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If it's not American, then you don't belong here.

File: VREYeSw.jpg (58 KB, 794x468)
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boi butt thread?
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File: 15064491568221990438609.jpg (315 KB, 1152x2048)
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File: 150369132534.jpg (28 KB, 601x508)
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>be me
>be 15
>go to school
>see crush, we're pretty good friends and both like eachother
>after first class, we sit and talk on couch in room at school
>she starts touching me
>i like it
>start touching her
>she touches my cock
>i touch her pussy

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File: 1499932212762.jpg (44 KB, 488x410)
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y not
never had a job, fat, ugly and autistic, live in parents basement
magic autism digit thread

File: 1502952498846.jpg (37 KB, 629x296)
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/b/ in general

>cock rate threads
>chubbygirl threads
>pics you shouldn't be sharing #123129865
>femboy/trap threads
>furry femboy threads
>attention seeking threads
>weird fetish theads
>family fuck threads

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nice feet
File: patrick.jpg (57 KB, 960x949)
57 KB
nice digits

>New school year
>Strangers everywhere
>Couple days go by
>You've made a few friends, decent guys overall
>Talking to your boy chad one day, you casually mention facebook

>He replies that he's not on Facebook

How do you feel about Chad now?
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As someone who lives without social media I can respect chad. Soc media only serves to occupy feeble minds, and nurture ego.
Not everyone is popular or enjoys being popular/seen.. imo fb is just everyone's way of saying "hey don't forget about me today"
Social media has done absolutely nothing positive for society.
hold this W

File: 0.png (39 KB, 500x500)
39 KB
Drawthread: Ketchup edition
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>u-uwaaah I can't argue for myself and I need a chunibyou nigger manchild NEET to argue for myself and since I'm just cocksock base my thoughts on him only
Lolwut, that's not even me. Damn, you paranoid circlejerkers are especially retarded.
>on point
Lol, keep thinking that

File: spoopy.jpg (117 KB, 1920x1080)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Alrighty /b/, so I'm looking for spoopy movies on the Netflix. Got any suggestions?

>inb4 The Shining, Archivo 253, V/H/S (both), Black Mirror, The Sixth Sense
They Look Like People
Literally just put that on, but I need some suggestions for tonight. Thanks! :)
Anything else?

File: download.jpg (149 KB, 1344x742)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Favorite Tor links?
Nice try FBI

Hey gunfags, quick question for you.

Is it legal for a foreign tourist to carry a firearm in the US, generally? I feel like it's gonna be a state by state thing?
I'm not talking about purchasing it, which I know is illegal, I'm strictly talking about possession and transportation. I'm obviously not gonna be in the system but I've ggot a spotless record, and there's a professional context to this.

If not and I'm stopped, would some supporting documents like a customs sanction be enough to let me go on?
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You're in luck. I'm importing shitloads of this dirt cheap. My guys tell me it's rare on the US market as it is? Production/licensing constraints?
Conceal carry doesn't require permit only in az if you're 21 and older
Unless you have a valid hunting license, then no, non-resident aliens are not permitted to possess firearms in the US.

t. firearms salesman

File: meinrl.jpg (8 KB, 150x150)
8 KB
The following problem is on a long distance relationship just as a warning
So tomorrow will be my ex's birthday, however, this Thursday will be my birthday and well I kinda realized I'm obsessed about my ex because since I broke it off with her, I feel like I made a mistake by breaking up, I liked myself better when I was with her and I idealized what I had. I was so in love with her but here's the thing:
>was constantly depressing
>was constantly being negative
>was suicidal at times
>had her monthly episodes where I had to deal with
If the episode was severe, she'd black out and her "subconscious" would manifest, whom she self-named herself as "Victoria" since that was my ex's middle name. Victoria acted like a very observant asshole so I hated that part of her.
During her episodes she would threaten to commit suicide or cut herself so I either had to put a knife against my wrist or show her I loaded the revolver and put it against my head in order to make her stop.
If we did have a conversation a majority of it was her saying "eh" "nu" or "im tired" or even push me away and be distant no matter how much attention I gave her.

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harden the fuck up

File: 3e3.jpg (84 KB, 488x516)
84 KB
Girlfriends getting a septum piercing

I do not like septum piercings
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Grow a goatee. That'll show her who's boss
You do not deserve gf
prince albert, that'll show her

File: 1.jpg (338 KB, 1800x1200)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
cuck thread
>no niggers
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File: 5.jpg (55 KB, 230x180)
55 KB
you're not a cuck if your gf is fucking another white guy.
>you're not a cuck if your gf is fucking another guy
ayy lmao

Post nudes from an ugly whore with nice tits

File: 1504603266280.gif (1.16 MB, 260x146)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
What exactly are you doing right now and why?
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File: IMG_0709.jpg (306 KB, 900x1200)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
I didn't say it was a lot. I'm not very hairy in general. I'm probably younger than you anyway.
Checked. Sometimes I wish I was a junkie. Seems so eventful.
You got this. Listen to some music and relax.

File: Gerja_061.jpg (84 KB, 1305x872)
84 KB
Ask someone who was treated with sex addiction anything.
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Sex with strangers. Being used.

I make no excuses. Self controll is what treatment help me acquire.
Self control is what you were supposed to have by default as an adult. Murder yourself. Your life isn't going anywhere good.

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