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what is /soc/ listening to?
optional template:
>Favorite Genre(s)
>Favorite Album(s)
>Currently listening to
>Genres you just can't get into
>Other interests/hobbies
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File: 1684802077383187.jpg (46 KB, 377x584)
46 KB
>Favorite Genre(s)
Hardcore, Gabber, Uptempo, Rap, Rock, Jazz, Citypop (all i can come up with but i listen to almost everything)
>Favorite Album(s)
I don't really listen to albums but if i would haft to say one it would be MM.. FOOD by MF DOOM
>Currently listening to
GPF - Greazy Frog https://youtu.be/87WKaGrjQdE
>Genres you just can't get into
>Other interests/hobbies
CompSci, Cars/Motorcycles
File: 2023-05-25_19-40.png (254 KB, 828x631)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
File: 2125.jpg (35 KB, 382x400)
35 KB
File: misaki-00.jpg (77 KB, 415x630)
77 KB
20 f uk
>Favorite Genre(s)
dnb, breakcore, ambience, hyperpop, speedcore, 'lolicore,' most things electronic :DD
>Favorite Album(s)
>Genres you just can't get into
country, folk, hard rock
>Other interests/hobbies
insects, animals, drawing, mould, being miserable

>Favorite genres
Punk rock, some country, screamo, pop, idk. I'm bad at genres

>Favorite albums
I Am Easy To Find - The National
Rich Sips - Bilmuri
Reconstruction Site - The Weakerthans
A Hangover You Don't Deserve - Bowling For Soup
Maybe You Should Drive - Barenaked Ladies
Full Force Galesburg - The Mountain Goats
Woman On The Internet - Orla Gartland
Blue Heron Suite - Sarah Jarosz

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File: kiklogo.0.1537112965.jpg (147 KB, 1400x1400)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
New one. Old one is over 500.
26M I will rate and degrade you. F only. 18+ only.
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19 f canada - becks361

Need a male perspective
25 (F4M)Looking for a mistress to drain your balls and make you feel good message me on Kik sweetlily100
Looking for a mistress to drain your balls and make you feel good message me on Kik sweetlily100
28 bi M US
Married sub slut here for chat or rp, tops and dommes hmu (my wife is a slut too ;))
Kik: 86Gunslinger

M36 DOM here, looking for girls, traps, sissies and so on as slave.
I have a lot of experience.
And I also have been a bull for many couples.

PS: i love to RP

File: IMG_2954.jpg (18 KB, 230x203)
18 KB
M4a look for hookup in penncylvannia usa
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Taboo 057c92c1f200b9abe226a1e2a3e34f7c6b245b0bc2663936d21637aeb088e01b39
Looking for naughty parents, uncles and babysitters, siblings too of course. Share your naughty stories and pics/vids. Can trade as well 057c92c1f200b9abe226a1e2a3e34f7c6b245b0bc2663936d21637aeb088e01b39
18m looking for older f, even better if you're big:
trading big mega links


File: fotor_1684157547358.jpg (107 KB, 600x600)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>Post your kinlist (characters you relate to) along your discord tag (optional).
>No further info needed to make it more interesting
I'll start
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File: Kin Bros.jpg (2.01 MB, 2550x3300)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
All I could come up with on the fly, might remake this
Holy shit, someone who knows about Maison Ikkoku
One of my favorites.
Such a shame "High School! Kimengumi" haven't been translated completely yet.
File: kinning.png (576 KB, 670x610)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
surprised im the only person who's used kiyoshi in this thread
I haven't watched that series yet for that reason. Been listening to some of the Ikkoku OPs and EDs recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t62vBe2K1kQ

File: template.png (18 KB, 1792x1086)
18 KB
ITT: Create a Picrew and post a picture of yourself

Judge each other's avatar likeness compared to how they actually look in real life

Some popular Picrews:
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erm what the spruce
Be my girlfriend right now. I will buy you flowers.

What are the best apps/websites for international dating? I'm a guy living in Iceland and the only apps people use are either Tinder or local app called Smitten which fully embraces the hookup aspect of Tinder.
I'm interested in a relationship and not ONS, something like Hinge looks very interesting but it's not available in Iceland and Bumble is completely dead here. I barely get any serious matches on Tinder and they are mostly European girls so I thought next step would just go international. I tried OKCupid but all I got was indonesian girls which I'm not even sure are real persons. If anyone got any advice for this situation let me know
Should you also go to adv over /v/ if you want a video game reccomendation
I remember there is an international feature on tinder. Put what ur looking for in ur bio and stuff. I tried it on icelandic girls ( hoping to get an icelandic wife) it was working i got matches.
Ahh ye but its pay piggy, guess its time to cop put, did any of the matches bother talking

Whatcha hiding under your robe?
11 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wasn’t gonna say anything, but I totally agree….ewww.
Nothing like lounging around wearing nothing but a comfy robe. Btw, great photo…I’d love to see more.
Would penetrate

File: IMG-20230503-WA0000.jpg (61 KB, 1170x964)
61 KB
Hello, I'm going to spend the summer in Croatia! Any Croatian anons here that are not insane, under 35ish who like to have fun, and are capable of interesting conversation?

A little bit about me:
I'm 18 f Balkans ^_^
I like anime, exercise, fashion, writing, sci-fi novels, medicine tv shows are addicting to watch, I spend a lot of time outside and in nature. I love animals of all sizes and shapes, mountains and hiking. I grew up swimming and I would love to get a chance to go on a yacht! I also like partying. I'm a bit introverted to it can be hard for me to get into the club scene, but I do like to meet a lot of new people and expand my horizons always! Looking to get a tattoo also..

If anyone is interested here is my kik: yurioismylife (cringe username sorry)
I know kik is pretty outdated but once we get chatting I will send you my other socials
OR alternatively post your contact info and I'll add you!

Hope to see some good replies. :D <3

File: film-1.png (17 KB, 146x77)
17 KB
Anyone interested in meeting up at the Sheffield DocFest? https://sheffdocfest.com/

* documentary festival
* can attend several events for free
* can attend for just one day
Group chat for it:

File: 05 - Jf57bIm.png (160 KB, 640x480)
160 KB
160 KB PNG


Dirty talk, audio masturbation, vocal smut and shenanigans.

Be as tame, funny, romantic, sensual or filthy as you like. Record your masturbation, try some scripts, improv, sing, play music, talk about your favorite
sexual fantasies, or just look for requests on the thread. Be creative.

Please remember to tag your post with the request link or title and type of work (song, fap, script, etc...)

>If you're new, please post a voice sample before asking for requests of things to do. It helps knowing what you sound like!

Previous MSA thread: Not even in the archive anymore

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Welcome to the shitshow, dorks, I've no fucking idea what I'm doing

new thread, please

File: 525451735.jpg (56 KB, 1024x700)
56 KB
I will test the loyalty of your wife/gf/. You provide me her snap/kik, I provide you with screenshots of our conversations.

For women, I can also test men to see if they are sharing your nudes with other guys.

Kik: ChatMeUp42

Also, feel free to post below if you want to test, or have someone who needs to be tested!

last one is just bumps and reposts.
cruelworldtapes f 21
503 replies and 71 images omitted. Click here to view.
25/m straight

sc: sibalan1234
42 [M4F] Horny Daddy stroking his fat cock at work and need to cum any naughty little slut want to help hmu
SC Paulhugs80

m 30 Norway

Looking to trade pics, maybe some kinky chatting too.
hajf233 freshly shaved M
M27 FL
8" BWC, athletic hmu

File: 1683045231524058s.jpg (6 KB, 250x237)
6 KB
You know what to do
OP is also thirsty for cock
Kik: Longlefty22
500 replies and 55 images omitted. Click here to view.
Currently on a hike and could use some dick pics to keep my energy up
Plz show me
26 m send cock Nimtiz44

27 m dad bod/bear
Kik: legendofidk

I have a tiny cock let’s compare and chat. Or stop by if you just want a laugh. All welcome 18+

Just like the Kik game. Post username and send nudes to the 3 above.
Add OP of course
185 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Snap me please


Looking for cocks to worship and goon to
Hung married 30M interested in swapping pics and masturbating with a chubby cute femanon.

Horny m29, big uncut cock

Send your nudes snap: nealcaffreyx
This bitch is a psycho. Avoid

File: flower.jpg (591 KB, 1000x667)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
Hello everyone! Due to popular demand and boredom I'm back to deliver husbandos and waifus.

>Who is this for
This service is for females(female) looking for male(male) and males(male) looking for female(female).
No gays, bi, trans, femboys or anything else of the sort, it just gets too complicated for me.
Furthermore, no hookups, if you are looking for something non-serious or short term please look somewhere else.

>How does it work
You fill out the form on this website: https://chanmm.crabdance.com
If I think you would get along well with somebody I will send one of you a message with the other persons contact email, but unless given explicit permission I won't share anything else.

All questions are optional, enter only what you are comfortable with. What you enter will be read only by me and it will be used only for the purpose of matching and nothing else. Please be patient it takes time, ideally keep checking your email once a week or so until the thread dies or I announce that I'm not matching anymore. Last time a lot of people got matches that already stopped checking for messages so I wasted a lot of time.

>Changes from last time
I will use only email, so don't enter a discord tag or anything else because you won't get matched. You can make a throwaway account of course. The only other difference is that the location question has changed so I know how far you can relocate, not just if at all.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
529 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
At least you got a match. It's been three weeks.
If you got a match then your power level isn't high enough for 4chan
>t. lolicon
The website doesn't use scripts

Yea we fixed that one via email. You never know, I get people from the strangest places.

It's not over I'm making another thread because this one died a bit soon I think. You don't have to fill out the questions again.

Thank you, yes I got one like that.

He probably just isn't checking his emails, if you contact me I can match you again if you like.

linking the thread for any of the stragglers still trying to update or whatever

I haven't got any match since this thread started. Fml

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