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File: Grind_Fine_85.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
Are you fat fucks enjoying your e coli today?

I'm also gay if anyone was wondering.
I usually cook my ground meats.

What's for dinner General:
Steak and eggs.
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You see that little girl in the red dress? Her great great grandchild talk someone out of suicide who later performed a tricky emergency c-section on a patient who later gave birth to the person who cures cancer.

You just killed billions of people. Hope you're happy.
Looks good.
Good most people are cancer on the planet anyway
>i like my undercooked eggs like i like my cum
>sliding down my throat
File: Okay.jpg (188 KB, 1280x633)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
I was making fun of the onion guy friend.
>comments on the "radish"
>not the "pickle"

twas only pretending to be retarded

File: Pancake Qween.webm (1.1 MB, 462x270)
1.1 MB
What is the difference between pancakes, flapjacks and pikelets?
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Why are all these ppl so cheerful
They are spelled differently.
I don't know, but is it wrong that i want to fuck her?

File: 1522813203360.jpg (162 KB, 1078x1080)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
How much does human meat cost per kilogram?
bout tree fiddy
125 shekels/kg for prime cut.

I'm planning on making some dried meat. What cut of beef does /ck/ recomend?
Pic unrelated
Something lean like thin cut top round.
Should I avoid fatty cuts then?

File: VOGnm.jpg (88 KB, 970x546)
88 KB
Does /ck/ still hate filipino food or has it finally accepted its "meme" status?
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The only flip food that seems appetizing to me is lumpia and their take on Spanish food like Lecheon. Everything else seems like a steamed or fried mess.
that's why top chefs keep saying flip food is great it just suffers from poor presentation
what do you expect from a 3rd world country where they don't give a shit about looking good, only making shit edible
What I don't get is why chefs like Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern love this crap
My experience in flip food is limited to a cafeteria at a flip grocery store. The food is hearty but it’s such a mashup of different cultures it can be really weird. I enjoy their take on roast beef though. I don’t remember what it’s called.
one of the lower tier asian foods in my opinion

For me, it’s Colt High Gravity
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File: V8-LowSodium-46oz.jpg (108 KB, 659x500)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Pour 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast in your mouth (DON'T FUCKING CHEW, IT GETS STUCK IN YOUR TEETH LIKE NOTHING ELSE) and wash it down with 1L of V8 Low Sodium juice. This is the perfect vitamin supplement for alcoholics, assuming you're also eating at least one proper meal per day.
Yeah I think so as well. I'm drinking Charles smith's box red House Wine. It's way better than Franz. Just started board walk empire s3
Ive not had a good wine sloshing in quite a while. Last one involved slamming a 3 liter box and spilling on beige carpet. I think that may be my deterant.
I really don't get it. We get enough shittythreads and these ones are at least consistently enjoyable
laughing beyond control
i have realized that drinking straight liquour provides me with much less of a hangover
and that every night off should be filled with sipping
is this the beginning of my downfall

File: 1519908069655.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
If I want to fuck a bitch what do I cook her?
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>give her something gassy
>would be allowed to be a terrible lay because she would be the self-conscious one
you're a genius
can confirm
Shrimps and prime rib
feed that bitch your dick
step one: cut hole in pizzabox

File: o[1].jpg (102 KB, 1000x750)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>Make a cheesecake that always looks infested with fungus so that if it does get a fungus infection, noone will be able to tell the difference

Is Popeye's the Kanye West of food?
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It's also some shitty cheesecake for the price
I bet your skin colour is the same as poo
What makes you think so? Are you too good for some fried chicken?
anyone who eats cheesecake from a fast food restaurant either has a double-digit iq or has lost the will to live.
Thanks doc

File: 12833835.jpg (33 KB, 488x488)
33 KB
Are crock pots/slow cookers a useless tool? Any recipes you recommend? Tell me how dumb I am because I just bought one on a whim.
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Yeah. It won't produce better results that *properly* stewing stuff, but it's much harder to fuck it up. Less effort in cooking, although preparation is about the same.
If I was your bf I'd pump you full of air for wasting my money on a crock pot
You mean money your parents gave you?

'Cause if you were working, you'd appreciate the convenience a crock pot gives you.
I don't eat meat. Sometimes there's homemade seitan in my stew.
File: Pork-Carnitas-1000px.jpg (164 KB, 1000x1400)
164 KB
164 KB JPG

>Are crock pots/slow cookers a useless tool?

Not if you are a productive member of society. Being able to throw a bunch of stuff in there in the morning, and come home from class/work to a good and healthy meal is pretty great. If you're a neat like most of the people ITT apparently are, that won't be of much benefit.

> Any recipes you recommend?
Just go to the website below and start clicking around. You can find tons of different good recipes. Recently I've made beef stroganoff and carnitas, both turned out great.



File: 1424-2.jpg (88 KB, 600x600)
88 KB
Is mangosteen the most overrated fruit?
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Jungle VN shit on a pond suspended by poles. It's in the back of their land. The fish eat the poop.

What was your question again?
Question? It was an observation, youtube addict.
needs to be eaten more if anything. im from southeast asia and it’s one of my favourite fruits along with rambutans and indonesian mangoes. mangosteens are sweet but never overly so, and the snappy on the outside mushy inside texture is great. it was funny when the somethingawful guy bought into mangosteen pills as a health fad a decade or so ago.
Evidently it depends on the variety. The ones from my tree grew more astringent as they ripened and softened.
The it's my favourite fruit. It's like a peachy banana flavour, garlic clove shaped goodness.

File: 1532131264081.jpg (44 KB, 647x435)
44 KB
what are some decent paying food related jobs? i would like to work in the field one day.
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maybe a sommelier or some other niche meme job
FPBP, I came here to say this. OP keep away. the only job that pays well is Bartender or Front end manager. If you prepare or take responsibility for the food in any way you WILL be over worked and underpaid. You can make DECENT money as a line chef or kitchen manager but it's far out of proportion to the effort you put in
I'd like to work in a bakery but I have no illusions about making good money. I'm hoping that if I am good at it and work hard I will be able to afford a bachelor apartment and a beater car.
Food technology
Tv star personality. Don't need to cook that much, just keep babbling away and make cheeky remarks.

Do you ever refrigerate fast food?
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just eat it lmao

whats that cheeseburger, it'll be gone in 5 bites
I've found that refrigerated Taco Bell reheats reasonably well. It helps that you can drown it in hot sauce.
File: Absolutely Disgusting.jpg (71 KB, 600x450)
71 KB
Who the fuck buys fast food and fails to finish it all? Who then decides to stick a fucking McDonalds cheeseburger into goddamn tupperware? I can't imagine that shit's any better than their fries, which are also disgusting if not consumed immediately.
Not maccas. You kinda know how big the servings are so you just order what you want to eat. If its like thai or indian fast food and it comes in more than a comfy portion I'll fridge some of it for later. Also pizza, I don't mind cold pizza.
>t. amerifat

>raining outside
>Baileys Pumpkin Spice
>Chai tea steeped in warm milk
Does it get more /comfy/ than this?
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>Bailey's pumpkin spice
Did you make sure to post it on Instagram?
No? I just really like Bailey's Pumpkin Spice in my chai flavored warm milk. You should try it.
Shove yer fuckin pumpkin spice up yer arse ya wee ned
my dick in your ass is pretty comfy
I've had a bottle of kaluha pumpkin spice in my freezer for like 4 years does that shit go bad?

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