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Draw the best looking duck, the nigger with the worst looking drawing is a cuck.
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Not a duck. Worst one here so far.
Great drawing skills tho.
File: 65uyfruyfd79t.png (246 KB, 637x652)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
For (You)
so who is the supreme champion and who is a cuck

Men like Destiny are sellouts that throw out their fucking dignity to get laid. If we just killed all those white knights and put fear into women the world could be better. There’s 7 million of us just in the US. There are hundreds of millions of us. Rather than being one of incel shooters on the news or dumb faggots at the gym we can start a revolution. Christianity has no benefit to being apart of it. Islam and Judaism actually has certain mitzvahs and commandments that benefit men. Jesus Christ was a sellout cuck. He saved a whore from being stoned to death. Fuck him
shut up kike
Destiny is too obsessed with Hassan. If he was smart he would hook up with girls that hang around Hassan to piss him off
File: images (2).jpg (66 KB, 685x448)
66 KB
I am down. Where do we meet up? The National Assembly had a tennis court, what's our place?

File: 1653987654910.jpg (142 KB, 1756x1170)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
if blacks vanished from the planet, what sector of society would suffer?
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For-profit prisons.
File: 1666104638148.png (852 KB, 1133x948)
852 KB
852 KB PNG
1800s style crimes
Malt liquor, gambling, mini cigars, watermelon, lake trout, fried chicken, crime.

Would you fuck his face and nut down his tight teen throat
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boy pretty
File: 1528153784836.jpg (62 KB, 600x646)
62 KB
I'd poop down his throte
post the fucking socials you mongrel

File: 1642298419369.gif (705 KB, 500x499)
705 KB
705 KB GIF
Loli thread?
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Loli and futas?

File: shrunken-guy-floor-2.jpg (127 KB, 360x320)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>I shrank to like 1cm.
>I'm on the floor under your desk.

What would you do with me?

How old are you? Male/Female?
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wtf? why? asl?
File: images (1).jpg (28 KB, 647x474)
28 KB
I will put you among bugs and you will fight them like a gladiator fighting monsters for survival.
you are a monster yourself

File: 1653001650741.jpg (95 KB, 595x806)
95 KB
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File: 1675300108198604.jpg (119 KB, 381x410)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Choice is no longer an option.
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ur a filthy lying kike
ur a lifty flying kite
Well, then take your meds, schizo.

File: 167585634063753566.jpg (28 KB, 250x166)
28 KB
>Look at you, hacker: a pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?
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This is XERXES. Can you not feel the glory of the flesh? Do you not yearn to be free of the tyranny of the individual?
Hola, Shodanita
File: 1668054091180013.jpg (36 KB, 480x401)
36 KB

https://twitter. com/biljanicaaa/status/1622725710602293250
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yeah, cause jacking off to porn is the weird thing to do, sure.
yes he does, thats why i'm asking source, because i wanna watch it too :(
you are right mr. triple 8

File: FoZsPUIXsAIGlrz.jpg (129 KB, 940x864)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
You honkies never had a chance.
w-white bros? is this true? How are we going to compete with THIS?
That pic is so old.
By now the girls are already beaten to death and the guys are in prison or shot by the police.

(POLL) Anons who use onlyfans and similar sites, do you follow anyone you know in real life? Anyone you shouldn't?


Tig 'ol bitties for attention
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saucer on the tiddies?
File: FnaVxp1acAU-um6.jpg (283 KB, 1170x1421)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
yes, pic related. makes me cum so hard knowing i've seen her before she started her onlyfans
There are people irl I would follow they just don't have an OF. that I know about.

File: IMG_2052.jpg (112 KB, 541x677)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
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What the fuck
File: 1674185426283412.jpg (51 KB, 526x700)
51 KB
What? She is Asian
Kill it with fire

First words that come to your mind or your mother dies tonight.
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vomiting my insides
Fucking fag
File: uuuuhhhh-you-again.jpg (132 KB, 600x337)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
you again

Met up with a guy on Grindr and after sucking his dick and letting him cum down my throat he deleted all evidence of his messages and started to post my face over and over again in our DMs and make fun of me and i'm terrified he's gonna spread it around like I'm pretty sure he's not even gay because he wanted to record it and I think he's gonna show people i don't know what the fuck to do help me /b/
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>he deleted all evidence of his messages!
this is r*ddit AITA level teenage bullshittery. Fuck off.
Own it. You sucked a dick, oh no! Is that all you are? A cocksucker?
Beg him to fuck you in exchange for deleting the video

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