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File: happy moe.png (407 KB, 673x604)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
Alright /ic/, after a quarter of my life wasted, I'm ready to start from the basics and learn the "fundies". Where do I start?
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I got MediBang. Then what? and gmi?
Fool-proof plan to master art
>Look at a object
>Draw it
>Does your drawing look like the object
> No? Draw another object
> Yes? Draw another object
> Repeat until satisfied or dead
well... that depends on a lot of things op. first off what do you want to do? doing portraits for example is down a very different road than illustration.
this is foolproof indeed so yeah you can start with that so you dont get overwhelmed
there are a lot of books out there, reading them should be a very big priority since its stuff you dont need to waste time reinventing. start with hamptons figure drawing design and invention to give you a rough idea of what this is all going to be about
you dont have to draw anything from it for now just read it
check out drawabox.com for more information on drawing from imagination
check the sticky
look at a lot of art and find what direction you want to go in
i think at that point you can literally go "hm howd they get to where they are" and figure out the rest on your own, especially with all the information the former listed things give.
get to it! dont be intimidated and dont be afraid to be bold and curious
art is fun, and fun is yours to have
You need an Apple iPad Pro 12.9 first, that's what all the professional artists are using.
Yes! This! I LOVE my Apple iPad Pro 12.9 with the Apple Pro Pencil 2. It's the tool of choice for any modern artist that needs to draw on the go or at home! The Apple iPad Pro 12.9 has enough battery life to last you a whole 3 hours before needing to recharge, but don't worry! You can get an Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Lightning Cable Charger for only 79.99 USD! Buy your Apple iPad Pro 12.9 today at your local Apple Store. I love my Apple iPad Pro 12.9.

File: d40.png (433 KB, 784x973)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
Anyone remember that /ic/ poster going by the handle "nickleflick" who started out in a /beg/ thread trying to draw this robot girls ass? Then he got retweeted by some big industry guys and suddenly exploded in popularity, his work was being posted everywhere. Now when I search for him all his accounts are deleted and the only evidence he ever existed are his name on rule34 websites.



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The second one. His art is not beginner level of course.
He's a faggot that wants to ape Noill's pedoshit art
What was posted in OP is not very good at all. It's maybe a step or two above /beg/.
He did animations as well which already puts him above half of /ic/ by default
>inb4 some shit about how they arent any good

File: Eph5nCxXEAIsB4l.jpg (84 KB, 396x660)
84 KB
What would you recommend if I am a total beg?
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download the Stonehouse anatomy book from the artbook thread and work your way through it
Grind gesture, figure drawing, anatomy, perspective, and form.
This. Just learning the anatomy won't getnyou there. You can learn some very simple anatomy basics for starters but it really has to grow over time in conjunction with your other skills. You'll always be studying anatomy to a certain extent.
construction is way more important than anatomy, especially if you're into Arne. read his articles, they're so fucking good.
Proko or Drawabox depending on if you can already draw a sphere, cube, and cylinder pretty well.

File: Eoh4IN0XYAMSuM3.jpg (207 KB, 1691x1178)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
How do you call this artsyle? I keep seeing more and more people drawing and painting like this lately.
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coom artists realized you dont have to actually finish a piece to get clout. thats basically what that style is.
>How do you call this artsyle?
Are you unironically retarded or low iq?
This is not a style, you fucking dumbass. If anything it's a technique.

It's a fucking colored sketch.

Please, stop littering the board with your dumb shit threads born from your uneducated ignorant brain. Fucking imbecile.
"beg/semi beg too lazy or inexperienced to finish work" style
for once, unironically yes
this is pretty much the sketchy hard round brush style
yeah no western piggu

File: 44322.png (184 KB, 915x693)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
>Established professional for over 10 years.

>Clients include Wizards of the Coast, Bethesda, and Games Workshop.

>Struggling to get by, living paycheck to paycheck.

At what point is living out of an old can a better option than pursuing an art career?
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Sketched me out when he said $1800 a month for healthcare. Easy to live paycheck to paycheck that way
yeah health insurance is retarded, i know that hospital bills are riduculous over there but how fucking often do you need to go to the hospital? I've never had to go once in my adult years.
>someone correct me
Its not as open as it should be yet. But you set up an account with say a metamask wallet. Buy some Eth, 1 is fine, from coinbase. Send the ETH to metamask and then find a site like Rariable to set up a NFT. You draw it and then I believe pay the Eth gas fee to list it. Rariable does take way too much still. Only 10% of sale price goes to the artist but you can see what some of its like right now.


This stuff is pumping. I imagine once you establish yourself as a highly wanted artist you can start to sell more stuff at a higher listing price.

Someone sold some anti trump 9 second video on there too for $6 million recently for example.

The reason its desired is because its on the eth chain, every TX can be traced. So every artwork can be traced back to the original creator to verify its authenticity. Idk, just thought some anons here might want to check it out to make money.
>"solves" is already handled by existing technology with greater efficiency and less energy use
Nobody is using crypto for increased efficiency or energy use. Its decentralization and complete control over your money.
File: babbygun.jpg (24 KB, 574x329)
24 KB
>you still owe taxes even if you move abroad
>it costs nearly $3k to renounce citizenship and a judge must approve it
>if you get approved to renounce citizenship you must submit a separate application to the IRS must also grant approval for you to stop paying taxes. if you make over a certain amount of money you must pay a release fee before they will grant approval

Ha ha no you don't, because you're hoarding and never drawing.
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I can't even drawn an ellipse when I was 16.
Remember when you were a little kid and hot teenage girls were sometimes nice to you? They think these people inferior, unlucky, lesser, vulnerable, fragile, and wanna feel like the Mercyful Virgin Mary by helping, caring for them
Gender neutral gun that only shoots white bigots and don’t even needs sights or even a magazine. Made in Israel
I'm pretty new to drawing and I can draw better than this. If you can't draw like this in the first few months, there's something wrong with the study materials you're using or the way you structure your drawing process.
pyw then

Analyze this painting
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Do yourself a favor and learn english.
You are embarrasing yourself at this point.
File: 1604521705705.png (720 KB, 800x800)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
Ohnononononononbahahahahah this is what the great masters can do?LMAO
So is this the Deviantard equivalent of their time? All colors and glitters without a solid foundation.

yes im a coomer
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Whale hunter
maybe YOU fags should leave, this is artwork and critique, not weebs and furries.
hentai is art and op wants help with it, cope
>hentai is art
Ohnononono hahahaha
Welcome to the new world you paved, old man.

File: 33.jpg (14 KB, 474x474)
14 KB
Your success is not up to you. It's big brother. The people you admire who "made it" were just chosen by big brother.
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People aren't ready for this information judging by the responses.
you are just not a very smart person is the more likely explanation
I know, that's why I'll get the requirements to be chosen by him
I love that reality show and all but it doesn't churn out people who make it in anything.
If that's the condition, then I'd rather not be chosen.

File: castle.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1955)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
I can't understand Vilppu, is that normal?
so you see weughyyyyhhhhhhh take and weeeeeughhhhhyhhhhh and across the form... feeeeling theuhhhhhhhyyyhuuuhhh and it’s just a tool
I shit my pants cuz laughter
You just aren't ready for him yet.
i dont get the maymay. pls explain

File: IMG_20210301_115342733.jpg (2.18 MB, 4000x3000)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
How do i fix
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I loled
Anon at this point you better just finish it as best you can, and prepare yourself to get a really rough critique, which you will get if your teacher is good at their job.
File: 1599082105753.jpg (18 KB, 248x189)
18 KB
but unironically
File: Sarah-Bartman.jpg (169 KB, 1280x720)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Anon don't get expelled or how will you get your degree?

>hey check out “keys to drawing” you’ve probably never heard of it
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why is anon posting facts with a smug wojak image?
why did I laugh? fuck me
>>5239841 #
Really though loomis will only take you so far. You’ve got to “feel” the forms. It’s a term I came up with. Slightly abstract I know, but you should understand it after you read about loomis, for all it’s worth
Good thread
Problem is, everyone thinks they're qualified to be a gatekeeper.

Is drawing a good hobby if I’m not serious about it? I would draw everyday but don’t know if there are better hobbys like writing or playing guitar. I also don’t want to grind looms like an autistic incel
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Define "not serious"

If you have fun then just have fun. Stop being such an autist about it
people on this board make daily threads about "how to have fun" so i think the autism comes with the territory
ngmi thread
what a retarded question

why do you ask this, you already know you don't really give a fuck. If you enjoyed drawing, you'd be drawing now just for fun. A hobby is about spending time doing what you want, not a weird time burner. Go eat grass or watch paint dry
Based and blackpilled

File: file.png (266 KB, 850x400)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
How fast will I make it if I draw an extra 3 hours per day? How should I practice during those hours?
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Don't fall for the no-sleep meme. Sleeping anything less than 6 hours MINIMUM will make you garbage at whatever you do in just a few weeks AND you will also feel like shit to boot. Getting little hours of sleep is a jewish meme for the golems to make them cope and feel pride for their shit work life balance. There is no arguing with physiology. Willpower can't overcome physical limitations.
thanks for this post
about 3 hours faster
I only do 30 mins or so at a time when studying with regular breaks or I end up drawing like shit. I can only go 3 hours on an actual piece rather than practice. Everyone's speed is different, I feel like my own progress is fine.
>How should I practice during those hours?
learn something new as often as you can, every day if you can
remember to take notes
learn the same subject from 3 different sources, and always have questions running through your head. you shouldn't be going on "auto-pilot" that often, especially when you study

File: 20210301_114117.jpg (3.21 MB, 4032x3024)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB JPG
Posted a few days ago my first attempts at sketching. General feedback was my drawing looked flat and off balance. So here is what ive done since. Proportions are inhuman by design as I thought that would be more fun.
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
"Contour" is the outside edge of an object, or in the case of cartoons, the outline of the character.

One common exercise in drawing classes is to draw objects using only the outside contour, starting with simple objects like coffee mugs, and then moving to more complicated objects. Two classes I took, one in high school, and one in college, had the final exercise for contour drawing a tree, drawing only the contour.

For the beginning phases, think of "contour" as "outline".
i don't get why everyone is railing on you, i see an obvious improvement at least on the right arm and that front leg. you went from cartoonish ovals to something that resembles more structured boxes with the muscles wrapping around it.

i wouldn't play with proportions until you nailed how proportions are supposed to be like in the first place so that you don't need to explain that it's "by design" because it would be obvious and would show.

i would continue studying whatever you're learning off from, but this time focus on the torso/clavicle/neck area, hands and feet and the pelvis. no one can tell if it's balanced or not if you don't draw how the feet are planted, he might as well be floating in space.
Thank you anons, this is very helpful. Ill be sure to post my next work on beg/. I look forward to showing my improvements
Fast growth for /beg/ but please post on /beg/ next time, okie dokie anon?
Noted, wasnt aware that beg was the place to post your pics. Will do so in future

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