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File: image_2021-07-15_195359.png (3.95 MB, 1459x1841)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB PNG
Is there any besides me and majorette hat anon? Iunno, let's talk about being black in this hellhole. No Anakin, you're not black.
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>i'm literally 100% white, my parents had me tested.
lmao wat?
lefraud is trash, got a mickey mouse ring now he got a looney tune ring
mj can talk shit on him any day
What the actual fuck.. you are so fucking pretty
Who saw her first?
Are you a Cape Colored?

File: gap.jpg (28 KB, 540x540)
28 KB
Post about yourself, and what you're into.

You know the drill.
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31 M italy my discord is fra.1011#0051
Where are you from? No point talking to you if you aren't local enough to meetup.
34/m here, driver#3311
The name what app is it on? Please.
File: erica.jpg (18 KB, 410x440)
18 KB
hey peanut head

based and blessed by george washington carver

https://discord.gg/Vga8Cr3w72 Fun 18+ discord server full of artists, gamers, people interested in politics and cute people
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File: yeez.jpg (91 KB, 572x940)
91 KB
sorry to hear about that
glowie honeypot
sure bucko, sure

File: 1592020981659.jpg (7 KB, 248x237)
7 KB
This is the Official Lewd Thread
Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

>What you are looking for?
>What you are not looking for?
>A little about yourself
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Sure gimme, fra.1011#0051
uhh contact? mines l2v Battery#7850
hope I'm not too late
I need to cum for a girl on cam rn Vulcan23#0453

File: snap.jpg (130 KB, 2100x2100)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Clean SC thread! Looking to meet new friends, pen pals, share experiences with strangers around the world, build a following for your new cult- this is the place!
Get a discord
What's your SC then, dumbfuck
You can tell me about your problems, I'll hear you out. A free troubleshooting couch.

Ask politely!
Its my birthday night! Spending the night chilling so come say hi!

File: PicsArt_07-24-06.26.38.jpg (115 KB, 902x676)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Let's get a cuck/share thread going.
Cucks, post info/contact/ect. & Present your girl so she can find the big aggressive dick she deserves.

>m31&f26/Boise Idaho
Looking for:
>preferably a BBC as she's always wanted to fuck a black guy with a big dick
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Still waiting on being sent porn as we sext :3
M 32
Had a rough week please brighten it up with pics of your girl.
I made a discord Chelseasfun#2600
Stroke and Cum to sexy wife’s pics.it’s send evidence. The more you send the more I’ll feed. Let’s cum to her together. Kik: Swanson121 .
SJ98mk2 send your girl here

File: 20210725_132605.jpg (375 KB, 1915x2085)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
So, yeah, its my first time on this board...
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No, gays don't have that shit of a haircut

Kik: aGuy.....

Yeah the dots are included in the username
I did not know that there were gays's and straight's types of haircut lmao
More, please
Make it your last.

KIK BBC worship thread

Wanna kik?


Bbc addict italian whiteboi, looking for guys like me or snowbunnies to lewd talk with and watch bbc stuff, anything goes
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BBC doing tribute
Kik : jack.amarina010802
M20 white bi sub bottom, I love submitting to bbc masters. Use me as you wish,

Kik. Red_dragon4
white cuck who loves the idea of his cute little white wifey being fucked by huge black horsecocks I'm every hole until she's ruined and knocked up

I need my little subs
SJ98mk2 trap looking for BBC daddy

File: Ideal.jpg (14 KB, 419x382)
14 KB
Dont have the template?
Let me help you out there.
Save this pic and crop out the gender that ISNT you.
Write some things about you that people may want to know.
Spruce up the pic and give it some pizzazz
>Welcome to the party.
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Add me sunofthemoon#9215
Hey I tried to add you but it didn't work.
I want to see if we can make this work.

Add me sunofthemoon#9215
Hi I have long hair you can play with my discord is sunofthemoon#9215
This could have been better, but I had to stop sometime.

26/girl(male)/somewhere in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean. Currently listening: /watch?v=5r95En2t1nM /watch?v=XMggvPIeVlU

Clarifications that may to varying degrees be necessary: I am yellow/orange here. I am MALE (XY) but have chosen to appear female irl (go figure this one out).

I am okay with people messaging me to say things about art or just to talk but I am primarily looking for a relationship. I would prefer to meet someone who is 24+ (emotionally mature), 5'9+ aka 175cm+ (am tall), and of European ancestry (relatable). Also in terms of temperament, before you add me because you think I'm "your type," I invite you to consider whether you are actually MY type.

Also I can be rude so don't message if you can't deal with that.


anyone here play genshin? lookin for a pal to do bosses with, or if you're a lower ar and need help with anything, or if you just want to hang out, I'm ar 50 btw
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i haven't been playing since launch, but co op is pretty smooth. there's still certain limitations though
File: 2.jpg (65 KB, 474x600)
65 KB
I'd love to but im not that experienced in the game
I play too, also AR 50 and I'm just love to Co-op as it's easier to do bosses and domains. Solo is exhausting as hell to do them.
drop your tags..? or genshin ID
I haven't played since launch, has the game improved or is it still the same old grind?

File: 1384057.png (14 KB, 512x512)
14 KB
You know the drill
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Fags disgusting kik nameisnt1066
Let me know how you feel about me being homophobic to you all hahaha
Kik: feelingthotty

Looking for anything related to men, nudes, stories, hot friends, rp, to rate, etc
Dad bod hairy wm with the house to myself. Gonna rub one out so join if you want
Kik ndallasy
straight married hung drunk

will stroke and cum to pics or vids of porn cock

M20 into trans

Kik: goffken2001

Currently in New Hampshire during my summer road trip! I’m basically stranded out here in Littleton, NH as I’m getting my car repaired. Will be here for about two or three days or so.

In the slight chance that anyone on here is from anywhere around where I am, let’s meet up! Anyone! Let’s go hang out! We can even just go for a walk!

Also, New Hampshire thread in general. God is it beautiful out here.
Yeah, asl before anything

New girls welcome and encouraged to post booty and moar.

Read the site rules:
Read the board rules:

No dumping pics that aren't of yourself they go on >>>/s/

>Cis-females only.
>Timestamp if new.
>No contactfagging, soliciting, or advertising.
>No bullying, stalking, spamming, or harassing.
>Report posts that break the above rules.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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timestamp and butthole
No pic dumping. That second pic is in an xvideo gallery from a month ago
you look like you would have nice looking hands. can we see more?

File: 71891979_p0.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x2160)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Gentle or brutal, beginners or pros, all things femdom are welcome here!
Remember to be nice, and don’t forget to join the tagmap: tagmap.io/tag/femdom

Last thread >>30293990

>ASL +orientation
>About you
>What you're looking for
>What you're NOT looking for
>Any additional info

>Bonus: bdsmtest.org
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Thats why you dont send instantly...

Im kinda jacked, with a big dick an long hair
Kik hotwifeebony

Femdom here with a soft side Kik me I want to see porn of what you think I get up to don’t be shy been a domme for long enough to know what I like let’s have a fun night
I'm 44m, also on the east coast, switch feeling sub of late. Tall, fit, bearded, and tattooed. I'd also say that pegging/anal play and chastity are my two of my biggest kinks, and choking is right up there as well... I'm also very into open communication, I'm very open minded and can talk about anything, and I'll always be honest about what I'm into and what I'm not. You seem really cool and I'd like to chat, I hope you'll add me on discord.

File: download.png (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
New wife/gf/ex thread. Send a nude of your girl to the 3 names above yours. Don't forget OP.
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