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File: fisrbngiqsxc1.jpg (627 KB, 2316x3088)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
Post, rate, appreciate.
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I'm not always on, but sammykun123
File: 29662-duze2.jpg (124 KB, 800x1433)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
26 / F / Enfield

If you're a nerdy submissive kinky guy that looking to fully commit into long term ownership basis online or IRL, i am the Domme you looking for ! Doesnt matter if you're inexperienced. ill mold you into every shape i want. Introduce yourself nicely and address me as Miss Chan !

KIK : ExclusiveChanell
File: IMG_5772.jpg (1.71 MB, 2320x3088)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
shawndcrabtree-art on tumblr and DeviantArt
File: GH_23hjXgAAWkfc.jpg (210 KB, 3298x1775)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Honestly though, guys. Which one would you rather?
Me on the right.
M 28 bi. Looking to chat with chubby, hairless, and small cocks. Kik is WTF1234567891

File: IMG_2300.jpg (282 KB, 850x550)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
For Oregon, Washington, and maybe Idaho

>Physical description
>Looking for
>Not looking for
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File: 1664483719794159.jpg (127 KB, 1079x1036)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
99% of the people here are from portland, so it's representative of portland

most of the other cities are tame enough, but outside of that everyone is basically a redneck

>tfw not normal enough to make friends irl but too normal to make friends on soc
Bump both on now
Hornyposting seems to be about avg all around, Tbqhwu

>tfw not normal enough to make friends irl but too normal to make friends on soc

welcome, fellow observer-class human.
>tfw not normal enough to make friends irl but too normal to make friends on soc
God damn do I know this feel. I thought the "freaks" of Seattle would be more my kind. Turns out these people are just freaks and a total lost cause.
>non American moving to Oregon soon
From where and why anon?

File: IMG_5968.jpg (2.23 MB, 3000x2000)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
Post yourself naked. No rules, no theme, just show off your body to the world.
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>shilling the orbiter discord again
but calix central is so fun..so safe
platform ?
File: IMG_3952.jpg (1.55 MB, 3088x2316)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
discord server
File: IMG_3387.jpg (2.71 MB, 4032x3024)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
Whoa, my cock is throbbing for you, these are definitely gonna make me cum. I love that ass

File: infographic filled.png (1.45 MB, 3828x4587)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Thought these were cool so bringing em bk
Props to whoever invented these
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Lol, you're just a genderswapped me. It really sucks that you're in Europe!
I think we're a pretty good match
File: IMG_2803.jpg (802 KB, 1516x1714)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
just for fun but feel free to drop dc if it feels right~ I like girls too but I doubt I’ll ever hear from one so this is just aimed at my male preferences
Much love for that Final Fantasy 12 mention. I'm tired of pretending that it is not one of the greatest Final Fantasy Games.

You seem pretty cool aside from that too, but I'm not from North America sadly.

Hope you have a nice day and find some folk to talk to on here!
File: .png (1.45 MB, 3828x4587)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
just liek me fr
unfortunate, though you should def add me anyways because we are alike in literally every way
women, lol
not even a pity-fuck from me

File: 1697698421154638.jpg (299 KB, 2642x1032)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Let's have a 'soft to hard' -thread.
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would paint in baroque style
you should drop contact info.
i need you so bad

For people located strictly anywhere in the state of Oregon (but mostly around the Portland surrounding areas)

>Random bullshit that describes you (interests, physical description,etc)
>What you look for in a romantic partner
>Not looking for
>Discord Tag
>Favorite sub-genre

>Physical description
White, 5'11, dirty-blonde hair, some tattoos on my arm, glasses, blue eyes. I dress like a typical metal head in all black.
>Looking for
A biological woman to date in Oregon who (preferably goth) is loving/caring/compassionate/snuggly. I can be very clingy, so I need someone who is dependable and attentive. I do well with people who have a fucked up sense of humor (or at least tolerate off-color statements, (I make them all the time).
>Not looking for
Men of any kind, full stop. I cannot stress this enough,this might sound hypocritical, but if you're MtF also, I won't be interested at all. People who smoke cigs/vape/weed. Dog owners, taller than me, outspoken leftoids, weird fetishists, Blacks and Mexicans/muslims, gun owners, woke people, delusional religionist’s, unshaven armpits (poor hygiene in general), fat chicks
>Contacts (Discord)
>Random bullshit that describes you (interests, physical description,etc)
White, 6'4, ~200lb, at least average looking
main interests/hobbies are wood/metal/leatherwork, writing, photography, crafts, restoration, antiques, hiking, fishing, vehicles, digital art, investments
>What you look for in a romantic partner
literally any decent female that lives in clackamas
>Not looking for
normies, anyone outside of clackamas
>Discord Tag

File: tx.jpg (48 KB, 894x894)
48 KB
Include ASL & what you're looking for

25 M Waco
Looking for JO bud or FWB (I'm bicurious). Also down to just chat. Interests include psychedelic rock, reading, and politics.
kik: tridentity00
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21 f canada - becks3611

I'll be in Austin TX visiting a friend next week (27th-31st), but he'll also be working in the meantime so I'll have free time to explore and stuff. If anyone wants to hangout, lemme know!
I want to be turned into a whore. I love being degraded. I love being humilated. I would love for you guys to send me PMs telling me how big of a WHORE I am. Looking for cocks to spread my asshole,I want you balls deep in my tight little asshole, to push down my throat. I love being called how big of a CUMDUMPSTER that I am, I love being called ANALWHORE. Tell me what you would do to a big SLUT that I am. Destroy a little inexperienced WHORE like me... Describe to me how you are going to ruin my tight little WHORE asshole. I'm just a big fucking cocksucking WHORE. Tell me how you will turn me into the biggest whore you have ever seen. Kik prettyss77
Love jerking my hard cock to a local Latina I know. Would love to talk with a local bud about her.

She's in the DFW area.

I’m near ya, I think we got alotta stuff in common. :3
Add me on disc: dowhaticando
File: 1699721724541828.jpg (52 KB, 675x678)
52 KB
>About you
I'm a painfully shy 27-year-old virgin. I have a job, live on my own, and I'm otherwise pretty normal. I like music, reading, and hanging out with my dog.
>Looking for
I honestly just want to lose it for the time being. I feel like I'm not in the right place for a relationship but I'm in the right place to explore. Maybe a FWB if that works for us. I'd like to gain some sexual experience.
>Not Looking for
A serious LTR, men, scammers, people trying to sell anything.
> Contact
discord: randomname987987

Interested in chatting about your open relationships. How they work. What you like and don't like. What your rules are. Your best experiences.

Post contact if you don't want to chat publicly.
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>i have an open marriage
how are you single then, genius.
Kik: Anonymophon
Anyone around for a chat? Post Kik
Bump for the holiday weekend
Gf and i are open. Ask us anything

Kik umbrinabox

Where's my Scots at?
Post info below!

27/M/Not Edinburgh

>Looking for
Cool new fun frens that would like to have interesting chats (Lewd/Degen is fine)

>Not looking for
Hooking up with guys,


>Random bullshit that describes you (interests, physical description,etc)
>What you look for in a romantic partner
>Not looking for
>Discord Tag
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you should consider that the reason you haven't found anyone yet is because you keep making the exact same post over and over and over, and that you'd have better luck changing your post/tag rather than making the same thread over and over and over.

i cant help but read this post in their retarded deaf voice
/g/: DOS, ZXS, Amiga, C64, MSX, PC-98
/mu/: EDM, Hip Hop, Punk, Jazz, Industrial, Nu Metal
/fa/: Nautical, Goth, Visual Kei, Rivethead, Y2K, Shibuya-kei
/int/: French, Dutch, Catalan, Norwegian, Galician, Scots Gaelic
/a/co/: Iyashikei, Mecha, Mahou Shoujo, Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, Furry
>Looking For
26 to 46 years old. Mature. Caring, loving, and affectionate. Nerdy, geeky, or dorky (cis, trans, or nb) whom I can share and relate mutual interests with. Neuro typical or neuro divergent, who can accept that I am legally autistic, have bipolar disorder, ADHD, and OCD. I don't expect you to like each thing that I do, or to have passion about each thing I follow,
just like I don't expect you to give up your interests and passions when you start seeing each other. But being able to relate and talk to each other about what we care about is an important thing. I come from an abusive child hood and had a rough upbringing as an immigrant
I am okay with being able to share and work through our issues together, but I don't want to have love built around trauma bonds / dumps
>Not Looking For
Calls. Kids, ever. Single parents. Poor hygiene. Gross, weird, or BDSM kinks. Polygamy. Neck beard, facial hair, or hairy men. Drugs, guns, edgy, or horny. I have been working over the years to leave the US and move near Spain, Belgium, Scotland, or Norway. Please nobody outside those regions

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1635634502883.gif (165 KB, 450x500)
165 KB
165 KB GIF
>18m us
>im white, long curly, hair i dress kind of emo, got glasses, 5"11, i look like im sick and dying
>girl only has lots of time to talk and reply's decently fast and doesn't mind me being clingy i have bpd and autism so be patient lol
>not looking for anything super sexual or anyone who is MtF i support just not my cup of tea also looking for someone who is close to the same age range i will not reply if your younger than 17
>cutycugy on disc

File: nystate.jpg (57 KB, 660x500)
57 KB
New York state thread

Utica here
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Hello! My name is Ali or Sasha!
I live in the state of New York. Close to Peekskill and NY, I live in Putnam Valley.
/What are you like?
I’m mostly timid and shy, and vulnerable. I’m also awkward, but yet open-minded!
/What are you looking for?
I’m looking for someone to satisfy me and dominate me and do whomever and however they want to do with me and my body and my virginity
Socials -
Discord - ali806_
I’m a young boy living here in NYS, Putnam Valley 10579. If you can come to me and do anything to me sexually that would be appreciated!
File: 1000002874.jpg (2.45 MB, 4000x1868)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
M25 Saratoga Springs looking for a like-minded local girly to have some discreet fun with. telegram is @Surleystrode.
Hello I am Sasha or Ali and I would love to have someone meet me and fuck me and rape me please.
I look interests for in anyone no matter who you are
I live at Putnam Valley 10579 NY
I want someone to dominate me please reach out to me!
Socials - ali806_ Discord
I am young boy and timid and shy and will be submissive
Underage if it isn't obvious to everyone already

File: GOeXFCvXwAEAtuf.jpg (87 KB, 968x710)
87 KB
Anyone wants to chat? I'm not looking for anything sexual or romantic. I got a free day and I just want to talk to someone new. My discord buddies aren't replying right now.
Yeah sure. I'm a dude though. Telegram?
Bud, I said I'm not looking for anything more than I chat, I don't mind If you are a dude or a beluga


File: Toxic+Signs.png (190 KB, 1080x1080)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
Are you attracted to other people with toxic traits? Post them here.
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
There are so many losers on this board wtf? 4chan isn't "loser city" dude its just an uncensored message board. The stigma this site garnered has pulled in the worst, mundane energy vampires.
File: 1501544123188.png (345 KB, 463x438)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
I enjoy manipulating people into feeling inferior to me even though I'm objectively awful. It's compulsive, I cannot help myself but to poke and prod at your insecurities or create new ones. I do this while coming off as friendly as possible so I can act hurt when you tell me to stop. I honestly feel bad about doing this but not enough to stop.
I have a terrible memory so I can't remember when people have wronged me, so I keep a physical list of grievances and use a strike system to know when I should cut someone off. This great and working system gets me labelled as BPD. I will reference the list if needed in an argument.

I'm a big fan of terminally online pushovers with abandonment issues I can fuck with for free and be thanked for it. Yall are the best I really appreciate how easy it is to wrap you around my finger it's adorable.
cute :D
i love talking to manipulative people because they always have a very distinct 'flavor' to them; it's really funny when i abruptly switch personalities because they always have no idea what to make of it then lol
I'm kind of an asshole and a narcissist.

making a thread for the norwegians if there is any
>looking for
>not looking
visiting family for a while and bored af
kik: gresskar10

File: IMG_9709.jpg (514 KB, 960x951)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
Hi, my name is João Paulo and I'm looking for a girlfriend
Go to a bar

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