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The sea has no borders and we need to project power in Africa.
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File: shellysproject.jpg (31 KB, 400x400)
31 KB
Also Asians!
Because no one wants to have a legal, foreign pacifyng force for the wrongthinking countries.
This is why jews were so handy and overrepresented in communist internal bureaus and units - these weren't their people they were brutalizing so they were very efficient and had no remorse.
UK will be dealing with white nationalists flipping shit, but eurotrash police will be roughing folks up with forced vaccines and financial extortion
We pay €17bln per year for immigration, according to the most recent estimate, with more than double that amount in 2015. For that money we could field an army that is like top 10.
>we need to project power
What do you mean by "we", Peasant?

I imagine the Remi's feet, after a long day of being a vampire, must be absolutely disgusting from marinating in sweat, grease and bacteria. When she removes her shoes at the end of the day, she probably gets flustered at just how smelly and toxic her bare feet are; her own body betraying all standards of decency by producing an unbelievably lewd and slimy, biohazardous zone of filth within her own footwear. Shoes designed to look pretty and appealing, now soiled and turned into unusable, smelly, ruined trash by her own festering feet. It's almost amazing how an odor so potent and foul can come from a girl so cute. What a contrast!

The contrast would be captivating. On one side, you've got her beautiful, pale, shapely, happy feet. They're works of art, and can arouse anyone with their perfection. On the other hand, you've got endless of amounts of a stink so foul it can make plants wilt and birds fall from the sky just by spreading her toes! Imagine seeing the Remi dip her feet in the ocean and turning it into a bubbling, stinky green mess with her odor and killing all the fish, or having her grab your nose with them and make you take deep breaths!

Remi's cute, pale, smelly, vampire feet!
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this is the most leaf thing I've seen posted all night

File: 1500414588678.jpg (155 KB, 751x1131)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Sakuya is best sdm member and best 2hu
I miss the schizo fascist flag poster that would never STFU about smelly girl feet and his pastas like this
he was the "i am iberian" poster too
God bless him wherever he is now

Here's the thing , whites are being persecuted in they're own countries so I don't want to hear from either religious leaders or people who are not racial realists and nonchalantly embrace diversity without acknowledging the problems that come with it because your a normie fag.

File: Petra5.jpg (3.94 MB, 1500x2000)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB JPG
It used to be cool and fascinating
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BC = Before carpenter
*Before Cikes
Mutt golem happened
I know, and if you say they are caucasoid then of course I agree with that, what I do not agree with is how those retards earlier were cherry picking images to make them look white the same way a nigger would cherry pick images of egyptian statues while ignoring the thousands of other images where the people look nothing like him
It has been in a long slow decline since roughly the crusades.

File: krauti-nam-nam.jpg (96 KB, 631x631)
96 KB

>English language analysis

>Meme Collections

>Thead OP pasta

>What do

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ich hab noch nen kalten Hering überm Essenstisch hängen. Sowie der Bäcker das Brot von letzter Woche wegwirft gibts wieder einen Gaumenschmaus.
File: Yeah.jpg (85 KB, 960x789)
85 KB
>Berliner Schulen bekommen kein Geld mehr – SPD verhängt Haushaltssperre
>Berlins Schulen müssen bis Ende des Jahres sparen. Das teilte die scheidende Bildungssenatorin Sandra Scheeres (SPD) am Montag überraschend Berlins Schulleitungen per Mail mit
>Es dürfen nur noch Ausgaben getätigt werden, „für die aufgrund bestehender gesetzlicher vertraglicher Verpflichtungen ein Zahlungsanspruch besteht“. Die Finanzierung neuer Ausgaben wäre nicht mehr möglich.
>Viele Schulleiter erhielten die Mail nur bruchstückhaft oder erst am Dienstag, also bereits einen Tag später nach Beginn der Haushaltssperre am 18. Oktober.

How do they only receive a partial email? I mean it's Berlin, so I'm not surprised, but how does that (not) work? What a magical place.
finally they've gotten Rainar Winklarson
schuhe sind eng etzala

File: 1634767290044.jpg (397 KB, 1080x1357)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
Bros. I used to hate living here. Life used to suck so much. But the country is fucking amazing right now and I seriously have never been happier. It all comes together now; the white ethnostate, but also high quality of life, and completely based and uncucked environment. Though there's a lot of leftards and gays, they don't run the country itself, and there are very few shitskins and next to no niggers, esp. outside of Warsaw

I am so happy. I know I've also just 40 minutes ago swallowed MDMA but also..I don't know, I just live in a paradise and can only pity you "enriched" pauvres..

inb4 Poland will get cucked in the future. No, don't you get it? As long as GERMANY is our neighbor, we won't get enriched, because shitskins will always choose Germany over Poland because "duh" (already present shitskin community + will remain richer+more generous gibs, for a long time)
It's awesome bros. It's like Eastern Europe when it comes to being an ethnostate (although russia isn't an ethnostate at all, it's a shithole) but also unlike Eastern Europe in every other way. If I was American I'd settle here, the lifestyle is a-ok. IM JUST SO FUCKING HAPPY BROS
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>nobody actually wants to migrate there
>we want to go Poland to have a better life
File: pobrane (2).jpg (7 KB, 197x256)
7 KB
Popatrz se jak brzydka, głupia i pojebana dziwka!
UBecy złapali te szmate i ją jebali jak kurwe uliczna a ona jeczała, wyła z rozkoszy.
A potem jej wybili zęby kolbą karabina! Hahaha brawo UB! To był szlachetny czyn! Podziwiam was!
A na koniec ja powiesili! Ale super! Co to sa za wspaniali ludzie ci UBecy! Dobrze że to zrobili! Niech żyją wspaniali boheterowie z UB!
Danuta Inka Śmierdzikurwa z ryja podobna całkiem do gówna!
good for you. (((they))) will try to come for you sooner or later but hopefully we have enough power to stop them by that point.
File: pg-24-krokodil-reuters.jpg (111 KB, 1200x819)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
heckin baste slavnigger?
enjoy the X. get outside. how can you even use a computer while rolling?
Warsaw is crawling with pajeets and joggers, there's more and more every time I pass by

File: wapo-mkultra.jpg (127 KB, 750x657)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Confession: when I first heard about "MKUltra", I thought it stood for Mortal Kombat Ultra, and the CIA was making people fight to the death.
At least it eventually came to light...if it happened in the CCP or Russia they would have kept it a secret forever. based freedom of information act

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>most vulnerable
Illegals? Even the lowest of blacks can easily get verified to vote
Who are these vulnerable people?
Freedom to vote doesn't mean freedom of having your vote counted.
Shut up nigger. This concerns americans not you, subhuman.
You faggot, your party relies on voter fraud.
Allowing voter fraud is the ultimate voter suppression.

She hates cops and wants that shithole to fail
File: Diversity_Fire.jpg (61 KB, 500x542)
61 KB
File: raycist.png (19 KB, 1200x800)
19 KB
Wait. Piggies are afraid of the jabbie? Same piggies that protect those who force them to get the jabbies?
Lads, I know most of you retarded mutt mutants "back the blue" which is completely retarded. Now is the time to force the piggies to pay. Feign outrage and claim that if they quit their job over a vaccine which is safe and effective, they are cowards, they lack civic sense of the importance of their duty for the community, they lack empathy with the community which they can infest with this deadly virus and that they are undermining the vaccination campaign as they cast doubts upon the producers.

Why did this faggot plead guilty?
You never plead guilty, even if you actually did it, because you VALUE your freedom, no matter what stands in its way.

No balls on this kid. Hope he gets raped in prison, he deserves it for not fighting for his rights.
He could've been based and made people seethe saying "Not guilty" to every count. I'd even take off that stupid fucking mask and smile (or better yet, not even bother wearing one into the courtroom) before beginning my 34 consecutive "not guilty"s were it me in his place. Fucking retard.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Anyone else think this might be MKUltra shit?
The demons told him to
File: pol-15.jpg (25 KB, 828x458)
25 KB
he's kind of cute desu
He looks fucking great. He looks happier and healthier than ever and he even has some confidence about him, you guys seen the video of him attacking that prison guard?

It isn't a little sniveling delusional faggot any more. Prison is turning him into a chad.
What do you think would happen if he pled not guilty?

File: file.png (400 KB, 800x350)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
this strikes fear in the american
299 replies and 180 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: yutgjfg.png (620 KB, 647x590)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
>minor external variation
You mean btween the A and G model? Yeah. Like I said.
And incomplete list of tech where the US followed others.
steam turbine
diesel engine
self-propelled torpedo
jet bomber (Ar 234)
jet fighter (Me 262)
flying wing (Ho 229)
night-vision device
torsion bar suspension
armored personnel carrier

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
How do you know whether they can or cannot?
File: N1M.jpg (43 KB, 500x389)
43 KB
>flying wing (Ho 229)
Stopped reading there. Jack Northop was working flying wings a decade befor the Horten brothers were flying their gliders.
It they could, they would. Show me they can. That hand pic too. And show that flag you're ashamed of.

File: 1634726055643.webm (1.29 MB, 538x300)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB WEBM
>Wow I'm such a good hero wooooaaaaww!!!
>I don't even comprehend what the substance they put into my body even was!
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File: cult.png (986 KB, 973x446)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
/pol/ might be autistic, but it exposes propaganda more often than it creates it. You have to decide for yourself what is reverse propaganda created by jews to gaslight and cause chaos and confusion. That's ultimately their goal, they know the more chaos they cause the more prominent the divide will become, and the more extremists it will breed. Neutral standing people are the biggest threat to them because they're the only logical ones at the end of the day, that being said though I take /pol/s word by default over the media, because it isn't relentlessly censored to hell. At least here you're able to find truth, even if you have to sift through the trash to find it, you can still find it. TV media is straight up propaganda brainwashing at this point, you should hear our Premier chanting her cult phrase every time she speaks on the TV
Trying to drill a message into people's heads by shoving propaganda down their throat lmao. Look at them, they even have a cult sign too. They try to say anti vaxxers are a cult yet look at the way they're standing making the sign while simultaneously trying to enforce dystopian ww2 style regimes. I think we all know who the real cult is here.
im not the one spouting anti vax talking points.
that little tidbit about isreal is pulled straight from threads on here months ago.
>that little tidbit about isreal is pulled straight from threads on here months ago.
Implying it's not true, pharmacuck? If the jab works, why are you jabbed cucks worried? Get the jab and shut up, we aren't asking you for anything.
pol creates a sense of distrust.
never got noided as much as i do now after being on pol since 2012.
it used to be funny having normies stumble in from /b/ and legit radicalizing them with all this jewish niggerdom and the only solution being facism.
now trolls have progressed beyond that now that they know they have the ears of billionaires and blowhards.
covid was 4chan propaganda.

any sort of exposure is developed solely by madness and not timestamps.
the extent to which pol exposes propaganda is some fuckhead posting about some nigged off public shooting or some doomer jesus christ bullshit about how we are all going to die.
you listen to billionaire faggots who are so desperate that they literally appeal to the lowest common denominator (you).
see you live through 4chan you project all the bullshit on here to other people.
i remember how hiding your power level was a thing, but now its all out in the open, becuase of all the shitposting addicts on here like have traded in the irl world with the world of wikipedia.

1. Shema 97 or similar mask. You can make a paper plaque mask, make a cowboy hat visored with mylar so you can see out and they can't see in.
2. Airport is very relaxed, mask off is okay.
3. When you get on the airplane, it's game time. Prepare for full-on retardation.
4. Scan your surroundings, see who is relaxed about masks or if you have any nosy vex rats around you.
5. The fight attendants are assholes, nine times out of ten. Don't be polite, don't thank them, don't even acknowledge them. Spreading bad will serves acceleration, plus it's dumb to act normal while we're being muzzled by the government.
6. Bring something to cover yourself up, a jacket, a trenchcoat, a sheet, preferably something breathable. You can use this to hide from the sky gestapo and take your mask off and sleep or whatever. Depending on whether your neighbors are cool you can open up your fort to them.
7. Bring lots of food and drink. I mean lots. You know the picture of the black lady with a ton of seafood on the plane? I'm talking that level. Preferably with knife and fork. They have this thing now they call "actively eating and drinking" and they train the flight attendants that if you're not taking a bite or a sip as they walk by they give you a hard time. I watched a vexxed eat a hoagie through her mask like a food bag, it was beyond disgusting. Don't do that, you can just keep nibbling on a carrot or a pretzel stick or whatever, cause you're not a retarded vexxie.
8. Make a mess, leave trash, nig out. Costs them extra to clean it.
9. They don't serve alcohol or hot beverages anymore - probably because it promotes "inactive drinking" - so bring your own.
10. Take off your seatbelt, put a jacket in your lap to cover it up. This is irrespective of mask bullshit, airplane seatbelts fuck up your spine.
11. If you're done with the BS, there's no law that says you can't ride out the flight in the bathroom. This also serves acceleration.
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Checked. She's extremely well-fed. You should see these people at Benihana, they get the works and run up a 100$ bill no problem (probably tip $10 if that)
File: joker-face.jpg (129 KB, 900x608)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I've never had lobster before but holy fuck does that look good.
I'm from Hong Kong and I'm telling you, you gotta try Stinky Tofu...although that's actually hard to find outside of Hong Kong, so..

DURIAN Fruit. I heard that a white man saw a bunch of Cantonese sniffing the fruit at a stand so he tried it too, and promptly passed out.
So it's not just me, she's staring at the camera like young Robert DeNiro is holding it.


goodnite gatchimuchi
The only fag I like desu


Terrible thread. All fields
I miss him, anons.




File: koo1iqn3g8t71 (1).jpg (74 KB, 640x728)
74 KB
262 replies and 64 images omitted. Click here to view.
Kek, would get deleted faster than /rAdolfHitlerWasRight.
File: 1625408455314.png (39 KB, 1045x343)
39 KB
You can see the difference in the side by side pictures right? The more recent one his cheeks are more sunken, like he wasn't eating as much.
Doubt it was the 'beetus. Don't know for sure though if he was fat or not before dying. Don't care enough to check either.
>I said this in another thread just now
>I go to every thread shilling the vax
KYS fucking faggot.
Fake and gay. He was an antivaxer. /pol/ antivax virgins once again confirmed retards.

File: 680ff44d10db62.jpg (511 KB, 1000x667)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
Vaxer are new Elites, the new "white people". Antivaxxers are new niggers, segregated ones.

Why you are nigger still?
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
COPE 2021: A New Frontier.
Vaxies are GMO abominations and not human anymore. Pureblooded niggers are a higher form of life than the jabbed.
File: 0f6.png (158 KB, 541x506)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Vaxxcattle forfeited their immune system to the pharma ponzi scheme. Enjoy your immuno-subscription plan. Gonna be fun to see how many of you ADEs will last.
File: 1-26143a.jpg (423 KB, 1137x809)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
it is, my sandnigger friend, it is ;^)
What the fuck are you talking about, there are no segregation laws here in Norway.

File: numales.jpg (136 KB, 960x886)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Why do these people use "incel" as an insult when they're not having sex either. I've never understood that.
81 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
Where did this face originate from? It's like duckface in 2006 but no one really does that anymore
it's called projection
And the guy on the left looks, “”Phoenician “”
this goy gets it
>inceldom is literally revolved around racism and misogyny.
do leftoids unironically believe this?
Anon has to be LARPing right?

File: FCMZu1tVkAY8HdL[1].jpg (80 KB, 828x728)
80 KB
Finally. Progress.
55 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not him but drivers do make better money than assistant managers without half the hassle. These days Dominos started putting up wages for drivers albeit on paper. The catch is that drivers who sign up have to basically do instore work as well to get that higher wage (like 10 quid or something as I remember). And instoring at Dominos is the saddest thing ever.
M2 money supply.jpg
Another product of communism: central banking.
das da funny
businesses will fuck ppl over soon as they can piece of shit should be 30 an hour
that's why you don't set a static number, but a % of inflation and all them things.

So Brian’s parents just let him go off into the woods with no precautions and let him die on his own?
Their only son was missing and they hardly helped with the search?
Something seems off here.
83 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don’t forget, somehow a 22 year old is living out of pocket with zero economic trail and no phone.
Stop projecting. I haven't lived with my parents since I turned 18.
File: 1616948501236.png (1.34 MB, 2416x1814)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Assuming the Kangaroo Gestapo approves your request to leave your home & your paperwork is verified at each checkpoint.
I wanna move back to my parents place :(
Living alone sucks when you get older.
>parents just let him
>and let him
Do you suppose his parents were in full control
of all his actions, and "let him" do what he did?

File: facepuck.png (980 KB, 1682x772)
980 KB
980 KB PNG
What's their new name going to be?
40 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Real answer: they're aiming for something related to their Metaverse thing, since they want to really double down on it lately.
Don't care, not using it.
Facebook is worth exactly zero.

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