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File: ghgh.png (3 KB, 377x80)
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Post your Twitter impressions for January
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File: 1617406733585.png (17 KB, 312x634)
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December was a blast.
File: IMG_20220119_123335.jpg (70 KB, 1080x827)
70 KB
I've only posted one piece of art aha the rest are all replies and socialisation. I still feel sleep after December's hibernation.
File: assessna.png (10 KB, 352x265)
10 KB
I have not posted any art for two months, not because I haven't been drawing I just hate SNS
File: twitter.png (8 KB, 342x266)
8 KB
restarting is actually hard after losing a 5 years old account for starting beefs with political people
That’s what you get for crossing a defiant Brooklyn dad

File: hmhkh.png (167 KB, 834x904)
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167 KB PNG
Are there people here who genuinely think learning fundamentals is worthless? What the fuck can you even draw if you ignore fundamentals? Cartoons? Porn? Even porn needs SOME knowledge of anatomy.

People here who I see vent against fundies always make it out to be some schoolwork session where you sit down and grind cubes but I never thought of it that way. It's just incorporating good habits into the art you WANT to do. You can learn the fundamentals in an illustration you are already doing they don't need to be separate things.

I literally do not understand how someone can justify telling a beginner to not learn the fundamentals about form, lighting, anatomy, etc. It's like they want them to fail. Maybe I've been trolled, and all these people I've seen are just shitposting, because it almost seems too stupid to be real that someone would unironically suggest style is going to carry you into good art, that doesnt happen.
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The three pics he has posted after his hiatus are legitimately better. Get fucked crab!
>Are there people here who genuinely think learning fundamentals is worthless?
Majority of this board doesn't even understand what the fundamentals are.
It has become one of those words that anons just throw around. It has become a meme.
But the Fundamentals don't just apply to one region. Japanese artists literally use the same stuff seen in loomis books and the like.

They just take the construction and such from those books and apply them to what they're trying to draw, which is the entire point of the books in the first place.
>thinking that the asian brain works in the same way as the western that had to codify "fundies"
Yes, though more I thought I would learn the fundamentals naturally. I was wrong, wish I put more effort in art class, teacher was actually teaching me what I needed to know

Part 1/2
I started college in 2018 at 19 yrs taking a video production program that was 4 semesters that was a pre request for getting into the college's film program but i ended up taking two more semesters in order to finish the courses i dropped out of to reduce my course load as i was struggling with the business oriented courses and wanted to do all the video stuff first

then in my second year the school got rid of the film program that was the reason i was doing the film program in the first place then when the pandemic happened my whole life went upside down like many other people did and as a cope i tried practicing a the storyboard class that i had not taken yet and rediscovered a love for drawing and animation that i forgotten about since HS and gave my all for the storyboard class so i decided i wanted to go back to school since i didn't plan for the economy to get bad and had nothing else to look forward to so i tried getting in the animation program and spent all summer trying to get better at drawing so i could get into the program
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i've been doing storyboards everyday since last July
>19 replies
>9 posters
kill yourself samefag
what are you bumping for? you want more "advice"? more "motivation"? more reasons to stare at a screen rather than sit and really think about what you should do with your life?

File: me.png (470 KB, 1238x1258)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
i only copy I never know what i want to draw
how do u guys even come up with shit to draw?
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why did you even pick up drawing?? >>5856863
Take your pills schizo
I love looking at drawings.
Think I'm more going thru a crisis cause I like drawing anime doodles but I don't want to be a westfag weeb
hey this actually makes sense to me. thanks!
maybe you should take more than 2 seconds to construck or come up with an image in your brain...

little advise, read some novel and try actively to visualize the things you just read
I read books and short stories that havent been made into film/tv and then draw stuff from them.
Reading the books helps you come up with your own ideas too.
Reading in general is like free creativity injections.

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 221x228)
7 KB
I think I'm too dumb for Loomis.
I'm not going to make it, am I?
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Oh yeah, it's time for the rope, /dad/let...
Steve Huston, beginning figure drawing.
Just use videos from proko, watts, vilppu, huston, brent eviston, whatever you see recommended repeatedly on here.
I had a similar problem with loomis feeling like he didn't give enough examples or explanation but after watching video demonstrations I can go back to loomis and get so much more value out of it just reading it because I have a clear visual idea of what he is talking about.
How can one be too dumb for floating heads?
Start grinding balls, boxes, cones, wedges and cylinders everyday min 10 of each and you are on your way to GMI :)

How the fuck do I git gud in environment art? I've been at it for a couple of years now and it's still a struggle every single time.
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Every artist struggles in the middle of a paitning. That's just the nature of the game. The diference of the pros is that they have gone thought it so many times that they trust themselves to come on top of it.

As someone has already said "I have forgotten more paintings/drawings than most people see in their whole lives" Zapata, Steven.

That said there are some courses that can help if you feel it's some lack of knowledge. And remember to clip and design your values.
>Landscape Drawing Crash Course with Steve Huston
>Designing with Color and Light with Nathan Fowkes
>Environment Design with Nathan Fowkes
>Pictorial Composition with Nathan Fowkes
>Landscape Sketching in Watercolor and Gouache with Nathan Fowkes
>Painting with Light and Color with Dice Tsutsumi
>Environment and Light wuth John Burton
>Color and Light Workout with Nathan Fowkes
>Digital Landscape Painting Workout with Nathan Fowkes

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Fundamentals of Architecture Design with Tyler Edlin
>Environment Concept Design with Simeon Schaffner
>Environment Sketching for Production with Patrick Raines
>Environment Painting & Design with Gilles Beloeil

But over all focus on two old books:
>>Composition of Outdoor Painting by Edgar Payne
>>Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis

The secret lies on composition.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge :)
Thanks a lot, anon!

What is your favorite period of anime/manga art styles for variety, direction and quality? For me it's a toss-up between late 80s/early 90s and late 90s/early 2000s, since IMO this is where the styles of both decade were perfected. Special mention to early-mid 80s since Tetsuo Hara is one of the greats and the golden age of mecha was rad.
70s until mid 80s I'd say. It has been downhill ever since with the occasional master piece, such as Oyasumi Punpun.
the 80s are full of Masami Kurumada copycats
unironically the 10s. granted the vast majority of modern anime looks like moe copy paste, but I feel like recent kinos like katanagatari, gangster, deadman wonderland, ano hana outweight the older school stuff I liked such as shurato, rurouni, galactic heroes, saint seiya, etc
File: Hokuto no Animated Gif.gif (622 KB, 480x265)
622 KB
622 KB GIF
The 80s would be my favorite. That decade had Toyoo Ashida (Fist of the North Star, Vampire Hunter D), Osamu Dezaki (Space Adventure Cobra, Golgo 13 The Professional), Katsuhito Akiyama (Bubblegum Crisis, ThunderCats), Noboru Ishiguro (Macross). The style evolved from the flat colors of the 70s into bolder colors and distinctive cel-shading before computers started to work their way into the work-flows in the 90s-00s

File: IMG_20220119_081819.jpg (1.87 MB, 3106x4096)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
looking for cartooning/caricature book so i can draw fingers facing forward(and alot of other things),as in the first top picture and have it looks natural like second pic,not have it look so stubby
but also cartooned and basically simple enough

usually choosing whether the lines curve right, higher or something

nvr been finding much book to myliking except FACC or draw superhero the marvel way
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ya bye
dont forget to rope yourself

dont cry now
don't learn to draw nowOHWAIT you're already doing that heh
Learn English

File: 1515109655996.jpg (35 KB, 574x372)
35 KB
>accidentally mistype the url and went to /i/ instead of /ic/
>realize people there actually draws instead of crab all day
>everything 100% more soul
>work posted are better than most of /ic/ can do
This place truly have turned into a shithole. nobody even draws anymore its just people yelling Asian jeans and crabs fling shit. Where did all the drawings that used to be on this board go?
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I always just hide all these generals including dad since they are mostly digital. So at the surface lsg is worse. Course faggotry is for begs who do not know how to improve by analysing their own works, observing, and just drawing.
this board was better with the old captcha were bots used to create threads automating resource drops
>I'm not a tranny or a redditor but don't you think we should all have 4chan accounts, IDs and private messaging?
Genuinely gorgeous, makes me happy to look at. Well done. Who are your biggest inspos?
thankies! i like to imagine it's tonyo standing proud in /ic/ posing all proud while all the dumb DaD guys get angry at him

>/dad/'s faces when someone new enters their discord and announces that they're 15

File: m_001010.jpg (133 KB, 667x500)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
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File: you.jfif.jpg (14 KB, 199x240)
14 KB
Oh my goooooooooood obsessed

File: 9934f98b.jpg (74 KB, 539x750)
74 KB
>start reading drawabox
>this is the first drawing I see
Aaaaaaaaand thats it for drawabox. If I wanna draw misshapen arms maybe I'll come back to it
29 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Oh man, when you put it like that the drawing makes way more sense.
Oops, that sounds a little sarcastic... I think you're absolutely right though, that's a supinated forearm with a pronated hand. It's a goofy mix up, but the anatomy is otherwise not too bad.
Arent some exercises intentionally made to set you up for failure.

Because it helps you be more ok with failure or something i dont remember but i do remember the creator of drawabox admits this somewhere on his yt channel.
>But I think the author just didn't mean to draw the wrist pronated, so they essentially just put the hand on the wrong way.
that would be even more retarded. how do you draw with a supinated arm?
>I like Valerie Winslow's 'Classic Human Anatomy', it's the most comprehensive and detailed anatomy book I've read. It shows every muscle, tells you its origin, insertion, and action, and has plenty of ecorche drawings to help you understand how they all fit together. Unlike Bridgman or Hogarth, the drawings are quite clear and unstylized.
Second this, it couldn't be more clear and well organised.

File: images (28).jpg (72 KB, 445x689)
72 KB
trying to post art regularly to improve while also get alot of clout
what cool stuf do i do? what not cool stuf do i not do?
pls advise tx
also how cool to make the minimum average income in this biz tx
File: mjXRXAE5_400x400.jpg (16 KB, 283x283)
16 KB
>trying to post art regularly to improve while also get alot of clout
>didn't post work
You just want the clout
so, blank 2000*2000 pix everyday?

I've been drawing for 1.5 year andately I've been experimenting with various styles, what do you think? I've made the pose without referencing anything and think of a pose in my mind.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I did a couple of times, flipping I mean, I'm still having trouble while resizing, BTW could you be more specific on things I got wrong? I really want to know How To improve myself. I can see head and face being a bit weird but don't know how to fix it.
nta but i want to help you, how good are you drawing the primitive forms? (cube, sphere, cone, etc), the worst things in your drawing are the boobs (you drew one bigger than the other) and the head it's wonky, not symmetrical and it has weird proportions, hair lacks three dimensionality and your clothes lack a lot of knowledge
also this is very important, do you have a favorite style that you are aiming for? like i want to draw like "X" japanese artist or i would like to draw in the style of "X" anime
File: 1640977692618.png (857 KB, 1242x1607)
857 KB
857 KB PNG
I would say I'm okay at drawing then, someone recommended me to draw 3d shapes so I did, whenever I don't know what to draw I draw boxes in various angels, I mostly draw them just fine but struggle with some angeles, I've been drawing cylinders and actually do a good job with them. For clothes part yeah I really need to work on them, despite looking at multiple tutorials I still struggle drawing then properly.
I usually like anime style but I Am also trying rounder and more distinct styles like this one, as I said in still experimenting to find the style I like the most, what I'm aiming is a semi realistic but stylized art style, I'm sorry I lack a lot of art terminology.
File: IMG_20220119_140951.jpg (970 KB, 1275x1800)
970 KB
970 KB JPG
Also I don't hate anime style but the Japanese artists I like the most have distinct art style and look leads like generic anime art, nothing wrong with them they're all well made stuff but I find styles that have more uniqueness and distinct from the rest more appealing
Imizu has a style that I really like, bot drawing and coloring wise. I guess what I'm trying to say I'm trying to find a style that is more distinct and appealing, I like rounder face shapes but sharper looking silhouettes and faces are also jive, again I'm at my finding my style phase.

File: 1642549620286.jpg (275 KB, 800x584)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
this is my masterpiece. my greatest achievement. surely it is good enough to warrent a place among the great artists such as Picasso and other lesser artists?
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Anybody who likes this shit has trash taste. You're an imbecile.
10 more years? i will be dead.
i say the brilliance is here now. i've arrived at my high point, and i declare to you today. i will be worth a million after my death!!!
suppose a man of refinement likes my drawing, what say then?
Then he's not a man of refinement.

Suppose I find a square with five angles, what say then?

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