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File: D205FUnU8AI6FyY[1].jpg (73 KB, 1152x860)
73 KB
At this point, cuckoldry is LITERALLY THE ONLY WAY that you'll be able to get sex.

I am not joking here. We're living in a period of unprecedented female hypergamy. A third of the white male population are incels. The new relationship of the future will be to be a provider to a roastie who fucks Chad/Tyrone in exchange for sloppy seconds. The alternative is eternal celibacy.

Mark my words, cuckoldry will be the default relationship arrangement of the future, and I am not kidding.
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describe it
los lobos?
File: Da Rules.png (446 KB, 607x788)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
File: awfulpeople.gif (1.95 MB, 237x240)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
Kek, you'll be a sad little godpilled cuck, and your GF will be getting her satisfaction from Tyrone

Are you in favor of death penalty for pedophiles?
Would you push the button if given a chance to execute nasty pedophile after he was sentenced to death by the justice system?
I would in a split second.
Why there is no death penalty for pedophiles?
Society must demand death penalty for pedos so pedos don't have a chance to rape children again.
Society must confront pedos. They are the cancer that must be destroyed.
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The sect known as "Finders" that is the topic of an investigation described in the image in that thread >>214362114 is very nasty.
More info on it would be appreciated.
All you are accomplishing with your refusals is to look like a lunatic. You will never convince anyone this way. You are calling for the killings of great numbers of people. You better have a damned good reason(s) for why there's no other solution, but so far you've given none.
File: =1558902727909.jpg (1.94 MB, 1274x3412)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
I tried to adjust the focus sharpness of this image from this post,
but I'm not sure that it will help.
The agent's report is bit hard to read but is very interesting and shows the depth of the evil on high levels.

Actually, I agree with this. I've been celibate for a few years because I saw what casual sex was doing to the women I fucked. This was around age 18-23. I don't see how I could fuck an 18 year old now without feeling extreme guilt.
Found the virgin


>On the video, which has recently been posted on the social media, two young men are seen, who approach their victim with abusive words such as "I'll fuck you". The elderly man does not reach the road until two men jump him. One pushes him hard in the back, while the other afterwards jumps up on him and hammers the man in the head. This causes the elderly man to collapse, after which the two young men turn around and leave the place. Police are still looking for the suspects.

Danish media is worried the video may increase support and voters for trending Rasmus Paludan and his right-wing party Stram Kurs, which advocates for mass-deportations of non-Westerners, specifically Muslims.

Election in Denmark is just around the corner - 5th of June.

Danish source; https://ekstrabladet.dk/112/voldsvideo-paa-facebook-politi-efterlyser-offer-og-gerningsmaend/7648488
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>ive never seen a broken nose
>ive never been in a fight
You bigots! It’s not murder if the victim is an infidel. Stop with your islamophobia.
I don't get it. What's the problem? Isn't diversity their strength? Doesn't less unity lead to better progressive feelings?
Shitskins don't discipline us, only the other way around. If they put their hands or paws on us it is called - getting uppity.
i mean, just fucking hug him so he can't hit you... you don't even have to fight back

File: edrun.jpg (89 KB, 634x590)
89 KB
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File: 1555173525458.gif (1.1 MB, 205x223)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
Is he a paki? Wtf aren't brits pale white?
Ugly people who get success (without cash or a donor) are normally quite skilled. Don't take their appearance for their quality.
he's a jew
he's a literal jew
in saying that, though, there are a lot of brits that are swarthy (Russell Brand, Rowan Atkinson, John Oliver, etc)
reason being pre-Saxon Britons share the same R1a ancestry as Iberians

File: Maddow Swastika dab.png (381 KB, 636x355)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
Dabstika aka "Swastika Dab" aka SWAZZIE DAB all over mainstream media. ZOOMERS RISE UP! LET ME SEE YOUR DABSTIKA
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File: 1555618631875.png (367 KB, 756x416)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Kek this is based af

We're taking it all back, lads!
File: 1556678714045.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1234)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
The really creepy Jew in the top right.
Its a brave new world
Boomer detected, probably doesn't want to show his bald spot!

Are there any documentaries about Sandy Hook you recommend on Youtube?
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One called "we need to talk about sandy hook"
>fishing for videos to flag and take down
fuck you.
Nothing exactly came up. Time length?
Fuck off schizo. You're insane...
Keep throwing out that bait, fuckhead, because the best way to refute something is to ban it, right?

File: goingplaces.jpg (184 KB, 1333x532)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Thread was archived, I am bringing it back


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File: newzealand.jpg (156 KB, 1120x561)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
he's going guys, he made it
Well this was mildly entertaining
File: basementdad.jpg (127 KB, 994x537)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
We are going to build basements nao guiz

He destroyed a political party...
Didn't Gavin McInnes stick something in his ass? What is it with e-celebs and asses?

Fake and gay
That’s not Sargon. Nice try though. He does enough retarded shit to make fun of, no need to make up fake tweets.

File: triggered.jpg (65 KB, 615x345)
65 KB

Sending in the cavalry guys, just need to get that dislike ratio up. Fuck Anita Sarkeesian.
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Id fuck her actually. Problem is shes clearly one of those women that had betas chase her so much that she thinks she's hotter than she is. Im worried shed just lay there and not contribute.
I can't thumbs down. I am banned from youtube. Give them the thumbs down!
Just talk about your collection of Leisure Suit Larry games once you stick it in and that will rattle her cage.
Gave me a chuckle thanks dude

>Assange indicted under the Espionage Act
>Obama indicted eight people, more than all previous presidents combined
>Trump has already indicted seven people
>complete silence, and when you bring it up, it causes all the cucks here to seethe and whine

What happened to /pol/?

How do I become a strong man, /pol/? I want natural, traditional women, I am interested in doing non-degenerate art and I am still in my 20s. I don't want to engage in degeneracy really. What should I focus on? Any good tips for a white polack?
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Oh, and remember the so called Chads you see picking up all the women in sight - no matter how cut they are from the gym, generally can't fight worth a fuck. If it's a white chad and you beat his ass in front of his women/peers you win. If it's a black chad..you'll probably still win, but get stomped by his friends. Whatever women tell you about not liking violent men is a lie, as long as the violence isn't aimed in their direction. Obviously if Chad turns out to be a real pussy, he'll call the police on you. High risk tactic. Use with caution. Also only use if you actually know how to fight. Boxing or something similar.
I think i have seem that one, but no, it was not me.
File: image.jpg (453 KB, 1583x2048)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
Nobody said anything about mixing them together.
You're projecting.
I actually unironically second this. Old style strongman training is the best I've found for functional strength. If you can pick up a misshappen 200lb stone and slam it back into the ground, you'll win most fights if you add a little technique. Plus, your open handed grip stength is through the fucking roof.
Yes, to be a strong man you need to become a slave of the Jewish desert god.

Say what you will about him, but I suddenly have a strange feeling he will be targeted. I'm legitimately worried about this guy.

File: rareeath.jpg (69 KB, 782x782)
69 KB
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Then where the fuck do these chinks keep coming from?
>Chinese Communists.
time to take your pills boomer
File: 1557185239970.gif (341 KB, 750x936)
341 KB
341 KB GIF
I said NO!

Are you kids ready to go fight in World War Africa?
File: think.png (126 KB, 640x640)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>rare earth minerals
>mine millions of tons of them out of the Earth every year
>rare earth

File: 1558921752318.png (620 KB, 582x600)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
To come back 6 weeks ago with a new party and top the elections? Has anything like this ever happened before in the UK?
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Le Pen only gets 24%.

Salvini is under 30%

Brexit hits 32%

You're a fringe minority. There's more people on the other side in every country the far right claims to be winning in.

Any national issue with two sides you lose on. The only reason Brexit happened is because the voters weren't educated as to what leave meant. It would never happen in a second referendum, as the election results show.
If you were to have a referendum which you would lose again. What would be the remainer stance?
>Brexit hits 32% (brand new party just started)
+ 3.5% UKIP
+ 8.7 Cons
= 43%
That's theoretically only 7% more man power

Now factor you Low-T Soi drinking faggots can be snapped like twigs.
You will get stomped.
>"Inside the (right wing) collective is a beast and the beast uses its fists"
jordon peterson is correct to fear whats coming.
File: 6119549600692.jpg (136 KB, 960x741)
136 KB
136 KB JPG

File: 1555592826791.gif (259 KB, 460x298)
259 KB
259 KB GIF
File: 1556968857741.jpg (45 KB, 400x400)
45 KB
File: 1558511986310.png (1.01 MB, 820x1024)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG

What’s your phenotype?
Me: Borreby
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I'm a roman
He betrayed my heart once again
none of those and fuck they are ugly
North Atlantid


Jannies closed a good thread. Its politically related as fuck. The state of the nuclear family directly ties into politics you fucking moron mods.

Also to maplebro asking how to be chad.
Ummm if you think I am a chad we are all FUCKED. I see women for what they are. Absolutr oppurtunists at best. Narcissistic blood sucking vampires at worst. Let me tell ya something maplefriend .... I am no chad. But if you wish to be one all you must do is simply stop caring. Keep the body together and the mind focused. But stop caring what they think. You will literally be more chad than 90% of the guys you know over night. Its funny how it works so fast. My advice is either be celebate, wife a virgin, or if you must fuck sluts you never ever date them. And you sure as FUCK do not give them your heart. We all want a sweet girl to marry and love , most of us honestly are decent men who want a decent woman and we do not want to be assholes. Unfortunately in this trainwreck clown fucking world the assholes get rewarded. I chose to say fuck both options. I am simply not interested in anyone anymore because I have zero faith in people. Try your best to avoid this option as its lonely and sad. Find a nice virgin and wife her if you can get lucky enough. God speed mapleman.
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File: giphy.gif (496 KB, 500x216)
496 KB
496 KB GIF

Its going to be biblical

What happened to the fingerbox thread
File: michael-c-ruppert.jpg (80 KB, 341x491)
80 KB
Look, spies are a dime a dozen. I'm a spy. Clyde is a brain. He's a think tank-type guy. His specialty was low-impact kinetic operations

We kill people. He figured out how to do it without ever being in the same room. It was his gift, and he was the best. One time, we're tasking this tricky target. I mean, we're usin' cruise missiles and Predators, and we even had a B-2 Bomber flatten this guy's villa with JDAM. Alright, we're burnin' up millions in ordnance and we're gettin' nowhere with this guy. So we call Clyde, and we ask him to solve our problem. Clyde develops a Kevlar thread with a high-tech ratchet made of carbon fiber. Put it in a necktie. Two days later, Mrs. Bad Guy comes home, finds Mr. Bad Guy dead on the bathroom tile, choked to death. What I'm sayin' is, just assume that this guy can hear and see everything that you're doing.
Stop pretending that women are men. Women never fight wars to protect their country. Women suck the cocks of whoever barges in. Expecting a woman to have the values and morals of a man is grade school fantasy. Find a loyal woman who is not a tramp and love for being a woman, not a clown trying to be a man.
Same thing that happened to my fingerbox when I was young.... it got archived.

Homophobes BTFO
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This is some shit bait.
I got your “traditional gays” right here, pal.
File: 1558227562666.png (49 KB, 894x773)
49 KB
every day passing i'm less and less concerned about a muslim take over

File: wytechamps.jpg (1.16 MB, 3059x2055)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
first msi, now college championships 2019?
where were you when whites took back vidya?
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>identity politics
hello beaner
This is problematic
That doesnt make any sense. Competing at games is still playing games.
>Competing at games is still playing games
no jew games allow you to have high level competition, which is manly as fuck
Is that what the gamers tell each other?

File: Applebee's.png (60 KB, 1200x565)
60 KB
Come back to us, Carl. We've missed you
Got worried for a second. My name is Karl-Timo.
He'd make them go bankrupt

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