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File: image.jpg (112 KB, 1200x698)
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112 KB JPG
You're telling me this is not Loomis?
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File: 32545476.jpg (286 KB, 640x957)
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286 KB JPG
File: ohno.png (129 KB, 522x438)
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129 KB PNG
Why do so many begs act like art fundamentals only show themselves in one way
middle is the best though
please tell me this is fake
File: 1555901234726.gif (186 KB, 220x216)
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186 KB GIF

File: x512bb.jpg (18 KB, 512x512)
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Post tips, tricks and techniques. Give and receive advice from others. Share brushes etc.
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File: capture.png (13 KB, 170x293)
13 KB
use the straight line tool. these are your best friends
does anyone know of a better way than switching between tabs to look at a reference? is the only other way copypasting the reference into the same composition?
File: Screenshot_3.png (317 KB, 892x749)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
all you need to do is pull the tab with the reference and drag it to a place you like in the work space.
window - sub view
recently came across an official english ruler video, ruler is something i want to use more and don't use at all in csp yet. really helpful stuff

sub view inside the program, also pureref is a good program for your reference.

**Don’t aimlessly study the fundamentals or anime. Learn the fundamentals (form, values, color, composition, etc.) through properly copying anime.**

How to study anime/get better at imagination drawing/obtain a style/etc.:
>Find an anime reference you like (an illustration, screenshot, anime figure, 3D model, etc.)
>Find learning material that will help you reconstruct your ref using simpler fundamental elements
>Trace the ref using that construction
>Copy the ref using that construction
>Draw the ref from memory that using construction
>Repeat the process for the same ref multiple times and mix in other refs
>After studying a lot of refs, drawing from your head will become easier

**Focus on Tracing/Copying/Memory drawing the big shapes/values/elements first then later worry about the finer details. Focus on only a portion of a complex ref first then move on to studying the full ref.**

General anime style discussion:
>Questions about achieving certain styles/techniques/compositions etc.

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looks good enough for 13 yo
whats your level now? you're that 16 loli poster aren't you
Haha... of course not...that’s illegal...
So you did study fundies then...I mean theres no way in hell "just copy" works without basic perspective and primitives.

I call bullshit on your nonanswer. Whatever I will get there with loomis
what do you think retard, what kind of fucking question is that?

the people that don't understand copying doesn't xeroxing are never gonna make it because they're so stupid. in japanese it's copy but they mean study as well. people like you always throw a shit fit about the op saying to copy without rubbing another braincell together.
I really don't know what some people here think copying means. Do they just confuse it with tracing or something?
I can't even begin to imagine how you could learn without copying things.

File: kronz.jpg (213 KB, 650x919)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Hi ic, haven't really been following the art community for a good two years, and as a result I am quiet out of touch with current popular artist. Who are currently considered as really good, are people still about krenz and ruan jia etc or has a new wave emerged? If so please post these new artists.
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what is even the idea behind this picture
is she an angel? a demon? a slutty succubus? a sorcerer? a warrior? a priestess? where is she? who is she fighting?
the answer is this artist cannot tell a story and furthermore does not know what a good story is so they overcompensate with the most over the top imagery possible to hide the fact that nothing is really going on in the picture.
Thats the same I though when I Saw the pic
Forgot the name of the guy, I think is on the file name,
hey, you figured art in the current year. Congrats
>i need everything explained to me
Use your imagination brainlet.

File: laptopvsipad.jpg (333 KB, 1200x1200)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
>I have both an apple pencil 1.0 (long story) and a wacom intuos small
>poorfag in third world country

With my budget is either a cheap laptop like the Hp 14-CK0001LA or an ipad.

Ipad: I like the ipad becuase it's so conforable to draw in the screen. But I know apple will fuck me over in 2-3 years with planned obsolence. Procreate will stop updating for me and I will be locked out of the appstore.

Laptop: 4gb of ram 500 gb storage. With Acess to Krita and CSP AND Torrents is super tempting. But at this price I suspect the lapptop will be too cheap and cause me a lot of headaches.

What's best if I just want to draw and write for work?
Cheap laptop 100%

My laptop juat died and now i have to use this fucking tablet for everything and its small and sucka and doesnt have photoshop i would trade in a heartbeat
That's a great point! Software side laptop wins handsdown.

But I do worry it will be less confortable on the hardware side. Far less portable. Can't decide
i really dont know about the apple obsolence, for example i have the samsung galxy note 10.1 2014, so it's been 5 years, and works like always.
The problems that you can have with obsolence are:
-the battery dies with years: could be, but my galaxy note is from 2014, in quality i think was a medium-high range, but now i have to guess that the ipad is better in those terms, so probably could easy last more than 5 years in battery.
-apps: in android the shit is not really important, if you have a stable version of an app, dont matter if the system just go on and you cant have the last version, i have the storage version of sketchbook the the tablet and works with no problems, you could have problems with send the files to other device, but if the ipad use some cable is no problem.
-Screen: mine used a screen from 2014, so with a screen protector thats not a problem and the screen will never get scratches.
Aaand nothing more i guess.
So that shit is not really that true. Unless i don't know.. apple dont let you to have an old version of their OS in a Ipad, and put you a countdown or something like that (that could be the stupid shit anyway)

So its depends of the ipad version that you can get.

>Procreate will stop updating for me and I will be locked out of the appstore.
if the app is not update anymore for your version of os, you can still use it, unless apple is shit, i dont think they block all the tablet if gets outdated.

But if you have a intous already, is probably more productive have the notebook, it will be like use a pc station anyway,

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
and also i forgot to mention that could probably extend some years more the life of the notebook, if you buy another battery (in case the first ones die for some reason, with the cables that happens sometimes and you can even buy a cheap "alternative" cable, even for the battery). And you can replace the storage with an new SDD with more storage, that could revive your notebook in his last days.

So it all depends on wheter I just want to draw or just use it for more. Thank you anon

File: kim-jung-1485724896947.jpg (197 KB, 1194x791)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Opinnions on Kim Jung Gi, sincere ones please.
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White is a color
File: perspective.png (274 KB, 926x857)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
Seriously, Kim.
It's not that hard.
yeah what an autist he draws like he have fisheyes
that brushpen is like his sword. get scared little boys...
Katsuya Terada is almost at the same level. Then you have Kopinski and the other Superani artists.

File: Capture.png (314 KB, 686x688)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
Can someone help me decipher this? I can't see wtf is going on

It's from Hamptons Figure Drawing Design and Invention. Page 182.
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I don't know, the books are littered with that shit too.
who made this?
i dont really get it either, i just kinda feel for the meaning of why its needed but have no idea how to apply them
He elaborates on it further during the anatomy lectures. Basically, a muscle being relaxed/stretched will lend itself to an elongated S curve, while an active muscle will have a C curve. This principle extends to more general "masses" like the neck and waist. When one side squeezes tight, the stuff being squeezed needs to go somewhere and it will either go inward or outward (or a combination of both).

It's not always super notable in models unless they have some love handles going on.
link the fucking coarse or i will bite you.

You know the one/s

Just sitting there mocking you even tho if you just spent a few hours on it you could be done and move on.

Who knows maybe you’ll get some motivation after posting it.
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also useful for, y'know, being a building block for literally everything that comes after. retard
Shouldn't you be making the fucking third season, Vasquez.
I'm too busy finishing my own work.
measure the end of the eye to the side plane of the head, your proportions are screwed hard.
well work on something else. the world isn't begging for anymore fox/neko anime girls from a bottom view.

File: 1547689632430.webm (2.4 MB, 720x720)
2.4 MB
Sup /ic/, I've tried a lot of the discord channels on this board. And not to be surprised, 90% of them are nothing but teenage dramafests and weird circlejerks.

So I've decided to make my own. The goals for this discord are
>Keeping people motivated drawing by providing a community of other artists to draw with and give valid critiques
>Having a place where you can have fun drawing for the sake of drawing when burn out starts to set in

No real skill or style direction and its open to anyone who just wants a place to draw with other people.

My only rules.
1. keep your drama out, we're all adults, act like it.
2. no trannies
3. keep /pol/ to yourself.
4. just fucking draw.

If any of you are interested here's the link

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>2. no trannies
now if this isn't based then idk what is based anymore
kek dilate bro
File: 1534389638431.png (139 KB, 495x259)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
>tfw cave in and search for a random art discord on reddit
>join expecting garbage
>people are on average a whole lot better than /ic/, relatively few /beg/s
>few legit good artists with kickstarters and patreons
>policy against spam / advertising that is somewhat enforced
>policy against memes and shitposting
>no autism
>no lolishit and trash tier weeaboo faggotry
>outside of porn channel art isn't disgusting to look at
>surprisingly no overwhelming SJW presence and deranged people
unironically, reddit is a pretty good place.
pre-2016, I was always completely against other websites. but 4chan just because a disgusting festering pit of failure.

The sad part is I get better critiques on DA of all places.
I understand why you wont post it but I'm actually upset that you wont.

File: file.png (1.31 MB, 880x494)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Hi anons, I've just finished downloading Proko's anatomy course from the goddamn Baidu's sharing site. The retard on Baidu zipped every single file, the extraction process took even more time than the downloading itself. 63GB, please seed, thanks anons.


If you are not interested in proko's stuff, please just leave.
48 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.

This is the magnet link of the above torrent

copy all of these into the tracker list
is there any way to get the actual 360 3D models, not just the still images?
iirc in cgpeers, you have to download your own torrent and check for the files, did you do that?
>link 404'd
daddy proko took away the remote.

70s and 80s fantasy illustration - even 90s - was so much better than today's. Discuss.
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ew out of this thread
This whole thread- feels good man.
Dude, you gotta supply a picture when you say that.

It’s the only loomis book that is not in those Megan’s or in the “save loomis” page.

It even has some extra info by Alex Ross.

Does anyone have it?
52 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Alex here. Need anything?
>the Russians scrapped together random trash and sold it
Big surprise
Alex here. Whats up?
If you have something to ask Alex just do it. Im him.
Alex here . what you wanna know

did he returned all the money? it was a big case. its all over now?
29 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
no one cares,... . as oyu can see. 4chan dont know shit. they are looser.. lie , look at tit thread... absolutkly 0 info
Learn English you stinky fucking pajeet
No queen.
I think most of them have given up but still browse other boards. I remember 2 or 3 anons with 100-500 patrons if you consider earning money from your art making it but I don't think any one of them got an art job or even sell traditional paintings.
>iktf, how many of them do you think made it & left and how many just gave up?
What is this weird fantasy you two have in your heads? /ic/ is a board on a website literally anyone can visit, any time. It's not some art school you graduate from into the professional world. That's honestly a bizarre way of perceiving things,

this shit is hard af
File: folds.png (43 KB, 186x326)
43 KB
bump bc i need to know too
Look at your own clothes
What if I have no mirrors in my home because I am ugly and or a vampire? I can look down, but it's awkward.

Also, I don't own any japanese schoolgirl outfits in my size
Then get a mannequin and dress it up with your clothes. You have to find a way to draw from life. This is because you get a hands on understanding of why clothing folds a certain way in X position. Every guide in the world will tell you the same thing.

>Also, I don't own any japanese schoolgirl outfits in my size
If they're made in the same fabric as clothing you have then it's the same thing.

File: htdm_newcover.png (647 KB, 647x864)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
Some important life tips for anons who want to draw anime

25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nah, you can make money from drawing manga-style. You just have to be better than anyone else.
>never see weebs draw that
>its always some gay shit
What exactly is a real job? You can only succeed in art as an entrepreneur meaning that if you can convince the world to buy your manga-style art then that's all the matters.
but when anybody says anime is shit they always bring up akira, GITS and all the good shit
how can it be that they say that's the good stuff but then they draw moeblob?
I think it's just the lolifags here who draw this shit
Because moeblob is also good shit and you're NGMI if you think otherwise

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