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since y>>414519346
u stuck arou>>414519346
d, state y>>414519346
ur business kike
Why is "Kiev" now and not "the" Ukraine? It's stupid. This does nothing for their national identity, which BTW the State Department created out of thin air.
bro did have a seizure typing that or was it the clot shot?
File: images (25).jpg (6 KB, 320x180)
6 KB
Luge lessons
its to filter bots

I am LARPing as a CIA officer. Ask me anything.

If it's something I can answer then the answer will be fictional and made up because this is LARP.
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Would you support total nigger death?
>The ultimate psyop.
Actually it's a federal crime for the CIA to conduct a psyop on 4chan because a lot of you are US citizens. NSA can do as much as conduct surveillance on you and breach whatever privacy you think you have but are not equipped to conduct covert-action of any kind (they have a shitty little police force though) and technically they are supposed to get a FISA warrant (federal intelligence surveillance act) in order to spy on a US citizen, but since 9/11 the president said fuck warrants and the NSA can spy on whoever it wants whenever it wants.

As for actual covert psyops being conducted against you guys? Look, I'm not saying it's not happening. All I'm saying it that its not CIA. We are devoted to fucking with our neighbors overseas, not with our own people. The guys that fuck with our own people belong to something else entirely that I know very little about and probably doesn't exist but I'm not sure not do I want to know. I have some theories though and have heard some rumors from someone high up in the intelligence community I was close with.
Thanks. That was very informative, and not something I couldn't have inferred by reading the news.
What is your favorite LARP position and what LARP department should I direct my quesitons to?
Why haven’t we staged a coup in India? They’re some weak, retarded voodoo fucks. Would be easy pickings.

My biggest eye opener was seeing a poo testify as an ICE agent. Imagine watching a shitskin who worships elephants and shit dictating whether you belong in America lmfao

File: 1654331552796.png (275 KB, 720x904)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
She do be spittin facts doe
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You can take it to civil court if you're that pissed off about it. No, people should not be thrown in jail for thinking about your tits. This topic and controversy is so beyond retarded but, it's par for the course by internet whores.
>Just think of all the react content we'll get talking about this! Yippie! Lets all react to reacts to reacts to reacts about guys thinking about jerking off! Woooawww! Influences are SO FUCKING COOL!
honestly they'd just make more money advertising themselves for what they are -- the real thing, at least until they hit the roastie wall around 30
they really don't like to think about the fact that their job has an early retirement age
File: 1672841940691569.webm (420 KB, 460x460)
420 KB
Deepfake is a problem because it illegally benefits from copyrighted porn material.

Not because of using e-thot likeness.

Prev: >>414512772

▶Day: 344 - Daily battlefield assessment: https://isw.pub/UkraineConflictUpdatesISW

>After concentration Russian troops are preparing an offensive in the area of Kreminna, 76th Guards Air Assault Division will lead the attack
>Russian forces captured the village of Sakko and Vantsetti, northwest of Soledar
>Bulgarian parliament approves a resolution recognizing the Holodomor
>U.S. prepares $2.2bn arms package for Ukraine that includes GLSDB - Reuters
>Biden says he will discuss Ukraine's advanced weaponry requests with Zelensky
>France to send 12 Caesar howitzers
>Russian troops now have fire control over T0504 highway and are closing in on the village of Ivanivske, southeast of Bakhmut
>Biden says US will not provide F-16 jet to Ukraine
>M1A2 tanks to be delivered in the end of 2023/beginning of 2024, - WP
>Russian forces have captured the village of Blahodatne, north of Bakhmut

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: RacistAI.png (21 KB, 568x386)
21 KB
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File: joke.png (66 KB, 684x647)
66 KB
File: 1672956129822605m.jpg (30 KB, 1024x576)
30 KB
File: 1674080455219879.jpg (74 KB, 600x652)
74 KB
>The Chinese guy says sorry we don't serve niggers here.
Holy fuck I hope that is fake

File: 67.png (552 KB, 830x827)
552 KB
552 KB PNG
Well? Will you vote for a women now?
File: 23423432432333.jpg (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
potential VP according to the Associated Press

Why not make a new white religion?

File: kfj4h.gif (1.94 MB, 320x164)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
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Uniparty... will not allow it in 3 2 1.
File: 1610336984345.png (645 KB, 668x853)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
Normies, if you are considering voting for Trump, then please know that if Trump comes anywhere close to the Presidency again, what we will do will make the pandemic and the BLM riots look like a fucking square dance.

Better vote Democrat.
File: 1.jpg (171 KB, 450x620)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
You act like we get to vote who is installed. Tisk Tisk..
They still cry. Kek

File: 1668127956144545.png (932 KB, 1626x1200)
932 KB
932 KB PNG
The reason why some people identify as Satanists or atheists isn't because they aren't convinced of religion it's because they don't want to have any standards.

Satanists and atheists are also incredibly rude people who will scream persecution but will flip out if you say anything they disagree with.

And since they don't want to live by any standards they dress like slobs and have atrocious living environments.

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Racism is a sin, and Satanism is all about sinning
So what's the problem?
File: semitic religion.png (269 KB, 984x728)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
I see the entire branch of religions as the same bullshit with a different skin. At least Christfags have the excuse of acting like God changed his mind one day and said the Old Testament isn't binding anymore. Jews are on a whole 'nother level of mental gymnastics
Racism isn't a sin. Where did you come up with this faggot nonsense?
faggots are also this. Even pagans (satanists) agreed to burn faggot bodies, because they believe in reincarnation and determined no one should remember they were a lowly faggot. (If you touch your grave you get back memories of past life).

File: ai.jpg (99 KB, 680x729)
99 KB
What are the ethical and societal implications of porn generated by artificial intelligence?
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holy shit you faggots are getting more and more cringe. Streisand her even more, that helps
pretty much perfect desu. based ai
It's definitely bad news for OPs mom.
Is she the blonde bitch that was cloned?
If you are unable to see the implications of this your IQ is 85. Will it be "all fake" when I email your mother a link to you sucking nigger dicks? Good luck getting those images out of her mind by telling her it's "fake"

File: notcoolbro.jpg (110 KB, 984x562)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
i need hope
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I'm losing my mind. I'm only halfway still myself fren and losing control fast. I understand bro. Soon things will change.
>he thinks the jews will let someone like him raise to power again
Al final del siglo español será la idioma mas hablada en tu país.
Just watched this movie, it was very sad. I’ll probably end up the same when I get drafted. The only reason I get out of bed in the morning is my gf who I love immensely. She gives me a lot hope for some kind of a future. The future does looks bleak and confusing, but you have to try to tune it out and focus on what’s right in front of you. That’s all that matters
>filthy degenerate jungle country run by a felon
That's literally anyone in America, stop being such a relentless faggot you relentless faggot

File: Vaushpic.jpg (6 KB, 250x250)
6 KB

>Explains how people like you aren't interested in solving black issues
>Explains how black crimerates have risen since blacks started to move to poor inner city areas after the Irish and the Italians moved out and that crimerates for blacks were previously low in comparison
>Explains how socioeconomic factors have lead black people to commit more crimes.
>Explains how blacks have been systematically discriminated against
>Explains how US policies both now and in the past have kept blacks down and how joining criminal gangs is sometimes the only way for blacks to prosper in densely populated poor inner city areas
>Explains how sometimes US policies have been constructed to deliberately to hurt black people even after civil rights
>Explains why the fact that blacks commit more crimes isn't sufficient evidence to suggest that it's all genetic
>Everything said in the Video is backed up by extensive research
>Gives concrete solutions on how to fix these issues

Where is YOUR evidence to back up your ridiculus claims about black crime statistics? By all means, watch the whole video, i promise you that you can't debunk it.
>inb4 i get told to shut the fuck up by someone who hasn't watched the video and is triggered by these FACTS
>inb4 someone says oppressing blacks is good

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I'm making a Chatbot based on you average /pol/ Chad. Can you help me with some output for the algorithm?

What describes a /pol/ Chad? For example

Racist, Very racist, hate niggers, hate women, Etc. I need keywords and phrases.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
calls you a tranny or kike or nigger
Make the bot detect Jewish names
Like if you say Goldenstein, the bot will greentext it like this
It's in early stages. I can't make him completely based yet. But soon it will learn.
make him use "(emphatic adjective)-ly based"

Has the mexican government even made headway in taking down the cartels? Probably not. And every time El chapo escaped, it was probably also thanks to connections he has with the mexican government. Though I wonder.. how can we even verify that was actually the real el chapo and not some scapegoat?
Also, why the fuck don't they have the u.s. do the job for them? Before you say something stupid like "it's mexico's problem", no stupid. They affect us to and since mexico is fucking incompetent or willfully compliant with the cartels, the u.s. should step in. Clearly they don't want the help of the u.s. because they don't actually want to stop them. Their war on drugs is fake. It's a facade. Fuck the mexican government. Basically a cartel in itself.

Explain to me how their government is not in on it.
If they were bombed with drones and were ruled over with an iron fist, you'd see crime rates go down. People flee from mexico to the u.s. because if the dangers of mexico and their shit economy. If you want less immigration, you'd have to start with destroying the cartels with violence.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
What the fuck are you even talking about, of course a Mexican knows about Mexico.
Repeat after me:
yeah well the American government, or better yet my own pile of leaves would NEVER do such a thing, they even said so. so ha!
They do some parties yes. Aztec stuff coming back is not uncommon.
>Mexican government Supports Cartels
and water is wet? dufuq your point
They started it. The u.s. is fucked up too tb'h. They unironically cause problems world wide which in turn is the reason immigration becomes so bad of a problem.

File: 1673845539187020.png (224 KB, 1000x479)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
The war is staged by the eternal Jew that controls both Russia and Ukraine
Don't go to war, don't become a good goy
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
true, but you never talk about Ukraine being kike'd
also you're a Sunni Arap
File: 1674334542022670.jpg (54 KB, 1024x576)
54 KB
This video is also evidence of that this might be a reality, it's up for speculation on whether this is more associated with Ukraine or Moscow. But Russia are still playing the role of demolishing Ukraine regardless. There's two sides to the coin no matter how you look at it.

File: 1651814873746.png (1.01 MB, 998x2536)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Well your country is the one invading to make this a reality. So the blame should fall squarely on you, we've heard all about how Ukraine is going to be Khazaria, but nothing about how your country is involved with it. Avigdor Eskin is listed on the project, which naturally follows that Moscow has a hand in this.
File: 1651865292866.jpg (301 KB, 931x1280)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
>In early March, the authoritative Russian sinologist Andrey Petrovich Devyatov wrote an article where he deciphered the symbols of the Russian “military operation” – Z and V. “Hasidim use the language of Yiddish (European Ashkenazi Jews). In Yiddish, Zion is read Zion. And deliverance is Zig or Victoria. That is, the Latin letters Z; V on the HRV technique can be interpreted as bearing the “Victory of Zion”.” – explained the former Soviet intelligence officer.

>Devyatov cites a number of facts: “In 2017, a well-informed figure of the Sons of the Covenant, Igor Berkut, according to the Covenant of the Almighty, highlighted the idea of creating a new Jewish state with the conditional name “Heavenly Jerusalem” (New Khazaria) in five coastal regions of Ukraine (historical Novorossiya), where in 2022-2027 there will be a mass resettlement of Jews from Israel and Europe. Approximately 7,000 heads of local civil administrations have been trained from Russian-speaking repatriates to manage the New Khazaria in Israel. Prime Minister of Israel N. Benet called Russian President Putin three times from 02/24/12, visited Moscow personally on 03/05/12, and then developed diplomatic activity on the subject of settling Jewish communities in Ukraine, which will be after the end of the conflict.”
>you you you
Retard, I had nothing to do with it. Go back to Syria.

5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It’s really not bad in WTX. Places are closing early for some reason. The south has always been pussified by under 30 degree weather
Go back to mexico then.
Only non whites don't like the cold
Why does Texas have black ice but no where else has it?

File: p0brn48t.jpg (112 KB, 1920x1080)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Hard mode:
No kill all hohols or kill all vatniggers
213 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
Show flag!
In how many weeks?
bet its edit
too funny if real
Show flag newfag
File: 1641918469352.png (363 KB, 983x763)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
though there's no Z flag in it; -- you got fucked by your own pic. an absolute retard LMAO.

>Mel Gibson, 52, was wanted on a charge of second-degree murder for the death of Jeffrey Hadlock, 56, documents said.
>On Monday, Dec. 12, several people called police, saying a man, later identified as Gibson, had knocked out another man, later identified as Hadlock, on Charleston Boulevard near Decatur Boulevard, police said.
>At the hospital, doctors diagnosed Hadlock with a skull fracture and brain bleed, police said. Hadlock told officers he was not punched but “was drunk and fell,” documents said. Because of his admission, officers did not follow up on the event until Hadlock died in the hospital on Jan. 2, they said.
>Homicide detectives then reviewed surveillance video from a nearby business, which they said showed Gibson hitting Hadlock in the face. Hadlock then fell backward, hitting his head on the ground, they said.
>Police later learned Gibson, who was experiencing homelessness and receiving services from a community organization, had taken a bus to the area prior to the altercation, officers said.
>A witness also told police he saw Gibson in January where he said “the guy was talking to him too much” and that he likes “to fight,” officers said.
>The Clark County coroner’s office later ruled Hadlock’s cause of death as blunt head trauma. The manner of death was listed as homicide.
>On Sunday, Jan. 29, Metro police officers on bike control on the Las Vegas Strip saw a man, identified as Gibson, “undo his pants as if he was [sic] going to urinate in a public place,” police said. As police watched Gibson, he turned his head and stopped, they said.
>Officers stopped Gibson for engaging in a lewd act in public for attempting to urinate, they said. A records check conducted on the radio found no warrants for his arrest. Officers then released Gibson.
>A second records check later found a warrant out for Gibson’s arrest for second-degree murder.


Reminder that your city is turning minority white because boomers imported the 3rd world to pay their pension. They’ll also deride you for not being able to buy a house they made unaffordable through demand on a salary they made lower because of supply.
Based Jackie Chan
>because boomers imported the 3rd world
jews did that
you think boomer elections weren't rigged too?
no idea about this specific case, but usually millionaires pull this lie off by syphoning them money way before they die to evade inheritance taxes
I’m thinking yes. Police Story 1 & 2 are the greatest action movies of all time. Honorary white, imo - even if he does suck the chinks off - who can blame him, they are his people. Based all around. His son is a faggot that wants to ride off of nepotism. If he just wanted to be rich, I wouldn’t judge - he also wants to be rich *and* famous.
Is that the drug addict?

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