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File: AFA1k.png (992 KB, 372x966)
992 KB
992 KB PNG
Greetings! Could i get some critiques and tips on my paintings? I'm 20 and i would like to get ahead as fast as possible, had 5 exhibitions allready and didn't go to art school so i'm still kinda lacking on the "Know the right pepole" front.

!!!Feel free to be harsh!!!! I need some cherry picking. But please don't say its shit, write it down why its shit. Thanks!!!
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If you want serious advice, the general problem is that your values are weak and uncoordinated. You need to either study light and shadow so the forms look better, or stylize more aggressively towards a cartoony style or something else.
File: under5.png (2.04 MB, 991x1369)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
Thanks! Best of luck to you too! I'll share some digital "surrealism" then, tough its much more on the comic side.
Yeah, that was my 3. time i painted with oil. But overall as to my every painting, i do need to play more with shadows, should give it a lot more debth. Thanks!
I like this one
ignore the incels insulting you

Is art school actually worth it? I’ve heard that it’s really only for getting connections into the industry. I want to be able to make art professionally but I want to know how much not going to college would limit me these days.
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No. Before you finish college you'll be obsolete.
Learn to render better by doing studies and use reference to have realistic color and lighting.
Hey even if it does not look like that one yours has a lot of good things going for it keep up the good work <3
Just go to community college
I would trade all my skill to have this level of confidence in my art

File: ''ROBOTIC ME''.png (648 KB, 647x912)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
>hey /ic/ this my new artwork

My Display Screen
is working As Intended




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File deleted.
I love edgy art
my therapist refuses to read anything I write
kek, that's based
>No, I'm not going to diagnose you on the basis of your edgy poetry anon.
File: ''Anatomy of A ROBOT''.png (632 KB, 632x918)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
she's not alone
there isn't a single person in my life willing to read any of the shit i produce
File: b r o k e n.jpg (111 KB, 641x953)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
not like i need my art to prove im a fucking emotional disaster
the events and feelings i describe are already enough to perplex & make her cringe alongside anyone else unlucky enough to see my shitposts

Who are some up-and-coming abstract artists?
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>Do people on image boards enjoy things
File: i'm peakeing.jpg (14 KB, 627x323)
14 KB
>le long term trolling ops

What kind of Pixel Art is the most popular/common one?
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wicked OP
the 2 flip is starved
in agood way
these blip guys,
surprising life and character in each one
Thank you anonymous buddy.

File: fqs3d6vb8nq91.jpg (146 KB, 588x1350)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Thoughts on this artist's style?
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File: 1625556227020.jpg (26 KB, 375x275)
26 KB
Imagine white knighting Horikoshi so hard when the anons in question weren't even criticizing him that harshly to begin with and were highly praising him for his art, but no, anything less than absolute worship of every aspect of MHA sets your fantard rage to a screaming boil. That's just embarrassing, anon.
He has borderline same-face syndrome. There's enough to tell characters apart at least.
you cant be this fucking dumb, unironically making the popular = good argument
wish I could draw like that
>Horikoshi can't write good stories. Waah!
In the meantime his story is one of the most successful in the industry. He has perfectly tailored his story for his Japanese audience's demographic.

Are you so dumb that you can't separate your personal preference from an objective assessment of the guy's skills? You seriously come off as low IQ.

File: 1.jpg (78 KB, 800x537)
78 KB
How can I draw well like the old masters?
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Destroy every electrical appliance in your home.
The ones who were old and masterful
He's an angloid.
It's a reasonable suspicion to have on this website.
this is a richard schmidt piece, couple of tips:
- he used lead primed canvas
- worked a lot with palette knives
- his darks used primarily (pretty much only) transparent paint like alizarin crimson or transparent oxide red. read his book alla prima

File: 20221206_120446-1-min.jpg (447 KB, 1710x2924)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
What's tasteful, and what isn't?
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I'm not reading all that, but you should let people live their lives.
Usually depends on your tastes and personal politics at the end of the day.

Propaganda that's an example of the artist's hard work and skills is more tasteful than some a bullshit infographic from prager-u/blm though. At least put some goddamn effort into it.
File: 20221206_201632-1.jpg (2.27 MB, 1836x2349)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
I think NSDAP stuff has a good ring to it: very bold & the coloring is done well
Lots of words, but the second entry is based

File: 1670173032689241.jpg (54 KB, 720x1080)
54 KB
>Join atellier
>they just sit oyu down witha bunch of old women to copy pictures
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What is your point?
The reason artists won't tell you this up front is the art-education-blackpill
>The only two things that make artists better at drawing people is copying better artists and life drawing
>all other practice is just distractions and memes made by people who wanna sell classes
b-but muh construction
.... but you use construction in both life drawing and master copies.
begs get disappointed because they look for something that doesn't exist. they either find it is lacking or they end up learning superfluous material that just wastes their time and misdirect them away from their goals. begs really believe they can learn some set of true artistic principles which will allow them to do just about anything in art, many times without even having an idea about what kind of art they want to do.
being able to copy pictures like a human zerox is probably the extent of fundamentals, for the kind of works that this bunch of old women expect to make.

File: 1669336388952140.jpg (36 KB, 712x534)
36 KB
Will drawing for 8-10 hours per day and not having much other hobbies actually benefit it if fast improvement is what I am looking for? I already have my goals and know what I want to draw, I just need actually good technical skills and more appeal to people in general
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Grind 8 hours of fundies and boxes and all you get is fundies and boxes. NGMI
I think this is a wrong approach. He should develop his style alongside his fundies for a more natural development. Real life isn't like a video game where you jump from one level to another. You need to simultaneously develop your skills.
Basically this. 1-2 hours a day is enough. As long as you draw consistently you will improve. Also there is no shortcut to it as this anon said>>6405271 You just need to enjoy it as you develop your skills and style.
File: 1663928751753.jpg (43 KB, 600x449)
43 KB
stop spamming these threads and go put in your mcdonalds application already
If anon can’t learn to draw then anon can’t take a McDonald’s order.

File: 91656192_p4_master1200.jpg (927 KB, 937x1200)
927 KB
927 KB JPG
How do the Japanese even learn to be this good at drawing anime characters? I don't unrderstand.
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They're surrounded by that kind of media and their society is based on work grinding.
Follow the /asg/ sticky
File: 1644372076211.jpg (511 KB, 884x1335)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
Did a 10 hour study. Think I got pretty close desu

File: maxresdefault.jpg (247 KB, 1280x720)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
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Jizzing with Drawa, he's still /beg/ after all these years
No, he only teaches 2D. Concept art involves a lot of 3D nowadays and it might involve AI turds to skip photobashing and image hunting for noise/texturing
Yes, it is.
Thanks for turning me onto this guy, his paintings are incredible. Impeccable draftsmanship,really cool hard surface design, and those gorgeous *reflections*, wew lad I'm kinda hot under the collar right now.
Janny deleted my thread because apparently the implied closure of FZD isn’t worth a slot on this 16 posts an hour board, so here’s the repost in the list thread.

File: book.jpg (187 KB, 1059x1280)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
thoughts on this book? is it a meme
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Definitely meme shit. You'd be better off doing a sight-size course than this shit.
Im so proud of this thread.
>don't draw chair! part is actually useful
Absolutely fundamental skill to have regardless of your ability level.
Even if you've been drawing for years I would recommend it, it's short enough to read in a day and you can just skim any section that you already have a solid grasp on.
I found it to be completely useless, but at least it didn't sabotage me with a bunch of incredibly destructive misconceptions about drawing, unlike Keys to Drawing.

what is the one artstyle that you just can't stand?
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there's just something about their character design that makes me feel disgust
File: FdDW5CoXEAEO60G.jpg (88 KB, 818x1200)
88 KB
Artists like Doppel and Dross. I like traps, but hate that these guys' art feels too much like "Shadman Lite" to me.
And speaking of bad trap art, most of this guy's art is like a visual representation of the worst of western trap/femboy art.
File: 1659077807184.png (309 KB, 800x700)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
Checked and that's pretty much low-hanging fruit

File: class-schedule-1.png (52 KB, 711x440)
52 KB
Hello, any one willing to share their daily, weekly, or monthly art study plan? How much is enough drawing per day in order to progress at a decent pace?

I want to get some idea on how to setup my time properly and not waste time on anything else. Sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of resources at my disposal.

>something like pic related
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This, drawing floating figures and heads only made me better at drawing floating figures and heads, I learned so much more when I stick with a piece until completion, it highlights the things you need to focus on.
i just do a still life a day or sketch randomly on the street while studying anatomy at home, if there's something i dont get right then i drsw it 100 times
You draw like that you're going to burn out and throw in the towel faster than just drawing 1-2 hours a day and then occassional 5 hour session in the weekend.

Also as this anon said.
You can grind. But half of your priority should be on enjoying whatever you want to draw. Draw memes if you enjoy them ffs. Those are low effort, gives you quick dopamine boost, nobody going to care if you trace, and you can get better engagement. And then the other half is grinding whichever you feel like.

I've been grinding a lot in 2013-2015, but rarely had I ever done a 'finished' work. It's in 2018 onwards where I just go on with finishing art that I started and then just post them. Occasionally I'll try something new and I'd get some breakthrough here and there.
>wake up
>black coffee and cigarette
>start drawing
>get hungry about 5 hours later
>black coffee and frozen pizza
>get back to drawing
>hungry again after 6 hours or so
>black coffee and cup noodles
>get back to drawing
>fall asleep on drawing table 7 hours later
Rinse and repeat.
I can body almost everyone on this board and I've never been able to keep up a schedule like this.

Just do some sort of anatomy study or figure drawing session once a week and draw for fun the rest of the time and you'll move at a good pace. If you can do better than that, do it, but don't break yourself trying to solo this shit.

Just draw isn't a meme.

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