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Drop your snap. Looking to meet up with cool people and see what happens. 25m. Bi
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27 M Eastern NC straight
Looking for a gf
Discord WaveRunner#9247
I've been trying out a few dating apps the last week and I'm starting to feel blackpilled about the whole thing

I've tried Plentyoffish and Bumble, the former of which is 90% bots and ghetto black chicks and single moms and the handful of matches have gone nowhere and the latter is all college chicks and women who are so hot and successful I haven't gotten a single match.

Anyone here have experience with sucessfully dating and finding women in this state? I mean probably not, but I figure I'd ask
all i see on bumble is land whales and college chicks who look like clones of each other
bumble is 50% fake profiles
every app has some form of dataminer accounts on them
most real accounts still even are just advertisements for their snap or insta
With bumble you can filter for verified accounts which afaik are reviewed by real people and basically confirm that the person in the pictures is the same person running the account

After swiping through every woman in a 50 mile rarius and getting like 3 matches that wend nowhere I can confirm that I'm hopeless and I'm going to die alone and that the overwhelming majority of women are either lazy or very fucking boring

Who's getting ready for #locktober? Share your experiences and contact details here.
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Add me on kik: evelynnmarryme, you're so cute
Interested in chastity, any tips for beginner? when it feels best?
kik junkie28
any goo chastity discords
Based Paul bros
File: 20211017_133806.jpg (1.61 MB, 2560x1920)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
26 m bi 187/67
wickr: dutchaguy26

i want to talk about kinks adn taboos.with anyone come say hi

File: IMG_20210515_150231.jpg (3.37 MB, 3456x4608)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB JPG
How can I make myself look better?
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Nah I had a similar hair part when I was like 10, some of us are just born with a pretty yanked back widows peak
You look fine other than the glasses don’t fit. I can’t believe a optometrist would let you walk out of the office with those
>Lol I'm not balding.
>that fucking hairline
ok whatever you say baldy
Even if that's your natural hairline - get hair plugs and bring your hairline a bit lower. If you're not balding even better, you won't have to take fin and minox at all.
Shave every day.
Lose body fat so your face would look more defined.
Get contacts.
You need plugs too.
Also shave.
Have you thought about darkening your eyebrows so they'd look fuller? I think it would do you good.
File: cheers.png (19 KB, 678x585)
19 KB
Cut your hair, get better oral posture (google it)
Stop wearing 0-neck t-shirts. Rather V-necks or shirts (looks like it'd suit you).
Try out contacts, and either keep facial hair down or grow it out a bit. don't do inbetween like that.


File: image.jpg (28 KB, 620x330)
28 KB
ive been feeling suicidal for the first time in 10 years. i planned to die at 30 and now im 32 the next target will be 40. if my life doesn improve by then im an hiro

i have good job,
but ugly, fat and bald
and no waifu
There there buddy, it only gets worse.
Ive been clinically depressed for 18 of my 30 years on this planet, my resentment grows every day and i plan to off myself soon.
Once you decide how to go out it stops hurting.
thanks budd
Meh, if it helps, you're not alone and not the worst case.
I'm 30 and quit my job recently and plan to devote all my time and savings to looksmaxxing. If I can't manage this in a few years I'll try to rope.

File: 20211009_135120.jpg (28 KB, 596x600)
28 KB
hello would you like to make some new frens



Join the server you fool
File: 882827616904675348.gif (97 KB, 500x750)
97 KB
File: 1621684782984.jpg (93 KB, 460x757)
93 KB

Boooooored heeelp!

Wickr: greatcast2
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Trading tight asians, knotty girls, etc. S2R

Feed me please, lost all my good stuff. No lim

feed me what you got !!

Send teens, incest, taboo mom, shota fantasies, and rape.
And share whatever gets you off
We can talk about stuff or trade. Add me to any groups. No scat or gore. Pretty open minded other than that.

simpul as
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Show pics
Got kik??
nah kik is shite
Anon, by chance do you happen to be Scottish?
36 m Edinburgh

Love to hear what turns you on, all your naughty little secrets, the fantasies you'd never try out... or would you? Girls or guys welcome.

Kik: tom_d_9
Snap: tomd2027
Wickr: tx0591463

Anyone in turkey want to gangrape my Gf with me? Leave kik
Or anyone that wants to do it by video chat group
mazterofdisguise add me
Where are you from? I'm from Bursa and may my mother die if I lie you if I catch you I'm going to kill you in beatings son of a hairy bitch I'll break your legs and balls get the fuck out from Turkey and get rid of citizenship until I won't get rid of your hairy mother for giving birth to a retard and national disappointment like you Ataturk didn't fought for this
Most normal turk

File: ass.jpg (83 KB, 790x661)
83 KB
butts from boys, that's it
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33 phat ass latina sissy twerking in a hotel room for papis (; kik: dhaliaputa
File: 20210807_093008.jpg (299 KB, 1536x2048)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
My butt Kik if you want to see more: Yanspier

lets be honest you get off on the attention and I want to get off to your body so it seems like a win win
vacuum your rom

File: rOohen7.jpg (19 KB, 610x610)
19 KB
Any emo girls in nyc wanna go out with me? I am also emo.
About me:
I make music.
I make poems.
I am decently handsome idk.

Discord tag:
Are you a twink?
post feet

File: 20211016_121731.jpg (964 KB, 3216x1528)
964 KB
964 KB JPG
Don’t shoot up this board please
Shoot up this board please
I'd say you're a bit LEFT-LEANING! HA!
Pol b and r9k is that way please ——->
File: DWL9CZOXcAEqMre.jpg (38 KB, 408x445)
38 KB
Like an ok bri'sh specimen
Ya look kinda like Paul Arthurs
I think you need to do something with that hair of yours. Ever considered going full bald? Or like picrel.
I'd give 7/10, but I'm a man.

File: 3bf9uaw6pOI.jpg (176 KB, 720x720)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Just want a 21st century schizoid gf
they're not difficult to find
they're difficult to stand though

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