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File: D1pwqfSX0AE4sDH.jpg (42 KB, 640x480)
42 KB
Seems quiet out there.

File: 1528145474381.jpg (102 KB, 660x689)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Curly hair is an indication of lots of protein bonds, straight hair lack of protein. Straight hair is a recessive trait caused by inbreeding of the same family genetic pool.When you have a tribe procreating within that tribe, you are inbreeding with family members. The result are Pale skin, ( Lack of Melanin) Blond hair ( Lack of Melanin) Straight hair ( Lack of Protein) Blue Eyes(Lack of Melanin). Everyone as blue underlay in their eyes it only visible when you lack melanin.The Zoos around the world creates white Lions and Tigers by inbreeding father and daughters or mother and son.

There is no such things as race, race implies competition, and when Darwin and his cousin came up with term race he was implying that there are many different species on the planet competing for dominance, the Pale tribe was winning the race. The truth is that there is only one human species on the planet. It’s a biological impossibility to have two distinct species procreate together. A dog and a cat are two different species and cannot procreate. The mere fact we can all procreate; makes it a biological fact that we are all one people.
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Thank god I'm a LATIN BVLL and not a snow nigger.
bone structure, neoteny, differences in hormones, literally different brain shapes
>b-but race is just skin deep.
>Damn East Asians must be european, they skin is pale, and up north, they have blue and green eyes, and blonde and red hair.

These faggots love diversity so much they try to destroy it and say it's not real or it's unnatural.

Doesn't know about neanderthals, cro magnon, and denisovans.

This guy is a fucking retard, jesus christ.
File: 1585771884037.png (288 KB, 983x911)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Then explain to me why nigger tribes that have done nothing but fuck their sister moms for generations are all still niggers and not at least spics by now?
Did you forget to take your meds?

>race implies competition

And there is currently a competition among the hominid species for domination of the Earth. If you cannot see this, you are in denial of biological reality. The Chinese are winning so far. The'll be last man standing.

File: nvPsK0CL_400x400.jpg (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
Bow down to me, /pol/

File: the internet.jpg (3 KB, 122x67)
3 KB
found george floyds imdb account: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11618339/

Even pewdiepie cucked.
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Shut up and make me routers
you shut up and read a book, no not mein kampf
who is this poopoo guy anyways?
For My Legionaries, then?
Huh. There's the George Flyod tag, but there's no BlackLivesMatter tag at all

File: 1588961939020.png (263 KB, 460x462)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
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>Lets make it so only people willing to survive on 30k$ a year are police and see how that turns out

leaks destroy property you dumb faggot
so are we gonna go back to a timeline like red dead redemption or earlier, where you had to take the law into your own hands most of the time? It seems to me that is what they are suggesting, go back to a time like the 1700's
>>If you defund a hospital, you get worse medical care and lower quality doctors

if you de-fund a hospital, you get private healthcare, which is of higher quality to public health care, and has much better equipment and personnel
so yeah, de-fund the police and lets see what PMCs stand up to take their place, roaming the streets in their Bearcats and securing the skies with their Mi-24s

File: coronablm.jpg (70 KB, 541x231)
70 KB
Cops would rather let protests spread coronavirus than allow protesters to protect themselves from a pandemic
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lol, im sure they did.
democrats would rather let protests spread coronaviurs than allow protestors to protest in homes and avoid destruction and unnecessary violence
No one cares about some random Jew on twatter
>still buying the coronahoax in June
I'd say its more so they cant hide their terrorist faces

File: Deplorables2.jpg (88 KB, 666x791)
88 KB
Who is this white boomer talking about?
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Yeah, Cheadle is about the biggest black cuck you can find in Pedowood
The democrats haven't produced 1 single likeable candidate since obama. Their best chance is trying hillary or convincing Michael to run
File: fuck-biden.png (600 KB, 1137x809)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
Plaster this shit on social media

File: holy fuck.jpg (55 KB, 592x459)
55 KB
This is not a joke anymore. We unironically can't let him get the nuclear codes:

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I'm gonna miss Biden posting when this is over
This. There's been plenty of real moments just as bad as that edited clip, where Biden could not finish a single sentence (though they didn't last as long as 2 full minutes). That's why I dont blame OP for falling for the edit.
wow youre right thanks satan
what the fuck
He's right though. Trump is a fucking idiot. That is literally the reason you elected him; to piss off the big brains in government. I voted Trump, voting him again, but the dude poured everything into his Luck stat, not Intelligence.

File: cuckservatives.jpg (53 KB, 750x688)
53 KB
how does one explane this?
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A shitty picture that makes no sense?
The best was when the anti-Nick Fuentes thread and some trap thread were side by side in the catalog. The cognitive dissonance on this board is unreal.
You guys picked the roman approach of things
>as long as you are the top you are still a straight man
Extremely based.
Ex consumer of trap. Men have been systematically emasculated. Traps are a sign of cultural death. Pornstars violently fucking them is the natural order reminding them they're dudes on hormones. The true nature of reality takes its toll on anons.
File: 1588555530379.png (1.32 MB, 2317x3119)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Dominating a feminine male that has willingly renounced his masculinity is innately alpha. The attraction is a symptom of the high levels of testosterone seen on the right.
Not everything is about muh dick though so I wouldn't advocate for it.

File: danscavino.png (199 KB, 603x523)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
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Is this Pence gathering his strength to fight against globohomo?
File: 1590646672637.jpg (116 KB, 1236x888)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>Trump better hurry up
>any day now....
>Whether it happens or not
what are you guys talking about? what happens? What does trump need to hurry up on what?

What is this post even about?
lightning striking those buildings is not that uncommon....the washington monument is struck constantly....
I think it’s about draining the swamp and the prosecution of the Clintons and Obama
literally who?

Are they trying to lie straight to our face?
Dude was known to be a drug addict and belonged to a gang that did home invasions and drug sales.

100 years from now will America even be remembered?
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I dont think so, the rugged american individualist spirit will live on, with or without niggers. If your parents are asking which country to move to tell them they can move in with you if things get bad and you will protect them and defend this country...in exchange for tendies of course.
Basically this. Rather depressing
Stay there please you are all the horrifying example of what happens when white people 100 commit to cuckholdry
>example of what happens when white people 100 commit to cuckholdry
Just like most of europe. We're all on the sinking ship. They're is no "you" or "i" in the death of the white race. Only thing to debate is which country dies first.
A failed experiment in the end.

File: waifu2.jpg (85 KB, 1080x1080)
85 KB
Hey /pol/ I'm new here, came here after literally seeing my entire social media feed go crazy. What are some good places to start for getting introductory redpills in general?
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>new here
>generic slide thread format
>fuck off
File: 1509507238033.jpg (201 KB, 821x1024)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Ultimate redpill. Memeflags get the gas first.
Half the US flags in this board are spics, kek.
File: rake.jpg (10 KB, 272x186)
10 KB
go back to canada

File: 1590980388087.png (114 KB, 300x162)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Listen here fags, as we all know one of the main "demands" from the lefties on this chimpout has been to get the police abolished on their cities, in some places, this has gained a lot of traction, what many of you and what these leftist retards don't realize is that this would be one of the biggest, strongest, girthiest, reddest pills to have been forced down peoples throats, why? It's simple, with no police the nignogs and other criminals will be able to run around with impunity, it will be riot status 24/7 this will have 2 possible outcomes:
1- People will cry for the police to come back which would, in turn, prove that niggers are a dangerous species which needs to be controlled
2-People will be forced to defend themselves and will learn the value of firearm ownership (extremely unlikely considering how many have been thoroughly demoralized)

Now the way we go about this is simple, we make as much noise in favor of abolishing the police as possible(memes, shitposting, the usual stuff). It doesn't matter if this fails or not because we will win either way.
>No cops= wild unchecked nignogs
>Normies realize we are fucking with them and abandon the no police demand=Cops still get to run around killing niggers.
>Normies realize we are fucking with them and butthurt will ensue on social media

tl;dr: let's take over the "abolish the police" narrative for the lulz

File: 75hiM6C.jpg (48 KB, 585x501)
48 KB
File: run.png (336 KB, 727x407)
336 KB
336 KB PNG

File: 0.jpg (34 KB, 1079x607)
34 KB
>guy gets shot at Denver protest
>protesters immediately call the police
>protest the police when they show up
What the absolute fuck

Livestream of the incident is still going:

Bumping because this just boggles the mind
Guy confirmed to be dead
File: larp2.jpg (1.24 MB, 2576x1932)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Thanks, glad someone got a clip

>the nigger fears the dago
Watch this crying niglet get bitch slapped by an Italian Bvll for trying to rob his house.

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Truest statement on the Internet.
File: Dis raycis.png (16 KB, 589x152)
16 KB
>but my entire family doctors or engineers lmao I just don’t have the patience to be a doctor/dentist like my siblings did
Imagine having to look in fatties' mouths for your fucking career. And spewing a chipper patter all the time.
File: 1576815812996.png (31 KB, 597x281)
31 KB
The absolute STATE of these people
that grease ball was super ugly though, i say that a med bvll my self

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Nope in europe maybe. I talked to old greenparty boomers and they kept agreeing with me and said they afraid of the Negers. Unbelievable strong redpill
We are lurking. Do not worry. I'm calmly redpilling fence sitters during private face to face conversations....
I think so anon
Kneel before your god emperor heretic!
same here anon. keep up the good work.

File: 1591325404084.jpg (150 KB, 1079x1116)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Operation Captain Picard.
Ok we are getting coal burners to shave thier heads, then we accuse them of being skinheads and report them to thier workplaces/schools.

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