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File: 1370399562555.png (29 KB, 741x946)
29 KB

How to optimize aesthetics as a smoker?
Roll your own? If not, what brand is most /fa/?
Use a cigarette case? And what kind of lighter?

Also, share the best "cool smoker with a cooler outfit" images you got for outfit inspiration
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I have a Lucky Strike metal case that I had back when I was in the military which I used to store my rolling papers, tobacco and filters
It suffered a lot because of the field condition but I love that case
There's little reason to use a case now because the tobacco comes in a ziplock fashion
Impress us with your good old fag looks in 15 years while we all have poor skin, yellow teeth, and shite lungs. OP don't smoke
if you're gonna do it, make sure it's organic. so much wack stuff goes in conventional tobacco. and yeah ryo is best obv, if not str8 pipe.

also consider the ceramic vaporiser, removes a lot of hassle and will lessen impact on your health.
Bro you shouldn't be smoking.
Just be a man and start smoking cigars already, you'll save money and tune down smoking too while you're at. (Saving money assuming you're a one pack a day smoker and tune to a cigar / day, which would still be a stupidly large amount)

File: 61Vsy1mexHL._SL1360_.jpg (86 KB, 1360x1015)
86 KB
Are knives /fa/?
File: IMG_0004-300x200.jpg (13 KB, 300x200)
13 KB
no but if you need a knife carry this one
*tip snaps in your path*

No, and especially not faggot mallninja shit like that

So apparently all black suits are the devil or something, I keep coming across websites saying black suits are bad and whatnot
Honestly what the fuck, since when are all black or even just black suits "bad"?

File: 1512945724932.jpg (313 KB, 2000x2400)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
Skin care basics:http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Skin-care_Basics
Acne treatment:http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Acne_Treatment

Skinacea Links:
Ridding dark eye circles:http://www.skinacea.com/how-to/get-rid-of-dark-circles.html

/fa/ skincare FAQ:

- Basic routine, skincare guide, and products tips
- How to pop pimples, remove blackheads and whiteheads

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File: dark.jpg (5 KB, 311x162)
5 KB
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get rid of these dark circles. I'm trying to get my sleep schedule in order but still, and yes I drink plenty of water. I want to stop looking like I rolled out of a grave when I feel perfectly fine.

Picture isn't of me but along those lines, and I'm a guy if that matters at all.
Pastebin dead anons :(
remove the (embed)
Is it worth using BHA/AHA exfoliants?
I'm just worried cause it recommends wearing sunscreen every day while using but like I rarely use sunscreen if I'm to be honest. Probably should change that but like, probably going to start using both at the same time.
File: Sans titre.png (276 KB, 444x459)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
What can I do for this ?
I wanted to use duofilm like I did for the wart on my foot and it was very effective, don't know if it's dangerous to put some on my face

Any advice or any other product I could use ?

File: guys_kissing_2.jpg (88 KB, 773x1160)
88 KB
Get your dumb questions answered without shitting up the rest of the board!
>"How do I buy clothes?"
>"Should I buy these shoes designed for autistic palsy addled children from the early 2000s?"
>"Does this oversized shirt show people that I starve myself enough?"
All these and more will be answered.
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File: muff.jpg (99 KB, 1420x1875)
99 KB
Ear warmers for men that don't look like complete shit? My ears start aching in even slightly chilly weather so I need something.
Is Casemods still around?
What is "The Kooples"
I don't think it exists. I just wear a beanie. Cold wind on my ears and forehead gives me a killer headache.
Where can I get t-shirts for a short torso?

File: sleezecore.png (94 KB, 236x297)
94 KB
How do I into sleezecore?
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File: IMG_7956.jpg (927 KB, 2321x1879)
927 KB
927 KB JPG
am I doing it right, bros?
You're a big guy. Post body
>Fashion is supposed to make yourself look good
>t. someone who knows fuck all about fashion and is insecure
not even op but fashion doesn't have a strict set meaning. you can enjoy fucking around with different styles and seeing what you like. the key is to be confident and enjoy what you're doing.
developing your own personal style that you're comfortable in is incredibly /fa. worrying about if your clothes make you look good is underaged as hell.
nah you just look fuckin weird dude, everythings too clean to be sleaze, you dont even have gold watches or like oversized chains, doesn't even look like youve got some cheap gas station shades
no and your body looks like a fucking power cube. awful proportions.
you look like a generic frat guy who thinks he's stylish.

File: kek3.png (361 KB, 478x610)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
/fa/ tattoo threads.

>when normies go full retard edition
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File: hannya.jpg (187 KB, 1089x1084)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
I made and want this but I don't know where.
Top of hand? Back of calf? I don’t think it would be big enough to be on an arm. Possibly on the outer side of a bicep if you don’t have noodle arms.
File: counsellor.jpg (70 KB, 1000x563)
70 KB
the kind that doesn't look like they panhandle for dope money and shoot up in a flop house
Literally everything you said is false. My tattooed skin sweats in an identical fashion as it did before. You're nuts.
Except it reads Sturkr, you mongolid. If you want a writing system that is based on runic alphabet and utilizes the letter Y go for futhorc, given that you're going for runes, futhorc is less autistic due to being anglo-saxon.

Old thread almost dead
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lows imho
honestly, these are pretty much unwearable even tho they look cool in photos
or these
File: BRCPS0001BCNY1_309_0.jpg (17 KB, 500x500)
17 KB
Keep in mind this is expensive
Pullovers are ok, don't buy any fast fashion shoes.

File: IMG_20180718_124325.jpg (64 KB, 580x255)
64 KB
Is 167.6 lbs (76 kg) okay for a 6'4" (193 cm) guy, or is that too scrawny skellington?

>Can't lift or workout due to health reasons, so my muscle mass is only average
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If op has a real condition so severe that his doctor said he was too frail to do any kind of exercise of any sort for the rest of his life and can provide proof, I will venmo him $20.
Thx hungry skeleton
lol so many 6'+ its like a dick thread from /b/ everyone claiming to be 7inches +
I mean I AM 6'4", my dick's only 5.5 inches though
these types of threads mainly bring in two types of people: those that have something to brag about and those that lie about having something to brag about

File: SPXndeN.jpg (133 KB, 932x1172)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
only attractive people can be fa, how would i look if i wore this outfit? i would look like a shit, im 5'6 and ugly, that guy is 6'3 and has a good face, it's over for manlets
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brandon hampton ins 5'10
He looks like shit
Lol manlet. Pic related is actually tall and attractive.
is this true? and can i finally have sex in heaven?

File: 1531726426332.jpg (66 KB, 767x768)
66 KB
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File: Cw0i5MNWIAALcbx.jpg (188 KB, 1000x756)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Someone pls for the love of god id those track pants
File: 1530936569361.jpg (31 KB, 480x480)
31 KB
File: 1529672197397.png (223 KB, 500x294)
223 KB
223 KB PNG

File: 1530372360570.jpg (66 KB, 720x960)
66 KB
ITT: All of /fa/ shares a home
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Good. All denimfags should moveout
We're the only ones who work around here and ACTUALLY pay bills unlike some of you
Are you me?
>inside everyone is having cigarette and the table always has tobacco on it for people to roll.
>house smells strong of smoke and cigi
>mnimal design, muted colours everywhere. furniture is danish and minimal
>techno playing
>always coffee brewing in nice french press or espresso from a machine
>drug use is high, mostly stims like amphetamine or coke
>almost everyone is pale, wears all black, underweight and rarely leaves the home
>strong of smoke and cigi
meant to say a mix of cologne and cigi smoke

File: title.jpg (137 KB, 1383x677)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
old one approaching 300
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File: photo5370769785635318187.jpg (108 KB, 1025x1280)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
hot all day and fucking freezing at night
gotta carry longsleeve around
File: 20180719_141349_HDR-1.jpg (1.15 MB, 2054x2434)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Unironically pepe jeans
You have gay face and your thinning hairline is aging you drastically. Damn
not much to say, pretty bland but dont pose like the left bro

I just made one and need some followers/likes on my first photo so I don’t look like a friendless bum @50eurotobreakboost
139 replies and 51 images omitted. Click here to view.
You are really cute actually anon
>does the asian guy who is 6'4 and posts in WAYWT have an ig
Also would like that
And your ig is actually quite nice!
>im an ugly fuck
stop fishing for compliments it’s pathetic.
>i want friends
you’re following 24 people, you sure about that? don’t expect good engagement when you follow fuck all people.
File: finnincrocs.jpg (65 KB, 800x1000)
65 KB
at least post your feeds or include the url ffs

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