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File: IMG_6880.jpg (672 KB, 1170x1775)
672 KB
672 KB JPG
Elon Muskovite and his cult of chud schizos got BLOWN THE FUCK OUT!
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He’s literally one of the godfathers of AI.
not a bad clap, however he is still winning due to the fact that he triggers posts by tourists like OP
File: IMG_5454.gif (174 KB, 600x600)
174 KB
174 KB GIF

75% of women always vote left because they're fucking stupid.

Why do white men willingly do this to themselves? Do they really get off this stuff?
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We need to import more africans so we can enjoy these privileges in every household.
This currynigger have a point
i can't take seriously anything posted by a flag that's become synonymous with 'this user has a man's emissions in his rectum'.
That's called demonic possession. That is a satanic sex ritual.
I don't. It's some cringe fetish thing turned political issue. I don't know why or how it became a thing to post BBC spam. Bunker trannies? You tell me.

I hate these faggot double agents more than the gun grabbers.
They're not that far from eachother on the hate spectrum, but still, I hate them more.

Incel bros we won.

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I am wondering were they ever worth it? Reading wiki bios about many of my favorite musicians, authors, etc from centuries past lots of them had broken homes or mother drama. Even in the trad days women were whores. My own grandmother cheated on her first husband with my grandfather and this was in the 1940s.

I call. Lets see your cards.
is their hymen intact? yes or no?
If no I dont give a shit
The point anon is making is that it’s not as bad. There was no hyperbole of some women calling him a rapist etc like what faggy incels would have young impressionable men belive.
This it's amazing that going a few seconds without sucking and fucking multiple guys is a shocking rare thing for women.

do you agree with this thought?

if you hate someone then it means that they have power/authority over you through their existence or their actions having the power to control or manipulate your emotions and your free will.

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>do you agree with this thought?
Then why do all the people I hate end up dead shortly after I meet them? They don't seem that powerful to me.

By that logic, if I hate pajeet shit outside my house, I'll allow it.
The only worthwhile take ITT! Hatred is a tool to be used, pretending it is off limits because it upsets the statecraft of aristocrats is the depths of slavery.

Why are men so weak nowadays? Is it because parents stopped using the belt? No more prayer in schools?

My oldest grandson does nothing but sit around in his room playing videogames and smoking weed. He's 22 and he still has to ask for stuff for Christmas and his birthday. This year he asked for a bunch of Run Escape gift cards. He doesn't even have a job, and if I say something my daughter says "everyone moves at their own pace". Why is this generation like this?
If you want men to participate maybe you shouldn't have destroyed everything that makes participation worth it?
>cars cost 30k used
>companies wont hire males
This is why

There is no reason to support niggers and sluts in a country that hates me.

So video games it is, till it all comes crashing down.
File: 1649293322244.jpg (213 KB, 1200x1163)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Fuck off nigger, you created this shit with demanding everything be handed to you and nobody gets in the way of your “kangz”.

Die in a hellfire amalek animal. God despises you, sons of amalek.

>smoking pot
Lmao, another “kang” destroying himself. Listen nigger bitch, no my problem, fuck your crybaby whining shit, I’m not helping you for everyone seen what happens to those who help you. Eat shit and die.

Rot in hell nigger bitch, maybe you’ll finally meet your true daddy there.


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Simple Minds: winner. Can't be outdone lol
File: 1719050517974235.jpg (1 MB, 1920x4444)
1 MB
>post talking about Mexicans
>meme flag
Pajeet if your stench wasn't enough to give you a way surely you'd be smart enough to know by now that this does?
It's just not as funny as it is with jeets.

Taco Street Boys doesn't hit as hard as Shitstreet Boys.
File: HertsMyBalls.jpg (20 KB, 480x382)
20 KB
>Face No More (when the cartels get to them)
Spics and Spans

File: 22002250255000.png (815 KB, 956x782)
815 KB
815 KB PNG
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Arent all bastardo culiao?
>If they really want to keep that clusterfuck going, they've got the Poles.
wont fly here trust me, not a single pole will fight for ukraine as long as there is a single ukrainian male in poland
It's not a 'war' or 'invasion', it's a 'special military' operation.
It not a 'draft' or 'mobilization', it's 'staffing'.
thats literally exactly the plan dummy
File: 1718634838443031.webm (1.22 MB, 1168x864)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB WEBM
No because it's going to be in pizzrael.

What kind of trad women use social media
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In the Netherlands 80% of the women don't work fulltime, regardless if they have kids or not. Most women work 2 or 3 days a week.

But they often meet up in a local cafe with friends for lunch. Being home for the kids and household and being at home are two different things. There are always people from the neighborhood coming over to drink tea, and have the kids play with each other. Or go outside to a playground or a park with a friend and her kids. The American tradwife meme feels a bit like it comes from people from another planet who have only seen human life from a distance
I found one of these creatures the other day mexbro, its a beauty she dresses like a woman from the 50s and plays her character quite well, obviously I won't share her here because you are going to pervert her.
just the newer version of a housewife gossiping with the neighborhood women
>You'll never know if your "tradwife" actually wants to be with you for you or if she is just keeping her meal ticket secure
Learn how to make her cum

File: 1200px-Star_of_David.svg.png (47 KB, 1200x1386)
47 KB
What if they're really the good guys?
As far as i remember you keep posting thos shit 4times a week
They are the good guys. The goyim are too stupid to rule themselves. They always fights each other over race, religion, or some other stupid thing. They need guidance from a superior people

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I didn't pass my bad one, it got stuck in the ureter for 3 weeks till DR finally said it was stuck and they put me under and snaked up there and grabbed it. Then they left a kidney to bladder stint with the bladder end tied to fishing wire line basically that came out my dick and they taped it to the side of my dick. I was 21, right after 9/11 my then gf thought it was funny to try and get me hard all the time that week which hurt because the string was digging into my dick head and bending my dick, and there are a bunch of spincters all along the urinary track and they were always spasming becasue they couldn't close all the way becasue of the stint and wire. Percs barely helped.
At the time nurses said women who have had kidneystone attacks compared the pain to childbirth. I thought I was dying the night it got stuck and went to the ER
Wouldn't they be working less then? When you account for actual hours worked, women make more money per time spent.
Kidney stones are unironically more painful than childbirth. Good job bro, you made it.
Feels like you have a burning knife stuck right into your mid-back right side (for me), seriously I thought something was so wrong like my intestines flipped or kidney exploded. Getting my jaw shattered years later was noting compared to that.
>Theuma has since had THEIR contract terminated


is it a shim?

Wasn’t the 10 commandments for Hebrews? Does that mean Christians who follow those commandments are literally Jewish?
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None of the commandments are in the Constitution.
>Wasn’t the 10 commandments for Hebrews?
were they so scumbags?
Is that Buster?
It was for Egyptians first until the heebs plagiarized it. Like many other stories in the bible.
>post cats

OP picrel is a meme,
not a cat

File: IMG_3064.jpg (117 KB, 1024x1024)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
6’1” white blue eyed genetically guaranteed to not go bald skinnyfat “dad bod” build where I have a beer gut but am semi-muscular 210lbs

Have been an incel my entire life, only child, deadbeat mom, dad was there but I was always his 135th priority, my family isn’t wealthy, I have no reasonably attainable paths to home ownership in my area despite being a college graduate engineerfag I’m now a NEET, no debt but own 3 cars and paid for college in cash, everyone wants to pay $20hr and I’ll never be able to be free

>inb4 not political REEEE
This is about dating, employment, economics, the housing market, and general societal decay, those are all political
>inb4 go back to r9k
>inb4 incel thread
This is an incel board, actually scratch that this is an incel website
>inb4 do a flip
I wish I had the courage
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Is that all this website is these days? Just one or two real threads than glowniggers and Pajeets shitting up the board
They’re all tradfarm homestead types or they own small businesses, or they travel for some high paying job, I go fishing with my neighbor
Do you think reproduction is the character customization screen, all I can give them is a good diet
You are not skinnyfat. You are fat. Whether you kys yourself or not, the first thing you need to do is stop lying to yourself.
File: IMG_3292.jpg (126 KB, 1480x833)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
That’s where I’m at

Why is it that whenever you either intentionally or unintentionally come across some really disgusting pornography it’s always an American girl getting fucked in half on camera? Every. Single. Time.
22 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
because jews, duh
Yea as a sensitive young American man, it fucking sucks
>Don't get mad at the search engine
You have the most subpar intelllect even for a mutt. Nobody actively search these contents, they're pushed into every search algorithm by kikes. Say for example you search for lesbian porn, but despite the BBC porn not being lesbian porn, it still appears in one of your suggested search results.
Yeah it is
Hey everybody look the gooning expert is here

File: IMG_3293.jpg (100 KB, 500x701)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
What is the biggest threat facing humanity?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Returning to warring kingdoms...this time with nukes.
Hypersocialization and mankind's oppressive need to find acceptance in other stupid monkey's opinions. It's literally going to lead to human extinction within the next 50 years.
Unsustainable financial system
technological progress vs our primal mind, which was left somewhere in the caveman and hunter-gatherer stages.
File: fighting polygon team.png (531 KB, 800x800)
531 KB
531 KB PNG

File: 345234442q3e.jpg (132 KB, 750x1334)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
What are the political implications of me, a white supremacist, owning a negroid cat?
29 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
That cat has a cute face
That's not a nigger cat. You need to have a black selkirk rex (kinky haired cat).
That looks like my cat (Vince). The difference being that Vince is a douche bag that will try to wrestle with me, then cheat with his claws and then cry like a little bitch when he loses. Here he is in my garden, chained up so he doesnt get into too much trouble.
kute kat kike
I have an orange female too.

File: 1703751797896.jpg (48 KB, 515x640)
48 KB
Pocahontas is bad. Disney needs to appeal to people's sensitivities and stop being offensive. All film studios need to do this.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Your 13th Great Grandmother was so fucking hot holy shit I would build a fuck tipi and have her in it all day long
Gonna get a figurine of her and a jar.
It doesn't count if you didn't come from the direct line. Otherwise, you get assholes out of the woodwork claiming to be George Washington's descendants.

File: 1716592725573750.png (144 KB, 828x832)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
What can the modern-day man do about technological privacy? Are we really just fucked?

Why are they setting up a technological surveillance grid? What is this a precursor for?

This is a thread to share any and all resources, information, and brainstorming on how to stop the modern surveillance apparatus from spying on you and your family.

>Keep reposting this thread whenever you like
live in a faraday cage
imagine trying to create a forge, napping a pick axe, mining ore, and creating armor and arms without anyone finding out

File: fi11.png (617 KB, 916x736)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
Thread for all things Fuck Israel and Anti-ZOG.
Dump site for high-powered normie redpill content.

/FIG/ is explicitly anti-TKD - you want /CHIP/ (aka /NIG/) for that.
Jews can be bros iff they renounce Israel and ALL of its lies.
100% perfect unbroken track record of buckbreaking haters from both sides.
previous: >>471840264

opoffig out (I'll stick around for a while - this is just something I say)
32 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
even mainstream news is reporting on Jizzrael atrocities. we've reached the end point of jew worship. it's just the beginning of the beginning of mass kike hatred. for me personally it's too tiresome so i just don't give a fuck anymore.
It is turning into such a shitshow.
But it is important to stay tuned in.
Be honest califags. Is my luggage in danger? I have to take a layover in Oakland next month. What are the odds my suitcase is stolen before I'm off the plane
You'll be fine. No one wants to lose their job to steal your underoos.
Doesn't the airport staff handle luggage if it's just a layover?

>hahaha yes goy, pay us a fee for the mere privilege to shop here
Seriously why do people fall for this?
162 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
>jew memeflag
Alright lampshade whatever you say. Go walk a cosco then go walk the nearest walmart and compare the crowds.

You stupid fucking long nosed clown.
Yes. I can't speak for all of them but in most markets now they come in shitty bags with a punchout handle at the top. They've been rolling the change out for months.
buy an add cunt
>Pay an entrance fee to get much better deals so you save money
>This is a bad thing

Hey if you drive further to a cheaper store is that also you "falling for it" because you paid a tiny bit extra in gas?

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