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Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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File: download-1 (1).jpg (5 KB, 232x217)
5 KB
Ask a femanon anything thread

All femanon welcome!
(No trannies!)
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how do you feel about dominating your partner? I'm a switch but I've had difficulty finding a compatible partner that'll dom me like >25% of the time
>text: sage
>field: all
>Is.OP(faggot): true
what's it like being retarded?
what are periods like?
what is it like to suck dick?
how do orgasms feel for you?
what's your sexual history?
are you a snowbunny?

File: a93v5ztpmga31.jpg (55 KB, 640x860)
55 KB
Have you ever found nudes online of a girl you know irl? Post them here.

Pic related.
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Keep going, show me her holes
Back in the myspace/ high school days I used to click on peoples photos they posted to their page and it linked to their public Photobucket library that everyone thought was private. I found tons of nudes of girls I knew. Sadly, never saved any because too young, and using parents computer but it led to some amazing jerk sessions
shes used to getting naked, her tits are even tanned.

Many people have claimed to have met this man in their dream. Have you?
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Muslims don't masturbate.
That's why they keep camels.
File: 61PkOTG1xSL.jpg (112 KB, 800x1247)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
The next France President

> bye bye muslim

File: 1632501536662.jpg (105 KB, 1075x666)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
ylyl you lyly you ylyly ylyy ahahaha so funny fuck you
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Do pidgins eat mice?
Circumference of earth is 28,000 miles
File: 1634726055643.webm (1.29 MB, 538x300)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB WEBM

Dave Chapelle was #4 on Netflix Top Ten. Yesterday, Netflix removed "The Closer" from their Top Ten and is no longer shown in the recommended list.

Netflix CEO also caved to the tranny faggot parade.
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No you don't. For you information. People like me use to not give a fuck if you were gay or not. But when you fuckers start thinking you are better than everyone else and deserve special treatment because you take it in the ass and suck cock. You are a VERY SMALL minority that are mentally fucked up and think you have some special right to force others to accept your lifestyle while you don't respect anyone else's then FUCK YOU and you all should die. No matter what you do if you are a guy then no matter what you do you will NEVER be a woman. When you get older you will look like a ugly ass drag-queen. if your a female you will never be a man and you will end up a ugly all no dick men.
Faggots need to know their place. Why don't the police beat up faggots like they beat up niggers? It just doesn't seem fair.

File: PVC.jpg (48 KB, 700x400)
48 KB
BuiIt for PVC
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>sterilizing chemicals
found the trump supporter
Yeah. You copperbois are finished. Cope for your copper genocide. Houses crave a large pex pipe.

Seethe harder copper boi.
prarrtikkles everrywherre

File: pit.png (96 KB, 666x375)
96 KB
Hunger games
first 24
war code
samefag after page 6
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fufufufu peepees show your peepee anon
goodnight jc
File: tickled to host.png (37 KB, 173x238)
37 KB
thank you for playing so late two wincards coming~
every thread it's dicks you groomers never end~

File: 9mm.webm (1.31 MB, 1280x720)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB WEBM
Moar rekt
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Stupid nigger, you make me look bad, ooga booga booga
Retarded white people at it again...

overly-anxious about meticulously and nefariously preventing you from gaining a position of social or personal comfort, of social advantage, while always in some vauge and "mysterious" way placing you at the nearest social and psychological proximity as possible into being a rapist, a 9 11 phone call, or a pedophile were all a pack of lies. When she noticed that you didn't have a job, she saw you as a potential pedophile masturbating with the body of a young girl. When she noticed that your chest was expanding with a sense of pride, as you reminded yourself of your adequate and elevated grades in school, coincidentally, you triggered her state of panic, your expanding and proud chest seemed like an offensive sign of power, now she is panicking, afraid, and about to call the police. Why? This has nothing to do with the fact that a proud, male chest is a sign for women to offer their bodies as sexual tributes. Or with the fact that she is repressed and aroused. This has to do with the her critizing your, subtly or obviously, for not driving a 2021 BMW, working in a modern-office, or wearing blazer and a suit has nothing to do with anything. This has nothing to do with the fact that she was excercizing her ability to throw or to cast her vagina "upwards" into society. As far as possible, and that you weren't presenting her with the opportunity to do this. And here you find out why so many men, pathetic losers, are highly successful at being unemployed runts who can speak about someday becoming CEO's before , coincidentally, talking women into sex.

Moreover, you will find that the oppoisite, aiming "down" , for women, means homelessness. Dirty homes. Filth. Feces. Carelesness and filth. Being uncooth. Not prissy. Their state of carelessness as coinciding with a release from sexual repression. So be careful. You never want to turn a fiance into a sexually satisfied housewife. They turn into foul, filthy, and disgusting beasts after that.

File: Snapchat-1805119400.jpg (103 KB, 1008x1792)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
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360 and jump off boat
Duct tape a cheeto to the ceiling.Hopefully fatty will lose some weight trying to reach it
I want to kiss her all over her body

File: yfmcmf4p22871.jpg (91 KB, 802x960)
91 KB
I'll only let you cum in my ass, Mr 45.

File: sgc4tgk3n1w31-1.png (990 KB, 768x926)
990 KB
990 KB PNG
Do you guys prefer small areolas or big areolas?
I'm a small tits dime nips kinda guy, but sometimes I like big nipples
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I like bigger, my gf has perfect ones
ok now post the rest of her
File: 1603333773881.jpg (209 KB, 1365x2048)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Big areolas everyday of the week

File: 1632162772754.webm (1.49 MB, 914x1080)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB WEBM
iOSfags how do you watch webm?
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get the beagle webm browser

works excellent, doenst have much features though
I’m too busy making updog.
Dumbass, just click 9n the play button, it kinda looks like a "greater than" symbol

File: tqa.jpg (59 KB, 712x614)
59 KB
youu wanna suck her toes clean?
>you want to suck the dirt off the hoof of a pig.
yes, would be so hot
No not really

File: 1633346562118.png (338 KB, 722x720)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
File: 1634801005714.jpg (167 KB, 1240x1240)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>have multitude of outstanding carbon tax, privilege tax, student debt, and hatespeech fine payments
>having 30% of wages garnished
>about to lose access to premium pod
>hate the lack of privacy in communal pods
>beg consolidation board to lower wage garnish
>they say they'll lower it to 15% upon registering with medical surrogacy program
>despite availability of numerous (costly) anti-aging treatments and therapies, boomers and genXers still frequently require new organs
>would have to gestate modified chimeras for the eventual harvest of said organs
>reluctantly agree

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Penisplug thread.
How big is ur hole?
My maximum is about 1,6
what the fuck
File: laughing_strange_pepe.jpg (15 KB, 251x242)
15 KB

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