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File: 20181120_194606.jpg (282 KB, 720x912)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Did this really not happen the way we are taught?
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Bump and agree. We had one more attempt to mitigate the disaster that the Second World War was when Hitler proposed very good terms to Churchill in 1940, but of course that warmonger refused it, even though it gave him most of what he wanted despite the fact that he had been on the loosing end
The historical record, as represented by the German government at the time, on Bromberg "Bloody Sunday" and related incidents -- 58,000 claimed dead or missing by Feb 1940.* The German invasion was Sep 1939, but it's important to understand that many of the outrages had preceded the German invasion. This was proved by the amount of decomposition of the bodies. Thus, these atrocities cannot be excused simply as reprisals for the German invasion (which would be wrong anyway). They included 19 year-old girls with their faces smashed, amputations, disembowelments, shot thru' the eye, death-trauma births, you name it. Poles had been merrily slaughtering anything or anybody German since at least as early as April 1939, with smaller incidents stretching back to the close of WW I -- you haven't been told that by the Mass Media, or the fact that these atrocities were one of the main causes for the German invasion of Poland, something that was meant by the Germans to be a local solution to a local problem. Germany had already done the "right thing" by protesting in writing to the League of Nations literally dozens of times. The League of Nations did nothing, yet the problem had to be solved.
...but I was never arguing with you over anything. I asked for a source and you spent 20 posts avoiding the request. Calling someone a Jew and posting a quote by Hitler irrelevant to the conversation does not make it so.

That's the second time you've posted that quote about Bolshevik Jews but haven't given me a citation. I wasn't aware that Bolsheviks were helping the Polish Home Army while staging revolts in the Kresy

Source? Sounds interesting, even if it went overboard with the methods of death. Do you have any of these writings to the League of Nations?
kys kike boy
Wow what a great defense

Aqua says, “police brutality is an epidemic in america and republicans are unwilling to give this issue any thought or solutions.”
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How can Megumin be so based?
File: 1541819824634.jpg (121 KB, 1200x948)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Aqua may not be best girl but god damn it she doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.
File: image.jpg (245 KB, 768x960)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
No she doesn't you fuckin' shitskin, you don't speak for any Japanese characters you nigger, shut the fuck up.
Actually bucko, she did say it in episode 3. Watch the show you NEET

>retired old man wants to visit his family at the border
>decides to infiltrate the caravan
>starts walking with them
>rides the bus with them
>gets to experience what caravan is really about
>gets interview by the Mexican news
>the majority of them don’t come to work
>they’re looking for handouts and laugh at how stupid Mexicans and Americans are
>the majority are made of drug addicts, prostitutes,
>sees a drug taxi pull up to a group of the caravan
>sees an old fat lady Honduran do a drug transaction
>he says they’re aggressive when it comes to asking for stuff
>they don’t value the things Mexicans have done
>he says these people don’t come in good faith

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Those matches were so fucking gay, why did they bother depicting them?
>Two guys
Lol! You fuckers are really great for laughs.
i neither give a fuck

if we wanted to fix the situation entirely we would invite all of them to live here so we can finally anex central america

File: 20181120_184853.jpg (193 KB, 803x720)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Im around 5% black, should I have kids?
Im very depressed about this
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No bitch please kys .
Suck my dick
File: 1500684687357.jpg (45 KB, 500x506)
45 KB
Just pop out a 2.5% mutt shitskin and move on. Just make sure you breed with a pure Aryan for the good of the family and wash out the nigger gene, teach your mutt child the same. Rinse and repeat. Otherwise the kid will look like an ugly mutt turd.
A supercar will always be faster than a sports car no matter how good you are at driving the sports car
so you are worryed about how good will your sons be?
i do think dna gives advantages and disvantages , heck is fact indeed , but that shouldnt really stop you to have babys if you want to , is just 5% and you live in mutt land , another for the horde doents sounds bad and generations of whitewashing migth fix it
Im mostly worried about intelligence potential, I dont look unattractive

File: OldOFht.jpg (56 KB, 1024x657)
56 KB
How do you feel about this, /pol/?
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File: IMG_2447.jpg (112 KB, 1242x508)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I feel like I get along with other cultures because of my gingerness and I fucking love asian pussy, so it works out great.
CAN we start calling black people gingers now?
that's our word you brownblond cracka. dont you dare say it. its only for us to say amongst ourselves.
Fake quote, aw shit! I'm BTFO!

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Fucking liberals reporting objective facts and simply playing back things Republicans say! How dare they?!!? This is clearly politically motivated!

Now let's get back to talking about Wikileaks strategically dropping out of context bullshit on behalf of the Kremlin, throughout October of 2016.
That graph is skewed because it doesn't take in to account the % of the GOP electorate that stayed home because of the flawed candidate.
>t. bitter journalist vermin

Kill yourself already.
invite: tc2qPa6
i've made a disc server in order to plan how to fix this. i would kill myself before letting a democrat beat trump
File: 1518324156287.png (141 KB, 915x1623)
141 KB
141 KB PNG

File: 1542742463030.jpg (35 KB, 680x440)
35 KB
I don't understand all these countries trying to become states of the USA.

Wouldn't it be easier to ask for protective or vassal status? Then your vassal can come in and fix your shithole and then turn it into a first world nation.

I mean look at Australia.
>You will never eat Johnny Rico's arse
I had grandparents and older that came to Alaska before it was a state.
Being in the US is pretty fucking profitable mate.

We don't want em though. Except for Alberta, I guess. I'd let them in.

I'd rather Dizzy or Carmen ate mine, to be honest
>states of the United States of America
OK, OP of the thread OP made, name one country that wants to become a state of the USA.

File: DsXhSJWWwAEnCze.jpg (39 KB, 640x360)
39 KB
>CNN says lawsuit 'no longer necessary' after White House restores Acosta's press pass

Why is Trump cucking so hard lately?

>acosta clearance back
>no wall
>no jailed hilary
>bowing down to israel
>bowing down to russia

I sincerely regret my vote. Anybody else feel the same?
File: lil.png (1.89 MB, 1965x1945)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
Trump does seem to be lacking his usual bombast lately. I wonder what's up. Maybe he's just sick of being shat on every single day and just wants to finish his term up and be done with it
he literally has no clue how anything works in politics and is constantly suggesting things to his advisers that aren't doable without Congress or a constitutional amendment

File: black friday.jpg (10 KB, 392x128)
10 KB
So great idea to start a rumor that the libtards will catch onto and spread like wildfire.

Basically spread that black friday is racist because 100s of years ago people used to hire extra slaves for their thanksgiving dinner, then sell them the day after making the price of slaves drop significantly. This is how the name black Friday became associated with cheap sales.
How is that funny or useful?
Because leftists are gullible and making soiboys protest cheap PlayStations is ironic?
File: libtard.jpg (64 KB, 590x510)
64 KB

File: Falun-Gong-Vigil-SF.jpg (64 KB, 680x420)
64 KB
Why don't we talk more about what China is doing to Falun Gong practitioners!? There's over a million people doing simple exercises and the government decides to crack down because of a power struggle? Thats a lot of fucking organs that they are harvesting. Are those organs extra juicy because of the exercises?

So besides the simple exercises the three principles are Truth Compassion and Tolerance. How deep does the rabbit hole go, or is that really just it? Why are these people getting their organs harvested?! WTF is China doing with a million organs?!?!?

How can this not be some sort of evil satanic cult? Everyone else can be satanic except insect Chinese? Someone please help me out here this seems like some pretty crazy shit to get next to no media coverage.

Oh yeah, and the official Falun Gong symbol is full of swastikas and no one here mentions it ever?!??!?1 I don't get this at all.

13 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Okay, so what the fuck does that have to do with organ harvesting?

china is nazi germany x1000000

their side of the world i guess

fuck it
>harvesting body parts
Cry me a river. Let me know when the kikes stop harvesting stem cells from goymerican newborns.
File: chiang_kai_shek.jpg (93 KB, 373x495)
93 KB
falun gong is witchcraft, the brave and honorable chinese central committee is righteous in their steps to end this unholiness
That's what I'm wondering.

This guy says it's just literally communism but to me that pill doesn't taste quite right.

File: 1511572218992.jpg (72 KB, 554x584)
72 KB

New Zealand hate thread

>overrated shithole
>high cost of living
>no history or culture of any sort
>shit houses, not enough insulation and mainly heated with woodfires
>only one "real" city with actual careers and decent jobs (Auckland). This city is over 50% nonwhite.
>butt ugly anglo women with delusional sense of value and huge bitch shields
>overwhelming anti-intellectualism, the only achievements that are respected are sporting related
>cars are expensive as fuck and most on the road are about 8 years old
>overrated scenery, literally no better than anything in the Americas or Europe.
>takes forever to fly anywhere, it takes 4 hours to fly to Australia/other south Pacific islands and takes 12 hours to fly to either Asia or North America.
>incredibly insular, eg people don't expand social circles beyond teen years
>stupid, ignorant populace who willingly sell the nation to Chinese while bashing and criticizing America because "orange man bad"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Lol. If your job only exists in Auckland, it's not a real job
its basically just service industry garbage outside of Auckland.

File: benji is cute.jpg (45 KB, 746x539)
45 KB
So Ben completely pussied out recently.

He hosted a Q&A session in some shithole Canadian university and here's what was in the description of the video:

"Please note: A portion of the Q&A was cut from the edit at the request of the parties involved (Mr. Shapiro and the Individual asking the question) . This small portion may be added at a later date."

It was some mentally ill tranny getting absolutely humiliated by Ben and the tranny ended up storming out with the audience presumably jeering. Watching mentally ill leftist retards getting humiliated is my main motivation behind watching Ben's Q&As and it's fucking annoying that what would've been my favourite part got purged because of that pussy.

Does anyone have the video? Help.
44 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
No surprise that a retard who has anime pictures on his computer would set the standard for harassment so low. Mr. Catch-All right here. Fragile pussy. Go to bed, cocksucker.
You're saying the equivalent of "it's an important learning experience for a ridiculously unprepared flat earther to go to a mic, say 'Michael Jackson must still be alive because the world is flat' and subsequently be humiliated.

There's nothing - anywhere - for anyone to learn from that, and the flat earther hurting itself in its confusion does nothing to help anyone, and neither does rubbing salt in that poor idiot's wound.
>You're saying the equivalent of "it's an important learning experience for a ridiculously unprepared flat earther to go to a mic, say 'Michael Jackson must still be alive because the world is flat' and subsequently be humiliated.
Wipe the cum out of your eyes, you dumb cocksucker.

I expressed the learning value of public examination, not that all submissions are going to offer learning value. I never implied all public examinations are necessarily going to offer learning value. In fact, I didn`t mask it at all - I said in the OP my motivation behind watching Ben was watching it for pure humiliation of others.

I said in this case, it ought to be a tally against my political opponents, not that I have anything to learn from it. I don`t need to justify someone`s public humiliation through learning value. It`s for the same reason I`ll eat pomegranates and that you eat cock - you simply enjoy it.

Nice job utterly failing to defend fragile, confused and retarded trannies. You probably are one, cocksucker.
that has nothing to do with wearing poppies, its just showing respect for dead people thats it
The learning value of the tranny being an idiot is that the tranny is an idiot.
Great fucking "lesson" you're trying to share with the world - it's DEFINITELY well-intended.

> it ought to be a tally against my political opponents
The flat earther being an idiot is also a tally against atheism, because the flat earther was an atheist - CHECKMATE ATHEISTS!
Infallible fucking logic!

File: 1530729746754.jpg (107 KB, 625x729)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
How much lower can this figure go? Is it possible for that figure to hit below 1% in our current US?

6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
wow that low huh? Well you must be a real freak loser if you're unemployed in Trumps economy. A real absolute mentally disabled failure that is on par with the lowest black crack addict. Isn't that right /pol/?
Me likeum wampum.
Megan Fox?
The actual unemployment rate (which is much higher than the official figures) could go as low as 2%.
It's only that low because labor participation rates are also incredibly low i.e. no one is looking for work.

File: idgaf.jpg (89 KB, 897x636)
89 KB
Who was in the wrong here?
>McDonald's Worker Demands Black Muslim Teens Leave Store To Face Gunman
>The fast-food giant is under fire after a viral video showed a worker kicking a group of black Muslim teenagers out of the restaurant as they pleaded with her to let them stay because a man who had reportedly threatened them with a gun was lurking outside.
>The incident between the teens and the unidentified man began when the teens briefly held up the line as they struggled to pay for their food
>A man shouted "You're probably using EBT'
>one of the youths responded'Just because I'm Black, doesn't mean I use EBT,'"
>The man proceeded to lose his temper when the teenagers criticized him for being racist. He then advanced on the teens and started "cussing them out"
>The man then pulled a weapon and threatened the teens.
>Shortly afterward, a female employee demanded that everybody leave the store
>The staff eventually called the police only after the teens refused to leave and repeatedly explained that they feared for their safety. But the man with the gun was long gone by the time officers arrived.
>"It was terrifying because we were scared he was waiting for us outside so we stayed inside listening to the managers yell at us and blame us," one of the teens said.

News Story with Videos

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
209 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
mmmmyaaaaaa I'm gonna need a shoop of that by Saaaaturdaaayy.
you would just become another statistic
Working at MC dick guy out side with a gun expects dude on minimum wage to take up defence against gun man. Try to social justice guilty him. Says I don't give a fuck get out. Did I get the story right?
File: kgkjf8.jpg (28 KB, 253x458)
28 KB
You probably do use EBT matey
>moon coon sand dune camel jockeys
I love /pol/

>be me
>Senior in High school taking US History II
>Our teacher, let’s call him Mr. G, gives us assignment to make an anti-imperial politics cartoon.
>Holy fuck, so many ideas go through my head
>Decide to draw a map of the world with a huge jew controlling nations with puppet string
>Finish it phewww looks good
>Next day come to school and show friends at lunch
>They browse /pol/ too and think it’s good
>A toxic socialist teacher sees it and walks away
>US History II comes and Mr. G comes and says “Do you have Nazi propaganda anon?”
>”What do you mean?”
>”Mr. Libtard told me you had Nazi propaganda, is it about my political cartoon?”
>Gets it out get yelled at saying is very offensive and I have to destroy my creation
>Got a warning didn’t get in huge trouble

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
24 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Mr. G's actual name isn't Gawedzinski, is it? You perfectly described my old history teacher, except I'm in Texas.
Its almost like your teachers are fuckin Nazis or somethin .
Not it's not
Your ID has GA5 in it which is what You should do to yourself.
Dude you're an idiot for doing that. Don't reveal your power level. Replace the Jew dude with those Porky memes and you'd be better off.
I would also say that it is not done all that good, yet you put yourself into a bad situation over a badly-drawn (good job on the face, wtf is the map and the hand) caricature.

File: Roastie.jpg (104 KB, 670x837)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Has anyone else seen this meme? It's being shared by all the women I know that are engaging in typical roastie behavior i.e. riding the dick train, embracing feminism to various degrees, drinking and drug use, etc. etc. Some of them are already single mom's, or they're in their late twenties and will quickly lose their physical attraction. I can't be the only one seeing this. What say you /pol/?
15 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>could care less
>can't care less than 0%

she cares.
good. they'llbe an example of what happens when you hop from man to man. whores will get their just desserts.
"she's excited about where she's headed" this is jewish feminist propaganda to persuade women their hedonistic and self-destructive behaviour will lead to a good outcome. For comparison, lets have a look at how a man would be judged in this situation, "rampant alcoholism and drug taking, impregnating women and then running away from his obligations, yep he's a loser and no-hoper.
You chose this path.
Why do roasties feel the need to post things like this? Are they that self absorbed?

File: ancapnat.png (83 KB, 2250x2141)
83 KB
AnCapNat is the only true way!

All the benefits of AnCap along with the powerful national pride and unity. You can all just pay your favorite private company to protect your borders. Let it be with live bullets, tanks, missiles, or even dogs. Also, no government to take away your rights.

You can't have a system better than that.
sorry being a born again christian-athiest takes up all my cognitive dissonance,that being a vegan on a red meat only diet.
My money's going to Admiral Bob's Defense System

File: C6pc121[1].png (422 KB, 999x1022)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1542578578010.jpg (3.37 MB, 1511x4851)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB JPG
This is so misleading

read this to understand atlantians
File: Argentina fans.jpg (129 KB, 640x443)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
checked and
I litterally have the whitest id in the thread
please dont ever post anything on this site ever again.. thanks


shame on you neets for suggesting that Indian male vigorous wooing does not work
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Yes and she fell in it and for him at that point.
how romantic.
File: 1517348812450m.jpg (65 KB, 1024x682)
65 KB
Yes a true Swedish love story.
fucking retard going all the way to sweden for fucking a 100 yr old hag
they've been married for 40 years

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