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to the person posting this around my neighborhood, i can see you. you lanky nazi fuck
Well its true. Its like saying "German lives Matter-Nazis" If I don't matter then I should take lives that matter.

File: Eisenhorn6.jpg (788 KB, 1000x1337)
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788 KB JPG

File: 1591321049178.png (255 KB, 579x526)
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255 KB PNG
>Steve Bannon and billionaire Guo Wengui are spear-heading a coup against the CCP
Here's a good rundown of what's going on:

Need the mods or admins to create a new flag for our new FSC brothers connecting from China.

>June 4th chosen because the Tiananmen Square massacre happened on June 4, 1989.

Celebration of the New Federal State of China Special Live Broadcast

Declaration of the new Federal State of China:

Planes towing a sign congratulating the new Federal State of China:

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Keep coping mutt, your country is crumbling.
Well obviously it's crumbling, I'm just stating the fact that Qing and ROC have finished crumbling and are dead and buried. CCP is the only thing standing between china and full blast neoliberal pozzing.

A good start. Besides the torch idea I could picture her lighting/releasing a sky lantern. The Lady Liberty vibe should have a distinctively Chinese element to it, like Coronachan did with the qipao dress.
You mean the KMT? The ROC is alive and well.
File: taiwan-pride-2020.png (602 KB, 1466x881)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
Yeah the KMT I mean. I wouldn't describe being a western puppet state as "alive and well" though.

Why don’t you cocksmokers get it yet?

File: photostudio_1590688196115.png (1.95 MB, 1000x1000)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
Stop deleting /pol/ threads jannys!

File: 1588961939020.png (263 KB, 460x462)
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263 KB PNG
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first post is the best post.
File: 1587057652635.png (379 KB, 900x900)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
top kek
no, minneapolis will become a gilded core of ultra-high price condo developments with checkpoints and private security forces. total luxury surrounded by total degradation
and we are going along with it I guess?
How is Wakanda anyway?

File: hewarnedyou.png (387 KB, 928x619)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
He warned us all. He told us exactly how it would happen step by step. Now it's too late. Police will be replaced by Stasi, the revolution funded by conniving communist Jews and Chinese will come to fruition, your data from Google and others will be gathered, you will be punished for your crimes in a Gulag or on a wall. This is it.


File: huh.jpg (59 KB, 456x580)
59 KB
youtube, what are you trying to tell me?

Go buy or make your own media corporation
File: 1475812276668.jpg (39 KB, 640x421)
39 KB

We already did, it's called /pol/
>just create an autarkic company bro

File: 1572503117286.jpg (84 KB, 1200x630)
84 KB
The charges on the officer who slapped Floyd got promoted to second degree, which means if the court fails to find intent in the case- all four will get off innocent and can't be charged again.
Was this intentional to "sate" the rioters for the time being, as they were demanding this, only to incite a second riot when they're inevitably found innocent?
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Head in the sand whites don't do anything when they're offended. They're passive aggressive and only turn openly hostile on other whites, because they know whites are safe. Who cares what they think?
nope, now there's just a higher chance of the charges being lessened to 3rd degree murder. it makes it easier for the jury to feel like they are being lenient. learn how to law, faggots.
I wouldn’t say everyone, me and all my friends vote republican a long with 90% of frat kids at my college
You misspelled “shouldn’t” anon.

File: Banana.webm (2.43 MB, 480x480)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB WEBM
To watch 'The Young Turks'?
To investigate the Armenian genocide?
To make fun of it?
Why aren't Turks guilted about it all the time?
why are turks even allowed in white countries?
Because you're allowed to question history, the reason you can't question the Holocaust is because it's the founding myth of the modern world. Every political decision has to be made with the goal of avoiding the holocaust. You need niggers and third worlders in your country because ethno-centrism leads to the holocaust, or so (((experts))) say.
why are turks even allowed on earth?

File: justice.png (282 KB, 911x491)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
All major riots are from justified killings. Why the fuck is no one talking about Breana?

File: 11.jpg (28 KB, 852x480)
28 KB
who is going to take over global power when the US falls? China? Russia? Will Japan and SK be dominated by China? Will Europe be dominated by Russia? I need to start making plans
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That's true, but I don't think it's a real alliance. US basically takes goods from China in exchange for useless money. Eventually China will get fed up.
They'll have control of the military though
Bad ending: joos in China, Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Africa and Oceania.
Good ending: gas the kikes, unjewed confederation instead of jews, significant european and japanese influence (the only two first world countries with natural repulsion towards huge wars after WW2)
This was the plan of rednecks like jews, jesuits, (((Dugin))) and many others too dumb to understand oil is worthless in a non-retarded society.
Not if it's fighting a civil war simultaneously.

What do you think the best and worst case scenarios are for where these riots lead too

File: maxresdefault.jpg (128 KB, 1280x720)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>Two candidates
>One proven to be a failure, the other unknown
>No one likes either
>Perfect time for a 3rd party
>The LP puts in fucking Gary Johnson

>Two candidates
>One a senile old man, the other very quickly going senile
>Both are proven to be failures
>Perfect time for a 3rd party candidate
>LP puts in a literal who?

Holy shit how is the Libertarian Party so fucking dumb. For a party that claims it loves the free market, they fucking suck at marketing and presenting themselves
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If a stronger candidate was presented, they could have won in 2016. It might have still be close, but there was a lot of "lesser of two evils" sentiment coming from normies

>Libertarianism is dead now. Most of it's members realizing that a libertarian society can never exist until the US is a proper ethnostate and not a divided multicultural hellscape
That and a sound currency. If an LP ever got into office, it would be the biggest shit show ever as they shut down departments and took away handouts. An LP would never be voted in again.
>If an LP ever got into office, it would be the biggest shit show ever as they shut down departments and took away handouts. An LP would never be voted in again.

Simplistic conjecture
You mean welfare
Highly doubt but that’s your proposition
>LP would never be voted again

Another conjecture, you do realise libertarianism is the founding principle of America, the founding fathers were classical liberal and have enumerated libertarian beliefs in their treatises, volumes and old letters. The United States was intended to be a manifestation of a new philosophy in the 18th century, most of it can be traced back to John locke and Tom hobbes.

Besides the LP party seems to be exponentially growing in votes. People are tired of the duopoly.
I'm ancap as well, but the more I look at the hole we've dug ourselves into since the 1950's, the insurmountable it seems to reverse.

People are tired of the duopoly but there's no other options for the centrist vote to go to.
I am actually libertarian I just assign myself this flag, but yes, I wonder how long the neoconservative dynasty will last in the United States.

It is crippling the country

File: out.webm (2.92 MB, 220x400)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB WEBM
Tell me about the black lives
Based Wakanda.
File: kfjk1f3.png (656 KB, 588x617)
656 KB
656 KB PNG

File: brap.jpg (105 KB, 600x765)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I've always thought that naturally pale skin with healthy undertones is the most attractive in general.
There's nothing more disgusting than a fake blonde with an unnatural tan.
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Think that's bad, here is a red pill: Anti-meat is anti-white. Whites came from climates that are cold with very little vegetation. Whites became the tallest and largest people on average (Denmark has the tallest people on average at 6'1) and strongest (the top 10 power lifters and WSM titles are all white) on the planet due to this. Meat packs energy while plants have very little. Case in point is the panda. Pandas are carnivores but evolution over time from eating grass has caused their babies to be extremely tiny with a very tiny chance to survive to adulthood. Eating meat is also linked to higher brain functions. Because predators require strategy and tactics to survive while ungulates don't. So if you are a vegan and white, kys and remove yourself from the gene pool.
Fake tits are disgusting.
Nixon was right about faggots controlling the fashion industry. A lot of girls are really unhealthily underweight and look like twinks. Probably also why they like the fake tan and hair dye shit.

>There's nothing more disgusting than a fake blonde with an unnatural tan.
Agreed. There have been so many women I have met who look like they could be seriously cute but they ruin their image with a shitty fake tan, shitty fake blond hair and dieting to the point that they're anorexic. Shitty hair dye and a tan can wash out, but it's difficult to tell what a girls figure is like when they're 20-30 pounds underweight.
Wasted digits. And because almost every woman has them doesn't mean they're automatically good simp.
Naturally pale skin with undertones is healthy
Turning pale due to illness is unhealthy
Know the difference you low iq 3rd world monkey

What's stopping black families setting up their relatives to get set up and killed by cops? I mean clearly it's like winning the lottery
kanye doesn't help most of them

File: media.jpg (477 KB, 2000x1000)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
>this week you have to care about gun control
>this week you have to care about climate change
>this week you have to care about a pandemic
>this week you have to care about police brutality
>this week you have to care about race relations
>this week you have to care about the presidential race
>this week you have to care about a celebrity who died
>this week you have to care about women's rights
>this week you have to care about some natural disaster
>this week you have to care about a mass shooting

and on and on and on... the media is purposely trying to overwhelm you so you feel powerless and just shut down.
Joke's on them they didn't even need to try to do that

What makes a rich, privileged and white E-Celeb vandalize and loot a shopping mall?

I don’t get it
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more fame the same as a dumb thot also green leaf this is a shitty pr team thread
File: paul.jpg (29 KB, 591x216)
29 KB
fuck off, JIDF faggot
I've heard crazy stories about these guys. Like they just have a line of girls that come to their house every day and they pick which ones they want, and they fuck like 6 times a day every day. Always different girls. These young girls come from all over the US to meet them and get fucked by them. They live off like 4 hours of sleep a night and are on god knows what type of drugs.
dude walks around with like 10 people and 20 cameras ....... ohh no there aresting me even though im soley responsible for theese 10 people stood around me who are seemingly getting no attention in the press and were also not arrested but would have easily piled on a solo cop so i could escape for both the clout and the affection be real dude went out to get arrested
good for them

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