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What would a United States without police in minority communities look like /pol/?

Is it something we are willing to see?
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They don't think in general. But they don't understand crime brings more police.

Stop selling drugs and shooting each other and watch the police allocate their resources elsewhere
its their culture, you have to respect that
Brilliant sir. I endorse this message.
Let them police them selves, they’ll come crying back to whitey soon enough
fuck yeah, do it. i live in a rural community where my nearest neighbor is a half mile down the road. i've never seen a patrol car on my road in the 9 years i've lived here and there's never been a crime. i don't need police and i would rather not pay taxes for police to keep nogs safe on the other side of the state.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (571 KB, 810x800)
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571 KB JPG
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Fucking die
File: 1566068482234.jpg (255 KB, 1920x1080)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Slice yourself open
Thanks for bringing more people to 9chan

Which Hawaiian shirt are you saving for the boogaloo, lads?
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Why would they love it? They try to bait people into this shit and everyone calls them out on it. We're making their job miserable.
Here’s the first thread on /pol/ I’ve found that seems to use boogaloo as a standalone noun:
refers to the catalonia independence referendum as “catalonia boogaloo” and the Rohingya genocide (which was based btw) as “myanmar boogaloo”.
I'm going through my history, because I was trying to find the first use. In the meantime here's a terrible article by "investigative journalists" which has plenty of articles on "neo-nazis" but none about antifa.
This is pretty much the source that allowed other mainstream media to write about this "movement". It has clear biases and is written by antifa. Infact the guy who did the portland stream the other night "police riot, police riot!) and who fought with the ypg.
File: 1582155413024.jpg (101 KB, 960x764)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
boog is a /k/ meme
lol not yet cowboy.

nope. also if i was southern i’d be much better armed, i live in a yankee noguns state.

machete goes on my back, thigh holster for the arrows (not pictured). real lara croft / pam anderson in barb wire style fun

so word is spreading

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Haha her fucking profile name is piss bucket lmfao
was* piss_bucket like I said these screenshots are about two - three years old
>God I want to hatefuck her.
so much this
>This is a 10/10 in burgerland

Fucking hell how America has fallen
Yes it is pretty obvious, probably passed around Epstein's pedo ring or used for political gain, many such cases

A black female comes up to you and says “black lives matter”

whats your unironic snd most based response for maximum butthurt?

inb4 all lives matter
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If she's hot, I'll agree with her and tell her lets go back to my place and make some more lives that matter.
This one made me kekkle. This will come in handy some day
It's not that they don't matter it's just... [silence, weird look, and then walk away]
Exactly witch ones because the ones I know don't.
"Prove it"

Trump should ironically legalize weed right now
maybe everybody would chill the fuck out for a minute
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This but unironically. All Trump has to do to make all this stop is legalize weed and give out another round of NEET bucks. Every nigger will stop protesting and be wearing a MAGA hat after that.
Ending the war on drugs would unironically fix everything right now
It's not that bad. Sleep deprivation is worse. Weed is actually great if you are injured. It's better than opium imo.
*hits joint*

yeah man....like, why can't we all like, get a long, like im going to go join a hippy commune in paraguay once my bitch mom finally kicks me out *cough cough cough*
If trump legalized weed do you think the liberals would stop smoking it all together or end up supporting him?

File: 1432724754031.jpg (34 KB, 975x590)
34 KB
The world is crumbling before our very eyes.
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File: 81987516513217.jpg (162 KB, 1920x1080)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
This isn't clown world anymore, it's skitzo-world. Democrats have gone full circle back to George Wallace.
Gated communities will become huge in the next 20 years
File: download (18).png (114 KB, 256x256)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Numbers and it crumbles tonight.
There is too many races to segregate. Unless you mean blacks separated from every one else. The could work
>the world

You mean the west is crumbling?
Wew who would have thought that the most godless, multicultural, warfueled and degenerate nations wont last, this is a complete shock to everyone, surely none saw it comming.
If anything this is the best thing that has happened to the world, with wh*toids gone, Eastern Europe is free to cleanse the muslims from the area withour NATO defending them and funding their groups.
Also China can officially and comepletely take over Africa.
Humanity will finally advance at the hands of Slavs and Orthodoxy and China

So, it just hit me. All of this nigger worship, all of this cultish behavior, a brewing of cults, is the same rhyme as the cults of Rome as it was collapsing.

Before Rome collapsed, there were a conglomeration, a swarm of cults that lingered. When the Empire collapsed, they scattered and were never heard of again. WE ARE AT THAT POINT. History rhymes, and while they weren't exactly the cult of SJW, Cultural Marxist nigger lovers, we are at that point in Roman collapse.
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Jesus is the same as the nigger
File: mutt quote.png (97 KB, 426x309)
97 KB
>Her mother was a nun and her father a monk
Oh, she's not a revolutionary with an agenda, she's totally unbiased.
Well as the US founders based most of the country's framework off of Rome, it's likely that the nation will follow a similar path.
As far as I can tell the founders actually did a piss poor job of setting up the government to prevent a similar collapse of the republic.
Yeah, (((bloodliners))) aren't very creative with their scams...

File: ch2.jpg (25 KB, 754x506)
25 KB
>Steve Bannon and billionaire Guo Wengui are spear-heading a coup against the CCP
Here's a good rundown of what's going on:

Need the mods or admins to create a new flag for our new FSC brothers connecting from China.

>June 4th chosen because the Tiananmen Square massacre happened on June 4, 1989.

Celebration of the New Federal State of China Special Live Broadcast

This is the Chinese stream with several million viewers:

Declaration of the new Federal State of China:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Bump. I wanna know too
Their livestream of the event ended only just 9 hours ago after they did 18 hrs straight of broadcasting. More to be expected hopefully later tonight. They're operating on chinese time so everything happens late for us in wester times for this.
>24 posts by this ID
going for a luxury meal this week? Almost as much as me and im OP. Your shill is showing. If you think this is nothing why are you spamming the thread?
Because this psyop is gay as fuck and I'm enjoying shitting on your pride parade.
Part of Bannon's speech, if anybody hasn't listened to it.

RED-PILLED and BASED brotha! Holy shit! It's not perfect but coming from a black damn.

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File: 1582692778845.jpg (20 KB, 399x225)
20 KB
He tells it like it is!
>I don't even know white people
Lmao. Bump.
File: 1588045788068.png (1.15 MB, 965x905)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Oh shit they're posting Malcolm X lmfao this should be good
(((they))) fear the educated black man. Good on him.

WE NEED HIM! WHERE IS /ourblackman/?!
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He gave away the MAGA hats, it was just a LARP to get prison reform pushed through
File: kanye.jpg (111 KB, 960x933)
111 KB
111 KB JPG

Kanye is turning on Trump. He's claiming that he only wore the MAGA hat to get a meeting with Trump to help free prisoners and that Trump wouldn't meet with him unless he put on the maga hat. My source is a facebook post with many likes, pic related
File: kanye2.jpg (52 KB, 973x479)
52 KB
>My source is a facebook post with many likes
This just further proves how unwoke and not actually red pilled magatards are. They still cling to election night like it meant anything other than the acceleration of whites losing everything

File: thestorm.png (95 KB, 565x263)
95 KB
Taken minutes ago in DC....

Real question that I hope anons here can answer for me. What's going on in the minds of these police officers and national guardsmen during these events? Anybody have family or is a member in the law enforcement here that can answer that for me?

How do you guys handle it? I go on any of my social media and see insane anti-white posts getting hundreds of thousands of likes, and if I do much as speak up I’ll lose my job and be kicked out of college. How do you not just fucking snap? Should I just become a doomer and stop caring or is it better that I still care?
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Delete your Facebook
Delete your Twitter
Most people are just following the newest trends like always.

Try drawing or making something.
The outside world doesn't exist.
it's mostly women. they're not pro-black or anti-white. They don't give a crap about that. They're disrespecting white men, as a thrill. They know you have power and they will always be beneath you, so they're indulging in a momentary naughtiness. They'll come around.
The only insane anti-white posts I've seen are screenshots from Twitter posted here.
I have an Asian friend who routinely gets banned from Facebook for anti-white bants. Fuck it, I've been banned from Facebook for saying "I hate Americans"
I blocked every single person that did the black square thing, on any platform, from all platforms, including my phone an email. I have to patience for such insufferable twats.
I have plenty of friends saying shit along these lines. I've stayed quiet on social media because i don't fucking use it, period. I don't make posts on facebook whatsoever. I don't even like people's pictures. Why in the name of God would I start now? Just because you don't see me posting, doesn't mean I'm not thinking or saying anything on the matter. And the people who make these vague threats? They haven't said shit to me, and my friends list has stayed exactly the same. Fuck your virtue signaling, you are clearly a sad, white liberal. I can't wait for you to feel the pavement on your forehead when fed-up suburban folk tie you to the back of a truck.

File: bong pussy.jpg (28 KB, 488x366)
28 KB
Just wondering /pol/... Who are the LEAST trust worthy people?

Jews are Caucasoid
Personally I'd say Mixed, Latinos, and Asians since they are on the fence between black and white.
You know what you are getting with the others.
Whites by far.

Ok anons, #WhiteLivesMatter is in trending because of some Kpop fags spamming it with bots.

Can we make K-pop / Dog eater split memes to return the favor?

Imagine this and #DogLivesMatter trending, it will make them seethe so hard.

Use these videos as meme fodder.

South Korea's Dog Meat Trade

Shocking Cruelty of South Korean Dog Meat Industry Part 1 of 2

Shocking Cruelty of South Korean Dog Meat Industry Part 2 of 2

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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fucking gookposters. they're lucky twitter was set up by retarded monkeys because their shit doesn't fly on ANY other website
oh wow a whole 15 of them?
kek, based
File: whitelegacy.jpg (90 KB, 640x445)
90 KB
Remember when we used to glorify East Asians.


They're as much apes as blacks, in regards to their evolutionary degree. Fucking brown savages.

File: 1560897360165.jpg (21 KB, 217x222)
21 KB
realistically what happens to CNN and other organizations that bend the knee to far leftists when Trump wins even bigger this year?
4 more years of winning and bait until the indoctrinated masses vote for Oprah in 2024.

>is white

File: file.png (213 KB, 578x574)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Happily married anons, how have you managed to find a good wife in these trying times?

Every female I know is totally brainwashed into thinking their "career" is more important than their family, lots of them don't want kids. I'm in a long term relationship right now but it's becoming clear that we do not agree on many fundamental philosophies of life (I have a duty to my family to be the provider, being a housewife is an essential and extremely honorable duty, having children is one of the greatest joys in life, etc)

Where do you look for high quality women? Do they still exist? Can you un-brainwashed a mega-pozzed college age qt?

This is what a black girl sent me on IG.
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He's Polish don't act surprised.
>I'm not jealous
>Casually bleaches hair blonde and puts relaxer in it to get less kinky hair
Lmao #blackpride
Nice ass damn. Its probably a trap, dont be stupid
File: 1591070762685.png (227 KB, 332x313)
227 KB
227 KB PNG

My sides are bleeding.

A disgusting obese blonde HR manager with terrible teeth at my former employer had a proper african negro husband. Their kids had all kinds of deathly serious allergies, including to peanuts, and ruined lunchtime for all the other kids.

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