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File: books-stack-01.jpg (127 KB, 1920x1080)
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Diversify your influences, and broaden your tastes. Basically, become a massive hipster and dig deep into various creative media like film, manga, videogames, comics, music, anime, and so on, and learn to analyze various elements of their work, and incorporate it into yours.

And I don’t mean be a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian, I mean, look at the most skilled and talented in their respective fields, and look for the underrated ones with talent, look for obscure ones that resonate with you specifically due to YOUR personal tastes, study them all, and let them influence you. Don’t rip them off, no, experiment with certain bits of their style that you like, incorporate what does, drop what doesn’t.

Whyt Manga sucks cause he’s ripping off two of the most well known and popular mangaka in the industry’s for his art, and is very surface level in his writing. So he feels like a cheap imitation of Kubo, with a tinge of Murata (both of whom are talented yes, but the point is that his influences aren’t broad enough), and is very cliched in his writing, when he should be pulling for literature for that. There are artists, especially for anime style, that work outside of manga, and there’s plenty of really talented more obscure ones. Plus there’s always room to let western styles blend with eastern ones. Japs do it all the time, see: Kentaro Muria and Yoh Yoshinari. The possibilities are limitless, but Whyt is too narrow minded to see this.

>using reference is bad

What series is this?
Talli, Fille de la Lune. It's relativity new, so sadly there's no English translations yet

Only truly humble people can draw humble characters
All of his characters look like two-faced douches

File: 1520531495220.jpg (85 KB, 1387x702)
85 KB
What would be a good portfolio of games I can make in godot that will make me be able to find an art partner to make games?
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File: Hate.jpg (69 KB, 438x503)
69 KB
>hispachan logo in game demo
Repulsive filth. I hope your endeavors crash and burn.
I'm a spic.

come discuss here.
File: bored anime girl.png (181 KB, 482x355)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
OP, I would consider working with you if you needed a graphic designer for UI and Logos, but Godot is kind of a meme engine and I have more experience doing things in Unity and GameMaker. Actually I much prefer Unity since that's what I'm trying to get into.

>>>/pol/ Back to your disgusting containment board you ignorant troglodyte
can you make a new one? it's expired

File: IMG_0879.jpg (1.31 MB, 3264x2448)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Does /ic/ like to do those kind of mind games to train your observation skills? like the same drawing but with 7 or 8 differences.

Is there a future for western animators/production artists?

Industry giants are speaking out because it's getting so bad.

Producers will just send work overseas before they pay their artists overtime. So where does that leave the artists?
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I'm a software developer and I make about 1700 a week pre-tax.
Maybe with all the overtime his animator friends do, they're getting underpaid, but hey, sometimes I have to work unpaid overtime too... 1700 a week is really nothing to complain about.
That is more or less the situation everywhere. Unless you are a sociopath ready to trample over people in your career you'll almost never get paid properly.
>production managers

Hawaiian shirt managment
About your 2nd paragraph : got any examples?

File: images (18).jpg (16 KB, 425x441)
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is one by wacom a good drawing tablet for beginners in digital art? i already draw traditionally
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making long strokes becomes a torture
I use mouse digitally and a ball-point pen analof drawing, could never mix it idk why. just strange drawing on screen.
I literally just ordered this tablet.
i have the old medium model, bought about 4 years ago and it still works great only went through one nib
yes, I own one myself and for beginners, it's absolutely perfect

File: 3288_5.jpg (163 KB, 1000x606)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Do you ever get mad that stuff like pic related is in galleries and museums?
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File: 778_2.jpg (64 KB, 1000x588)
64 KB
File: 5875_0.jpg (97 KB, 1000x660)
97 KB
All of this is genuinely offputting and makes me think less of the people who seek it out.

How does this picture make you feel??? What does it mean?? The downfall of man?
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>what is subtext
I like ruins
old buildings mix with new and ruins is cool. Makes me feel a little LOTR but its' cool to, a little too sublime withot referance to today
I'll ruin your face bitchboy
fuck, this board is illiterate. here (you) go

File: 103453564758.jpg (113 KB, 397x575)
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113 KB JPG
do you pretend to be part of a minority/gender/etc online to get more followers and supporters?
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me too mee too
I try not to reveal my gender and age.
I don’t need to. I live in a country where I am a minority despite being white.
You won’t be for long.

File: IMG_20190612_224525.jpg (817 KB, 2940x2392)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
You guys, you have no idea how much I love Pentagrin. She's the best artist ever and I'm so glad that she made a comeback and redesigned her OCs.
This is new Madward.
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Something stupid serious, not the other way around. I think my brain's practically fried today
Apperently her apology was shit as well as taken down immidiatly.
Also she never directly apologised or even talked to spocter.
Nice Kuroshitsuji fan art
The apology she gave was mostly her pinning the blame on the girl who pretended to be 8. Even though she was around 20 something and acted like the teen girl was a mastermind. I don't remember her even saying sorry in the video to the scalie.
Op is pentagrin

Post paintings you like
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File: matissecutout.jpg (957 KB, 2000x1999)
957 KB
957 KB JPG
On /a/ ?
There is something about it that I really like, wouldn't even know how to define it
File: bretty good.gif (29 KB, 482x800)
29 KB
Holy shit that's fucking amazing.

And it translates very well to digital, can only imagine how cool it looks in real life

File: xcvxcv.png (14 KB, 745x372)
14 KB
Just roll
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Rolling on that
skree yah

why is this allowed
Alright, what's the joke?
This thread is so fucking pointless even by /ic/ standard.

File: Blogger_icon_2017.svg.png (20 KB, 768x768)
20 KB
Can we please bring back art blogs? Places where artists can post artwork and write more than a short paragraph?

Now it's all pictures with the pencil in the frame pointing at the drawing like that's a natural position. LOL
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It's one thing to place it in the shot, maybe on the side. But they make it look like they're actively drawing while taking the picture. It's fake as fuck, but I honestly don't mind if they admit what they're doing.
I had this idea of making a meme account with really shitty drawings but nicely shot and edited, with every single supply I have including the hair dryer and I'm holding something different every time like a carrot, a toothbrush etc.
Someone with more time to waste than me should do it, you can probably make a meme career out of it.
Don't be discouraged anon, please make one! On either of those sites you can get some traction and I'll check it and interact with you. What kind of art do you draw?

Having a personal website is a nice place to have your art archived
>show the materials without writing it down in the description
>figuring out what material it is just by looking at some fucking picture
>"Use your fucking brain faggot"

you're another kind of special arent cha?
>The purpose is to show the materials you used to make the picture without writing it down in the description.
90% of the time you can't even see the brand

>tfw feel like I’ll stop improving if I don’t keep making new sketches
>as a result, never can make a truly finished sketch with clean lines and shading

/anxiety/ general anybody?
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Yeah he started earlier (saw some old art from when he was 19-20 I think and it wasn't good; his stuff at 25 is much closer to his current style so yeah he had been working his ass off)

but just going off of what >>4013247 is saying they're apparently skilled in terms of art but unmotivated to finish comics and projects and stuff, so it's not like they're at square one either
>These people got insane drive, grit and determination while I got anxiety and depression
>if you don't produce any relevant work between your 20-30s you're just worthless and you will never make it

This hits too close and I'm only 21 with barely any skill even though I started almost 10 years ago. I was just too afraid to go all in from fear of inconsistency and other failures with what was even my comfort zone yet ironically this very mentality is what produces these failures. Only until recently did I realize keeping active not only improves but more importantly helps you remain consistent. This was a big mood booster but after this I also discovered the second greentext when looking into both professionals history in art and glancing at the skill level many people my age/younger than me have. It made my motivator spiraling downwards to the abyss in a heartbeat. Reflecting on myself I regretted my past fears thinking now I could make a change for the better but now I am questioning if it is too late even for what is my seemingly young age. I always believed 20-30 was the age when artists mark their way building towards semi to outright professionals but it's really a decade beforehand and afterwards it's all about refining the what is already good skill. I also hear learning becomes harder as you age so I am unsure if playing catch up towards the skilled artists of my age range is feasible let alone being great at all even if behind them.
>This hits too close and I'm only 21
how can it hit close if you are one year within the range of producing good shit
Maybe I am overestimating the time it takes to get to competent levels.
The point is exactly the opposite, make stuff and finish it. It's way more important than being good enough to start a project.
You don't wanna be the guy practicing scales in his basement till his 30s, get into a band and play

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