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File: IMG_20211020_172059.jpg (625 KB, 997x1514)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
why the FUCK won't this terf little bitch ass corporate slave APOLOGIZE????

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this thread made my realize that white trannies are indeed racist as fuck
terfs are so sexy

Women are the worst
The thot you posted, clearly lost her virginity long ago, and has a large body count you would never consider her as relationship/marriage material.
Also, women's decay starts at 25 (and even earlier, if they frequently have sex). By now she's an old rekt cat lady.

WTF happened to him /b/ ?
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Sam Harris is, and always was the thing he hates the most - a religious fundamentalist. The only difference between him and an old school bible thumper is, the thumpers doctrine is only minimally corruptible by humans, whereas the corruptibility of Sam's doctrine knows no bounds. His faith is absolute, just listen to his most recent podcast about thE vAcCines.

Religion at it's core is "the thing that will save me and my loved ones when the time comes", be it in sickness, or eventually with death. Religion is the salve for death-terror.

Sam Harris is clinging desperately to "the science", totally unable to see the myriad blatant ways it's been utterly corrupted.

Honestly listen to his podcast about the vaccines. It's fucking insane. I used to worship the guy in my early 20's, he taught me how to spot and analyse flawed religious thinking. It's bizarre to see him revealed as religious to the core and unable to see it.
He was born and raised in LA by a TV producer mother and an actor father.
It was only ever a facade that he's some kind of enlightened, purely rational man, or was at some point.
He's just someone with a high IQ who uses his intelligence to defend a long list of deeply irrational beliefs he's been indoctrinated into.

Is my dick a respectable size?
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It's below average but nice looking.
Is 6 inches below average?
Your dick is average dude, but even an average dick is still appealing
The rest of you fucks watch too much porn.

File: 20211020_180248.jpg (224 KB, 1152x2048)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Hi, Anon. Reply to this thread or you will not get a million dollara tomorrow.
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collecting my 1 mil
File: cat_doesnt_know.gif (37 KB, 230x230)
37 KB

File: 1604203143925.jpg (18 KB, 359x368)
18 KB
Describe her pussy
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Salty coins. Basically the iron from period blood and urine remnants.
Fat and cavernous.

Many people have claimed to have met this man in their dream. Have you?
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Oh bah va voter si ça te fait plaisir, le résultat sera le même.
Trump is the only American who has never held a gun.
To be fair, they don't come in his hand size.

File: E0AWwPPUcAAW7y0.jpg (186 KB, 960x1200)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Pokimane thread
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Found the submissive beta
That's gay
fap with me on kik! im bored and horby my username is aburner599x

File: FCJHHHQXsAE8Lhp.jpg (199 KB, 1080x1080)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Which undertaker was the best
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2 nostalgia af

File: 1239543105.jpg (528 KB, 2000x3000)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
I'm so fucking jealous of you guys that were in your early 20's during the early 2000's
peak gaming, peak music, peak cinema, peak pornstars.

being 21 in 2021 sucks. Only thing I have to look forward to is VR porn
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File: 1624794449137.jpg (75 KB, 640x562)
75 KB

what are you talking about? i'm currently downloading every episode of "miami vice" from 1fichier as 5gb files per episode as fat blu ray rips, and then i use a site in india that provides links to megaupload collections of entire tv series as blu ray rips, i get all the new movies as fat mkvs hosted on half a dozen different filehosting sites, and in a couple of weeks i'm taking on usenet for the first time with a new machine and a giant, fast ssd to sort and manage billions of posts with newsleecher, something i've been waiting to have the hardware to do, having used usenet since i was 15 in 1993. right now, the internet is bigger and better than ever, and i'm not talking about stupid shit like torrent or tor. clearnet is fucking dope right now.

newer generations are stuck in pic related hell, and that's too bad. gen x like me knows how to enjoy the world.
uhoh.... you must be from ghetto ass north highlands or foothill farms because i grew up with the bitch too and if you did that means you may know me etc etc small anon world here
The best thing about being born early 80s is that you had a taste of how life was before phones and internet and only basic computer games. Literally every year things just got better and better and we were young enough to adapt to it and use it. Personally I think my generation is the best to be in for that - I can both appreciate my parents age of having to stay home waiting for an important phone call and also the current generation used to having everything everywhere.
Music, games, cinema and porn is horses for courses - you like what you like. The difference now is that there are so many outlets for those things that the market is flooded with dross - and its hard to find the really good stuff. Back in the 90s & 00s with limited outlets only the good stuff got through.

File: pit.png (96 KB, 666x375)
96 KB
Hunger games
first 24
war code
samefag after page 6
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until i googled a minute ago, nothing sorry!
No problem. Just curious!
history is not really my strong subject sorry! not that far back anyway!

File: d.png (191 KB, 1128x288)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
Should i? Linuxfags OUT!
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>10 is very good
In what fucking world do you live in.
Dont if you have a ryzen
Always skip one version of windows. They always fuck something up.
Vista? Looks like shit.
8? Looks like shit
11? Looks like shit.

File: Cat.png (649 KB, 441x927)
649 KB
649 KB PNG
Does anyone here still play animal crossing?
How is it still engaging?
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>Verification not required.
>type in NIGGER anyway
File: 1518612360881.png (178 KB, 950x596)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
This is where we end up when you idiots empty your wallets to sites like OFs and Premium snaps.

Now there will always be some whore who will take something and make its shitty just like this cause they know you idiots will view it and like it and pay for it.

Pathetic on the highest level.
That's what you get for making threads with normalfag coomer cat in the OP and then spam garbage softcore porn of her.

File: 1575866720545.jpg (146 KB, 931x511)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

Opinions on my Helen/Dash story?

The title of it is "Violet and Her Father", but it's really about Helen/Dash

Say his name.
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I can't breathe
Dead criminal that held a gun to a pregnant womans belly.
Kikemerican monkey

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