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File: file.png (1.42 MB, 900x1270)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
Waifu claiming thread.


The rules are very simple:
>claim your 2D waifu
>post pics of your waifu
>keep ERP and RP to a minimum
>insult other waifus
>discuss stuff

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File: Yuuki (82).jpg (136 KB, 640x800)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
It's fun so far, if you get the Prepare to Die edition, you get everything

Maybe. We did a bit of Borderlands 2 for a bit, which was fun
File: chuu2_01.jpg (162 KB, 700x392)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Try saints row, that game is fun as fuck

The headache didn't go away, so that nap was pointless. I'll probably just go back to sleep soon.

Hello miss Juvia! Sorry I missed you yesterday! I got home at like 1:30am... I saw you in the thread but I was so tired I just ending up falling asleep.

Hiya Tomo! How'd tanks go?

File: 1491864157508.jpg (48 KB, 900x675)
48 KB
poorly describe a show or movie and we guess them

ill start

>boring show full of chinks
>show is on heavy life support
>the ride never ends
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since no one got the OP ill tell you
the simpsons
Cop gets locked in a building and kills everyone
since when are there chinks in the simpsons? unless you're talking about the north koreans who draw the frames

File: 71CBK1ESs-L._SL1500_.jpg (83 KB, 1500x1500)
83 KB
Do you carry a knife /b/?
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That same ken onion, but not irredecent
True, but you know, it's fun, you can even create figures, it passes the time...
>worth a grand

is it also folded over 9000 times?

File: 1482893184253.jpg (31 KB, 557x722)
31 KB
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Take care eh
Well, that's kinda good to hear
I need my fix man

File: templatefourwords.jpg (77 KB, 857x733)
77 KB
Its saturday night bitches!
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Im sexier than you
Are you a normie?
Cause he did nothing wrong

File: 1491391665267.png (549 KB, 540x960)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
ITT cheating stories

Has anyone here ever cheated or been cheated on?


>pic related
Its what my ex sent my best friendless
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Dude theres 6 people in here. bg4ecxf0
>Be 18
>Just started dating with a 17 year old girl I've just met in FB
>During dates, she often mentioned her ex
>Her ex still pissing on her persuading her to come back
>She end our relationship
>Three days later, she uploaded a selfie with that guy

I'm glad she split the relationship
I think my gf is cheating on me. not sure if I give a shit.

File: Makers_Mark.jpg (30 KB, 257x389)
30 KB
God tier alcohol only
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gotta say this has been pretty tasty so far.
Sudoku nagasaki vodka is 1023times better you cheap nigger
i like captain morgan

File: cute.jpg (55 KB, 960x639)
55 KB
You fall in love you lose
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File: 24.jpg (998 KB, 1437x1085)
998 KB
998 KB JPG
How am I supposed to fall in love with just a picture? There's more to people than just looks, anon

>tfw you will never impregnate her

New Celeb Fap Thread- OMunn Edition
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File: Dormer 2.jpg (1.02 MB, 2995x3000)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG

File: MNOoejo.jpg (108 KB, 640x640)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
new fb sluts
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Yeah man
Do you have kik?

File: Img_42320171246.jpg (30 KB, 479x478)
30 KB

my friends deared me to come here and just looking at the shit you faggs post here had me weak. how does it feel knowing while i get pussy daily your stuck on this disgutsing website like a bunch of nerds? faggots
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File: 1490454514261.jpg (204 KB, 1280x1035)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Infographic Thread

I will just dump anything I have regarding Infographics.
File: 1387844473972.gif (54 KB, 601x569)
54 KB
>limit email replies to one per minute

Who the fuck sends an email every minute?

Who the fuck has to limit it to that?

File: elma tier 4 thicc.jpg (42 KB, 480x720)
42 KB
If you could bring one thing from the anime world to the 3D world, what would you bring?
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File: images9WUQAUEG.jpg (34 KB, 500x498)
34 KB
Your waifu is shit, mine is better
You gi oh holodeck
File: imagesCF3I7NWM.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
Bitch please

g/fur mjvtxre edition
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You know.. you make a lot of sense
I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape about things.

hey /b/ im in one of those pits of despair kind of week. i dont know what to do with myself. i just want to buy some weeaboo candy and relax for once. PLEASE can someone help me with 20 bucks. im just a lil NEET girl. : ( gbmom2000@yahoo.com
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should we do a little ip sniffing and show all the newfriend's how to do it the right way by fucking with them anon
> like the old days
Go die you fucking autist, she posted pics of her feet. Hate faggots like you.
try this one Waterford, Michigan

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