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Welcome to /ic/. If you are looking to hone your creative skills, please consult these general resources:

One-Stop Beginners' Guide
The w/ic/i

And don't forget to HEED THE RULES

File: 1487790589725.png (480 KB, 475x858)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

previous >>4075390

>screenshot the image and post that instead
>change camera capture settings to something smaller
>send to computer and resize in MSPaint

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance when you haven't even started.

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I've been reading Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, does that count for anything?
File: random5.jpg (457 KB, 1242x1500)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
File: random6.jpg (463 KB, 1156x1500)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
I've never read that particular book, though I have heard of it. The synopsis on wikipedia makes me very concerned though.

>Edwards's method of drawing and teaching was revolutionary when she published it in 1979. It received an immediate positive response, and is now widely accepted by artists, teachers, and others around the world. Underlying the method is the notion that the brain has two ways of perceiving and processing reality – one verbal and analytic, the other visual and perceptual. Edwards' method advocates suppressing the former in favor of the latter. It focuses on disregarding preconceived notions of what the drawn object should look like, and on individually "seeing".[3]

It sounds pretty much antithetical to classical methods and ideas, which emphasized the use of idealized figures and simplified, geometrical forms. Not something I'd recommend at all. Perhaps somebody who has read the book could comment on it better than me, but I would never recommend drawing in the manner the author seems to be suggesting. Do yourself a favor and have a look at Vilppu. Decide for yourself who makes more sense, Vilppu or Betty Edwards, author of the book.
isn't this a fortnite skin?

File: DT.jpg (595 KB, 1000x1000)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
Post your current drawing here and give constructive critique to others! Don't take anything personal!
Please make sure your posted image is clear, downsized to around 1000 pixels wide, rotated to the correct orientation, and that any unused space is cropped.
If you want critique on a drawing from the previous thread, you can delete it there and repost in this one.

Previous thread: >>4057064

>dA /ic/ group :

>/ic/ Resources/Reference/Downloads/Links:

>General resources :

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File: bodiez.png (1.19 MB, 1431x1255)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Much appreciated anon

Human body doodles, I need more depth.

Only used reference for the dog, didn't know about their musculature.
File: knightho.jpg (1.21 MB, 872x1829)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Spacey Illustration I made in digital
Mountain sketch.

File: 1563198019458.png (38 KB, 340x448)
38 KB
You know the drill
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>Do I reblog? I hated tumblrs that are nothing but reblogs.
Me too. On Twitter you gotta be buddies with people, they RT you, you RT them. It's all about networking with other artists, tags are worthless.
Wait, I've seen your work somewhere before but I'm not sure where.
File: nkpsmall.jpg (386 KB, 720x969)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
File: Untitled-153456 copy.jpg (461 KB, 1800x1532)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
I'm so bad at social media. I have like 6 followers... one is a bot.

Well, the over centralization of the industry towards PornHun has fucked over smaller studios hard and making it as independents is nigh impossible without crowdfunding. Porn stars are forced to escort in order to make ends meet. Combined with how much PornHub pirates content depriving them of revenue (see Mia Khalifa and other "artists")...yes, it can certainly be made unprofitable for anyone outside of the one percent. And that divide grows even worse.

If Visa and other payment processors begin the crackdown (which the blanket ban on non-com content on Patreon shows), yes or most certainly can be made unprofitable.

Even the one percent who profits and funnels all the degeneracy are not immune. Especially if people begin reporting Paypal accounts en masse for selling porn.

Quite comfortable with my dick. Thank you for your concern.

File: pt.png (164 KB, 469x657)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>4059735 #

Disclaimer: Please [-] the thread if you don't want your mom seeing this thread.

Share your pornographic drawings that you're working on and receive feedback, "blog ?" comments, and critiques. Please contain your autism.

>How do I get started drawing porn?
6 Steps to Improve
Read Loomis - /loomis/ link

References -
1. Google is your best friend. So is the Artbook Thread (ctrl+F artbook in Catalog)

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File: ZA6wVnGaMTb6lKLOWazlGqDj.jpg (503 KB, 1200x1475)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
Hi all, busy with this piece for a while, just wondering if anyone has any advice before I move on from the pencils>
This should be on /alt/
File: jelly.jpg (31 KB, 612x284)
31 KB
wow, anon, just go draw ;)
cool, thanks
ah dude, I can smell you, show me where the lolis are, give me the real deal, what is this sfw stuff?

**Don’t aimlessly study the fundamentals or anime. Learn the fundamentals (form, values, color, composition, etc.) through properly copying anime.**

How to study anime/get better at imagination drawing/obtain a style/etc.:
>Find an anime reference you like (an illustration, screenshot, anime figure, 3D model, etc.)
>Find learning material that will help you reconstruct your ref using simpler fundamental elements
>Trace the ref using that construction
>Copy the ref using that construction
>Draw the ref from memory that using construction
>Repeat the process for the same ref multiple times and mix in other refs
>After studying a lot of refs, drawing from your head will become easier

**Focus on Tracing/Copying/Memory drawing the big shapes/values/elements first then later worry about the finer details. Focus on only a portion of a complex ref first then move on to studying the full ref.**

General anime style discussion:
>Questions about achieving certain styles/techniques/compositions etc.

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I'd feel sorry for anyone who is envious of that.
I feel sorry for whoever's still hugboxing in that shitty server
Calm down and practice more.
Derek went anon lol
Can anyone help me understand how Toriyama's eyes work in general compared to reality? I'm beg and I'm trying to reproduce it but it looks retarded and I'm stuck in understanding.

File: St. Peter's Basilica.jpg (3.48 MB, 4900x2559)
3.48 MB
3.48 MB JPG
Is St. Peter's Basilica humanity's greatest and highest artistic achievement? Is there any possibility of surpassing it?
What is the purpose of this question? If you want an architecture thread just make an architecture thread, don't make some faggy whiny bullshit thread
I want to discuss what makes it artistically great, how it could theoretically be surpassed, or alternative works that others deem humanity's greatest and highest artistic achievement.
Well if you'd like to have an architecture thread maybe you can get it started with your thoughts on the Basilica
What are your thoughts?
File: Basilica interior.jpg (3.89 MB, 3011x2007)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB JPG

File: alt op.png (328 KB, 500x723)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Previous >>4069273

What is /ALT/?
If you're looking for a place to post your cartooning then you've found the right general. This is /ic/s 1st and only merged hub where both Eastern and Western stylization can coexist peacefully, hence the double title. However, by community demand and long history, this is favorably an Anime general.
>Rules & Guidelines
(1) Any form of cartooning is welcome; so submit and receive feedback from others. (2) Please resize your images before posting. (3) Share your knowledge and (4) Remember to not be afraid of asking for critique. Most importantly I encourage you to keep discussion at a civil level, but you're more than welcome to share your opinions.
>I came for anime. Why does the image OP say cartoons general?
To distinguish from the anime study thread (janitor supported). Please post your studies there and personal work goes here.
>Community Resources
Hitokaku Index
List of active livestreams
>Use twitch #art

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>me and my boy after a night of clubbing
File: jhgjhhjg.jpg (1.48 MB, 3334x1400)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
Face might be a bit flat along with some other parts of the painting, and the colors are all too similar, feels like all the colors are the same dirty green color but with different values. Unless that's what you're going for of course.
Quite stiff, made mine look like some weird doll, disregard my stylistic changes and just start thinking about ways to make your drawings look more alive.
Too much contrast with the really dark dragon and really light backround, also a bunch of perspective and comp mistakes but just start looking at how great painters would've painted this exact scene and that might teach you some useful stuff
File: TLOchSSMLL.gif (479 KB, 1921x1058)
479 KB
479 KB GIF
Ive always appreciated sycra's art and guide to style, he has odd taste that just seems to only harm his skill level though.

Character design I did from an old ms paint doodle.
Wanted a retro anime feel with a more modern aesthetic but I fuqin failed.
Thanks for the paintover, I appreciate the pointers. Though to be honest I feel the color changes alter the mood in a way I do not enjoy. You're right about the flat face, I'll try to work on that in the future.
Military goth is so pretty

I normally don't post in these but today facebook greeted me with some old work from 5 years ago.

Also, didn't see one in the catalogue, but I wanted to share this with you guys.
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Yeah, I never could fix my autism though hmmm?
Needs contrast nigga
You need to study anatomy, forms, perspective to make your drawings less flat. Rendering is pretty but that's only the cream on top.
Ill do some studying the next chance I get, thank you anon

File: 1565882271484.jpg (139 KB, 850x1063)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Post paintings with a similar quality than the one in OP (no furry/weeb shit please)
46 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.

Is that Brangwyn? I'm actually related to him by blood, believe it or not.
Whelp. You did it. Grats. I was losing interest in this place anyway, but I wanted to help the few lost souls who wanted to learn to be artists, but you killed it, dead.

I just realized it's pointless.

It's been a thing. Anyone who still wants to be an artist...leave. RUN. This place is not for you.
Because most women at the time where malnourished and starving. Only plump women were most likely rich and insatiable unless your rich. There wasn't very many breeding cows, which at the time was a huge wet dream for many people.
The painter is actually Edgard Maxence

File: Ivan_Kramskoy.jpg (186 KB, 863x1000)
186 KB
186 KB JPG

Be specific if you request something: post the cover, book's title, artist's name...
Please be patient, board is slow, someone may answer you a week later.
Please search in the thread and links below before asking for something, it may well already be there.
All MEGA links SHOULD be cloned, they die every time they're posted here.
If any of the links expires or breaks, please inform of it.
Can't find something? check vk, rutracker, ehentai, cgpeers, etc

> Beginner essentials
See https://pastebin.com/riFtG6n0 for details

> Main Book Links

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Looking for this, anyone?
Anatomy of Facial Expression - Uldis Zarins
Nice site, thanks.
anyone has morpho simplified forms on pdf?
Morpho - Simplified Forms
Artistic Anatomy - Richer Paul
Uldis Zarins - Anatomy of Facial Expressions

File: 1556514213848.jpg (734 KB, 1280x1808)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
Do female artists also pursue nsfw/furry (and do they genuinely enjoy it), or is the genre strictly male dominated?
79 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
But anon, exploiting women is wrong...
File: DDBo2_tV0AEKQId.jpg orig.jpg (208 KB, 1309x1452)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
>Do female artists also pursue nsfw/furry (and do they genuinely enjoy it)
What do you think?
Can you post some of your art? I'm genuinely curious as to how your style attracted a female-dominated market
Just who do you think draws all the hardcore BL/MxM stuff? And besides that they draw plenty of straight porn, guro, and other heavy fetishes.
Artist of Chad Crash?

File: 1564773361480.jpg (311 KB, 2048x1088)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
>in the know about secrets

There seemed to be a couple anons who were quite knowledgeable about it

Is it possible to do a different action by repeating the same shortcut in autohotkey? Example; alternating between two blending modes with the same button (normal>overlay etc)

What code would you need to write to make this a thing? Also is it possible to introduce an additional timer to that action, example; as long as the key is being held down action/state2 is active, while it reverts back to action/state1 if undone. Cheers
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
bump for later
Wonder if it's possible to do the following:
When using a clone brush, after selecting the area to be cloned, change the tilt direction of your pen to offset the angle of the "sample" you are taking against the area into which it will be copied, and have it "lock in" once you start painting, if possible only for the duration of that stroke. Obviously the cloned object would lose some quality, but it should still be useful for composition and creating detail since it would allow you to replicate shapes in a way that feels organic.
Along the same lines: What about a clonebrush that shrinks or enlarges the area being sampled?
So I've tried it multiple times in various button alterations and ahk versions, also without the #IfWinActive ahk_exe Photoshop.exe limitation, but couldn't get it to work.
The code seems fine and didn't give any errors back, but it just won't register between it and keyboard, no change to blend modes, undo, etc.
I assume there is a key step that I'm missing.. maybe a specific script editor or something but idk

Anyways, thank you for your effort man. I'll try digging through some more google to see if I can get it to work somehow
maybe try to elaborate in more detail, it sounds a bit confusing
File: 564657858.jpg (109 KB, 838x768)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Ok I've managed to make ahk, or rather windows, recognize the code/hotkeys as actual buttons. Like pressing z in any empty field in Photoshop's Shortcuts menu will actually show it as alt+ctrl+z.

But for some reason pressing z or any of the other hotkeys, doesn't execute any of the commands while working, no undos, no switching between blend modes... there is a slight twitching when holding them as if 3-button shortcuts don't work together, or as if it's trying to jump between a different software specific shortcut even though the majority are blank.

I've assumed a simple press will just run any command smoothly and boost process speed, I mean I'm just curious if it's running for any of you guys nicely? it's been weeks but I'm still willing to try if it's as useful and snappy as I think it is
>On a different note;
Anyone who has the wacom remote is it possible to put stuff like alt+shift+o or
alt+shift+n on one of the keys, and does it actually execute properly while working? Would really appreciate some info on that

The image is from Takeshi Obata Death Note creator.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 006.jpg (250 KB, 1000x461)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
I personally find everything yoji shinkawa-esque great aesthetically. Although this is from metal gear rising so the artist is different, but still some of my favorite designs come out of that franchise.
File: im04.jpg (61 KB, 533x370)
61 KB
File: 009.jpg (322 KB, 1000x1349)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
File: No.7_concept_art.jpg (80 KB, 800x493)
80 KB
Also the Nier series has some pretty interesting art that reminds me a lot of takeshi obata.
File: DOHGS13UQAI6H6H.jpg (236 KB, 838x1200)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
If you like robots the Megaman series (Including X, StarForce, ZX, Battle Network) has cool stuff

File: soft.png (796 KB, 1000x1000)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
How do you get this sort of soft, blended in, glossy lineart and finish? I really want to incorporate this into my style but it always ends up looking like soulless vectors because my lineart is too clean and a single weight all along, and my shading sucks ass.

(This is not a cumbrain thread I swear, the best pics to illustrate it were porn. The artists I want to imitate have all their step-by-steps behind patreon, too. I'm literally at the end of my rope.)
104 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
Unfortunately I just can't watch this, the constant flipping and flickering is making my head hurt.
only the top one looks decent, but every other attempt at making the ones in >>4070223 look uneven >>4071942 >>4075644 >>4075783
File: White_full.png (459 KB, 1798x1198)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
Tried doing something like this on paint 3d (Incomplete, obviously)

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