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File: 1555449029893.jpg (45 KB, 600x750)
45 KB
waifu tomo smug thread fuck larp niggers
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File: 1555085332023.jpg (76 KB, 440x334)
76 KB
File: fuckyall.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
File: 15472972124970.jpg (83 KB, 1920x1080)
83 KB
>I'm gonna head out now, don't spend all day being a smug motherfucker like that.
>Bye bitcccccchhhhhhh~

File: Short-Blonde-Hair-Men.jpg (44 KB, 500x500)
44 KB
>"White people have no culture"

Explain this:
>Groundhog Day
>The Superbowl
>Valentine's Day
>St Patrick's Day
>Alice Day
>Mother's Day

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Jewish people have no culture.

I fixed it for you OP, no need to thank you I know your appreciating my fix.
white culture is so awesome the world sees it as 'the norm'
ITT: americans not knowing the meaning of the word "culture" and thinking superbowl is a cultural event.

What a cesspool. Your educational system needs to be fixed asap.
You also enlisted religious celebration which belong to religious persons only. Not that there's something bad into that, being a non-believer I still respect people who does.
But for sure I don't respect anybody thinking new year's eve represents culture in any way.

Buy plane tickets for any destination and travel a bit outside those cultural wastelands you inhabit and you'll eventually realize what I am talking about.

TL;DR you don't have any culture if you're american and you should at least try to know better.

Knuckles' Sacrifice edition
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Eh, close enough. Thanks!
File: 25.png (38 KB, 821x512)
38 KB
kek any time.


other req?
Do some math.

File: FB_IMG_1555573645734.jpg (24 KB, 460x379)
24 KB
Got moar epic ones, im going to hell anyways

Should I try to blackmail these girls with their nudes? If any of you have done this before tell me about what happened and what you made her do
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Just dump here or Vola don't have kik

ya she’s got some big fat titties, ass pretty decent too
Fuck id love to bury my cock in there

File: frogs.jpg (72 KB, 720x960)
72 KB
Cursed images.
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File: 1555558260125.jpg (9 KB, 300x300)
9 KB
yuck yuck i like a suck
Charlie Chaplin's ghost?
File: shot-759x1024.png (557 KB, 759x1024)
557 KB
557 KB PNG

File: 1555348449352.jpg (53 KB, 606x768)
53 KB
day waifu
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newthread >>797676481
without niggers
I wont be amazed if you are one of there homeless ass niggers, lol.

File: acf.gif (1.9 MB, 312x250)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
is there a similar site to fiverr, where you can order simple hacks on a website? Or do you have to go on the dark web.
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>Or do you have to go on the dark web
Kek! You are indeed stupid
yea haha stupid so funny. yes im stupid. haha lulz IDIOT lol. now tell me.

File: 70.jpg (68 KB, 576x768)
68 KB
Shouldn't Share/Saved Pics Thread
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>One decent collection in the thread
>Dies half way through me downloading it
Congratulate her on being able to keep that body after 3 kids
Which one is your sister?

File: 28673-4.jpg (41 KB, 940x940)
41 KB
Should I buy a penis pump, is it worth it?
I'm looking to increase girth, not worried about length
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It's good for a bit of fun but doesn't increase size in anyway.
Have you used?
Outside of an operation that literally loses a huge portion of your dicks ability to feel sensation, there is no way to increase any dimension of your dick.

On a side note, as long as you're not rocking a micro, women (outside of size queens that are 9 times out of 10 fat as fuck) do not give a shit.

File: untitled.png (500 KB, 650x400)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
dubs decides my new discord name and profile pic

File: 1551097296446.jpg (131 KB, 671x800)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
What is your current job? I am a barista at a gay bar.
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I work as an accountant at my cousins firm.
If you work at a bar, wouldn't that make you a bartender rather than a barista?
Yeah, but people keep using both.

File: 3.jpg (168 KB, 675x900)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Unhappy Crying girls, post.
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You know this is shopped right?
File: 1519589434038.jpg (260 KB, 1920x1200)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
The Terran Empress likes it.

File: alien.png (292 KB, 371x445)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
So i just fucked a alien.
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>aaaaaaaaaayyyy lmfao
How old was it
ANSWER MY FUCKING POST YOU ALIEN FUCKING FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

File: IMG_20190418_120232~2.jpg (379 KB, 1811x1858)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
Can any of you medfags tell me what the fuck is wrong with my dick.
I woke up and it was like this and it hurts a bit.
Also yesterday my gf gave me a blowjob but she sucked me kinda hard.
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Looks like a case of chapped dick. Let your dick rest, clean it gently.
It's called thrush or candida. Balanitis. Google all these things and it will tell you the remedy. Antifungals etc.
Clinical psychologist here, you need to wash your penis and make your bed or you'll never slay the dragon.

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