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10/01/15Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!
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Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!

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File: image.jpg (84 KB, 697x556)
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Are you a bad enough dude to eat raw ground beef?
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Can somebody link me to this video?
File: Kek A doodle doo.png (879 KB, 720x1280)
879 KB
879 KB PNG
What a fat dumb fuck not knowing you need vinegar for fridge pickles
Is that fucking creamed corn?
File: chocolate_golem_face.png (600 KB, 1047x935)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
Whew, lads, is Ja/ck/ the patron saint of this board?

File: IMG_20151005_190231.jpg (373 KB, 1728x2880)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Mine us a beaut.
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lol wut?
I should just pull shit out of my ass?
Read the whole entry. It says that Nakiri blades don't have a curve.
And Gyuto do.
My wife's son. He may not be mine biologically, but I'm proud to say I've raised him to be a fine young man.
>30 minutes of furious googling later, he comes back with his triumphant reply
Ok ken-sama. You win. I hereby crown you king of the weeaboos.
I use some $30 Victorinox knife I got for sale on Amazon
No, I wasn't sitting on this thread like an autist, autist.
What googling are you implying that I did to say "read the entire entry"?

File: muh tea.jpg (162 KB, 1600x1063)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Do Chinese people really drink all kinds of different teas for different occasions?

When you go to Teavana their descriptions always say shit like "white teas are traditionally used in Chinese culture for soothing relaxation and meditation ceremonies" and shit like that. But considering how much Chinese people drink tea, it seems like just a normal part of everyday life. That's like saying "In traditional American culture, Coca Cola is consumed for meditation and Mountain Dew is drank during holidays" or something
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Did you read my post nigger? I was just making an analogy. And I'm an Americlap too
I live in a very chinese town with lots of FOBs.

There are lots of tea/herb places where they sell tons of different teas/dried leaves/herbs in giant bins. I mostly see asians consuming green tea or oolong green tea. My grandpa's asian friends bring him ginger tea when he gets a cold. That's about it.
Yes this is true, but most Chinese don't meditate that often. They'll usually just have one 'standard' tea that they drink most of the time, and a few others for special ocassions.
there's your answer
Teavana exploits dumb Americans who want to drink tea for the health benefits and believe in new age medicine.

If you want to get into tea go for it, it's my favorite drink/hobby, but don't get suckered in.

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of what you would call 'memefoods'?

pic related
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"Authentic" Mexican food
Pumpkin spice anything
Meme food: OP's mom
Meme turd: OP
Meme Burger

Pretzel Bun
Pumpkin Spice Sriracha mayo on top bun
??? Cheese
Nutella on bottom bun

What's a meme cheese to put on this delicacy? What else could I put on it?
Have none of you fucks mentioned avocado yet? How disappointing, it's one of the biggest meme health foods
pepper jack and add some avocado like >>6946962 mentioned

File: marinade4.jpg (158 KB, 1280x860)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Hey /ck/

I'm bit of a chubby guy and recently I've decided to make a change for myself and start working out, sleeping better and eating better. I've made an effort to bring food from home rather than eat in the food court near my office but things have started feeling stale.

Could you recommend me some marinades for beef or chicken that I can make? I like leaving my chicken breasts overnight to soak up as much flavor as possible, I'm open to your suggestions. Thanks!

File: habit.jpg (12 KB, 265x190)
12 KB
What does /ck/ think about The Habit?
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Tastes great but it's too far away.

>20 mins each way

They're super stingy on their fried green beans. It was like fifty cents a bean
>California and Florida are garbage.
>Perfect weather and amazing beaches and style.
I'm a chicagofag but I love those places. You just sound like a little flyover that's mad at the world.
I live in California. It most certainly is a shit hole.
File: 1436661063231.jpg (38 KB, 600x450)
38 KB

fuck you faggot
>>perfect weather
it is litterally always 90. california actually has good weather if you stay the fuck out of socal though./

My niece says these hurt her throat, but I loved them growing up. How can I make sure she keeps drinking them?
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File: 51m2objEasL._UY250_.jpg (14 KB, 156x250)
14 KB
Even as a very young child I thought those tasted like straight up ass

The only good use is to fill the empties with water and use them as hand grenades when you play war.
Are you trying to poison her, or are you cumming in them? It has to be one or the other, you sick fuck, otherwise why would you care this much?
nahhhh, that goose is all like "ay yo man gimme dat corn, dam dat shit gud"

look at him, pigeon' out
You can see it in their eyes T.T

File: your_owners.jpg (19 KB, 350x240)
19 KB
When people complain about factory farming, GMOs, monoculture, and so on, what they are really saying is that only the very wealthy have a right to a safe, reliable food supply.

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You're worried about a blight wiping out all of a particular crop right? Like the Potato Famine.

How exactly are the seeds you've recovered from the vault going to be cross-pollinated by the GMO version if all of the GMO version is dead?
File: 1437119330132.png (57 KB, 500x528)
57 KB
ITT: armchair agronomists

just shut up and fucking eat it and stop quoting food inc
>if your new crop is contaminated as soon as it's back in nature.
this doesn't happen though

Also keep in mind that a farm field is not nature, in nature humans subside from hunting, gathering and scavenging. Agriculture of organic crops is no more natural than growing GM crops
>more distinctly non-humanitarian bullshit
Like saving 600,000 lives, mostly children, a year?
why do you say that? each new GM variety is very expensive to produce, so there aren't that many in comparison to heirloom varieties which easily go extinct for free.

File: meat sweats.jpg (139 KB, 557x269)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
What are the "meat sweats"?
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>eat meat
>tfw isolated from my family and sexy cousin Jason
Kill me now.
Are you a girl? Are girl cousins attracted to guy cousins sometimes? My uh, friend wants to know.
joey eats a whole turkey you fucking idiot
Only if they're sexy guy cousins, yes.

File: maddox pepperoni.png (497 KB, 849x414)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
Is he right about pepperoni?

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There's really good pepperoni, but almost no pizza place is going to buy nice pepperoni.
That's Maddox? I expected him to be better looking.
I expect somebody less old and brown.
Nope, I like soft crust
Pizza places love pepperoni because its cheap as fuck and has about a 50 year shelf life. Amerifats love it because it tastes like grease and salt.
Win/win for low quality pizza joints and people with the palates of children.

Thoughts on this abomination?
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I had one last week, can confirm dark green poo
see my post>>6946803
>why don't you pay $5.99 for this shit

No thanks
File: Spoopy.png (15 KB, 700x696)
15 KB
>tiny smear of Heinz ketchup (I'm a ketchup purist too).
>Hienz HFCS sauce
>ketchup purism
literally wat?
Could you shill harder?

File: IMG_0898.jpg (161 KB, 577x1024)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
today, I cooked my pizza bagel snacks JUST the right amount. sooo good.
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Prince of Manlets detected
This guy knows it
most of the hi test threats on /fit/ are shit posting and anyone on there posting pics of unhealthy over weight women are pulling you leg

Other wise you do see a lot of pics of girls with thick legs and asses who are not even fat

I <3 fat qts

I just bought $40 worth of this. My gums are bleeding but it's delicious.

2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
5 dollars an oz is awesome for flavored beef assholes.
Thoughts are to stop spending crazy money and make your own it's easy and simple plus a ton more flavor
Yeah, what a goddamn waste of money. Here's what you do instead - buy a dehydrator, a decent chunk of quality flank steak, and all the ingredients for a marinade, and then invest many, many hours in slicing, marinading and drying.

Of course you could just buy it instead but, by god, that would be a disgusting betrayal of the artisanal egotists that plague this board with their masturbatory wankery.
File: 1443554543923.jpg (381 KB, 1920x1080)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
>goes on a cooking board
>doesn't like to cook
kek, well memed anon

File: cast_iron_skillet.jpg (128 KB, 636x358)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>cheap. can be acquired at walmart or flea markets
>doesn't need to be washed
>gets better with each use (as opposed to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planned_obsolescence)
>amazing heat retention
>adds iron to food
>naturally non-stick (for those afraid of teflon)
>can cook with any kind of heat (fire, charcoal, electric, gas, even put it out in the sun and fry an egg in it)
>great for stove top or baking (some skillets are large enough to fit a turkey)
>god-tier breakfast
>god-tier sears on meat
>deep dish pizza if that's your thing
>cornbread, nigga
>lasts forever with proper care
>can be used as a weapon
>oven-safe handle

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>master race
>Reddit meme
Hello, new friend!

> gasoline generator feeding into battery charger
Wheeww... talk about efficient.

Pics of the finished product ?
>actually if the earth was a size of a basketball, >when rubbing the surface even the tallest mountain on earth would feel flat and smooth as silk on the balls surface.
you weren't in my geology 101 course were you?
He be right, nigs.
File: Textured_Globe_2.jpg (1.07 MB, 1125x1500)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
>>ruined it.
I litterally cannot get to the actual steel through the carbon.

>>next time scrape it with a good spatuala herp derp
what the hell is a spatula going to do to the sides of a pot?

>>flappy paddle wheel
this gets me steering wheels. what are you suggesting I use exactly?

is there a way to do that for cheap?


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: French-fries-deliciouse.jpg (288 KB, 1000x583)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
So what's the trick behind making homemade french fries that aren't soggy pieces of shit?
29 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
These are all extremely complicated compared to cold oil frying for a small batch.
Guys, I made these last week.
I didn't bother with the float test part.
Best fries I've ever had, will make again.
Soft, almost mashed potato texture on the inside,
crispy lace on the outside.
You could skip the plastic bag and just cook them in the brine keeping the water below a simmer.
Also, I didn't use a caliper to measure. lol
bake them
Also Also, I believe this is Heston Blumenthol's (sp?) technique. The owner of ChefSteps (Chris Young?) worked for Heston developing the menu for The Fat Duck. If my memory serves.

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