discuss the most effay locations and share dream living locations.

>My Opinion
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Hong Kong, not really "number one" but definitely my favorite
>Chief Keef
File: hollywood.jpg (148 KB, 450x284)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
so hip.
biggest environmental disaster mankind has ever faced

full of vile chinese

lmao no thanks

File: repthread.png (268 KB, 1272x577)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Didn't see one up.

What are you guys copping?

Just ordered these fuckers, can't wait to get them!

Also general rep experience thread.
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lol you mean y-3 quasa , you need to get the names right at least
It was a play on words, as they're not Y-3's..
w2c hood by air radar longsleeve
checking the usual places but im not seeing this one
w2c the $110 ones?


>5'3" grill
>36-25-37 proportions
>tfw you will never be tall thin androgyne
>tfw you will never be /fa/

Is there any salvaging my shit genetics /fa/?
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I weigh 120 lbs right now.
I probably should start lifting but I'm so weak it's actually embarrassing. I can't even do a push-up.
itt: infirm, body dysmorphic disorder affected wo/men-children who never got mommy and daddy's approval as kids so now they're asking the internet for reaffirmation

get a therapist and grow thicker skin. It's time to stop submitting to those you erroneously percieve as weilding power over you.
>36" bust, 25" waist, 37" hips
dial 1-900-MIX-A-LOT
do some body weight exercises at home to build up strength until you have the confidence to go to the gym then, or join a 24/hr gym and go at night when theres no one else there. I think that if you get yourself out there then you'll really benefit! good luck OP

W2C general thread.

W2C jacket at 3:30?

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File: 1427347280134.jpg (141 KB, 345x774)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
w2c bomber?
Nvm they tied them together and put them in an industrial washer
File: 1374716866472.gif (821 KB, 300x202)
821 KB
821 KB GIF
thank you >;^)
W2C stan smiths or other similar white sneakers in canada under 100$. Need a store in Toronto or somewhere that ships to canada with out a ridiculous fee.

What do you wear? How much is too much?
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This is like looking at a five dimensional forest, only on a ring.
>wedding ring
>cross (if religious)

That's all a man should actually wear to look good in terms of jewelry.
Roc-A-Fella chain only
I just wear a skeleton watch with leather band (I have multiple that style, its not flashy and over the top yet fits in every outfit, wether casual, dress up etc)

A necklace, thin one i got at the beach for $15 or a thicker shell style one that i also got at the beach for teh same price.

Or a bracelet or two on the opposite wrist of my watch, either a black basic one or i have a gold one that i wear with black outfits.

Honestly men shoul'dnt spend that much on jewlery. A couple of decent watches and the rest can be cheap $15 bracelets or necklaces found online. If you have to ask if its too much, then it probbaly is. Dont make jewelry the main focus of your outfit, they're called accessories for a reason.
File: intreccio_04.jpg (43 KB, 321x378)
43 KB
keep it clean

snow frake edition
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anyone identify the strap?
Seems like a pretty regular leather strap with white stitching.
I can't bring myself to like the Seiko 5. They are probably the best cost-benefit on their price range for automatics, but it looks so cheap to me
it has a unique T shaped padding so I'm wondering the specific model

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social media is passe and not fashionable

why are you contributing to this community
OP here
Seriously don't know how to use Instagram or Twitter
I'd personally like to connect with you guys outside /fa/
join the snap/fa/m

File: Dye_Jeans_Black_1.jpg (339 KB, 1680x1120)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
have you guys done this?

thinking about trying this out to restore some of my own faded wardrobe
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You might have to dye twice orrrr double saturate the water with dye depending on faded the clothes are/how true of a black you want. It can be tedious to redye but can also be fun

-grabs you by the throat-

back the fuck off?!?!!
I tried this a little while ago, using the same dye. It didn't work very well. I used the stove top method, but I didn't add salt, which I should have done.

I have also heard if people using this method on non-faded clothes to make all black pieces in a wardrobe the same tone of black.
yeah i went and bought some dye to darken rick pieces from ss15 since they arrived a revolting reddish brown black

File: alg-notorious-big-jpg.jpg (86 KB, 970x728)
86 KB
Just out of curiousity how many of you hate your lives? How many of you are happy with yourselves?
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I have no life or work experience

I feel like most people aren't going to go give me the time of day when they know I've squandered all of my time doing frivolous shit

This has lead to me having some extreme anxiety and being couped up in my room all day

Sometimes I just sit and stare at the wall for an hour overwhelmed with feelings of dread and just wanting to end it all
File: image.jpg (26 KB, 400x387)
26 KB
Are you me? I feel this all the time. I actually believe i will make an impact in this world in some area/field.
>Second, if the girl you're seeing doesn't like the "real" you then she's not worth keeping around. Find someone who likes you when you can be yourself.

is it even possible to find a girl who would be ok with having a bf with depression and who was too tired to do anything? Idk just doesn't seem likely, and I can't say I'd blame them either
get your shit together anon. go out and kill yourself doing something challenging. there's no point in waiting for death. if you can bear to read, read something about Alexander.

In my experience the cure for depression and soul crushing pessimism is terribleness, awe-inspiring grandeur.

meant for


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