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File: image.png (325 KB, 1080x905)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
2020, deaths was close to expected.
2021, 2-standard deviations
2022, 4-standard deviations

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but it never happened
total vaxxie death

File: 1680302595603548m(1).jpg (151 KB, 1014x1024)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>peer reviewed.
"Covid" doesnt exist. 3 fucking years. Still here. Still have covidiots. Still not peer reviewed.

File: 1680302280093729m(1).jpg (76 KB, 584x1024)
76 KB
They changed the peer review tags because its so glaringly obvious.
Anyone who participated in this shit needs the rope.
he gats dat loong covid

Peace and peace and peace unto all of you, this is no disguise nor am I here with mercenary motives.
I want to break bread and get something important out here-
I am a religious Jew whose father was born in Germany. My family were linen merchants in Bremerhaven.
I used to be a unapologetic communist. Then as I grew older I began to become conservative and grew to hate communism. Still I was a Zionist.
I began to grow disenfranchised with how white people and white culture is being pushed away, as I’ve always loved German and English culture, I realised the important position Europeans had in the world and just how great their contributions are to our quality of life.
Now finally, a Macedonian orthodox friend got my to take a final white pill. He showed me Europa.
I was in disbelief and cross referencing and fact checking as I could each thing.
While I’ll say I think he doesn’t understand the ordinary complexities within regular Judaism and regular Jewish people, it was clear to me that the Jews were the spreaders of Marxism, and still are.

I come here to break bread. I just want it out there that my rabbi once suggested we wronged the Germans and instigated the war. There are those of us who do know. Rather you believe in the Holocaust or not, we deserved the mighty hand of G-d on us, as it were in Isaiah, so it will be again and again if we do not learn.
I’m so sorry friends. These wrongs must be acknowledged and I pray deeply and seriously that you can acknowledge the problem, yet still seek redemption for us.
The national socialists were right, Hitler was right, I went and immediately read mein kampf. Hitler himself didn’t even hate us like that, he hated the zionists and us who conceal them or deny it.
I don’t deny it. And some of us stand again it.
Know we’re out here and pray for us.
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I think there are jews from the past who were decent.
King Herod the Great for example.
Or Esau.

I know your bloodline comes from an Aryan lineage through Abram (Abraham as he was renamed).
so what are we supposed to do about it? How do we stop the divide and conquer?
Stop focusing on niggers trannies npcs and muslims instead focus on letting them know about the JQ by small priming over time (essentially what red pills are)
Outside of Israel, kikes are stone cold to their advantage. All this liberal crap gives them power over their hosts and helps them accumulate fortunes. But when it comes to Israel, the same kikes turn into ultra-nationalist racists. The whites, on the other hand, are simply mentally handicapped and can't get the propaganda. 90% of today's students should not go to universities. And 100% of women.
Ok I know. I also know this website is nothing buy psyops 24/7. its just all "black people this" , "Tranny tranny blah blah" and etc. I can see propaganda immediately. At least I think I do.

But do you really think ALL Jewish people are behind all this nonsense? Because most "Jews" aren't even religious

File: 346gh54sh.png (113 KB, 898x663)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Synagogue wifi hit different when you threaten people on Shabbos

Lol that this is the current "right," jews fighting a beaner because they disagree on which shabbos goy should be the goyslop candidate

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Not an actionable threat
This is why I'll vote for RFK, Jr. over Zion Joe, Zion Don and Zion Ron. He hasn't outright (((named them))) yet, but is perilously close and essentially repeating what his uncle said before he was shot in the head in broad daylight in Dallas. Granted, voting doesn't matter so whoever they are going to install will be who will "win". I could be wrong, but I doubt it considering how shitty the last few years have been.
Based Pedro calling out the kikes on their lobbying on behalf of foreign and hostile nations and Trump grifting! We all know the kikes are an international group with no loyalty to anyone but their own tribe. Dual citizenships inbred demons need to go back to Israel and stay there. No reason those duplicitous demons need to still be living as a wandering traitorous homeless tribe in other countries. Fuck kikes!
I just prefer a '50/50' myself
Everytime anyone call out the kikes for their abhorrent behavior, they immediately go to "muh antisemitism." Same behavior as niggers; Two peas in a pod!

File: )))((((.png (583 KB, 1182x910)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
what a time to be alive, we're just one word away from the worlds richest man naming the jew
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Welp boys we going to megido on team musk.
That's a misattributed quote, and a great example of how everything we know is wrong. Maybe he's being ironic?
So no one is going to talk about the CEO?
>>you can't make fun of retards in public
Yes you can retard, normies laugh at the downie making teradactyles sounds all the time
He rules over you lol

File: 1679414985298603.png (532 KB, 928x712)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
82 million prime working age white men in the US have dropped out of society
This number has vigupled in 10 years and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down
Men only want three things in life; young virgin fertile fresh pussy, children, and lots of land
Under the current form of the social contract no matter how much you work, how much you sacrifice. The bottom 95% of men will never obtain all 3, the bottom 80% will never obtain 2/3, and the bottom 60% will never obtain even one
The smart ones realized 10 - 15 years ago
Now the dumber ones are starting to become aware of their own situations
Civilization is just going to have to continue without young men
The construction jobs, the oil drilling jobs, the roofing jobs, the HVAC jobs, all of the jobs that traditionally only young men did are now just gonna have to be done by women
Good luck running civilization without young men

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How do we get this number higher, can we get it to 100%
File: 1674532420405121.jpg (25 KB, 450x327)
25 KB
If you choose gruntwork,
> compare a GED with a HS Diploma for your area,
> Take David Ramsay's course(s), start with financial freedom.
> Bust your ass saving money while living rent free with parents.
> If you can't live rent free, the cheapest and likely best substitute is vanlife.
> Vanlife transitions well into buying a cheap house with friends.
> Make sure to involve a lawyer for the house equity contract and buy small\cheap.
> E.G. Everyone pays into a trust, trust pays the mortgage,
> Equity is distributed as a % of total payments based upon trust once house is sold.
> 1 FTE gig + 1-2 PT Gigs = $40k+\yr
> If you keep expenses at 0 and invest, that becomes a house in 5-6 years.
> If you have a girlfriend who does the same, that becomes 3-4 years.
> Once you're in a house, you operate from the position of fuck-you.
> Make sure to research the shit out of the area you are in.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
If this number goes above 84 million, God help us.
But who is going to hold goysociety up?

File: IMG_20230528_031659_1.jpg (2.44 MB, 2448x2448)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
>beep beep
I would like to order white woman please thank you
you are crusty bro. fix yo shirt shiiiet.
anyway niggers tongue my anus
this is also known as the slide thread
glowies are seething

p.s. this is not an AI generated post

File: FREN power.jpg (6 KB, 200x207)
6 KB
About jews, masons and all kind of conspiracies. This is good for us our work finally paid. Well done anons
I hope you faggot autists at least share your wisdom to the world.
Same goes for zoomer and older alpha niggers and spics in gaming discords
Was not the intended target audience but hey taking what I can get

The USA/EU/UN is a
They combined FDR and Hitlers left wing collectivism and replaced
Aryans with Jews
Their goal is to keep individual sovereign right wingers enslaved
while having brainwashed a bunch of tankies with superhero movies into beating up the conservative opposition to the fascists as "antifa".
Don't be affraid I shitpost against jews and masons since at least one decade with zero protection. Nothing happened to me they keep you in cage with fear
You have the power to influence your world retards. Mesure it and take action
>One hand monarchist dying cult
>Other hand commie jpmasons
I chose my side

File: FxGAAzmXsAAVw8R.jpg (370 KB, 1837x2048)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Post pro-white propaganda.
17 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1640554135111.jpg (72 KB, 600x489)
72 KB
MI6 and our "boys" at langley have done a real number on the nuCommers here.
Trust no one is a good Ideal, but that doesn't mean everyone is a Glownigger.
There really aren't that many here.
There are actually MOAR JIDZF shills and ad faggots thinktanking this place.
The old ways are mostly lost--because of that damn "NO SPOONFEEDING" shit that went too far.
I appreciate your poasts Anon.
File: gibz.png (364 KB, 392x592)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
I have always preferred being White, and I always will prefer being White; no remoralization is needed when it comes to me being White. That's not where the issue is at. The real issue is that the world is turning to shit because the mutts, Jews and faggots are running amok.

If you want to remoralize me, show me a news story that says all fudgepackers and sub-saharan Africans have been infected with a new and extremely aggressive variant of AIDS with a 100% mortality rate.
whites arrived to japan first, Japanese were just chinesse criminals sent to replaced and conquer whitepan (that's what it was called back then) whites invented anime first btw and tacos too.
>Just don't read /pol/ and your mind improves vastly
Oh if only it were that simply, once you know that the medical industry is corrupt and most doctors and the majority of mental health doctors can't be trusted, there's not much places to go to beside

File: cucknadia - Copy - Copy.png (208 KB, 1238x722)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
Actually fucking hilarious watching Canada go to shit.
Some of the most obnoxious, pro immigration at whatever the cost bullshit over the last few years has come out of two countries, Canada and New Zealand.
You fuckers deserve this shit, I hope full on Hong Kong $1000/month cages arrive on the streets of Toronto.
Enjoy your open borders.
47 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
They use some type of device that evaporates the air, I have almost suffocated to death randomly multiple times, I literally had to run for my life to find a place where the air wasn't evaporating, while having lie arsenic gad being sprayed at me.

My lungs have like been ruined I have asthma now where I did nothave any before because all thr gas is just so bad.

They started using the mental health act all the time, they literally just take people and throw them in institutions, they are basically like detainment facilities and again its based on their racism largely their Canadian swastika (or opposite swastika)

I have had people regularly trying to beat me up and harm me om the street.

Generally I think it doesn't even begin to start at whatever housing prices and the like, something else is obviously good going here, Canadians are fighting an ideological battle as reverse opposite nazis here.

I want to say since Canada is the second most progressive country in the world and that the liberal party could be social liberals and have been in the past along with social democrats, that it couldbe communism

I don't know for sure

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I don’t recognize my country anymore it has gone to shit since Trudeau and all this forced woke shit. They actually want to make it a criminal offense to protest drag queen story hour within a hundred ft of it

This country is lost and if I didn’t need the lackluster health care I would leave
Does Puerto Rico speak English? You people are retarded even if Germany had won the war they wouldn't have changed the languages of nations they took over. US took over Puerto Rico, still speaks Spanish over 100 years later. Also Germany was never a threat to take over anything in North America, the whole war was a sham from a North American perspective
>unaffordable housing
>Malicious government who hates Canada and Canadians
>mass inflation and increase costs across the board
>Pumping in millions of nigger jeets to every major city to prop up the ponzi housing scam

When I say pumping in millions of niggers, I mean you can go to a walmart in Niagara falls and not see 1 single white person the whole time. Not in line, not in store, not in the parking lot, not in the store across the street, not on the highway down. Whites are white flighting and gov is replacing them with more niggers. Niggers even say "Wow there sure is a lot more niggers here in Canada than I was expecting" when they show up, unironically.

File: 42536547.jpg (150 KB, 900x675)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
The modern dietary plan of 3 meals a day (plus snacks) is jewish pseudoscience to trick the goyim into consuming as much goyslop as humanly possible. THEY WANT YOU TO FEEL BLOATED, STUFFED, AND FULL, because you will lack punctiliousness, confidence, and will power in all your endeavours.
25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah drink plenty of water when you fast

and coffee is the more direct way to prevent gallstones from what I understand...
but I'm not a doctor.
Coffee with butter
Hearty meal

Simple as.
Not being able to go 24 hours with no food quite effortlessly implies that you're either using lots of energy, or your hormones and blood sugar is messed up, or you have a nutritional deficiency, or you have some medical ailment. After eating a nice dinner I usually don't get hungry for about 24 hours, if I eat anything during the morning with matcha/coffee, I'll have overnight oats for probiotic/prebiotic effects and some carbs to use in the earlier morning.
Fasting and other forms of self denial/discipline really seem to attract the Creator's attention.
Besides the benefits that other anons have mentioned, I also feel like so much of modern food has elements in it that are not good for the body that fasting is a temporary reprieve from said bad elements.
The absolute most French response ever. Based Garcon.

File: 1684943647291135.jpg (51 KB, 503x679)
51 KB
How true is it that women are basically NPCs?
Well they crave more attention to man but that is by design. The lord made man to explore and to be alone but adam felt that lonesome and asked the lord for companionship then made eve to accompany adam it's just how she was made.

Ukraine receives weapons from 30+ countries. Russia gets weapons from 2-5 countries and not donations.
206 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
Who is this semen receptacle
Pretty much this. Half of China's income is exports and depends on having a Yuan pegged lower than the dollar. Their other source of income is debt trapping retarded third worlders.

They just don't get it.
>A German guy pays a Polish bitch $200 dollars for a special "massage".
The German guy spent $200.
The Bitch got $200 to spend on streaming subscriptions. Except for taxes, no value was generated (the government will spend these taxes on bullshit anyway).

>Meanwhile Dmitri pays Vladimir $200 to buy the Kalashnikov his factory made
Dmitri spends $200, gets a Kalashnikov to hunt, kill or even sell again. He gained value.
Vladimir's factory gets $200 to invest and build more kalashnikovs. He also gained value.
An item that did not exist here before was phisically created.

Services, ESPECIALLY digital services like ads, streaming, etc generate NOTHING. You pay a streaming service, can you sell it later? Can you use it to hunt or kill?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Why can't Ukraine fight its own wars? They started this shit by abusing ethnic Russians in the Donbass region after the obongo admin overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine and replaced them with good goys.
Applying a labor based or entirely commodity based theory to modern economics is sort of a moot point in the digital age. As long as money can easily circulate it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. If you buy a burner, don't expect to be able to pawn it off for liquor money.

File: 1685179803090038.png (497 KB, 783x1114)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
Why is narcissistic personality disorder so common among the black race?

30 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Every europoor who lusts over black women should be assigned one of these
File: 1602807626908.jpg (96 KB, 890x656)
96 KB
this is real bullshit here!
there are all sorts of neurotic or manic personality disorders where the person has no idea how their actions are being perceived compared to what they think they're acting like.
Why is she more hysterical than the guy actually in trouble?
I'm black myself and I always say the problem with blacks isn't the men it's the women and the children they raise.
A symptom is a lack of empathy. All blacks lack empathy. They are all halfway there by virtue of birth.

File: IMG_1441.jpg (87 KB, 558x744)
87 KB
Good night sweet prince
78 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
In remarks to U.K newspaper The Times, Lukashenko encouraged citizens to drink vodka (unless working) and visit the sauna at least twice a week to stay healthy.
File: medvedev.png (903 KB, 820x692)
903 KB
903 KB PNG
>Medvedev's current job
>Lmao only fags get fucked by trannies
As opposed to... the straight guys who fuck trannies?

Where were you on 9/11?
43 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
In my middle school classroom with a teacher that literally said he was in the CIA. After we got to high-school, He got canned or disappeared. Rumor was he was being inappropriate with a slightly retarded girl.
shitposting on /pol/
i was getting ready to go to middle school when I heard the news on the radio i turn on the tv just to see the towers collapse on tv. not gonna lie i felt like someone just shot and killed a relative or a good friend.
On that fateful day of September 11, I was merely eight years old. It was a typical school day, which began with the usual struggle of dragging myself out of bed and ambling down the stairs. Not a morning person, even at that tender age, I often found myself being the last to join my family's morning routine.

That morning, however, the atmosphere at home was palpably different. My family was huddled around the television, engrossed in a discussion about the unsettling news that had shaken our world. Their expressions and tone conveyed a somber gravity that was alien to our usual morning cheer.

As I embarked on the familiar bus ride to school, the buzz of the chatter among my peers was unlike any other day. The usual playful banter was replaced with confused whispers and hushed discussions about the incident. The innocence of our childhood was, for a moment, overshadowed by the grim reality that had unfolded.

In the confines of our school, the classes were far from typical. Instead of indulging us with the familiar academic routine, our teachers took it upon themselves to gently explain the gravity of the situation to us. They transformed our classes into a forum for sharing our feelings and thoughts, a psychological debriefing of sorts. This was an unprecedented event in our young lives, and their approach was a testament to their commitment to guide us through these testing times.
File: sacrifice.jpg (204 KB, 991x1457)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
if you ever knew your friend was actually faking their death and was only cutting of a fingertip. it was actually your friends innocence that was being sacrificed.

Is this guy based or cringe?
he's very okay. like styx good news source but his ideology is shit
Ideologically he’s retarded and keeps idiots on the Republican plantation

Whats your excuse for not being a communist /pol/?
40 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Communism os outdated. A theory by a XIX philosopher has been taken as truth, and disregards a lot of economic evidence, such as classical Microeconomics, the history of the Soviet Union, Argentina, USA, China, etc
Marx never came up with enough stuff to constitute an ideaology.
Nor did Engels, nor did Weber even.
"Marxism" isn't real and is a rather embarrassing boogeyman by the right.
It's Leninism/"Marxism"-Leninism, Maoism etc.
The history of communism is a long sequence of temper tantrums. Humanity progressed from being at the mercy of rain to escape the famine to AI chatbots for everyone. Every step of the way where there was progress, they coped and seethed, to the point of throwing science out because it was oppressive, and truth as an objective concept.
The same happened with other religions, it happened with christianity when Charles Darwin discovered evolution. The distinction between communism and the other religions becomes blurrier the more you look into it. As such, asking someone why they are not communist is an uneducated question. It is like asking why I am not a Christian. Have you not been watching the shitshow? It makes more sense to assume that I know the faults of Christianity and communism, and ask me why do I still support either.
The point is not that believing in communism or Christianity makes you a retard, though it strongly suggest it. Who knows, maybe there are strong reasons for it. There are strong reasons to be a Christian (a reasonable one, not one who accepts the bible literally, with all its myths and fables). Surely there are non-retard communists, who believe in some kind of wealth re-distribution, but it is to them that you must ask "why are you a communist".
File: leon_degrelle.jpg (69 KB, 800x602)
69 KB
This. Did all the mandatory conditioning, even had a few suggestions. Turns out its a kike death cult that only hires butt-mad race mongrels. Khazar milkers is a myth and friendly terms with le happy merchant is an exercise in subversion and interrogation.


>Abdul Hamid Khorasani's message from the Taliban's oppressive commanders to Iran: Do not test our power, you are behind the curtain with the Westerners, we are real Muslims, if the elders of the Islamic Emirates allow us, we will conquer Tehran...
110 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do it faggot
Taliban banned those things both times they came to power, NATO zogbots allowed them for 20 years.
iran should conquer afghanistan, they're the same people
Afghans already have loads of high-tech US weapons. Now they're going to have Iranian nukes.
The time to worry is now.

File: 1685193863817029m.jpg (55 KB, 1024x764)
55 KB
Who is the biggest fucking glownigger right now? It's between these two for me. Elon Musk rules Twitter and Tim Pool rules Youtube. Both with their glowing iron fists...
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds based. I'll take ten
The people spamming the go to Target pretending to shop threads.
>tim pool
you're a complete retard
theres something evil about chips in the brain. biblical evil
What does his say?
I mean that he is the biggest glownigger influencer on the platform. People come from far and wide to hear is milquetoast opinions.

All because the country doesn't have enough BBC.

How do POL chuds feel knowing that Japanese women are patiently waiting for the first boat of African refugees to arrive?


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