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*PIC RELATED* Hey 4chan! Looking for guys who would be genuinely interested... im 24 yo, 6’2, 170lbs, white, red headed gay male. My thing is, I like to be humiliated by straight, sadistic, HETEROsexual men who would get a kick out of this and no sexual gratification. By that I mean, I’ll go on cam butt ass naked, write whatever you tell me to write on myself with sharpie. Stick random things up my ass (flashlight, end of a light bulb, sharpie... whatever I can find near) give over personal information about myself, passwords to personal accounts and you can expose me. Feel free to screenshot me, laugh at me, grab a buddy to join you in laughing at me. I’m not trolling, just looking for any straight men who would at least want a conversation about this.... please be of age (18+) and have access to a mic and cam if you’re interested! Message me on discord @ StupidFuckingFag#1792

FB/IG/VSCO/SC/Twitter thread
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Yea I just did. My dick went diamonds seeing that ass and face. Do you know her?
More next thread pls

File: VirginiaOutline.png (10 KB, 250x230)
10 KB
Virginia thread (757 preferred)
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Nope, guess a name?

more of her plz!

Big bottoms are geeeeey.
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oh no! i missed cuddles
Also Hai Everyone!
File: 1561457852445.png (339 KB, 590x858)
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339 KB PNG

File: 1562242328110.jpg (44 KB, 705x786)
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iam drinking and lonely
thread 2
tell me about your problems
i rather help other people than myself

File: 1562917863771.webm (1.34 MB, 480x270)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB WEBM
you have foreskin right, /b/?
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No, but circumcision is a barbaric jew sacrifice to moloch and should be banned
Girls you heard gossiping... No one you've been intimate with has compained, the opposite if you had your shit intact. The "girls find it gross" is a lame fallback defense in these kind of threads. Although, it does makes a difference for you. It's nothing you could've prevented or had a say in, so why shouldn't you be upset?! Sex/jacking still feels great? Good. Your parents still fucked you over.
Not if you have basic hygiene

File: Read_the_Rules.jpg (621 KB, 750x1290)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
DeepNude Thread: Read the Rules Edition

If you don't follow the rules I won't do yours.

>Bikini or Bra/Panties ONLY
>Clothing must be simple with a lot of exposed skin
>Full frontal facing camera
>Vertical subject: No posing, side profiles, or weird angles
>Singular subject ONLY
>Picture must include tits, pussy, and face

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File: FB_IMG_1563510653744.jpg (58 KB, 540x960)
58 KB
File: deepnude.png (364 KB, 512x512)
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364 KB PNG

>Taylor Pischke
>read the rules


>if I skip yours and don't do it I won't do it. Don't start begging it's sad.

Deepnude thread. Other reaches max
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Link ?
google drives. you didn't get it from me
thx /b/ro

File: 85sqko2jurh21.jpg (150 KB, 1435x1435)
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150 KB JPG
Does anyone have her new shower set she just came out with? She shows her nipples and I'm fucking dying to see them.
I've been following this bitch for years, and I can't afford the $100.
Please. It's for the greater good.
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it used to be a woman
that son, is a whore
Where the fuck are my nipples. I don't care about the human the tits are attached too.

what would u do if we kissed in the waifu thread?
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File: 1341357038863.jpg (164 KB, 784x1000)
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164 KB JPG
it's okay, i like your distractions
stuff... i don't know... it's private
Hello, Love. How are you?

I'm extremely confused. I thought today was Friday and that I fell asleep at 8 P.M., but I was wrong about both. How about you?
today I am doing my best, friend <3 it is Friday today!

File: 4jesus.jpg (51 KB, 600x457)
51 KB
When was the last you went to church? Isn't time?
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The Ark Encounter is not seaworthy. It was built by hundreds of people, using giant cranes, concrete, and other modern technology. The largest wooden ship ever proven to be built, was much smaller than the actual ark was claimed to be, it was built by the most knowledgeable ship building experts in the world, and it wasn't seaworthy either; sinking not long after it was cast into the ocean.

Noah was like 900 years old when he supposedly built the ark. He only had help from like 3 other people. He had never built a ship before. He had animals from the north and south poles, as well from the hottest deserts on earth, which couldn't have possibly lived in the same weather environments. Animals traveled across the globe to get to him, including all animals that couldn't swim from island countries like Australia. He had a 1 square foot window to shovel out all of the poop from every animal on board. He had every type of food from around the world that every animal with a strict diet would have needed to survive. Animals that could have only survived in saltwater or freshwater were unaffected by the mixture. Every plant type in the world survived being flooded and submerged in water for weeks and weeks. Not a single animal died during the storm or while being at sea for the 40 following days.

That's not what the Bible says. We're supposed to be made in the image of god and the Earth was made especially for us. So again, why would god make all the extraneous real estate? There is absolutely no reason for the existence of the cosmos, but it's out there anyway.
But you don't understand. God told him to do it.

File: 1549296499532.jpg (202 KB, 800x761)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
What was it?
>newfags don't GET

File: 1533343333120.jpg (179 KB, 700x700)
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179 KB JPG
President Donald Trump is a fascist and Trumpism is a fascist movement.

Fascism is unique to its nation and leader using comforting and familiar imagery and is a reactionary movement against the left as a traditionalist rejection of feminism and socialism marked by scapegoating brought on by a fear of difference of pale genetics, ultra nationalism, chauvinism, disagreement being treason, popular elitism, contempt for the weak, the enemy being both strong and weak, everybody being educated up to being a 'hero', and obsession with a plot, machismo and weaponry, permanent warfare, and many other things.
good. Heil Hitler
File: 1447488676059.gif (1022 KB, 224x313)
1022 KB
1022 KB GIF
File: image.jpg (251 KB, 1280x717)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
We demand the white genocide now!

And more privileges for women and minorities!

File: 1.png (8 KB, 368x368)
8 KB
You can only take spaces that are adjacent, or diagonal.
Trips, and you can go anywhere on the board.
Take spaces that aren't yet claimed, or spaces already claimed by another team.
A team can be eliminated by overtaking all of its active spaces.
Last team standing wins.
Dubs decides.
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Green up
Red left
Green northeast, where all the villas are

FB/IG/VSCO/SC/Twitter 2

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