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File: 36_sriracha_balls.jpg (1.59 MB, 1880x1259)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
What is your favorite food at your state fair? The Minnesota State Fair is going on right now and deep fried Sriracha Balls are big. Doesn't sound like they taste that great, though.

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basically just deep fried dough with powdered sugar/regular sugar and cinnamon on top. So tasty
this is one of the most bland, boring and awful reviewers I have ever seen in my entire life. Plus, why does almost everything at the fair contain sriracha?
Because it's this year's bacon
Deep fried reeses for me please.
Also, why doesn't Famous Daves come back with the peach glazed pignore cheeks? It's the only thing they've ever done right.
Pignore. Fuck. Pig*

File: mcdonald-s-office.jpg (77 KB, 1000x570)
77 KB
Is M/ck/Donald's the official restaurant of /ck/ - fast food?
Name a single place with a better burger. Just one.
Not to mention their nugs and fries. Unmatched.

Reminder that you should go there instead of the Jet's pizza.
Pizza has been known to contain excess amounts of fat and salt, while they (McDonalds) have budget AND health friendly items on our premium menu.
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even you fuckers are shilling here now?
Swensons or A&W

do you guys even like burgers
>thread ended
They are good.
They are okay
They are the worst fries I have ever had.

>confusing shills and false flagging shitposters
Come the hell on.
Slagtergrillen has far better burgers.

File: espresso-shot[1].jpg (20 KB, 220x330)
20 KB
Can someone recommend me a decent budget espresso machine?
It must have a steam arm/wand.
Also, general coffee discussion.
all $150-200 machine will pretty much be the same type of 15-bar semi-automatic machine. not a bad place to start tbqh. just pick a reliable brand and model with half-decent or better reviews. searching espresso machine on amazon should point you in to what you need
All of them will have steam wands, but probably only good ones will have lever control with temp readouts.
Assuming you have a decent enough grinder, then the only espresso parts I can think of within your operating budget would be the DeLonghi, a Cuisinart/Capresso, and perhaps a used machine off eBay.

In all honesty the quality of the grinder you have matters more than the actual machine (when speaking within the $100-250 price range). After that, moving up you'll see some noticeable differences, assuming your grinder remains the same exact equality.

Have you looked into a moka pot already? It's a pretty decent alternative to espresso, and although it's not true espresso, the Italians can vouch for its reputability. It's only $30 on Amazon too, for a Bialetti.
Don't over estimate the size of the coffee it produces though. I didn't realize how thick the aluminum walls in the heating compartment was, so it appeared to produce more than it does.
>budget espresso machine
No such thing.

Anything under $200 will make shit espresso and stop working in a year.

File: image.jpg (88 KB, 500x375)
88 KB
I know I'm probably fat as fuck for even asking but I wanted to compare because I think im eating too much.

2 eggs with two toast and beans
Two large tortilla wraps with meat, veggies and cheese
Big plate of meat, veggies, and a starchy carb (pasta, rice, tatoes)
Ice cream, nuts, handful of chips

But I never feel never satisfied ;_;
I almost feel like I should be on secret eaters
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>> Breakfast
Black espresso or Earl Grey depending on the mood

>> Lunch
Grilled white/red meat or fish depending on what's available with a side of carbs, rice if possible

>> Dinner
2 slices of ham with a bit of cheese

>> Snacks
Nuts, cashews, almonds (not activated).

generally during the week I'll eat mostly small meals or just bits of food (banana, slice of bread)

at the weekend though I will have one ridiculously large meal (like a chili or a decent sized pizza) and just drink for the rest of the day
Large bowl oatmeal porrige with roasted rye over
Larger half of last nights Dinner
Large pan of Noodle or Rice stir fry with chicken and veg (half is for lunch next day).
Mixed nuts and/or roasted almonds.

I wishI was /fit/ but I'm just cheap.
2 full weath slices of bread with chicken or other lean meat
usually an omelette with turkey and some kind of greens like salad or peas
brown rice, broccoli and chicken/lean meat
dark chocolate, apples

get /fit/, /ck/
>white bread for breakfasts

I can no longer afford my favourite thing, Green and Blacks chocolate.

Anybody want to swap two bars for a brand new high quality mug. Pic very related.
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Gonna go down to coles and buy 4. Be smarter with your money, I'm only doing this to spite you
The orange spice dark green and blacks! If you're in Australia, keep an eye out for those $2 shps with the loop of the guy saying "NEVER PAY FULL PRICE AGAIN", they often have green and blacks, as well as UK trans fat cadburys which is ambrosia.

Maybe its because G&B is mass market garbage chocolate.
Offer is still open OP.
get off of 4chan and go work to make some money to buy chocolate. fuck.

File: PHP496CF3FECC380.jpg (39 KB, 298x190)
39 KB
I have a bunch of Asian markets near me, what are some good sweets, snacks, and versatile ingredients for the kitchen?
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OP here, would like to know as well and what you guys make with the matcha. I'd like to try making matcha ice cream.
OP again, damn those sound pretty good, I'm going to a nicer market tomorrow that has hot food, I'll see if they have them. I'll post some pics while I'm there.
>white people
Light sesame oil is used mostly by south Indians, Bengalis and Sri Lankans. Get a lot of sesame seeds.Grind them up into a paste. Let the paste sit overnight. The stuff that floats to the top during that time is light sesame oil.
Dark sesame oil is made the same way but with the additional step of toasting the seeds.
There's also Burmese sesame oil, which blends the two. Where I live currently, light sesame oil is difficult to find (and seems oddly expensive when I do) and I've never once seen Burmese sesame oil sold here, so I approximate it by mixing dark sesame oil with peanut, sunflower or other lighter-coloured oils to decent results.
He's a bit overdramatic over that shit (probably to hype up what hidden city he rightfully discovered!), but cool recipe.

How do I get rid of a bunch of onions without making French onion soup?
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Pasta with an emphasis on onions
might make french onion soup to clear out some onions but it sounds a bit gross
are you retarded? serious question
>doesn't know what beef bouillon is
>calls others retarded
Eat them like Shrek does

File: sushi.jpg (58 KB, 320x350)
58 KB
What kind of sushi would you recommend for a first time eater? I've heard that tuna rolls are a good place to start, I'm looking for some general advice.

Also, sushi thread
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he's correct though. especially in conveyor belt sushi, you start with cucumber
qp mayo with some sriracha?
Raw fish by itself needs something else. Kaisen-don and sushi are great. Sashimi is just boring at best.
what's wrong with a bit of roe

File: image.jpg (636 KB, 1500x1000)
636 KB
636 KB JPG
World Health Organization announces the main ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, is a probable carcinogen. So far it has been found in the urine, blood, and breast milk of humans. It is in the water table, the air we breath, and in the ground. It is being sprayed near schools, parks, and other population centers. Also it doesn't wash off your food. It is in your food. High fructose corn syrup, ingredients made of soy or corn, everywhere. There is a world wide protest to ban it to protect ourselves and our environment from any more harm. Is this what we want to leave our children?
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It's funny that anytime this gets brought up some douchebags relate it all to hippies and liberals. pretty sure the majority of people in the US don't want their food poisoned.
The U.S. raises the limits every time some corporation realizes their shit is not working anymore and need to make it stronger.
That is one of the reasons that limits are higher in the US, yes. My point being that most people don't understand how carcinogens work, it's not like you touch one molecule of it and you instantly get cancer. It's simply the function of cancer risk percentage related to dosage. However, because we don't have full data, it's hard to get an exact function, plus different countries have different guidelines as far as acceptable exposure levels and what percentage increase it takes before a compound is labeled carcinogenic.
You're being retarded. The whole point of GMOs is to make them more resistant to pesticides so they can spray them with more shit.

Also, the selective breeding done by farmers in the past is absolutely not the same as what is done to GMOs.
>I hate science
>I'm not a hippie
pick one
when will you liberals realize science is kewl?

File: image.jpg (1.04 MB, 3264x2448)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
gonna fry up some toast
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not him but if i'm going to be having eggs bready I'm not going to stop at one
Not bad for a late night snack. Probably not the most unhealthy thing since you cut half the carbs out if you don't eat the middle of the bread and the fact that it's sourdough and a thin slice help too. Eggs are always good for you as well. If you wanna kick it up a notch, throw some cheese on there before the egg finishes cooking and toss it in the broiler for like 3 minutes so the eggs cooks and cheese melts. Throw some avocado and maybe a bit of salsa. Some sour cream if you want it and you got an awesome breakfast or impressive late night snack if you've got a girl with you.
Do you feel like you made this up yourself or something?
meme food.
Seems like a shitty snack.

This was all pretty basic tbh

File: 1438273109249.png (1.66 MB, 1071x1548)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
What can we do to help the poor get better access to good food?
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>why can't I afford all these limes
Can lentils and oats be counted as cheap grains along with rice? Also at the risk of bringing up meme food how expensive is quinoa?
>America, where rich white people like to remind the middle class about the plight of the poor
Canada is just as bad, too. My nephew's mother is welfare trash and just got paid an extra $1200 from the government because "the electric companies charge more for use during the day and I'm a stay at home mom!" It's all bullshit entitlement all around.
A lot of the poor people around here live in apartments and have no control over their outside property.

File: image.jpg (23 KB, 430x338)
23 KB
New thread. What'd you eat last night, /alc/? What'd you drink? Discover any nice pairings?
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at least say something. I'm drinking coors light, it's shit. Tipsy, but not enough that I'm not aware of how bored I am. I should roll a joint, maybe it'll help.

What about you
>birthday tomorrow
>just wanted to see some family members all get together to spend it with me
>everyone cancels on me
>get a big bottle of goslings black rum to sit alone with tonight and tomorrow with my lights off

oh well
File: 1441162347411385264264.jpg (2.2 MB, 4128x2322)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
Happy birthday anon! I'm sorry your plans fell through. Take yourself out to dinner somewhere nice before crawl into the bottle tomorrow.

*sloppy drunken hug*
I don't believe you. You'd chew pasta at least a little more before swallowing.
would you drink it again? Or would you change anything about it?

Is king cobra the thinking man's 40oz?
32 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was more of a joose guy myself.

alcohol tastes like shit if I want something nice I'll drink orange juice or something

pure ethanol tastes awful, it burns your mouth and throat and really has no flavour other than that sort of shaky sensation you get after swalloing

it's shite.

remember kids, ethanol is a drug. to get the effects you need the ethanol in your bloodstream. you do this buy absorbing it through your intestine

people really seem to not understand that alcohol is a drug and 'drinking' is a roa

beer tastes like shit. it's like sort of fizzy water with this tolerable -> absolutely disgusting aftertase, like why the fuck they even put hops in there? taste like shit yes I've tried a shitload of beer. craft beer is a fucking scam. pretentious faggots wax lyrical about the ibu and 'complex notes' after paying 6 dollas a bomb fucking dumbasses. it's just rotting barley or wheat or some shit

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Being rich is mostly about luck, not intelligence.
>writing this post
>calling anyone else a kid
Glad you dumped your thoughts in a stream of consciousness style ramble. Too bad you're an idiot and I can't get the moment it took to read your dribble back. Seriously, try some antifreeze if you want something more suited to your delicate taste buds and throat. Also, I don't drink non-alcoholic beer because it tastes like shit.

File: hood zelda.png (568 KB, 771x621)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
How do you deal with a customer like this?

37 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe that is true, but they don't record their own fits for the world to see as if it were normal behavior.
Haha this shit should be on animal planet. Fucking savages.
>you just overcompensate them and hope to god they never return.
That's a great way for them to return.
What did he hit them with?
It's really you this time.

File: wooden utensils.gif (39 KB, 300x300)
39 KB
Is there a type of wooden utensils that is best to buy?

I have some wooden spoons and a couple other wooden utensils, I prefer to use them much more over any plastic or metal ones, in most situations atleast.

I feel like hard wood opens would be better to buy, but I cant find any like that. Like hard wood spoons and forks and "all purpose"/butter knifes.

Anyone ever buy or use any?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>buying meme utensils
Probably not a good idea to post images of spoons then, anon.
File: image.jpg (75 KB, 500x667)
75 KB
>Wooden spoons
That's my fetish
File: bashir.jpg (80 KB, 1131x707)
80 KB

Posts about spoons are bio-memetic engineering and have been banned by the United Federation of Planets.

Dank meme bro

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