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File: 1370399562555.png (29 KB, 741x946)
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File: 3e8.png (197 KB, 1868x1636)
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197 KB PNG
Anyone ever do this? I've been thinking about doing so recently. I generally cycle out clothes throughout the week, and sometimes they get ruined at work (stains, tears, etc).Thoughts?
>pic not related
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This is smart. Find basic tees that you like and stock up on them. Don't be afraid to get them in the same color either, because if you feel confident in it, you can't go wrong with wearing it twice as often.

This is also smart. I have several pairs of 508s that I got before they stopped selling them.

You seem like an interesting person lol

Not that many people will notice, and if they do, they usually ask if you're wearing the same thing.
Yeah straight up this:

I have two of the same black t-shirt.
I have nine pairs of the same underwear.
I have like 16 pairs of the same black socks.

Socks are the best for buying the same in multiples because if one wears out in two different pairs, you still have a matching pair of socks
I do this with underwear and socks for sure
then again I only buy them shits at H&M anyway so 7-pair socc paccs are that shit for me
kek I get in trouble if I don't.
How does this apply for plaid or flannels? I'm very picky about the colours, and size of checkering, and there's only SO MUCH variation you can do with checkered patterns.

File: 20160827_120642-1.jpg (2.3 MB, 2236x2236)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
Hat thread. Post hats, inspo, questions, etc.

Pic related is my recent cop.
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sick af

okay I guess


The caterpillar and nasa hat are nice


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w2c bottom left?
File: 5175uxZUuqL._SL1010_.jpg (64 KB, 1010x778)
64 KB
should i cop?
File: image.jpg (179 KB, 900x960)
179 KB
179 KB JPG

File: 4992804_IMG_1739.jpg (69 KB, 373x560)
69 KB
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I'd like to see a nigga where dat shit in real life

Shia is consistently great looking in whatever style he goes for, and he's also re-appropriating utilitistic gear and garments.

You probably like weird faggy shit worn by twig looking teenagers so I get why you'd be mad about a manlet making it big.

Am I embarrassing you in front of your teenage friends?
the only people that actually think shia dresses well are teenagers

File: 1472400687831.jpg (68 KB, 774x1000)
68 KB
Last Thread: >>>11681968

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

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who is this hot stud? Is he a male model?
BMR depends on more factors than just your height and weight. most models i assume work out a lot so that tends to alter things
are ribs fa thin
mine are starting to show
it's a kinda bad feel
baby carrots dude

File: image.jpg (23 KB, 346x553)
23 KB
I have 11 inch biceps due to being a low test fuccboi, and every t-shirt I have ever owned that isn't skin tight on my torso and chest has made my arms look even smaller as there is too much material there, resulting in a sort of wing effect (pic related).

Is there any website or brand (preferably available to the uk) that lists arm sizes for t-shirts, or does anyone have any tips for finding t-shirts that don't accentuate my puny arms?
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buy women's t-shirts. men's tshirts arent designed for people with skinny arms.
Might as well buy some cute women's panties while you're at it, OP
Try to shift yourself away from short sleeve t-shirts and start using long sleeve shirts and rolling them up to the elbows. This can be button-ups, or just simple long sleeve tees. It's much more flattering on thin limbed people such as myself and it's a very quick way to define your own style

Good luck OP!
Actually I own one COS t shirt that has a perfect fit for my arms (and for everything really) but the sleeves don't flare out at all

it's this one : http://www.cosstores.com/fr/Men/T-shirts_Polo_shirts/Rolled_edge_t-shirt/51733440-14951953.1#c-24480

My favorite tee along with my years old ones that somehow fit me really well now but probably didn't years ago.
Uniqlo has some tees with tapered sleeves. They're the only ones I own that don't tent out at the arms. I prefer the premium cotton tees because the neck is wider, but the supima ones are good too.

File: Untitled-1.png (792 KB, 1137x645)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
Why not

>got alright facial aesthetics
>completely ruined by acne, bags under eyes and transition hair from shitty undercut to long
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wtf is your hair

what glasses are those?
ray ban, idk more, bought them 2 years ago

You can look at the model number on them.
it's RB5311

File: FUTUREKEBABREMOVER.jpg (195 KB, 1280x676)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Far right/fascist fashion?
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jews self aggrandizing

it was proscription of the movement due to wartime.
what war time? happened after the war ya goon. bunch of jewish and nonjewish veterans didnt want some soggy cunt preaching for hitler after they spent the best years of their lives killing him, and it turns out that fascists crumble under the first sign of resistance lmao
lmao stop projecting
>being one of the most technologically advanced superpower that took on the world for six years and would have won if Hitler listened to his generals
>hurrr durrr fascists crumble at the first sign of resistance

The Jews only fight for money and greed, that's why they've been persecuted by so many throughtout history. Go suck some Commie dick you antifa fuck.

File: 1471545796151.jpg (112 KB, 500x712)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
effay jobs.

I'm a manager at sunglass hut. I love and hate my job.
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I run a marketing agency in a college city. I can wear whatever I want, but generally dress nice for client meetings. Job itself is fun and creative , but babysitting clients sucks. Yes your campaign is working, yes your ideas are nice, no we can't just copy something and change the font.
Explain, I want to be a real life Ari Gold
watercolour artist that actually makes a living. (cool)

tho i do live with my parents (kek) until I can believe this will be a consistently successful endeavour.
(not cool)

work as a security guard. Good job for my /r9k/ ways

File: holy3.png (2.23 MB, 2196x991)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB PNG
Have you accepted the Holy Trinity of /fa/?
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File: toni6.jpg (102 KB, 1080x1350)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>implying Toni would ever suck the dick of a mere mortal like you
File: slaterdead.jpg (487 KB, 1812x1775)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
/fa/'s cast-down lucifer

oh god, this fuck again
he's already sucking your dick well enough to make you post about him so highly why wouldn't he suck me too?
>those ears

File: noexif_ce9b4ad7.jpg (1.36 MB, 2560x1920)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Post 'em!
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from this collection i can tell you are trying but you still dress like shit and i bet none of your pants fit properly.
what do u wear your velcros with... i copped a pair and haven't been able to find anything they work with
what are the nikes on the right?
Usually just skinny black or gray jeans and a T-shirt.

File: sheep.jpg (183 KB, 634x891)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Between depression and ungodly amounts of overtime, I've let my hair get severely matted and fucked up, like dreadlocks but in a big mat instead of individual dreads. What's the best way to detangle my hair? I've seen some ideas with coconut oil and different detanglers online, but I figured I'd ask you /fa/ggots.

Also, hair care general.
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you've essentially got yourself a dreadlock type called beavertail

google "how detangle dreadlocks"

then follow instructions

that's it.
just try it, damnit
Thanks. I was searching for "detangle severely matted hair," but I'll start looking at dreadlock detangling more.
I bought some detangler from WalMart before looking it up online, turns out getting my hair wet was making it worse. I'll probably pick up some coconut oil on my way back from work tomorrow and see about ordering some other shit from Amazon.

i got a skateboard

what shoes should i get?
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File: image.jpg (17 KB, 236x236)
17 KB
full rick
Anything flat with decent tread will work. I like Chuck Taylors, hard to go wrong with them.
hufs duh
a d i d a s
s u e d i d a s

Discuss the area you live.
Favorite Canadian brands.
Where to find some good deals.
Find like-minded individuals at your university
How you're prepping for f/w.
Positives and negatives of the city you're living in.
>Good resturaunt both ethnic and traditional
>University of Manitoba always has stuff to do
>Great music and Theatre scene
>Interesting architecture downtown
>Very friendly people
>Easy to bus around
>Low cost of living (I have a 2 bedroom apartment in a nice complex 10 minutes from my university for $1050/Mth)
>The Forks

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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gonna try terrorwave in canada, getting sambas, have torn jeans, paint stained shirt, gonna buy a fat knife and a nice military jacket at the surplus in kingston.
just moved here p accurate
>really nice skylines
>nothing lower than -5 C during the winter
>friendly people
>good Asian food

>million dollar homes
>SJW capital of BC
>FOBs everywhere
>homeless infested downtown/east side
>constant rain during the winter
>if its nice its expensive

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
depending on where you are you might either get
1) the cops called on you
2) be confused for homeless
3)not noticed (usually occurs in big cities)
I did so well at Gravitypope yesterday toronto friends


They had that on sale for 180 and then told me about a buy one get one free, so I got a free carhartt WIP flannel.

File: image.jpg (177 KB, 634x991)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Post your dream gf and a nice outfit she's in

>Imogen Poots

I wonder where she was heading to
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Why would I though? If he knows who she is it can only backfire.
File: my fuckign gf.png (529 KB, 909x535)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
i love her
i believe she was heading to film a tv show
Post your favorite books. Do it. I want to know. What you mean by past 12th grade.
yes my dude

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