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File: Help.png (114 KB, 456x356)
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114 KB PNG
Okay niggers where can i fucking see the Daredevil series for free faggots
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torrent it you pleb
File: thanks.jpg (19 KB, 396x385)
19 KB
Well fuck you too
File: 1425872278803.jpg (10 KB, 196x250)
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Yes i am

File: Eva brakes everything.png (67 KB, 800x800)
67 KB

>You're welcome to try requests or RP
>Try not to bump requests too often
>Don't fuel bait or shitposting
>Please hide and report spam
>Keep reposting to a minimum
>Visit /ic/ if you want to study art
>New Drawfriends are ALWAYS welcomed

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You better do, bitch.
Any drawfags want to smash?
>smash bros that Is.
>anons wanting to play games with drawfags so they can feel relevant
>anons also thinks anyone is awake at this hour

My sides

File: 012bik.webm (2.68 MB, 512x480)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB WEBM
Female butts.................. thread..........
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Post title then
my ass looks better in a thong. ffs. what is that.
Marina y161 _ Kristina y158 - westl15m_duff

File: 1373297104429.jpg (148 KB, 469x480)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Can we have a racist thread please?
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File: 1349038289545.gif (1.17 MB, 200x118)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
You're right. We learn to be racist when All Sharpton speaks. Or when we see the "protests" in Ferguson and Baltimore. Or when the race card is played when Democrats are losing an argument. We learn it from experience, nothing else.

Is this a good first car anons? $3,000 AUD.

1995 BMW E36 318i


Recently had a big service.

Also ITT: Discuss your first car

File: 45634563456.jpg (42 KB, 500x391)
42 KB
Why am I gay /b/? Also trap and gfur thread
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File: 02.jpg (254 KB, 919x1300)
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254 KB JPG
File: 03.jpg (231 KB, 919x1300)
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231 KB JPG
File: 04.jpg (171 KB, 919x1300)
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171 KB JPG

File: sasas.jpg (50 KB, 500x356)
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Will be taking bubble requests for the next hour roughly.
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File: image.jpg (97 KB, 528x720)
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File: 4632245.jpg (1.09 MB, 2048x1536)
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1.09 MB JPG
File: 16622_n.jpg (89 KB, 640x852)
89 KB

Not op, but too pretty a girl to get passed over.

File: Monte.png (64 KB, 1729x854)
64 KB
Alright fuckers lets end this once and for all.

All you smart assholes get in here and solve this problem.
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The original one has 3 doors, 1 of them has a car behind it, 2 of them have goats behind them. You pick a door, the host opens another door with a goat behind it. If you don't get you need to switch doors to enhance your probability, you are retarded.
File: goatie.png (66 KB, 962x1074)
66 KB
Red doors cointains the winning prize. Assume you are blindfolded. No matter how many doors- it is always better to switch.
You can easily explain this through logic.
Your first choice has a 1/3 probability (assuming we have 3 doors). The host opens a door with a goat, this doesn't change the probability of the first door, since there allways will be another door with a goat, irrespective of the fact which door you chose. Switching doors gives you the possibility to choose 2 of the 3 doors at once, since you know one of those 2 others doors is not the one you need to pick. Giving you a 2/3 probability as shown here >>612607313

File: bans are useless.jpg (56 KB, 234x350)
56 KB
Why bans still exist ?

Ban someone is so fucking useless.

I got banned so many times, i have to unplug my router and within 30 seconds i can post again.

Fuck the mods !

> And if you poorfag have a static ip in 2015 you're a retard

File: 3224342.jpg (179 KB, 750x574)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
The deep and mysterious origins of faggotry

Do you even thought about your faggotry origin? Try to read you bunch of retarded catamites.

Gay guys are fucking assholes.
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Apparently, they are FUCKING (other ppl's) assholes, since they dont like the pussy...
Don't make fun of porn stars. Doing it is really fucking hard.
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the fucking joke flying over your head.

9/10 people enjoy gang rape

Here, have some creepshots of my roommate
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If you know where I can get some, i'll come back with the wins you need
File: 5.jpg (330 KB, 534x1024)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
i'd 69 with her. 69 got

File: alpha_gym_male.jpg (90 KB, 700x800)
90 KB
You have exactly 10 seconds to explain why you aren't in the gym reaching your maximum evolutionary potential and developing a perfect aesthetic physique like this natural born alpha.

>Pic related
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You have exactly 10 seconds to explain why you aren't at the hairdressers reaching your maximum evolutionary potential and developing a perfect aesthetic physique.

Dude, get a haircut
Actually, that dude isn't healthy in the slightest. He's got virtually no body fat. Might sound like a good thing, but anything even vaguely outside of his normal environment and his body destroy itself almost instantly. Heaven forbid he ever get cancer or he's utterly fucked.
fucking jeff has a fucking shitty haircut everytime i see him posted, JUST CUT YOUR DAMN HAIR YOU FAG.

File: downloadfile-4.jpg (450 KB, 2448x1836)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
Someone have the sauce on this milf? Need more pics too if anyone has them. Thanks!
Anyone want moar?
File: hold-up.jpg (89 KB, 841x839)
89 KB
Awesome thread mate really good idea thanks for posting its a great theme for a thread good job my friend could you post another like it some time agaain soon maybe because its been really great so far

File: 7.jpg (149 KB, 783x945)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Do you ever fantasize about sharing your gf or having her cuck you? have you gone through with it or plan to?

Share stories & pics of your gf if you have them
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It's not that the car is unhappy, it's just that both the car and its primary driver have the capacity to be even happier if an additional variable can be introduced in a successful fashion.

The car is certainly a willing and engaged participant in all (well most) of the test-driving that's taking place. I am certainly not pushing her rear bumper into it against her own will!

The car and I have a pretty established relationship by now. I've discovered some time ago that the emotional bond we share is not in danger of being strained by the participation of another capable driver. If anything, it's made our relationship stronger. It's the car's often demonstrated lack of desire to turn her interactions with the guest drivers into the longer-term, more solid and entrenched arrangements that give me the confidence to say that the two of us have something special. The car and I do enjoy having a new guy drive her on the local roads from time to time, but when it comes to the long-range highway trips, there's no one she'd rather be than me. Knowing that really keeps any jealousy well at bay. I do not feel resentful to any gents who've been fortunate to experience how she handles in the twisties. After all, I'm the one most often finding them for us. If anything, I feel unsatisfied if the ride is over without the participants feeling enthusiastic about the driving experience.
He speaks truth.

If you're scared that your girl will leave you just because of another guy's dick once, then your relationship is already fucked.

I have something amazing with my girlfriend and I don't give a flying shit if she has some sex with another guy, it won't endanger what her and me will have. It's just sex for fun, no different than if I go have some drink with my buddy. When I go home, she's still mine and nothing changed.

I'm pretty stoned so I hope that makes sense.
>If you're scared that your girl will leave you just because of another guy's dick once, then your relationship is already fucked.
So let others fuck your girlfriend or you're insecure?

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