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File: jewsletter spam.png (296 KB, 1200x628)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
Tried /g/ but ever since the dead internet CIA takeover of 4chan no board is fast enough to overcome all the bot traffic so I'm going to ask here.

Why does NOTHING block this accursed fucking newsletter pop-up spam and every search engine has scrubbed the entire fucking internet of even ONE conversation mentioning the god damned things? Even jewtube videos are just results telling people how to make the fucking things.

>Just install this filter for uBlock / ABP bro
>Just trust me bro
Literally nothing fucking works. You can pick elements for individual sites, but all you do is break the fucking site. How do you block these god damned newsletter popups on every fucking site?
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Am I supposed to do this with every single website I visit? I assure you, any site that brings up a newsletter pop-up HAS lost any potential business I could offer. But I'm not turning my day into a full time fucking job to inform them all of this since everyone on fucking Earth does this unblockable horseshit now.
Eat hot death, fedo faggot.
Dude, your caps lock is on.


File: collage2.jpg (1.53 MB, 4000x3000)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
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File: 1711393424669813.png (77 KB, 334x443)
77 KB
what is the most insane thing you actually believe is true. i will start:
i still believe hard work pays off.
File: 1571199390247.jpg (13 KB, 200x224)
13 KB
I will always believe OP is a fag.
File: 1653080472224m.jpg (72 KB, 1024x739)
72 KB
music and games are programming a certain segment of society to become angry and self defeating, this has been happening in our faces for 50 years but the impact of this is now being seen in full effect for the first time.

File: 1704269811092491.jpg (101 KB, 1024x543)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
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File: FB_IMG_1684687168768.jpg (267 KB, 1080x1440)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
File: 1704272543099824.jpg (128 KB, 500x741)
128 KB
128 KB JPG

File: 3C12302.jpg (1.37 MB, 3024x4032)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
is Satanism based or cringe?
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> using Christian’s children against them.
Literally pic, but for edgy losers

File: latina61.jpg (41 KB, 800x706)
41 KB
Do you like Latina ass and pussy?
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says the faggot posting pics for random dudes on 4chan, cope harder
That dude

did hit a spot
Lol are you new to /b/ huh? You're one of the very guys here to stare at pics. Delusional kike. Go play in traffic.

File: 1675308564637684.png (211 KB, 427x771)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
This image speaks volumes...
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Tell us what it's like to still be living with mommy and daddy as an adult. How pathetic can you be?
Now I thought the left was for the common man.
I guess you zoomer ivory tower leftists are the future of the democrat party, what an ugly look.
Eat shit, truckfag

socials, irl preferred
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disc polybius5472
always want to fuck this cute little face when i see it
little tight slut is always begging for it

File: 1680379216682646.jpg (191 KB, 1200x1077)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Chubby/BBW/Fatty thread.

Memorial Day edition.
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File: 5r7euexi2gxc1.jpg (347 KB, 1800x1350)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
File: IMG_9952.jpg (165 KB, 960x1280)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Hopefully sharing her again tonight

File: unknown.jpg (120 KB, 407x695)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
609 177 789 i know thats this is someone's dad number

File: 7a3f8f4e87bd9eaecdbcd.jpg (125 KB, 1242x1550)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Incest is wincest thread!

Share your hot family members or stories of your sexual adventures with them.

Screencaps welcome, OC particularly welcome

Archive of older stories:
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Yeah I only saw it once.
They're very close, she's always sitting on his lap most of the time when I see them. I know he used to take baths with her even when she was 9, idk if they still do that.
I've seen her walk up to him, grab his face and turn it towards her and give him a big kiss on the lips.
And sometimes when I go over there they'll be chilling in bed watching TV in their underwear, which I guess isn't that bad.
It was something like $300 or $400. My brother had just gotten birthday money so he put up most of it and I got in easy. It was a lot of money to us then but then again I suppose we were asking a lot of her.
How's you relationship with sis?

File: 20240527_165051.jpg (429 KB, 4080x3060)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
I just shat myself lol

>walk near a brown person
>they smell like literal shit
this always fucking happens

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