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Thoughts on my step cousin?
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Want a green text?
Yes please

File: EuW9FTPXMAMYnKe.jpg (154 KB, 957x1518)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Post your height and hard dick size so smol/unproportionate-to-height dick anons can feel better, I'll start
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Does it look proportionately small when you look at yourself naked since you're really tall?
Always depends on the girl, some are just 5" deep so it's kinda hopeless to gauge. You just have to stimulate the G-spot, anyway, kek

File: Black Superman.png (833 KB, 708x727)
833 KB
833 KB PNG
Why are (((they))) doing this? Why are things like this keep happening now, you guys?
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File: dumbass.jpg (332 KB, 1136x1251)
332 KB
332 KB JPG

The New Deal laid the foundations for the modern consumer economy. Before that, wealth was grossly centralized (much like it is now), which prevented the growth of a healthy market economy (much like it does now).

You don't have to like it.
That's exactly my fucking point. Culture is all about how others influence us, "Cultural Appropriation" is the most retarded concept of the woke media today. The whole point of Culture is that it spreads and changes and influences future generations.
>94% tax rate
How is one supposed to survive from 6% of his income? Unless he is an actual millionaire.

>be me
>2 abortions before 25
>both because I got lazy with birth control
>zero regrets
>no trauma
>regular baby killer jokes
>both at home abortions with the pills
>literally saw the fetus in the toilet for the second one
>flushed it with zero emotions
>literally the exact stereotype about using abortions for birth control for fun

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File: 1613106169135s.jpg (2 KB, 125x103)
2 KB
When the mother wants the baby, it's a human life growing in her belly. When the mother does not want the baby, it's a clump of cells-- similar to a tumor. Objective reality hangs upon the subjective desires and perceptions of a woman, as is usual. To think otherwise would not be grownup.

File: 1734145594.jpg (142 KB, 1067x1113)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
BBC thread
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No big black poop thread.
File: 1607706758864.webm (1.1 MB, 640x792)
1.1 MB
Closet white sissy here

Love dressing in my ex’s clothes for guys. Also have some stuff from another ex’s milf mom, an old crush, and some girls I knew in high school and college.

Kjheart1 on snap

Anyone else from Maryland? What’s your thoughts? Everyone I ever meet always has some connection to this state. Not sure why, this place fucking sucks.
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Its getting to me now, annoying
State seems fine to me, lived here a few years now
never met anyone with a connection to maryland, been living on the north east cost for the last 6 years. expand you circle of people ya dingus

File: IMG_0934.jpg (384 KB, 1242x2208)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
dumping this liberal sluts nudes
200+ pics and vids
just join this vola
and click the mega link

volafile dot org/r/1p0107pnc

File: 1583563957355.jpg (59 KB, 1024x913)
59 KB
I eat a king sized Twix everynight

Yes I am better than you
Twix shit my pants.

File: 62457354882.jpg (162 KB, 1024x680)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>live in city
>wage slave at decent paying job, barely afford rent and amenities, cant save
>wish to escape high cost city life
>look at small, quaint seaside towns to live in
>look up places to rent, rent is basically just as high as in city
>not a single job paying above minimum wage advertised

What the fuck is wrong with this world bros? Is there any place on Earth where housing isn't insanely expensive? How do people even afford to live in small towns? Everyone always says to move away from city if you want a decent place to live, but there's no jobs there.
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You say that like much of the work they are doing wouldn't be filled by legals instead, whom would be paid a higher rate in order to get them to do the work.
>Higher rates
Not saying that's bad, but what's that going to do to the price of things, though?
Not that much tbh. Take Oranges for example. Let's say the migrant worker picks 300 good sized Oranges per hour. Add 3 cents per Orange to his pay and that's an additional $9 per hour that the worker gets. Now figure in the the price of full sized Oranges at the grocery store, 3 cents more per Orange isn't jack shit.

Hey guys I hope you are all doing okay out there. If you can, go look at the moon for a minute or two. I'm gonna go look myself and maybe for a moment we won't be all alone.

Goodnight everyone
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Just looked. It's bright af at my place.
Thanks guys. Really bright from my end too hope you both have a goodnight
You too bro

whats better: cold or room temp water?
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hmm, I see.
i used to drink cold almost exclusively but recently because of college i have switched mostly to lukewarm
cold for waching hands, drinking, most things. hot for showering and cooking. room temp is worthless.

File: 1556097601697.jpg (11 KB, 258x195)
11 KB
dubs decides how I kill myself

I got cucked by a mulatto that farted on my head when I was 5 years old
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Another one doesn't do it, go figure.
please tell the story. I need some greentext

File: 1611908277449.jpg (97 KB, 750x757)
97 KB
Women are treated like children, and they call this protection and respect.

But, seriously, laws like, "don't text your dick to a woman" are intended to protect women like they're children, and if you're over 18 and need to be protected like a child, then you can't be legally treated like an adult because you're retarded.

Therefore, from now on, women get fake "respect" from me.

Where can I go right now to find girls to ask out?

I already posted on here earlier that I had very negitive feed back on tinder (where I had super low standerds)

Im 25, have my own place, I have a very well paying job, 6'2, Excellent cardio and stamina, lift, im not a sperg and my face is decent and im really hygenic, yet I havent had any luck in even getting a date on tinder, even (no offence) some of the really fat and phyiscally unattractive chicks were to busy.

Lots of my friends have met girls on tinder, but if not tinder wheres a good place to start?

File: pepe.jpg (94 KB, 976x850)
94 KB
i think i overfed my pepe any advice? how do you guys keep your pepes in shape

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