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I need serious help learning how to draw hands properly. I decided to practice drawing the Vulcan hand. Did two attempts, one where I draw like normal and the other where I draw upside down. Already I’m seeing problems but how can I make my hands less shitty?
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You tried twice. Do it 20 more times
You think you can get better after two attempts???? If you do thats insulting to artists who tries 100x times at one thing to get to where they are now
>how can I make my hands less shitty?
A thread did not live long and prosper for this.
I recommend you read the first chapter of Keys To Drawing to start drawing with a different perspective.
Then read Loomis' books for anatomy

Learn how to describe 3d form via geometry and tone.

Learn cross sections of every part of the hand.

Approximate the final complex form of the hand via the strategic placement of boxes and ovoids.

Sculpt the form by manipulating cross sections and tones to describe the complex curvature of the form.

Just solved all drawing and sculpting for you in four sentences.

Print this out and stick it onto your monitor so you don't forget. Thank me later when you make it.

File: 999_conceptart_ej1sP.jpg (111 KB, 980x780)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
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why is it so soulless and generic
Why try to become someone you aren’t when you can be original? Make your own style. Do what you wanna do, unless it’s weeb art. In that case, study how the weebs draw. How do they make those pointy chins, huge eyes and mosaic cocks? Watch the shit you like and study and study hard. You are what you eat.
>mosaic cocks
maybe the mosaic is the true cock, and what we have is the censored version.
Westerners cant into self discipline

File: Cringe King.png (61 KB, 670x670)
61 KB
Drew this with MS Paint, a 5$ mouse and a crap PC.


Any other broke artists here?
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Once I get some money, I'll consider buying one.

I'm impressed, though a bit butthurt. I'll save this one.
Holy shit, I have fans.
No, just people pitying you.
File: itsfoxford.png (616 KB, 963x868)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
the biggest investment i've made was this thinkpad i got for like 300 bucks and my tablet is a small, entry level Wacom One. wouldn't be broke if i didn't have a shit work ethic.
drawing traditionally is a great investment because the technical limitations just force you to coordinate plus there is a plethora of technical leaps of improvement to be made, because nothing can register your every movement as good as pen and paper would. shit you can translate from traditional to digital is plentiful. the other way around? not so much.
have something utterly awful
File: feels bad man.png (263 KB, 664x611)
263 KB
263 KB PNG

File: EHISxjkXUAA8XdR.jpg (112 KB, 1200x1180)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I recently realised just how huge the benefit of having a set start and end time for drawing is, and it's made me the most productive I've been in months.

I'm curious to see if you guys have an art schedule and what it is, especially if you're like me trying to fit it around another job.
I have an art release schedule so I always have to meet a deadline to train my discpline.
Mine is this for weekdays:
Wake up around 11am, draw 11:30-2:30, work 3pm-11pm, draw 11:30pm, 1:30am, free time 1:30am-3am, sleep at 3am.

It's frustrating balancing this kind of thing around work but there's not much you can do about it. This way I can generally get in 5 hours of active art on a work day, and 6-8 hours on a day off. Before on days off I'd always burn out before I've even started.
This is a really good idea actually. I always spend far too long trying to get something "finished"

File: IMG_-kg208v.jpg (19 KB, 224x224)
19 KB
Hey folks, i wanna practice art and recieve critiques, so i am looking for some requests.
>yes, the art in post is just a colored rough
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File: 1571625884187.png (334 KB, 1323x1201)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
ima start with 3d for this one
File: 1571626655289.png (472 KB, 1323x1201)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
we now got a setting
File: 1571635325892.png (433 KB, 1323x1201)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
so concept of the scene. 2 knife fighter's dualing. in a wooded field.
i like where this is going
its really zoomed out, i just need characters, thats really whats taking abit

File: 1.jpg (28 KB, 910x480)
28 KB
>I wish I had *wheeze* spent more time grinding the fundamentals
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Trannoid detected
>*based wheeze*
This is great. Unquestionably. Anyone disagreeing is a crustacean.
>I Wish I ha-
>At last, decades of grinding fundamentals finally over, now I can start my masterpiece-
>Flatline beep

File: pose.png (356 KB, 1647x1080)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
did I do a good job fixing his pose?
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your brain is foreshortened
I doubt you could do better than OP
look at the arm holding the book
the bicep is now facing off at ~45 degrees and so is the entire forearm, and the book is tilted down (bottom edge is shorter than top edge due to foreshortening)
I know there are a lot of people talking shit about the arms, legs, nose and the general structure of the piece but I have to say that the detailing and linework on stuff like the belt, bow, arrows, jerkin and dagger are actually super crisp. Great job on those anon, they look really good.
don't encourage this shit

File: index.jpg (17 KB, 260x194)
17 KB
Art shouldn't be hidden from the public view because it may be controversial. I think people need to grow some balls and especially places like Twitter, Google and Youtube.
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>conflation of causation and correlation
this shit is way more complicated than you're leading on. yes, media can have an effect on people, but banning material is such a brainlet response-- we need to look at wider society and how these things get made, how ideology is reinforced, goes through unquestioned.
in other words: playing a violent videogame takes place in a context which can defuse its impact or amplify it; also, videogames are made by people-- usually the same kind of people who play them (they both grew up under the same governments, with the same news stations, etc.)
>degenerate media has a direct correlation to an increase in degenerate acts
and he shows his true colours. right-wingers have such two dimensional thinking.
because fuck you, that's why
> political pendulum swings left
> conservative makes art site that gets popular
> suddenly you are said asshole, and you are the one who deserves to be censored

If you like the idea of censorship as a weapon, expect it to be used against you
uh y'know art is pretty niche my dude,

what you're speaking off is the general public's selfish opinionsm; or rather anti-opinionism since every 3rd party opinion or expression is instantly discarded or even suppressed. This has nothing too do with art, or even muh artistic censorship/expression, but is a trait of modern society which became the root of today's new age mindset. People will bitch even more and bend the rules to their liking, you are just punching strawmans on social media, but you are not affecting the connected consciousness of the people as a whole, in the least.
you get the gist of the idea, but as the other anon said you can't treat two completely different things with the same values.

You should allow everyone to voice their opinion, but the least the person in question should be responsible for is to actually think through and understand what he/she is actually typing and expressing on that platform. If that something goes against the general rules, then that individual should surely be discarded from that platform, no matter how free spirited, delusional or self-righteous his speech was.
I mean it's pretty simple; if you let a full tilt criminal out of prison and tell him to behave himself what do you expect him to do? "U-uh sure.. haha no problem dude haha cya" two weeks later he's robbed a few places, sold and done drugs, robbed and attacked people, or even worse shit. What do you do with a person that can't fit into a healthy society and think and behave at least like a somewhat normal person would? You remove them from society.

In other words, while different values, the concept is pretty much the same; you remove people that can't behave themselves from social media, since after all it is them that are not willing to take responsibility for their action, but instead keep shit flinging and screeching about how unfairly they are treated just because they pushed their "selfless" opinions online (aka 10k words of autism and unnecessary dumb commentary).

Post best books for understanding perspective and construction. Also books for anatomical perspective.
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>Along with different methods*
I can agree that they look that way to fucking beginner eyes, yes.
There is no fundamental fucking difference nor any fundamental difference in how you go about drawing either.
>Too bad I only do traditional drawings, guess I'll just print out copies of pictures and draw over them with charcoal.
Tracing paper
Oh shit I forgot tracing paper existed.
File: hoyfuckingshitanon.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
>There is no fundamental fucking difference nor any fundamental difference in how you go about drawing either.
My head...

Daily reminder that one of the world's most popular comics started out looking like this. Start your comic.
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Are you the anon who makes the scandinavian kids comic?
I'd be pretty happy if I were able to get a story out in about ten years honestly
What's your rate? I have stories with completed scripts and no time to draw, let alone be at the skill level I want. But, I have money and wondering how much it costs to hire an artist.
>There's gotta be at least a couple doubtful anons here who are competent writers.
/lit/ did not care about some cat meme storys I posted but some family members thought it was funny (I'm confident they were not lying to me.) One Anon also liked a story about a prune going on rampage when someone told him prunes are not vegetables.
>I'd still suggest making smaller comics just to get into the habit of actually doing it.
I'm to emotionally damaged. I feel so much shame and anger over being unable to do things. I needed to use my phone's speech to text several times writing the post and got angry enough I throw my phone and cracked the screen.
nnnooooo............... yes.

File: file.png (1.27 MB, 1280x1920)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Frank Miller
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File: file.png (217 KB, 375x500)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
does anyone know where i can find a pdf of this? It has progress sketches and thumbnails in addition to the final art and i want to study that.
cgpeers has a PDF
he was a god!
Seeing at most artists here aren't necessarily interested in participating in the gallery system, no.

File: side-eye-chloe.jpg (30 KB, 800x450)
30 KB
Holy shit how are we accepting this? A million views? This guys is a great example of how networking over comes skill and talent.

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File: 1560533763071.jpg (106 KB, 419x400)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
1 - These people pay for promoting their videos;
2 - Post your architectural sketches.
Post your work.
You sound like a seething shitskin.
> complaining > drawing
quit being a waste of life
idgi either op. he chicken scratches all his shit and he doesn't even make up for it by creating something that looks interesting or expressive. immensely popular youtube people like this develop some sort of halo effect that sustains itself on a feedback loop from plebs.
sorry fellas, not an art fag, but looking for some resources for my daughter. she's 8 and i think she might have some sort of natural talent. is anyone able to point me in the right direction for some good resources i can give her to allow her to teach herself. noone in my family can draw for shit. thanks in advance.

File: 113419__85817a5.jpg (1.71 MB, 1587x2245)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
Can we get a nice manga panel and lineart thread going
What kind of style do you want to achieve for your linework?

Also looking for that one nip artist who draws little boys getting lewded by onee-san's in various situations.
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He's doing 3d so that may be the reason. It's actually what I like the most about his art, he really tries to emulate a medium. The GitS inspired cell animations are just... mmm
File: 5455678.jpg (132 KB, 554x681)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
what are some good line style artists you like?
mostly books

hmm idk pretty much any nip book sharing site has dozens of new gravure books and magazines each month, so you can only imagine how many you could grab in local stores. They are full of poses and angles, but it's just reference, the main thing is ofc coming up with the scenarios, paneling, and drawing it believably. If it's a really tricky perspective they also either use a 3d model or take a photo of a model, assistant, themselves, as reference.
File: 4.jpg (345 KB, 827x1300)
345 KB
345 KB JPG

Robot inspiration
Please post interesting depictions of robots, cyborgs, or androids.
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love it, really stand-out color scheme
File: anchorplusthrusters.jpg (178 KB, 1440x1440)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
File: robotech.jpg (65 KB, 570x570)
65 KB
File: 1255632.jpg (89 KB, 640x906)
89 KB
Based. Fun fact this dude straight up traces all his pictures but since his final result looks nothing like the traced picture no one cares. Just shows u tools > fools.

I´m looking for this book

Orientalists: Western Artists in Arabia, the Sahara, Persia and India


Help, please.
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