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>English language analysis

>Meme Collections

>Thead OP pasta

>What do

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what >>344202874 said is correct
Aryan means white/caucasian
Why wouldn't we have an actual proper term for ourselves that isn't just based on geographic or a weird physical characteristic of ours?

No, because India shows us that we must be cautious and maybe not bringing our women with us, when invading foreign lands wasn't the best idea.

I hate how people claim Iranians or Indians are in any way "aryan" today. The brahmin caste itself is even heavily mixed. That was the last attempt of aryans to preserve their genes and look at how different they look from Europeans. It didn't work!

And Iranians before they adopted Islam literally invented a religion that made all of the aryan gods and hero figures into either Demons or People no longer worth emulating. If you adopt this kind of religion, you also start a anti-aryan Ethnogensis, where you basically through religion breed out aryan genes.

Europeans are the only Aryans left. And not even all Europeans are Aryans either. Italy received a ton of syrian immigrants during the times of the Roman Empire.

>So how's the mood in Austria, with that 3G at the workplace?

Not great not terrible. Does actually piss people off, that I noticed already. They had to keep the tests free for now, otherwise this would be wildly different. But ... it is ofc all coupled to incidence rates with progressively worse consequences. They'll try that regionally now and observe the effect. ;)

Btw as measures are to be controlled by employer I strongly assume that many smaller companies will simply disregard it all to a large degree.



Was a major happening the likes of which the world has rarely seen averted or was it a simple mistake?

Any and all opinions are welcome!
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Whidby island.
>submarine just chills for 2 day only one mile from an island easily spotted to then launch a missile, again so close to an island everybody would have/should have seen and heard it, at the 4 seasons on hawaii.
compelling story.
anyone remember that before this there was this canadian super pissed off and obsessed about hawaii because some faggot leftist from hawaii kept shitting this board up? i want to believe this canadian somehow hacked the emergency alert system to fuck with that retard
File: pepe wtf.png (629 KB, 803x652)
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629 KB PNG
>story from 2019
So, it's true what happened here inspired this artist !?

File: D1aQEF3.jpg (52 KB, 640x747)
52 KB
Why aren't you a leftist?
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>/pol/ is libertarian
gtfo, kike.
>But you truly are freedom loving people.
>implying nigs are people
We just want them to leave europe and USA, we don’t want to kill them
This is my answer for OP as well.
Poor Bezos. He likely had to take his personal helicopter to his private yacht and spend the entire duration of the riots sailing around the world snorting the worlds most pure cocaine off the turgid cocks of the worlds most hung Filipino boys.
Because I can support the working class breaking in a greedy jews' door and lynching him without supporting the loss of legitimate private property

Would you pay $20,000 to guarantee your child has blonde hair and blue eyes?
Seriously considering going this route. They also offer gender selection for the same price.
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I honestly prefer brunettes. I have some blondes in my family, but we are majority brunette anglos.
And asia and south america
Would be cool to get some red eyes
>offer gender selection
Don’t fall for their kike tricks and demand sex selection as well.
>imagine being a tranny and our dad is suing a bunch of kikes for how gay you are.
Idgaf about sex selection, i would only use it to get an even balance of daughters and sons. 2 of each is golden.

File: TP Dance.gif (120 KB, 500x506)
120 KB
120 KB GIF
So why do you bother going out in public at all?
I work from home and have my groceries delivered.
I might go out for a walk or jog, but I honestly have no use for the rest of society at this point.
What is the point when you are bombarded by pictures of niggers and faggots, actual niggers and faggots, and a riot, robbery, or assault could happen at any moment?
City living now means that you stay inside and well the fuck away from other people.
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It's just reality.
Faggotry is a disease, and you have it.
If you weren't a stupid faggot your life would be better.
such rudeness, constipated as per the usual. (Karma)

Why don't you go outside and take a nice walk in the society that I've built for you. Don't worry all the racist losers are too afraid to leave their homes, its safe to go outside again.
It isn't safe for anyone in US cities.
File: 1542586717446.jpg (100 KB, 500x500)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
this is delusion, you will find the truth eventually. no matter how much you try to block it out or deny it you will eventually learn like all the others before you. some will share in your delusion, others will fake it to your face. but in the end your genetics will betray you and you will have wasted money of drugs and procedures for nothing more than a delusion. when that realization hits, i wont say i told you so.
>chock full
no, we can fit more
give us your niggers, your faggots, your minorities yearning for shit to be free

and then let us all burn in sacrificial fire.

So true!

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