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File: waif.jpg (143 KB, 720x720)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
/sma/ - Skinny, Medium, & Average Girls

Please read board rules. Mods do ban.

You must timestamp if you're new.
How to use a tripcode >>29226233
No contactfagging. Do not be tempted to contactfag with anons.
Please do not post pics that are not of yourself as per board rules.

No bullying, stalking, or harassing.
Please report non-sensical English and repetitive shitpost phrases.

old thread
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She posted 6 days ago in the last sma thread
Id love to cum to more pics of ur feet
Lol gtfo
ty for these <3

You are hereby invited to join our family. We are a smol server, a comfy and inclusive community of lovable misfits. It's the unspoken truth of humanity, that we crave subjugation. The bright lure of other servers diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for purpose, for identity. You are homesick for a place you weren't even sure existed until now. At long last, welcome home. (18+)

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Everyone knows it's you shinji.
There is some guy named gravy in the server, he is based.
File: 20210219_225258.png (26 KB, 200x200)
26 KB
Don't even know who that is, Ardent must b sending yall his needles or somethin

Vanity link is broken so use this for now.

Anyone here from Utah?
No, but now I wish I was.
Sasha Morga here is from Phoenix Arizona would you travel all the way there to fuck her on camera?

i1 wp com

Yes. What are you looking for?
Mmmmmaybe I could fly in, for content on OF?

Just people to talk about anything. Could be restaurants in the state or trade nudes and meet.
>I could fly in, for content on OF?
yes you definitely could and make some content with her on an onlyfans, seriously my dude you'd wanna want to do this trust me.

healthyceleb com


File: RetardFunny.jpg (1.12 MB, 1468x2048)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
The end is near.

Join for an unexpected chat...


We are a small server with under 100 members. We mainly listen to music, play vidya games together and watch movies together.
We are mainly talk in vc but talking in general is welcome.
We also do drink nights every Friday.
We dont allow coomers, trannies and any degeneracy, come join and see if you like it.
The rules are simple
1. No NSFW.
2. No shitposting or spamming.
3. No heavy coomer talk and drug talk is allowed.
4. No unsolicited advice.
5. Keep everything in the relevant channels they belong. Selfies, Music-Share, Meme, Etc.
6. All members must be (more importantly, act) 18+.
7. No attention whoring or orbiting. Do not post lewds or turn cams on for attention.
Note that we regularly purge inactive users roughly every 2 weeks
File: image0 (1).jpg (19 KB, 716x542)
19 KB
tldr its not that serious dude

We are planning on watching a movie, we're still deciding on what one still
File: surfup.jpg (3.47 MB, 1379x2048)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB JPG
We have decided on Surf's Up

File: name1.jpg (61 KB, 510x781)
61 KB
There's already a fucked up fetish thread so this one is for more tame stuff, BDSM, chastity, latex, leather, etc.

Scat, fart fetishism, etc belong on the other thread.
Fucked up fetish thread: >>30502219

>What you're looking for?
>What you're not looking for?
>Contact info (Discord/Kik)
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Bumping because I got nothing else to do
22 m us bi
Im into puke, public sex, drugs, gangbangs, big cocks and cum
Im looking to explore more kinks, but keep it legal
Kik biguy694202sghv
File: IMG_20210909_084830~2.jpg (623 KB, 1753x2796)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Am looking for a Dom who can play a really creative sadsitic role where u are a host of a game show on a cruise ship. That is on international waters where anything goes. Where their is six contestants and for us to win prizes and the grind prize we have tondo the best at these task.

My Kik is mom4sadisticdom
Discord is milf4demoncock#9854
Telegram https://t.me/Milf4demoncock
30 M UK
Dom who had a married woman as a slave, pushing boundaries and exploring sexuality, owning you as a pastime. Orgasm control, exhibitionism, dress up, aftercare
Looking for experienced or curious F's
Not looking for M's
Limits are in OP's other thread listing


Girls in vc I guess

sfw tech and programming server

Post your info.
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File: crazytranny.png (32 KB, 304x867)
32 KB
this is you... right? what a beautiful server fellas, full of crazy trannies, i really recommend it for a couple of laughs! ywnbaw ngmi
408 looking for friends to go do stuff with once in awhile. fall#2133
Ey, touhou!

25 m east bay - kik: tj5762
Doesn't work
yo i legit have adhd and havent been able to get prescribed. help me out yo

File: 1619935068499.png (85 KB, 635x635)
85 KB
I want an autistic fembot gf and I will keep posting this until I get one. I'm a robot in my early 30s located in the US. I'm steadily employed but it's okay if you are a NEET.
I'm looking for someone who is autistic and antisocial like me, conservative without being an edgy /pol/fag, and who wants kids. Not picky on age or location as long as you're 18+ and somewhere in the US.
No druggies or other degenerates. My email is kmll002@shitmail.org, we can move to Discord after emailing. Absolutely no normalfags.
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Autistic fembots I'm not yet 30 so if u want a younger version of OP hit me up
SulSul!#0966 add me im autsitic diagnosed and lonely and a neet wanting a caring bf
>my life is shit and I'm shit and looking for an equally shitty and unqualified individual to procreate with
This will end well. I expect a lot more from outcasts and "robots" than these embarrassing normie neurotypical npc aspirations. I doubt you're going to make it but if you do, my heart aches for your future kids.
Not accepting requests ;-;
Add me tho at King671#1757

Im a black sissy into extreme humiliation and racial humiliation. I like my pics being captions and I like cock/cum tributes. Feel free to save and share or post anything I send you. You can even post it here if you want.
Kik: 1jordan9
Snap: j1ordan9
Discord: SissyJordan#4856
Wickr: jordanbowers87@gmail.com
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Hahahaha another broken black boi
File: jOIz29K.png (1014 KB, 794x574)
1014 KB
1014 KB PNG
You look really cute! =D
I'm a 20 year old trans femme happy to post some very innapropriate pics of myself on the internet! Come and chit-chat with me. ^^ My kik is WaterCycleH20, not with an O but with a zero.
File: E_3cGZ2UYAcfPAD.jpeg.jpg (427 KB, 1964x1550)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
Puppy must tell everyone that puppy is a dumb cheating mutt with a tiny 3 inch rocket.
Puppy cheated on his ex gf Rebecca and now she has hypnotised puppy as punishment.

Please use the trigger "showdogs need exposure" to get puppys google drive of slutty pictures and videos.

Please spread puppy around and message puppy
kik @ HypnotizedAusPuppy

File: 1618007895330.png (44 KB, 1200x800)
44 KB
>Contact Info

Reposting my info from one of the discord threads:
24/M/AZ straight
>physical characteristics
6'1, 180lbs, neatly groomed blonde hair, blue eyes
Despite growing up on 4chan, I'm pretty normie passing. Dark humor, somewhat well-spoken, generally more reserved but I'm capable of being outgoing and I've been told I'm pretty fun to be around.
Work in finance, do alright for myself. play a few instruments. passionate about history. love reading, watching movies, playing board games, hiking, and making drinks. Browse /tv/, /mu/, /ck/, /lit, /out/, /k/, and rarely /pol/.
>style/aesthetic description

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
19 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1633230852179.png (600 KB, 600x595)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
Bored and wanting someone to talk to or Sext, whatever you feel like. But I am always looking for new friends.
Women/Trans/Fem someone to talk to and maybe trade with. More if we really get along and want to
>not looking for
>Contact Info
Snap nwesolini
Discord Mr305#9073a

Lol, no body gives a fuck about that list.

Dark Monitor is a meme.
File: 1604361340845.jpg (45 KB, 828x408)
45 KB
20/M/Bi only for fem
6’1 160lbs
Anything, bored af just looking for entertainment and anything you want to do. Seriously, anything
Snap: Daddy_cares4you

I'm female and I want a bratty dom as a boyfriend. Like he teases me, overstimulates me, and has me pinned down even. I'm submissive to him but he calls me mommy.
Is this normal? Or at least appealing? I feel like "mommy" is reserved to submissive men. I like the humiliation of having to submit to a bratty man younger than me.
48 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If any of you girls wanna hmu, my Discord's NunsInABlender#8794, I'm 23, tall, good looking, can confirm with pics. You all sound like fun to me.
File: sandino.png (12 KB, 580x98)
12 KB
hi... 18m that would very much like to cuddle and listen to you tell me about your day while thinking of kissing you >.<
plz contact me if you're interested?? Rosengarten#0655
(pic is what someone else on soc has said to me)
Sure im interested 18m
Disc: amd3332#9941
as a 21 year old virgin of circumstance, this shit is hot as fuck to me. been i guess a virgin of circumstance my whole life as every time i got close to sex something would come up to cockblock me, so now i really kind of wish i could just randomly go to town on a girl, or if she's really wanting it, for her to not ask and just take what she wants from me.

I’m legit 19, always been a roughhhh dom. Mommy stuff has been growing on me recently but I’m also fine without it


File: image05.jpg (44 KB, 515x513)
44 KB
The absolute BEST discord server in the whole world! We got always active chats and VC filled with fun and exciting posts. We got lewd channels and meetups for freaks and if you love game and movie nights come join! Also big titty gf inside

>7000 members

File: TearMyWingsApart.jpg (170 KB, 640x523)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
We have wings.

Just to tear them apart.

/Anon Schizo Club/


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