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This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.

Off-topic and /b/-tier threads will be deleted (and possibly earn you a ban, if you persist). Unless they are quality, well thought out, well written posts, the following are some examples of off-topic and/or /b/-tier threads:

>Red pill me on X. (with no extra content or input of your own)
>Are X white?
>Is X degeneracy?
>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

The variety of threads allowed here are very flexible and we believe in freedom of speech, but we expect a high level of discourse befitting of the board. Attempts to disrupt the board will not be tolerated, nor will calls to disrupt other boards and sites.

If you want a place to discuss topics not related to news, world events, or politics, please try /bant/ - International/Random,

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File: 1541189054841.png (762 KB, 700x735)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
Evening lads.

>Federal Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O’Dwyer announces exit from politics

>Women lead the field to replace Kelly O'Dwyer in Higgins

>Aiia Maasarwe: 20-year old Melbourne man charged over Bundoora killing

>Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten kick off campaigning, but don't expect an early election

>Australian values: what the bloody hell are they?

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tfw get 25% off RMs but feet too big
brothels have been legal for years m8
Free STDs.
thots don't like brown shoes with black pants
magpies are friends you dickhead. Although so are abbos. They're actually very similar. If you throw scraps of food at them they'll dance around and sing for you.

File: 1547304355098.png (524 KB, 768x512)
524 KB
524 KB PNG

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File: 1547744069008.jpg (275 KB, 625x900)
275 KB
275 KB JPG

Meilleurs voeux des Anglais
no antifa is trained like that, those are riot/footballmatch cops.
File: enmyd2c7bp221.jpg (26 KB, 360x360)
26 KB
vive le jaune
File: school.webm (2.05 MB, 640x640)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB WEBM

I heard they are french special ops and that's why they don't have uniforms. If a frog could confirm, that would be great.

This scares the (((elites)))
>Yellow vest protesters to withdraw all their euros in massive run on French banks
I can imagine all those people rushing forward and plowing the pigs into the ground

File: master race jabba.jpg (66 KB, 796x1025)
66 KB
Why do white nationalists almost always come from low-class, low-education, low-success backgrounds while left-wing activists often come from upper class, high-education, high-success backgrounds?
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File: kyle-on-brian-ruhe-1.jpg (110 KB, 1285x701)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

Kyle Hunt received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology and theater, worked briefly in Silicon Valley, and then became involved in the alternative media in 2008. Over the years he has covered topics such as symbolism, mythology, occultism, spirituality, paganism, racial realities, revisionist history, politics, and anything else that might pique his interest. Kyle is best known for hosting a popular online radio show, founding Renegade Broadcasting, and leading the controversial 2014 White Man March in an effort to raise awareness concerning the ongoing genocide of European people across the world.

those SS bootyshorts are cute af. would bleach
File: fat kevin.jpg (100 KB, 900x698)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>unkept body hair
>literally saying I'm supposed to shave body hair like some sort of a faggot
Rich and successful people can delude themselves into thinking that it does not matter if their homeland turns into a third world country because they tell themselves that they’ll still be rich and will be able to buy their family’ssafety and a high quality of life.
Working class people are able to see more accurately what is in their interests and the interests of future generations of their family.

Most rich and successful people are not leftist, they’re neoliberal centrists or conservatives
>bachelors of arts

Literally has a SJW background.

File: Untitled.png (22 KB, 506x780)
22 KB

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I hope trump tweets about this
File: Sad.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
Flaming Mexicans looked disgusting--flesh melting--in their scorched rags before dying. Very very disrespectful.
File: burnicu1.jpg (43 KB, 560x345)
43 KB
a lot of the time people who are really severely burned don't die until hours later. For some reason, old men who want to kill themselves seem to go for self-immolation a lot. Maybe they think they'll just turn to ash and be gone after a few minutes. They won't. It's a terrible idea. Think of trying to burn wood before it dries out properly. It won't burn through because first all the moisture has to evaporate. A 90kg man contains 54 litres of water. Unless you're in the middle of a giant inferno you're only gonna burn the surface.

What actually happens is they pour petrol all over themselves, set themselves on fire, burn for a while in immense, unbelievable, unimaginable agony, eventually stop being able to feel it directly because they burn their sensory nerves to bits, petrol burns out, they lie there on the floor going "urughhgahadbllbbhblhh" as the person they sent their "goodbye" message to bursts in the door and goes "WHAT THE FUCK" (or it might be the police or paramedics who've been called by the other person, in which case they roll their eyes, sigh and go "OK, grab the stretcher"). When I say they can't feel it directly, I mean their skin doesn't sense the pain anymore. They're still suffering cos nearly everything in their body has stopped working normally now and their brain can't make sense of what the fuck is going on.

Then they go to the hospital and arrive almost certainly still alive and conscious. Throat might be starting to swell at this point and they might sound a bit hoarse. Emergency doctors ask if they have any last words (they don't put it like that, they ask if there's anything they'd like the doctors to say to the family when they come in but they're probably gonna be last words). Knock em out and put a tube in the throat. Get to work stabilising the patient. Send to intensive care in a specialist burns unit. Patient dies the next day, having made his suicide about as painful and horrific as he possibly could.
It seemed so safe, bros
File: BasharAlAssault.jpg (6 KB, 289x175)
6 KB
I'm shocked nobody passed out from inhaling the fumes.
>see a geyser of gas
>run towards it
They're not sending their best.

File: opr7v6rz7cb21.jpg (96 KB, 508x767)
96 KB
Guess they all wanna commit suicide.
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File: flat,550x550,075,f.jpg (21 KB, 550x550)
21 KB
No self respecting gent should be drinking blended whisky to begin with. If you aren't drinking single malt, you're a fag.
File: ec-18-mob.png (306 KB, 640x821)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Eat a dick bong. My local distilleries are focused on making good product instead of carrying the cuck torch.
File: 1546320066475.jpg (2.08 MB, 3000x2971)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
Tranny Walker is getting dragged on twitter https://twitter.com/JohnnieWalkerUS
cringe bottle. why do mutts design things to pretend they have history, meanwhile europe has actual genuine history instead of mutted judaism

File: TaAFfNO.png (977 KB, 1000x607)
977 KB
977 KB PNG
Why is the beaner problem so overlooked on /pol/ does pol realize spics act exactly like niggers but the major danger they have is they're growing smugness and tribalism also they breed like mad so instead of staying in their shitholes like niggers spics spread out and destory everyone's town?

Pol serious underestimates spics sure they may take out niggers some niggers but really spics are just pissed of and want to Balkan the USA and expand Mexico once their numbers right now they are unironically Lynch's going where nigger gangs are doing it to spic gangs in the soutren most border to push them back.

>In4b HORDES OF SPICs in American flags
>In4b your a nigger

No no monkey I'm white
225 replies and 55 images omitted. Click here to view.
They a race of Elliot Rodgers. Spaniard had a bad case of yellow fever back in the day shagging all the slant-eyes in the Americas across the ocean into Asia, but stopped before the can get Japan and mainland China. All the Islanders are mexishits as consequence.
Ugh, I hate that you reminded me of this.
File: livingmutt.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x2156)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
>Why is the beaner problem so overlooked on /pol/
Because a majority of US posters have been Spics since 2016 following the MAGApede reddit invasion, hence the now abysmal standard of your average amerilard poster. Didn't use to be this way, during the ZimZam trial back in 2013 when /pol/ was still overwhelmingly White the wittiest posters were Americans.
I've got no problem with Spics as long as they stay in their lane, sadly many of them have a rampant inferiority complex towards Europeans or are just generally low IQ/subversive, hence the constant "Achmed" or "Muhammad" posts we see. The mutt meme was a defensive response to months of Spic subversion.
Most of us aren't white, but we shouldn't deny our Iberian Med whiteness. I've seen dumb Shitcanos who thought they were 100% Aztecs and its retarded.
File: 1547657814799.png (289 KB, 1000x1000)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
>yfw this board has very noticeable non-white minority at the very least

File: 00.jpg (114 KB, 1080x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Why are you severely judged in 2019 for not having any social media? I noticed most women my age (21) don't want anything to do with a man who doesn't have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

How does /pol/ deal with this real issue?
208 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Social media makes one into a drone/ NPC (seems like the meme might be true...), you're better off without it. And if you truly want a girl, head out, e-whores are not worth it. And you can always donate your sperm if you want your genes to survive.
That actually sounds like a sensible suggestion
surrogates, also artificial gestation is technology we technically have. just legal tape around it.
I haven't had any social media for almost five years and I've never had any issues with girls over this, current girlfriend even deleted hers when she got with me. You're doing something wrong anon.
does this really work?

File: AAAdeveloper.jpg (391 KB, 1866x1050)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
Games have a huge impact on the political landscape and they are relevant.

Many of you hate us, and I don’t understand why. There’s no secret agenda. Just money at play. 101 capitalism. If you want to know more about AAA game development, this is your chance.

123 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Most of you, are apes using tech that they can't even comprehend. This is why it's so funny. We created this tech, and most of you can barely use it. You think that we are our of touch, but in reality, we are watching you all, trying to understand what we have created. An entire generation of apes, unable to master the tools from the past. It's fucking hilarious.
File: pewdiepie.jpg (120 KB, 1280x720)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Gaming became bigger than (((Holly Wood))) though. And now Chink mobile games grow bigger than both. Hard to push tranny pedo propaganda on candy crush 3.

Millennial faggot spotted.
When I read replies on this thread, I picture apes and monkeys trying to fit a square into a circle. LOL.
File: IMG_1819.jpg (93 KB, 679x452)
93 KB
Verts ia key I see. 3D scans is it, the idea being to make available complex models that would be hard to make in the box, the natural world etc. but it is niche to games that are looking for realism rather than styalised

File: 1546480728535m.jpg (186 KB, 762x1024)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Is there a way to get rid of the Atheists?
177 replies and 78 images omitted. Click here to view.
So you have nothing but faith that life on earth came from nothing
Do you think it's moral when god condones slavery in Exodus?
Where did I state this?
I can't say for sure because I might be wrong, but I think it's something to do with his study into it and seeing a frequent pattern. There's a book on the subject by Paul C. Vitz.
It was used as a metaphor. You really can't see that. You believe they suddenly started to discuss math, per se, in the middle of a headline and not being used as a rhetorical device?

I rather mix with a med women , do they count as white ?
220 replies and 59 images omitted. Click here to view.
>do they count as white ?
Depends on their nipple color, you fucking newfag.
>do they count as white ?
Not to my dick.

Keep em.

Now this is a true Thot detective, I am not worthy.

File: shick.jpg (370 KB, 1068x779)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
I read earlier today that some anon bought a Shick razor to replace his Gillette Fusion that recently fell out of grace.

The problem is that Shick was going to make a web-series "that hopes to challenge toxic masculinity" just before the Gillete's debacle, but promptly deleted the twitter post when shit hit the fan with Gillette.

Here's a link to a video with proof (the shick piece starts at 22.40): https://youtu.be/7iJgWrO9_oQ?t=22m40s

That being said, I would still like to know what are some redpilled razors out there. Do you have any info anons?
250 replies and 59 images omitted. Click here to view.
Feather Japanese blades are the world's sharpest ftw
I dropped all razor jews. I let a bear shave my face.
Well I was going to say Kroger's brand are good, but I just looked them up and its an Israeli company. Dont want to give some of you guy heart attacks
What's your solution spic?
Okay, Japanese blades Feathers have come up a few times in this thread. Do you confirm Feathers are redpilled, anons?

71 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw no racist as fuck 4 year old to raise and be proud of
He cited Mein Kampf while banging the desk with his fist.
Who watches the watchmen?
Because he bought into the anti-Semitic conspiracies floating around Europe at the time that blamed all of Germany's ills on the Jews? Because he had a pathological need for "purity" and perceived Jewish people as being an "unclean stain" on German society? Because he didn't understand their traditions / customs and instead bought into a false, negative image of them?

Do you really not understand why he did?

File: jewsus.jpg (212 KB, 1024x768)
212 KB
212 KB JPG

This is LITERALLY what christfags worship. Disgusting fucking Jewish filth.
246 replies and 63 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1546790615257.jpg (21 KB, 675x450)
21 KB
No my guy, Orthogirls are trad.(4chan infographs told me so) They would NEVER have promiscuous sex and then need to have state funded abortions afterwards!
>TurkRoa- I mean Greeks!
what's that ? a meme insult ?

>Based Orthodoxy
I bet you've never read a single saint. Just falling for the "meme" as per usual for Burger Memeflags.
Who cares what you bet, you're going live in an Orthodox American culture whether you like it or not you fucking kike.
Hell is for ever!
>you're going live in an Orthodox American culture whether you like it or not
Our culture is married to heresy. Pretending america will begom ordodox is like pretending it will become Catholic. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for our country. (Notice how I said "our" hehe xD)
Only one more day until you can get talked about behind your back by the priest after the liturgy. Hopefully they won't make fun of you too much after you leave. Coffee hour with you must be awkward!
I think eastern euro girls are beautiful but that is truly shameful.

File: angel.png (672 KB, 662x542)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
wow she is an angel

"immigrants commit less crime than the native population" wtf /pol/ never told me this

48 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: race_crime.png (212 KB, 1740x1088)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
the problem is the niggers inflating the "native" numbers
hispanics are more criminal than whites
Leftcucks confuse "coming from an oppressed country" with "being intrinsically good". So their brain goes boom when one of their celebrated "victims" does actually display behaviour that does not comply with their delusional expectations.
File: Typical Pol user.gif (1.47 MB, 2000x2515)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
Quit being a melodramatic child.
/pol/ is filled with semi-literate 16 year olds who can neither write a logical proof nor recognise the fallacies and philosophers on the top of their board. They believe anything you put in an infographic with minimal research of their own and believe conspiracy theories that easily fall to Occam's razor(I'm talking about the (((Jews))) obviously). I'm pretty sure they would suck cock if you put it in an infographic.
If you look at site statistics you will realize that /pol/ is literally all newfags trying hard to be neckbeards. Weird, why would anyone aspire to be a loser from 4chan? The site's population has tripled since gamergate in 2014 and /pol/ has risen with the influx of all the newfags. The rampant unironic racism should key you in on how 4chan is long dead and something else is wearing its skin. The existence of this place is testament to the lack of quality education and critical thinking nowadays and our inability to take the internet seriously.

You've heard us complain about the cancer killing 4chan for years. Well, now we've reached stage 4 and that tumor's name is /pol/

https://youtube.com/watch?v=a_yfnQPaD_E[Open] [Embed]

You think you are redpilled(cringe) when you likely have no real understanding of world history, critical thinking, or philosophy. Your entire worldview is 4chan posts, infographic, and memes. You probably spend too much time on the internet and confuse trying to "btfo" an opponent with how an actual respectful argument should work in real life where you try and help the other person and your mother won't feel the need to smack your ass. These younger kids growing up on the internet are confusing banter for how arguments actually work or are never learning how to handle themselves in a discussion in the first place.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Hhx6IfKrvEQ[Open] [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=VM6HZqQKhok[Open] [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=8NFy6Uc2BHs[ [Embed]
File: RACE_CRIME.jpg (82 KB, 1050x500)
82 KB
File: 1544291925150.png (62 KB, 999x949)
62 KB

Redpill me on Buddhism , Pol? Is it based or horseshit
127 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: OG gangster.jpg (36 KB, 510x403)
36 KB
>Is it based or horseshit
Somewhere in between

the masses are lost
the sane thing to do is save your self and your loved ones
Absolute retardation. How much of semite cock have you sucked to get to this state? Them buying gold is literally for protecting themselves and their future generations in case shit hits the fan. If Jesus was your best friend why didn't he tell you to do so? If Jesus cared so much about you why did he ask you to be a meek cuck, turn the other buttcheek, get fucked in the ass, when he could have said be strong and noble in spirit, the strong shall inherit the earth, be fierce but compassionate and magnanimous. Christianity turns everyone into weak beta racemixing cucks.
Who cares you cringy bastard?!
Make sense, shithead.

Do you what?

Yes retard, zero is a number. No retard, infinity is a symbol, a number 8 but turned sideways 180 degrees, i'm not sure if this keyboard has a key for it... lemme check... nope, it doesn't.

Anatta means nothing in any civilized language, leaf.

My loyal followers and sworn enemies.

File: Capture.png (33 KB, 436x343)
33 KB
64 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
There will never not be religion, religions emerge from populations. What we are seeing now is just a transition period. Christianity is being killed off, the populations weaned on a quasi-religious left wing political system and soon will transfer to islam.
Islam is worse degeneracy than all the trannies cutting dicks and raping each other put together.
If you accept Islam you've lost your culture and heritage.
Islam and Judaism are to be opposed if we are to stay who we are culturally
absolutely based faggots dabbing on seething boomers
File: 1521275874688.jpg (37 KB, 394x350)
37 KB

File: 26.webm (2.63 MB, 1000x564)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB WEBM
Up you get lads, don't be lazy. I haven't worked in a decade, mind. Here's the links.

>Prince Philip: Sandringham crash led to car 'tumbling' across road

>Lecister Polski Sklep insurance scam explosion, pakis jailed for minimum of 38 years

>May being useless
239 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
By that definition, as i said, any violence for political ends is terrorism, which is obv bollocks. And the irregular militias were used a lot in the revolutionary war. And remember these werent state forces until they won. Me and you could put on uniforms right now and take up arms against the govt, doesnt mean we are an official army - unless we win and take over the state.

You would struggle to find any terrorist group that launches attacks and bombings for no reason other than to kill people. Even the seemingly senseless and random marketplace/mosque bombings in Iraq had the purpose of showing the victims (usually a religious minority in that area) that the government cant/won't protect them and that they're not welcome.
is there a country on the planet that hasn't cucked Britain?
Ffs. Terrorism is violence to further political objectives yes, but blowing up a military band is very different from attempting govt takeover in a coup attempt.

>And the irregular militias were used a lot in the revolutionary war. And remember these werent state forces until they won.

Only at the intital outbreak of hostilities. Von Steuben soebt the winter at Valley Forge whipping them into being regular, uniformed soldiers fighting in formation idebtical to their British counterparts. They had also devkated independence and were backed up by other nations who recognised them ratgercfhsh being random guys running around shooting people.

File: IMG_20190115_235825.jpg (604 KB, 1536x2048)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
What does /pol think of muds joining our movement?

>pic relat
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was gonna say Turkish, I was thinking a turk with some Armenian or caucasus background.

I'm half Turkmen half anglo.

Where do you get the Turkic blood from?
15% is more than most anatolians
Absolutely honorary.
The truth is the truth no matter who you are. I wouldn't join any organization though because they are all honeypots until proven otherwise.
top kek

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