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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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File: 17373874838.png (329 KB, 669x401)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
found this on laying in my computer and idr where or what this might be from, pls help

File: schkoobi.png (245 KB, 369x360)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Kill jews man

File: 1509643230818.jpg (45 KB, 390x467)
45 KB
Step right up and roll for your new nigger name! Then hit the streets and start robbing, raping, and murdering like the rest of the worthless niggers!
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File: no air.jpg (69 KB, 640x638)
69 KB
rolling for our hero

File: 1621250997259.jpg (394 KB, 901x1145)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
Yet we can't get universal healthcare, $15 minimum wage, maternity leave, student debt forgiveness or free college. I regret voting for him so much.
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lost the argument, might aswell go for the "kys" card since that always works
mostly just the english speaking world, haven't heard anything like it where I come from.
waste of trips

File: 20210517_111704.jpg (1.22 MB, 2944x2208)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
Any medfag here that can help me identify this? Too ashamed to go to a doctor and possible be recognized efter they've seen my ass.

Could this be a yeast infection? I've started with some ointment against yeast infections today and will continue for a week since hydrocortisone did nothing. Had this since like Tuesday or Wednesday last week. It's itching and also it stings and it's a bitch sitting down.
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Damn looks like you got fucked hard by that BBC
File: IMG_20210517_191126.jpg (353 KB, 1079x1178)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
looks like a case of 'extreme swamp ass'

I just wanted to find some new girls to buy content so who’s you’re favorite E-thot? obviously my pic is my favorite
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You sure? I've seen wonders done with make-up glue.
Well she took it off as soon as word got out she was making hardcore content. Its fucked up, I'm pretty sure drugs got her into doing this shit. Do I get in trouble if I post her user here?

File: download.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
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i hate the chinese for ruining everything
File: 1618951674784.webm (2 MB, 540x960)
2 MB
File: 1618956625008.webm (1.9 MB, 576x1024)
1.9 MB

File: undeniable truth.png (16 KB, 500x500)
16 KB
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I'll throw you in an industrial car compactor
No, all should be allowed.
I'll make traps... Incindiary traps.

What would be required to make a biologically female futanari?
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This question doesn't make sense. A true futanari wouldn't be female at all. It would be a hermaphrodite.
Yes but a certain kind of hermaphrodite. One that is female except with a dick

Latina thread?
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I’m a 6ft 4in Chad but, I have severe Tourettes, so my hands are constantly shaking, I can barely write or type,
Because of this I was pulled out of school in 4th grade, so literally no friends and no gf so kissless virgin.
>What is your excuse to be a loser?
This is my one

File: 1588890513988.png (1.92 MB, 1873x3859)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
Looks like no one is going to make the next loli thread so

Next loli thread
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artist is anaxus. Posts on paheal.
File: 1620950764607.jpg (55 KB, 640x629)
55 KB
Don't try that shit on me you rp with cock in your mouth
File: 1580910209539.jpg (271 KB, 800x600)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Pedoi a cute

File: asian.jpg (658 KB, 3500x2333)
658 KB
658 KB JPG
asian whores thread
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I had a dream about a Taiwanese girl from my school, last week. We were laying in bed together, then she hugged me, then we kissed on the lips with an open mouth, then she pulled out her tits from her bra and T-shirt, and I sucked her nipples, then she took off her underwear and I went down on her.
I had a dream about a Japanese girl last night. We were laying in bed together, then she said she wanted to have sex, but she said she wanted us to get married first. I was kind of surprised that she said that. (although I have had many Japanese girls ask me to get married many times in the past). I loved her but I didn't want to get married. I was on top of her and we were kissing with an open mouth. Then she took off her underwear and we were having sex, in the missionary position. (it was dark, the lights were off). Then I got up and did something, then I went back to the bed, she had put her underwear back on. and then I told her to take her underwear off again, then we had more sex in the missionary position again. She told me she loved me and I told her I love her. And then later, while having sex with her, I said to her "I want to cum inside you so hard". she laughed and said that we've only just met, it's kind of strange to talk like that.

Nice <3

File: 107_1000.jpg (126 KB, 680x680)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Women who need to be dominated by shota
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has to be in a horde or if there's just one he'd have to dominate one by themself then use her to help with the other two

File: 1621120951668.jpg (193 KB, 977x1024)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Say his name.

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