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File: F6vZXOUXQAIUbJT.png (505 KB, 591x443)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
Would you rather have a lot of technical skill but no creativity or the other way around?
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>Does it even matter?
Considering you said you were proof high technical skill exists without creativity, yes.
So that means when I fuck around with stable diffusion and manually alter 70% of the image to shape it precisely into what I want it to be - suddenly it makes it soulful because I'm creative? Even though the final output is 100% computer "drawn"? It certainly has more technical skill than me.

That said in my opinion the core of being creative is finding the right inspiration, be it other forms of art like music or any kind of activity like talking a walk in the forest. There's an abundance of things that I get inspired by and being creative was never an issue.
george likes his chicken spicy
how do you grind creativity?
Creativity is a reflection of the state of your depression and drive for everything in life, so yeah not being depressed sounds really good, skill can come later.

File: IMG_3054.jpg (610 KB, 828x933)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
How do you feel about the current art landscape?
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I feel like it's not good. I want to go back to 2004
Fists therapy, Deus Vult.
Bitch in op pic isn`t artist, neither you are op.
Replace "artist" with pretty much anything. Most jobs are empty non-sense where you just need to literally "sell yourself"

File: 4chan_20thbirthday_th.jpg (377 KB, 600x904)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
rate it
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Isn't the girl on the right that one v-tuber that was designed for 4chan in some sort of contest? Whatever happened to that?
>more than 20 candles
can this nigga count?
File: math.jpg (85 KB, 800x594)
85 KB
Hiro iced her because he couldn't find a willing VA
inferior to loli pedobear anyways
why are there more than 20 candles?

File: JaidenAnimations.jpg (112 KB, 900x900)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I really want to animate and draw like Jaiden Animations. How does she do it?
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everyone here is a faggot
wait, Is this /r9k/?
what do genes have to do with being a serial killer exactly
Never heard of it. Not that I care either.

File: IMG_5278.gif (10 KB, 1000x1000)
10 KB
How do you create good pixel art sprite animations?
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interesting color pallette, very cool
what would a game with an art-style like this be like?
File: IMG_6650 2.gif (6 KB, 1000x1000)
6 KB

File: 592.png (20 KB, 112x106)
20 KB
ai made me quit drawing all together
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>dumb jew seething that the goy wont kneel to his shitty argument to be able to copystrike anyone who draws in the style of the IP he paid for using money laundering
Literally everything you just said can be easily applied to human actors.
Go fuck yourself
and fuck your jewhu
File: 1662388677566.png (69 KB, 740x448)
69 KB
I accept your concession
File: marishit.jpg (144 KB, 800x797)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>w-well yeah obviously the next step is to make it illegal for anyone to draw even vaguely the same as the people I have wage slaving for me, so what?
I accept your concession
>n-no, you don't get it, you can't own your work because *checks notes* h-hollywood,... and disney! yeah!

Most artists seem to hit 90% of their full potential within maybe 10 years of dedicated study and beyond that point it's difficult to see significant improvements.

If you were to look at Franklin Booth's art when he was maybe 10 years into his career and compare it to his final works, I doubt you'd be able to see a huge technical improvement. It was good before, it stayed good, but it never really changed. I think I've seen this with most artists.
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File: Beksinski 2005 Y.jpg (147 KB, 840x843)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
I wonder what he would've done if he had continued this new series.
Booth used a combination of ink and scratchboard, so you would buy clayboard, ink ontop of it, paint down areas of black with India ink, and then scratch in white lines
if you find it difficult, you can just use a black board to draw on or a scratch board as a sketch to reference for your final work on white paper.
and it's not etchings. they were wood engravings which despite the name is closer to wood cut than true engravings on metal.
thanks anon
Etching is a third approach that I wasn't thinking about: you have special board (scratchboard) for that kind of purposes.

But the other one is to draw them negatively, as the other anon said.

From Booth's book, he advised to use white to fix issues & the like. It's not like he was some superhuman either: he had deadlines, and his work was made to be printed anyway.

File: 1678819742669.jpg (311 KB, 1155x2136)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
are these helpful for a shitter? any other tools you would recommend for drawing figures?
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Why don’t you try it yourself? It’s in your program for free, so why the hesitation?
Looool wait that’s not a clip studio doll. That’s how I know I need my coffee
This is a result of most people not knowing how to pose figures more than an actual problem with the figure itself.
I feel like those who wants to try out physical posing dolls are those who already know how to draw and wants to try something new to see if there's anything new they could learn from it.
Gesture drawing should still help then.

You would be wrong. Begs use them without having any understanding of anatomy or gesture and it will show. That doesn't mean someone experienced won't use them, but if you know anatomy and posing well enough it's just making another step that much faster.

What does /ic/ think of water brushes?
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you have never painted with watercolor
Inking with them is a lot of fun. Not nearly as portable as a regular brush pen since you need the inkwell to dip it in, but I like that you can more precisely control how much ink is on the tip.
I use a bigger one for simple colouring/melting water-soluble ink lines too and it's competent enough. Not a painter so the limitations don't really bother me.
Thanks for reminding me that I shouldn't be spending too much time here. For the record, I have a few hundred hours of watercolors behind me, and have actually acquired a solid touch.
pyw then
a wash over lineart isn’t painting btw

File: IMG_1274.png (437 KB, 1303x947)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
Basically you draw a silhouette of your drawing kinda like a gesture . But with thick blunt brushes to get the form. And then you draw the details over the silhouette in a second layer. And then you refine.

This method seems genius because it forces you to get the whole picture fast and not obsess over details. And I would love to learn lt.

It’s hard to explain IDK. But these artists does it here in case you don’t get what I mean:

It’s in Spanish but this guy also uses it
> https://youtu.be/6ICLHAHBZwU?si=I-cOWpsXlrjqU_s3

Would love to see more examples of this method. Any other artists that use it? Seems like an underrated goldmine. Thanks!
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Just watch Vilppu, unironically. It's the shammy method for doing gesture.
I didn't know vilppu touched this because he used lines but it's pretty good
File: silhouette_method.jpg (748 KB, 2035x1439)
748 KB
748 KB JPG
well, I tried it, seems it would work, but its a bit difficult to visualize the pose from nothing than the one on the OP where there's an available reference, I'll try to do this on actual full body pose
So about this: before I start drawing the construction sketch, should I even bother with this when I'm a beg, or rather try to get the contruction and sketch as good as possible?
Try both, I feel like a diverse understanding of techniques helps with general understanding of drawing.
Some Asian-American guy had a nice video course where he uses this kind of a technique, and it was very beg friendly. Unfortunately I don't remember his name at all. Something Han I think.

File: Abelard_and_Heloise.jpg (40 KB, 324x431)
40 KB
Anime is the 21st century version of Medieval art.
An AI thread died for this

File: 7597231-val1.jpg (57 KB, 471x640)
57 KB
So you have Valentina by Crepax, Barbarella by Forest and others who were publishing erotic comics in a way more conservative time and they didn't use GAMERTAGS to put their work out with. Why today are all the NSFW artists so paranoid? I'm not saying they should not be, I'm asking what challenges do artists today face that these guys did not?
Were these guys working in an industry with a younger audience, like animation or children's books? That's one good reason to use a pseudonym even now.

Another reason to use an alt name for adult work is just how attached said work will be to your name. Nobody could previously just google your work, they'd only see what was put in front of them - now if I applied for a job, and someone searched my name, they'd see my gaping asshole fetish work... It's not exactly a good look.

That said, if your bread and butter is adult work, just own it and use your name (unless it's a gaping asshole fetish work, then maybe it'd still be wise to use a handle)
Conservatives don't persecute you, they just shun you and yell a lot about value but when you admit you're a degenerate and say "agree to disagree" they leave you alone lol.
They're also more likely to be your secret paying patrons after that. It's a win win

hahah good one poltards i'm sure all the orgs pushing for banning porn on the internet aren't bipolar christfags and maga karens.

File: 1681825873512732.jpg (92 KB, 1183x815)
92 KB
Post masterpieces
111 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
for most works to really be considered a masterpiece, it has to encapsulate all the skills of an artist or distill all the qualities of his art into one iconic work.
makes me so mad. how could that happen?

File: 1696171786320036.jpg (175 KB, 1024x1024)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
/beg/ bros...it's gaining skill faster than us...
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You don't draw
I really don't get the hype. It looks the same as every other AI generation tool.
>I really don't get the hype. It looks the same as every other AI generation tool.
No it doesn't. Unlike the ones before it, this one does EXACTLY what you tell it (even nsfw but Microshaft installed a filter that doesn't lets you see it)
>I-its actually flawless! b-but those cucks are censoring i-it!
see you in two more weeks then
you wouldn't give that image a second look if you scrolled past it on instagram

How do you respond to this without sounding mad?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Say big idea in few word, retard think few word have no deeper meaning
File: 1590815006242.jpg (257 KB, 837x1166)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Yes, stealing means taking someones stuff and making it your own, copying or referencing means you are just borrowing it. As a viewer i can just go to the dude you referenced. Like Tarantino stole from "City of Fire", but i can't just watch it if i wanna see the "original" version of Reservoir Dogs.
it's a worthless platitude. Hitler's art was also better
>bad artists desecrate
Finish the quote.
It's a fake quote made up by Steve Jobs in the.
>Some misattributions happen in an instant. Others evolve over generations. In a 1920 essay collection, British poet T.S. Eliot coined the modern version of this now-iconic maxim, averring that “Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.” Other cultural figures who have been credited with a similar sentiment include Russian pianist Igor Stravinsky (albeit modified for musicians: “A good composer does not imitate; he steals”) and American novelist William Faulkner. It was Apple CEO Steve Jobs, however, who began attaching Picasso’s name to the aphorism in the 1980s.
>But this was hardly the most absurd of the Spanish painter’s many misquotations. In 1952, a columnist for the Washington Post wrote that Paris newspapers were “agog” with reports of a sensational confession recorded in Picasso’s studio. The famed artist had supposedly admitted that, lacking “the courage to think of [himself] as an artist in the great and ancient sense of the term,” he considered himself merely “a public entertainer who has understood his times.”
>This interview, however, was the product of a satirical novel written in 1931 by Italian author Giovanni Papini. His main character, Goggins, was a fictional half-Hawaiian business tycoon who traipsed the world conducting interviews with the likes of Hitler, Gandhi, Henry Ford, and—you guessed it—Picasso. Beyond duping the Parisian press and the Post, the fallacious quote would later feature prominently in LIFE magazine and The Guardian.
Also, Picasso was a communist hack.

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