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Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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I'm looking for a video circa 10 years ago on youporn with the name 'dutch ex girlfriend'. Pale blonde in red lingerie orgasms hard on her vibrator. She recorderd it with a webcam. Sidenote; there was some sort of blackflower decoration on the wall behind her. Asking for my study on female anatomy

Post butterfaces that make you spurt the hardest
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all these niggers not knowing what a butterface is
look up the definition retard
Why don't you niggers say that about black women? I guess even nigs can't stand each other.

File: Flag-Israel.jpg (155 KB, 1600x1163)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
My mother's side of the family is a fucking genetic nightmare. My maternal grandmother had like 14 kids, 3 girls and the rest boys, (or something like that) and every single one of them is a fucking lunatic with disgusting amounts of mental disorders and other histories of various illnesses like cancer, diabetes, you fucking name it. My maternal grandfather and all of his children are alcoholic on top of being schizophrenic and/or bipolar, with the exception of my mom, who's only bipolar, and all of them have struggled with cancers and/or diabetes, with the exception of my mom, who doesn't have any of those despite gulping gallons of soda and smoking 3 packs a day. Even if none of this was the case, I'm still a White Nationalist who has some Jewish ancestry (like 1/8th?) and this also comes from my mom's side.

My issue right now is that I do not want to have children with those mental illnesses, high likelihood of other diseases, and carry on these Jewish genes, but I still want to carry on my paternal line. I'm the only male descended from my paternal grandfather born from one of his male children, as he only had two males, my father and uncle, the rest being girls. My uncle is happily gay and married to an Hindustani, and my father does not want any other children, not that he could even afford it; I was an accident and that's the only reason I exist.

Would it be weird for me to ask my gay uncle to impregnate my future wife? No sex, or anything, just insert one of his swimmers into one of my wife's eggs. I'm also Christian, so I don't know if this would be a sin. It would fix most if not all of the issues I mentioned; 123% White kids, no mental illnesses, no high likelihood of any other diseases. I'm sure he would be up for it if I asked, but what would be some lose ends I could tie up in order to make it as straightforward as possible? I just want the sperm, we won't sue you for child support or something in the future, etc.
Dumb larp

Thank you for the help, /b/.

Snowbunny Summer

Is it true white women are planning sexual warfare against white men this Summer? I keep hearing it over and over again on Omegle, Twitter and from the few women I talk to as friends. I've been hearing it far too much to just laugh it off as schizoposting or satire.
Apparently white women are going to wage u-boat style warfare tactics and 'starve' white men of sex to the point we kill ourselves en masse, or capitulate to black men politically and give them billions and trillions of money and government aid.
Many of them also plan to go all the way, by which I mean full black cock insemination injections.
That's right, they're going to be BLACKBRED and BIRTH and RAISE the BLACK BABIES from their WHITE WOMBS.
Wtf... Why is this happening? Why has it come to this point?
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I know, it's so pathetic it's amusing.
stay mad
>from the few women I talk to as friends

No need to lie about anything OP, we all know you don't have friends. Where would you find the time to post all this shit?

Are all women this pathetic and mentally and emotionally weak. Or is it just this particular reddit subreddit that attracts these people.

I mean come on, grow a fucking backbone, am I wrong here...
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>this, lol
We've always had raiders anon.
Uncomfortable and weird environment forever because of one small chat
>makes sense

Covid-19 is real. It's time to wear a damn mask.
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Are you actually that fucking schizo or are you just baiting? Genuinely hard to tell
There's no reasoning with these fucks. They should all be beaten with tire irons. I fucking despise anti-vaxsers, I swear to god they should all be put into a concentration camp.
At least a few reasons. The Astra-Zeneca type vaccine is only about 57% effective against some of the variants, which means depending on the dominant variant floating around, 43% of people who even got the vaxx are vulnerable to getting mild to moderately sick. Second, yes people drop to negligence if they are vaccinated and become higher risk to get it. People who had the vaccine but still got covid may stay asymptomatic longer but give the virus more options to mutate and create variants that escape immunity. India even with huge vaccine manufacturing capacity only vaccinated about 2% of its people while folks gave up treating it seriously back last October causing a huge spike in covid with variants becoming predominant. If they had 50% of their folks vaccinated even with a 50% effective vaccine, they would not see this surge.

File: arfuckle.jpg (71 KB, 320x320)
71 KB
Would you help Jon Arbuckle masturbate by filling a turkey baster with hot sauce and piping it up his ass while he punches himself in the face? And then when he is paralyzed with intestine pain, fart in his mouth so he can hold the fumes in and get high?
File: cat.jpg (22 KB, 320x240)
22 KB
His chewy anus ring is waiting for you to slobber on it.

>imagine being this much of a cuck
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>so black and white?
Lol you know it's gonna be with a black guy
File: 1619181550364.jpg (432 KB, 1389x1365)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
Polyamory? Unironically?
If she feels this way after 1.5 years, gauranteed shes been gettin dicked in the side for awhile and now she feels guilty, this is her get out of jail free card if you go thru wit it. You will be the eternal cuck.

File: school hero.jpg (70 KB, 540x960)
70 KB
First female school shooting happened today, apparently they where a 6th grader. Thoughts&opinions?
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heres the obvious fag
Wasn't the first one ya dingus

File: images (4).jpg (5 KB, 209x190)
5 KB
I dont know anymore /b/ros
There are less and less things that have meaning anymore.

Nothing is fun, games bore me and porn makes me sad. How do you manage your sadness anons?

A sad thread (?)
Games and porn, actually
Kek OP btfo /thread
doot doot

File: 3.jpg (29 KB, 482x417)
29 KB
amazing teen slut in /r/ thread

File: 1620414771026.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1079)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Post pics of people and have anons guess what they're like IRL.
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I mean... A picture speaks a thousand words
Based Wasian. Hope his wife is white or asian.

You wish you were this swag

File: woll smoth.jpg (19 KB, 300x400)
19 KB

File: D4RWKT9.jpg (105 KB, 1280x720)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Rekt thread
Reminder to not to overdose yourself with coke edition.
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Keep telling yourself that, you sick fuck.
how the fuck do you overdose from coke lmao
They have never enclosed anyone for this, it is like the Epstein case, but with less impact because it is here in Argentina.

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