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File: 1604244308024m.jpg (76 KB, 1024x768)
76 KB
Why does /pol/ assume Canada is a Chinese colony? Everyone points at Vancouver but doesn't see the rest of Canada. Brampton (a suburb of Toronto) is completely full of pajeets. Toronto streets are full of pajeets. They are coming in through any means. The international students are all pajeets. 300k pajeets represent half the international students. And they stay once they get permanent residency. For fucks sake this fucked nation elects more pajeets into power than any chinks. Fuck pajeets and fuck the politicians that sold us out.
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Is this thing a bot? Seriously
After 4 years in uni, i always felt like the ousider. Most students were foreign and they all stuck to themselves. constant "cultural" events on campus ect. I am an outsider in my own country and its fucking depressing. Mostly pajeets, but many viet, chin, and blackies
Like girls of any race, some can be hot. Funnily enough, I have an Indian Canadian chick from tinder coming over on Thursday lol. She’s super BLM too lmao. She’s decently hot, nice body, still a bit of a nose though. But that’s definitely the exception rather than the rule, most Indian chicks (especially FOB) aren’t that hot. And when compared to latinas they’re not even in the same league
Could we start then please? Look around and tell me where you see visible minority immigrants working. Does it look skilled to you?
Success + accomplishment < fealty to country>>294018834
Exactly. Just government niggers who repeat an agenda.

It's like..
How hard would it be for non-white countries to restructure their societies to be based on White countries?

To take ideals & structurings of Europe / United States / Canada / Australia
And thoroughly implement them throughout Latin America / Africa / Asia

We skyrocketed humanity to an even playing field
That is what should be happening instead of immigration.
But Jews exist.
File: 1606419055036.png (538 KB, 1200x814)
538 KB
538 KB PNG

File: nth.jpg (160 KB, 800x700)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
It is I
You sin
I do not like sin
Do you not read my word?
My word is written
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good try rabbi I'll gas you towards the end
You are of gentile stock
I do not respond to those living in sin
Shut up nerd.
Based kike remover
Time for another 300 post thread of Christian Identity idiots going 'ACTUALLY WE WUZ JEWS, ONLY WHITES ARE REAL JEWS, the people that everyone calls jews are fake jews and the synagogue of satan they were never jews they STOLE our ancient religion, preserved it far better than us, while we forgot and moved to europe, formed countless native european faiths and had to be re-educated in our jewish heritage by the son of one of these fake jews, the son of God that he sent firs to the fake jews, then to the r*mans (who aren't white and therefore NOT JEWS ONLY MUH GERMANICS ARE JEWS) SO IT'S NOT AN INSULT TO MY ANCESTORS TO WORSHIP A SEMETIC SKY DADDY, I AM A JEW YOU HEAR ME, I WUZ'

Come home, white man.

Amerianons, tomorrow we will wake up to the Third World War.
God save the world, for no one else can.
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File: 2783.gif (118 KB, 500x341)
118 KB
118 KB GIF
And when nothing happens?
File: 1504746583891.jpg (32 KB, 600x406)
32 KB
Happenings don't always you know... HAPPEN. But honestly, this sounds too bad to NOT be true.
They'll look for another happening. And another. And another.
A regional conflict at most. World war as historically known is no longer possible due to economic repurcussions

File: slavic_girl.jpg (145 KB, 1080x1350)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
It's no longer question of:
>Should we ban us citizens from other countries.
but the question of
>what's the most efficient way of denying those mutts from traveling overseas?
Why would you want to keep picrel away from you?

Faggot detected.
A Global pandemic mick

The next 100 years are going to be tough on Whites, it will create natural selection conditions. Only the Genetically strong will survive the the onslaught of subhumans, the weak will die off or breed with the invaders but the Genetically healthy Whites will stay Ethnocentric.
In a 100 years the White race will be Stronger than ever.
Have faith my brothers, he is watching over us.
The next 100 years are going to be tough on Whites, it will create natural selection conditions. Only the Genetically strong will survive the the onslaught of subhumans, the weak will die off or breed with the invaders but the Genetically healthy Whites will stay Ethnocentric.
In a 100 years the White race will be Stronger than ever.
Have faith my brothers, he is watching over us.
Thread theme
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File: too many percent.jpg (299 KB, 859x431)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Didn't have /pol/ either
>it will create natural selection conditions
this presumes much of what we see around us today perpetuates, that being light state enforcement, the freedom of association and a semblance of financial independence. as nevermind 100 years, we could be less than 100 months away from cashless society, microchips, forced vax for government UBI etc at which point complete state subservience ends the genetic line.
the selection pressure theory leading to a better race is sound assuming we dont go fully extinct (or fully brazil/med and start judging whiteness on a scale), complete extinction is still on the cards as a reasonable possibility.
The internet can work in our favour, our humour attracts hundreds of thousands every year, a few stick around to see the truth.
Our Politics are gaining more and more traction every year, the Far right is rising across Europe. Have hope my friend.
you need to consider what a number the last 7/8 generations of having no real survival challenge has had on the population, we've almost totally bred out the most rebellious and aggressive traits we carried from harsher times even if we still voice our resistence. 1933 might have been the final dice roll for real change, as even among the right you speak of rising around europe, i see no evidence of behavioral changes among would be followers, nobody is acting like theyre being genocided or about are about to get shanked with the bill gates magic medicine.
ive made this post 1000 times now about the real death of the white race having already happened but again, we are domesticated zoo animals, we are so separated from our ancestors that we might aswell be considered a new shitter branch of humanity. theres no way any of this could have been so easily pushed on the populations 100 years ago, fundamental changes have taken place.
it might be the case that we just die and never return, im sure there were ethnocentric romans in the last 100 years of empire aswell, as there was probably in moorish spain and during the greek occupations, all of them look like scenes from zulu now.
if natural/political change is to come, it cant be kicked years into the future.
un-natural change however, gene therapy, crispr, transhumanism, thats not impossible, infact the technology might just be coming regardless of whos feelings get hurt and no matter which corporation gets there first, every race will be btfo.
The white is race following the same footsteps of the "Jewish race".

I hear comparisons with the fall of the Roman Empire, saying that this will be our future, but this is a bad example, Hispania, Gaul, Italy... they were all racially homogeneous and Christian areas after the fall of Rome, unlike today that Europe is a racially heterogeneous and atheist continent.

A better example to represent the future of the white race is the destruction of the second temple of jerusalem. The destruction of the temple, and the genocide committed by the romans led the jews into a deep state of psychosis (The romans took away their nation, race and their God). This is what the whites will feel in the future when they contemplate how their new rulers take away their land, race and their forgotten god. They will be a marginalized race by the rest as were the jews, condemned to go from nation to nation until they can create their holy land.

File: Krak.png (849 KB, 1280x720)
849 KB
849 KB PNG
>Both say Coup, Treason,
And between the lines War.
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Shill here, not gonna lie we're all literally shidding and farding our pants, we know this is gonna be bad. The mood at shill hq is growing very dark indeed
Just gotta say, I would love it if this was a legit thing. One shill HQ. I'd poison all your food with laxatives daily.
>10 years waiing for "the call."
It's eight years, and that's called IRR, you irredeemable faggot.
Ok, I have to leave again. Will repost later.
Thanks all!

Perhaps the reason DOJ is completely immobilized on election integrity is to not alarm Biden where the evidence is being targeted?

If DOJ was investigating this, Biden would get info from his top secret Intel Briefings. Go warn his cronies, etc

By keeping this outside the DOJ with 'personal attorneys' - Biden can't meddle in shit

File: 1601583127349.jpg (109 KB, 864x1007)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
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To make that kind of imprint? I’ve done asbestos removal and the mask didn’t give me deep bruises like that.
This truth pilled
She should be having babies, not watching old people die.
File: 1500311233716.jpg (64 KB, 793x396)
64 KB
Wow, what a hero. Lets all congratulate her on her braveness.

File: 1583055255179.jpg (66 KB, 655x367)
66 KB
you guys are right everyone in acadamia is a fucking onions toy , literally my professor used the word cringe, why do you guys want to seem like a bunch of wanna be wusses ? If you want people to support you, why do you appear weak ?
Ok Chang maybe go back to China if you don't like people using words

can someone post the email between tucker and hunter biden where he thanks him for helping his kid or whatever and says they should get dinner?
>Being this passive aggressive
Just say you want the dick pic bro

File: great reset.png (946 KB, 599x1287)
946 KB
946 KB PNG

Why is the room so empty and everyone looks like they just looks ashamed

File: 1592933786456.png (662 KB, 1060x600)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
What should grifters do next?
Start a cult like Fuentes.
complain for the next 8 years how liberals will destroy the country worst than trump...fake outrage
Well their only course of action now is to 2nd amendment themselves.

File: ifeelsorryforyou.png (146 KB, 917x871)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
They knew exactly what they were voting for; a man who would promote their hate filled racist ideas. That's who they wanted as the leader of our country. They didn't care that he had failed both in his business ventures as well as his private life. He is a disgusting human being with no morals or concerns for anyone but himself. They didn't somehow see things differently. They simply didn't care.

These are the people that had to "suffer" 8 years of a black man being their president. Trump was right person at the right place at the right time. They clung to the first white male candidate who shared their racist views.

These same half of the country tried again to doom the rest of us to another 4 years of this orange fuck so they can continue to openly gloat about their racist views because their side won

This is not what America should be. These people don't deserve this country. If I had the power to do so I would remove everyone who voted for Trump from our country, one way or another
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False , either collapse or civil war comes or states start leaving the union.

With California and a few others already setting precedent of talks of that it's a high likelihood.
500 billion for niggers wasn't enough apparently
oh yeah, didn't do that for 4 years. did it right before the election. the fact he thought the african americans wouldn't see through this blatant attempt at "buying" their votes makes him that much more racist

vox reference posted on /pol/
if ever there was an argument for execution
kys faggot
doesn't make it not true, or feel free to prove them to be lying

File: 1606687710640.jpg (82 KB, 607x1024)
82 KB
Daily reminder
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File: 1602613119260.jpg (88 KB, 538x627)
88 KB
Oh fuck yeah check these sick quads you nigger lovers! I got fucking quads you turdcutter ticklers. Mmmm, fuck yeah.
Dangerously based. Cute toothpaste hair kiwi
>my gf
Low tier bait.
>God has spoken 7777

I declare holly war against trannies.

Probably looks like Hugh Jackman.

File: 91t-KjmAx9L._AC_SL1500_.jpg (368 KB, 1500x1495)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
>this is a controversial topic on /pol/
Shouldn’t be important right now
No, it isn’t. You’re sliding something.

Bumping is optional, lads
You know what's controversial? Vaush's hard drive.

Is the MAD doctrine (mutally assured destruction)-normally referring to the deterrent between nuclear powers-something preventing a civil war in the US as well? How many people do you really think want to wade into automatice rifle fire because they're made about BLUMPF or Biden? Is the extent to which our society is armed preventing individuals or groups acting in the open besides a few street brawls?
Your assumption is correct. An open conflict is extremely unlikely. What's more plausible is that one side exiles from America and then attempts to destabilize it from abroad, very similar to what's been happening in Russia.

File: oops.png (151 KB, 257x333)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Isn't she?
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Aren’t executive orders only good for the term of the President that signs them?
Still 1000 to 1 on betfair. If Biden croaks or steps down for 'health reasons' before the election is decided I win 100k
I also have 100 on kamala. Its an incredibly smart bet right now.

It'll be American Ambassador to the Court of St. James (London, United Kingdom) for Willie Brown.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice? Barack (and/or Michelle?) Obama.
Kim Campbell again

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