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Alright boys.

I permanently deleted my insta, I still have my snap but I’m debating wether I should get rid of it or not.

What should I do to finally be free?
I’m also reading and studying more political philosophy as we speak.
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The final redpill is that human beings are animals, and you should abuse this to bring yourself the best possible world. Abuse the neurochemicals friend. Most people don't appreciate complexity, so become complex but have the appearance of simplicity. The NPC meme is truer than you think.
Read books
I know some guys who are very awake, but are in other parts of the US. I haven’t talked to any of them in two days desu, I’ve been liking aloneness lately. High school buddies, all they do is smoke and listen to mumbling nigger music.

About money being fake, that’s very true. My step mother came to me today with an offer, to go into accounting/financial services and make some good money. That’s not me at all though. All these people are about is money.

I’ve been wanting to look into Stoicism lately but haven’t really gotten the chance, it seems quite interesting. And I need to get in shape ASAP. I really feel as if this country doesn’t have long until SHTF
desu = t.b.h.

Are African blacks better than American niggers?
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I only like the Zulu and Khoisan
>African tribal marriage dance in full regalia
No technology, no food, no plumbing; but more than enough time and energy to dress like an idiot to impress a woman.
We need to leave these people behind.
So long as they stay in Africa.
No. Just look at the niggers in Europe.

They're arguably worse.
As someone who's been to Africa, fucks no.

It seems as if every university is filled with libtards. What univeristies are the most redpilled?
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File: Mussoket.png (122 KB, 471x464)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
>>194127892 Military academies hands down, they always tend to lean conservative.
File: 3000.jpg (1.13 MB, 3000x2250)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
I go to this kike school. I study kikeology.
I'm at UCSD grad school and a good amount of students are conservatives. The ones that are liberal are fairly modest as well.
Liberty. Race mixing is still frowned upon.

>UN Agreement states that it can control whether people can campaign in Canada

Violates section 3 of our charter of rights. If Trudeau wants to sign this, the Supreme Court of Canada has to shut him down and declare his government illegitimate. If they don’t, it’s an act of treason.

Say goodbye to your dreams Trudeau.
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You're not going to fight your (((leaders))) don't lie. You have games, and cameras, and electronics, and food. You're a fucking cattle, and you will get over it.
The West is dead, (((they))) have won, your "leaders" have ingested their toxin to the point that they are addicted.

Dividing the vote is an invalid argument made by corrupt Conservatives to convince you to vote for them.

The main point is that the Liberals will lose the majority. When they lose the majority, they lose the house. Either the Conersvatives/Liberals form a coalition at that point(impossible) or CPP forms a coalition and it will be a center-right/right wing government no matter what angle.

You realize that if Jews were as smart as they think they are, a majority Muslim country or constant threat of Muslim attacks will force them into Israel and better, if the US becomes socialist Israel dies from defunding.
Sure it can, diversity is your strength anon.

All these refugees will eventually create jobs

3% of them found work in Germany/Sweden.

I would be fine if they came to Canada but we don’t pay a dime to them and they have to go so far north that we don’t even call those parts of land Canada. There’s plenty of space for them to create jobs in the frozen tundras.

By the way how is Italy from all those migrant boats and shit left everywhere?

File: 1521125194511.jpg (90 KB, 899x590)
90 KB
childhood is believing anti-trust can fix things
adulthood is realize that state capitalism is the only way forward
I like the idea of nationalizing certain industries to boost GDP but how do you foster growth in state capitalism? The financial incentive to invest isn't there and competition can simply be wiped out by using protectionism anytime things get gritty.
*GDP per capita
>how do you foster growth in state capitalism?
pay for performance
why chinese accept the teachings of one european nig?

A snapshot of Facebook dot com in 2000.
Same backstory as Mark Zuckerberg and Facemash but for a different college Jew in Boston.
>Zuckerberg was 16 in 2000. He supposedly started Facebook in 2004. Curious nobody finds it interesting the college student who had facebook dot com had the same story as Zucc's. It wasn't in the (((movie))).


Obligatory mention; Peter Thiel, who runs Palantir AI police tool had a hand in Facebook. He also attended a Council On Foreign Relations meeting or two. /ourguy/, but still.
Who are Zucc and Thiel's parents?
Is it worth noting Facebook is pushing fucking bullshit Russians interfered in our election lie?
The same 'we fucked up' story used in most psyops.
Zucc kind of seems like he doesn't know the details of his Facemash backstory here.


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trafficking has become a leftist buzzword though.
>trafficking in hate
So how long til he gets (((suicided)))?
I will definitely kill them in minecraft what server do they play on?
File: theeternalboomer.jpg (93 KB, 543x738)
93 KB

remember how the vegas shooting got memory hole'd to fuck? normies are fucking sheep that dont deserve democracy, let alone to have a say in the future of the country

File: changemymind.jpg (103 KB, 960x701)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Representation should be proportional to the amount of taxes you pay. Change my mind.
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>give more to 'the state'
>have more of a say
Fuck. you.
Let me tell you how that would work. The rich would be OK with paying high taxes for a few terms, elect their government, then change the law and never pay real taxes again.
I personally wanted to let you that you are a retard.
Only people who have served in combat in the army should be able to vote, if you have not risked your life for your nation then you should not be able to vote.

One person spending 3 years in the army at 18 years old is worth 10,000 people who spent 3 years farting around doing a useless social studies degree with government loans they are never going to pay back!

Inform me how I'm wrong?
>give incentive to marry and have kids
>give incentive to work
>give incentive to grassroots locql solidarity under a system where multiple taxpayers can chose to be represented together
>what is a constitutional flat tax rate
>what is a constitutional flat tax rate

What do you think of black people?
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>niggers wipe
>this ain't no bando man
> What do you think of black people?
My grandma toll me story about what will happen if i dont sleep at night . She said that a nigga gonna steal me.
That why i afraid of niggas.
In one word: Avoid.
granny wanted that bbc
part 2 is when duh home owner shoots him

File: 19395-Speedy-Gonzales.jpg (44 KB, 800x400)
44 KB
I'm currently 20 years old. I was brought here at the age of 10. I have no way of working without breaking the law. I am contemplating on moving back and just take the 3 year ban that comes with it. I love this country, and I grew up here. Made many friends that love and support me.
I don't know if this falls under this thread. I don't wanna get banned.
But anyway. Thoughts?
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Nice try anon, but you can't ruin my no fap November. At least not without tits.
File: 1527337044448.jpg (88 KB, 334x334)
88 KB
> I don't wanna get banned.
You're right up the jannies alley.

Non-Whites aren't American, eh?
That's very clearly win7
become a qt trap and marry an american man anon

File: d.png (1.4 MB, 1454x1036)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Send Gritty or GTFO
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File: goyim_levels.jpg (78 KB, 768x432)
78 KB
>Gritty Knows.
this is the only good one
Can someone meme this I’m a phone fag wage slave with no computer.

Malcolm X enlightening gritty on the Jews. It would be epic
File: come_on_now.jpg (28 KB, 600x328)
28 KB
>larping fascists = all whites
audible kek


What do ya think, pol?

>As a squishy liberal, I generally find the idea of adding more guns to our febrile politics frightening and dangerous. But sometimes a small desperate part of me thinks that if our country is going to be awash in firearms, maybe it behooves the left to learn how to use them. If nothing else, an armed left might once again create a bipartisan impetus for gun control.
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>all of this
>when you can't even keep toilet paper on the shelves
o im avin a laff
I used to think like this. The left wants to use arms not for defense, but in the Maoist sense for political power. They don't value the concept of an individual right to keep and bear arms, they view weapons as a necessity to enforce their political agenda on you.
File: niggersniggersniggers.jpg (81 KB, 775x425)
81 KB
>Threats from the right inspire a new left-wing gun culture.
The feminized left refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions . More at 11 .
Good, a clear and open Casus.
Machine learning directed learning is a very interested prospect, but that will be developed by the right not by the left, that's why it's so slow to be incorporated. We already have the tech to make it a thing but it's not; why? Because the left are scared of IQ and personality and any AI directed systems of learning would most likely segregate people on race, sex, iq and personality. Imagine liberals being ok with that; not like, but it would be incredibly beneficial for society as whole and it is inevitable for it to happen eventually. Home schooling and online learning are growing like wild fire and they'll probably continue to do so. Their potential value is very high for high IQ people.

File: 2007_thesauce01.jpg (37 KB, 600x403)
37 KB
Do Armenians really care about the 1915 genocide or is it just Armenia-Americans?
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sotd is unlistenable neck beard garbage.
The only people upset about shit like that are early 20 somethings and teenagers that were told abiut a grievance that happened to a distant relative and they suddenly feel angry and outrage. I’ve met too many morons that get upset about gaza because there’re Arab,m and mad at Israel. Or the “Irish” Americans that are upset about the English. Or Newfoundlanders upset at Canada for bowmount hammel. All these faggots can’t let shit go. Same with the Jews and their 6 gorillion
>t. zoomer that's still mourning xxxtentacion
Sucg ma digg fucin cuck .
That is because they are Leftists, and Leftists love getting victim points. Anyone who is anyone will do what they can to get those points in Leftist culture.

Something that crossed my mind recently, why are girls of the IDF in Israel known for being sexy (there are Instagram pages devoted to them) but the typical American or Jew from Europe is known for being nerdy or ugly? Someone give me an ethnic breakdown
File: jewess.jpg (837 KB, 2060x1236)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
the "hot" IDF jews are actually (J)IDF hired (non-jew) models. its a psyop, anon.
the average jewess is pic related

File: trump wall.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
What's his endgame?
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Destroy GOP from it's core.So, Democrats can rule a decade and mass immigration can complete destruction of America.

If Hillary would have won, Republicans had a chance to win 2020 and gerrymander for another decade.

Now Dems will win 2020 and they will be in charge of redistricting.
delete this, liberal NPC


delete this, liberal NPC
File: 1461255770438s.jpg (7 KB, 250x104)
7 KB
A /ptg/ thread that's 100% awoooos
File: re.jpg (15 KB, 635x352)
15 KB
His endgame is not giving a fuck.

File: 20181120_215344.jpg (704 KB, 1076x1464)
704 KB
704 KB JPG
Am i a degenerate for being mixed eastern european? I'm an american but my whole family is from eastern europe. Am i worse than an amerimutt? Im basically eastern orthodox slav. With a little austrian jew. (((I know jew))) but seriously do people elsewhere still hate guys like me.

File: Japanese-flag.png (6 KB, 500x333)
6 KB
Japan should accept more immigrants

YES or NO?

We will accept 370,000immigrants but it seems bit too small
Unfortunately for Japan it's already been taking immigrants for a while. Either way maybe Japan can teach the baka gaijin a thing or two.
Because Japan has a lot of free space is not populated ~ 80%

File: GREATDEALS.jpg (706 KB, 2700x1476)
706 KB
706 KB JPG
Get yours while you still can! Supplies are running out FAST!
"Trump is a friend of Zion", happy rabbi, menora, Israel, jewish coin!!
BUY IT QUICK for the LOW LOW price of your entire ECONOMY!

*disclaimer: these prices are only available to good goys and good goyls.
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Maga trump israel coin. Now THIS is what ive been waiting for ever since trump showed me that jews are actually our greatest ally and that hillary indeed should NOT be in jail.

Based memorabilia rabbi, ill take the 2 for 1 deal.


maga trump israel menora trump IS your GREATEST LEADER. he will MAGA you into amazing prosperity!! (and israel too!!)

I will ship them immediately!!!!

File: 1485872952871.jpg (33 KB, 273x332)
33 KB

Im contacting you about your based jewish potus coin. I am interested in this product.


File: varg.jpg (88 KB, 600x900)
88 KB
Why haven't you taken the vargpill yet?
Move out of the city, buy cheap land in the countryside and live a simple life free of degeneracy with your wife and 6+ children.
It's the only way to save the white race.
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>oh i'm british i know i'll hold my nose in the air because 0.001% of my countrymen are highly literate and if i pretend to be more like them then maybe the police will actually -be nice enough- to investigate the next time my grandmother is raped in her bungalow
File: 1531179091854.jpg (333 KB, 835x773)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
His unflinching hatred if anything outside of blonde hair and blue eyes is a ridiculously transparent divide and conquer tactic of his subversive jewish handlers. Pass.
File: 1518038279726.png (23 KB, 485x443)
23 KB
t. mutt
I suspect that he does this because the (((French government))) have threatened to take his kids away if he didn't.
Thanks, dad

How is Rogan such a manlet yet successful?
76 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.

haha that is not real, look at tony's head too
Fun fact: they made people drink donkey semen on fear factor. And some abominable bitches ended up doing it.
>yfw you realize Rogan is the same height as Dinklage

based and fucking redpilled
File: DW_GUpoVoAA1JNl.jpg (53 KB, 708x800)
53 KB
>Imperial system
Fuck off Ameritards.

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