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File: 1591325563393.png (235 KB, 720x775)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
>catalog full of garbage threads
>obvious bot and shill threads
>electric boogaloo glowposting
>duplicate riot threads
>not even a holocaust thread
what's going on /pol/, let's get spicy

>Hillary testimony - 6/2

>Rosenstein testimony 6/3

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They shoad your last thread right quick, how long will this one last?
File: 1591296990893.webm (2.93 MB, 1280x720)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
third time's the charm, let's hope it lasts more than 10 minutes this time
hillary is a corrupt fascist, just like trump, what the fuck is new?
abolish the two party police state
File: 1585155766592.jpg (65 KB, 460x592)
65 KB
bump for a truly righteous and patriotic cause
based take my bump

File: holy fuck.jpg (55 KB, 592x459)
55 KB
This is not a joke anymore. We unironically can't let him get the nuclear codes:

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It's sad that Trump will lose to an old fag with dementia.
Leftie here: We know this, we've known before you guys. Our plan is to prove that an old dude with dementia is a better pres than orange baboon
Fucking based Malik is still around.
File: ListenHere.jpg (125 KB, 1014x676)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Listen here fat, let me set you straight. I have a record of over 40 years and I am going to beat Joe Biden. This uh, uh, um thingy isn't going anywhere. Back in my day we didn't call it corvette-91 whatever; we called it the "Shanghai Shivers". Now here's the deal, Dean: most of you can't read, and if you don't vote for me you ain't black Jack! I can beat you in pushups, that's how I know you're full of shit Hank. Turn the volume up you horse faced pony soldier and let me smell your hair, no tomfoolery Shylock.
Listen here, Jack. You "Poles" wouldnt know a good leader if his face was plastered on every soda pop stand this side of the Rio Grande. In fact I used to shine shoes with a big Polish guy by the name of, um, we called him, uh, cracker jack - yep, old country cracker jack. Boy we would get a nickle a shine but ill be a god damn liar if I said i wish i had a dime for every collored fella we turned away. It was different back then, you know, we, uh. Um. Oh right, so i was with this colored gal at a soda shop in Fort Collins and I'll tell you she had the most beautiful hair, the most beautiful smelling hair. Great spot for a phosphate and a tune on the juke, and you can take that to the bank, pal.

File: blpsqQn.jpg (295 KB, 1078x1351)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
It is unbelievable how retarded the racists are. We have to draw.
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>we need your help
>but we will humiliate you first
>we will mock you
>we will yell at you
>we will beat you
>we will dox you

Fuck off eh
what a nazi
Like you would do anything without 10-1 advantage

So, Pro White is not Anti Black? We good on this?
File: 1585370337335.gif (1.32 MB, 379x400)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB GIF

remember, while america descended into fascism, you were here, regurgitating the propaganda of the elite
Nope in europe maybe. I talked to old greenparty boomers and they kept agreeing with me and said they afraid of the Negers. Unbelievable strong redpill

File: 1591328496544.jpg (410 KB, 1080x1252)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
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I thought Migrating Turtle was an Indian.
Lots of military see Mattis for the pussy he is.
>a BLACK hole
fuckijng RACSIST
By the time the Wall is finished we will want to flee the country.

File: Deplorables2.jpg (88 KB, 666x791)
88 KB
Who is this white boomer talking about?
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13% is very close to the midpoint of 10% and 15%.
if you round 12.5% up, then it would be the midpoint
I know exactly what biden means.
>fuck niggers 2020
shut the fuck up you low IQ centrist retard
Is don Cheadle sick with aids? he's looking like shit.
Deplorables all over again and months in advance. This is really the best the dims had to offer?
Hillary did basically the same thing - openly savaged a large percentage of the American public.
Never forget

File: EZtd77TVAAAxyWi.png (211 KB, 589x582)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
> biggest military budget on the planet
> At war with "terrorism" for 20 years, hasnt won anything, squandered trillions
> cant secure the borders
> cant build a wall
> cant control their own cities
> finances deranged tranny soldiers to cut their dicks off
> embraces anti white woke ideology

What exactly is the purpose of this organization?
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Not including the EU cause its hands down the gayest thing to been concieved by humankind
To steal oil from other countries
>At war with "terrorism" for 20 years, hasnt won anything, squandered trillions
Imagine being so new, you think the military isn’t a racket for defense lobbyists
Imagine thinking we’re trying to win so there’s no more war permanently
Enslaving counties to the nwo like Afghanistan and Iraq.
we are witnessing the collapse of the American Empire, it's amazing

This seems to be the end goal of all of this imo.
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File: 1518736194216.jpg (37 KB, 356x374)
37 KB
>be still believes the corona narrative
fake and gay
Isn't trump votes by mail?
Fuck that. Trump can. Delay the voting date. Which should be done if they trying to pull this mail in horse shit. They have to rig this election because they know they dont have a chance. They are coming with everything they've got right now. And it's not even that scary lol
It won't work, Hydroxychloroquine will be proven to work by then... They've already discredited the studies that say it doesn't work and WHO has resumed testing.

They will not get their vote by mail don't worry.


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You can't deny that she looks like a younger and bald Bieber
Damn wtf I didn't realize hermoiney and Malfoy were played by the same person
File: 1590851309540.jpg (67 KB, 597x742)
67 KB
they only like her in the earlier movies
when shes still in her prime
Eminem looks weird here

File: IMG_20200605_043035.png (565 KB, 720x1152)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
George Floyd died of asphyxiation, stop trying to make up BS and pretend that he didnt get killed by a racist cop, /pol/.
America clearly still has a systematic racism issue against minorities.
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File: 1589029187792.png (288 KB, 1300x700)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
stop bro!, you will never be a nigger
tfw I don't care but hope the pig gets fucked hard anyway because I hate the police too.
Licking niggers timbs is worse than cop boot leather.
Why is all of Africa still a shithole?
> muh colonialism
all of it because of colonialism? get real, faggot.
Why did they sell their own people into slavery?
>for making inappropriate comments on how to commit the perfect murder
cant make this shit up lel

File: SheerHeartAttack.png (154 KB, 233x288)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
What would George Floyd's「STAND」be named and what would it's power be?

Are they still rioting? I can’t fucking take this anymore. When will it end? I want the age of social media outrage to be over with
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Who is that semen demon?
media outrage lasts about a week max then they get mad at something else
You guys missed out, someone shared a mega of her onlyfans yesterday with some good shit in it. I looked, but then accidentally closed the tabs and lost the thread.
File: Spread of Christianity.jpg (245 KB, 1292x876)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Not really a race riot. 2/3 of the protesters are white.
This is something...different. Like mass hypnosis or something. You can't argue with them. They have mantras they repeat. They have rituals like kneeling in silence. And if you contradict them at all, that means you're evil.

I wonder if this what the Romans felt like when Christianity started taking over.
Sauce now nigger

File: IMG_4031.jpg (37 KB, 600x400)
37 KB

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I’ve been out of the loop all night. Anything interesting happen?

only thing that's really happened
Yeah, some guy is explaining 4th dimensions after showing how to tie your shoes quickly.
Doomtube is great.
protesters bored on their phones in DC.
The Seattle stream showing protestors on one side and cops on the other looks like it would be boring as fuck for both sides.

The normies are waking up, lads.

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The last desktop operating system worth using is windows 7 anyway, just pirate it. Every subsequent windows operating system has dumbed down the interface and eliminated large amounts of functionality to better market to the lowest common denominator. That or Linux running a windows7 virtual machine for PC programs.
File: 1549421710004.png (788 KB, 655x873)
788 KB
788 KB PNG
I'm glad I have a PC now. Consoles were already losing my interest, and it feels great to pirate. I'm sure I'll miss out on the occasional exclusive here and there, but I can just visit a friend.
He is your former president retarded burger. I will let you mutt brain make a guess.
Damn, that was some good italian pasta
How the fuck can anyone care about video games when there is a NIGGER WAR afoot.

File: PreventLynching.png (437 KB, 679x373)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
Is this legal, Americans? Are you really that insane that you can just obtain personal information, addresses and names of relatives from police officers and what they get paid, their insurance and everything? This man will be killed by some crazy fucks. Do something to prevent that.
48 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Maybe crackdowns on rioters and commies?
Uh, was he giving the police their helmet back?

Jesus this could be really bad.
with a coward in the White House who won't back them up, why would anybody be a cop today? shame is on us as a country as these cops stand alone
Faggot did that shit on purpose.
Imagine if the cop gets lynched and turns out he was Jewish.

Got any good screencaps?
285 replies and 84 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1585116010648.png (137 KB, 360x354)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Nah mate I'm 27
God damn it I was just going to shave my head for summer and now I will look like a BLM nigger lover.
If we already tricked people into doing this why dont we trick them into putting triple parentheses around the names of police or racists
Like the triple parentheses represent the three words in black lives matter or something
Somebody needs to troll them with pictures of the Manson girls.
Becky with the bald head

Can they take the White House?
There’s supposed to 1 million rioters in Washington DC this Saturday 1 million people is a lot of bodies if they all rush the White House the feds can’t shoot them all... And if they do shoot them all trumps legacy is killing citizens... will trump have to helicopter away while the White House is looted and burned?
213 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Already have them. They system is now off. They flip a a key and 1500 anti personal mines flip on.
Ironic coming from a leaf
Sonic weaponry, anon.
There would have to be some evidence that protestors are heading to dc. Especially if it was close to a million.
Bunker boy so scared

if i don't get my gibs soon i will single handedly start the boogaloo.
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
5 months of police training followed by the filmed murder of unarmed blacks
it was in the talks, I'm assuming for those who didn't get the first would get a 2nd as well. $2400 ain't a bad deal. But now everyones got a taste for free gibs.
>quit shit job at auto store cause i got a sick job at a machine shop
>you quit your job prior to your most recent job therefore you dont get gibs
the expectation in my state is you never leave a job??
During this crisis they allowed the garnishment of my stimulus in which $910 was put toward my obligation and $290 just vanished. I live in poverty of less than $9,000 annually. If TPTB were to look into the distribution of CARES act funds, they would undoubtedly see mass fraud by state governments. This shit is a joke.
There should be an audit of the fed and IRS for how they handled this. shits either late missing or cut

This is getting ridiculous
118 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Give them counterfeit bills to accurately honor the memory of that criminal nigger.
>watching le black nerd techie
His points were retarded. He says something to the effect of "golf and ultimate frisbee are not very diverse" while the NBA and hiphop are majority black. Diversity only matters when it's majority whites apparently
Fuck off chink no one cares about chinks and niggers , may you both wipe each other out
I tend to eschew Marxist terminology, but he’s a brand (i.e., a business); he needs to acquiesce or else he loses his clientele. His video was the wealthy minority trope: they don’t become aware of their racial “otherness” until they hit college or some white-guilted savior informs them about it.

A black female comes up to you and says “black lives matter”

whats your unironic snd most based response for maximum butthurt?

inb4 all lives matter
217 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
Leave me alone
File: 1591184273834.jpg (187 KB, 720x720)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
"Then why do blacks kill each other so much?"
"100%. Race that kills blacks the most, must all be rounded up, have their property redistributed as reparations and be enslaved for generations."
>Back to the natural order of things
"Okay, and...? What's your point?"
why is ivanka taking a crap? Is that guy standing behind her to help her wipe?

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