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File: _2.jpg (167 KB, 1000x1000)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Just made pretentious looking Cinnamon Rolls.

Post yours. Hate on mine or suck my dick cause they came out tasty as fuck.

Love you all.
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The filling sounds divine. Not entierly convinced about the black tea instead of water. Can you even taste it?
Fam you have to drop the recipe for that, or at least recommend a good recipe source.

Incorporating black teas into foods sounds beautiful.
In venezuela they have these sticky rolls which they eat with giant slabs of cheese.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.

Sometimes when you're riding from one big city to the next you'll see some forest villagers cooking a whole pig in a fire by the road and selling entire portions of it to whoever asks.
I can now blame this thread for making me stop at a Cinnabon stand on the way home today.
>Lacking even the most base self honesty

File: side.jpg (288 KB, 2000x1328)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
A simple old fashioned donut is great.
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File: LxnCFgt.png (339 KB, 823x549)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
oh no fucking way, holy rolling fuck, i thought i was the only boy this side of the mississippi headwaters that celebrated world's best.

my man. all the artisanal shit in Chicago can't hold a candle. we gotta keep that place in business. them fuckin' unparalleled cake donuts.
Is there any restaurant in New Orleans that isn't based?

I am serious. I have never had a bad meal there.
I thought Cafe Royal was subpar.
I'm a canadafag, have had KK a few times. Once in the US and like 3 other times at my uni when kids would hop over the boarder to buy and sell them for the club or whatever.

They were pretty bad all times. Too much glaze, soggy on the outside, dry on the inside, and the taste was kind of odd.

Best doughnuts I've ever had hands down is at this place called Duffins.
Delicious, super soft, moist, 24hrs a day, and I've never had a doughnut that wasn't anything but good no matter the time.
I've been going there on my family's summer vacation for over 25 years. Always get my free donut with my number from the previous year, and then a couple more (powdered sugar of course), and a carton of milk. Then walk down to the beach and eat them on the shore of Lake Superior enjoying the perfection that is the North Shore.

File: url-1.jpg (6 KB, 153x186)
6 KB
so /ck/ how do you guys take your tea and what kind? also what do you guys think about growing your own tea?
I drink mostly iced tea in the summer. I cold brew oolong and puehr, and drink it cold, sometimes with lemon.

I live in Nebraska so I don't think tea would do well. I'll stick with tomatoes, peppers, etc.
I drink cheapo-quality chinese tea, mostly longjing and lapsang souchong. Hot.

I can't grow a weed if I was trying to. Gardening seems like a skill that still requires passed-down knowledge that hasn't been neatly detailed on the internet.
the tea plant actually does super well in most weather conditions

File: Bibimbap.jpg (431 KB, 820x488)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
Do you know K-Food Revolution?


History in 5000 years of a Korean traditional food.
Do you know, the leading role style in the new next time.
Please eat! And please discuss!

File: 2015-05-26_15.42.31.jpg (44 KB, 480x800)
44 KB
What's for dinner, /ck/?
Mine is pic related
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File: 2015-05-26_15.45.53.jpg (34 KB, 480x800)
34 KB
This was delicious! You all are missing out
What has /ck/ turned into?
>implying it was ever better than this

File: DerrySpread.jpg (77 KB, 600x305)
77 KB
So what's your favourite chocolate kind, /ck/? What do you usually pick? Favourite brand? Do you make your own?
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File: sees1.jpg (1.36 MB, 3264x2448)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Most glorious candy store. Everything in it is amazingly delicious. I can't pick just one.
Maybe the Scotch mallow, which is dark chocolate over caramel, honey and marshmallow.
File: 1426496551159.jpg (172 KB, 640x639)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Oh and before you try to say "nuh uh" have a looksie


We don't give a shit if people use them or not, just that they differentiate between check and "cheque"
File: 1431740168233.gif (490 KB, 350x292)
490 KB
490 KB GIF
come at me
Lindt is best mass produced chocolate ever.
Ghirardelli is a close second.
Chocolate is good for you to an almost excessive degree. Everything else added with it is not.

Am I supposed to tip these guys?

>inb4 another tipping thread
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File: Bo-VqbxCUAEIfm1.jpg (50 KB, 599x443)
50 KB
I never tip. Even high class places. Sometimes they ask me why, and I explain everything, or I hand them this little card and exit. Some place even tried banning me from going which is hilarious. I do try to not cause a scene but sometimes the manger comes and my anger gets the best of me.
File: mascot.png (83 KB, 194x329)
83 KB
>I never tip
That's a pretty fancy outfit for someone who works as a fucking waiter.
you seem flustered
I don't tip either but honestly, if you don't tip, just don't eat at places where a tip is expected

Sonic is a good example, because it's also fucking terrible

File: 1299476632219.jpg (34 KB, 313x313)
34 KB
What's something I can make a huge batch of and just eat for a week?
I'm a lazy cunt and if I have to spend more than 5 minutes cooking every day I tend to just say fuck it and order out instead.

And yes, making a bunch of food then freezing it would work. But then I have to think ahead and thaw it out. Again, very lazy cunt. Something I could just pull out of the fridge and nuke or scoop out of a pot on the stove after heating it for a few minutes would be great
Chili, lasagna, red beans and rice, beef stew, pulled pork... quite a few possibilities. Look up some basic recipes and tweak them to your liking. Most of them are crockpot friendly too.
you don't deserve more than the barely edible plastic that is microwavable boxed food and i hope you die of congestive heart failure from eating so much it.
Enchiladas. Cook up a bunch and keep them in the fridge, they should be flavorful throughout, and they keep for a while.
I do this a lot.

-2 chicken leg quarters(10 lb bag frozen on sale all the time for aprox 7$)
-couple strips bacon
-large can of black beans
-can of corn
-can of rotel
-bunch of cilantro
-half a block of cream cheese

Don't be a retard. Season appropriately.
-cook off a couple cups of brown rice.

Cheap and healthy. Use fresh stuff if you're watching sodium.

File: 348s.jpg (27 KB, 348x348)
27 KB
and what did you eat?
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I spent ~$30 on ingredients for tourtière, and also bought a Victorinox 8" chef's knife

My house is being renovated and I can't use the AC right now. Turns out making pastry in blazing hot weather is a bad idea.
2 corndogs and a caramel milkshake from sonic.

9 Beers: ~5$
A Frozen Pizza: 1.25
Homemade bacon and cheese potato wedges: >$5

party pizza
cheese ravioli
>being a thief

File: seasonn.jpg (256 KB, 1632x918)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Anyone else do heavy seasoning to there steak before cooking? You can say I dont enjoy the taste of meat etc... but it comes out great almost blackened
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lol i duno why that made me laugh
picturing you seasoning a steak heavily and then rinsing it
The only thing I use to season my steaks is coarse salt. Not even pepper. Don't need nothing else.
Rub with olive/canola oil, Montreal's steak seasoning, and garlic salt, in that order.

It's nothing fancy, but the taste is right.
File: marinade.jpg (153 KB, 1280x720)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
other steak i made
This. Shit just gets burnt, yo.

File: 102_0910.jpg (991 KB, 2832x2128)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
I got one /ck/
A 1/2 pound Ameriburger
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Nor is it how you spell FNP9.
>tfw I could have had a steak
I just want fries and a large coffee
The buns are shiny because they get an egg wash before baking.

I work at Hardees and man this burger is disgusting, no wonder we sell maybe two a night, not coincidentally always a big fat fuck ordering a 1/2 pound burger.
File: 20150526_203353.jpg (634 KB, 2048x1152)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
whos talking shit about my carls jr?

Hey amerifags, why do you guys eat margarine and shit like that? I cant believe its fucking butter is so discusting!

When I have my crumptes, its only white butter that goes on there. White butter supremacy!
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I suppose as strange as it feels for me to say this, from my angle it appears to be two possible things:
-Your statement is partly an internal argument with yourself
-A false sense of even mindedness woven in to avoid conflict and to appear as though you see validity in the other side, when at your more core levels, you do not.

Whatever. This sort of "unreconciled" way of communicating is relatively novel to me. There are not many people who can or are willing to function this way. Best of luck and whatnot.

>butter has good fats and good cholesterol

kek, did you read that right off a brochure?
>not making your own crumpies and serving them with quality butter

Full plebian

Margarine is pretty shit for you, but so is butter.

>not using avocado as your spread of choice
But there's nothing good about margarine. I mean if it were an unhealthy food that tasted good that'd be one thing, but margarine also tastes worse than butter. For its entire history of a product people have mainly chosen to eat it either because it was cheap or because it was believed to be healthy.

File: a-ice-cream-sundae-18.jpg (42 KB, 500x375)
42 KB
I scream, you scream, is there anyone who doesn't scream for ice cream? [spoiler]Or ice milk, frozen custard, frozen yogurt, or for you non-dairy folks, soy cream.[/spoiler]
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Wouldn't people with cold sensitive teeth be more likely to scream when they have ice cream?
Especially can't into soy ice cream.

Can you at least have italian ices or non-dairy popsicles?
They scream /because of/ ice cream. They do not scream /for/ ice cream. :-)
If they don't use any nonsense emulsifier or corn syrup, sometimes. Most add in other things though. Things I don't want.

Like I said, I gave up on it for the most part. The last time I ate ice cream it was made with just Milk, cream, cane sugar, egg yolks, and cocoa powder. Then the familiar feeling of sweating and feeling like my head was hot inside, and made of cotton, set in. Just said fuck this.


jesus christ and i thought her first one was cringy
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its meh
bra sizes are actually dependent on rib cage size the actual cup varies. bras are fucking confusing and inconsistent.
that actually doesnt seem to bad id eat it.
File: 1428671620482s.jpg (3 KB, 89x125)
3 KB
made me cringe a little

File: egg tube.jpg (18 KB, 460x338)
18 KB
I made a cake, and it needed two egg yolks, and now I just have two egg whites in a bowl on my counter.

What can I do with egg whites?
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Egg whites sandwich
>rub egg whites on face
>apply toilet tissue on egg whites on face
>apply more egg whites on toilet tissue on egg whites on face
>let dry
>peel off
>enjoy smooth babby face for the day
File: snow.jpg (96 KB, 700x700)
96 KB
Please cover and heat the meringue which beat egg whites on the stew.
It'll be the dish called Light snow.
Pseudo-semen recipe for pornography photography.

egg whites + skim milk is beat moderately. And several drops of oolong tea is added to realistic coloring.
literally why

egg whites don't have any flavour, they are garbage on their own.

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