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File: IMG_9528.jpg (101 KB, 632x783)
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Socials thread
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Fill the thread with her!

File: Snapchat-1271245069.jpg (7 KB, 240x240)
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Shouldn't share, male edition

nudes of dudes you've gotten over Snapchat, session or whatever, let us see those dudes

File: 1669739318400590.jpg (63 KB, 746x1024)
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File: 1665980527521571.jpg (376 KB, 576x1024)
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I wonder who could be behind this thread?
File: 1693129119973890.jpg (50 KB, 286x400)
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She has a tik tok video in spanish talking about how black men are the hottest. She said a white guy can be handsome, but to be hot he has to be black.

Stuff happening in the background Edition

Previous thread: >>906445706

>>> OG Guide <<<

>>> Links with more links (ctrl+f to find almost anything) <<<

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everyone likes one hole only with her.

I just want a pose of a big tity chicks tits hanging over the side of a bed smiling at the camera.
High weight, no pre-processor.

Using this: >>906454551

What a retard. Anyone else think the newer TF2 players are just Über Retards but not in the funny way?
yeah it's all cringe today. people play Titanfall2 in this year and theyre normal people, alright to me. but these squeakers and drag queens that still play this game are genuine idiots

File: PXL_20230812_173141881.jpg (1.34 MB, 2736x3648)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
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too fat
i have dated diagnosed BPD women who SH, i am currently in a relationship with a former SHer.

I call her scars (also on her thighs but the top not the sides) zebra stripes.

I cum on them from time to time which she finds arousing.
You god damn better believe it.

File: keithbuckleyjpeg.jpg (9 KB, 310x163)
9 KB
"morals are simply a matter of time" is Keith Buckley right?

File: IMG_3995.jpg (98 KB, 1242x1492)
98 KB
Are you afraid to have a daughter anon?
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Well? Enlighten us.
Why would I be?
They are little sociopaths, in different ways but you can see them start to figure out manipulation at a really early age. I've got a boy too so I can see the differences. I think they feign emotion a lot more then actually feel things, they run almost purely on external stimulus. Don't get me wrong I love my kids but they validated all of my previously held theories about women.

File: 7s2iw4.jpg (58 KB, 640x480)
58 KB
Face it. There is nothing you can say to justify having sex with someone whose brain isn't fully developed.
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>There is nothing you can say to justify having sex with someone whose brain isn't fully developed.

I'm not fucking them for their brains, dude.

I used to buy alcohol for highschool kids so I could go to parties and fuck the girls there. They loved it. It was like having god mode enabled for hooking up. So what if they weren't fully mature in their thinking? Their bodies wanted it and so did I.
This is accurate, there is no uniform standard for this. That is not to say there should be no "age of consent" legally, but that has to be balanced against the reality that nobody is ever a finished being and everyone adapts to life at different rates. The common 16-18 standard is reasonable. Its young enough that no one in their 20s is considered a child without cause and old enough to accommodate young people's relationships with each other.
>Sex is just as important for healthy development as sleep, food and clean water.
this is what pedophiles actually believe

File: Snapchat-1557219127.jpg (143 KB, 563x1000)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
What are the nasty things that you do that you think only you do? For me I pick at the skin between my toes and chew on it. It's so satisfying and I sometimes swallow it. Any other sick fucks out there? I know there is because you're on /b/ and we're all autistic
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ok what are some odd things you do that you prefer your friends not know about?
I don’t like peeling them off when they’re fresh because they take time to make that crunchy sound and it hurts more when it’s fresh. I’m about to start work at a new fast food restaurant so I’ve got some fresh ones I’m waiting to heal
It's not that it fucks the teeth themselves, just that overtime it can make them misaligned. I feel like ever since I started chewing on my nails again (I stopped after getting braces but started doing it again recently), my 2 front and bottom teeth started going a bit forward. Maybe I'm just imagining it. but try not to chew on them with the same teeth every time or just don't do it for long

File: NIGGER.jpg (510 KB, 2828x2828)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
It's time all the NIGGERS fucked off back to Africa

File: IMG_20230921_220845.jpg (193 KB, 1080x962)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
I was at work the other day, when I saw one of my colleagues on TikTok watching some videos of the Unabomber schizoid, apparently lots of fagots on that app love the guy. After seeing what's up with that, TikTok recommended this video, and I couldn't stop laughing for some reason


File: IMG_6917.jpg (14 KB, 500x371)
14 KB
i use a website called 4chan

File: IMG_20230921_132114_298.jpg (170 KB, 847x1280)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Should I unblur this fag?
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Now I'm invested, anyone recognize him?
Last bump before bed, doubt this thread will be up when I wake up

obsession much?

"Sex" is "penis" or "vagina".


You can have a penis and also have a uterus.

You can have a vagina and also have testicles.

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