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File: 19182315122.jpg (118 KB, 660x690)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
is FvD going to save Europe starting with Holland of course?
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fuck off nigger weeb
she's been blacked
every fucking day
hey serb, what the fuck is wrong with you ?
File: 1514316545388.jpg (156 KB, 709x595)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
oh my
keep larping

How could this possibly be faked?

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seethe nigger. i dont care. i got the vaxx. im not magnetic. im not dead. i can still say nigger kike jew faggot tranny and i still have the same thoughts.
It's not the water we're concerned with.

The mRNA sequence is very fragile, and we don't want them to space closely together.

So we add large sugar molecules to keep them spaced further apart when they're frozen.
Is it sputnik v?
File: 1624916062002.jpg (107 KB, 1024x678)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
This you troon?
Until they cut it out and show us what they've extracted they're just regular retards for taking the jab to me and deserve to be culled.

Both Russia and America should cede 1 square meter of land on their respective Diomede islands to the other country. Not only would this give Russia and USA a land border (which I think would be cool) but it would make countries like Norway and Poland 1 degree of separation from the USA which I think is crazy.

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Majority white?
Are you fucking dumb?
Russia is full of muts just like your corporation where you live.
no that is stupid. they would both build military bases and icbm's on that square mile almost immediately.
Yeah... imagine getting fucked by Mr Bean and a Ruskie whilst you die for Israel LMAO
Ha, what friends do you have? Iran, Syria, China, North Korea, Brazil... Who else?

Do you think Europe's gonna switch sides with your corrupt govt hacking and threatening eastern Europe, especially when the dollar is the world currency?
Not a chance. The US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan would wipe you faggots out.

We have our own internal problems, but no worse than anyone else. Most of the fucked up shit we've done around the world has been aimed at stability and keeping the world's economy stable in order to prevent another world war (yes that means fighting communism too). Shut the fuck up and get in the right team.
Of course its just a pipe dream. We are weak and most strong countries in the world are under your tyranny. We will probably fail, although we got China on our side. But at least we will know we went down fighting pure evil, something counter to humankind, trying to destroy its very core. That is good enough for me. Not such a bad way to die.

I mean what’s the hold up on this one? I doubt nato would do anything but bitch.

File: 1627232998541.jpg (685 KB, 3200x1680)
685 KB
685 KB JPG
Calls for mass assassinations.


Will you join him?
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Glowies love to beat their wives apparently
>you guys
being who, exactly?

>Get it together
what does that even mean?
that's not the proper way of gaslighting someone. you can't even do that? lol.
Who the hell replies four times to the same comment?
>not illegal
Not good either, but that's not why is was arrested.
>citation needed.
Here's the police report. "as far as you know" isn't good enough.
>county jail and prison are two different things.
Fair enough. Still, a wife-beater calling for violent revolution raises red flags, and in Heimbach's case literal ones.
>christianity and bolshevism are pretty much the same thing.
No, no they aren't. They aren't even close.
File: police_heimbach.jpg (89 KB, 658x760)
89 KB
Forgot the report
They'd send me to die for Israel, I want what they give you. A pittance for shilling on 4chan

File: 1604789252412.jpg (43 KB, 1000x563)
43 KB
What was /pol/ like on November 9th, 2016?

There’s no way this would work again
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Noone cared who you were until you told us to put on the mask
If they do this I will shift to remote only for work and order all my groceries/goods online only. I will never wear the mask again.

Dr. Nuremberg Fauci??!?!??

Is that you, Dr. Nuremberg Fauci!!??!?!?

Dr. Nurembetg Fauci!!?!??!?
>These people will never accept defeat
Good. Let them be destroyed, utterly.
Just KYS.

File: download (3).jpg (30 KB, 600x400)
30 KB
>Dr. Fauci is "very frustrated" that the U.S. is heading in the "wrong direction" on the pandemic, CDC considers having vaccinated people wear masks in public again (AP)

How much longer until internment camps for the unvaccinated?
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No democracy is perfect, most people are reasonable they just don't listen
File: download (6).jpg (7 KB, 150x150)
7 KB
You know why
He needs a pike up his asswn4n8
>>Dr. Fauci is "very frustrated" that the U.S. is heading in the "wrong direction" on the pandemic
Thanks for the whitepill.
File: 8767767.jpg (13 KB, 225x224)
13 KB
Imagine volunteering to be experimented on with new vaccine tech for a virus with a 0.01% mortality rate, and then find it it doesn't even work


File: 1620373610770.jpg (35 KB, 720x460)
35 KB
/pol/ what makes you get out of bed?
one, or more, of four things: need to shit, need to piss, hungry or thirsty.

>Two Binfires get 'out of control' on Brighton seafront as revellers pack the beach

>Salisbury fire crew mobilises to extinguish Binfire in Bulford High Street

>Firefighters attend Binfire incident in Oswestry town centre

>Teenager told to pay £3,865.31 compensation for Melksham Binfire attack

>Binfire on Leicester estate which residents say is plagued with crime

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1623867925164.jpg (116 KB, 1053x1280)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
What are the political ramifications of simply pooing in my hand in the shower and throwing my poo in the toilet from the bath?
>inb4 that's disgusting
False! It went straight in, no problemo, no mess or water all over the floor from my naked wet body
fuck me m8 ur obsessed, have you found her on jewbook yet or has she responded to ur astral projectional flirting?
>G A Y S E X
You could never have a curry or a Guinness for the rest of your life.
A man after my own heart. Love learning the local history and seeing the little hints of what once was
>Live in hometown for 23 years of my life
>Nearby park had a slope that went up to a pathway which ended up going to a country lane
>Think nothing of it for years
>Only find out one day while looking over old maps that the pathway was part of a tramway serving a brickworks and said tramway ran down the route of a now road to a dock on the creek
File: rtgrtgrtggere.jpg (99 KB, 638x676)
99 KB
this nation made it illegal for it's citizens to effectively defend themselves starting with the firearms act and ending with banning nasty sharp things. a consequence of this galaxy brained policy is that now the most vulnerable in society, women, can only defend themselves with a non-toxic dye that they can spray in a non-aggressive way onto their attacker while he is raping her in the hope that he doesn't them kill her simply because he can. the lunatic elite are running this nation, not the people. stop voting.

File: vaxfail.png (63 KB, 962x869)
63 KB
This is what vaccine failure looks like.

>Iceland is experiencing the biggest wave so far, 75% of cases are in the vaccinated

>90% of the eligible population is vaccinated

>Government is braking its promise that meeting vaccination targets would give Icelanders back their freedom

>Chief epidemiologist says this time lockdowns will last 15 years since the vaccines don't work

The economy has been destroyed and we are heading towards hyperinflation.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ég vil bara að þetta pakk hætti þessu hálfkáki. Annað hvort er vírusinn stórhættulegur og þá það eina í spilinu að loka landinu eða þá að hann er stormur í vatsglasi og þá að hætta að pæla í þessu og bara halda áfram með lífið. BÆÐI GETUR EKKI VERIÐ SATT eins er verið að láta.
I am thoroughly confused but i wish you all well distant cousin.
Ironically, sheep are super careful, suspicious of everything foreign and have a really good memory.
Thanks. You proved that the vaccine is more of a political weapon than a cure.

File: 1603181081989.jpg (370 KB, 1200x720)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
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double nigger! thanks hans that made me laugh
File: smuggie.jpg (59 KB, 880x495)
59 KB
>jannies do it for free
checks out, anon
dios mio
Fake and gay. That chink boat isn't burning and sinking.
yes China is pushing the anti white narrative. China is pushing to have our history erased. China is flooding the nation with endless streams if foreigners. China incited niggers to loot and riot, and China is behind the absolutely retarded defund the police bullshit which has increased gun violence because you let niggers nog without consequences.

we have bigger problems than China and they're all at home.

File: thumbguy.jpg (24 KB, 330x415)
24 KB
Why are there so many youtubers pretending to be elite operators? They look like ridiculous larpers, with their expensive unused gear, running around like they're in Call of Duty. Someone explain to me why they have so many people listening to them.
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Im a zoomer. I got radicalized on my own by being told i was evil and deserved to be killed.
Fuck niggers
Fuck kikes
Fuck jannies
they think they are bad ass because mah guns or maybe they did a stint with the military where they had overwhelming numbers and equipment and they think that makes them a bad ass.
yet they are the least likely to ever get into an encounter because they shack with white women who demand a safe white community and only shop at the safest costco or alike. vacations involve a RV and white RV parks.
they pretty much never challenge themselves or share the burden of showing a presence of force in rough parts of town.
dumb cunts like demolition ranch come to mind.
checked, I don't know about the quadroon, but paul has a white son, too, in his motorcycle video.
File: 1607835724726.png (1.87 MB, 1242x737)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
yea and you hate your dad too. We already know that tranny now go dilate. you wish you could be 1% of the person paul and those other guys in the pic are
they are both his sons retard. Believe it or not if someone has black people in their family history sometimes the kids get a lot of it, it's the same as gingers being born to non ginger parents.

File: cpv78.png (451 KB, 935x602)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Cop planting drugs was a lie. I knew there had to be more to the story, especially when a nigger shows the video half way through the interaction.

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File: 1626808760005.png (207 KB, 480x848)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
>Say the n-word to me in person and I'll break your cracker face
Black fragility
i have a compound bow

is he a /pol/ troll?
Hey bros you know how cops are murdering black people every day and it’s the biggest problem in the country? When was the last story you even heard it’s been months
Yeah, but what does Reddit have to say about this?

File: file.png (25 KB, 367x443)
25 KB
uhhhhh, Germanbros? What's going on?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
mein gott
File: graystate.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1080)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
join the religion of killing every free thinker
schwarz means black. egger is a kind of soil, so blackish soil, his ancestors probably lived in an area with fertile soil
>Original sin : JFK conspiracy theories.
>Repenting : Letting me gouge your eyes out with a rusty knife.
>Heaven : Mandatory vaccines & microchfips
>Hell : literally freedom
>Purgatory : questioning me
You all listen to so much American music I guarantee German zoomers are saying nigger constantly

Wut do?
20 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Back pedal slowly until his covid vaxxed enflamed heart shits out. Watch him die. Go back to eating my sandwich.
put a bullet in its skull
>while you were shitposting, I was studying the blade.
Berate him for not ironing his flag and thus disrespecting it. Call him a fake ally and opportunistic attention whore. Remind him that this is streamed life and he will never be rid of this disgraceful display.
I like you.

>Drive a car on the road without crashing
>Pass a driving test
>Set up their car insurance
>Buy, sell and trade cars without getting ripped off
>Budget their money and grocery shop accordingly
>Plan their meals
>Successfully run steroid cycles
>Download all the latest apps and use them competently
>Master every piece of new technology in an instant
>Learn Arabic including Arabic grammar when they convert to Islam
>Hold their own in debates against Christians when they convert to Islam
>Make memes
>Romance multiple grown women while still living at their mothers house
>Run a drug dealing business from the ground up
>Hustle their way to a million through rap music

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
They dont
File: xfgyj.jpg (89 KB, 720x960)
89 KB

File: anti_racist.png (133 KB, 635x223)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
I hope some of you /pol/tards will learn from this
230 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: cultist-soyjak.png (56 KB, 400x436)
56 KB
>What about when people of different skin color exhibit the same behavior but receive different responses?
You mean how blacks can attack people of any race without consequence?
I think whites should play piñata.


Yeah, being brainwashed into believing fighting for your own group's interests is evil was the worst plague to ever be unleashed upon the world.
>Oh so being a small island justifies domination and invasion of other nations in your mind.
It's understandable that a tiny island or in case of spain also a small country compared to americas, would try to take from a gigantic continent that is hundreds of times its own size and filled with ressources yes.
Again don't try to apply morality to the situation with same morality we have today. It's not very fucking moral aztecs were doing human sacrifice either, yet you constantly seem to be ignoring that.

But who has the most need to seek extra living space from someone else? spaniards or aztecs? Spaniards. I'm just saying i understand it. It's because i don't look at history to racially hate anyone involved, That's what you're after. You've already decided you hate spaniards, you are just looking through history for excuses why you should and ignoring everything else. You're a massive racist and your desire is to racially attack and undermine in various way spanish peoples, it's very clear. And also the british and french which you mention. Those of those ancestry is who you are racist towards.
How's about, fuck off.

Then you'd better round up all the racist Latino Vietnam veterans and start hanging them for all of the girls they raped.
a cheap n dirty trick you can pull on leftist is picrel. works like a charm

File: 5876.jpg (159 KB, 1200x1200)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Say it with me /pol/

Madam President
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Women shouldn't be in leadership positions
spanish fucks native. latina pops out
american fucks latina. mutt comes out
mutt comes out, mutt comes out...
fastforward to 2021...
Madam Sex Object
Don't care, having as many children with Latinas as I can.
Never will happen, gay nigger b8 post

File: 1540180583487.png (64 KB, 433x421)
64 KB
"Do you know anyone who knows anyone healthy who died from COVID?"
I sure fucking do bro. Chink anon here. I escaped the fucking country. I miss my fucking noodles, but it's good to get out of that Andromeda Syndrome shit. I lived in Wuhan. I just fucking sick of it. I'm going into work, every fucking day on the metro trains get delayed cos some cunts have dropped down dead.
I'm late for work. Fortunately, boss has also dropped down dead, so no biggie. Get home, wife and kids dead. I don't really give a shit about that, but I think better get the fuck out. Here I am now in Belgium. Nee How cunts.

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