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30yo bi lookin for a bro (or bros) to share porn and beat dicks too.

Kik is aaronporrum

File: 1592020981659.jpg (7 KB, 248x237)
7 KB
Official Dirty Discord

>What you are looking for?
>What you are not looking for?
>A little about yourself

Dont respond to trading pics posters they are just larping. A lesson the other thread hasnt learned yet.
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22 m bi
into lots of lewd stuff, love futa
fren#3259 luv dota
>turn ons
Cnc, degradation, impregnation, ddlg
>turn offs
poor grammar and spelling, guys with long hair, bald guys, bad teeth
>looking for
a decently attractive White guy to submit to. Must be considerably smarter and more successful than I am.
>not looking for
empty sexting, needy spergs, weebs
the usual
>anything else you want people to know
I'm a good girl :)

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Azazen#1164 36/M/EST I have an air fryer and practice leatherworking. Most of the other interesting things about me are secret.
Airfryers aren't interesting lmao

File: link.jpg (221 KB, 1662x2285)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Wanting to join a discord to just chill and be lewd without someone ruining the vibe?
Join our twink/femboy/trap server (Mostly everyone is welcomed though.)

File: IMG_20210517_095709.jpg (34 KB, 271x360)
34 KB
Femboys trap tread post ur Kik, dobu thing I'm sexy?
Kik me matt_412

File: 1614574038872.gif (312 KB, 112x112)
312 KB
312 KB GIF
Ardent, wya nigga?

Polgb social thread. Drop your kik, discord, etc with what you’re looking for
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Identity politics were a mistake.
File: trivmviratvs.jpg (291 KB, 1200x1154)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
19 / boy (bi i guess) / baltics
there is no such thing as ''white'' in my country... i am natural redhair, blue eyes though
>political orientation
natsoc. ironic a bit tho leaning heavily into stalinism, absolutism as well
antisemitism, traditionalism, jdm, art, animanga, history (been getting into romaboo phase recently)
>looking for
frens. based frens from /nsg/ would be awesome!, someone who would be willing to talk about whatever/whenever without any manipulations, spitefulness or neverending deceptions. (*i must note that im not into vidya or modern music at all!)
>not looking for
americans, coomers, modern leftists, lgbtquop+ idiots or anyone who is wrecked by globohomo jews already beyond repair. etc. etc....

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Sure buddy
M 26 USA just looking to meet a friend and maybe more if there’s a connection

Kik: tehjah
who are you

This is a thread for people in the UK to chat and meet up.
Discords and snapchats
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hopefully you never graduate. We dont need any mentally ill doctors

She is an immigrant based in London

Peep her tattoo
File: 1619992058859.jpg (598 KB, 1925x1925)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
25/M/South West
Really enjoy rugby and football, as well as going back to the gym now as the world is a bit more normal. Love taking the dog out for long walks too and gaming when I can. Even the chance to read in the evenings is a great way for me to relax.
I’ve got blonde hair, blue eyes and am well built. Been told I’ve got a nice smile too.
>Looking for
A woman to chat to ideally - someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and who is easy going. I’m not bothered with your age, race or body type, as long as we click. It would be great if you had passions and motivations.
Communications sector
>Not looking for
Anyone male, or born male.
Im 24/m/uk

Im bi, live in the south wales area, im up fot anything kik related. Love showing myself and seeing others. Would be up for whatever sort of fun
Kik: Walshyboi777

File: pls-19.jpg (212 KB, 1247x997)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
New York meetups

631 long island, 23 male. Been trying to find a girl on the more dominant side for some pegging & bathroom slavery

Sc is anythinggoes231
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M 25 bi vers in Brooklyn
Snap John_doe5676
Tell me about yourself with a pic if you'd like
to do what chief

Looking for any femanons in the NYC area who want to talk and see how things go, maybe date if we get along. I'm into vidya, weeb things like anime, and art/music. More than happy to play if we have some shared games.
Discord: Roboto#5490
File: katemara.jpg (49 KB, 424x810)
49 KB
I'm in Orange County

27 male



I actually really fuck with Long Island though and remember a bartender showed me her tits while she was jerking and brought me to her nice house to fuck me and it was great. Kind of lost touch with that one, but if she out there holla haha looked kinda like Kate Mara

kik truth or dare thread

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So down for this.

Sloppymoses dare me
Kik: Nubekiller1


Chubby girls, let's go!

File: aMOGUs.png (1.34 MB, 924x900)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Small and comfy server
No e-dating and other bullshit

File: 1603962005128.png (1.19 MB, 1600x1493)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Is there a discord server for people with small little cock like me? I've been looking for one or atleast working discord IDs to hook up with people like me
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4" here Kik is Tommythekattt
What's it like hard?

6cm normally but I'm caged.

Kik is supercarrot999
what do you mean? That's how hard it looks like.

Summer is just around the corner! Time to find your match! This time, I’ll run this thread until Sunday, May 23. That’s two weeks.

I made a Google Form this time so I don’t have to sort through so many emails. You only have to enter as much or as little you feel like and you don’t have to sign in to Google to submit.


If you have any problems, email me at matchmakerash@gmail.com


>What is this?
It’s just a way to add a little positivity to the board. It’s hard to meet people these days, especially if you’re an introvert. The last thread actually made some matches who are still together!

>How does this work?
You fill out the form, and I read through the responses and match people who I think are compatible. I’ll send each matched person an email containing his/her match’s contact info and one sentence describing his/her match. I post daily statistics in this thread, and you accuse me of being an Indian spammer trying to steal your email addresses and complain about there being too many guys and not enough girls responding. Simple!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The first match was sent out today. There are about 6 to 8 potential matches that haven’t yet been sent, and 4 of them are in Europe. I’m still thinking about a few people and more responses are coming in daily.

I’m doing this more slowly compared to last time, which means more of the matches will be sent this week and next weekend.

I’m not going to post daily stats anymore. It’s stabilized around 90% male, 10% female and that isn’t changing much even as more responses come in.

The first match was sent today.

There are a lot of responses from the EU. So far there are four potential matches there.

If you didn’t include your email then I can’t send you a match email, and if you do match you will only know if your match contacts you.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You are almost certain to be matched. It’s just going slower this time.
Just sent mine in! Hopefully people who apply later are considered the same as those who applied early.
I added only a discord, you can forward that if a match appears, right?
Submitted, thanks for doing this Ash. Heres to a Tomboy GF this 2021! Hopefully the discord link works for images.

File: 1567802215536s.jpg (4 KB, 250x250)
4 KB
Time for a new kik nude game. Rules are simple.
Post your kik. Send a nude to the 3 people above you, don't skip and remember the OP tax.
Always send to op. Kik. stonecookies.
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Trade amateur porn if u prefer no limit

Hello this is a thread for Israeli people

>Looking for
>Not looking for
>Unpopular opinion (optional)
It aint easy to be israeli nowdays!
Free Palestine
ok but whats ur discord

File: 1-1000.jpg (383 KB, 1000x1000)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
Post asl, your kinks/fetishes and kik or discord tags
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This is very hot
it would be fun to have a slave girl for a weekend, or longer

100% free use, and do whatever I want to her, caged when i don't need her

27 m Melbourne Australia
File: 1614758936829.jpg (46 KB, 540x720)
46 KB
lookin for people who are into being used by a fat, hairy, sweaty, greasy perv like me and send me pics and vids of where you want me to fill you up

pic is me
25F (got a bf so i dont send nudes/lewds)
interested in-
Chatting about weird, taboo kinks- especially if its something i haven't heard of before
Seeing anything youd like to show
Also please do send me weird, niche hentai
Extreme/weird porn in general works too!

"Hey"s and such will be blocked, be interesting

Kik talia.59
Sitting around edging with estim. Looking for femanons to talk to, or even take control of my device if they are willing.

kik : tempanon8865

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