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Iи Яaиdoм Proмpт Thrэad, thэ idэa has yoц

No one said anything about the day, so I moved it to Saturday.


Today I'm challenging you to draw something using the "Slaying the Beast" board! It's one of the presets, below the interface.

glhf, let me know any questions / suggestions about the prompt generator!
File: promp.png (55 KB, 989x643)
55 KB
ok, here's my prompt
File: slay the beast.jpg (2.42 MB, 2448x3264)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG

File: download (4).jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
What's the best Android alternative to an iPad? I'd really like something portable for drawing (and reading comics/manga) but hate iOS.
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>b-but the rules say
whats the point of this thread if youre being such a faggot?
you know exactly what you want and are not taking anyones advice.

im guessing you just made this thread as bait so you can have everyone shitpost with each other.
I would like the idea of drawing on an iPad a lot if I didn't have to deal with the bs of having to use a cloud to save my files onto a seperate hardrive for backup.
if a website goes down, all of your work can go with it.

>inb4 just upload it to the cloud and save it on your hdd bro

no? i just want the option of getting my files off of those things without having to use my data allowance.
You can move files off an ipad by using the usb cable.
Listen, i feel you. I have and android phone so i got an android tablet for drawing years ago. The android art offerings suck. I had a friend who got an ipad/pen and i tried it out. It’s so much better, i eventually broke down and got one too.

Its up to you. I’m a wacom man but when it comes to stand-alone tablets, it’s ipad or stick with pen and paper. Samsung may have cornered the market by going exlcusive on wacom but when there isnt software to match, it’s worthless.

File: twt.jpg (88 KB, 820x860)
88 KB
It seems like whatever I post always gets more traction on other places, like instagram...
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God dammit, it just keeps happening. Still getting next to no interaction with any of my inktober posts...
I did this already and while it gained me 30-40 times the likes, RTs and followers than my usual posts, it also felt really bad because I feel like I'm just leeching off of other people's popularity. And it feels especially bad knowing that my stuff is usually in the single digits when I post.
I'm doing all of this, probably not to the extent that is needed apparently, but I'm always replying to comments in some way and I give people opportunities to send in requests, my twitter only has my art and RTs of art related stuff that fits with my content. I guess I'll just need to stick around for another year or so, maybe it just comes naturally.
I used Inktober to get myself to draw more traditionally and draw regularly in general. I already knew that it won't get any interaction on social media so I just used this event for working on my art.
>it also felt really bad because I feel like I'm just leeching off of other people's popularity.
I really hope you don't draw fanart then
No, it looks like you drew them to get retweets. So what? If they showcase what you can do, who cares?
Good point. Also sage

File: pepu.png (59 KB, 658x662)
59 KB
where are the good art discords.......
i just want a few non-beglet art frens i can send wips to and get casual crits from..
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good luck even getting 5
Is there porn? There's way too much porn if the server is nsfw.
I should've specified, no porn allowed. This is more of a friendly community that focuses on linework/ anatomy/ color and rendering/ and critique. I don't think drawing porn should be for beginners and since this is geared for beginners/intermediate we'll stray away from that.
it's always awful deviantart or tumblr art
Can I join? I want to improve.

what are the best resources for an introduction to oils? is there an online course that shows the basics? it’s so different from the water soluble mediums i’m used to and so expensive and potentially dangerous that i don’t even know where to start.

i figure if i’m gonna learn to paint seriously, i might as well start with oils.

which do u prefer, oil or acrylic?
I just took an acrylic class, it was hard as fuck.

I just got used to water color, but I’m still horrible.

It’s possible that I may go my entire lifetime without touching oil
>i might as well start with oils.
im now using acrylic.
i like oil, i definitely think its worth trying.
downsides are drying time, learning what colours dry fast and others that dry an eternity later (lamp black). struggling to get all the pigment out of brushes. mediums taking a toll on your wallet. varnishing being necessary to remove stray glarey brushstrokes.
upsides are drying time. and i kinda like the smell of linseed oil.
get a dollar set, the pigment is shit, but you should be able to decide quickly from it if you like oil's other qualities without spending a ton of $$ immediately
Interested in this also
Get a limited palette. Start underpainting in raw umber and sienna. Learn to mix colors using primaries red blue yellow, or cyan, magenta, yellow (if you want to go that way). There are some good videos about it on youtube, if you just search. Remember to thin your paints with mediums and gamsol solvents, those are a must. I find oil painting the best medium possible, not that they aren't time-consuming, but they just look so vivid and rich. The downsides for me are cleaning up. Making sure to clean the brushes because it's not as simple as washing them in water and also the mess, get in the habit of wearing nitrile gloves when you work as some of the pigments are toxic. That being said, acrylics are bad for the environment and you aren't supposed to wash them down the drain as they are plastics. You should use solvents and soap and water as well to clean your brushes.

To be honest, I started using watered down acrylics instead of watercolor because they don't get muddy like watercolor and you can layer them, but oils are certainly something I'd like to get back into. I've only painted one half-way decent oil painting ever and it took me over a year. Still you'll love oils implying you have the drawing skills to provide structure behind them.
Yupari artist on youtube has an annoying voice, his likenesses are eh, and he's got some issues with shape. But his God damn color mixing and value mapping is pretty good.

File: bond.jpg (118 KB, 719x1112)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
These are some....interesting..proportions, The comic itself is actually quite good if your into bondage stuff (and can overlook the artwork)
We should care because?

File: 399.jpg (6 KB, 192x192)
6 KB

Please help me i want to quit it i want to paint like all those classical master, like David or Da Vinci or Rubens I'm tired of my generic animé style I'm so accustomed to.

Any ressources, redpills are welcomed.

Thanks a lot.
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your a fucking /beg/, of course your anime style is going to look like shit. Go draw more shit and assess what your problem is.
absolutely based
I either draw bubble butts or alien as asses I'm used to doing only half bodies, thus my legs and booty suck.

But thank you anon
File: 1524485728369.jpg (71 KB, 475x476)
71 KB
I don't understand why your trying to explain away the fact that you suck. Go fucking draw instead of making stupid fucking threads. I promise you, if you sit down and draw shit and then take the time to analyze what you did wrong, you will assuredly get better unless your sub 100 IQ. Stop being a baby and actually do work.

Where would you start if you wanted to paint at this level?
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Have you tried ctrlpaint?
Nope, but I just checked it out and it seem like a good start, will it also help me to paint scenery or is it only useful as an introduction?
Where would you start if you wanted to paint like Alex Venezia?
St Petersburg, Florence, watts or some other well respected atelier. Don’t know hi but it’s probably safe to assume he studied at st Petersburg. Impossible to reach this lvl without any schooling if you have to resort to online then watts is the best place and most structured to learn. Nma as great as the information is, it’s all over the place and isn’t as useful for beginners.
By not being intimidated by making Impressionism like mess, also >>4166982

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She used to be my gf

And yet, you still try to shower her with poorly drawn pictures of herself...what’s next, writing poems using the letters of her name...you fucking creeper, move on.

You stayed friends by her suggestion I bet...what a fucking faggot...

Let’s point and laugh at this fly buzzing around shit.
That's cold af, but probably accurate.
Eh, we no longer talk, she appreciated the gift though
>I’m not paulina
>Paulina has a boyfriend
>Paulina is my friend
>Paulina used to be my gf
>Paulina doesn’t talk with me anymorE

Get out OP, don’t reply, just get off this board and go to be. We don’t want your crazy stalker ass coming around here and ruining our board when you snap and kill Paulina, so get the fuck out.

Post dark paintings
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File: 1544579812103.jpg (199 KB, 800x1279)
199 KB
199 KB JPG

File: pose.png (356 KB, 1647x1080)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
did I do a good job fixing his pose?
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I'd kill myself if I was jealous of that garbage.
I can see how you might think that's foreshortened, but nothing about those arms looks foreshortened. It just looks like you shrank them.
your brain is foreshortened
I doubt you could do better than OP
look at the arm holding the book
the bicep is now facing off at ~45 degrees and so is the entire forearm, and the book is tilted down (bottom edge is shorter than top edge due to foreshortening)

I find it easier to get a grasp of where I want to go with my art stylistically when I think about stuff that inspires me that is less technically oriented. Post stuff that inspires you that other people might not think of as great art, but you love anyways. No standard old masters stuff or standard anime, please. Show us the less common stuff that inspires you.
I'll dump some bookplates, I think these are really beautiful and charming
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File: 19.jpg (13 KB, 250x367)
13 KB
File: 20.jpg (374 KB, 800x1024)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
File: image.gif (1.24 MB, 500x355)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
Fuck off already, I don't like furry shit, western cartoon shit, capeshit, and tumblrface shit but I have to look at your unappealing, meaningless and shitty art everyday.
Egon Schiele shit

Why does /ic/ struggle with this?
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damn that haircut is stupid. shame they killed billy.
If it were drawn in charcoal as fine art, you'd like it.
Using a grid to copy a photo is just tracing. What the point? OP great bait thread. You nailed the topic.
File: 1555067738681.jpg (254 KB, 1226x1334)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Never trust a weeb avatar.
No, it's not crab. With using a grid you still have to maintain proportions, sort out foreshortening, and do all the work you would otherwise. Tracing is creating. Gridding has been used by even the old masters, albeit from their own sketches.

File: cursed reaction image.jpg (110 KB, 1200x675)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
whys everyone always asking "will i make it" and not "how will i make it"
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"Making it" is a meme
my bad didn't read all the responses.
If you have to ask how, you're ngmi.
If they spent less time asking that question & more working towards that goal, they would probably have more chances of making it...
Fall Out Soi

File: naramba4.jpg (212 KB, 2048x1479)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
what are the best tutorials/courses to learn how to rotate figures in space?
I know about Krenz and the other asian guy which name I forgot (not KJG), but I dont aknow about any other.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>the other asian guy which name I forgot (not KJG)
Need source on this other asian guy
Anon: draw rotating boxes in space to get a feeling of rotating form in 3D space
/ic: lol drawing boxes is waste of time

Anon:how to draw rotating FIGURE in space
/ic: that is some good excercise

You fucking plebs cant properly draw rotating box, yet you would like to draw rotaring figures...
File: rotation-pivot-point.jpg (98 KB, 1021x880)
98 KB
Why do these box rotations always use pivot points behind the box instead of within in the box? It can easily confuse people who don't understand perspective properly (the kind of people who are using these to learn).
It makes it into a lesson in drawing 35 feet within the same scene at different locations instead of rotating 1 foot 35 times on the same pivot point.
It's way easier to imagine an object rotating around the perimeter of an imaginary circle or cylinder than whatever the fuck that is on the left. I mean just look at how much of a clusterfuck the even the aerial diagram is vs. the right which points in clear degreed directions.
File: cubes.gif (266 KB, 838x845)
266 KB
266 KB GIF
I heard /ic/ loves cubes.

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