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File: 1586653909819.jpg (435 KB, 2349x2373)
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435 KB JPG
Why don't we have moonbases yet?
We landed on the moon over 70 years ago and we still can't have moonbases?
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I’m ready for Skyway Patrol lads
>> limited exposure to sun (vitamin D loss)
This one can be remediated with UV LED exposure. But it's the only one of the three that doesn't require megastructure of some form.
We can't solve a pandemic or police brutality. You think we have time to start a moonbase?
Fkn donny boy is probably trying to find a way to completely De-fund nasa.

File: 1588298842710.gif (1.05 MB, 500x500)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB GIF
more hipnotic gifs like this???
Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but maybe check out the acid trip visual recreations subreddit
File: gravity.gif (999 KB, 500x700)
999 KB
999 KB GIF

Hello there, boys and girls and men and women and people in general.

I have come here to find out what the best thing to do about MASSIVE ANAL FISSURES would be. If you, like me, suffer from MASSIVE ANAL FISSURES (abbreviated as MAFs from this point on), then I would be curious to hear your thoughts on the matter.

In my view, MAFs are an integral part of the human experience. At the same time, they bring us much pain and suffering. Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, famously declared: "To live is to suffer." In my view, MAFs are the quintessential example of this. Nietzsche also said, "To survive is to find some meaning in the suffering." Therefore, one is inclined to ask, what meaning is to be found in the common experience of MAFs?

All thoughts and viewpoints are welcome. Please be friendly!
Only a few minutes have passed and I'm STILL suffering from MAFs. Please help.

File: 20200527_131505.jpg (265 KB, 1152x2048)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
How thicc is too thicc?
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Got any more ?
File: checkem.gif (263 KB, 500x257)
263 KB
263 KB GIF
theyre A's if it weren't for the fat. bitches can't be fat and titless.

it gets quite big when she sits.

So this happened to me today bro's!

In fact two hours ago...

I woke up around three in the morning from a very loud noise in my front yard not being sure where it came from and what it was making the noise.

So I grab my flashlight to inspect to figure out that there is a big lorikeet stuck between the bushes of my front yard.

I try to grab him out of the bushes where he's stuck but fail to do so because the lorikeet moves a little too much.

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Good story Anon!

Yeah I'm still waiting for them to pick the bird up I'm scared it's not going to happen if they don't come after like 2 - 3 I'll just call them again asking if they are planning on coming today because I can't keep him in forever.
30 years ago.......living in ruralish area......night......hear helacious screaming, some kind of animal.... freaks me tge fuck out, mrs wants to know wtf is it, i tell her to go out and look....... obviously back to watching tv. 10 mins later knock at door
>ohhh fuck still freaking out
open door there's a big ass guy with a dead dog on his back....
>hes crying & asking if i know what Happened to his dogge
fucking scared tge fuck outta me.....spooky AF....walked him home crying the whole way listening to his dog stories :(
What the fuck....

So what happened to the dog how did he die and did they figure out who did it?

File: 1590722371380.jpg (154 KB, 381x410)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
log of doom

File: 20200531_105822.jpg (26 KB, 851x816)
26 KB
Alright b I figured y'all would like a good old fashioned setup

I need anyone to go add bgross3236 on Instagram and dm him saying Ryder is talking shit about him

I made a different thread a few minutes ago but lost it lol
Pic unrelated
File: ber.jpg (269 KB, 1248x844)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
faggot op

File: MySpace.jpg (80 KB, 790x395)
80 KB
Gen Z will never experience true social networking the modern era of social media is cancer and the internet nowadays is just a tool to advertise to and politically influence kids at a young age.
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depends on what you'd consider what made up "peak" 4chan. sad to see that a lot of good tractics for pranks got twisted into hardcore social media manipulation
>depends on what you'd consider what made up "peak" 4chan.

4chan was better when it was a weeb website for socially awkward and socially inept nerds and losers 4chan went to shit and became mainstream and gained a huge normalfag user base because of all the pranks and bad press 4chan did and got over the years and even in recent years as well.

File: 1591298482077m.jpg (75 KB, 796x1024)
75 KB
Drawthread: NSFW Edition
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can’t stop thinking about that sad panda boy from dozens of threads ago
i want to see him in a leotard doing a tightrope walk
File: thisisyou.png (437 KB, 660x379)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
>b-but /beg/
imagine being this retarded

love these

File: flag-burning.jpg (77 KB, 600x326)
77 KB
Do you think the United States will fall during our lifetimes?
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It already has fallen--if you're white and have half a brain you can see that.
Basically this. We are seeing the death throes.
If it comes to a civil war the side that lives at home and buys their ninja outfit with their allowance aren't going to do well. So, not quite over yet.

Hot protester chicks??? Yo what you got

File: image.jpg (22 KB, 226x226)
22 KB
ITT: 4chan pranks

What’s down b think about this?

>inb4 stupid b edge lord shit
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I have yet to try it. Maybe put this on the cooking board so it does not die instantly to porn.
Thouts on pbr easy?
Op here. I love pbr. It’s god like.

She got in the car with some BLM scum guess what happened
Story sauce?

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