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File: VG8QWTb.jpg (228 KB, 1328x2000)
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228 KB JPG
New celeb thread
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Found the pedo
New thread
happy fapping
educate yourself

File: I might be gay.png (179 KB, 600x511)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Hooked up with a trap the other night and it was the best sex I've had. I can't stop thinking about. Dicks are so much funner than vaginas but I'm not attracted to men at all, just penises. Not sure how I feel about this...
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Sexuality is fluid and if you conform to expectations of kids with autism and mental illness instead of doing what you want then you're barely even living life and are entirely reprehensible.

Do what you want, if you wanna fuck traps then fuck yea, do it like a boss.
Yeah, I definitely want to keep fucking traps but I'm from the deep south so there aren't many around here and I don't want to fuck guys just because they have a dick.
You've already decided to want to fuck traps, m8. Next time you're probably gonna be sticking your dick into a skinny 25 year old dude raw dog from the behind.
I'd rather fuck girls, but you're already on the train. There's no turning back. Might as well embrace it and get as many orgasms as you can. I won't blame you.

Why do Korean girls have so much better asses than Japanese and Chinese girls?
They don't.
File: trumpmebaby.jpg (231 KB, 1200x627)
231 KB
231 KB JPG

>what is the deal with my subjective opinion based on extremely limited data
Plastic surgery

File: DannyandCharles.jpg (250 KB, 2052x1092)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Come on guys. I am surely not the only one that sees this.
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whos this avidan guy ?
well as far as i know, neither one of you have killed anyone
I've always seen it

Forgeted she??
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photos stolen of lucy


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holy shit i lost
Nice one faggot
How you made dis image ?

File: 1503966317008.png (51 KB, 183x183)
51 KB
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dubs logged

File: Tinder.png (32 KB, 1200x451)
32 KB
How the fuck does exposure for this shit work?

I restarted my profile, and within a day I have 20 matches. The problem is that after the first day it dries out and I get matched with no-one. Since I get 20 matches the first day I doubt it's because I'm fugly.

Do they apply a big penalty on your account unless you jew up for Tinder Plus or some shit?
You have to pay to play
Yeah a lot of the apps are pay to play now lol... ok Cupid works but you have to message them, don't waste time with the likes
I am currently getting swamped by BBW black girls. Like 5 min of swiping just to find someone who is not majoring in "the grind"

Post on entry

File: camp1.png (1.03 MB, 1150x1500)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Camp Sherwood Thread Time
Alright time, the tree cunt's arc is over and i'm gonna upload it.
For anyone who wants to read it asap or have to go, add forummotion or go to other chans, the original backup forum got axed because reasons
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thanks to the OP and a FUCK YOU to the POS fags that posted unrelated pics
It's cool, i would hit the limit and start a new thread anyway.
And that's it folks, Camp Sherwood Stops here.

Link and shit.

Previous website where Mister D. was uploading shit is dead, so he's gonna upload it at the new place, Jab Archives
http://www.jabarchives.com/main/view/misterd_CampSherwood His Gallery

His thread (where he also post images of what he's doing and Camp Sherwood)

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Feels Thread?

the only girl that ever called me attractive and thought about dating me just blocked me on all social media...
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File: 1511122257922.png (852 KB, 1009x6647)
852 KB
852 KB PNG
here... it's long. but desperate times call for desperate measures OP
I'll tell you why OP
It's because women have a mind of a child
In other words not even them know what they really want
One day you could be love of her life and next day her biggest mistake
Never trust a bitch I've learned that the hard way
she said that i was attractive and that she would date me

File: Raul the machoke.png (29 KB, 618x701)
29 KB
I made this machoke in the paint. His name is Raul. I know you are very good people so I leave it to your care. I hope that one day it will become a great meme, which I do not think will happen :(
I eat myself. I've already eaten 4 if my toes
its mine now thx

piss thread!!
peeing in condoms edition:
anyone else just loveeee seeing a big hard cock fill a condom with his warm piss and cum? i do..
post yourself cuming/peeing in a condom!
More cum less piss please :)
*slow claps*

Ancientfag here, anybody else get hungry for oats right before a party?
Shameless self-bump, where my oat lovers at?
Never heard of this phenomenon.
I'm hosting a party on Saturday, should I offer oats?

Is it bad that i want to eat someone. Like, I don't want to kill the person, I just want to chew on their liver or something.
Ye you fuckin weirdo
How long have you been sexually inactive, friend?
I've never had sex before.

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