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File: sticky.jpg (571 KB, 1600x1131)
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This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.

Off-topic and /b/-tier threads will be deleted (and possibly earn you a ban, if you persist). Unless they are quality, well thought out, well written posts, the following are examples of off-topic and/or /b/-tier threads:

>Red pill me on X. (with no extra content or input of your own)
>Are X white?
>Is X degeneracy?
>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

The variety of threads allowed here are very flexible and we believe in freedom of speech, but we expect a high level of discourse befitting of the board. Attempts to disrupt the board will not be tolerated, nor will calls to disrupt other boards and sites.

Shitlib cultural marxist commie here, it's kind of unnerving how obsessed the left is with this one small incident, we're not supposed to believe "might makes right" or whatever, it's honestly some caveman shit to sit there and go "hurrr you got punched hehehehehuhhhhh," it's not even like he lost an actual fight or anything, some dude had a wrench hidden in his sleeve and hit him when he wasn't looking. And Spencer isn't the guy advocating interventionist foreign policy where we indiscriminately bomb thousands of foreign people. That's the establishment, including most of the "Democrats" we've elected. It just seems weird to celebrate this so much. People like Richard Spencer are so fringe and inconsequential and the "punch" was so meaningless. I hate when people argue like this in real life (or on the internet), you'll say something and they'll respond with "oh you're just mad that X Y Z 1 2 3," because they have no actual response to what you said. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard, this kind of shit is just too dumb for me. It's like Trump has given us permission to act like retarded children like he does
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File: 1489261144828.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1200)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Even if you're the leftiest jew faggot in the world, you've now seen why you should be on the Right. Eventually, you will grow out of radical materialism and liberalism, but the other truth is that the Right is just simply better at everything the Marxists claim to be about.

>Da corporations
>Corporations push feminist, anti-racist ideas and promote debauchery with the assistance of commies

>A shitlib judges you by class, a White man judges you by the content of your character, the breadth of your intellect, the scope of your achievements, and the loyalty of your soul.

>Speaks for itself, how are you going to overthrow the bourgeois with nogunz and play-dough?
It's because they're emotional children. "They" got away with collective assault on an "alt-right nazi white supremacist" so they relish it.

>this is Trump's fault

No this is the Daily Show's fault and all the other pseudo news channels that made politics entertainment for stupid people who would otherwise not be involved (the original fake news). Politics has been reduced to lowest common denominator comedy routines which are really just moral lectures with sarcastic punches tied to the end for the last 20 years.

Really though this is actually the fault of Academics who normalized relativist driven moral argumentation as the standard for societal discourse. So basically this weed was planted when the Frankfurt school came to America after World War II. In other words reap what you sow commie, this is what you get with kike driven discourse. Trump is simply the cultural return fire.
if you are still a left-winger I beg of you look into some of the stuff pol is saying. Figure out if it is true for yourself

I was left wing a month ago but I started looking into the stuff pol was saying and most of it is true. Its like our entire society has gone insane and we can't see the obvious problems with literally everything going on in regards to immigration.
File: 1488696000475.jpg (278 KB, 912x998)
278 KB
278 KB JPG

File: qfevscwhs5ty.jpg (545 KB, 2448x3264)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
Does anyone else hate science and scientists?

NGT, Bill Nye, skinny faggot nerd atheists, and liberal Democrats have created such a disgusting culture of "intellectualism".

Hopefully Americans will be disgusted by the members of the "Scientific" Left.
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The worst part was the twitter account for the march had a post about representing every made up Leftist group you can think of. Then it was deleted.

They have another post about transection or something.
Goggles worn in fear of antifa pepper spraying them?
This is what I was talking about

I knew Bill was a homo but I didn't realize he went this far down the road to hell

Look (((Morty))) i don't want you hanging out with that Niggress, *Buurrrrp* Shes gona give you aids or some other STI. raise above, gas the kikes.

File: Sam_Harris_2016.jpg (73 KB, 1200x802)
73 KB


Bump this thread. Sam Harris has Charles Murray on his podcast. He states "races are different in IQ" in the fucking intro.

Sam Harris finally goes 100% red pill.
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Sam "Pay No Attention To The Jew Behind The Curtain" Harris
File: farage sides.png (151 KB, 418x469)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
>Sam - I the nonbeliever will along with my ex-jihadist buddy Majid singlehandedly reform islam into an actual peaceful religion - Harris

Thanks for starting that y axis at 400, fag
So the seed Gad Saad planted has finally sprouted.

File: IMG_3280.png (2.25 MB, 1242x2208)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
Why does this keep happening, why are so many men doing this now
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>Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.
Seeing women on dating apps who obviously have a mental handicap or physical handicap is a little sad. And a lot scary. I had one send me abusive messages because I didn't want to talk to her
probably had a hard time on grindr so thought she'd have a go at tinder. she's in for surprise
>No Hymen no Diamond
Is she dare I say it, our girl?

File: i-1592.jpg (86 KB, 491x600)
86 KB
What genes does one need to have to be considered white?
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If your ancestors weren't raped by turks for centuries you are White
File: 10.jpg (124 KB, 1280x962)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
I think we can all agree that Nastya is the whitest.


pick one
leaving Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece out
origin and spreaders of the Western culture for 1500 years
nice job
>what genes
>being this retarded
We all have the same genes, dumbfuck (unless you're a woman), it's the variants we have that determines who we are.

File: My Banner.png (502 KB, 516x574)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
>and this is anon's room
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>/pol/ supports family values
>mocks people that live with their parents

What the fuck is wrong with you? Don't you understand it's a trick by (((them))) to destroy families? They associate living with your parents with being a manchild or a loser, which is wrong. You can live alone and still be a manchild and loser. I know respectable people that lived with their parents after 18, got married and then still lived with them as a big happy family with traditional values. But no go and rent a $2000 cuckshed because (((they))) say it makes you a manchild.
>muh lonewolf
>muh permavirginity is redpilled af
Get a job
There is a small town that was build by Germans really close, they're all blue eyed and they all keep to themselves, Vogts opened a orphanage and keeps an eye. I want to go and drop an old German gun that i have there,
if you can read, you will notice I have fucked a girl only once. When you fuck once, you are not a virgin.

Last thread reached limit, but was pretty fun.

(Treat me as Hungarian, only on vacation in Burgerland)
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you are most likely a dirty gypsy jew
You elected a PM who's literally his mother's husband's wife's son and thinks censoring all criticism of a religion is a good idea.

Get gassed.
we Canada how is "just ten true doh' treating you.
Your national bird is such a pussy compared to ours.
Just because you lost a war against it doesn't mean its better.

This is Louise Rosealma, the anarchist that got punched in the face. This is her Make Antifa Sexy Again photoshoot

Regret laughing at her yet, /pol/?
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>and have the political beliefs that I had the good fortune to grow up in

I mean have political beliefs that are against the lifestyle I grew up in.

>grow up in Western, peaceful country in safe, homogeneous neighborhood

bretty funny

She has the face of a 40 year old

She looks older than my mother

>implying Antifa was ever sexy
She's already got $7K on gofundme, and campaign is trending:

gofundme /3nj1iqg

If you read between the lines, they're basically going to use the money to organize more black bloc terrorism with a app built for the purpose.

How has this not been shut down yet? Will gofundme also allow ISIS to retrieve money to organise themselves?

File: doctor_pepe.jpg (32 KB, 500x500)
32 KB
Alright /pol/, I trust you with most of my life decisions, so I need some advice. Yes this is political.

As a young guy, I see how bad girls are right now. Feminism, divorce courts, the (((media))) all incentivize them to be dissatisfied instead of committed.
I also see that the Western world will not flourish unless our countries are made up of the genes which made our countries great in the first place.
At this point, I'm 21, and I'd like to be a reconstructive plastic surgeon, which would net me >300K/year easily.
If I go through with this plan, I won't be done school until I'm in my 30s, at which point I will have a choice to find a 21-22 y/o wife and settle down, or continue the bachelor lifestyle as the Western world crumbles. Which do you think is a better choice?
> inb4 don't worry about it
I like to have clear goals.
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File: 1489993383122m.jpg (54 KB, 1024x576)
54 KB

Watch this and your path will be clear my child.
>My main concern at this point is setting my long-term goals relationally. Do I want to aim for beeing a modern day patriarch, or just go my own way? MGTOW appeals to my lazy side with lower risk, while the modern patriarch route appeals to my higher ideals with higher risk.

MGTOW is an example of taking a good idea too far. Insofar as it advocates not being a thirsty loser and wifing up a whore, it's good, but it is terrible philosophy for someone who can go about it sensibly.

Here's a simple rule to live by:

Be with a worthy woman.

If you know that a woman is unstable, untrustworthy, selfish, etc, don't be in a relationship with her, don't have sex with her, even if she's hot. You simply weaken yourself by doing so.

If you meet a woman that you can say the following of, pursue a relationship with her but hold off on sex*:
- Honest
- Loyal
- Can defer gratification

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ayy, thanks Ausbro. I've always held that men should be leaders worth following, and women should be good followers, but my biggest issue is still
a) how the hell to find one of these women
b) how to keep them
I've heard a couple of anons talk about scoping out the early childhood education students, since I'd like for her to be able to homeschool my kids until high school, any thoughts on this?

Besides that, I've thought of co-ed sports leagues, bookstores, libraries, volunteer groups, gun ranges, hobby clubs/meetups, but any other ideas? Where'd you meet your girl? I've thought of trying to steal away a religious girl, but that just seems wrong.
>Alright /pol/, I trust you with most of my life decisions

throw urself into a river
>You made some great points, but I've got a few questions
> 1) How can I develop game with sleeping around
1) Simply get good at approaching girls and chatting them up. Get some experience in sales, it's basically the same thing. My friend literally goes to the city and walks up to woman, says something like "I think you're cute" and gets a conversation going. Most women respond well, some give him their numbers. Once you have that skill, and especially once you get a woman talking about herself, listen carefully for red flags and things that you find interesting. If you get a good vibe from her, just say you'd like to stay in touch or catch up for tea (coffee in America), and take it from there.

As to the seduction, unless you're a "12-year-old refugee", there are a few steps before you whip your penis out. Simply develop the discipline to say No when she starts to take her panties off. Nothing takes a woman's power away like a man who can look at her in the eye and say, "No, I'll keep my pants on."

>2) I was thinking of basically ignoring girls until I am done school, because I will need to focus my energies and attention if I'm going to get into med school.
2) NO, that is a terrible idea! Firstly, you need to learn how to manage a relationship and a job -- your job being studying -- and the sooner you learn to do it the better. When you're in a job there's even more pressure, less time, and less of an option to reduce your workload.

>3) During residency, I'll be making okay money. What about keeping my occupation hidden, and dating at this point?
No, don't keep your occupation hidden. You will make decent coin in the future, but for now you're a relatively poor student. Besides, how is your woman supposed to give you support and comfort if you lead a double life?

Are you guys in?

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It's like a civic nationalist weekend warrior organization for fighting against antifa. At least that's the vibe I get.

She also invited to buy them all drinks afterwards and they had a nice wholesome white gangbang
Maybe you dont got kids and dont care but some of us are real men of family and head of the household think about what youre proposing and then figure out a realistic way to do it

jews trying to pit us against eachother. we need to stay on top of this
That's a poison dart frog. It has political ideology and that poor garter snake would become kill if it tried to eat it

File: randYoung.jpg (4 KB, 306x164)
4 KB
and objectivity > subjectivity.

Succeeded, even though conservatives hated her atheism, and liberals hated her objectivity.

The ultimate rebel, and proof that a single man/woman can succeed even amongst societyal disdain.

Yet pol hates her?
File: 1436272242181.jpg (66 KB, 441x705)
66 KB

ROBERT is the hero Chiraq needs but doesn't deserve; His nemesis is MALE BLACK, a notorious thief, murderer, and general rapscallion. By night they battle for the fate of the city.


>>CPD Dispatch Stream:

>>Same feed with ambient music:

>>For Ambiance:

Zone-6 (isolated scanner of worst area)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
159 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
>male black fighting a female
>he stabbed her
Things are slowing down in the city where niggas never sleep
>Silver SUV driving on 3 wheels.
>A woman stabbed.
>Death investigation.
they sleep during the day when everyone is working
>throwing bottles at the caller

File: maxresdefault.jpg (207 KB, 1400x1050)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
> May refuses to rule out personal tax hikes after election

> Don’t believe Theresa May. The election won’t change Brexit one bit - Guy Verhofstadt

> U.K. Conservatives Prepare for Election, and Social-Media War

> FT: The diary of a Labour strategist: a master plan for poll success

> FT: Labour manifesto set to swing to the left

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
157 replies and 67 images omitted. Click here to view.
Surprised he didn't try to claim St George was a muslim.
Prediction: The tories purposefully throw the election and brexit never happens.
Enjoy the black pill friends, you'll never change this degenerate world politically. It needs to fall on its own, and the only thing you can do is be prepared.
why post it twice?
>close to number 10
How can the Tories deliberately throw the election? It is the media who decides.

And how would that result in Brexit never happening? The Conservatives are as Remanian as Labour, yet both support (to our faces) the outcome of the referendum officially.

File: images (11).jpg (32 KB, 443x332)
32 KB

this is why we should erase racism..
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What the fuck are they trying to prove here?
That most guys will do anything for a half naked girls with a belly piercing
File: untitled.png (233 KB, 545x600)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
The muslim are the christians of our time.. remember the inquisition and crusades.
>trusting hardliners from a religion whose mission is to commit "jihad" in other words conquer the planet
>said person is willing to wear a trash bag all day in accordance with said doctrine
Males commit 99% of all rapes
Are all males rapist?

Fucking hell m8
Every day I confirm /pol/ has the same mentality of a SJW.
How much do you hate your country right now?

capitalism works

socialism does not
socialism is poison why take jsut a little arsenic?
dealdly stuff!

File: 1491892128661.jpg (74 KB, 640x360)
74 KB
what's your opinion on Rick and Morty?
44 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>people claiming it's a leddit show

Why is it legal for people to shit on something they obviously know nothing about?
>browsing /pol/
>see thread
this is what i think of that show and your thread
but i will tell you and sage
4chan would have loved this show ten years ago.
File: 1483660743623.png (167 KB, 540x633)
167 KB
167 KB PNG

File: TIME.jpg (241 KB, 500x664)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Is reproducing meant to be something special?

Often the most gifted and talent individuals never succumbed to this pointless primitive act, why would I?
163 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
because if you are not selfish you care more about some child alone and suffering than the future child that doesn't even exist yet?
Why, yes. That child is nothing to me.

the point is, you are no different than that kid. genes are irrelevant.
Why would you have kids if your own life has no meaning.

LE pen is literally a traitor, a zionist, and married to a jew.

You honestly think the jews dont shill NON STOP for her here?
84 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1492091883981.png (27 KB, 469x373)
27 KB

Kek, vote for le pen m8
File: jews prefer muslims.jpg (93 KB, 819x532)
93 KB
It's all Jews. You simply pick the ones that are the least poisonous.

sshhhhh! there's normies lurking

File: Holy-Bible.jpg (10 KB, 300x275)
10 KB
Whenever creationists and atheists argue, creationists use what is said in the bible as a source, but what the fuck actually made it reliable? Literally just 40 cunts who were probably fucked off their mind talking about some higher power and shit
53 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.

>Bible is as reliable as Mahabharata or Quran or Edda or any other shit. It's just piece of literature.
>Funny thing is there are tens of thousands religions in the world, and all they have in common is claiming that their one's is the right one and their book is absolute truth.

Already answered here>>122391321 The Bible is unique and stands out. Where did this nomadic desert tribe fresh out of brick laying for Egyptian slavers get this advanced knowledge from? No book on earth has endured as much censorship, book banning, book bond fires, executions for translating/copying/teaching, and imprisonment for possessing it like the Bible. For centuries, any translator, teacher, and copyist was imprisoned or executed. Thousands died for this book. What was so important that it was worth dying for? What was so important that it was worth MURDERING for? No other religious literature suffered such censorship and martyrdom.
>1 Chronicles 16:30

As usual, whenever a Bible critic wishes to make a point the use a faulty translation. The correct rendering is like this:

>CSB let the whole earth tremble before him. The world is firmly established; it cannot be shaken.

>CEB Tremble before him, all the earth! Yes, he set the world firmly in place; it won’t be shaken.

>NWT Be in severe pains on account of him, all [YOU people of] the earth!
Also the productive land is firmly established:
Never will it be made to totter.

The general idea is not that the Earth doesn't move but it will never be destabilized. Same with these verses:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>30 Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved.
Its not about motion, but that it shall stand firm against the enemy.

>The Lord reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the Lord is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.
World as the universe. view first line

>10 Say among the heathen that the Lord reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously.
same as second

>Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever.
same as first
File: ToC sigl.png (417 KB, 1372x1372)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
The Bible is the working of the false god, Yahweh and the corrupted hand of man. Also... jews.

The "true god" despises Yahweh, and exists as a universal consciousness. He is also *you.* Christians need to go back to their Gnostic roots.
its fabricated .

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