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File: 1492211249540__1_.jpg (21 KB, 183x183)
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The dream...

File: 1497610253961.jpg (217 KB, 1391x1380)
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217 KB JPG
Grow up

File: 2017-06-23-204502.jpg (404 KB, 1280x720)
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let us begin
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peel off your arm skin like in terminator 2
Also dubs get
Do you need fucking curves?
you're not a snowflake. you are a slave to your neurochemistry and people have had a wide variety to deal with shit like this for DECADES. They work because everyone's neurochemistry relies on the same basic chemicals. Take an SSRI and the imbalance is tipped.

Fucking learn about something before making ridiculous assumptions. See a god damn psychiatrist or GP, it's not that hard.

File: default.png (385 KB, 679x820)
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385 KB PNG
Hunger Games thread

First 24 with an image and name are in. No duplicates and no Loud House.
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File: 1492843520992.jpg (32 KB, 300x460)
32 KB
File: download.jpg (4 KB, 146x186)
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Rick Astley
17 but not for long

New R34 thread old one reached limit cap, I'd appreciate any Lucina if you have it.
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File: pic_38_big.jpg (185 KB, 773x1000)
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185 KB JPG
keep it moving, gents; more artistic pussy conquering is to be done this eve


File: lolwhatissoup.jpg (8 KB, 90x108)
8 KB
I have $4.62.
What buy?
A fidget spinner for you and powerade for me

File: IMG_8351.jpg (1.69 MB, 1346x1951)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
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need more of her

File: images.jpg (39 KB, 266x176)
39 KB
Steam Suggestion Thread
No Begging.

There are plenty of beg threads for you poor sluts.
I got $30 and a dream.

Make suggestions.
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Looks pretty good, reminds me of Tribes Ascend and Quake. I kind of suck at that type of game though in all honesty.
File: 20170623013034_1.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
Yeah, as a guy who's mainly playing Team Fortress 2, I do have a lot of learn, but hell, it's so much fun! They do have little cosmetics and melee weapon skins, but they're not at all expensive. In fact, in the picture related, I spent only a bit over $0.40 for the armor pieces and Crowbar (speaking Half-Life)

Along with this, it completely supports mods from the Steam Workshop, even viewmodel and HUD overhauls, including soundpacks, the most popular being the Quake Live mod.
Darkest Dungeon ($9.99)
Hitman Games (-80%)

File: White.jpg (8 KB, 282x179)
8 KB
In my opinion heroin is the best high out of all the street drugs. It can be risky if you take too much.

What does /b/ think of heroin?

Anybody like to do it?
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I disagree. I kicked a 12mg a day Xanax habit and it was a rough couple of days getting past my mental dependancy, but I didn't go thru any physical withdrawls.

It was more of a feeling like "oh fuck, I have to deal with problems again instead of not caring about them"
Damn, crazy shut dude. Did they narcan you
My favorite is 1mg kolonopin

File: IMG_1557.jpg (99 KB, 960x720)
99 KB
Ok /b/ I got a very bad sunburn. Should I just keep putting aloe on it or go to the hospital?
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File: 141012212512.png (447 KB, 447x599)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
Might as well start the chemo now.

File: retardedmoderator.jpg (68 KB, 1001x557)
68 KB
share your stories why you have been banned on 4chan

someone made a thread about pizza asking which is the best and i said "a lot of tomato sauce , yellow cheese , mushrooms and salami"

got banned for 2 days
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I decided I wanted to create a community centre for outsiders and antisocial people, where they can come and drink coffee, play vidya, surf the web, read a book, order a pizza, or just sit on a comfy couch and think without being forced to pay anything or having any pressure to socialize. So, I moved to a city where rent was cheap, rented an old, abandoned storefront, and began renovating it myself.

I've put every penny I have into this place, used salvage wherever I can, and done all the work myself to stretch my money as far as it will go. I've now got the place open and running and have volunteers who will teach free classes in things like learning to play an instrument or making folk art from found materials. There's always an urn of fresh-brewed coffee available, and a back room which can hold 50 people which people can book for free if they want a place to play D&D or Magic the Gathering or something.

I tried to invite people in here down to enjoy the place and I was banned for "advertising" and told that I would have to buy a banner ad if I wanted to tell people about it.
File: RaceMixing.jpg (116 KB, 1080x1080)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Back in November, I got banned from /pol/ for a weekend for starting a YLYL thread. I think it was when the pg8 investigation was in full swing, so they didn't want any anons losing time laughing a dumb googles
I got banned for a m month for aking hackers to help me gain access to a girls facebook just to see what she has said about me. Still kinda want to do that buut eh....

File: 1498102124474.jpg (253 KB, 500x750)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Roll fags
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please help me

You're checking out at Wal-Mart. What 3 items are you buying to weird out the cashier?

I'll start:
>Kid's Bikini
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Yes, listen to yourself. Two options:
A) Pay to fix someone's mistake because they can't close their legs and make other people responsible.
>inb4 but but its the mans fault too
That's besides the point, both of them are irresponsible idiots and you're paying money because they decide not to use their own money and common sense.

B) Pay for education (that we already are being taxed for), send those kids to school and potentially they grow into some smart and successful individuals that innovate and help our country. Also teach the two idiots responsibility and prevent them from making more kids with others.

Only a retard would chose A.
You realize most of these potential babies would likely be the offspring of niggers/white trash, right?
File: 1491715497241.jpg (40 KB, 480x480)
40 KB

top kek....years ago you stupid niggers

File: IMG_1760.jpg (97 KB, 719x1078)
97 KB
Cock rate thread? include age and gender
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File: 20170610_020646-1.jpg (187 KB, 1501x1086)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
File: AMTLAtz.jpg (72 KB, 640x640)
72 KB
femanon here
This. Post your cock and tell your gender?

File: IMG_1424566594.jpg (63 KB, 545x800)
63 KB
Pics you shouldnt share of girls you know
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File: deanna.jpg (90 KB, 617x910)
90 KB
File: Michelle Dunn (12).jpg (140 KB, 480x640)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
File: alyssa (2).jpg (271 KB, 1152x1163)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
more like these shots and any bikini pics

ITT: Under appreciated porn stars.
Pic very related.
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Word, thanks.

She's such a cutie.
File: megan-sage,jpg.jpg (76 KB, 386x520)
76 KB
i love her little rat face
File: image.jpg (269 KB, 1900x1270)
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