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File: 1536379022551.jpg (571 KB, 1172x1692)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
Swedes, Jesus Christ, when will you stop tolerating it
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Hahahahaha. Sometimes playground humour really is the best.
Their party dropped massively in support.
Aляcкa лyчшe вceгo.
И caм тoжe нa Aляcкe... Tyт хopoшo жить ecли мнoгo дeтeй, и ecли paбoтaть yмeeшь
File: 1533007982039m.jpg (109 KB, 1024x579)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Its alzo possible some group highjacked Sweden to weaker it, and also weaker europe.
It could be a test
It could be strategic
It could be a retarded gouvernment. Who do not see or care.
It could be businessman making money with smuggling.

Why dont we all get together here and solve this puzzle. Get some clear proof, bankingaccounts, transfers etc. Instead of crimestatistics and rapecases

>non white
>is mental ill
How long till we forget this /pol/?
Watch this thread slid.
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Above is front page worthy

Had to use site search to find the article
File: 1537556853270.jpg (32 KB, 960x540)
32 KB
I won't blame the killing on the transgender mental illness. That just makes them kill themselves. The base problem here is that it was a nigger.
File: wtfhc.jpg (22 KB, 526x333)
22 KB
> Takes hormones to become unnatural freak
> Wonders why people alienate it
> kill people to "get even"
> Ensure future unnatural freaks are alienated

MFW The votes of these people hold as much value as yours
"died after shooting herself twice in the head."

How the fuck do you survive the first bullet to the head

File: 1512509272436_1.png (377 KB, 2277x2408)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
Ever noticed american flags (chicanos) and meme flags pushing this "white latino" meme? Or saying that "latino is not a race, any race can be latino"?

Do NOT fall for it.

Tons of the white supremacists are SPICS on here.

Also, a lot of Latinos think they're white for some reason. The same people who are on here defending the notion that Mexicans and Latinos are white ARE Latinos and Mexicans. Alot of times they have American flags and they live in cities. These people have a low IQ. This leads them to believe that they think they're "white" just because their skin is lighter.

Once you are OK with classifying spics as white, then IT'S OVER.
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Definitely not White (or European if you prefer it that way).

whats NEA (the purple admixture) stand for?
Go back where you piece of shit. I’m much whiter by percentage than I am spic, the spics would never consider me one of their own in their country, yet I’ve lived my entire life around Europeans without a problem
My kid will be 96% european, my grandchildren will be 99%. I don’t see the problem
File: disdain for the pelbs.jpg (7 KB, 223x226)
7 KB
>Go back where you piece of shit
To outside of Europe.

>I’m much whiter by percentage than I am spic, the spics would never consider me one of their own in their country
Not my problem.

>I’ve lived my entire life around Europeans without a problem
You've lived in the degenerate, leftists, globalist Europe. Whoopty fuckin' doo. You could be one of those mentally challenged human-to-dragon trans and yet people around you would be coerced and bullied into accepting you.

If Europe were sane you (your family) wouldn't have been let in in the first place. And if it will ever be sane again you won't be here to see it.

>My kid will be 96%
I see the problem right here. The kids could (and should) be 100% Euro not 96%.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: chuck-grassley.jpg (85 KB, 1024x683)
85 KB
Grassley didn't delay the vote

File: 1537149985114.jpg (131 KB, 960x952)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
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File: 1536812284515.png (365 KB, 960x960)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Edits in attempt to subvert the meaning of an impactful comic. The original holds true. Your time is coming to an end, Degenerate.
File: iron_E.png (516 KB, 600x600)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
File: 1537536726662.jpg (98 KB, 900x900)
98 KB
i like you, you're based and commiepilled
maoist rebel news is pretty based
Oh, come on, cut the crap. Yes, clearly a good chunk of those closed because of lack of funds, but commies absolutely targeted and destroyed well funded churches with stable congregations. Dozens of majors in Moscow and Petersburg, cathedrals in Samara, Archangelsk, Rostov, basically plowed through every other church in Novgorod, Tula, Tver, robbed the Golden Ring of a good dozen historical institutions and heritage architectural monument. Commies were a pest, and whatever their intentions they robbed Russia of immense amount of it's own history and replaced it with Plattenbau garbage and monument to random fatass party functionaries.

File: NrEbICRM_400x400.jpg (19 KB, 400x400)
19 KB
>mfw he hasn't bought gold
Crypto won't save you when the economy collapses.
That's where your wrong, bucko. That's one of the main reasons it exists.
Gold is always a good investment if you can afford it.

File: incubus.jpg (201 KB, 703x600)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
what caused women to become disgusting bisexuals. it seems ridiculously common nowadays and these women are ruined by it
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Sounds like a very healthy relationship. Hope you wait a few decades before she throws in a bull.
Well then they're making the wrong choice if they want to avoid pain. Lesbian relationships have the highest rates of physical and mental abuse out of any combo
I'm unwilling to accept it because statistics just don't support your argument. It's more common now, but majority stats say it's men.

Women like to read porn, not watch it. It's a head game for them, not a visual thing.

It's both, really. My wife loves to read her smut books. She also likes porn, lesbian port at that. But it's usually hentai with tentacle stuff. I'm not Freud, but I'd imagine it's something to do with getting stuffed by someone who understands what makes you tick. That's usually what she's getting into be I'm getting into her.

I't's no small feat to imagine other women being into actual video of lesbian porn. Hell, I know chicks who dig that stuff despite being "straight". As for me, I'm no-fap, but that's outside of this discussion.
"Marixsm" it literally named the jew you fuck

>you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make a Trump look even remotely human

So this is the power of Trump's genome.
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Classic 56% jewish goblina queen. And it's beautiful.
I like her before. I have a thing for weak chins on women. However, she does look a bit too much like donny jr for my taste.
Tbh she's uggo in both pics
File: Traump.jpg (24 KB, 203x371)
24 KB
Shades of Chelsea
The organ grinder for that monkey looks like he doesn't want to be there.

File: download.png (7 KB, 231x218)
7 KB
Should there be harsher laws that require fake news organizations (like Fox, Breitbart, Infowars, etc.) to explicitly advertise themselves as entertainment companies, or otherwise face fines for consistent mis-reporting?
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Those kind of laws used to be a thing. Thank the republicans for doing away with them.
Got repealed under Obama.
all right wingers should be placed into camps by force. unironically.
>All jews should be placed into camps by force
Fixed that for you
You mean "liberal", and they are liberal, NOT leftist. They're not dovish, they're not against the current order of society, and they're not pro-collectivism. They're the management class and they're bait-and-switching.

How about bringing back the fairness doctrine as national policy?
>How about bringing back the fairness doctrine as national policy?
You don't even understand what that means.
Let me explain:
Under the Fairness Doctrine, national broadcast news (not cable 'news') was required to present both sides of a political opinion, only when that network was ASKED to do so by the opposing political party. If they were never asked, they could just present one party's position.
Also of note: there was no Equal Time provision in the Fairness Doctrine, that is another piece of legislation.

This anon >>186549509 was referring to the Smith-Mundt Act. It basically prevented your government from presenting Government propaganda within your nation. It got repealed under Obama.

You dumb mutts don't even know your own laws. You deserve it. Half the talking heads on your 'news' networks are CIA. They even TELL YOU THIS and yet you lap up everything they say when you agree with it, and go full retard REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE when you don't. You're getting played like a fiddle.

If you want decent news analysis, listen to the No Agenda Show. All they do is deconstruct your media, and call out Jewish tricks. No ads, it's listener supported.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 6216-004-674C79DC.jpg (70 KB, 593x435)
70 KB
File: 1530532169570.jpg (349 KB, 1434x960)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
No Fleet -- No influence
yea. as part of nationalist germany's vassal state.
Did your balls just drop
File: 1535323428414.jpg (149 KB, 684x1024)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
It can become world's biggest Gypsy ethnostate

File: NPC- They Live - Cover.jpg (429 KB, 1132x1600)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
I'm trying to assemble THE BEST sources to debate family members about the economy. My sister's husband claims to be "conservative" but shits on Trump and even voted for Hillary. He says the economy actually recovered before Trump. Some libtard I have to work with was telling me that Obama actually saved the economy, and Trump is ruining it with tax cuts. I just want to drop some sources to shut these people up. Post the best you got.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Both are puppets you fucking retard. Neither "owns" the economy.

Every dollar thats created bears interest that can only be paid by creating more dollars (that also have interest). The economy WILL FAIL and it is mathematically demonstrable. It doesnt matter what colour tie the president wears
Ok, but whose policies had the most impact on the economy?

Neither had a greater effect. Whats happening is happening regardless of whos in office
>Whats happening is happening regardless of whos in office
so the executive and legislative bodies have no impact on the economy?
File: mim.jpg (90 KB, 600x396)
90 KB
>A Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned corporation established pursuant to the Federal Reserve Act to serve the public interest




File: nik cruz.png (65 KB, 259x194)
65 KB
looks like the jews are going to start ww3 with Russia and China. Anyone else hope they kick our asses? what allies will they have and which of our allies will just stay neutral? I really hope San Francisco and LA get nuked

38 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.

The only cancers are UK & Israel.
No,the biggest Cancers are Germany/France that sold they're countries out and not even to the highest bidder.
>increased demand doesn't drive up prices
> everyone can get a STEM degree and it will be no problem
hope you enjoy working like a chink you stupid faggot
yeah, they DO work harder, they work like people who come from a culture where if you don't, you die.
have fun with your 80hr weeks cockboy
t. actually have chinese friends
theirs is NOT a culture we want infecting ours
Production will continue to increase until the demand tapers off, then prices will fall naturally or stay the same until the empty properties are bought.
>> everyone can get a STEM degree and it will be no problem
That's basically China and it's working out for them. Work harder and set your sights lower instead of shitposting on 4chan all day and blaming it on Chinese international students when you achieve nothing with your pathetic life.

File: 1537465499573.jpg (153 KB, 1862x1048)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
We really, really need to bring eugenics back.

47 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Rina Cheema

whats the problem here?
File: 1537589013900.gif (2.53 MB, 368x349)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB GIF




Cry me a fucking river.

We can't exterminate them fast enough.
Your lactose of humor is udderly vile

File: 2018.png (556 KB, 599x541)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
If you don't HATE Jews you're on some fucking bullshit.
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
meaning your father is the source of your pride and your evil and you must detach yourself from him and become the alpha omega Jesus Christ
File: 1384031937962s.jpg (7 KB, 183x250)
7 KB

All laws are passed by mostly white men of non jewish descent and its those laws that govern my country.

Grow up for fucks sake, you cannot prove anything because you assume it.
Isn't amazing that kike media is everywhere ready to report as soon as someone mentions jews in a negative light?
File: 1520409120111.gif (85 KB, 351x483)
85 KB
Not all all. Ones like pic related don't even bother trying to hide their kikery
Bumping for antisemitism

File: uj.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Being A White Student At A 99% Black School In A Segregated Town In America
216 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nothing creates a racist faster than a fully integrated learning environment.
File: 1536295840862.jpg (67 KB, 480x608)
67 KB
>better graduation rates

Graduation rates dont matter when they can be fuzzed with


File: VSSizI.png (380 KB, 500x686)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
it's like you have only a Jewish media producing far leftists.

What could go wrong?
I disagree
Ive met several chicks who grew up in segregated comunities and none of em turned racist

Yes yes, nogs are taking over...what else is new?
Mate i live in a nation that has member of the riksdag (goverment) who are there because they campained in somali only.
I know a takeover when i see one and if you think women are going to stand up and say "Well this is wrong, i dont feel good about this" think again
Women will celebrate the takeover with glee

File: 5277.jpg (279 KB, 768x1279)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
Modern Life is pathethic its like
>wake up
>go to work
>drive across a crazed traffic every day
>take a load of shit from a shitty boss in a wagecuck work for hours
>rise and repeat every day
White men are not built for this shit, i think it is driving us crazy, the routine that is, the clockwork of modern society is overlwhelming and it kills you internally.
I wish for a world where you can be a soldier, a warrior, a pirate, a mercenary or a bounty hunter.
The modern life is depressing.
Where is the action, the violence, the bloodlust, the aspiration to conquer your enemies?
From conquerors and killers to frail weak and insecures betas.
This is what the jews are doing to us, in this artificial capitalist hell.
I want this shit to collapse, i want anarchy and the survival of the fittest, let chaos rise so from the ashes a new order arises.
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>it's another thread from edgy anarcho primitivists
Just grow up loser
same to you faggot

we already got it summed up in our heads. we just to act on it
File: martial-rape-sg.jpg (227 KB, 1177x943)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
When far right voices decried as bigots by MSM talk about how the Jews will go after the Asians next, remind them that it was already underway.

What is 1997 Asian Financial Crisis? What is Total War? Who runs the (((IMF)))?
Don't be blackpilled.

This is most of my day, tho I work in a pretty casual industry so my boss isn't shitty, but I do commute quite a bit each day and essentially work a meaningless job.

My light at the end if the tunnel is to save the money, start investing, and build my skills. Instead of buying useless expensive shit, I'm careful about how I spend my money. I'm not trying to end up with thousands in consumer debt. At some point, I'll have enough to say fuck it and I can live my preferred life, which is working on my property and reading and writing philosophy.

In this age, the only way to not be a slave is to work your way out of it. In the mean time, just keep the end goal of freedom in mind. You can also start into some fighting training like boxing if you really have an urge for violence. See if you can find some bare knuckle underground stuff if you live in a large city.

The most important goal for any woke white man should be to attain freedom of time, so you can work for yourself and support WN causes without fear of being fired or running out of money.
I work for a bunch of kikes and get min wage and sometimes no breaks for 6 hours. I also work with one other goy who is a fat retard and he makes me wanna kms. I know your pain.

File: USA_Flag_Map.png (23 KB, 467x296)
23 KB
The vast majority of voters wouldn't be able to name the two senators of their state. I think it's fair to say that if you had a basic test for voting, with questions like "who are the senators of your state?" and "what are the three branches of government?", probably around 90% of voters would be turned away and fail, maybe even 95%. How can we even have a democracy if people don't even know the basics of how their government functions?

An article for the uninitiated.

Here is what The Matrix Movies are Really about.

After having just finished watching The Matrix Trilogy I must say I was blown away. They were the best Sci-Fi films I had seen in a long time and unexpectedly deep for such popular movies. The films are packed with symbolism and meaning and being pretty sure I knew what the metaphor behind them was I went online to read all about it, except to my surprise there was not one good analysis to be found. I found articles about The Matrix and Buddhism, The Matrix and Christianity or The Matrix and Judaism but none that hit what I thought the thrust of the films was. That being the case it looks like it's up to me to write up an essay on what the real meaning behind the Matrix movies is.

The Matrix itself is an extended metaphor for Jewish control of American society. What's that you say, that's crazy talk? The stuff of conspiracies? Please, hear me out before making up your mind. First you have to take into account that virtually every news and media organization in America is Jewish owned and heavily Jewish staffed. Newspapers, TV, magazines, even the sources of most of the raw info itself like Reuters and the Associated Press. Couple that with absolute domination by Jews in Hollywood and you can see that they are a serious force in shaping perception in America. Hearts and Minds, Hollywood and News. So with that established lets move on to some of the characters.
125 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
There's an article online that delves into it more deeply, evaluating things like Smith's license plates which are references to biblical verses.
That's all there is. Stop overanalyzing to fit your narrative.
Goyville haha
you're a bit late
File: 144456564425.jpg (46 KB, 613x380)
46 KB
>the movie that originated the "red pill" meme

Codefags need to get to work on BLOCKCHAN; a decentralized, free-speech platform that serves as an alternative to popular content-sharing mediums such as JewTube and Twatter.

Combine content sharing and social media with anonymous imageboards, run it off blockchain, and make it so that the most active members/creators reap an altcoin. Every anonymous post, every verified Ribbit post, every uploaded video acts as a node or whatever, and the more users interacting, the more altcoins mined.

Err, something like that. I'm code-illiterate, but it seems like a swell idea. Someone tell me what a retarded faggot I am.
45 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
they already use ham for bbs style stuff check packet radio, and you also use it for rtty but thats usually sailor shit.

the ham radio stuff needs to be more developed of course.
setting up a server would be interesting, but honestly i dont want anything in the USA. but it would need a fat pipe
Hello Mossad.

Blockchain is not reversible so it would get flooded with kiddie porn and since its decentralized everyone has to keep a part of blockchain data on their computer.
Technically you download whole chan when mining.
So all of the bad goy get on it, one kike uploads some cp and now anyone can go down?
> make blockchain imageboard
> people need GPUs to comment
> latency is 5 hours
> every post costs $5 of electricity


File: middle east.png (424 KB, 640x379)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
Why do the sandniggers hate each other so much? Weren't they about to start a war some months ago?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You are a bunch of idiots. Azerbaijan is Shia, and they are even bigger Jew puppets than Saudi Arabia. There is no Shia vs. Sunni conflict. The whole thing is a pretext for regional dominance as this guy made clear: >>186547584
They never used to. Before the 1970s, both Iran and Saudi Arabia were united in their disgust of hardcore islamic fundamentalism. Saudi was trying to modernize and Iran's Shah even visited Saudi and danced with King Salman on numerous occasions. But after the 1979 revolution in Iran and the siege of Mecca, the Saudis knew they couldn't let Iran out-Islam them, since they held the two Islamic holy sites. That's when everything went horribly wrong. Iran's shiite revolution caused the sunnis to become twice as fundamentalist just to compete with them.
Then add on top of this, secular Arab Nationalism was growing vibrantly in Egypt under Gamal Abdel-Nasser, and Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and later Syria with Hafez Al-Assad. The Saudis and other Gulf Arabs now had to compete for religious authority with the Iranians, while simultaneously deflecting arab nationalism by using even more religious fundamentalism to try to disown them. It worked for a while but now there's no arab unity so it backfired, and religious extremism is out of control. Neither Iran nor Saudi are innocent here. Iran started the ME dark ages, but Saudi somehow outplayed them in autism.
> t leb
Germanbro is 100% right. If Iraq was never invaded, this entire shitshow would be far less relevant as Saddam was the beating heart of the arab world at the time. Egypt as well used to be enormously wealthy, as did Lebanon. The destruction of iraq and syria, and bankruptcy of egypt and lebanon basically got rid of all other competition and made Iran and Saudi fight to the death for complete supremacy in the region.
And yeah shiite Azerbaijan is allied with Israel, christian Armenia is allied with Iran. nobody gives a shit about actual theology here
Dude, the only thing arabs hate more than jews is each other

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