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File: 1677251159697853.jpg (858 KB, 3250x2016)
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858 KB JPG
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Forgot pic
File: Untitled.jpg (572 KB, 1920x1080)
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572 KB JPG
Been into these lately
H. R. Giger is shit for depressive idiots and pseudo "satanists" short-penis virgins
Eleuteri Serpieri
File: 30766173232.jpg (323 KB, 754x1000)
323 KB
323 KB JPG

Social life or drawing?
Recently I have started to feel more and more annoyed about my friends asking me to go outside or join on a call while I was drawing and I don't know If I shouldnt feel like that.
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What do you mean, exactly? Are you buried in your room drawing 12 hours a day? Because, if so, perhaps you should dial it back. You can keep that up for a while but eventually it will start having negative effects.

Now, if your friends are constantly bothering you to go out and you need to focus, you can dial back your socializing, but you shouldn't do that to the point where you're completely socially isolated.

It's all about balance.
Why can't you join the call AND draw? I find drawing while chatting is fun.
Yeah, a balance is what I should look for
I get distracted easily or I don't talk at all in the call. So it's weird at the end.
Well, I don't have friends only backstabbing schizo freaks so I win LMAO
Your friends are important... But sooner or later your paths will separate regardless. You should have time to do both things anyway

File: IMG_3054.jpg (610 KB, 828x933)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
How do you feel about the current art landscape?
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>i've never seen a bad artist be popular on social media
You don't look hard enough m8.
A post of mine blew up and saw 2 of those likes are 100k art accounts that worse than him
Blindstash on twitter

Only scammer thinks like that
Pretty good honestly. I don't give a shit about AI, Instagram, TikTok and X.

File: 566_sin_titulo.png (143 KB, 535x567)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Tell me what u think about the desing of the character, nothing more nothing less, roast it if u want to
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Looks interesting to me
File: pg.jpg (20 KB, 500x500)
20 KB
looks like that purple guy fanart
File: mugsy_30.png (13 KB, 135x138)
13 KB
like 5 ppl told me that already, its the rebornica purple guy btw
that's a thread for artist, im not an artist :p (a friend made that draw for me)

what does it mean to "draw" with your eyes?
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No, skill issue. Im not gonna post 1000s examples and if i post just few you will just start dramafagging. You are wrong.
so you have s skill issue yourself. good to know
art is learning how to see, not how to draw. anyone can make a straight line, s- or c-curves, etc. jus tlook at the alphabet - everyone can make a O or intersect lines with T or X or curves with S and C and combine with straight lines like D or B. These are all you need to draw anything. Curves, ellipses and straight lines. Learning to draw is learning to see. it's like music. you dont learn to play piano or guitar. you learn to hear music. to hear the notes. this is the fundamental aspect of art.
>so you have s skill issue yourself. good to know
>draw things exactly as they appear
>omit details and stylize

which it?

File: IMG_0054.jpg (97 KB, 800x1200)
97 KB
When it first dawn on you that your skill are too good to draw porn?
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The moment before I came up with an excuse to cover up the fact that my art skills were too shitty to draw porn.
What about me?
I got good pre-social media, before it was even a viable career option.
Genius move.
Wouldn't it be the moment after you decided to come up with an excuse?

looks good
will you have any control over the lettering/typography/whatever they call it of the final cover?
I can see it clashing with a very clean font, but that that's a nitpick and I don't think most people will care
according to the client it's supposed to be a thick font below where everything is darker. Either way they didn't give a shit so neither should I lmao
War of invalids

File: 1680498863405345.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
I have no idea where to start from, I tried on paper, on my phone, I even tried picking up a Wacom board that was on sale at a store, tried drawing different things, tried different tutorials, I have no idea where to go from here, my drawing still looks like absolute shit anytimne I try, am I just doomed? willl I ever be able to draw decenetly
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do you think you can outdraw AI?
Good morning, sirs
>those proportions
Probably should of realized that all porn games are traced sooner. Honestly inspiring thank you.
t. game-devlett
Beating AI at its own game
The idea of stealing from several references is something you should definitely keep doing, but a better understanding of the underlying structure and essence of the figure would help you make this a lot better

File: shit.png (2 KB, 233x54)
2 KB
lemme see your colors
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File: colors.png (634 B, 60x240)
634 B
634 B PNG
I use the one true palette.
based and zorn pilled
File: IMG_0351.jpg (2.27 MB, 1906x2647)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
For shading on a multiply layer
File: sai2_F3CsjBODt3.png (6 KB, 201x589)
6 KB
It's a slightly modified version of the Inkscape palette ported into SAI 2 since I don't need the
full range of greys that the original had. This took about about an hour to handpick all the swatches since there's not an import function. I use this palette across all art programs.

File: 1681755054676738.jpg (17 KB, 343x310)
17 KB
Is there a course on the rendering part of pixiv elite masters?
I mean, Pixiv does offer a drawing course. I'm not sure if it will teach you what you want, though. There's a shitload of artists posting on Pixiv and all of them have their own arstyle and rendering method/techniques.
mignon stuff is for you, it should be some of his stuff in past video courses threads. go for it
I can find mentions of their book in the archives and see they did some livestreams but I can't find specific video mentions or links

How is sakimichan doing these days when ai fags has taken over her niche of semi realistic anime girls with big tits and strange anatomy? Seems like this board has forgotten about her.
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>every board I like has at least 1 AI spam thread
Time to accept that AI-generated images are going to become a new part of human culture I guess.
It's more that 4chan has gotten worse, just like the internet in general.
you are a braindead consumer incapable of thinking about anything deeply
>no works posted
opinion discarded

File: Joan1.jpg (26 KB, 460x651)
26 KB
Lady with abs . Sorry for bad quality ... Had to mess with the lighting n shit so she's actually visible .
I applaud you for posting your work, but why sis this need a thread to itself when we have generals that this would fit into?
I don't use 4chan often . Last time I came on here people were fine with me creating a thread
Thanks for telling me tho

File: sharing.jpg (36 KB, 384x639)
36 KB
Post your Anime stylized drawings here, give and get critiques too.
I can't tell if this is a jab by asg or at asg.
i'd say both but asg doesn't do original stuff

File: IMG_3055.jpg (126 KB, 828x444)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
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he won't respond to you because he's a libertarian pussy
a good deal of the best animators in the industry aren't even japanese or living in japan and foreign contract work was already taxed to hell and back
File: IMG_1186.jpg (27 KB, 270x405)
27 KB
He betrayed us.
File: 1605984857067_1_1_1.jpg (221 KB, 1182x892)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
they can just commit tax evasion
/po/ bait thread
twitter screencap thread
stirring up shit for no reason
hit and run terrorism
OPs should have unique identifiers attached to them
I bet OP isn't even a real person or posted once after he created the thread

File: bert.jpg (31 KB, 522x531)
31 KB
My primary reason for improving my art is to be good enough to monetize it.
I also chase as many trends as possible on twatter/insta.
I'm tired of wagecucking for 12 hours a day.
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True, but i sacrificed this hobby for freedom art work provide, i now love writing and this i will not sacrifice for money, not that i know how to turn it into profit, but i don't even want to know.
>trades are both oversaturated
The trades are almost constantly in dire demand, what are you talking about? Though I won't deny they can destroy your body.
File: 1677949746083913.png (1.26 MB, 804x1153)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Keep at it, but also try to stay true to yourself. I wouldn't follow every trend unless you genuinely liked them, that kills the soul. Otherwise trying to monetize your skills is a noble goal
Take the animation job pill.

>You get paid a wage, healthcare holidays
>Start off as intern, then junior then name role. So you are allowed to suck for ages
>You have to be a low pro to make the same hourly wage if you are freelancing for shit like MTG or twitter comms
>They've got unions and shit plus harder to be replaced by AI
>Hang out with chill artists all day drawing and making friends
>Most are at least half remote half in office, spindlehorse and iron circus are fully remote
>Not just animation, do BG's, props, clean up, colour design, rigging, or even prod

>Contracts end and you go on unemployment while looking for the next gig
>Can be stressful during crunch

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 5845cd230b2a3b54fdbaecf7.png (27 KB, 1092x1037)
27 KB
>good enough to monetize it.
>monetizing art
>age of AI
Anon, i....

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