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Screw it: I'm bored and I want to order some fine sodas. Any recommendations?
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it's a soda made from cabernet grapes, with a hint of lemon juice in it.

it's really good.
File: 49339_XXX_v1.jpg (158 KB, 2000x2000)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
It's got a hell of a learning curve but damn if it's not amazing.
bubblegum soda
Just thought I'd let you know
holy christ are these in the US?

do want

File: godfather's.jpg (161 KB, 1000x750)
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161 KB JPG
I'm at the airport eating Godfather's. It could be worse.

What' some notable pizza or other food you've had at airports?
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I should mention that the pork and polenta I received on the subsequent flight was of better quality than that salmon.
I deliberately don't eat in airports because I don't want to be that classless fucker who needs to shit on the plane.
I work for an airline and have easily eaten hundreds of meals at dozens of airports and can't think of anything worth mentioning. Maybe some of the places with $45 steaks and whatnot are all right, but that's not something I'd risk spending on airport food.
>being this self conscious

>Do you ever feel shame about how pathetic you look to other people? Or are you too oblivious, retarded, slow and simple?
I wonder the same thing about namefags.

I am going to make a bunch of chili this afternoon. What are some things you add that might be uncommon or I am missing.
Right now I am planning on
Tomato paste
Rotel chiles and tomatoes
Lime juice
Chili powder
Chipotle powder

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Spaghetti noodles
Cacao powder

File: img_0079.jpg (2 MB, 3648x2736)
2 MB
Does ground beef need to be cooked completely through?
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>Is he frying mushrooms in motor oil?

He's actually boiling celery in red balsamic wine vinegar lol....to make his "burger sauce"....I wish I was joking
>He's actually boiling celery in red balsamic wine vinegar

Actually that was 5W-30, and those are mushrooms. He explains it in the video.
I've taken some pretty serious gambles before when eating meat. I literally consumed rancid chicken once by accident and then went into a panic. How, you might ask? Basically, I was delirious from dieting and was using some new meme spice my mother had purchased. I thought the smell was from the spice. I ate it and then immediately went into a panic once I realized what had happened. The whole house reeked of this rancid ass chicken that I just cooked on my George Foreman.

And guess what?

Nothing happened. My stomach hurt a little bit and I had some indigestion but it passed within an hour or so.

On a side note, drinking hard liquor can mitigate many of the risks from bacteria and other pathogens. So sip some whiskey when you're eating your rare meats.
Depends on how much disease you want to eat? How sick you want to risk getting?

Alive, the cow was fighting lots of internal diseases with an active immune system. All kinds of nasty germs have been growing in the meat since it died. Killed meat isn't still alive and growing, as is a picked vegetable. It is dead meat that lots of teeny bugs eat and shit in. And then all the other bugs come along that eat that shit. E.coli, one of many bacteria, isn't pleasant. Long-term repeated consumption of e.coli and other bacteria causes cumulative damage. And now that antibiotic resistant e.coli has arrived, it's even more important to fully cook all meat and ensure cooked meat never touches surfaces contaminated with uncooked meat. Eating raw meat can only be a guy thing, showing off that they can eat disgusting stuff.
There is a spectrum of risk in eating raw or very rare ground beef.
It should be safe, but that depends on two things that you have little control over: the quality and handing of the beef, and your own immune system.
If the beef was mishandled or past expiration, well then its loaded with pathogens. A dirty grinder, a sloppy butcher, improper storage, etc will lead to risky meat.
The second factor is how strong is YOUR body to resist such things. We could eat the same burger and you will get sick, and I will be fine. If you frequently get sick, you are simply a weak individual and you need to use extra precaution. I know for a fact I have a strong immune system, so I regularly eat rare beef. If you want to play it safe, then cook the shit out of it. But this is not a one-size-fits-all rule. The nursing home and children's hospital would not risk it, but I will. Because I like it. So fuck you.

File: four-cheese.jpg (465 KB, 536x536)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
ITT: Why you're 30 pounds overweight.
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Sent you a tome of Roquefort and Etorki (basque cheese) to your postal address that I acquired thanks to being an arrogant prick to a tourist earlier.
Enjoy !

kek. I want to try reblochon
Nah it's because of this.
>French cheese is unpasteurized
Citation required
Everything I can remember reading about cheese making has said milk has to be pasturize to separate curd from weigh(sp?)
>5 miles a day
I wouldn't call that no exercise, it's a damp good start. But why not lift as well? You will end up skinny and weak if you don't, hating your body just as much, if not more. And it's a hell of a lot more difficult to get out of being a skinny weakling than a fatty.

t. /fit/izen who spent his late teens and early 20s depressed as fuck after losing weight the wrong way and struggling to get it back.

File: inijun.png (746 KB, 871x750)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
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You'd eat the gummies separately. They're actually really good with chamoy. Then you'd hit the jicama/veggies and then the chip part that people had few objections to. It's technically 3 separate mega snacks bound by the common link of the same sauces. I hope that's for like 6 people and they eat downwards quickly though because those chips are a time bomb.
good fucking god no wonder mexicans are so fucking fat
You have to go back faggot
Whenever I go to an eatery in Seattle and see Mexican cooks, I walk right out.
Real Mexican food gets Michelin stars in the US. Americanized? Not so much

File: the mcchicken, for me.jpg (262 KB, 800x600)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
that's amore
for me,
Of course, for me, it's always been the mcchicken
, the best fast food sandwich.
Thats a big sandwich
Wendy's Crispy Chicken Sandwich is superior

File: IMG_0743.jpg (1.61 MB, 1536x1152)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Traditional Sunday roast beef dinner with all the trimmings.

How can other nations even compete?
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>when people pretend they know what they're talking about

It's just very, very bland poor quality food.
Hence requiring the strong tasting condiments in order to make it in the least flavoursome.

throw in the term 'poor quality' where it doesn't belong some more.

a good cut of beef is already, in itself, not bland. same with everything else that goes into the meal, apart from the yorkies really.
File: IMG_2362.jpg (58 KB, 240x260)
58 KB

You are wrong in every possible way
>i get that you're just trying to play devil's advocate but this is such a poorly argued proposition it's just boring.

It is genuinely shit food. I get the whole British beef fucktardery but baked beef is not in any way something to be proud of.

File: image.jpg (77 KB, 660x440)
77 KB
>"And what would you like to drink?"
>"I'll have a water."
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When you end up slamming into a minivan and the officer wants to test your blood alcohol level, I'd refrain from making fedora jokes in the midst of all the carnage, you booze hound.
File: Roman bath.jpg (76 KB, 736x585)
76 KB
Awesome. We'll be expecting you then.
Don't take such a big towel.
It isn't death, it's a reunion with the Gods. Olive oil is a divine beverage.
>implying i care about respect from wops
>Doesn't ask what you'd like to drink
>Just gives you water
>Only drinks on menu are wine, moonshine, and cocktails
>I just want a fuckin beer
File: 1483771299865.png (297 KB, 448x506)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
>Awesome. We'll be expecting you then.
>Don't take such a big towel.


File: AtsZMnt.jpg (97 KB, 700x696)
97 KB
Is eliminating all carbs the best way to lose weight when it comes to dieting or it just a myth? I want to stop being bigly
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I never said that you autist. I gave an example.

If you are so triggered then fuck off
Lots of variation in low-carb vegetables. Be creative. Yes, eggs are good. Bacon, full fat dairy, cheese, nuts and seeds, olive oil, butter, fish, chicken (thighs are perfect). I avoid other types of vegetable oils because of trace transfats. Avocados are great. I buy single-ingredient things, mostly. Cooking meals is basically the same, just don't use the carbs/starches. A lot of the best traditional dishes are already low carb (think coq au vin, beef bourguignon, texas chili) but all you have to do it think about it a little to make anything so. It's easy to eat at restaurants, too, if you're not dumb about it.

No, I was definitely in a state of ketosis for a good 6 months at first. I already have the urine test strips and blood glucose monitor and all that shit for the beetus. I was very strict with it. When you're in that state of metabolism AND you get some cardio, you will burn fat so ridiculously fast. This is an absolutely viable energy source, too. Apparently many endurance athletes are ditching the carb-load thing for ketosis. I said I switched out of ketosis into plain low-carb for the weight training after I lost all my chub. And of course that's why it works for the most part. However, insulin spikes fuck with your hunger cycle, especially if you're overweight. Doubly so when you're insulin-dependent and every damn shot you fuck up just a little bit, your blood glucose and insulin levels yo-yo. Because our metabolisms are hormone based and not simple thermodynamic physics based, a calorie is not a calorie, dingo. I know this better than most. To be sure, you can fail to lose fat on a ketogenic diet by grossly overeating, but it is a hell of a lot harder to do so. It takes a force-feeding effort. All your snark doesn't change the fact that I went from overweight to fit in a year while still having a chronic metabolic disease. It works.

In a post truth world, the best way to make your waist great again is to just eat as much as you want of whatever makes you happy and be sure to tweet about it!



It is a solution for people whose systems are already subverted anyway. It is a crash diet/lifestyle which tend to be unsustainable.

m8 i suggest you settle down and make yourself comfortable, its time to get liquidly exuberant and wreck shop on this kitchin

this thread is for anyone to post a cook-along, bake-along, drink-along, pickle-along or OC food/drink pics, post your meals or what ever if you dont want to make or use another thread

last thread >>8413344

>and the special ingredient IS........cat hair
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File: IMG_20170116_102016566.jpg (3.99 MB, 7000x3938)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB JPG
im down for whatever i guess as long as it doesnt include me meeting anyone in person lol

coming on a bit strong still m8
>im down for whatever i guess as long as it doesnt include me meeting anyone in person lol

Hell yeah, I love makign new friends! You can be a Kool Kat just like me!!!

What time zone you in, we should do a cook along on Tuesday night! I'm thinking something totally off the wall and berzerk; it's going to have to include some bacon and srichia!!!
dam son
im in houston i dont know what time zone that is, i work evenings thats why i always cook late, we should start a band:)

you it is raining on and off in the H, time to kick my MLK day off with some buffalo tendies, a traditional soul food passed down through generations
Do I spy a chicken n cheese stuffed deep fried 'cado?

File: 1484414380045.jpg (166 KB, 1354x2000)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
How can we rescue cuisines that are threatened by nu-male feminists and their cultural poverty?

Do we all need to abstain from tacos until we starve the nu-male businesses to extinction?
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Man, I can't wait for this to happen wholesale to ramen.
Donuts are next on the nu-male hit list.

Screencap this.
>the pathetic garnish of raw carrots

I'd like to meet the retards on this board that can't tell carrots from tomatoes.

Not like actually meet them... but like... secretly listen in on their conversations with their friends and loved ones and then meet their friends and loved ones in order to talk shit about the person behind their backs.

Literally everyone that has ever met you has hated you and made fun of you once you were out of earshot.
I would like to meet the person who who secretly wants to listen in on the conversations of autistst on 4chan.

But not actually meet them... but like... watch and observe them from a distance. Then I would talke with their friends and family in order to gain information that would help me ravage their asshole.
>How can we rescue cuisines that are threatened by nu-male feminists and their cultural poverty?
I think you have it backwards. Once a cuisine gets to the point where beardy hipsters can make a living offering an upscale spin on it that's a sure sign it's mainstream as fuck. And I can only see tacos becoming more popular across the board, maybe even giving burgers a run for their money in the near future.

>claims to be redpilled
>doesn't know cheesecake is pie
It's a tart.

you're a tart
Stop you're making me blush.
File: 936.jpg (33 KB, 625x626)
33 KB

We get it, OP. You played Portal. Fuck off

File: IMG_20170116_224929.jpg (2.25 MB, 2448x3264)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
Are those motherfucking buffalo chicken cheese fries from elliot rodgers last stand.
sa cunt yeeew
Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa boooooooiiiiii

One McRib sandwich costs the same as this entire box.

Which would you choose?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
On-Cor tastes like shit since they switched from primarily beef and pork to mechanically separated chicken, turkey, and soy protein. That was over a decade ago, maybe two. Believe it or not, the McDonald's McRib is actually a higher quality. Most supermarkets don't carry another brand of rib shaped patties that use pork. Burg is still available as primarily beef in most of the other brands though.
They're not the same, so the choice would be for the McRib.
>no money
>no car
>didn't shower, groom himself, or dress
>hates social interaction
>must not leave computer
Wouldn't these things lead to mom's Walmart microwave food being favored over attendance at a McDonald's?
the box
fast food special sandwiches are rip offs

Then you have to talk to mom about how you ate all her frozen food and she needs to buy you more.

Also, you could run into family members while heating up such plundered frozen food which could lead to more awkward conversations.

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