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File: aaarttt_03.png (76 KB, 657x527)
76 KB
i am only good at art stuff and uni is free where i live.

i don't understand the designer profession do you always have to most likely be a freelancer?and if yes isnt that stress inducing?

if there any graphic designers reading i have questions
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Worst board on the website
Graphic art.
Graphic design is a good thing for any artist to study a little. It's a useful skillset to have if you like presenting your work well.
I don't know, graphic design doesn't seem to have any soul.
Then why the fuck every uni has Drawing as a filler subject in Graphic Design?
isnt that most of the art industry?

File: D2Ik1WgUgAM0cFy.jpg (337 KB, 1020x706)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
How much do mangakas rely on assistants for doing the overall artwork of their comics? Do the main artists does all the pencil work and the assistants just do inking/texture and shit, or is it more complicated than that? I finished reading the first Spy x Family volume and I was surprised that that author had fucking 14 assistants to help him.
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It depends on the author and even the specific work. Assistants are hired so the author can make their deadlines.
Shinichi Sakamoto has several assistants and all of them are tightly involved in the manga (one assistant's job is historical accuracy, another draws the characters' faces, a third draws their clothing, etc.). But in this case he acts more like a director and storyboard writer.
Depends on the mangaka budget.
Wait... are there new issues of gon??
14 assistants seems alright for what it seems to be your average shonen manga. Most of the times the mangaka draws the main character and the assistants have to do everything else. When you have 14 assistants your job might be just applying screentones or cleaning the drawings in photoshop.


The assistants for Innocent were credited, which I love. Fuck japanese corporate culture, let peple have their credit.

Basically you need to know a set of basic rules around anatomy and environment learned for 500 years or you cam trace somethings and draw them after to cheat at learning and photobash and manipulate textures and paint over things or cut and paste
If your desire ia for a certain work of art you can comission it as well. You don't have to learn this profession if you don't want to.
>set rules
No, you need to learn to draw arbitrary 3D forms and everything else will fall into place relatively easily. You're skipping steps and making it harder for yourself.
He has learnt but doesn't have the patience to please morons like you that only like to screech and shine because of "tiny x mistake" "% proportion shit".
Fuck you fat double domed hipsters.
>screech and shine because of "tiny x mistake" "% proportion shit".
This is how you learn and how useful critique is formed, whether the critique is done out of kindness or spitefulness is irrelevant.
People really need to be more patient with their studies and think about these things, there are way too many people in /beg/ doing horrible and glaring mistakes with simple things like circles and line control while trying to draw full figures.
you can actually break those rules once you know them, you dingus.

File: character study 21.jpg (653 KB, 1158x1637)
653 KB
653 KB JPG
I've come to the conclusion that I'm severely retarded. Can someone please explain to me how color and saturation is connected? If i shine a blue light on a yellow ball what fucking color shows on the ball? It's going to be a mix right? Something like a gray greenish color? But how do i know how saturated the color will end up being in the light compared to the shadow? I'm only able to paint through grayscale and overlay layers so far which works fine but working like this is really limiting. I feel like there's something obvious I'm failing to understand here.
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like i said they have a far more developed intuition for it. depending on particles in the environment, bounce light and secondary light sources, either saturation could be "correct", as long as the rules you establish are maintained throughout the piece. in terms of what's realistically correct, the only thing that's really gonna tell you that down to decimal points is reality, so study that and tweak your hsv sliding accordingly. this is also why people often use lighting references, where the subject matter can be pretty much irrelevant as long as it gives you the light information necessary to paint your own object.

for general patterns what you have is correct, warm light on cool local colour desaturates and shifts hue and vice versa, and warm light on a warm local colour saturates and shifts hue with the opposite being true aswell, with neutral light remaining closer to the local colour of the object. to make it more accurate in application, you have to observe how this principle takes effect in reality and tweak your theory. mullins didn't learn a specific hsv perfect slide mechanism at some point that he just kept using, like all painters he developed his understanding of it over time and now he can do it without thinking because after that much practice you know what works and what doesn't. keep grinding chief, you're asking very much the right questions
File: chacrater study 20.jpg (303 KB, 1000x750)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
Thanks for the good answer man. Kind of disappointing that there's no clear comprehensive model for this tho but I'll keep pushing.

also, pay attention to where exactly the saturation occurs. when something is being lit strongly, regardless of whether the light is warm or cool, the brightest point will not necessarily be the most saturated, especially if the material is somewhat reflective.

with something like skin the most saturated points will sometimes be in the shadows, or depending on environment the shadows might be very cool and the saturation is more limited to local colour and sss like cheeks, nose and ears - but very rarely is it in the highlights or even the planes facing the light.

with more reflective objects the saturation might be either directly around the specular, or even based completely on the environment - with something like gold, for example, it might actually be where the gold is reflecting itself, making for a very saturated yellow/orange. when you think about all the variables, light strength and temperature, material, environment, you can see why it becomes very difficult to give an exact formula for what's "correct" in every case - but you can narrow in on that elusive answer by studying light and materials from life, coming up with more accurate solutions and internalizing them with practice
I'll keep it in mind ty
It took me a while to grasp it too, if really unsure how one colour will impact the other you might want to try Colour Constructor, its not be all end all, but its good for learning or just trying to understand how light affects objects.

Anywhere to download the book so I dont have to buy it for $100? Has anyone actually worked through this either?
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You'll be a photocopier in no time.
You're missing the point. Did you even read bargue's book?
>it was absolutely meant to be a first course for beginners.
that's what i meant, but many modern ateliers base their method largely on it. it is not even known to what degree bargue method was taught back then. it's very probable it was not even widespread as a practice for teaching, with a teacher or on one's own.
>the renaissance artists learned in almost the exact same way.
no they did not. there is no continuation of "classical tradition" that remained unchanged.
Apprentices, including the great masters, learned by tracing and copying. It's the exact same skillset for the exact same reasons
no one said old masters did not copy. not all methods of copying or thinking about drawing process is the same. they learned by copying drawings among others which if you examine are quite different from those of the 19th in general. right now you can copy an old master drawing, painting, or sculpture without employing bargue method. even if you consider that the most natural way of drawing that old masters found was hatching, you will see that it is a method not suited for bargue which relies on filling in shadow shapes with tones.

old masters most certainly practiced different skill sets unless you think all the skills involved in their drawing is measuring, matching angles, and applying light and shade in any way.
File: zigg.jpg (356 KB, 700x700)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
>im too big of a beg even for Bargue plates
This is how you get people on here who have 500GB of art resources without having studied any of it. Here's the reality of the situation, please don't try to convince yourself otherwise:

1. You do not attempt the Bargue plates. You learn nothing.

2. You attempt the Bargue plates. You might learn something.

Given these two options (and they are the only two options, don't kid yourself) why would you NOT try to do the exercise? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
pretty cool anon, keep on studyin

Reminder that you cant grind soul
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>very derivative
>my generic anime girl in a landscape isn't
Do weebs really?
File: 1600674833487.jpg (62 KB, 640x640)
62 KB
Is the quickest way to get soul not looking at other art when drawing?
"Don't worry about your originality. You couldn't get rid of it even if you wanted to. It will stick with you andd show up for better or worse in spite of all you or anyone else can do."
-Robert Henri, "Art Spirit"
The quickest way to "get soul" is to fucking be born. That and consuming media that you like. But the quickest way to have it show in your work, as I'm sure you meant, is to get good so you aren't bound by your limitations. Then produce a lot of work, now that you can actually show what you want to accurately.
Don't waste your time worrying about soul, just get back to work.
Thanks anon
I literally cant

Why does this book attract so many schizos?
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where is it
Wouldn't you like to know
the asian version of it is available as pdf, waiting for the english one. Honestly it doesn't seem that great. Hampton is better.
If you can't read how do you expect to be able to draw?
wtf my version is missing that page and the one after it

So it's 2021. Which monitors or type of screens are ideal for artists?
computer screens or silk screens
ha, funny that you made this thread. i just ordered a new monitor today. it's asus pro art color calibrated monitor, about 27 inches.
to be honest, not a pro at tech equipment; saw it had good reviews and it was within my budget. just wanted to replace my 24 inch samsung monitor that has a dead pixel and fucked color calibrations and my monitor was something like 10 years old already so anything is an upgrade.
I use a 1440p 21:9 ultrawide: I have to sacrifice like, a ⅓rd of my drawing tablet real estate to keep the sensitivity 1:1 on both axis'—but I still *really* like the extra work space afforded in, say, Photoshop.

If I was an avg anon and wasn't interested in ultrawide: I'd either get: a monitor with a higher bit depth, or like, a 32" 4k.
The one made of paper in book format

File: download.jpg (3.27 MB, 4131x4296)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB JPG
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Me too.
it's cute not funny
It's neither.
File: m.png (34 KB, 592x177)
34 KB
Who care? it work. Why do you need to practice drawing when you can hire an artist?
So basically these two, except the jock hasn’t converted her into a proper human female (yet)

File: Illustration9.png (1.93 MB, 3333x3333)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
If you cant even turn your random scribBLES into weapons such as swords, than WHAT ARE YOU EVEN GOOD FOR YOU WORTHLESS NEETS

i can ask my korean senpai with a phd and general anatomy knowledge any anatomy related questions you have, i will ask him and post his response.
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damn, that’s unironically a good tip
File: Illustration8.png (1.27 MB, 3333x3333)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
>latissimus dorsi

he said the t12 spine and that it kind of curves inward
ask him can girls have a penis
ask him where you should store the dokdo
lol ok when its break time i will

File: 1608365757029.png (3.63 MB, 1385x1816)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB PNG
I need to restart my online persona because of some people who have been harassing me for a few years. I can't draw any of the things I've been drawing in the past because I'll be recognised. What should I draw to rebuild my following? Are there any good new fandoms without too many good artists that I can target? How do I hide my art style?
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File: chka1.jpg (105 KB, 1280x922)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Just ignore it, these days everyone is either cancelled or a rapist.
Maybe draw some other stuff instead of Helluva Boss, this fandom is toxic as fuck and thinks it's under constant attack from 4chan racists.

I mean, it is, but that's just /co/ shitposting, nothing serious.
>I need to restart my online persona because of some people who have been harassing me for a few years
>What should I draw to rebuild my following? Are there any good new fandoms without too many good artists that I can target?
Become a patrician.
Just quit social media for a year, draw other subjects and never the same as on your main account. Also try changing your style via practcing painting, copying some artists you like and making a new "style" and composition. Do that for a year and when you come back your art will look very different.
I'm saying: milk it for all it's worth. turn it into an attraction. they even drove someone to suicide with this before? that's great. just about the best thing you could hope for, if you want to make your fanbase more emotionally invested in your brand. turn it into a scandal and rake in those patreon bucks. it's not like you're 'playing the victim''. you're genuinely being targeted, so you have nothing to be ashamed of.
Do it OP

File: meme.jpg (316 KB, 800x600)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
I'd like to make it go viral. Have you ever seen it?

Have you thought about streaming your art on twitch or youtube?
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>Won't stream more than 2 hours
Literally not going to make it in streaming then.
I'm considering streaming when I start my comic but I know that I'm easily distracted enough as it is. If I did I would need to basically stream but pretend I'm not streaming otherwise I'd spend half the time not drawing at all.
That said I don't doubt that if I did it and kept doing it I would succeed, people like watching streams for comic drawing because it means they get to see the pages early.
It may even be beneficial overall to do it, since it means cross-platform promotion. People might see the stream just browsing twitch and then start reading the comic as a result, or read the comic and then come watch me stream.
>When I start my comic
You never will. You'll keep saying you're going to and never will. And if you ignore your chat you are basically DOA, btw.
File: 30.png (3.14 MB, 1559x2176)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB PNG
>You never will. You'll keep saying you're going to and never will.
I'm well aware this is a meme, but I've made loads of comics.
It would be a side gig or hobby rather than a full time job. If you can make a decent income from 5-6 hours a day, then I might consider it, but social media jobs are shit in terms of job security. Twitch can fuck you over for any reason they want, and streaming isn't a useful skill that will get you employed (unless you get famous enough to establish a brand while also being inoffensive enough for Hollywood).

File: The_bully.jpg (83 KB, 340x494)
83 KB
your honest opinion on Junji Ito's art?
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>body horror
>i think its too shock humor ):
yeah no shit idiot
I love him.
Nah you're not a cunt. His fans are genuinely annoying for the most part because they think there's deeper meaning to his work when all he seems to want to do is draw horror because he thinks it's fun.
I really enjoy his artwork, but I don't like how the man writes endings. The beginning and middle are amazing but I always feel disappointed at the end.
how do people this dumb even post here?

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