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File: 16546091210_7b2f67f77c_o.jpg (254 KB, 2400x1752)
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If I see you on the streets vaping I will punch you in the head. Done.
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“i want to hide my inferior complex by telling people what to do in order to feel superior”
I don’t vape nicotine
I vape thc cartridges at home and my house/cloths don’t smell like weed
what is it, huh? pencil dick? still at your moms place? incel? ugly? weird body odor?

File: 240_n.jpg (40 KB, 768x960)
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Just found. You're welcome.

File: image.jpg (317 KB, 750x1334)
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Only post NEW content

File: 1527137859006.jpg (100 KB, 672x960)
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I have a really hot best friend and I didn't even have a sex dream about her I dreamed we were hanging out doing complex dream stuff and I was just kinda leaning on her a lot while we were sitting down then she went to change clothes and came out in bangs long socks and a skirt and she was so cute and I was proud of her and I kissed her right on the face and smiled as big as I could and then we went back to leaning on each other and stuff and it was really great but I can't tell her about it because it would be weird and we're entirely platonic and I am 100% okay with that and I don't even know her in person but it was a really good happy dream and I wish talking about it wouldn't blur the lines of our relationship but I have to say it here so I can have said it somewhere thanks Cali. <3

File: 1526480216221.jpg (104 KB, 1040x1040)
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Nice copypasta but we all know youre fake as shit
>heyy dumbs, go in shit, look at this!!!

File: NO MORE ATHEISM.jpg (18 KB, 234x250)
18 KB

File: tuertery4.jpg (505 KB, 858x956)
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505 KB JPG
which one?wwyd

File: index.png (6 KB, 282x179)
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me and my girlfriend were talking and her and her friend came up with an idea we take the night me and my friend and her and her friend to come up with the most fucked up shit to say to each other we really want to fuck them up because they are both really innocent so the more rapey and fucked up the better
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Your wording is confusing as fuck. Are you asking for fucked up statements for you and your gf to say to your friends?
I wish I could find where you are and beat the fuck out of you

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no im looking for fucked up things for me and my friend to say to my gf and her friend

File: 20180524_001730.jpg (1.61 MB, 1470x2592)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
and fat. wassup
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thatsissyguy69 on kik
ok ill send u a msg
File: 20180524_010055.jpg (1.57 MB, 2592x1944)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG

File: britney24.jpg (310 KB, 1200x1800)
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310 KB JPG
Celeb Thread
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your timestamp is after >>769490027
but your >>769490026 post and post number is before >>769490027

why do people flip out and go KYS for celeb and fb/ig pics threads? anons end up posting some hot as fuck pics, its all good.
Is that Jordyn Jones on the right?

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
If Richard dawkins is so smart, how come he didn't know mr garrison was a man?


This is the best “time regression” type hentai manga I’ve ever read. If you have better- share it. We all love time travel to right some wrongs and get some ass.
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hentai2read.com and type the fucking title on the pic dumbass
File: 1524775935857m.jpg (52 KB, 427x1024)
52 KB
Bumping with tiny tits like back in the day
>>769491056 thanks mate

File: Umbrella Kotori.jpg (176 KB, 776x1199)
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176 KB JPG
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File: 1526627813332.jpg (76 KB, 560x315)
76 KB
bump with cutes silly

Anyone save these?

i dont have anything on my pc at the moment but huge bump, more rapeplay like this, gay or straight

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