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1. All camming, 'rate me', meet-up, 'report in', etc, threads welcome.
2. All posters must be 18+.
3. No random porn dumps. Post pictures of yourself!
4. No asking for drug hookups.
5. Don't make duplicate threads. Use the catalog (try the search feature).
6. No contactfagging.
7. No signfagging.
8. No paywhoring, begging, or soliciting.
9. Guys, don't post your pics in girl-only threads (and vice versa).
10. Be respectful to each other.

Wondering if it was real, knowing everything I know now that I didn’t then

Y’all niggas ever been in love?
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This god damn society teaches women to think it's okay or even funny or cool to treat men like filth. So sick of this shit.
I'm so tired of womanbrained individuals, always judging your every move, assuming motives, placing you in a hierarchy, scheming behind your back.

I just want someone to be decent and honest and true to me. Its so sad that I sit here and regret having loved someone. Its sad to have to regret something that was so pure and could have been so good.

Its crazy how cruel and callous someone can be, and now I'm going through everything alone and not sure I can ever even love again.
The feeling of knowing you should hate someone for all the awful things they've said or done, but you can't bring yourself to because when you think of them you can't forget the good times. You know that in being so cruel to you they were actually betraying a part of themselves. Why would someone even do that. I just wish it could make sense, or I could hate them back, stop caring, stop being the emotional "loser" who mourns for both of us while they move on.
I can't stomach the idea of kissing someone else, meanwhile they actively fantasize about it
Men romanticize love, women are much more practical about it. Trying to find a woman who feels love the way you do is like trying to find a deaf person who hears music the way you do. You're more of a resource to women, while they very may we'll be your raison d'etre.

Think of a common girl motto. "You have to love yourself before you can love others." The only person a woman truly loves is herself and her children.

File: 1623340565650s.jpg (3 KB, 250x128)
3 KB
Old one just died
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30 m, wife pic and vids peer exchange. Oc only. Kik recremese
31 m kik dragonking765
Looking for someone to fuck my mom
White boy (aussie) looking for the perfect BBC DOM who'll fuck me like a submissive bitch and I'll do whatever you want me to hehe'

BBC bull bored at work. Looking to dominate and degrade/ trib girls you know.
looking for gals to chat with, hit me with whatever you got, clean, dirty, small talk, deep convos.
I'm bored and alone this week.
kik: skinjacket

M19 really fucking horny, straight
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28 m bi
Chub with small cock. Show me your cocks and humiliate me.
Snap: Zimvader92
thebigwig1894 m/24/aus
Looking for f
Add me for 8,5 inches at: jjo8251

Got a lot of videos of me with girls, willing to trade.
Into girls / couples
Loyalty tests! I am great at getting girls to open up far more than you may think they would. Worried your, or a friend's girl is willing to cheat? I will help you find out for sure. Snap pesce12
Tall, chubby/thick, 5 years on HRT, pale
Blonde hair and dark blue eyes, has glasses
Bisexual, into bdsm and kink
Mainly looking for other trans people and femboys


File: Kik_Pic.jpg (20 KB, 600x600)
20 KB
Dick thread. Post your kik, receive some dick.
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show me
butts also welcome
I'm bored right now! Wanna have some fun and try me for real? Just add me on kik it's tolenzlinet19
Ginger sub looking for daddy DOM willing to compare their BWC/BBC. Mine is small. Humiliate me pls

Send me them all. All sizes hehe'

Send me them all. I'll enjoy rating the best of you guys hehe'


File: brutal sag.jpg (697 KB, 1816x1236)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
How do I look younger?
I'm only 27 and my face is already brutally sagging.
I don't smoke, drink occassionally, wear sun screen and exercise.
stress and dieting will make your face look skinny.

File: kik.001-300x300.jpg (9 KB, 300x300)
9 KB
Say your kik id, age and your intentions

Kik: sillpp
Looking for a daddy long term
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18/m/bi euro twink looking for somebody to make me cum
Jew boy in search of DOM male into degradation and humiliation. I ask you to degrade me so bad pls

Send me some stuff
Need to cum soon
Anything goes
Sub aussie looking for BBC DOM who'll humiliate me and degrade me the way I deserve it pls

BBC bull bored at work. Looking to dominate and degrade/ trib girls you know.

No kik dick pic thread?
Let’s fix it
Post your kik and if you want to send or receive. Don’t forget me!
Ryanp902 24yo bi male. 9” uncut cock. Send and receive.
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M 28 cut sending and receiving
White jew boy into big daddy dicks. Whether BWC or BBC. Send me and I'll rate them

Kik is subliner

Only looking to send tell me what u think about my cock
Aussie crazy for dicks. HMU sending me them all pls


File: Download.jpg (7 KB, 321x157)
7 KB
Kik truth or dare thread
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M18 johnny_anonymous
m25 kyoumass
Kik: kristian_ander
Surprise me..
I'm bored right now! Wanna have some fun and try me for real? Just add me on kik it's tolenzlinet19

How much sex is too much sex?

Ok hear me out cuz really dumb problem. I am fembot and met an aspie like two months ago. First time he comes over, fuck like a dozen times, woohoo cool whatever.
Things have cooled down since then as u could imagine.
Im usually horny. Like most waking hours I could go for a round. And he says its too much. I get maybe 8 rounds in a day might be too much but we go days without seeing each other?
Am I being to much? Is he getting bored of me?
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tfw no fembot to visit and fuck
Maybe he fears that you could break up/cheat if he can't satisfy your demand. But men also enjoy a challenge. Just say it's because you love him so much, he may not know about the emotional connection between sex and love (didn't knew that at least when I had my first gf).
Why don't you just talk with him?
Some people have a honeymoon phase and their libido drops off a cliff afterwards. Could be a month, could be 18. There are lots of theories and reasons, check out Esther Perel and Sue Johnson for relationship tips.
Maybe you've been put into the "gf" category now, there's no challenge, so the thrill has gone?
I'm 5 years into a relationship and having as much as when we started. We don't see each other every day and we focus on communication and authentic connection.
Im trying to approach him without being hostile, cuz touchy subject dont want it interpreted wrong, but also collect advice

you left too fast desu, I wasn't gonna ask for more or anything. hope you enjoyed yourself though.
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And they say boys don't have cute feet
Would you be willing to sell more, maybe some hand pics too? Ahahaha asking for a friend...
I’m gay now, thanks
I have a picture of me in panties with my dick tucked and a picture of my butt in a skirt with shibari rope but that's about it
I have literally never said that. Because I'm boy owner of cute feet kek


idk i want to get super thin. I want someone to help me, no pussys.

my snap: emaciatedgirl
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yes am aspie anon
This is my legit fetish but girls into are always skittish and hard to work with

I long for the day I can just have a laid back girl to listen to belly rumbles from....
add me, come on pussy
Wasn't hard to figure but you'll never achieve that if you throw down everyone trying to help you..

Guess you were never really committed in the first place and you're just wasting everyone's time.. if you can't handle someone being direct then what's the point? You can add me back if you made up your mind just don't pretend to be shy
I added you but that doesn't mean I'm not a pussy kek

Florida Thread

30 m 813
kik is nelsonjake1987

Bi and in a relationship, down to chat and see what happens
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Then get in touch with me for sure,I left my kik in the post you replied to...or leave a way for me to contact you
My GF?
Anyone in Tampa wanna fuck a blonde chick whos in a relationship? (not in a relationship with me)

I am in 727. Hit me up on kik nohopeformeatall

How do you find boys who wanna baby you and take care of you?
62 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
This sounds like what I want and need. Do you have kik or discord?
Martin#1157 when you're up again, very far away but can compensate with patience
By being an attractive, engaging partner, reaching out to people who seem to be decent people while still single and becoming the kind of girl they'd want to be with.
I mean, bogstandard stuff, the kind of guys you look for is quite common, assuming you don't spend time at places or social circles where people just hook up for sex or the guys are simply wary of women due to socio-political issues in the area of bad personal experiences.
Shame. Work on yourself, acquire the guy you'd like. I mean, I am not into beating up someone I'd like to be with, at least not enough to leave marks since I want my girl to stay good-looking and not invite accusations of mistreatment, but I bet most partners wouldn't mind being gentle and loving at one time and just grabbing you and selfishly and brutally use you to relieve themselves if you'd let them know that's what you like. Or even alternate between slapping, using you and then gently caressing your hurts.
Act like a lady worthy of such.

File: 1598191256852.png (1.42 MB, 811x1145)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
im a 22/f and I don't know how to make friends naturally online. how do people do it ?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 165665.png (119 KB, 200x300)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
it's easier if you share an interest or two with someone so you can start talking about anime, videogames, memes etc and progressively warm up to each other this way.
if you post yourself on threads around here, chances are quite a few people will add you just because you were born with XX chromosomes lol which can be a bad or good thing.
i personally don't care about age (within reasonable margins lol) or gender and just enjoy myself around people i have fun with, but i can tell you that yours are like the most appealing for people to come over to you.

untrue lmao
don't make friends online
People don't make friends online. You can't learn anything of real import about a person over the internet and the most crucial part of human communication (body language) is lost.

As others have said, if you want to make friends you'll have to take the risk of meeting the person in real life.
What's your discord I have a small chill server you can try to make friends in.

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