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What’s the most degenerate thing you’ve ever done? Join up guys we love to hear it
I played wow, havent showerd or left the house for 2 months straight.

good times
Gotta love that NEET life. I usually just play poker and masturbate and get drunk every day

I want an opinion. I’ve been called fat here lol. Rate me and be honest.
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and who doesn't look great in dayglo green lycra?
Just busted
Really fat but only in your bottom
Wow. Interesting.
... Post more pics? Or maybe your ig or something

File: femdom.png (655 KB, 1152x653)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
Femdom thread
>Describe yourself
>What you're into
>What you're looking for
>What you're not looking for
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Hey there! 23 year old dominant female here!

Love something more long term, I'm single and tanned and love myself some long term goodness.

Looking for submissive men, prefer someone who knows how to keep a convo and loves to get very dirty. Hung guys are a bonus. Don't care about your body type.

Kik is thegreatchance, see ya!

Btw be single!!!
There was a german anon who posted her kik last year. She was cool. Didn't make this cringy like how most anon's on here are. Never over stepped her boundaries and you can have a decent conversation with her outside of femdom.

But she left kik, probably because of the autists on here, or work.

im convinced it is a retard fetish

i curse myself everyday for having it
KiK doesn't exist

I'd be happy to speak to any girl interested in guro, mutilating, or killing people. Or, alternatively, pegging, futanari, and the like, as I have no interest in being the penetrative party in sex since my mind considers that inherently at least a mild act of domination. Very stupidly and bizarrely, I have some deep infatuation with cocks despite having no sexual interest in males and difficulty bonding emotionally with them.

I believe I'm the type of worthless, immature human trash that deserves to die painfully, and I would personally think it unwise to speak to someone with such red flags of mental illness, but, hey, I won't stop you. My biggest fantasies would be being hurt, killed, raped, made into a slave or doll, or otherwise enduring pain for the sake of someone else's pleasure. Stabbing and strangling might be the most fun. But, I still have some lingering obligations preventing me from being able to die quite yet, and I'm also not yet able to form romantic or sexual relationships with others, so I can't offer that in return. Still, if you'd like to talk some actual real femdom maybe with blood in it with someone instead of mommydom crap, and without it degenerating into ERP or begging for pics, I can do that. Beyond that, I don't care if you're nice to me or insult me or what.

I have little interest in doing things and a rather small world as a result, but I do like video games a lot. I like collecting art or illustrations online pertaining to my interest too. Beyond that, I usually spend my days sitting and waiting for death. Boring, but also the type of person that world would lose nothing if they were killed or something.


Truth or dare with the kik above you
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Kik alsmith89

I'm down to play
Jonnyb14742 dare me

I feel I am cursed with rectangle body. How bad is it?
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I have permanently skinny arms no matter how much I work out.
I want to kiss your vegana for two hours then put my one foot pinus in your vegana. You will happy.
Thank you!
Fair point
Thanks ?
can we see feet?
Can I see you butt from behind please

How arw you today?
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Feeling garbage, I overate cause I was treated to dinner instead of budgeting my food properly and I lost a lot of friends cause my poly besty stole my crush from me after they both claimed they love me so I broke down and spiraled hard. Bpd is fun isnt it.
That's pretty fucked up ngl
It is, she said she was into me and Im hot and she wanted me close, my crush said he would never leave me and that we were close to a relationship. I noticed my crush slipping away and spending more time with her and then they both became distant so I just got angry and cut them out first. It really hurts but im worthless its unsurprising someone normal found my crushes fancy instead of me. He had the nerve to lie to me right after it all came to light saying im not worthless or ugly or a lost cause its obvious he was just trying to appease whatever he thought would make me happy but its all just cheap talk. Im also second guessing my response to the hurt I felt but its too late anyways.
Holy shit, that's REALLY fucked up. That must've been devastating! I'm really sorry you had to go through that :(
It really was, if they just wanted to date they should have told me. Usually I wouldnt expect to be told others business but when theyre both leading me on for a relationship too it would have been nice to just be told this flat out instead of feeling them become distant.

I guess this can be a kik thread!!!
M 23

Bored and up for anything

Kik: BiLadLdn9

Rate my ass please.
spread it and show hole
Hi, if you show a little more I could rate you but I can tell you that I get turned on

File: 1614289219511.jpg (134 KB, 1024x1010)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Come by to the Leather Club discord server

>Fun and shitposting
fix yo link

File: unknown.png (2.3 MB, 1214x921)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG

Join the Hentai Central discord!

Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/Tyvxwhs2j8
Browser page: https://hentaicentral.com/browser/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/hentaicentral_com/
Fetish list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W5UW1yYdr3a8mYXTsBEXXnPsbbJAfZNnZKSZOG1mJPo/edit
About page: https://hentaicentral.com/about/
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Nah you clearly have no idea what i'm taking about
Alrighty then

File: 20210302_170227.jpg (839 KB, 2988x5312)
839 KB
839 KB JPG
How do i get a fashion sense?
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Are you circumcised or uncut?
I'm not a muslim or amerimutt so...
Well you're incredibly average looking, your hair is dry as hell and your fashion sucks, so maybe you should?
> your hair is dry as hell

I chopped it all off a few months ago and i'm recovering
you're cute.

File: IMG_3970.jpg (493 KB, 1194x2208)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
For cum Tributes

Kik Itsyadkgurl2
free taco bell?

Fucked up kink/ fucked up fetish thread
>Interests/Hobbies/General stuff about you
>Looking for
>Not Looking for
>Anything else
>Contact info (opt)
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>Describe yourself
Shy, Tall, panty Lover, cute ass and alsways horny.
>What you're into
Mostly into anal, crossdressing, femdom and feminization. Biggest goal ist to Archive a sissygasm. I Love pegging.
>What you're looking for
A Mistress or femdom who can teach me to ride a cock right and who can show me how to be a real sissy girl.
>What you're not looking for
Male Masters. I currently need a Mistress, not a guy, but after my transformation I need a hard bull.
Kik: _boy_122
Clarify: I prefer to play son, even if I'm topping
kik: jelloeating
snap: sphfun
discord: doubledippin#1533

M/19 also into weird stuff
send me your wife\gf\sistern\auntie\cousin and i'll tell you what depraved things i'll do to them. kik gosigih
sure slirzer

File: drunkthread.jpg (139 KB, 1000x750)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
drink drank drunk thread.
post your poison and why you're drinking.


File: 1613885069168.jpg (51 KB, 616x509)
51 KB
/soc/ and /r9k/ keep saying my hairstyle is terrible. I don't think it is, but I'm open to ideas and suggestions. Short hair doesn't look good on me so might as well not bother with that.
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you look like that guy from the mars volta

I mean, i can see why folks don't like your hairstyle. It looks shaggy and unkempt. But honestly, if you like it, that's all that matters.
It looks terrible, it will look better short, just trust us, even if you disagree
Doesn't matter women will still avoid you because they can sense female hating incels like you are
Just tie it back and see if you like that, but don't cut it off. Some people will disagree, but men with long hair is coming back and the only reason men ever look bad with long hair is a lack of care, ie not getting a trim, or stylizing it.

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