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6 episodes in... it’s just family-feels drama and some espionage bullshit I don’t care about. When is Frank gonna start annialating thugs? That’s what he does... right? Fuck you Disney.

File: Ask_74370c_526425.jpg (83 KB, 595x806)
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ask away /b/oys
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Should i listen to you?
Should I call today?
Will I be happy?

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What's your favorite pizza /b/?
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Salty coins, milk and pineapple

what about bags of sand
Haven't tried that one but I've heard it's decent

File: luigi.jpg (112 KB, 540x720)
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Hey do any of you have screen caps of the swim instructor thread from last night? Fell asleep around 6 and I want to see what I missed.
pic unrelated
I'm interested in recap aswell
File: swimanon.png (1.91 MB, 2702x9890)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
Best read I've had in a while m8

File: sweating-pepe.jpg (8 KB, 218x218)
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Can reddit moderators report me to the police for for being "abusive" towards them?
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Not if you use incognito mode.

>says something on the internet
>scared the police will come

where in the Uk do you live?
He can try that. It's certainly not likely to be successful with the police.

File: burp.jpg (25 KB, 500x441)
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Alright, so my life is not that fucked up, but I am missing a woman. I am 22 had an internet relationship(we used to masturbate with each other over skype) and that was the only relationship I was in. I am in middle of the park right now drinking vodka and crying to myself that I blew my only chance to ever be in a real relationship... I know I am a fucking failure and that i should end it but i am too pussy to do it. I talk to many girls but whenever I try to make moves but they simply reject me... take that Bulgarian bitch for example we were about to be something more but noooo, she decided to stop talking to me fuck you, you fucking bitch. Anyways the point is how the fuck do I actually speak to the women, I just don't know after so many rejections I am just too scared to do anything past the friendship part... i really wanna be accepted at least once as a boyfriend, that's it.

File: dotcomlogo@2x.png (14 KB, 554x114)
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>go to omegle
>catfish, trigger or bamboozle others
>post results
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Which one of you degenerates is it?
File: 23.png (88 KB, 200x219)
88 KB

I see what you did there
omegle fucking sucks, everyone just says "asl" or disconnects immediately

File: 9696933.jpg (37 KB, 540x960)
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Can i even make someone hard with an ass like that ? T-T
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Yes indeed.
Fakd butts are disguastingly massive. Ignore magazine and celebrity "beauty". It is just designed to keep you terrified that you are ugly and keep spending thousands a year on makeup
File: 885.jpg (48 KB, 540x960)
48 KB
Yea, ofc. Fake or a trap,
I know they look bad, but i don't like mine either.

File: 114.jpg (259 KB, 1024x1014)
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259 KB JPG

No on/off thread.

shit load more here:
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File: .1504005551063.jpg (232 KB, 1223x1265)
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232 KB JPG

Pick one.

File: 64311.jpg (37 KB, 502x330)
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I met a girl a month ago, we both fell in love with each other instantly.
It was like a dream.It was a cheesy and cute romance.She told me she loved me.- I felt that it was kinda fast, but also; love hits hard and fast.

She infected me with herpes and now told me that she doesent want to be with me anymore.
That i deserve better, That she wants to explore herself, and basically every damn lamn excuse there is.

I could handle getting over a romance, but she infected me with a life long, disgusting disease that will ruin dating and sex for me for life.
Im furious, im sad, im in panic, im in despar.
What the fuck do i do now?

File: 01 laughlosewalken.jpg (44 KB, 695x464)
44 KB

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File: IMG_0739.jpg (641 KB, 1414x1270)
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641 KB JPG

File: IMG_0908.jpg (127 KB, 675x1200)
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127 KB JPG
Who is she? Anyone have more?
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If anybody messages this cunt let me know
Have any other of her friends?
No, I got those from here and sent her a message on KIK. Was gonna try getting more out of her or send what I have to her whole family, but never did it.

Free for 48 hours - Brutal Legends


Check out one of my stories if you want to thank me:

Your reminder that this game was responsible for killing Tim Schafer's career in the gaming industry and forcing him to use Kickstart.
Thx m8

File: joanna-angel20.jpg (70 KB, 400x600)
70 KB
Jewish Slut Thread Revival

Give us your jewbs

Any one else turned on by girls cut or divided into pieces but still alive and functioning normally, like in NBM or magic tricks.

Or in actual magic tricks/illusions for that matter?
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Got any more to contribute? Or mind sharing how you developed/got into this fetish?
File: 1492074045871.png (879 KB, 1023x724)
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879 KB PNG
I watched magic shows as a kid. That shit was made to be sexy.

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