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File: goddammit.jpg (2.12 MB, 5312x2988)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
Most tutorials I've seen boil down to either "practice off the model sheet," or "just do it lol."
I know it has to do with proportions, but I haven't seen anything on how to use those proportions other than vaguely.
Using Blender to split those proportions onto a box (to rotate later to use for reference) has yielded very poor results.
The main consencous in the professional side relies on the idea of "if you can recognize it, it's on-model," which really means "if your friend looks a bit off, it ain't your friend
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There's really only one way: drawing the character a fuckton. I'm talking a thousand times. I still can't get some of my characters perfectly on model.
Over time you get a feel for proportions and feature placement and it becomes second nature. With character consistency there's really no technique it's just mileage.
This + look at your pic : if you can break your character down in simple shapes,it'll be way easier.
Is it this?
>hes the proportion master
Oh you mean Preston Blair.
Yes, op, read Preston Blair.
Where does Preston talk about keeping proportion?

File: 20180214_18b8ae.jpg (95 KB, 800x800)
95 KB
Fill me up losers!
Fit's 8 standard pens/pencils on each side.
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>soft cases
I digress
zebra .5
micron .3-.5
Staedler graphite holder
red/blue colored pencil
Few conte's


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Can't I just pack a sandwich in there?
>Inb4 artists can't afford sandwiches
File: NMN61JU_mz.jpg (167 KB, 1200x1500)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>he needs a pencil case
meant to (you) OP
>this is what passes for an art supplies thread on nu-/ic/
I guess everyone who actually draws finally left.

File: 1560996972357.png (675 KB, 620x877)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
>art as an aphrodisiac

is your sole goal in art to get popular?
becoming popular is a way to get more jobs opportunities and more money so you can draw full time.Its not necessarily a goal in itself
>>art as an aphrodisiac

>is your sole goal in art to get popular?
Well yes. Art exists to be perceived.
my main goal in art is to make a living off it. if it becomes my sole goal along the way, so be it.
I see anime tits I click and save picture

File: ruan-jia-666.jpg (344 KB, 1431x1095)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
Granted his understanding of rendering is superb but I can pinpoint tons of anatomical, gestural, perspective and compositional mistakes. For starters the anatomy of the soldier that's running towards the dragon seems way off, like how does that torso even work?
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See you in about a year, being optimistic.
Follow your dreams and/or whims anon
You may just make it yet
it's sort of coming along. If i like it enough i'll post it for you niggers
File: 1563668425835.jpg (437 KB, 1125x1575)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
the chad neural network

What’s this style called? I think I saw similar things from google and other sites.
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Pretty sure it's called "antidepressant/random old person illness prescription commercial for women"
this is correct while also I agree with >>4024135. No races, no visible traits because of fucked up proportions, weird use of colours to avoid race etc
Mannerism but 2D
File: 0 zYqRcXxFXgr-etir.gif (2.3 MB, 800x600)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB GIF
I believe it's called 'flat design'; it's intrinsically related to the computer user interface design language that is its namesake, though it's difficult to determine which is the cause and which is the effect.

In the Hegelian triad of 'Concrete, Abstract, Absolute', it's most decidedly the abstract phase of the dialectic, coming after the concrete 'virtual skeuomorphic' style that was popular towards the end of the last decade, as well as the start of the current one.
Staying within that realm of UI design, I'm unsure what, if anything, has emerged as a successor. Possibly that will arise from the current trend of adding depth to flat design, which may eventually segue into a more 3D virtual skeuomorphic style as the level of detail is increased by designers looking to stand out.

It's unclear how those future design languages will leech into and inspire art and vice versa, as you see taking place in your picture (if you wish to classify that propaganda as art).

File: Art Heart .jpg (202 KB, 640x480)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
I recently started doing this as a doodle and found I could easily spend hours doing it. Is there a name for this kind of art ? Besides that any critiques are appreciated.
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Its a pattern, you just like a pattern. Same thing as stripes. Normie brainlets get tricked by patterns, big eyes, and bright neon colors into thinking that its good just because it provides instant strong stimulation. Its like a 9 year old who wants to eatcandy for every meal just because its overwhelmingly sweet
Very true there's no deeper substance to the work apart from the visual stimulant part of my monkey brain
Not a genre per se, but Keith Haring and this one guy who loads up his brush with a rainbow of colors and then drags it across the canvas til it runs out (sometimes uses other people, gives each person a brush and the resultant pattern is the visual residue of how the people walk around each other)

I forgot his name fuck but nearly any book on contemporary painting will have him
When I was a kid I'd do this doodly thing with intersecting geometric shapes but tried to make it look like real stuff. Haven't experimented with it in a long time.
i peed pantaloon

File: 1559044471055.jpg (83 KB, 999x997)
83 KB
What is the appeal of the Calarts style and what made it popular? I don't get it.
Is it just because the simple shape language is easy for kids and amateurs to replicate, or is there some deeper "beauty" to it that I am completely oblivious to?
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shitting on anime is not a right its an obligation
File: koth12.jpg (537 KB, 900x742)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
Of course it is. But to keep it away from the capeshit levels of mainstream you need to allow calarts to take over and whatever other abominations the west shits out. You also need to not bash on calarts. Give it good press and people will stay the fuck away from anime.
File: Redisnoc eht gniwollof.jpg (169 KB, 1381x634)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
You see anon, the "CalArts style" (even thou that its just a term created by John K. to clarify why he didn't like The Iron Giant) or propely name "The Beanface" its basically the easiest way to make an animation.
>But the designs are all the same!
Yes. and no, a lot of series took references from videogames, anime, comic books and even other cartoons to giving them a stylized look to be called "their own"
>But why the designs are so simple nowadays?
a simple design could lead to a more fluid animation, take almost every 2010s series made by Disney as a example
>But why it is popular?
as i mentioned early, its simple to made and sometimes it would look good.
Has anyone ever joined the calarts university

Art school won't teach you shit, internet lacks of quality tutorials, or they are all expensive. Does anyone know any good reference?
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You can use the same painting knowledge and techniques learned from doing this to paint fantastic realism. Use your head brainlet
yeah i want my futa loli fart inflation shit
Honestly this would work better as one of those bright scripted photographs.
Well, I meant about the whole process, it's a good starter, isn't it? Later you have to do everything on your own anyway, but you have to start somewhere. Every information is good if you process it correctly.
I’m also studying oil and new resources, especially books, would be dearly appreciated. So far, l have found Color and Light by Gurney and Alla Prima by Schmid quite useful. Both are available in the artbook thread.

File: 56.gif (643 KB, 499x750)
643 KB
643 KB GIF
>/ic/ Animators Discord:

>51 exercises to try

>Books basic program tutorials, etc.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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boomer here, there's so much software out there for animation what do y'all use, flash used to be the only dog in the game *sips*
File: sponge_kage.png (232 KB, 952x1052)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
i think you meant it's cringe pusc
still is desu senpai
File: snakes.gif (658 KB, 657x341)
658 KB
658 KB GIF
File: SN0MD7w.png (8 KB, 610x429)
8 KB
why are all your arcs like

leave your fucking awful software and get OpenToonz or some shit.

ic how do you learn to draw from imagination

i've started doing studies quite some time ago and shit senpai i can't fucking not draw a study i'm en route to being full proko kangaroo in a few years if i keep at it like this

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Do it like me: draw for 20 years before discovering people use reference.
File: hands.png (2.97 MB, 1101x1400)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB PNG

the fact that the hands in those were shit just means i didn't get to them lol i generally have very little problems with drawing hands (bottom two and mid row right are from imagination)
and yes i know the fingers on the mid right are not supposed to be that equal i just stopped giving a fuck at some point of drawing that lmao
Drawing from imagination is a meme, you always need a reference.
>break into the non-study sphere of art
i think as you get more adjusted to manipulating visual elements new properties begin to emerge **if you are looking out for them**. moving away from direct copying takes a mental effort that doesn't seem available to a lot of artists stuck with their copying skillset. construction is the most straightforward way. build some stuff out of lego and take note of what abstract shapes compose together to make a figure. look at the rhythm in the linework of high quality anime design. note the parallels to music.

a big part of what make a cezanne so amazing is the loose exploratory techniques. worth studying, though kinda advanced.

steam(boat)ed hams
>mfw I’m trying to stay focused for the 19th century upper middle class sex party later
>my feet hurt

File: 6494.jpg (22 KB, 600x400)
22 KB
Any other brushpen fags here? Interested to know what your preferred tool is and why? There are lot of them out there and opinions on them seem all over the place.

I've been using pic related: the Kuratake no.8. Great inkflow for those of us that like slashing at the page and you can get really hair thin lines with ease. It's possibly the best brush pen i've used thus far (far better than the pocket brush), but after a few weeks of use it's started leaking at the tip. It bleeds out, makes it impossible to get fine lines and i get ink all over my hand. Dose anyone know how to fix this or if theres and alternative pen that acts the same minus the leaking?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've use a few. Lately I've been using the Pental Pocket brush. Gets the lines I want and the ink is Copic brush. I have the Pigment brush with a really nice fine tip but the ink smears under Copics so I don't use it.
Using Pentel Brush pen. Good for sketching on the go, and easy to control. Does well on paper with minimal bleed, but as of recently it's been a bit too heavy on laying ink. Any reason for this?

Also ordered a Pentel arts color brush in grey, so I'll be expecting that soon.
What's the best brush pen for fin detail work?

What does araki use?
>See if your brush tip wiggles around when you touch it. That could be the problem
Doesn't look like it but thanks for the tip. I'll have a more hands on look when the current ink cartridge runs out.
I'm pretty sure the no. 8 and 13 are the same pen minus the long barrel. I've been using the platinum carbon ink cartridges in mine and it works great when it's not leaking. Maybe thats whats causing the leaking? Do you have any leaking problems with yours?
>but as of recently it's been a bit too heavy on laying ink. Any reason for this?
A good way to avoid this is to make sure you always leave your pen in a vertical position with the tip facing upwards. Works with my pocket brush.
>What's the best brush pen for fin detail work?
Probably the Kuratake no. 8 or 13 if you're on a budget. I've never used one of the really expensive ones but they might be better. I'm not game enough to drop that much cash for something that might not be that much better.
>What does araki use?
The Jojo guy? He uses a pentel brush pen for filling in black areas but most of his inking is done with G-nibs and technical pens.

File: 1032549100.jpg (72 KB, 1200x836)
72 KB
Anons. Soon im going to live in Europe for a month with my laptop (pic unrelated). Im going to take tablet with me and draw from it, working with some people.
I wanted to ask... literally all my programs pirated, downloaded from torrents. Photoshop, Sai, Premiere Pro, Zbrush...they all 'illegal'.

How dangerous it is to travel across europe with laptop filled with pirated junk?
30 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've travelled a bunch around Europe and I've never had that happen to me or anyone I know, but then again I am also a yuro so idk. Maybe if you were a kebab
People who complain about degeneracy while posting on 4chan should be publicly executed via Iron Bull.
I'm from Europe and it's never happened to me
It's probably different for non-euros though
But then again even known terrorists have been granted bank cards so I doubt the security is that strict here
I've traveled back and forth to East Asia, my friend brought laptop with him via backpack, nobody checked anything. Can confirmed it's just unlucky random inspection BS
>im from korea
And you have my condolences, really.

File: Trad-Thread.jpg (651 KB, 800x1000)
651 KB
651 KB JPG
Post traditional art that YOU'VE DONE! For critique of course. Please don't dump paintings you found online. We get it, you like the Pre-Raphaelites. How sophisticated of you.
176 replies and 63 images omitted. Click here to view.
I like this piece. I shall hire this man to help make my anime.
File: july-21-2019.jpg (827 KB, 858x1100)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
>arms and hands leave something to be desired
is this better?
Wow, look at you. I think you wouldnt be able to talk about your art properly. All those theories are things you need to know so that you can play freely.
you don’t “need” to know anything to make art
Update on this. Took anons advice and covered up the dark purple some, but I’ll add more there. Currently trying to paint a big red jungle flower

File: kjkk.jpg (24 KB, 843x223)
24 KB
if he made it at +21 why cant you guys make it?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>h-he's not that good guys
>l-look at t-the faces he draws haha c-creepy
>I could draw that If I tried
meanwhile, his favorite gook artists worships toriyama ahahaha
Toriyama is pretty much objectively a very good artist and designer though, so if you aren't being contrarian, you are simply wrong and are basically bragging about having shit taste and no eye for real skill.

Don't get me wrong, his style is definitely a matter of taste and not everyone has to like it, but as an artist, you should be able to tell when something showcases strong draftmanship despite not being a fan of stylistic choices. Being unable to do that is a major sign of a lack of artistic growth and knowledge on your part.
File: C2aJgUyUcAEqR5D.jpg (75 KB, 500x516)
75 KB
he's a legit genius when it comes to design and dynamic movement. Regardless of what you think of his personal quirks when it comes to stylization.
Whoever tells you that he isn't is either a contrarian or blind
ruan jia worship that weeb ?
Hang in there anon.

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