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File: base sketch.png (780 KB, 1920x1080)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
I'm trying to draw a sci-fi landscape, and I finished the main sketch, for which I used freehand perspective and common sense. Granted, it looks like shit. So I wanted to correct the perspective, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do to prevent skewness of the image?

I know you're supposed to fit the image in the cone of vision, like Erik Olson said. But when the vanishing points are too close, it looks too skewed. And when they are far, it looks... kinda isometric and not so 3D. So what are you supposed to do when you want to clean up your sketch?

I tried eyeballing the perspective but it takes a lot of time and it just isn't worth it. There must be a way to balance out the vanishing points so that it works? Or maybe I'm supposed to see lines that don't align because I'm using actual perspective on the new iteration of the drawing?
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Congrats at failing at your only language.
Also, another question, just in case this thread won't get pruned soon after: how did this guy do this? He used multiple vanishing points for the sky and the drawing still worked. Normally wouldn't the buildings appear crooked? Because they have different vanishing points in the sky? I'm so confused lol
also nice game btw
File: citizen_sleeper.jpg (334 KB, 1556x600)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
I think you might be inaccurate with your lines. To me it looks almost 2-point for most of the buildings except the really distorted ones on the left
I think I overestimated the curve on the lines for the left vanishing point, it should be further to the left.

File: 1657573805846.png (788 KB, 1409x789)
788 KB
788 KB PNG
Does anyone know how to organize & start one of those?
Also, general thread to share (your) web comics and web animations, I guess.
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File: 1673085267378564.gif (714 KB, 640x360)
714 KB
714 KB GIF
Also, this. They have a how's your webcomic general which could probably answer some of your questions. Plus you an check out the Amhibia threads
>They have a how's your webcomic general

Most of those comics can't even get their own shit off the ground past a few pages
'zellig on the 'log though
Post your call to action comic
File: Page 43.jpg (194 KB, 800x1280)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
I actually deleted it after the contest, but here's a sample page. One of the things I learned was to actually put in a background because otherwise the chracters just look like they're in a void.

File: file.png (582 KB, 1024x590)
582 KB
582 KB PNG
where is the horizon line and vanishing points in this image?
I fucking hate perspective bros
AI doesn’t care about vanishing points
anon it's literally a POV picture, in this case horizon line = eye line
File: 1675240437331367.png (601 KB, 1024x590)
601 KB
601 KB PNG
you dont need a horizon line or vanishing point in every single image. its not a static necessity in art but it can help. this is just a room full of faces so going through the effort of thinking about "vanishing point"s is a waste of time unless youre doing a fisheye when you need to only think about the perspective and scale of each person.

unless youre literally going to use construction lines for every single fucking person in that room in which case good fucking luck

File: 1654770710045.jpg (2.13 MB, 2472x4602)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
Do you enjoy drawing voluptuous breasts or chaste chests?
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They knew women start rotting at 20 and go absolutely fucking bonkers if they haven't been impregnated by 24.
It's not pedophilia if it's classy enough
She's nothing like Natalie
"In France, until the French Revolution, the marriageable age was 12 years for females and 14 for males. Revolutionary legislation in 1792 increased the age to 13 years for females and 15 for males. Under the Napoleonic Code in 1804, the marriageable age was set at 15 years old for females and 18 years old for males.[32] In 2006, the marriageable age for females was increased to 18, the same as for males. In jurisdictions where the ages are not the same, the marriageable age for females is more commonly two or three years lower than that for males. "
Is young Natalie Portman pretty much the go-to reference girl for aspiring hebe artists?

File: 1666588214713988.jpg (53 KB, 640x480)
53 KB
Have any of you made merch? Where do you make stuff like stickers, key chains, tshirts, etc?
I run an etsy shop with my roommates, one of them had a button press and we're all artists so it seemed like the logical next step. We then bought a printer and then bought sticker paper. Vograce seems to be the go to recommendation for charm manufacturing, but I wouldn't trust that considering they're the DEFAULT recommendation and most people are very secretive about their actual manus.

Go check out the artist alley general on /cgl/, that's essentially dedicated discussion to that sort of thing when they're not being catty af about other artists.
Last place I worked (not art related) we went through a marketting company, they did stuff like hats, bags, pins, stickers, the typical kind of merch you would see at a botique. We just provided the art assets and picked what we wanted to sell, did some back and forth after checking out samples then talked amounts and pricing (my job). Most of the stuff from there is outsourced to china/se asia then shipped back to the states where we would sell it. You could go that route, or take a chance and try to contact a manufacturer (look into white label). Upside to the marketting company was we didn't have to deal with the actual production, didn't need to get any equipment and had a solid go to in case there were problems. Downside is the price (for a single person or small team) and minimum orders and storage.
If you want to make your own merch from scratch you'll start from the ground up.
Depending on where you live there may be a local shop who would do this stuff for you.
Just put your stuff on redbubble et al. Shipping your own products is a hassle and will drain your revenue either in cash or time.
Very insightful, wasnt expecting this. Thanks.
ZapCreatives. They’re British based but ship abroad.
I’ve only used them for standee batches. They’re good quality wood and plastic standees, not a lot of large sizing options though. Besides that they sell pins, stickers, the whole works.

File: ?.jpg (27 KB, 372x340)
27 KB
Why are you guys using porn as reference?
I'm guessing people use porn as reference when they're drawing porn.
do u have a better idea?
I really fucked that up

What are some resources that will teach me about linear/inking itself? Line weight, design, composition, feeling etc. Shit like pic related. I couldnt really find much besides this.
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ChatGPT, right? I can tell because the second book doesnt exist.
File: 1659723721150.jpg (1.94 MB, 3300x2287)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
That's the one with the black cover, right? The digital copy I have only has 438 pages
Yes, that one. Sorry, it's not 460+ pages, I just typed a random number.
Thanks for the heads up anon. I just check for myself and yeah she removed chapter 9. oof. Thanks again.
so are they pressing hard, then lifting the pen, then pressing hard again at the end of the line?

Throughout my decade of drawing I have been through many flies and flops. I made one of my best breakthroughs, and my lowest rock bottoms. And through that roller coaster ride, I have met many artists that has come and gone. And there is one thing to learn about meeting an artist, the art is at the mercy of artists.

Why I say that? Because many times I have met talented artists out that make me question humanity as a whole. Artists that start fights, practices illicit things, or my personal favorite: Being so much of a toxic and narcasistic perfectionists that they lower down anyone that isn't like them or are the very definition of destructive envy (TLDR; John K). But when the artist gets thrown into the spotlight instead of their work, the perception of the artist's craft is forever changed if thrown into the mud.

It wont matter if a man can create the perfect piece of work of all time or the most influential. A man can be literally blessed by God Himself to create the most perfect craft of all, and all it takes is just a moment of bad character to set it all to ash.

I wont say I am innocent. I had my fair share of being a piss poor artist. and when I mean by artist, I mean the person who creates the art. And thankfully I wasn't famous before then, otherwise old immature me would have been screwed over by my immaturity and my own toxic behavior in some places long before I grew out of it. I learned to treat my art style the same way I treat my growth as a person. Mature and polish my mentality and my maturity while getting rid of old habit. That doesn't mean I am free of flaws, I had my fair share of letting flaws get the best of me. But reguardless I still put my best foot foreward as an artist, Lest I be remembered as the disgrace of mankind.

File: RCO005_1469409856.jpg (656 KB, 1022x1549)
656 KB
656 KB JPG
Is this a good example of visual storytelling and flow between panels?
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i love this manga so much. Having read quite a few manga it's on my very short list of just a few actually good ones to come out of the industry. Fantastic art AND a story that's not retarded with characterization, worldbuilding, and drama that's, uncharacteristically for the industry, interestingly nuanced and complex.
thank you
what's happening
Hey, an anon does studies of this comic all the time in /msg/
You don't like the things which make manga good? Lmao

>tfw I just realized I need to make 600 paintings in 730 days.

In 2016 I was the same age as Van Gogh when he quit his art industry job and moved out to the country and started painting peasants. While on mushrooms at the Van Gogh museum I decided I was going to race him in total paintings before also getting shot in the chest at the exact same age as he was when he accidentally got shot and said it was a suicide attempt to protect his drinking buddy.

Basically Van Gogh made around 1000 paintings from age 27-37 and sold one, and that’s been the goal. Currently I’ve made around 400 paintings, and 2 years from today on January 30, 2025 is the end of the race when I’ll be the same age to the day as VG when he died.

Just realized that I need to make 600 paintings in the next 2 years when my output for the last 2 years has been 11 paintings.

Am I hosed?
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Fun drawing
One solution I haven’t considered much is just killing myself now and then it’s not my problem anymore//



Post passport

Does anyone have a good book/video series for traditional painting technique? I have Alla Prima and i’ve been liking it a lot.

File: p004.jpg (3.41 MB, 2550x3509)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
How do I learn to draw this?

Was 3D modeling software available to the average Japanese animator circa 1992? If not, then how did he learn to draw this?
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>ive never seen it so no one on this board in the 12 years its been around has done it
just shut up already, god i fucking hate zoomers, you're all so fucking annoying
This zoomzoom boogeyman you are shitting your pants over is naught but a myth
go eat some tide pods
Seethe a little harder pls
tf is this

File: 1660623849519.jpg (75 KB, 482x427)
75 KB
>fell for the "just draw porn meme"
>hoping to get noticed by other creative ppl and artists that i like
>end up just getting followed by autistic weirdos that don't draw, just consooom
>just received a recent notification
>one user seemed to like my porn drawing i made recently
>check out their profile out of curiosity
>they follow over 2k other users and have like over 14k likes-zero works of their own
>facorites are filled with really gross shit like pooping, smell torture, fat women and farting
>Have a realization
>these are the kinds of people I attract when i "just draw porn"
>no one with actual talent has ever commented on my work or liked it
>account is over 2 yrs old now, and only just managed to garner a measely 50 random coomer retards-half of which are probably bots
>no one cares
>im still a nobody

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This. I personally know artists with less than a thousand followers, yet they insistently land industry gigs and find art buyers on the regular. People obsess too much with finding easy routes when none such truly exists, or assume you need a certain amount of followers to land a certain kind of income. It's complete nonsense.
Imagine seeking validation from other artists. Take the degenpill and start making money unlike 99% of those "artists" you worship. After you're done drawing for yourself, art only has value if someone cares about it, and you got somebody to care.
Go to some incel art fair if you want to show off to other artists.
It depends from artist to artist. I've known quite a few coomer artists that have either stagnated, or regressed in terms of artistic skill, grinding out porn.
It is important to remember that your work and the audience it attracts is a reflection of your values and interests. If you're feeling unfulfilled with the audience you're attracting by drawing porn, it might be time to reassess what kind of art you want to create and the message you want to convey through it. It's okay to explore and experiment with different themes, but it's important to find something that truly resonates with you and aligns with your values. Additionally, it might be helpful to consider the kind of audience you want to reach and what kind of work they are interested in.
How do I advertise paywall porn as an otherwise sfw artist? Posting cropped images? Make nude versions of normal images? Just have an inconspicuous link in my profile?

>Although his education was far from complete, Sargent grew up to be a highly literate and cosmopolitan young man, accomplished in art, music, and literature.He was fluent in English, French, Italian, and German
>His fine manners, perfect French, and great skill made him a standout among the newer portraitists, and his fame quickly spread.
>Sargent was the star student in short order. Weir met Sargent in 1874 and noted that Sargent was "one of the most talented fellows I have ever come across; his drawings are like the old masters, and his color is equally fine." Sargent's excellent command of French and his superior talent made him both popular and admired.

Is "talent" simply high IQ? it would explain many things, like how some people fail at making any progress, or how many chinese artists are so good (chinese have one of the highest average IQs).
81 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
lmao Say that to civilizations that were destroyed and erased from the annals of history. Pendulum is a meme and you are a retard.
Who cares? It's all about the money.
No, talent and intelligence are not synonymous. High IQ can certainly aid in the acquisition and mastery of certain skills, but there are many factors that contribute to success in the arts, including creativity, motivation, hard work, experience, and education. Success in the arts cannot be reduced solely to one's IQ. While IQ may be a predictor of certain types of intelligence, it does not encompass the full range of skills, abilities, and traits that are required for success in the arts. Sargent's fluency in multiple languages and his education in various subjects helped him to become well-rounded and knowledgeable, but it was his exceptional talent, hard work, and determination that ultimately led to his success as a portraitist.
File: FhzbrjnVIAAFIWh.png (123 KB, 600x600)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
IQ dictates how quickly you learn, but not the ceiling of your achievements.
welcome to clown world

File: x200 facial.png (1.04 MB, 932x724)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
wow thanks
Ah yes, the classic facial expression ‘string’
For when you shoot ropes on a girls face

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