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Trap thread continuation. Also moar/source on this?
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Same, you looking for someone to treat you nicely and take you to all the places you already been?
File: 1547743171169.jpg (59 KB, 576x1024)
59 KB
yeah,could you show us your little dick?
A ty skad jestes?

File: 1555348449352.jpg (53 KB, 606x768)
53 KB
day waifu
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I love all tomoposters
Do you like engineering
I'm a 28 year old unemployed virgin..

I spend all day playing video games.

I don't have any friends outside of the internet.
File: SabeR488.png (449 KB, 700x941)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
fkn what

Rate my condo
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absolutely disgusting
Cleaning day is tomorrow
looks like you said that for month

File: I64l1Qv.jpg (90 KB, 851x828)
90 KB
Phat ass thread
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File: 9QkcZT5.jpg (49 KB, 469x475)
49 KB

File: QAAL4814[1].jpg (912 KB, 2776x4288)
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912 KB JPG
chubby /bbw thread
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Where her ciggie tho...
and you're fucking gay

File: hqdefault.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
confession bread
share your secrets
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I could see a smiley smirk appear on her face when she noticed I had a raging boner. I acted embarrassed but she calmed me down by saying that this is a completely normal reaction. I thought it would be over quick but it lasted minutes. It started to feel like she was enjoying this. I could feel it rising higher and higher. About 3 mins in my dick started to shake uncontrollably and without a chance of her moving spurts of cum shot out landing in her hair, face cheek, arm, cleavage, shirt and pants. I acted so freaking embarrassed. My heart was racing like crazy. I thought I would be in deep trouble somehow. She looked shocked. I said omg I am so sorry. She said don't worry about it I am nurse that has seen it all I can handle it. You had a normal hormonal teen reaction. You have nothing to be embarrassed or eshamed about. She gave me some cleenex to wipe and said get dressed when your done. She cleaned herself quickly and said that the bump was nothing to worry about.
She said if you have anymore problems in the future please set up a checkup with your family doctor. She smiled and sent me on my way. When I seen her later in the day she she did not keep eye contact with me but I did notice a stain on her pants and on on her top shirt area. In that moment I was sent right back to what happened at lunch. I had to be excused so I could rub one out in the bathroom. Through the remaining years in HS she would not make eye contact with me, even when she would notice me looking she did her best to stay clear from interactions with me. I think she was afraid that I would spread what happened around the school and also how she checked me without notifying the principal and my parents. I was not going to ruin her life so I kept it to myself. I put a note one day in her folder that said Everytime I use the bathroom when you are a helper in the class I jerk off in the bathroom thinking of that moment. Everytime I shower before school I jerk off thinking of what happened. I jerk off at night before bed thinking of that moment. She never responded back. She quit a month after that note. That moment with her was the hottest moment that I ever experienced when I was a teenager. I still get off too that memory today.
Neighbour girl had all her shoes in front of her door, a pretty big collection and some of them were rather old and outworn. I basically ripped out the insoles of her old shoes and put them in a collection always ready for a quick based sniff

File: howsyourlife.png (19 KB, 1310x427)
19 KB
How's your life going /b/?

File: dom1 067.jpg (637 KB, 1536x2048)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
Post bitches you want other people to fap to!
Bonus points for letting the poster know that you have fapped or will fap to their photo.
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found a good one https://imig.es/c/hF9LCvp

File: 1543436844596.jpg (467 KB, 1102x1333)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
Fb/Ig 7
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Do you have a kik or discord

File: 20190309_100418.jpg (640 KB, 2896x2896)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
Mexican business bitch fucked hard
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Forget this bitch, post more of these
File: 1541948849601.jpg (141 KB, 1242x1058)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
She's a legend and deserves your attention
File: 15 - lWZG5X4.jpg (483 KB, 3264x3264)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
Ah you're a fan of the pair of Jews huh

File: Ngffyh.jpg (50 KB, 1080x408)
50 KB
Best caption of this photo of a dead prisoner in Colombia who was strangled by another prisoner wins a prize
What would happen if someone locked a dog or tiger in the room with that body for 24 hours?

Hey /b/
I wanna tongue punch my coworkers fart box. Any tips besides killing myself?
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Go for it
She cant say more then no. Maybe word it differently tho
Both she and I are married with children (now the song is stuck in my head), I'd rather just feel up her nice ass occasionally...
I'm a fat neckbeard (obviously) and really introverted, so I'm not known to be a handsy guy. I hail from a shit-hole country where this wouldn't be considered sexual harassment or even weird, just sleezy.

File: Woman great leaders.jpg (121 KB, 500x375)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
YLYL thread.
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no :)
he stole that idea from The Big Lebowsk
source / story?

File: penis-chan.jpg (70 KB, 404x711)
70 KB
odds fap evens nap
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File: 31685_larged.jpg (246 KB, 675x675)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Dad's Google History! Brbrbrbrbrbradasdagdfgfgj
It's Dad's Google History!
Hes a million years old!
"How can I get rid my nigger neighbors without going to jail?"
>nakdd lady newscaster
>9/11 was an inside job

Jesus dad

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