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File: Logan Paul.jpg (51 KB, 690x533)
51 KB
>has a HUGE following
>very open minded
>charismatic af
>popular and likable (and NOT a boomer like Drumpf)
>true leader
>Aryan Master race bloodline
>listens to his fans/followers on Twitter, etc.. (watch full interview)

>supports BLM
>blue pilled on almost every white issue
>doesnt know shit about politics

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not at all. Jared is a nationalist just choses not to discuss JQ, which is genius cuz all the normie whites flock to him. after the initial red pill they eventually find their way if they keep looking..

i dont think Jake comes even close to Logan's power. i wonder if Logan took it easy on Mayweather or it was a real fight. in the end, it's all about what makes them the most money. even Logan said in the interview above-everything on jewtube is fake.
Yeah!! Oy vey!!
I hope bro.
what is the other 88%?
English and Irish, mostly Irish kek

File: file.png (2.22 MB, 1640x922)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Litterally the only decent building is Stalin build and the city scape is completely ruineed by placing ugly high rises near it.

Coudnt Poles make their city look deccent in the past 30 years?
i guess it takes time to clean up Russian shitters.
Poland will complain about Russia in year 2300 still. Doesnt compute, since we actually length fixed all the issues they claim ourself and our cities look beutiful.

>one of the nicest cities of eastern europe pre war
>literally Paris of east
>demolished by autistic Germans on meth
>rebuilt by subhuman Russian communists

Wow, i wonder why
t. so Polish cant build anything

got it
File: norilsk2.jpg (145 KB, 1000x705)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>cherry picked videos of tourist spots of a few key major
>meanwhile, the rest of Russia, literally95% of the country

File: bwa4hp6ftou71.jpg (97 KB, 500x642)
97 KB
102 Cases Today!!! Congrats guys


Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki 'treated like a prisoner' and stripped down to his undies before court appearance


Protest organizers website: https://www.tfrc.org.nz/
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I know, it's coincidentally only killing those who would have been killed by the flu.
This is probably the worst larp I’ve ever seen on this website . Didn’t even name drop. LOL.
They let it in because they were letting "vaxxed" cunts straight through lmao. You'd think after that they might have clicked their clot shot doesn't fucking work but here we are.
File: 1618915046957.png (309 KB, 958x720)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
>you have to get rid of your parents or run away or do something to escape them
That's kike programming, anon. Families need ot band together, share culture and experience. Parents shouldn't coddle, I agree, but 'escaping' or 'getting rid of them' is plain retarded. Some parents need to be left behind, but others really, really don't.
I lived wiht my parents until 25, and have a family of my own now. Multi millionaire @ 31. Could not have done it without them and appreciate it everyday.
Young people take heed, throw your parents some rent, do some chores to make their life easier and save up/learn to invest even if its just index funds. Your future self will thank you.
>“On the first day of Christmas, National gave to me ... Covid.” Finance Minister Grant Robertson sang to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas. He might as well have dropped the microphone and made a dramatic exit.

>The line, delivered during general debate in Parliament, a theatre Robertson particularly enjoys and excels at, was delivered in response to National’s newly released Opening Up plan.

>Labour, for its part, huffed and puffed and affected to be genuinely distressed by National’s irresponsible behaviour in suggesting that at 85 to 90 per cent vaccination coverage, the borders could be thrown open by Christmas.

the irony of Grunter having to front up on the day we broke triple digits.

File: Dreams Of Desire.jpg (216 KB, 979x984)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Seriously its everywhere from kids shows to digital game stores like Steam.

How can we end porn forever?
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degenerate kinkster
>it's not like sexual arousal can be completely removed from existence.
It can, and should, be removed. See >>344242012
You know, dehumanizing people is a bad thing.
How do you end drug abuse?
>hardcore porn
>Its a woman showing her boobs
Damn dude. Wait until I tell you about sex.

File: 1634783407959.webm (1.53 MB, 400x208)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB WEBM
>Sorry folks lunch time
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File: 1633491679800.jpg (8 KB, 216x233)
8 KB
I'm sorry anon, but I don't respond to rhetorical posits from faggots.
do american fans really electrocute you when you touch them???
is this so niggers dont steal them??
Looks like nerve gas
this was in yemen, but yeah we all run electrocutey air spinnies over here in case an uppity slav tries to steal it.

He’s right you know bros finally hellboy got one right.
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he pretty much described himself in that tweet.
couldn't agree with you more
Fuck check out the fuckin' Perlbro, he eats shit and licks up random feces from the floor and he don't care what Trump thinks.
redpilled and based
better watch out he'll take you up on that offer

File: 20211014_153916.jpg (3.56 MB, 4032x3024)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
I toiled. I played their goddamn games. I took getting thrown under the bus time after time. Working thousands of hours of my life that I'll never ever get back. And for what? What was it all for? Sure there's the occasional good boss. The guy that has your back here and there. But what about when the company as a whole doesn't? What about when they decide to ostracize? When they decide to bend knee to the government bullshit? What was it all for? A swipe of a pen and over a decade of my life is rendered meaningless. How many other 30 year old boomers will look at all and say "fuck it, this IS the hill i die on". The ones like me that gave more than they ever should that look at the vax mandate as the final straw. Cut benefits? Ok. Promote that worthless piece of shit that you didn't want to fire but wanted out of your department? Sure, fine. Show preference to worthless titcows and browns of all nations in the name of diversity. Yeah, i guess. Skip bonuses and raises because of """hard economic times""". Gotta do it i guess. Make a condition of my employment to identify myself based on vaccination status regardless of medical or religious beliefs as a pretext to line me up on the chopping block because I don't want goddamn experimental therapies pushed on me, especially after almost two years of remote work? No. You can go fuck yourself. Let this country burn.

Basically I'm just not gonna take it.
>Basically I'm just not gonna take it.
Ok, but take your meds instead.

File: 2cd.jpg (25 KB, 396x385)
25 KB
Being a man is constant hell.
103 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh, you don't say?!? Holy shit, have you not been paying attention for past fucking decade?!? Read my thread: >>344240053
is the cowardly easy way out being a wagie consumer that creates his own replacement and then sits in his shot losing his mind?
>newly formed DEI advisory board makes sure to let me know I'm evil because I'm a Huwhite male
>intentionally sabotage experiments
Women don't love men, only their offspring.

File: hobowithashotgun.jpg (437 KB, 2296x1533)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
Soon to be homeless anon from previous auspol here. >>344187889

ive been given an ultimatum from my father, either i give him a good and convincing reason why i shouldnt get the jab or i get kicked out and throw my whole life away becoming homeless

i need everything youve got i need every redpill every scrap of truth post it all

this is your chance to save someones life tonight
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File: 1631865564272.jpg (50 KB, 547x399)
50 KB
>got minor asthma so I'll probably be fucked if I catch COVID, but I live in a small city with not much through traffic even before the shitstorm and we've only had 10-20 confirmed cases over the past two years
>got a heart murmur so if I take the risk of getting the killshot I "might" fare better if I catch COVID (again, unlikely to happen) but I'll have to contend with the chance of getting KO'd by a heart attack and all the other shit the "safe and effective vaccines" come with
Innocent babies had to die for you to get the jab as well as PCR tests, it is profiting from infanticide to accept these things.
Just wait it out. He'll be dead or incapable of making his own decisions soon enough.

Also if you're young enough, don't be afraid of being homeless. Adds valuable perspective in life and builds character.
present the truth to him as best you can. if he still decides to kick you out, then take this a chance to stand on your own two feet and become a self-sufficient man of strength.

remember that hard times breed strong men. Don't give up, for men in past ages have gone through much worse and have seized the day.

And if you're a Christian, remember that the Lord is always with His children and will present opportunities to you to become the man you were meant to be.

You can do it.
File: 1616176073331.png (741 KB, 1024x1002)
741 KB
741 KB PNG
I hope you don't have a meme flag filter on. Also you're Australian so I have reason to suspect you made this all up for (You's) but whatever I'll play along :)
After reading your previous posts I'm just going to say that your dad is a massive faggot that obviously doesn't care about your wellbeing.
Tell him to stop being retarded and show him the numbers.
>Australia Infected= 152,024
>Dead= 1590
>Recovered= 119,295
>152024÷100 =1520.24 or 1 percent of of the infected
>1590 is greater than 1520.24
Death rate of under 1 percent
You can do this with any country including my own.
>Need a license

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3nyw42l6m7861.png (638 KB, 810x552)
638 KB
638 KB PNG
They sacrificed /ourgirl/ on live television and you did nothing to stop it. You probably don't even remember her name.
74 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't get any ideas
File: vax--faces_of_death.jpg (58 KB, 838x666)
58 KB
Ashley Babbit
Meant for you, didn't mean to reply to my own post
It just seems so desperate of them to hush it down. They have zero credibility. They are liars. Their vaxx is fake. It's poison.

Don't take the vaxx and end up dead like Tiffany. They'll memory hole you too.

53 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
why not just bury the dead? its worked for thousands of years and is more environmentally friendly than whatever the fuck this is.
It is already publicly acknowledged that we are ingesting drugs that are pissed into the water supply and in the UK they have decided to fluoridate our water
>we're fucked
how about burying the dead without a coffin and without a tombstone?
File: hollowhoax--mattongo.jpg (422 KB, 795x868)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
>three-hour cremation
>cut to 45-minutes in 2021
Imagine if they had these during the Holocaust

How would you answer?
>Good evening Mr. Anon, we came to ask you why you haven't been vaccinated yet, you want to talk with us? The vaccine is safe and effective, why are you still dodging it?

There is a real possibility they will come to my house to ask why I haven't taken the vaccine, what should I say to redpill them?
193 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, but they will get a strongly worded command to leave the premises immediately to which they have 30 seconds to comply with before I call the cops on them for trespassing and soliciting on private property with signs posted.
The lethal countermeasures would be reserved for those attempting to either verbally compel me to surrender or forcibly gain entry to the home in order to forcibly vaccinate. Don't care who it is, if they're making it clear they are not leaving until I submit to their authority they get the bullet.
No, in that case I turn her into a sex slave and lock her in my attic.
Ok now this is based
>some 22 yr old white girl comes to knock on your door in the middle of the day to ask a question
This is pretty stupid.
>I’ll go on private property that isn’t my own and ignore the no trespassing signs and disturb some random person because I have a question, teehee
Cmon Chang. No wonder China still can’t take Taiwan.

File: download (8).jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
LGBTIQ is the largest political issue and i cracked the gay code

Weed smoke triggers parasites to make host gay. has to do with cannaboid receptors

screencap this. breaking news.

I always wondered why Israel wants me to smoke weed

Beer has the opposite effect on parasites

i experimented on myself. i became a fag and then straight again for shit and giggles. I used garlice to become straight

y. guy who is into chemistry
File: FBs4cUaUYAAu45e.png (28 KB, 389x324)
28 KB
Go to bed.
File: PNG image 4.png (3.49 MB, 1242x1829)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB PNG
He is on to something the myth that weed makes you gay goes back and by parasites …



Kys retarded..

File: 1634574455979m.jpg (110 KB, 1024x804)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Everyone has AIDS now.

Thanks Jews.
15 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: KeyCleaner.jpg (371 KB, 640x851)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
Anon please, take your Covid - intelligence test
File: test.jpg (53 KB, 500x375)
53 KB
Sorry wrong picture , those who make it take another test : Red or green?
File: acting.gif (2 MB, 394x257)
2 MB
Ant squad deployed.
Stupid phoneposter

“I’m a island boi!!!!”

What are the political implications of “island boi!” Culture?

Can wiggers save america?

45 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Literal retards.
dayummm tariq dunkin on dem boizzzzz
sneed island me bruddah
This just isn't fair. I hate wiggers almost worse that niggers.
>What are the political implications
All fields on spam threads.

File: IMP.jpg (306 KB, 1080x1532)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
>Isabel Peralta, leader of Spanish Falange, goes to Germany under scholarship by a Nazi party
>The girl will remain 10 months in Dusseldorf under formation with Der Ill Weg, a fascist group whose predecessors were banned in Germany
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Any relationship to Gadaffi's third way? Did he always mean nazism?
a party which is portrayed as a nazi party by the media, but that doesn't openly admit it.
Nazis never have the balls, after their attempt to win a war failed miserably all they do is bark and no bite, even Buddhists deliver more results when they are angry than "Nazis". Not even Franco wanted to support the losing side, man.
like the posts above us point out, the party is probably intervened by the german police from head to toe. It would be dumb to act prematurely, it is better to cling strong onto a sense of self preservation in order to grow and obtain self sufficiency in the long term rather than getting lost in the height of the moment and risk getting the party raided by the feds and whatnot.
Cling all you want man, meanwhile I'm rooting for whoever wins and right now that's team socialism. When given the choice, why bet on the weaker horse?

File: PinkyToan.jpg (529 KB, 585x1990)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
Post 'em.
39 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
ok so I have had enough!
I did a fact check on this shit!
yes, Thomas Flaningan MD did die.
however he died from heart inflammation that eventually burst his ticker.
this was in NO WAY caused by any Covid vaccine you stupid GOY
just get the vax and blockchain digital ID and watch Netflix and stop questioning authority!
Wow. Humor on a hate site. How does that work? I've been studying this site for a paper and it never ceases to amaze me with how hateful, evil, and bigoted you kinds of folk are. And there's "humor" too? All your humor does is offend and hurt people. I bet you would never say these things to a minority or LGBTQIA+ person's face, because all you are are losers who do nothing but spew hate all day. I am sorely disappointed in what the human race has come to.
moar? asking for my christian manga friends

File: 1622208781489.png (687 KB, 1057x833)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
2 are relatively recent, the speed seems to be accelerating
165 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
Imagine the passive aggressive comments she makes at Thanksgiving or whatever, then he can either imply or come out and just say,
>At least all my kids are alive and healthy you stupid bitch.
oh what I would give to be there
I'm lucky I don't have any libtards in my family at all.
Their vaccine rollout only got properly started a few months ago. They were only at 10% vaxxed in August.
File: ruinous_powers.jpg (122 KB, 777x524)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
The vaccinated around me are all coming down with coughs, respiratory tract infections, fatigue and nausea.. I am just walking around symptom free at the moment. Which I am finding quite odd. I am in close proximity to these people and have not yet got any symptoms.

They're all vaccinated and I'm the only one who is not. Worst I've got is a desire to stay in bed for longer because of the colder mornings.
File: 1634548248025m.jpg (53 KB, 809x1024)
53 KB
>It does seem to help prevent death though
Only if you're geriatric
File: Worst cold ever.png (826 KB, 1208x1254)
826 KB
826 KB PNG
It clearly shows it across all age ranges.
I wouldn't trade in my general protection against cancers and infections for a slightly higher chance of surviving the coof though.

File: amerimutts-are-cancer.png (529 KB, 1080x1545)
529 KB
529 KB PNG

These subhuman animals need to be fucking wiped out before they keep spreading their shit

>nigger worship
>moral relativism
>child tranies
>faggot parades
>mindless consumerism
>endless wars in the middlea east that results in massive amounts of refugees

Amerimutts are a plague upon humanity they bring nothing but destruction. Deep down amerimutts are literally the same as kikes an amalgamation of the worst traits of Europeans but but way more violent due to their nigger admixture.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
131 replies and 65 images omitted. Click here to view.
But working together with others to survive is fine as long as you are not forced.
Not saying you are wrong. I’m just saying (((they))) update their tricks. Call it Weimar 2.0 if you want. Do you think Americans want this shit? This is manipulation on a grand scale. Imagine the effort put in: dumbing down in schools, commie professors in college, HR departments at work. Bureaucrats in government… you know the rest. But yes we are stupid enough to deserve this
libertarians can be socialist or capitalist and everything in-between.
>Hyperindividualism has led to the decay of Western civilization
superfun sites
oh wait.
that's your ideology.
>dumbing down in schools, commie professors in college, HR departments at work. Bureaucrats in government
all brought to you by the authority!


Is there ANYTHING important that white people aren't responsible for?
196 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, everybody knows Lief Erikson discovered America in 1000 AD. He landed at Newfoundland.
the point is that christopher columbus being a kike is the stupidest conspiracy I've heard.
Are you serious?
lol you need to be sentient to discover something retard. Just like a cow doesn't discover a continent, neither did these teepee redskins.
Yeah, but Columbus did a better job.

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