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File: 1718698613835806.png (54 KB, 225x385)
54 KB
Why are timmycels like this?
>inb4 some coping retard claims it le joo
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training for bbc
the trailerpark chad
We need to include nose breathing, tongue posture and mewing in every primary/kindergarten school textbook .
Also essential looksmaxxing tips like low body fat, importance of childhood sports instead of study celling etc needs to be pushed by govt, propagandised if needed so that all children can grow to their full physical and beauty potential
What is that supposed to be?

File: 1716093953357954.jpg (936 KB, 1992x3000)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
Christianity is Spiritual Bolshevism...

The Bible is the blueprint for establishing Communism. Christianity was a pathological pacifistic psychological subversive instrument used to dethrone the Romans from achieving world domination. Christianity preoccupies its work in the metaphysical domain, inducing pacifism as a means to destroy any intrinsic instict to fight for survival. Then, once the masses are demoralized, Communism achieves its task in the mechanical aspect of the State. It's seeks to concentrate economic power into the hands of a ruling class, an international oligarchy. Without Christianity, Communism is rendered useless because if a people know their worth, know the God of their ancestors, and love the land in which they reside, then Communism will never grip its claws in the people. Communism is a symptom of spiritual demoralization caused by Christianity! Jesus was the first Communist.

Both Christianity and Communism share a common deep-rooted hatred against the rich. The purpose of Christianity was to eliminate class differences by instigating the working class against the intellectual class. This is the reason Christianity is against intellectualism.

Both Christianity and Communism are against racial supremacy and nationalism. Christianity is the reason for the abolition of race-based slavery. Christianity is the reason for open borders since it teaches that the world belongs to everyone.

Christianity and Communism share a common origin. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were the leaders of the Christian Communist Revolutionary Party, the real roots of Communism are Christian!
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Idf soldier tags their tank
How did everything begin without a creator? What created the creator?
Silence shitsoul.
it's not that the roots of communism are christian. they are just the same thing. christianity first updated itself to new testament from old to suit contemporary fashion and sensibilities. same with new testament>marxism dichotomy. but it ultimately died down with the renaissance(a return to european traditions and meanings) but since enlightenment went too far we are once again living through dark age hell of reinvented christcuckery(resentment towards the strong, victim fetishishes, transrights and other degenerate patterns)
Communism is a jew perversion, putting the state in place of the the church and taking money instead of accepting it. It's all part of the judeo-masonic project to undermine and destroy Christianity and the white civilization that was built on it.

File: 1718651325436335.webm (3.91 MB, 1080x1920)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB WEBM
This election cycle is like something out of a movie or novel. In one corner, you have the probably-senile Biden (with his competent advisors who will do their best by America). In the other, you have the Machiavellian wannabe-dictator Trump who will act in his own interest at all costs and against America's place in the world.

The debate will settle a lot of questions. If Biden is able to function as a normal human being, the Democratic party will rally around him. It all comes down to this, really.

If during the debate it becomes painfully obvious to everyone that he's suffering some kind of advanced mental degeneration, there'll come the mad scramble for a replacement. The problem is that there is no replacement. Biden won because he was literally just a placeholder for not-Trump. There is no heir-apparent or similarly milquetoast Biden Jr. The replacements are either products of the Left's ideological purity spiral (e.g. the very gay, and therefore very nigger-unpopular Buttigieg) or complete fucking failures like Kamala... the latter of which who'll suffer the literally unique humiliation of needing to remain on the ticket as VP to shore up the nig-appreciators but being so obviously unfit for the Presidency that she'll be an incumbent VP on the ticket with a junior Democrat running for President. It's the kind of humiliation no one else is likely to ever repeat.

This cycle is fucking crazy. There's never been anything even close to it.
Yeah, thats crazy. Im voting for Trump, btw.

People constantly say that there's no justice and payback yet we are experiencing it in real time. We are experiencing extreme despair because of the choices of our ancestors made and only we can make the world a better place. Why all of that happens, lets see:
>people made fun of gays instead of helping them which wouldn't exist in the first place if they didn't create them as it is an illness that would be an extreme anomaly in any healthy population
>people made fun of whores instead of helping them which wouldn't exist in the first place if they didn't create them as it is an illness that would be an extreme anomaly in any healthy population
>people made fun of addicts instead of helping them which wouldn't exist in the first place if they didn't create them as it is an illness that would be an extreme anomaly in any healthy population
>people made fun of shy, lonely, traumatized etc. men instead of helping them which wouldn't exist in the first place if they didn't create them as it is an illness that would be an extreme anomaly in any healthy population
>people made fun of non-whites instead of helping them and making them go back to their countries which wouldn't be here in the first place if they didn't put them here as it is unhealthy for them to live in a different continent
Literally everything is just a payback for the suffering humans allow and cause. The second you turn back to a problem it always becomes a trend because like everything else, it's a symptom of something going wrong in your society. You laugh and don't help someone who had the misfortune to become something you don't like, in a generation of two it's the norm. The jews would have zero power if people had no vices, if anything they would become civilized themselves because after all, they are primitive people. 1/2
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A children reaping a suffering for sins of their fathers and mothers is not justice, souless faggot.
>>people made fun of gays instead of helping them which wouldn't exist in the first place if they didn't create them as it is an illness that would be an extreme anomaly in any healthy population
Faggots are also faggots in figurative sense, they are genuinely repulsive people.
>>people made fun of whores instead of helping them which wouldn't exist in the first place if they didn't create them as it is an illness that would be an extreme anomaly in any healthy population
Whores are extreme normalfags and normalfags are monstrous beasts.
>>people made fun of addicts instead of helping them which wouldn't exist in the first place if they didn't create them as it is an illness that would be an extreme anomaly in any healthy population
Same as above.
>is not justice, souless faggot
Did you even read the whole post? These people allowed that to happen and these are the consequences of their choices.
>they are genuinely repulsive people
>normalfags are monstrous beasts.
>same as above
You talk about other people being soulless faggots yet you're the who acts like an NPC and doesn't even read the whole sentences. These people have been made this way. Would you think the same way if you turned out like that because of the conditions you lived in?

File: IMG_5902.jpg (389 KB, 750x561)
389 KB
389 KB JPG

Or is there another solution to this problem?
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Nigger bulls should be banned. Nigger bull owners should be put into forced labor camps.
Yes, total shitbull death
Christian chivalry says women cannot be charged.
The other woman they talk to says the dog was pretty friendly right up until the point that the owner tried to give the dog benadryl. It sounds like the dumb bitch got the thing high by accident and it went apeshit.
File: smiling.jpg (25 KB, 225x224)
25 KB
awwww he is smiling, dont be shy anon, go and pet the pupperino

Take a tribe of sub-saharan niggers and move them to the north of Scandinavia.
Don't let them blend with indigenous Scandis and keep them alive with food and shelter.
How long will It take for their skin to adapt to the lower levels of vitamin D available?
What are the political implications when niggers can't survive north of Germany and are vitamin deficient even during summer?
Protip: why are modern day Australians still white and need sun block?
Is this a self correcting problem?
Also. They don't interbreed as much as you would think. Most niggs fuck niggs.
22 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1718675019366825.jpg (21 KB, 406x488)
21 KB
Yes you are correct and I agree with you. Also the reason why we are not lactose intolerant is because we had to keep livestock that produced milk during the long winters. It was easier for us to feed grass to kattle since we are unable to extract the nutrients from it compared to cows. So they can't drink milk to restore their loss of calcium due to vitamin d loss
File: indian albino fam 2.jpg (42 KB, 750x500)
42 KB
Its relavent chudcel. How are you any different than a kike. You are the same shit retard. Kikes have some ancient hokey religion where they pretend they are the best and everyone must serve them. That is exactly what you crackers want for yourselves. They just beat you to it. Kikes are bad,sure. But they are just turbo whites at the end of the day, they whites, they are semetic. YEs crackers you came from the middle east, as the descendents of nomadic albino tribes. Yet you larp. Yet you lie. You simply cannot handle the truth. Cuz your hoity toity huwhite christianity systematically annihilated all your pagan ancestors from europe. Your a rootless slave people just like the jews. Just following your hokey monkey COPE religion to hide from the fact youre just a mutant monkey.
Modern healthcare has been around for a 80 if you're generous.
Says right here you will be dying from loneliness chud.
Huh. SS Arab. I'll be damned.

Mid level glownigger here. Just putting out a warning about an incoming false flag (in hopes of preventing it). I don't have all the details and I've heard about 5 different versions of what's allegedly going to happen.

But the jist of it is this: a car, or multiple cars, will enter the car deck of one or many of the cruise ships that circle the baltic sea. These have hundreds, sometimes even thousands of passangers onboard.

The cars will be filled with explosives. Security is extremely lax, cars are often not checked at all. Once out at sea, they will be detonated. Likely thousands dead.

9/11 tier shit.

Who will be blamed? Russia. What will be justified? Direct involvement in Ukraine. Nordics + baltics send their troops down there, French likely joining in.

Strap in folks, because shit's about to get fucking real.
102 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
>no russian
>Timothy mcveigh destroyed an entire building with a truck full of fertilizer
he doesn't know
Don't care, still going to stockholm with a cruise ship.
>Estonia again
Gay as fuck, they're even rebooting false flags these days, the creatively bankrupt fucking glowniggers.
this is almost a 1-1 copy of the znpp false flag "leak"
time to watch pol take is 100% seriously

File: IMG_2592.png (171 KB, 1151x866)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
>Another day, another escalation
- Pro-Palestine protestors had occupied and barricaded Amsterdam Science park and did shield training, but have left after threats of the riot police. Cameras also sabotage d (based)
- More people die of 'EK stress', has nothing to do with the COVID vaccinations though, believe us cattle!
- Bread and games: Poland - Netherlands, 1-2. UNVACCINATED CHAD scores winning goal
- Marjolein Faber will remain candidate minister of migration after ‘crises’ debate
- King: any civil servant that doesn't want to work with the PVV can find a new job
- Gidi Markuszower (MOSSAD/Shin Bet) not minister nor vicepremier after background check by the AIVD, no shit
- Students want to continue pro-Palestine protests, citing that nothing can stop them
- 25% of the police is sometimes being threatened by 'criminals': name, address, license plate, children's school known. Mental pressure cause them to be more restrained in their work. Good. Think about this fuckers when you pull people out of their houses for a draft/forced vaccinations
- Literal glowie prime minister Dick Schoof (NCTV/AIVD) and possible vice minister Gidi Markuszower (MOSSAD)
- NCTV: terror risk has been elevated because of jihadists, 'right wing extremists' and antifa
- Cybercriminals are increasingly more armed with firearms and becoming more sophisticated, using OSINT to improve their phishing attempts on their victims. Not that Dutch IT security means shit
- More and more aggression against regime officials and public servants, system hate is now normal
- NCTV glowies: ‘pepe is an extreme right meme’ and funny
- 18% is for overthrowing the government system, 6% even thinks violence is allowed
14 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Koek! Kankermooi broer
File: pepetime.jpg (102 KB, 440x509)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
File: 00890-2655062309.png (418 KB, 512x512)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
What's going on with Baudet ?
Publically emberassing his guests by raging against Ralph and Tom Zwitser.
Is he getting too cocky ?
He really needs to learn to control his outbursts or he'll end up a one man party.
File: gideonpilled.jpg (92 KB, 544x540)
92 KB
What Thierry fails to get

-AIVD works for the King, not for the government. ( Actually they spend a lot of time snooping on members of parliament )
-Bitcoin is ridiculously inefficient, every transaction costs a shitload of money ( 2000 dollar minimum ) on energy consumption to solve the blockchain puzzle.
-Our Money is based on the value of 1 hour of labor by 1 man ( this was introduced by the Nazis ). Devaluation of money is used to increase export so to devalue the money they import cheap labor immigrants.

File: GNXHA8VWAAAt0po.png (367 KB, 860x801)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Europeans want less immigration and wanted that for generations now, but everytime right wing party wins on less immigration promises nothing happens in a best case scenario and even more immigration happens pretty much every time. There must be something behind this. One thing to consider with right wing parties is the influence of big bussiness and property owning class they are big donors to them and they dont want prices of their property to drop and also want cheap labour something that isnt going to happen with low birth rates, then we have the system of asylum law which dictates to take basically anyone in and its enshrined in international treaties that form the backbone of EU (we are never getting rid of that), long march through institutions including courts made it pretty much impossible to change the law cause some communist judge will just strike it out, other thing I think plays a role is social security system but that argument is too retarded even for them since most immigrants are on benefits anyway. Saying its the jews doesnt solve anything cause the main belief our culture is based on now is the holocaust so we are never getting rid of jewish influence, so please tell me what believe is behind this constant influx into Europe and what arguments can we used to destroy this believe. Basically what is your save Europe plan that isnt about jews.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
White people won't exist in the future so your argument is invalid. Human rights are for people that exist. You don't see dodo bird, mammoth, or unicorn activists out there, do you? No? That's because those things are dead and gone, just like White people will be in the future. Only nonwhite lives (the kind that exist) matter.
Your digits did not save you.
Ok, nigger. Congrats with the victory.
File: 1628471228300.png (160 KB, 1209x1106)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
>that dont involve the jews
what kind of faggot cope is this
File: ir.jpg (334 KB, 1902x847)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
>Goyim, it'sn ot the jews

>jews start wars and send millions of Arabs to Europe

>Hamas kills jews

support Hamas

File: GQHs38gW0AACgHP.jpg (276 KB, 1427x1066)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Hindus in UK have launched an ethnic party that now seeks to influence british government, chief among their demands is that Hindu temples must be protected and get government funding coz both mosques and synagogues get it too.

Thoughts /pol/? Will UK really end up with various ethnic parties allying out of convenience to govern white majority?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Pakis out
Hindus out
Kikes out
Wogs out
Ching changs out
"Turkish" out
Good. With anti-Islam sentiment already high as is these demands will only further increase the hatred of nonwhites.
time to start burning their shit down. kill all jeets. kill all muslims. kill all jews.

this is the electoral map as of right now according to real clear politics averages for each state
195 replies and 41 images omitted. Click here to view.
retarded enough to believe politics matters
Zuckerberg snuck in $120M in absentee voting machines before a ban in Wisconsin. It's a solid blue state now, and Michigan votes with them.
File: file.png (62 KB, 833x691)
62 KB
it's pretty amazing to me that they're probably going to send trump to jail over whatever bullshit crime they finally managed to ping him with, and somehow betting odds still have him as the favourite.
sentencing is in july or something? tempted to bet on joe biden but i'm not sure he'll even survive til the election because he's so damn old
File: IMG_1718.jpg (54 KB, 860x573)
54 KB
I fucking hate parents, especially American fucking parents and those who post their children online for fucking internet fame and clout, I saw a family just fucking 24/7 stream and film their toddler who is suffering from cerebral palsy fucking putting their stupid fat camera into the kids face, the fucking infatuation people have with seeing their children as nothing but little entertainment fucking goblins just makes my fucking blood boil, the FUCKING amount of parents that only have children due to tradition or just because of an accident are insane, ah no let’s not have children to further our legacy or you know MAKE SOMETHING THAT WILL BE THE ONLY SOURCE OF JOY IN YOUR FUCKING LIFE. Fuck parents, if you want to know why everything is fucked: PARENTS TERRIBLE AWFUL FUCKING NEGLECTFUL ABUSIVE CUNT NIGGER FAGGOT PARENTS.

File: Lego.png (2.55 MB, 1114x1328)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
Too soon lego
Too fucking soon
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
go assemble a meatballs and eat a computer desk
File: IMG_3040.jpg (827 KB, 1686x1489)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
It almost ended up looking like this. How did globohomo not ram this thru for once?
>go assemble a meatballs
Good morning ser.
That looks cool.
File: 1717665338354221.jpg (131 KB, 1063x1060)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
For me, its this

File: 1666733062722853.jpg (53 KB, 600x600)
53 KB
I dont remember all of it but part of it put me in the shoes of some teenager years ago who was kidnapped and sexually abused and forced to torture a guy (who enjoyed it) to death
That guy later hunted me and tried to force the things he did on me too
he got me multiple times but the dream did not stop when I died I was brought right back to before he got me untill I managed to somehow get away from there
it might not sound so bad from the way I have described it, but there was something very wrong about this experience and I usually cannot remember dreams with such detail
23 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I am the Second Sun.
I had a dream about working out inside some military base or something similar to it.
But it was all fuzzy so I doubt it was some transhuman jewshit involving a real scenario.
Pluto never existed

Double blind study confirmed that Covid mRNA vaccines cause cancer. Bros are there any refunds?

96 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
got your hecking sciencerino right here broheim
>Cardiac side effects of RNA-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccines: Hidden cardiotoxic effects of mRNA-1273 and BNT162b2 on ventricular myocyte function and structure
sit down before you read it, have some nitro ready, wouldn't want anything to happen to you suddenly and unexpectedly
tumor weeks?
You are in every vax thread - you seem scared, took at least 3 didn't you? God it sucks being such a booster licker.
he is an ASIO nigger

File: 1716036139484279.jpg (169 KB, 972x1068)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
much easier than you think sistas
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
They're not humans. You shouldn't have to pay for their labor
we could easily solve the problem by forcing them into work camps. the ones that arent too fare gone can change and contribute to society. it will give them an opportunity to get clean. hell, they can even get paid for their work. but what do i know im just a stupid nazi. handing them free needles and letting them camp in the streets is the much smarter approach i am sure
they're always finding weapon stashes in homeless encampments. someone is definitely way ahead of you
hopelessness is also a drug, you have to deal with burnout, betray people one time too many and see if they ever want to give a fuck for the aspirations of some short selling greedy cunt or society as a whole, too many blackpills and everyone can fuck off and die.

File: unvaxxtard.jpg (1.13 MB, 2048x2048)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
I quit coming to /pol/ after I realized 90% of the threads are blatant shilling of unvaxx narratives to no end.
I was here a lot over the past three years and the unvaxxed community was a major factor in my decision to not come here anymore. Vaxxtards did to an extent as well but UNVAXXEDtards are worse.
Someone could give a long drawn out and factually accurate explanation of what would have to happen for the Vaccine to even kill a million people and why it was fraudulent. The post would get a dozen responses of
>stay vaxxed
>when you know you know
>he doesn’t know
>keep coping faggot
>you'll drop dead by next month
>100% eoy everybody dies
Or some equally long schizo post explaining numerology, using bible scripture and random posts here explaining how by the end of year deaths we'll be in the billions.
Here we are.
After seeing the dump in excess deaths today I came here just to watch the seething and suicide letters. It’s beyond EOY, the vaxxed didn’t die (fortunately), no more use cases and all the dirty laundry is out in the air now.
It’s not the AIDS apocalypse, it will not be the End Times Zombie apocalypse. The world will not be dropping dead (as was obsessed over for months/years) it will be going on as usual with no major happenings or events.
I will enjoy watching unvaxxtards burn every step along the way.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You are the retard bots protocols of zionn vaccines aka the blood sludge are not preventative not medically coined and psychotically enforced they dod not nm prevent what they claim to prevent you are discredited and lacking any senses
lol op vaxxed confirmed, brain clot activated
seeth harder, kike
I wonder if this is usual 1 post by this id or legit zealot.
But lets unpack your post.
A atheistic nuspeak for heretic.
>the vaxxed didn’t die (fortunately)
A gullible and fanatical retards reciving death and suffering as reward for their retardation and fanatism is good thing.
Either way cope and seethe, no refunds.
It was fair to assume at the time.

File: 1718693989761.webm (1.84 MB, 480x852)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB WEBM
Canada is lost.
42 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
The whole population of Canada is less than 40 million, in India each year 25 million are born.
They haven't started riding on top of the trains yet. It's not really home for them yet. Let alone the countless corpses on the tracks.
Feels good not going the cuck of the world anymore
Theres so many worse places these days
Saar those are pakis Saar!
lol. jeets literally go missing in my neighbourhood constantly. they make better target practice than gophers and killing them HELPS the world lol. fuck all jeets, rag heads included. all can fuck off or be sent back to india in pieces. up to you. kike trash culture, kike trash country.

Is the internet the mark of the beast? the letters that mean she, is it www?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
23rd letter of the alphabet. It's a hint.
Welcome to the Grand Grimoire.
there is no mark of the beast.
You're believing in schizo jewish ramblings from 2000 years ago.
File: 1717050959847020.gif (111 KB, 1356x1050)
111 KB
111 KB GIF
the mark of the beast is six HUNDRED, three score, six.
not vav vav vav, or six six six

if i give you: six dollars + six dollars + six dollars you have, $18, not $666.
if i give you: sixhundred, threescore, and six dollars, you end up with $666

i have given you 0 dollars, so you have whatever you came to this post with, and nothing more, but a little wiser to the deception the masons are trying to put over on you.

18 =! 666.
vvv =! msw

discern properly.

Look at someone with love, someone who is desperate, someone you hate, someone selling their soul it doesnt matter who. Save one person with genunine courage and love and you can be bring light to the world forever. It takes real work to stop thinking about yourself and your self interests for five seconds
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: BURDENMAXXERS.png (604 KB, 750x771)
604 KB
604 KB PNG

Start stealing and become a burden on society. First thing you should do is quit your worthless wagie job. Don't bother applying for benefits, welfare or any other government assistance unless you really can't help yourself. I personally prefer to also GHOSTMAXX, no properties in my name, no hand outs, no benefits, no taxes, just living in the shadows of society and outside of the system as much as I can, but I digress. Simply take everything you need from big corporations, resell it and enjoy life. Hit their jew warehouses and megastores and become an honest reseller. Make sure to post about it and encourage more people to become burdens like you. Once enough people do this, their system collapses. Also always remember how over half the population got vaxxed and sided with the government? make them pay and enjoy it too. This is how you get back at the jews, the governments, the corporations, the normie cattle and everybody else who wronged you.

There is nothing more that jews and their wagie cattle fear than you anon getting ahead in life, never forget that.
Yet another christkike thread. Unbelievable.
Checked and blessed. We should be there for each other so we can overcome the enemies of mankind. Christ is king
If you listen to this second jew you'll notice they will cannibalize their own if someone somehow miraculously deviates from the pedophile antichrist cabal and embraces Jesus.

File: 1485483471881.jpg (637 KB, 1896x2668)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
i feel like religiosity is on a downturn, especially whenever it comes to the potential clout it can give you. It seems to me that it's just not that "In" To be a tradcath or something nowadays.

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