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File: 91p832SXFXL._SY445_.jpg (50 KB, 314x445)
50 KB
Name a better movie

>Protip: You can't
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File: 51NPPFB60BL._SY445_.jpg (49 KB, 310x445)
49 KB
Any movie starring the Circle K is better
You got me there

File: 516zmals7dcy.jpg (890 KB, 1500x1633)
890 KB
890 KB JPG
Which would you enjoy the most, Anon?

Also futa caption dump.
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i dont really awnt to be dommed like that i wanna be made love to
Where do people get these pictures from?

File: blisb_(3025).jpg (142 KB, 900x1289)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
have you ever lowered your standards enough to fuck a fat girl? what was it like?
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You've never had sex I take it? All girls have the potential to smell bad retard, same as guys. Stop watching porn anon, and get you some real girl pussy.
Hahahaha the virgins are the ones who think every fat girl,gives great head. That because they haven't had much head so any head is amazing. Good head depends on the enthusiasm of the girl. Not all fatties are thrilled about having dick in their mouth.
Got more?

File: hurt-johnny-cash.jpg (42 KB, 660x453)
42 KB
What has life taught you, /b? What advice do you have for young people?
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File: FB_IMG_1436035711347.jpg (20 KB, 480x320)
20 KB
Dont talk like an anon outside of 4chan, and dont be a cunt to random people or you might get doxxed like this underaged newfag.
Noah Saunders
Bristol, Connecticut
Phone#: 8609705900
Kik: papercardboard
IG: itsnoah_saunders
wear sunscreen
empty bottles often make the loudest noise.

Relates to people.

File: Police-Pride.jpg (339 KB, 2048x1536)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
UK hate thread
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File: braindead.png (133 KB, 951x451)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>being this retarded
Toвapищ дeтeктeд!
well who is then?

File: 265546.jpg (47 KB, 625x415)
47 KB
>Guns don't kill people, people kill people
yeah with guns
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There's many more armed civilians than there are men in the military. Combine that with the fact many in the military would not support a tyrannical regime and thus create infighting AND that there are veterans within the civilian populous.

And don't pull the airstrike and bombing shit either because that is an argument made by those who don't understand civilian warfare at all. We are a resource the government needs. They would not outright bomb entire urban areas and would need to resort to troops or similarly small scale shit to suppress the citizenry.
Fucks sakes you just answered why there wouldn't be tyranny if there was gun regulation. Tyranny can't operate without soldiers, and you can't call soldiers heroes and enslavers at the same time. Tyranny can only be productive if everyone agrees with it, that's why I said only the media is a danger to freedom. If the evil elitists really wanted to suppress you they could just cut off power and water services and your entire city or town would surrender in a week
Guns have 1 fucking purpose, to kill shit, obviously if you take the highly specialized killing """tool""" away or make it harder to acquire there'll be fewer deaths from it. If you argue this point you should use your own gun to blow out what little brains you have

Post your ideal female body.
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Tiffany Cappotelli
File: 10.jpg (106 KB, 997x1500)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

File: Why.jpg (62 KB, 412x348)
62 KB
>Be me
>have crush on solid 6.5/10
>start to talk to her
>find out she likes sports and video games
>instantly bumped up to 7.5/10
>walk to school day after
>alone cuz i have no friends
>she talks to me
>we walk to school.

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>be op
>get rightfully banned for being underage

File: 11-21-`17 screenshot.png (357 KB, 362x594)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
Reply with trips for wins!
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744 is 33 off you retard
OP is a fucking bitch
OP is a fag

Let's see who uses the catalog and who's a newfag.
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File: nice2.png (35 KB, 355x208)
35 KB
File: 20180321_124446.png (657 KB, 1080x1600)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
I'm hoping she's a trap.

anyone else feel like they missed out on growing up with a smooth femboy bestfriend to hangout and play vidya and fuck with. honestly sounds beautiful to me and im straight
Hey its me ur friend
sup op moar

File: 1516621154652.gif (800 KB, 500x500)
800 KB
800 KB GIF
Need help killing myself.
I have my eyes on cyanide due to it being quick and relatively painless, but how much do I need (I'm 55kg) and where can I get it ?
Other suggestions are accepted but I'm a huge coward, so jumping off a roof and that kinda stuff won't do.

Thanks for your attention !
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pls don't die I love you and I will contact you if you give me a kik or something
nah dont do it ya faggot. it'll get better, don't be a cunt.
Take a bath with a toaster.
For bonus points, livestream it.

File: 1509893228071.jpg (8 KB, 250x250)
8 KB
Guess my pubes!
1. Post a picture of a girl for other to guess
2. Others will guess if she is shaved, hairy, trimmed, etc.
3. If they guess correctly you post the picture
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File: 1504495903057.jpg (1.49 MB, 1316x1742)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG

How to travel to other stars?
What kinds of propulsion or technology needed?

ET UFO presence is obvious, so there must be a way
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just grab a dyson and go into space and turn it on
double vacuum = instant travel
'It is said that Man is created in the image of God and since this God created the Universe, man feels confident that it has a right to rule it. But there are other Gods, dark Gods, Gods in whose terrible image other creatures are made - and they too might believe that they are destined to rule..."
Ion propulsion would be our friend on that scale, requires very little phisical fuel and can be obtained using electricity, that is readily available through solar panels & such, also not having friction to think about favors small-scale mass efficient thrust over big ass propulsion

File: download.png (11 KB, 251x201)
11 KB
Everyone start redirecting people to "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nngGGBkjMpU" without "".

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