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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Round 2!
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shut up
File: dirtvote.png (755 KB, 799x661)
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755 KB PNG
File: adjusted.jpg (104 KB, 1024x576)
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104 KB JPG

File: uwuoriginalname.png (282 KB, 563x561)
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282 KB PNG
What does it feel like to be cummed in (male)?
Research for Fanfiction I'm writing
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Very useful information for my writing. Thank you
File: 1591198852823.jpg (21 KB, 578x432)
21 KB
just the wild thought of another man's cock feverishly penetrating your whole 'being'. Feels good to be useful.

is this horror movie good or is it just artsy bullshit?
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It's good and scary if you watch it high.
If you are already winning like a little bitch don't watch it.

File: 1591010722213.jpg (143 KB, 1701x1217)
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143 KB JPG
ask a black introvert anything.
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I's be's finna axe you a qwershtun, If i's be's chilling in da club sippin dat ackohaw, does i's be's having dookie all up in my bootyho ya me? Ya fee me? Ya'm sayin? I's be's hollerin at dis white shawty when Ray Ray comes up and says my nigga why does is be you is be sayin finna if ya ain't be knowin what it be meanin ya'm sayin my nigga? So i's be's all like, my nigga i's just be sayin words and sheeeeit ya me? I's finna Houston Rockets be sayin what i's be's sayin my mixtape yo I's be's Chicago Bulls finna ackohaw my nigga ya me my nigga is be finna
Hadnt laughed this hard in a while
Thanks anon
File: 1590444869612.png (1.15 MB, 720x958)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG

File: images (8).jpg (35 KB, 453x325)
35 KB
Comfiest place in Middle Earth? Books or movies. For me, this fucking cucks house. Also unrelated, how funny is it how everyone has a boner for Galadriel
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Not bad aye
Kek. This

Anon ended racism but deleted the video from twitter. Didn't want his service to be forgotten so here you go.


Prove you're an oldfag. If anyone has win from charlesZ that'd be great
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Agreed. So many dicks. The fappening was a good time. /b/ needs a fappening thread but I don't have enough to contriboot
I remember when she used to lurk.
I was already an oldfag by then.
No wins cos fuck saving shit

File: IMG_20200604_220730844.jpg (1.26 MB, 1944x2592)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
Is the photo cool?
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File: pa.stebin.jpg (89 KB, 1024x656)
89 KB
Strange, I thought that today the pigeon with its little poop was not here!
It makes me want to off myself

You look french as fuck

File: 1591314346414s.jpg (5 KB, 249x142)
5 KB
>she got shot with a non lethal while protesting
>now, I dont agree with the protesters
>i was raised to believe we live in a free country
>hypothetically if i wanted to protest, this would scare me out of doing it
>that sounds like a fucked up authoritarian nightmare
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ok mom
can you please go make dinner
you cant reason with these commie cancer cells. today, these faggots all gathered around , physically and virtually, a 25 ft mural of George Floyd that was painted in (insert shithole part of shithole city) and had moments of silence as Floyd stared down at them like some Kangz version of a Soviet Poster. Still not a word about David Dorn. the only way to kill it is with fire.
File: originalwigger.jpg (53 KB, 254x323)
53 KB
whoa whoa whoa....take a step back Sleep n Eat, Im your friend!

File: I cant breathe .gif (304 KB, 480x640)
304 KB
304 KB GIF
Mama mama

Imagine spending $60 for a video game and you can't play the online mode because some nigger died. The absolute state of Western video games.
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>when the dog starts eating your asshole
File: kfc.jpg (68 KB, 477x512)
68 KB
Why did liberals ruin something I should gave outgrown in high school?
Rockstar should be boycotted by BLM fags for milking so much money out of niggers

File: daily show man (old).jpg (149 KB, 323x482)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
what else will be repeated in history anons
probably everything

Alright carfags, I need help identifying the vehicle. I was running errands when I this tiny car. I saw it as I hit my exit so there was NOT enough time to get closer
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I was driving a van from Home Depot getting a free mattress. Saw it as I hit my exit.
They also had the samurai. Laughably short
I'm willing to bet that it's a smart fortwo with a body kit and aftermarket rims.

what is your opinion of this chair
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File: 1589849250073.jpg (55 KB, 700x745)
55 KB
I'd fuck
Took a hit of acid and James and the giant peach came to life/10

is anyone willing to rate me
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Cock tribute this picture, and I will rate you.
you posted some instructions on how to chat with IoIis, which im not going to try but it seems like a way to chat up underage girls. is this ethical to do? what do you gain from spreading how to do this to others?
>Cock tribute this picture, and I will rate you.
Under rated post!

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