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Welcome to /ic/. If you are looking to hone your creative skills, please consult these general resources:

One-Stop Beginners' Guide
The w/ic/i

And don't forget to HEED THE RULES

File: 1675145335818555.jpg (129 KB, 910x705)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
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high tier art, it's not pretentiously luminous and unrealistic like Thomas Kinkade but still has that fantastical element. Also the eyes look like all of those dogs are tripping balls
plus the bulldog is cheating by holding an extra card with his hind paw.
fucking furry
>the great dane is smoking a pipe
It just gets better the more you look!

File: 20230609_062321.jpg (40 KB, 700x744)
40 KB
Why are /co/ "artists" like this?
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It's a board for western comic and animation, what exactly are you expecting?
It's fine if they do it in their isolated echo chambers but when they intentionally spread it in other places out of spite for no reason it gets very annoying. Specifically the "Tranime" posters.
I found that ongezellig threads are the worst on /co/
They should accept that most comics are bad and how modern comics arw just trash that don't generate revenue except for collectors
manwha artists accept it

Post art techniques too op for normal people to handle
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nothing is confusing me you fucking retard. you can easily tell what color the actual color is against a white background, unlike the blackred from the apple which is still black.
what you need to understand is that there is no actual color, it is all relative. your eyes naturally white balance your vision, so different surroundings will cause the same color to be perceived differently.

does that make sense? i tried to simplify it for 75 iq's
>no no see I meant the color changes only in our minds
it's black retard, theres no color.
a completely desaturated color on a red bg can look blue
>Arguing about light vs material color
Rookie mistake.

Dave Raposa did this in 6 weeks. Post your longest work.
150 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
What fantasy world do you live in where famous western illustrators share their super secret techniques and settings?
It's cum.
He posts on YouTube.
>techdrone can't tell goods from luxuries
It's a bit trashy, exept for Gandalf his environment skills > living beings

File: FxzM3YMaYAApOKI.jpg (96 KB, 1028x947)
96 KB
FORBES published an impressive story about the deception and corruption of StabilityAI CEO Emad Mostaque, and it is clear that this marks the END of StabilityAI. Here is an itemized list of his deception, corruption, and possibly ILLEGAL:

>1) Lies and misappropriation of Stable Diffusion:
The source code for the Stable Diffusion AI text-to-image generator was written by another group of researchers and not by Mostaque or his team. Mostaque claimed credit for the creation of Stable Diffusion, which was actually developed by a group of German academics (prone to lawsuits).

>2) Mostaque's wife stealing money from the company, StabilityAI NOT paying taxes and workers:
Wages and payroll taxes within StabilityAI have been repeatedly delayed or unpaid. At the same time, tens of thousands of pounds/dollars were transferred from the company's bank account, largely by Mostaque's wife, who was head of public relations and later became a member of the company's board of directors. (prone to lawsuits).

>3) AMAZON exaggerations and misleading claims:
There are numerous instances of Mostaque making exaggerated and dubious claims. He embellished a transaction with Amazon as a "strategic partnership" with an 80% discount, which later turned out to be a standard discount offered to any customer who made a long-term commitment. He also claimed that StabilityAI was assembling one of the 10 largest supercomputers in the world (prone to lawsuits).

>4) Exaggeration of the company's value and revenues:
Despite StabilityAI's lack of any significant revenues, Mostaque managed to secure $100 million in funding, leading to a valuation of $1 billion for the company. He also stated that the company's annualised revenues were higher than actual revenues (prone to lawsuits).
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presumably paid to spread two more week memes among the legion of dumb sheep here who think regulations are going to gut ai and give poor starving artists the lionshare of the meat, not institute complicated and expensive loisances for AI that only corporations with hundreds of employees will be able to legally and financially manage.
>when the ruling does not affect anything related to completely transformative works, basically everything after details and ramifications is made up nonsense not related to the case.
this was addressed previously in other threads and how it coul be used. you just disagree with it and call it nonsense.
>JP law
you're arguing that technically it can still be used for training, that's irrelevant as they addressed the commercial use of ai
"he didn't lie, he just gave half-truths". desu better to wait for the rulings regarding this and we'll see.
I get you don't like the guy but outragebaiting is a bit of a stretch imo.
He's probably gotten more views, likes, and followers(and commissions) from this baitposting than he's gotten in years, he gets so much attention out of it and it almost definitely(I don't have a source but im almost certain) leads to more commissions and money for him.
>there’s nothing remotely suable about saying you have a special deal with Amazon

It is, if it is a lie. Misappropriation of company names or saying that you’re sponsored by x or why to your investors when you are not can get you sued. It’s literally stated in the article that every big names Emad claimed to be partnered with denied any involvement with Stability. It isn’t «business as usual», if you were an investor of Stability you were essentially lied to on every level. The Forbes article even states Emad hid company revenue info which again, is illegal. It’s the exact kind of scam tactics you’d see with ponzi schemers/crypto scammer which is really troubling, but not surprising since he’s an nftfag.

>getting a BA entitles you to an MA, sou you CAN say you have an MA

The hell? No. That’s not how it works at all. Just because you have a bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean you can say you have a master’s degree. What kind of third-world hole are you crawling out of? The only thing this proves is that he doesn’t know shit about what he’s talking about which is obvious when you listen to his interviews or his unhinged twitter rants. He literally doesn’t understand the tech his company has.

I agree that this maijin guys is theatrical and seems to be using ragebaiting tactics but his sources back most of what he says.
The BA to MA part is normal in Oxford specifically, it's granted to alumni without any additional graduate-level coursework and he is intitled to it and CAN receive it, it's in the forbes article in the OP

If imagination is a requirement for making soulful art, what is someone with aphantasia supposed to do?
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1) Aphantasia is not real.
2) You don't get to be a top level athlete if you're born with a shit body, why should you be a top level artist being born with a shit brain?
If you have to ask what it is, you don't have it, sorry. It's like schroedingers box, as soon as you describe it, it becomes something other than soul
File: Laurence typing.jpg (124 KB, 457x600)
124 KB
124 KB JPG

Fairfield Porter would've had a field day with A.I., especially considering this 1968 lecture where he criticizes the generality of Science and compares it with the specificity of Art.

However he is one artist who I would love to see AI try to approximate.
File: severe.jpg (62 KB, 850x400)
62 KB
*1963 Lecture.

If you are a /beg/inner or /int/ermediate in art, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.
Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the drawthread with fundamental exercises.

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES TO ~1000 PIXELS wide using one of the following methods:
1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in MSPaint

Completed: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit
New collaborative sticky (anyone can edit): https://hackmd.io/UMnZVhNITW-T2wZpHw6d0Q
Old: http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-draw-learn

Read the stickies

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 000.png (1.04 MB, 2000x2000)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
File: 32555.jpg (1.25 MB, 2048x2048)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
is it any better from
Im not a painter, Im an illustrator, I work with graphite, not digitally, bloody hell
File: mm6_eyesold.jpg (369 KB, 1817x1303)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
we're having fun
what think you of this random head i tried to construct dear crit/ic/s?
Hell ya

File: Colourguide1.png (412 KB, 1024x1250)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Always leave text about this thread here.
It's thread
It's questions
It's answers
Post here if you don't expect your thread to reach 100+ replies
58 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.

Unironically this. The David Finch guide isn't perfect for day 1 beginners, but for people who have some experience drawing already. If you take it from the beginning, you will start with the foundation of basic forms, proportions, gesture, etc.
Does every set of parallel lines have it's own vanishing point?
Time to copy Bridgeman twice I suppose...
Does the L in Lab correspond to value?
L is lightness. Mostly the same as value.

File: crab2bucket.jpg (134 KB, 554x554)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
The 2nd Comics and Random Art Battles (C.R.A.B. 2) tournament will decide (again) the fate of the multiverse. OCs from multiple image boards will be kidnapped by the Gamemaster, put into teams and take part in many extreme challenges to obtain a single wish, whatever it may be!

Final Stage - Theme: Fighting is ON!

You crabs are now worthy of setting foot in the fateful Bucket. Forged by the blood and sweat of millions of crabs before you.

Here not only stories are written, but dreams come to be fulfilled - and to die.

Previously one /crab/2 >> 6675689
226 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oops left my trip on
File: crabmaster.png (12 KB, 412x290)
12 KB
i've been psyoped into making a game with all the youtube videos i've been watching so i'll try to learn how to make a game after the tourney. maybe also learn how to make goldsrc maps
as for post-/crab/ crab content, i'll probably have to make the handmaiden reports and the lurker intro comic

don't you have some fundies to work on?
File: IMG_6002.jpg (304 KB, 961x1122)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
porn isnt mean, porn isnt some kind of attack. So you cant just ask everyone agree with you on that level.
ur not slick, fag

Why do you draw, anon?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
To go to figure drawing sessions and see if I can make the models feel uncomfortable or react as I put on pained expressions of concentration.

I also find it hilarious to draw simple children like stick figures during the short poses and during the break show it to the person next to me pretending it's good and make them nod in agreement.
Fun AND money
There's no real way I can put it into words.
I do it for a living and it's what I'm best at.
I basically made a job out of my favorite hobby, which is pretty great.
autistic fixation with drawing. If I stop drawing after a while I get a really bad itch in my hands. I think it might be an addiction

i wanna get my drawfag friend a gift for her birthday. i wanna get a reference book since she mainly draws on tablet and with pencil. she does mainly cutesy some realistic stuff.
she likes animes like naruto, one piece and hunterxhunter
what books do you guys recommend?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Get her Yoh Yoshinari's sketchbook
She will never love you
good we dont want the same things out of life so it would just fuck up a friendship
I have the physical copy guide to drawing anime amazing girls from this series from way back. it was great as a reference and the pictures are big enough for tracing paper. i can recommend it, print quality is great too.
the only issue was that the back of the book is pretty still but you can always rebind it
back is pretty stiff*

File: Fx4cSwtaYAUcNE4.png (463 KB, 780x540)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
AI COPYRIGHT PROTECTION FOR JAPANESE ARTISTS: Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Cabinet Office released a statement, "About the Relationship between AI and Copyright" showing they are moving toward rules and regulations against commercial AI use with CRIMINAL PENALTIES, and protecting existing copyright and intellectual property rights for the works of artists and creators.

1. Japan's AI Stance In Two Phases: The statement says the life cycle of AI use will be broken down into two stages:

---Phase 1: the "AI development/learning stage": The Japanese government agency states that the use of copyrighted materials for purposes other than enjoyment, such as research and education, is "principally possible to use without copyright permission". However, this does not apply to cases that exceed the "recognized necessary limit" or "unfairly harm the interests of the copyright holder".

IN OTHER WORDS, The AI can be used for Learning & Research, But NOT for INFRINGEMENT. Therefore, copyrighted works can be used for non-commercial purposes such as education and research without requiring copyright permission. However, this freedom has its limits, especially when commercial interests threaten the rights of the copyright holder.

---Phase 2: the "AI generation/use stage": This means that if AI-generated images or other outputs are uploaded, published, or sold as reproductions, and these actions are not covered by exceptions in copyright law (such as private viewing or acts), they could be considered copyright infringements. If these AI-generated works are found to be significantly similar or dependent on existing copyrighted works, the copyright holder has the right to take LEGAL ACTION. This could involve claiming damages or seeking an injunction to stop further infringement. In some cases, these infringements could even lead to CRIMINAL PENALTIES.
176 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
>only if everyone is a little doomer like you, bends over and doesn't fight back.
unless your plan is to start killing bankers until there aren't any left you don't have a plan
>but in my scenario they can't make use of ai commercially
your scenario isn't a scenario. it's a fantasy like communist utopias. The government exists to limit your rights and expand that of the elite and rich. It will not in any way do anything to put the power of thumbscrew on them.
>you need to take the position that my fantasy is a possibility
you have yet to provide any evidence that it is anything more than delusions of grandeur. Every decision from our government for the last 100+ years has been to benefit a very select body of people and to limit and destroy the rights and livelyhood of anyone outside that clique. Find me some evidence to the contrary to back up your outrageous claims.
again, learn to read on the several threads you shit, or use chatgpt to summarize it for you. because you're just yelling "regulation X bad, all regulations bad always ever so there should be none". I advocate for a winning scenario, you prefer to pick which of the losing ones you want. I won't humor you furyher, I don't need to as you refuse to consider anything outside of your preconceived losing scenarios. keep malding
>your scenario isn't a scenario.
proving my point, last (You), I await your bomb threats toward your nearest government building, mr 1st-year philosophy emo dropout
There's no AI in this video you absolute retard.
Or you mean to imply any algorithm is AI?
>again, learn to read on the several threads you shit,
again, learn to read in the several threads you retard.
>use a controlled AI to name the jew
lol lmao.
you already made my point for me.
>because you're just yelling "regulation X bad, all regulations bad always ever so there should be none".
regulations ALWAYS benefit the winners you fucking retard. that's the entire point of them. The only time they have ever helped anyone ouitside that was a total accident or because of massive violent uprisings.
>I advocate for a winning scenario,
you are not advocating for a winning scenario, you are either a kike advertising a cliff over a lava pit as a bridge or someone so inhumanly stupid you think you can actually walk over air.
>18 year old seething and still has no argument other than "well what if that toddler does beat the 300 lb weight lifter"

File: fZo2REQ.png (906 KB, 2160x1080)
906 KB
906 KB PNG
>art randomly degrading despite grind
>take short brake
>suddenly better than you were before
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Your brain is still processing and understanding stuff when you take breaks. Having some rest is a good part of the learning process.
Yeah that happens sometimes
Yea. For me I find that my performance anxiety level resets after a rest and so I come back into it with confidence. This shit happens for me when I would play video games too. I fuckin hate performance anxiety. Fuck performance anxiety, all my homies hate performance anxiety.
Everyone saying break break break.. but how long are we talking about here, minutes or days?
For me it's days, weeks even. Never fails.
2 days to a week is good

>Animation Thread Discord

>51 exercises to try

>basic programs


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
88 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
thank you for your answering. your numbers are actually very insightful
probably took a few hours to rough out and a day to clean up if the artist is not lazy and know what they doing.
for people like us it would probably take a week like this guy said >>6687976
This is genuinely one of the greatest little things I've seen posted on /ic/. What's your twitter?
Glad it helped. Reading back my own post, I didn't mean to come off so curt. Animation really is one of the most difficult and time consuming mediums of art. The thing you posted was just a small part of something that takes a large team and lots of money and time to finish, so managing your expectations on what you can accomplish on your own compared to that is probably a good thing. Start simple, design simple characters -something you imagine drawing hundreds of times- and make them move around for fun. Come back to an animation thread and post it sometime
Looks a lot like mayde. Is that you?

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