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File: EVt0ilgWAAAfBnj.png (227 KB, 1200x787)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
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>TFW I'm a minority in my own jew experimental country AKA America and I cope saying that we have a higher rate of "germanic" features.

Why am I not surprised that all of you insecure trash subhumans have to resort to shallow traits in order to "prove" the definition of whiteness? If being white means accepting jews and niggers as your overlords, then we meds want nothing of it. Call us swarthy or whatever you want, we won't get replaced, you will.

Pic related is proof that we are the real definition of a superior civilization, you'll never ever in your lifetime or dreams come close to our greatness, a cultural heritage worth to be proud of. What do you have on the other hand? Niggers on the TV, niggers destroying the few pathetic statues you have and replacing them with el negro floyd instead.
>Built for BBC

You're actually the worst. Besides, this thread was concerning meds and northoids, but you mutts felt the need to come post due to your insecurities, jesus christ, this is the reason of why this site is gold, you're all a bunch of pathetic losers filled up with insecurities.
As a Greek I've no issue with all kinds of Europeans, but a big FUCK OFF to all white nats from the US.
inferiority complex, meds haven't been relevant in 2000 years
>t. jew

File: 1627073007274.jpg (490 KB, 1280x1920)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
Free speech ends where violence starts.

It's not hard /pol/
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File: 1617106795376.png (188 KB, 631x513)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
Is that all she can fit in her mouth at one time?

Hah, amateur
>Free speech ends where violence starts.
it's true in a dramatic way because pro-censorship people will always resort to using violence to silence others thus ending free speech
Burger king fries are nice for burger king burgers
McDonald's fries go well with everything

File: based mexican.jpg (64 KB, 485x599)
64 KB
Is this Spanish woman based?

How are you fighting against the homo menace?
Link to the story...

As has been posted many times, Latinas are based and redpilled. Perfect for marriage and building families with.

Without extreme hardship coming back to humble people
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no, hardship is necessary
Whites are living in the illusion of a meritocracy and individualistic society while every other group advances itself through cronyism and government force.
We will when we kick out the (((bad actors)))
That's the social darwinism that they support and love.
Basically this

File: birthday.webm (559 KB, 576x1024)
559 KB
have there been any positive outcomes to mass incarceration?

or has it had an overall negative impact on society?

webm possibly related
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All mass incarceration does is breed new criminals. Either deal with the crime swiftly and justly or don't even bother.
>year old boys act like small girls and they wear rings and color their nails
>One day i will have to fuck one of them
Puajajajajaja that happens only in your satanist country in Spain children are completely normal. Get cucked.
>All mass incarceration does is breed new criminals.
This, death penalty gets rid of the problem quick and easy. When you know if you re going to commit a crime you re going to end hunged you think it twice.
>half the 12 year old boys act like small girls and they wear rings and color their nails
wow like they always had. It's funny to me that gen xers try to pretend goths and emos didn't exist
>but goth and emo wasn't gay!
yes it was

File: FBI warning.jpg (284 KB, 623x909)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
DID YOU KNOW THAT making a fake vaccine card is ILLEGAL? It's using a FEDERAL SEAL without permission from a FEDERAL AGENCY. Which is a big, big no-no. Carries prison time of up to 5 years and huge fines!

So, if you know someone who has a fake card or makes fake cards or has a jpg of a blank vaccine card on their computer, you OWE it to yourself and YOUR COUNTRY to REPORT THEM TO THE FBI, IMMEDIATELY.

"To report suspicious activity involving fake vaccination record cards, please contact the appropriate government agency in your state or jurisdiction, HHS-OIG (1-800-HHS-TIPS or www.oig.hhs.gov); or the Internet Crime Complaint Center (www.ic3.gov)."
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kek based
Hillary Clinton defense bro. I didn't mean too....

See? No crime committed.
>Doesn’t experimentation on people break the law?
I'm sure the feds will investigate themselves.
So there you go then, there's the confirmation and proof there is no fucking database for them to check against. As long as your card is the right size, on the right card stock, nicely printed, has your name and DOB with proper matching lot numbers that match the vaccination date (easily available thanks to vaxtards virtue signaling on social media) there is no fucking way for them to know its fake. No wonder they are so desperate to spread false information.
>federal seal
Oh no I guess they will have to slightly modify it so it falls under parody like all those fake government badges and IDs you can buy at any trinket store. Really throws a wrench in those no good fake vaxxer plans doesn't it?

File: 1612879144765.png (3.79 MB, 1498x1227)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB PNG
Trump lost.
You will never get a second term.
There was no fraud, he and Rudy made it up.
60 court cases lost.
DOJ investigation lost.
Recounts lost.
Election lost.
Trump pardoned NIGGERS and KIKES.
Cope, seethe, and dilate, Trumptrannies.
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Anon, please stop posting. I feel bad for you and I don't want to be mean.
Looks like papa nurgle in human form.
File: 1612254238502.jpg (62 KB, 618x455)
62 KB
trump bros... we lost
Cope incel there was fraud bigly and you got caught

File: 0_Jeff-Bezos.jpg (28 KB, 615x410)
28 KB
Is capitalism responsible for the concentration of wealth into a small number of people?
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Yes, of course.. the same "capitalists" who funded Karl Marx, and financed the Soviet Union from inception. Just because someone owns a bank does not make them enamored of a free market.

They weaseled their way into power here through progressive socialists.
do what?
Checked and true!
Did Jeff Bezos lock down America and force everybody to buy shit through his website?

File: tx dems.jpg (215 KB, 1200x900)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Use this bill as a template for either your state rep/state senator or yourself to fill out. WE COULD HAVE 30 GOP TRIFECTAS WHERE LARGE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS ARE MADE PUBLIC UTILITIES AND CENSORSHIP OF ANY VIEWPOINT IS ILLEGAL.

>Key points
>Makes social media platforms with 50m+ global users public utilities like phone companies where denial of service for inappropriate usage is illegal
>Allows a person and the state AG to sue in case of deplatforming, algorithmic demotion, shadow banning or ban
>If you cannot afford legal fees, tech company must pay for them
Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft have offices in GOP trifectas.(Even a remote city like Fargo has a Microsoft campus with 2000 people)
Pass this and at least a couple circuit courts will uphold it. They'll be forced to comply or have to withdraw from whatever state this law passes in.
Texas already is in the process of passing it(The senate voted to pass it) but if you live in any of these states, tell your state rep, state senator and the state house and state senate leaders to introduce and pass this
North Dakota

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Do-nothings threatening armed rebellion like you are the problem. If we cannot speak, we cannot recruit. If we cannot recruit, then we cannot consolidate the kind of power needed to affect change, armed or not. We need free access to social media to spread our ideas and recruit new members to the cause.
OP's plans are the only viable path to ensuring this happens, as far as I can tell.
look at them, they're so smuggishly elitist that they think they've seen it all so they don't even try to do anything but complain how everything after obamacare is shit and how it's way beyond their rainbow pride to "get down" on GOP level
I find it hilarious that they think breaking quorum will help them. Last time in 2003, they got wiped out. Polling show Texans are against it 2:1
Eat shit and die in a truck bombing.
File: b9d.png (148 KB, 610x613)
148 KB
148 KB PNG

File: 19182315122.jpg (118 KB, 660x690)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
is FvD going to save Europe starting with Holland of course?
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keep larping
File: eva yes yes.jpg (147 KB, 637x640)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
post proof you pathetic jealous manlet
Extreme inferiority complex
Adolf disapproves, shill.
The Serb is a massive incel. He's probably the guy who wrote an entire incel manifesto a few years ago, not even kidding.

File: steve-o.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
Why don't millennialls care about the environment?

File: 1627210954607.jpg (233 KB, 1200x800)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
This is the "people" that calls you racist/fascist/nazi on line.
That`s why is super easy to organize raids here.
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File: 17.webm (2.95 MB, 900x506)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB WEBM
mao already accomplished that
File: CULT.png (73 KB, 599x332)
73 KB
File: soy for anon7.jpg (584 KB, 1440x1440)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
>bro, i love pods
File: sloppyshop.jpg (87 KB, 700x393)
87 KB
wow. think about if all those fucking leftists were all coming on here at once and shilling.

File: E7Iynq_WEAEczmL.jpg (281 KB, 1170x1176)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
"This time you stay at home, not us"
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>dude trust me
>"This time you stay at home, not us"

Why didn't we say this to boomers?
Natural medicine works best if you take it immediately after getting an itchy nose or throat. If you wait until you get a fever it’s harder to impossible to recover fast

The vaccines contain Luciferese and or luciferin. Its bioluminescent. Its enlightenment.

>wanted to keep the niggers in American soil while Lincoln wanted to send them ALL back to Africa
Why do we like them again?
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"You see, one great lie that's been told in the 20th century is the manner and degree of the south's racism.

It is true that America has a complicated past of racism, and that the south had many lynchings.

It is deeply untrue that the north was not racist, of course. The north was white supremacist in true form.

The south was built upon racemixing, both in the early colonial period between settlers and friendly indians, and upon the complicated relationship weaved into the fabric of the life of a child born of a free man and his owned slave; a man who is a slave to his father, whom he is likely to love.

The south's racism is an acceptance of Caste systems, for every planted had a mulatto bastard, and this was well known amongst the owning classes.

Now, can you see? Do you understand what liberalism is?

Do you understand the North has been brainwashed by the Southern elites?
The south will rise again aka nigger lovers will love niggers again
They did hire american you moron. That's your gripe
I think what's meant to be said was they should have imported Europeans to work in American fields. Europeans refused for a bunch of sound reasons, malaria, trading one serfdom for another etc.

Is the world finally starting to wake up against globalism?
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Multiply those numbers by 10 & give them all guns and we might start to see some real change.
We'll know for sure if the people are willing to kill and die for their freedom if all else fails.


Bad news friend...
Maybe they release real shit now, to get people into scare mode again`?
>force vaccinations for health workers
Wasn't this sparked by Macron's introduction of a bill which would allow corporations to fire everyone who isn't vaccinated?

File: ERSCHUETTERND2.png (1.16 MB, 790x1414)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>English language analysis
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDSy4411WXQ [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUL86F5xErI [Embed]

>Meme Collections

>Thead OP pasta

>What do
Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Here ya go.
File: 1624906852554.png (253 KB, 878x1200)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
>snek giving you this look
uh oh
'Course. :)
File: speccie_henry-her-pet.png (50 KB, 478x433)
50 KB
>cooming to Jesus now
How is that better?

Useful + successful = attractive.
Kraut/pol/ was always the home of role models.



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Gods I hate it when she does that and licks over my glasses!! Positively hate it when they are smudged. :DD

File: kuva_2021-07-25_193303.png (895 KB, 601x603)
895 KB
895 KB PNG

A simple thought experiment can easily prove that we are much more than simply the sum of our particles. That we are much more than just biological machines trying to procreate.

You have a hungry animal, a wolf for example. You place food in front of the wolf. What will the wolf do? It cannot abstain itself and will eat. The wolf is under complete control of basic stimuli, without higher intelligent. It will act in the way that will preserve its body and give vital nutrients to it.

Now if you have a human, you for example. You can be however hungry as you please, but still consciousnessly abstain from eating. You can be on the very brink of dying from hunger and still not eat. It is Your choice. You are in control of body and mind.

Let's deconstruct the feeling of being hungry.
>You lack nutrients
>Your brain sends a signal to your stomach
>Your brain receives that signal
>You notice it

Who is the brain trying to signal to? This is an useless signal loop if you would only be the sum of your nerves and the brain. If you would not be something greater, the original signal to your stomach would pointless, since it is the brain that sent it in the first place.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
130 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
Cool story bro
Your anecdotes aren't proof that anyone should subscribe based on.
Knock yourself out
Remember, you're here forever
>There is more to lfe than consooming and filling our bosses pockets with shekels
I wholly agree with you there. However, please tell me what made you go back to Christianity. Why Christianity?
Why do you wear a name upon your posts? What are you trying to say with "How do you know?"

File: Future of Lockdowns.jpg (115 KB, 1180x1041)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Israel to go into mandatory lockdown *for the unvaccinated only*. Is this form of lockdown going to come to America and the rest of the globe?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Jews are pathetic.
I hope so. Lockdown is comfy as fuck.
Gods chosen people.
Good, The War is close at hand.
This. Last lock down was one of the best times of my life, I enjoyed waking up early in the morning and drink my coffee looking at the empty streets, also I got paid without working

File: venom.gif (1.12 MB, 480x200)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB GIF
Amyloids in the lung?
Amyloids in the nervous system?

Does the vaccine let me assimilate the prions? Make my cells generate chaperone proteins to make the prions work for me?
Please dont get vaccinated
People care about you
Think of all the good things in this world
You take the vaccine, then die.

File: rodrigo-duterte-gun.jpg (93 KB, 490x368)
93 KB
Based. That's the only way to deal with anti vax tards.

Mr Duterte, 76, said those who refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine would be arrested or face deportation during a televised address on Monday.

"You choose, get vaccinated or I will have you jailed," he said.

"I'm telling you those police jails are filthy and foul-smelling and police are slow to clean them. That is where you'll be."

He continued by describing the Philippines' COVID epidemic as a "crisis" and "national emergency".

"If you will not agree to be vaccinated, leave the Philippines. Go to India if you want or somewhere, to America," he added.


Reminder that the anti vaccine propaganda is coming directly from the CCP. It was established during the Trump admin that the CCP has been pushing the anti vax bullshit in order to weaken their adversaries.
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
One can only dream. That or they die on the plane where the blood clots form once reaching higher altitudes.
My only concern is for anyone that currently owns a Honda CR-V. Who the fuck is going to buy them all.
still not getting it hahaha
>"You choose, get vaccinated or I will have you jai

What was that?
File: end jewish bullshit.jpg (24 KB, 718x500)
24 KB
I can't stop imagining

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