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>Are X white?
>Is X degeneracy?
>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

The variety of threads allowed here are very flexible and we believe in freedom of speech, but we expect a high level of discourse befitting of the board. Attempts to disrupt the board will not be tolerated, nor will calls to disrupt other boards and sites.

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File: 12354f445.png (291 KB, 600x577)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Howcome /pol/ is so against the Jew. Why do they insist on thinking he is evil?
I want the tip of my dick back you evil fucking crypto shitskin.

File: iq_difference.webm (2.59 MB, 710x400)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB WEBM
proven IQ intelligence between blacks and whites

is this true, /pol/?
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average iq theres difference, it doesnt mean individuals cant be higher or lower than others between races.
same story with whites, asians and jews. my 138IQ puts me higher than all of their averages easily despite whites overall being lower
File: racis-drank.webm (360 KB, 640x350)
360 KB
ey yo fuck tha ugly ass/ dat bitch dont now shit is why thety took his medal
Technically, blacks and whites in USA live in different countries virtually. A poor white has better life conditions than rich blacks.
Not arguing against white nationalism but is it necessary to take a dogmatic position on things such as race and IQ?
Especially since asians are also a threat to homogeneity despite being smart

I am not even surprised you can't figure out one reason you low IQ monkey, that's why you worship the god of beta mediocrities aka hitler
What have you?



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File: th1.jpg (13 KB, 211x300)
13 KB
>Israel tells Iran to leave Syria cuz they're going to continue bombing them
>Iran threatens to bomb Israel
Let's get some TV action please am bored
File: 1538566335578.jpg (35 KB, 600x613)
35 KB
File: cobra.jpg (143 KB, 1244x700)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Another b.s. nothing habbening.
Half of the Muslim world repeats that very same thing every morning before prayer
>meme flag


>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

ARCHIVED LINKS http://pastebin.com/ynXV6CHT
DAILY SCHEDULE https://twitter.com/POTUS_Schedule
WH Public Pool: https://publicpool.kinja.com/

>CEAChair Hassett on FBN 1/15/19

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: comfy hakase.jpg (31 KB, 1029x659)
31 KB
I'm not an imposter I watched it because everyone else was.
>have to wait months again for autumn's return
File: I love this gag.webm (1022 KB, 1280x720)
1022 KB
1022 KB WEBM
Isn't it an amazing show?
Just a real cut above the rest.
Imagine the bell curve of anime quality.
It's at the far right end of it. Just really a once in a decade series.
lol maxine waters is trying to destroy this dumb cunt, the first thing she did was attack the corporate fascist superstructure of the Demokike party, now she is in a place to really fuck it up.

Just steer her toward apple, facebook, google, amazon, etc. All the corporations who think they have bought and paid for eternal goodwill from the Demokike party.
File: anguish.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
>4 more months until the weather stops being ass

File: sweden-nylon_5.jpg (63 KB, 1200x1200)
63 KB
sweden finally got a new government today. QUICK RUN DOWN:

>no government for 120 days
>jimmie / sweden democrats are blocking all attempts to form a government
>finally a solution was reached today
>all of the other parties just merged across party-lines to form a big government to block jimmie from any influence
>imagine if the Republicans and Democrats merged into 1 party to continue non-white immigration at any costs
>4 more years of bizarre levels of mass immigration
>new government promises more immigration and "tolerance"
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I didn't do it last election. I don't think there is such thing as unnecessary accelerationism
Don't sit around an wait for change then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Take advantage of the pros you got here like the free education and then get out if you have to
Eftersom att din grav kommer att skändas och dina förfäder kommer tycka att du är en feg vekling
>vi har jo kutta i antall flyktninger
Det har vi ikke. Det kom 3 ganger så mange "flyktninger" med Frp i regjering enn med AP. Mengden "flyktninger" har gått ned naturlig siden de strupet havnene i Italia.
Mengden kvoteflyktninger har gått opp, og det *snakkes* om å redusere antall kvoteflyktninger siden det kommer mindre "flyktninger", men Hoyre sier nei.

File: trump-1 (1).jpg (81 KB, 900x541)
81 KB
Non-Americans, what do you think of us? Are we a laughing stock? Be honest.
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>Arguably worse than any form of Muslim.
I can deal with blacks we wuz'ing and Mexicans, as long as they come here legally. I can't deal with Muslims coming here trying to force sharia law, they can fuck right off with that.
I think he's a masterful troll
he knew the media would be talking about that for weeks
it did until 100 years ago when we imported socialism from Europe. Now it's just managed decline. Start learning Chinese.
Trump gives me hope for the world.
Okay fine but thats not the American dream. If youre so white then its easy to make money and secure your house on a hill

Why do you let politics stop you from loving on your own African jungle queen?
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The feminine features seem rare in darker skins but some got it
like this is what I'm talking about makeup, good lighting,foundation, and a little photoshop.
Id like to like qt nigresses but I can't get pass their disgusting hair
>I can't date you cause I don't like your hair

File: makeup.jpg (46 KB, 597x592)
46 KB
why do men tolerate women lying without even opening their mouths (aka wearing makeup)? Could you imagine the reaction from women if men in mass numbers either started wearing makeup or some other form of cosmetic features in public to make themselves look better?
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File: JpyBRLt.jpg (3.68 MB, 4032x3024)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG
Protip: Being a frustrated whiney hypocritical redneckbeard manchild who spends all their productive time pointlessly arguing with strangers on the net doesn't make you a better person.
I'd laugh at you but my girlfriend doesn't understand that straight men all secretary hate fags even if they say they dont, and don't consider them men. I've told her this many times and her thinks I'm just being a bigot.
Protip: Being a frustrated whiney hypocritical numale mangina who spends all his productive time pointlessly arguing with strangers on the net doesn't make you a better person.
They dont anon. You can say you're a millionaire and it doesnt buy them a steak dinner. They can all wear makeup and look better down the poorest woman on earth.
>ipod shuffle is my kink

File: post feet.jpg (16 KB, 630x148)
16 KB
Police fake breath tests to meet unrealistic quota's


Aussie caught up in Nairobi terror attack (did his best to stop it my lads) Al Shabab/Al quida responsible


Australia faces the sharpest decline in house price


South Australia's New Giant Battery Came Online Today

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We have stricter fishing regulations all year + but relaxed around Christmas time. Our fishing zones are better and cleaner than South East Asia for example. But you know, my friends went on holidays in China and said the amount of power plants is off the Richter scale. The problem is, if one country is ruining the environment to get ahead and bring people out of poverty, than why aren't we? We have to balance global commitments with national expectations. That's the sad truth. How do you care for your people, and care for your planet? I don't know all the answers my brother.

>Tony Abbott as Opposition Leader and Prime Minister: "the NBN is a waste of money as it will quickly be superceded by new technologies which will be cheaper"
>Lefties: "RRRREEEE GIMME MY NBN U BIGOT!!!!11!11!1"

>2019: NBN superceded by new technologies being delivered cheaper
What fucking country are you living in? Do any of you cunts have actual friends in real life? Smoke cones with the boys? Kick a footie? Or are you all fucking gimps that I would have bashed in highschool? Go to any pub cunt and ask who's fault is it the NBN is fucked? Left are right are bullshit terms so retards who can see the grey area in between have a better time sounding intelligent. Seriously go make some peers IRL. The fucking internet was a mistake

You were a mistake.

1. You are not my brother. I hate you.

2. This is a zero sum game we have here, if Australia shuts a power plants, a power plant will open elsewhere. If you don't make something here it gets made somewhere else.

3. Global commitments? Are you out of your fucking mind?

Do you notice anything strange about maps from 15-17th century?

“The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any other single thing known to mankind.”
— Jean-Jacques Rousseau
48 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Also from Ortelius...a full map from 1574
Pretty sure that Tartar was go to word for all nomadic steppe horse fuckers. I read history book from 1650 that used name mongols and tatars interchangeably
God I love retarded threads like these
File: 1799_ Antonio Zatta.jpg (2.85 MB, 1893x1400)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG

File: Bic.jpg (25 KB, 650x650)
25 KB
Come home white man. Pic related has always been the official shaving tool of White Male Supremacy.
41 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: bic.png (24 KB, 891x376)
24 KB
bic lighters are still top shelf
i don't know what you are talking about. I shave smooth with a DE no problem, I just have a weird grain pattern on part of my face so I don't like to shave everyday since it can get pretty irritated
I just use scissors.

Qlsomsome lady was just on the radio claiming all pissed off people are men and it wont matter to the sale of razors because women purchase 90% of household items.

Household items are a huge umbrella. How many of you guys have your girl buy your razors? Any personal hygiene products have been purchased by me because my girl always fucks it up or wants to try something new for me even though I've told her a million times I buy a certain thing for specific reasons (I.e scented deodorant irritates my armpits, even many non scented do and I need a specific brand of it).
>but anon it smells good
Trash razor
Some of us have more than peach fuzz even after a day or two

I doubt the horror stories that in a no deal Brexit there would be food or drug shortages or flights grounded.

But what I do think would happen is a lot of paperwork for goods trading might be required. That makes business less competitive on a world stage.

Anyway, if on March 30, the UK would have left with no deal, my guess would be the EU and UK would negotiate some emergency provisions to make sure trade flows like before.
206 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
Go look at the EU Structural Investment Funds to Poland, it's funny shit. They are scared that the gibs are going to dry up.

The gibs are going to dry up Mackasowszy Beresinkski Polski Sklep face.

>Wales and Scotland have it pretty good
>Wales have it pretty good

Apart from hundreds of years of neglected investment in infrastructure and modernization. The deliberate and focused efforts to kill it's native language and culture and the occasional flooding of Welsh villages when England decides it wants more water. Or just the straight up theft of natural resources. Apart from that tho, yeah. Wales has it pretty good, good thing we decided to join the Union. Oh wait, we didn't
File: Scottish Weather 2.jpg (39 KB, 482x569)
39 KB
They are in bad weather 340 days of the year, I honestly think thats why they are always mad & angry, it pretty bad here in Wales buy Scotland has it a lot worse 99% of the time.

I think the SNP will die out in a few years... I hope! ha
How do I know?
This is the result of searching "food aid for Poland" in the entire database.
All entries from 1989.
Hybernia is fucked. Lets hope they sink in sea.

/pol/tards btfo again by based queen
111 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.

Threadly reminder that a discord exists solely for the purpose of shitposting on /pol/, with specific targeting towards /ptg/ and /sg/. There exists a group of people who's life choices have led them to a point where shitposting on 4chan has become the highlight of their day, indeed their very reason for not just suckstarting the first shotgun they can find.

They are responsible for ---ALL--- AOC and Tulsi Gabbard threads. They create porn threads. They are responsible for the BLACKED spam. They are the ones creating the "Honest thoughts on X" threads, the "how do we solve the X problem" threads, the "What did X mean by this" thread. The "are X white" threads. The blackpill threads, the consensus-breaking threads. The fake tweet threads. The Gillette spam threads. The /r9k/ threads. And above all anytime they are confronted they will immediately deny the existence of said Discord, despite multiple screencaps of it existing. They continue creating them because some of you simply cannot help yourselves.

This is your reminder that each (You) you give them gives them a tiny bit of hope that their shitposting will change your mind, will affect your thinking. They cherish each (You) you give them so dearly that those (You)s are, in fact, the only thing keeping them alive at this point. They see you as easy marks because you've proven in the past you simply cannot help but shitpost when someone else shitposts.

Anon.. their existence is suffering. Pure, unfiltered, endless suffering. Haven't they suffered enough? Don't be selfish and give them (You)s to prolong their suffering for your enjoyment.

Withhold the (You)s. Don't reply to AOC or Tulsi Gabbard threads. Don't reply to shitposters. Let them finally realize the only way out is death. Let them find peace.

Show some restraint, faggots. They literally organized on a Discord and went full OpSec to try and continue shitposting and FAILED%

Headline might as well read "Majority of Americans too stupid to realize they're in the group that's going to get taxed at 70% once the actual wealthy either exploit tax loopholes or just outright leave the country"
Freemarketfag here
I seriously support this. And a wealth tax and an inheritance tax.

Use the money to balance the budget or build infrastructure or fix the social security funding problem so the program is around for future generations or lowering health care costs.
>so you think because some ultra rich will know how to avoid this
they're ultra rich BECAUSE they know how to avoid this (or at least whoever manages their finances does), retard
>that they are going to lower the bar again and again until the middle class amd lower class are taxed 70% as well?
you're seriously overestimating the intelligence of the average gibsmedat politician
>That doesn't even make fucking sense
in socialist utopia it does, someone has to pay for all those gibs after all
>If that was the case then my own country would have nothing but poor at this point
you keep going ahead with your bureaucratic wet dream and you will see the results soon enough

This is a meme. Due to loopholes that no longer exist, no rich people ever paid anything close to those rates. In fact, if you look at federal income tax receipts relative to GDP over the course of the 20th century, they remain pretty much the same, despite nominal rates changing quite drastically.

Forget nukes, how is NATO going to deal with Russian trap superiority?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Jake Paul became a qt trap?
File: 1540177070981.jpg (30 KB, 545x453)
30 KB
Who put that collage together? Looks a little too well done. You dun goofed. No pudding in the MI6 cafeteria for you m8.
would fuck
would not tell about it probably
this is the best you have to offer as proof? Ugly looking face.
yes , although all the ones here are ugly and the only people that seem to be attracted to me are all the homos at the gym

File: IMG_20180921_012452_196.jpg (343 KB, 1035x1035)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the idealism and fanaticism of the young people. When they, in quest for truth, surpass their own parents in resolve and determination. When they demand from themselves much more than their parents ever did. And when their ultimate sacrifice puts us all to shame…We all know their kindness and charm. But we will also come to witness how their hearts turn into stone when they have to face the enemy.
279 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
The bankers do not want it.
>It's absolutely astonishing the amount of cognitive dissonance they employ to believe what they believe. Conveniently, they're always well off upper-middle class wankers too, that live in Islington or Camden and never have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.
Meanwhile people like me who come from poor families but got a good degree from a top 10 university can't get a job and fucking do an honest day's work for their bread.

Absolutely spot on
that HSBC ad is so fucking transparent. So is the Economist's stance on brexit. Yeah just casually part owned by the rothschilds, nothing to see here goyim move on.
Of course I'm serious:
And you think they'll stave off this for how long?
it's definitely symbolic too but the pragmatic effects of including women in the military are also very destructive to our militaries quality and effectiveness.

Used to be under 10% likes.

Now boosted and out onto trending to try and get liberals to like it.

Still they delete comments as fast as possible.
54 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
"Social Justice" is a meme that is cynically used by corporate entities to cover up and obfuscate their bullshit. It was pushed to the forefront to destroy Occupy Wall Street, and after a stunning success the rest of Wall Street adopted the same tactics. I have no doubt a Gilette executive was caught murdering niggers or raping little brown children that Open Borders human smugglers sold off to him, and this stupid "advertisement" dropped to completely cover up any news of Gilette's upper management being involved in heinous crime.
Explain? And I'm serious I've watched the ad, so please don't tell me to go watch it again. I want to hear your views not reestablish my own.
Can you link the song?
File: 1547632959110.jpg (190 KB, 1000x1000)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
This might very well be the biggest advertisement failure I have ever seen. They are basically saying that men without beards are unmanly. Fucking dumbasses.

Let's say Donald Trump needs international workers to build the wall from July to August.
He asks any nationalist from not-shithole countries to come and work 50 days to build the wall.
You would not be paid. However, Donald Trump would offer you the flight tickets, a room and would feed you with Mcdonalds menu. Everything that's vital would be free of charge.

Would you go and help?
18 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
of course
>Work for free doing back breaking labor
This is not socialism dipshit people do not work wo pay
We PAY for goods andservices rendered
Free room and board and food tho at trump hotel and 50000 at end of contract and u will see takers
If he release his tax returns yes
And then I will go and manage to get fired for destroying the work of others
I'm busy shitposting on /pol/ all day, so no. Thanks though!
Based romanian

File: 1522561719218.png (683 KB, 957x1239)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
26 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1418676028239.jpg (32 KB, 600x600)
32 KB
It's funny how there hasn't been anything like a Roswell incident in recent times when everybody is now walking around with a high quality camera that they can deploy in 1-5 seconds. Same with shit like sasquatch when there are now over a million motion sensing game cameras deployed all over the US. All the paranormal, supernatural, extraterrestrial shit has just plummeted.

These "truthseekers" are the biggest fucking liars of anybody. A bunch of hucksters. They accuse the government of covering up everything but these people are constantly covering up contradicting evidence to their narratives and selectively choosing evidence that fits their narrative. They're much worse than the government which actually does do coverups, reprehensible shit and shady shit but not to the extent that these people do. These people are constantly poisoning the well. I dislike them a great deal.
File: aliens_don't_exist.jpg (60 KB, 589x505)
60 KB
Ignore ayylmao shills
>Why are the Jews scared of UFOs?

because jews are the fallen angels.
It's not that they need us to be scared of aliens, but they do have a specific reason to push alien shit. The alien conspiracy theory is relatively harmless to the Jews, and it has taken up time from sleuths who would otherwise be into Jewish conspiracies. If you keep the sheep worried about aliens and moon landings, you direct them away from 9/11 and Operation Northwoods and the King David Hotel bombing. Also, the ancient aliens shit is used to deligitimize the achievements of man to create a complacent and nihilistic society where anything great but also be fake/supernatural
Did any of you read this article? Holy shit! Some sort of false flag fake disclosure is coming. They completely changed the narrative about Project Blue Book. Now instead of looking into the few credible sightings and trying to study them and evaluate whether they were a national security threat, ultimately closing down the project after no definitive answer as to what the highly credible sighting were, the story about the project is now as follows:

>Project Blue Book was the code name for an Air Force program set up in 1952, after numerous U.F.O. sightings during the Cold War era, to explain away or debunk as many reports as possible in order to mitigate possible panic and shield the public from a genuine national security problem: an apparently technological phenomenon that was beyond human control and was not Russian, yet represented an unfathomable potential threat.

They go on to say that there is very credible evidence that a small number of sightings are actual technology and that many involved with the project believed that it was extraterrestrial in origin. Additionally, they go on to say that the most credible cases were diverted away from Project Blue Book (which apparently was just an effort to lie to the public to avoid panic) to be investigated through channels already in place for such investigations.

They are completely rewriting history here with this story.

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