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File: sticky.jpg (733 KB, 1600x1131)
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This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.

Off-topic and /b/-tier threads will be deleted (and possibly earn you a ban, if you persist). Unless they are quality, well thought out, well written posts, the following are some examples of off-topic and/or /b/-tier threads:

>Red pill me on X. (with no extra content or input of your own)
>Are X white?
>Is X degeneracy?
>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

The variety of threads allowed here are very flexible and we believe in freedom of speech, but we expect a high level of discourse befitting of the board. Attempts to disrupt the board will not be tolerated, nor will calls to disrupt other boards and sites.

If you want a place to discuss topics not related to news, world events, or politics, please try /bant/ - International/Random,

File: 1480372977928.jpg (28 KB, 640x601)
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What could make a nation's debt cause the nation's economy to collapse? Is national debt inherently bad or necessary?
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Let me read what you wrote real fast, then I'm sure I'll have more questions. Thanks for the reply.
So a downturn is just a recession like we saw several times in US economics since 1990. Collapse would pretty much be shit hits the fan Black Tuesday style? You say institutions would begin to fail, can you further define institutions? Also this is the first I've heard of ZIRP and QE. Can you elaborate on those further or provide more material a layman could comprehend?
What do you mean by "there is never a need for financial debt on a national level"? Also does over leveraging debt just mean being able to make it seem like said debt is worth more money than it actually is(like fractional reserve)?

Also, why do you say critical mass? And what would the ramifications that state be? I thought nation's debts couldn't collapse.
File: IMG_0686.jpg (418 KB, 1125x2000)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Read this for an idea of the current situation in the market and listen to the Jew on the video. He's literally saying the only thing propping up the market is free cash from the banks.

An institution is literally anything of several people: Ohio State, the local metropolitan museum, a bank, Proctor and Gamble.
File: IMG_0682.gif (338 KB, 792x3158)
338 KB
338 KB GIF
Forgot link:http://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/18/liquidity-big-driver-being-the-market-rally-bmos-ablin-says.html
Zirp = zero percent interest rate program. I.e. Free fucking money for the banks to keep collapse at bay.
Q.e= quanitative easing. Fed buying assets for cash flows.
Essentially the further "upstream" an institution is to money, i.e. Banks and companies heavily dependent on cash, the more at risk and likely to fail during a recession .

File: pizzagate.jpg (198 KB, 1599x900)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
The retard that took the pizzagate bait got sentenced yesterday to 4 years in federal prison. Reminder to never go full /pol/ in public:

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I just learned about Elsa Gate today. Does anyone have more info on it?? IS there a thread about it??
Well he did hit a kid with an automobile a few months prior to this. Maybe he was going to jail anyways. Federal charges means federal prison?
File: pepesmug.jpg (92 KB, 800x800)
92 KB
Remider that /pol/ baited this man into jail.

He did? Do you have the link.
There is a website dedicated to investing this. Not what the name is.

File: lyin drumpf.png (3.35 MB, 1400x1400)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB PNG
Alright, us Polers/4channers are pretty well known for operations that are, usually, successful. Hell, we even managed to elect the fucking president. Today, I propose that we take it upon ourselves to get Trump impeached. We built him, so if anybody can take him down, it is us. This Sessions/Comey testimony is proof that Trump is a shady liar, and unfit and untrustworthy, and just all around can't be president. He's a cringeworthy cuck and we must do all we can to get him impeached. He obstructed justice, intimidated the fucking FBI director, and as patriots, we must acknowledge and take action to get this man out of office.

Push for his impeachment, don't make your voice silent. Make sure House Republicans know that they must vote to impeach, in the interest of their party.

TWEET #ImpeachTheOrange

This might be the most important thing we've ever done, do not let this opportunity slip. It is a good chance for us Polers to redeem ourselves after the horrific mistake of electing the worst president in our nation's history.

Make your voice heard.
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File: joe12gauge.jpg (139 KB, 800x784)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
shitpost harder
File: 1497629449900.gif (761 KB, 342x320)
761 KB
761 KB GIF
Hi Cain
go ahead and continue hiding your flag faggot leaf. you're a disgrace
Sage and kill yourself faggot.

File: m99ZwQgD.jpg (32 KB, 454x454)
32 KB
Marriage - a contract of the state that is designed to encourage couples to have children.
Gays can't have children therefore why should they receive state benefits of marriage. How do you argue with that logic?
gays can have children.
By saying that it's absolutley correct.
File: gay2.jpg (63 KB, 580x720)
63 KB

Homosexuality is most likely a mutation of the X chromosome that mainly makes women MORE attracted to men so they on average have more kids, and men who have the mutation have less kids on average.




Plausible theory: Gays have a mutation on the X chromosome that women also get (of course) that makes them more attracted to men than they would be otherwise. In women, this is advantageous, and a study showed women who are relatives of homosexuals have 1.3x the number of kids on average. For men, it is deleterious but women can carry the gene onward so it doesn't disappear. Gay men do sometimes reproduce and surrogacy will only increase that number
wouldnt it just equal out then if youre making a ton of babies with a higher chance of being gay?

File: Carribean food.png (1.86 MB, 1366x768)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
>Queens Speech Bill-by-bill Quick Rundown

>Norman Lamb not standing for Lib Dem leader because he's a Brexiteer

>HS2 and WCML bidders revealed (First will always be BTFO after last time)

>Police confirm fire started by a fridge

>Survivors of London's Grenfell Tower fire are to be rehomed in a luxury development in the heart of Kensington, the government has said.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: mein feel.jpg (299 KB, 578x900)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>tfw no qt syrian gf
File: 34534534.jpg (48 KB, 635x477)
48 KB
she's Dutch, just works in nip land because those Japs love the Caucasians
That looks shit mate.

I like takeaway and junk food now and again, but that just looks shit for a takeaway.

Would prefer a decent chinese, curry or anything. The combinations in that look wrong and unsatisfying in any other aspect than volume.

Made me kek lad - you were too articulate for them and they rumbled you.

File: Bioware SJW 1.jpg (52 KB, 463x667)
52 KB
The level of cringe
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Most video game companies are SJW cancer.
And their publishers.
EA and Ubisoft are especially bad.
Paradox has gotten pretty bad too, with their anti Trump stance and donating to the UN to help refugees.
The only based ones seem to be the Japs and Eastern Europeans.
That was back when their writers, and most writers in the videogame industry, were just regular nerdy white guys.

Now most writers are jews and SJWs, just like Hollywood.

These kikes dont program or do anything of actual significance in development terms, they just write the story and decide which characters they want.

This is how the jews run Hollywood too. They run the writing and production-management positions, letting other people do the work that requires actual talent.
Was Mass Effect 2 the last untainted Bioware game?

Was Dragon Age 2 the beginning of the collapse?
File: best bud.jpg (23 KB, 180x283)
23 KB
I tried replaying Kotor again, but I can't stand the jedi or the sith anymore. Every force user except the old black guy stranded on the Wookiee planet was a complete twat.

File: 1498196806610.gif (349 KB, 300x169)
349 KB
349 KB GIF
Does anyone here enjoy watching the opioid epidemic progressively get worse in the US and Canada?

There were ~60000 drug overdose deaths in 2016. Every year I hope more and more people die.

I literally get an erection whenever I read a news article about the OD of some loser pill junkie who was once a popular guy/girl in high school.
faggot high school nerdvirgin detected

File: download (1) 2.jpg (8 KB, 300x200)
8 KB
Why don't we have it, are Americans truly better then us ?

We need it right now migrants will change Europe streets won't be safe anymore. It will be like USA with negros.

Anyhow it's hypocritical that our leaders have 24/7 protection but our lives are suppose to be worthless.
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File: IMG_205.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
>implying again
File: isis.jpg (90 KB, 839x561)
90 KB
the swiss have guns, but euro dipshit retard faggot fucks never mention that - go ahead ask one about it. they clam up
Good guy greece!
use that to kill the gypsy maffian in menidi.
I stand with Golden Dawn!
WW2 happend! Americunts were afraid we would kill their occuping soldiers.

Before WW2 you could own guns and rifles here.

Thanks Murica
How you know about it???

File: IMG_9759.jpg (393 KB, 960x685)
393 KB
393 KB JPG

How will he recover from this?
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Guy goes halfway across the world in order to sit in front of her to get her to do something. Dude's not well. Man's got problems. This is super, I don't know... gross? Guy's a creep.
>watching YouTube click bait

Bwahahahahaha!!! Fucking nope.
Genuine question, why did they show up then? These people showed up to give her attention and money... to prove what? that she's intolerant? Gee golly what a shock. This is the problem, these people just go after low-hanging fruit, and not even well! Literally nothing came out of this besides Anita retaining her image and Sargon looking like a pathetic child

Sweden detected.
>Genuine question, why did they show up then?
its an investment for their brand. They more they keep poking her the more money they get



Victim trying to walk home from bar, picked up and brought back to assailants house, blacked out, locked in room unable to leave

broke out second story window to escape, stole gun from attackers car

Police require rape victims to have fought back before pressing charges against attacker

UA Therapists recused themselves after admitting to knowing the Bunn Family

Bunn family member sof University board of trustees, and road construction in the State, including the construction of Bryant Denny Stadium
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

>The Univeristy of Alabama, Known for football, Massive greek life, and the standoff with Black College Students that required JFK to send the national guard to Campus

she was also in a sorority

bezzfeeed article has over 1.5 million views

the campus is in bad shape, its been brewing for the last six years
should have fought back i guess.
>stole gun from attackers car

Bitch deserved to die. Nothing is more infuriating than having a random slut take shit from your car.
The stadium is under renovation? I thought the U of Alabama looks nice?
what state are you from you fucking bitch? tell us then

File: unionforever.png (854 KB, 640x900)
854 KB
854 KB PNG


>Shaken 6/22/17
>Pres Trump/VP Pence comments @ Congressional Picnic 6/22/17
>Pres Trump meeting w/Drone CEOs 6/22/17

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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New weekly address! Get it while it's hot!


Bot's aren't something I use. I already get plenty of responses from Shills & people interested in the information.
Whoever are making these, ily
His wife is Russian.
Ah, the Lynch thing

File: prince-charles.jpg (126 KB, 634x778)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
When is this going to happen fellow bongs?

Charles isnt that imposing or eloquent, let alone patriotic

It's a shame that the more likely future is that the monarchy fizzles out - another casualty of globalism.
Never, sadly.
I wish Charles was like that.

Would totally fight for a King, never for a politician.
I hope this happens without Charles and someone more capable.

File: image.jpg (51 KB, 1024x576)
51 KB
Holy shit the shilling in here is bad today. Half the threads in the catalogue I saw yesterday word for word.

only acceptiable borders of europe
aka heaven on earth
75 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't Flems speak Dutch, anyway? Also, gas the frogs.
literally the perfect world
I don't think you potato niggers could hold off an Islamic horde. You're politicians would say that they're misunderstood and offer your women to them.
>ancient Irish culture and heritage
File: british empire.png (231 KB, 1834x1652)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
You've made a couple of mistakes famalam but don't worry, always here to help

File: wahlberg.png (579 KB, 563x556)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
<<< Best remark I've ever read from a celebrity on the topic of "politics"

Thank you, based Wahlberg.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>celebs should not talk about politics
>said the celebrity, while discussing politics
Not every berg is a heeb. You should know this better than me, Germbro
didn't he fuck up a couple of gooks once?
>Roman Catholic
Well, I'm suprised.

An actor with a jewish name who's christian.
Well he did fight against the commies, so that might make him a hypocrite

How do you feel about automation like this /pol/? Low skilled people may have no jobs to fill in a few decades.

230 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
great now what are we gonna do with all these glorious unskilled low-iq immigrants!?
File: robot hand.jpg (624 KB, 1920x1066)
624 KB
624 KB JPG
This is trivial automation that could have been done with technology 40 years ago. It's just a fancy vending machine.

What should really scare you is actual robots that can manipulate things in the real world. These are coming to the world rapidly and will be able to replace basically every low skill job.

The main thing that has been holding back robots is a lack of AI and machine vision. You can make them do very simple repetitive tasks. But even something like locating a burger in an image and flipping it was basically impossible.

In the last few years AI has improved a ton. Now machines can recognize objects in images better than people. They can learn to play video games better than humans, which is basically the same as learning to control a robot.
Those will need tech support. Losers need to learn to code or be shipped of to Canada
Good thing I got into molecular biology. Maybe I'll keep an R&D job long enough to retire before they release AI that can isolate proteins and write research papers on mass spec data.
The real challenge will be surviving the enormous riots at the breaking point where there are no jobs and millions of low-skill mouths to feed.
OP. Try 250,000, not 2,500

File: 1 (2).jpg (54 KB, 852x480)
54 KB
Can somebody redpill me on the Fire situation in Pedrogao Grande in Portugal?

I mean, what is going on?
51 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Passos just destroyed all his ancestors legacy, what a douch, but costa is even much worse.

He was a priest fagg.


Got bored.


Yep, hes becoming a big boy and leaving it´s shell, lets hope hes not impotent.
it's only coal-burning when a white woman does it
he's a oil driller
File: JRL118_g.jpg (20 KB, 408x280)
20 KB
The fire is burning Góis.
It's clearly pure coincidence.
or a traitor...

File: IMG_1589.jpg (101 KB, 750x841)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
276 replies and 88 images omitted. Click here to view.
can we just ask the questions?
Did we ever get to see HRC emails to Ambassador Stevens?
File: 1478745378943m.jpg (50 KB, 577x1024)
50 KB
Comey is told by Lynch to back off clinton investigation, FBI gets pissed, Comey reopened investigation a week before election, Trump wins, Russia narritive starts, Comey grandstanding in Russia probe, gets fired, democrats make him testify, Comey testimony mentions Lynch interference, Investigation into Lynch starts....

How many dimensions of chess can a man play?
In preparation for what's coming, anyone want to photoshop Lynch's head...
Hello, Shareblue.


"Notwithstanding any restrictions on access imposed pursuant to sections 2204 and 2208--

(1) the Archivist and persons employed by the National Archives and Records Administration who are engaged in the performance of normal archival work shall be permitted access to Presidential records in the custody of the Archivist;

(2) subject to any rights, defenses, or privileges which the United States or any agency or person may invoke, Presidential records shall be made available--

(A) pursuant to subpoena or other judicial process issued by a court of competent jurisdiction for the purposes of any civil or criminal investigation or proceeding;

(B) to an incumbent President if such records contain information that is needed for the conduct of current business of the incumbent President’s office and that is not otherwise available; and

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: anon.jpg (463 KB, 2184x1456)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
I know you're probably cringing thinking of "Anonymous" because nowadays it is associated with social justice warriors and 14 year old kids roleplaying as hackers.

But think about it - just like how you took pepe back from the normies, wouldn't it be great to reclaim what once started on 4chan, and upset a lot of liberals clinging unto anonymous in the process?

I was thinking of associating anonymous with Trump and /pol/. What do you think? Fun fact: while anonymous has now been claimed as a social justice symbol, it used to be a cover for raiding forums and spamming them full of porn and niggers.

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