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File: 1612345387176.jpg (152 KB, 640x800)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Good morning anon
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fuck, that is one spicy sun dog
Yes we still smoke a lot don't listen to the other retard telling you that only young arabs are smoking.
My grandfather was a huge smoker, my father is and I am, people on the countryside are smoking aswell as in the cities.
I'm pretty sure native french are smoking even more than immigrants.
it's in Iowa, actually.
>she's a legit 10/10
lol no >>379524465
maybe a 5 /10, look at the facial structure and age
fréro so many people still smoke in france. Half of the kids smoked in my highschool and they were native french

File: glowie.gif (194 KB, 220x220)
194 KB
194 KB GIF
Greetings. I can't say too much, but Israel has been trying to develop a "Zombie Virus" for years. A virus that will make the host irrational and angry like a rabid animal, like rabies. Our sources now say they have succeeded and have already drawn up a plan to release it soon. The world as we knew it will be over if it is effective. Prepare now, get supplies, prepare to escape as far from other people as possible.

Sources say the virus sends a person's anger, along with their fight or flight instinct into overdrive, by affecting that region of the brain. They will think they are under attack for no reason and also be very angry which will make them attack back.
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wrong thats graphite shit like from pencils. graphene oxide is a totally different animal.
Or just stay retarded even searching for irrelevant shit lol.
hello fed man is george floyd still alive
like the flying nun

File: single mom.png (584 KB, 628x675)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
Divorced Single Mom is back home in Canada!
come watch her play with LARP boom-boom-stick in #YogaPants

Loomer's actually hotter no, lol

File: CtrlCtrlV.png (261 KB, 992x992)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
This isn't okay.
Grow the fuck up and be a man. you don't need your HECCKKIINN rootty tooty point and shooty boomstick to function as an adult. you don't need it for fun. you don't need it for self defense. you just don't need a fucking gun.
how can you incel chuds defend this.
more children in the USA literally die to gunfire than car accidents.
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I'm not giving up my gun to you fags so that middle aged white men's leading cause of death becomes gun violence. You don't like it? Fuck yourself. After what I've seen out of the left these past two years, I'm ready for war and I'm not giving any fucking ground up to a fucking subhuman groomer.
So faggot, what if a nigger breaks into my home. I call the police but it takes them 45 min to show up because I live in a crime infested big city. By the time the cops show up me and everyone else in the house are dead because the nigger doesn't care about laws and I had nothing to protect myself with.

You people are so fucking stupid. You also want to defend the police, so then who is going to show up? A community organizer?
File: 1652200628482.gif (293 KB, 560x420)
293 KB
293 KB GIF
>among us
Yeah right, like your fat ass could even fit in a war.
Brazil has gun control and that doesn't stop us from killing each other over 50 bucks
Why do you think gun control will work in the US?

File: 183629433809.jpg (8 KB, 196x250)
8 KB
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Amerifriens, how do you get over the fear and anxiety about going out in fear you'll be in the next shooting? In the process of accepting I'll probably die in one of these.
Banning ARs does nothing since it's all handguns.
I don't live around nogs, I should be ok
it isn't nogs that's doing these public non gang related shootings
>how do you get over the fear and anxiety
by looking at the data

This was a George floyd tier event that will change society and mainstream political consensus.
Every media outlet of every type is pressing hard on this. People are prepared to give up their guns and will vote for it.
You will see non stop outcry and mass protests this weekend

within a short time frame, gun holders will be vilified on the level of white cops during floyd
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File: 1526629079706.png (310 KB, 526x428)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Damn mariexcari has nice ass
ÂżSteel beams?
cope, only shitlibs care about apehoop
File: Low Guac.png (115 KB, 313x231)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
>Jeb fuel

They said they (and Candace Owens) were going to release the George Floyd doc but never did. Allegedly, Ben Shapiro said there would be a delay on his show but no one ever formerly came out and told anyone a new release date. Some people in the comments said they bought a subscription for over $100 because DW said anyone with a basic sub can’t view

So, are they jewing conservatives? Will this red pill and make people finally think twice on trusting republicans or democrats?

Will the Boise housing market crash soon, pol?
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>sold it to a Chinese conglomerate for millions

You're trash dude. You boomers sold us out here in Southern california. Sold your homes to foreigners. Sold your business to foreign companies. Used them for cheap labor, ruined the labor market for your children.

>Wooo HOOO big bucks for retirement at the cost of our nations future and the future of our children!

Eeeeeeat shit.
literally 50% of listens s plates in Boise are Californian and they are also dumping loads of Muslims here as of the last year or so. you’re a fucking retard if you’re entertaining the idea of housing market leveling out.
Go after Qualcomm for vengeance retard. When they left it was dog eat dog. I ate a few dogs and when the getting was good I sold at the top. Now they have chip shortages and all tyles of supply issues because people wouldn't wear a mask. Not my problem. Wear the mask and save lives. Maybe you can find a job if you just do what you're told, when you're told, how you're told. That's how I got my start. I came from nothing. I didn't inherit a dime until I was out of college for 3 years
>boise seems not far off from portland or seattle
You know it. Boise was declared "safe" for liberals to flee to a couple decades ago, and we're reaching the logical conclusion to that.
File: 1598234100482.jpg (157 KB, 800x600)
157 KB
157 KB JPG

File: 1653517159308.jpg (991 KB, 1080x2051)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
are you against all trannies including the ones that pass /pol/ ?
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Not cool.
File: 1643613820355.gif (2.88 MB, 640x360)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB GIF
>the ones that pass
I'm not against gay men in general, because many really are born that way (look into the phenomenon of in utero hormone changes after subsequent births, and the young sibling effect, and global incidence, etc). And there is an evolutionary advantage to gay men in a group setting, because it reduces in-group competition for women and the resulting violence that comes with it, and increases the number of caretakers (something that XY chromosome selection is incapable of).

Lesbianism is pathological. Lesbians are not born that way. They adopt it. There are no evolutionary advantages. It's just self-indulgent idiocy.

Transsexuals are the same thing. Self-indulgence that aggravates the social order.

Yes, I oppose transsexuals.
I am homo
I will never come out of the closet because as soon as I do nobody will listen to my opinions, thoughts, and personality on their own merits, all will be biased
Yes I value this enough to die alone over it
Most out fags are fucking insufferable anyway
Fags fucking deserve the hate they get here and increasingly in real life. If you wanted to be treated normally, you probably should have kept your bullshit quiet instead of kissing the feet of insane fucking trannies dragging your cause into the mud
God I hate trannies

File: PeytonGendron.png (56 KB, 640x400)
56 KB
Would he have been taken alive if he were black?
>After his rampage, Mr. Gendron put his gun to his neck.
>But two officers persuaded him to drop his weapon and surrender.
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>I hope
"hope" is for children, and the mentally-retarded.
Of course he is alive he's a GĹ‚owie you moron.
>you're a moron, you moron.
The suspect in the Sandy hook massacre is dead but all you retards insist it was a false flag. You guys always have to go through extreme gymnastics whenever the suspect is white
He wasn't a threat to cops, idiot. Blacks ALWAYS resist arrest and try to hurt the cops, hence them getting shot or whatever.

Cops are not clones. They're different people, with different moods, different training, in different regions, in different scenarios with different context.

File: based.jpg (97 KB, 1024x576)
97 KB
As bongs forced Roman Abramovich to sell the Chelsea FC to Americans. Here's what is going to happen

>In addition, the proposed new owners will commit £1.75bn in further investment for the benefit of the Club. This includes investments in Stamford Bridge, the Academy, the Women’s Team and Kingsmeadow and continued funding for the Chelsea Foundation.


>the Women’s Team

How come that once based English football hooliganism, based English fans who threw bananas at nigger players from aisles and generally based English football culture became so woke and cucked? Are British zoomers now this weak, faggoty and feminine so it is more profitable to turn football into a pussy club? What's happening?

File: 1541970041061.jpg (92 KB, 638x1000)
92 KB
>A good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun! except for all the times it doesn't and the cops loiter outside the building for almost an hour while some faggot teen kills your kids because the pigs are too scared to risk their own lives for anything
>Let's arm Teachers! Make them lay down their lives instead of finding another solution, this is a perfect idea! I mean if the cops are too scared to put their lives on the line to stop a massacre, surely putting some firearms in the hands of schoolteachers will fix this!
>Let's just give all school kids "ballistic blankets" to cover themselves with that will surely stop a shooter from massacring them!
>Just put like 10 cops in all schools at all times! That will work!
What is the next line of Copium for Guntards?
26 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>cops dont work
Yeah I agree... so who should own weapons ?
That’s not all. They went in and saved their own kids while they kept the parents from entering the school. Do those blue lives still matter?
Lmao, yeah let's get 100%
If you make it illegal, murders will still happen. Gun violence will still happen. Murder is already illegal my guy, and those happen everyday. But give up your ability to defend yourself, you first. You can have mine when I'm dead, bootlicker faggot motherfucker.

File: 1640327183486.jpg (118 KB, 640x975)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
alphabet services and bots are all over this board. this time it looks like they gona close /pol/. look at those "memes"
Im unironically demoralized anons. it was nice to shitpost with you
15 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>anons are too retarded to not bumb glowie threads
>so just change the subject
Everything is fake.
>but why the (((m))) version

How fucking new are you?
I lurked for 1.5 year but there is never anything said about the m files
delete the m in the address bar and if it doesn't work replace jpg with png

File: 172.jpg (202 KB, 1080x1350)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
I make 85k at 23 and my girlfriend makes 53k at 22. It's more than enough for us at this age but there is NO way this is sustainable with a family.

How the fuck do you people afford to raise children? What policies can we enact to remedy the general unaffordability problem in the US?

pic unrelated, a thot for your time
129 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Play Counterstrike
>Get 90k

Fucking American jobs man. I've worked hard to earn 70k but our government takes half in taxes
File: 1481746816931.gif (1.24 MB, 227x136)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF

are you french or dutch?
You are as retarded as this bait. I could support a family of 4 on 60k a year. It's not hard at all. Many people do it everyday.
I would save this pic if it were just the girl on the left
but instead the girl on the right has to ruin it with her ugly face and fake tan

File: VG0uF3mR9Hob.png (142 KB, 774x953)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Uhh...Qniggas, is this it? Is the storm finally upon us?
76 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
if the patriots are in control, and now we have high gas prices and soaring inflation, then I guess that's the patriot's fault and not Biden's.
File: fuckme.png (10 KB, 1061x140)
10 KB
lol, lmao
its like that except there are hidden variables and no matter how much gather we will never make a single accurate prediction involving the quantum realm. we exist in an ever-more complex web of subatomic interactions over billions of years. the entire system is needed to predict anything, yet it is also entirely deterministic.
How can this be?

(Satanist Jew-Jesuit Hitlerly Clinton grimaces)

Dune (1984 - He IS the Kwisatz Haderach)

Faith is nice... RESULTS ARE BETTER.
ABSOLUTELY NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT PROPHECY UNLESS IT IS CORRECT. Yay, something was predicted, but... is anything getting BETTER or WORSE?

ACCURATE PREDICTION means either you create the future or you can accurately predict the actions of enemies to enable control of your enemies. Which is all good and fun except most people prefer the enemies are beaten up and killed rather than "predicted" into helplessness.

Like any heavy cart, the future cannot be moved without the proper 4D energy investment. Imagine a 2D thinking living square trying to push a 3D cube. Probably not going to happen. Approach the problem wrong and a 2D creature gets pinched under and trapped under a 3D cube. But like many ants, a legion of 2D square creatures can push a cube if they work in unity. A sharp enough and rigid enough 2D creature can slice any 3D cube into small chunks.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Can I squat in the Antarctic? I'm tired of our gay society.
It belongs to america
Just renew it, neither US or Russia have actually ratified it, they just accept it on the condition that it doesn’t apply to them
the aliens will finally discover why the humans were staying away from the evacuation centre
File: 0090908.jpg (35 KB, 600x419)
35 KB
Falklands type war. Not gonna give up prime sheep country, are you?

So we all know now that Japan owns the world.

What are they planning? Along with turning everyone into real anime girls and anime femboys?
22 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1653311023441.jpg (27 KB, 512x512)
27 KB
> Japan owns the world.
They dont even own their own country. Its owned by americans.
Which is exactly why anime culture is literal childish poison to a society. Cartoons after teenager years is worthless.
Cause they are suffering from gay panic. They probably think dicks are delicious.
All belongs to Japan.
You’ll be forced to undergo anime ification now.

Anime owns you.
You’ll squeal as Japan turns you into a little girl
And puts you in a warm dress
And gives you the friends you always wanted
I have a big weener though. BIG GAMER BWC, if you will.

File: you.jpg (25 KB, 332x468)
25 KB
Janny's face when I reset my router and clear cookies
I do this a dozen times a month. They ban me for free.
And we jjust keep reporting your shit /threads.
File: sega-manuals-2019-13.jpg (82 KB, 650x650)
82 KB
lol thanks
Please post in >>>/vr/ and tell them the real name for the Sega Master System was originally the "SEGA System".
They get really mad, especially the jannies, even though it's a very true fact.

File: 1649771770623.png (441 KB, 800x1000)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
if you were the director of a fakeshooting, how do you make it seem as real and as big enough of an impact as possible? im getting bored
Is James Pearson your dad?
do NOT reply to soijak posters
do NOT bump soijak posters
File: 1641812829166.png (1022 KB, 866x859)
1022 KB
1022 KB PNG
you ask the freemasons for help, sinple
Get the whole (((community))) involved

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