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File: ChefScalfani.jpg (28 KB, 366x382)
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what did you lads think of chef scalfani's newest video? The cringe when the husband gets home is worse than some of his dishes

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File: 1467297387956.png (427 KB, 492x522)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
> guys wife is bigger than him
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 265x300)
31 KB
I feel you would be better off on /tv/.
Seems to be more your level.
>>Come home
>>Someone else's car in the driveway
>>It's Jack stinking up my kitchen
>I would have been furious.

you're a cunt, but that was funny
File: 1452726472883s.jpg (4 KB, 125x125)
4 KB
What the fuck video is this from
I need to see this in action

File: IMG_0147.jpg (87 KB, 614x408)
87 KB
About to order Chinese food. But I never even tried this shit. Are there any god-tier Chinese meals that I should order?
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File: 1477084352856.jpg (92 KB, 614x408)
92 KB
nasty octopus garbage
That's baby corn.
not even octopus, but even if it were, octopus tastes pretty good if it's fresh and not overcooked.

why are flyovers such embarrassments and why do they have no shame in their lack of cultural education or experience in worldly matters?
i live in washington state and i know it's baby corn but I GOT TWO YOUS IN FOUR MINUTES ON CK MOTHERFUCKER
Char Sui is porbly the 'roast pork'.

But that's a shitty anglicised menu

File: 7778.jpg (38 KB, 548x974)
38 KB
Didn't see one so I decided to start one

What are you drinking? What are you looking forward to? Post anything beer related

Pic related is what I am drinking right now
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Honestly never tried anything else from that brewery but might look into it. After finishing the bottle I will say it wasn't that bad, definitely give it a try if you see it but i've had better porters
Who /Hefe-weizen/ here? Currently drinking a Paulaner

The oktoberfest version is shit
Xocoveza is pretty good, just got a six pack recently.
File: 121212.jpg (37 KB, 548x974)
37 KB
OP here again

Just tried this campfire stout. Honestly takes me back to my days in boy scouts, it really does have a strong taste of smores with marshmallow in particular taking center stage

Definitely recommended if you ever see it. Has a nice taste and strong finish. Only 6.5%
Paulaner is pretty meh in general. I prefer Franziskaner or Weihenstephaner.

Is it true being a chef is miserable?
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> I eat for free at work
> 12 hour days at $8 an hour

You showed them who's boss
im a cook at a local place 20 yrs old

didnt have to start in the pit and make 8 bucks an hour, its not really that bad but it is a lot of work. Im going to community college culimary school soon and hope to make a career out of this

I dont buy the le epic do coke n bang waitress XD
Look closer. Pan handle seems to be insulated.
I think that makes you an agent
My brother is a sous chef. He's a miserable drunk who hates his boss and works more hours than me.


File: 1475180327099.jpg (53 KB, 535x720)
53 KB
Is it possible to get an authentic English breakfast in the U.S.?
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File: image.jpg (58 KB, 600x615)
58 KB
>limp wristed faggots
Is that the cutie from RLM?
That's right, Jay

What the fuck are you talking about doublenigger? Interplay between foods? So I can eat toast and an egg and claim I ate half of a full English breakfast? It's not like you get a bowl of beans, then a plate with bacon in it, then a plate with a single fried egg, etc etc until you've eaten the constituents of a full English to completion.

Sounds like you haven't ever eaten one, there is a reason these particular ingredients cane together and that is because they're delicious together, there's your fucking ""food interplay"".

Now go eat a Caesar salad, oh sorry I mean "lettuce chicken and accessories ensemble"
File: butthurt.jpg (92 KB, 500x375)
92 KB
does vocabulary trigger you?

File: soup01.jpg (123 KB, 1280x960)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
I've a 7yo daughter, She just picks at whatever I eat. The wife however eats everything - says it's great.

Typical meals:

>Friday - split pea soup with hamhocks, homemade cornbread. - Ate the cornbread and 3 bites of soup.

>Saturday - leftover soup with crusty bread/butter. - Ate the bread. 2 bites of soup.

>Sunday - homemade red sauce/pasta/fresh herbs. Was a small batch. - Ate some of the pasta on the bottom that didnt have "vegetables on it".

>Sunday - duck with crispy skin, oven roast potatoes and glazed carrots. - ate the carrots. thats it. wouldnt touch the potatoes.

>Monday - lentil stew with crusty bread. - ate bread. 2 bites of stew.

>Tuesday - same thing, - same thing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>all this fighting and wirrying about kids eating
Jesus fucking Christ.
I have a tall, energetic, healthy 13 year old son. I NEVER fought with him about eating.
Meals always had a variety of healthy options, and he could eat as little or as much as he wanted. (Think main dish, bread and butter, raw veggies, olives)
I made sure that the items offered were as healthy as possible, so if he wanted to eat bread and butter for a week, it was damn good bread and butter.
Adults and kids eat healthy in our house, so junk food isn't even a possibility for someone 7 years old who can't go buy it for themselves.
Snacks are fruits, veggies, nuts, cheese and crackers, olives, pickles...

Remember what your goal is: a happy healthy kid. Not a submissive servant. There is no need to make meal time a power struggle. She eats/ she doesn't eat: you don't care! You provided food, and that is your job.

And there is no need or point to restrict snacks, imo. As long as she sits with the family at the table, is reasonable polite and helpful, that should be all that is expected of a child that age at dinner.

To conserve food, you could get smaller bowls and plates for her use. You might even find her asking for more.
>Remember what your goal is: a happy healthy kid. Not a submissive servant. There is no need to make meal time a power struggle.

This. The kid appreciating a variety of healthy food is the goal, not the rule.
Sounds like you have some kind of sensory issues then.
>forcing some retard under 10 years old to sit at the table
Let him run around and eat pastrami pasta or whatever kids do when not at the dinner table. Eventually she'll WANT to sit at the table, due to not wanting to be left out like. He can handle some peanut butter in the mean time.
File: 1356802419881.jpg (40 KB, 211x203)
40 KB
Why the fuck would you force someone to eat food? Just trying to experiment with eating disorders? I have this strange theory that humans are programmed to become hungry when they need food. Try encouraging some exercise and less TV advertising colorful sugar drinks. And a double dose of that for yourself, fatass.

File: ck.png (113 KB, 899x409)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Is there any truth to this?
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>carbon steel
So true patrician wrecks the temper on his blades by friction heating their edges to the point they would shatter before piercing a plebs skin?

Good to know.
I use a strop instead of a steel.
The true contrarian in this thread
>not using a steel then a strop
May as well just go full Gallagher and smash your food with a hammer desu senpai.

File: noodles.jpg (1.55 MB, 4608x3456)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG

>discuss noodles
>tell people they are faggots for finding hot chicken noodles hot
>be mad that ottogi yeul ramen hasn't been restocked at your local chinese supermarket
>don't look at the sodium stats
>rest assured that chinese noodles are safe after they executed the people responsible for the melamine scandal

PS: I have had all noodles in pic related before, except the chili crab thing.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.

how the fuck does that happen? some disease? seems very unlikely that you'd get this with a somewhat normal diet.
I like the mom and noodles but not that green curry flavor I prefer the roast duck
protip take the noodles out when they're 3/4 ready

they'll cook in the broth and be more chewy and al dente. soft noodles are the worst. you want your noodles to be more undone than it is overdone, because if it's undone you can just cook it by letting it sit in the hot broth.

also always stir in a beaten egg and also add in a soft-boiled egg. to soft-boil the egg, drop in the egg, wait 60 seconds seconds to let the yolk form, drop in noodles. by the time you're taking out noodles, egg will be softboiled (after it cools down further in the soup and solidifies more).
to add on, a splash of sesame oil will enhance the flavor so much, like you have no idea. and maybe a sprinkle of cheese of your preference to let it melt in the soup and create more of an aromatic, richer soup.
I've been craving the shin kimchi flavor. Local store had it once, but they haven't had it since.

Hey /ck/

So I'm from England, but my fiancee, Anastasia, is from Russia. I guess some people would call her a "mail-order bride". Two weeks ago she came to visit me in England for the first time, and we were having a great time up until yesterday.

We decided to go to a restaurant, so I suggested we go to an Indian buffet that I love. Since she doesn't have much money (she's only 18), I pay for both of us whenever we go out. We get to the restaurant and I start loading up my plate with starters as usual. This was the first time my fiancee had ever been to an all-you-can-eat buffet because they don't have them in Russia, at least not in her village. So I explained to her how it works, she goes up and inspects all the dishes, then comes back with a plate of fucking chips and some sweet and sour dipping sauce. Literally nothing but chips and sauce. I thought whatever, if that's what she wants let her have it.

I finish my starters and go up for the main courses, and eventually she finishes her plate and goes back again for more. She comes back with none other than ANOTHER plate of chips with sweet and sour dipping sauce. This is when I say to her "It's a buffet, you're meant to try multiple things" and she just replied that she loves chips. She finally finishes her second plate and then says she's full and doesn't want to eat any more.

This is when I got pissed off, I was paying £16 for her to eat 2 plates of chips? I could've given her that at home for a tenth of the price. I told her she has to try some of the main courses but she refused. I went up and got a plate of chicken tikka masala with rice and shouted at her that she has to eat it, and she just sat there in silence looking down at the plate and eating it. Afterwards she started crying about how I'm too controlling and she's scared of me now. Ever since then she's been acting distant and she's been refusing sex.

Who was in the wrong?
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To be honest, you're right. I paid £1,000 to the website that set us up, plus her plane tickets and all her food. I think I she shouldn't really be refusing me sex. It definitely reflects badly on her.
>that webm
oh my
you really know your way with girls. expect to get a visit from her cousin vladimir and anatol soon
Creepy scumbag

If you took her to a place that wasn't a buffet, and she ordered he cheapest meal as both a starter and a main, what would that say about her as an 'investment'?

Likely, assuming this isn't bait, you presented her with a bunch of shit that was beyond strange for her rural Russian pallet. Again, assuming this isn't bait, enjoy giving up half your shit in 2 years time.

You are really way beneath her OP. I pity her more than you because even if she is uncultured and retarded, I find it hard to believe she understands herself less than you do.

ITT: Shameful things that you eat on a regular basis.
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File: mi_goreng_0.jpg (61 KB, 704x396)
61 KB
These things are fucking amazing for packaged noodles

they're also incredibly shit for you
Speculoos paste is called cookie butter in US?

You're garbage cheejay
Get some exercise, fatty.
I used to get these kinda things at the gas station and eat them cold.
I dunno why I liked it. I would also eat chef boyardee straight from the can as a kid.

File: 1422789298332.jpg (114 KB, 600x600)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
What would you feed each board?
29 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Every board can eat a dick as far as I'm concerned.
Mlp eats hay and oats, do you even reference?

R9k ck and v are the only no brainers.

G is hotpockets
Vr is crystal pepsi
Toy is a happy meal
Jp is ramen though theyd hate it being a cliché
>being this mad about bantz on the internet
/pol/ detected
toast sandwich because there's nothing that those fucks wouldn't criticize

something simple and lean, protein-rich, nothing too fancy because I don't want them to think I'm coming onto them, but decent enough to show that I have a sense of respect and they can share it with me. maybe lean roast beef or something with a whole grain side

>/vp/ /g/ /tg/
nothing because they need to lose some fucking weight

deconstructed fried chicken while Death Grips plays so they can appreciate the irony

an entire bowl of boiled eggs and a fucking hard love lesson about reality and life

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>legitimately mad about /pol/
>I call out your asspain
>"it's just bantz"


Post the shittiest foods you have saved. Dumping what I got
76 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't know, man. I've done some pancake experimenting (i.e. cooking with few ingredients) and many have come out looking like a sock that's been left in between the mattress and the floor for a month.
Granted, I've never had one look like dried up carne asada.
It was cocoa powder or melted chocolate chips, guaranteed.

Source: had the same stupid idea they did.
>cocoa powder
That's the one, I remember buying a shitload of it then realizing I had bought the kind that is used for champurado rather than actual cocoa powder for normal cooking. Perhaps that might be why it didn't come out exactly like his.
Also, he might've been using very small amounts of water/milk or didn't add enough butter/oil to the mix before putting on the pan.

Are you a full-on child rapist?

oi m80s time to get pickled and do a bit pickled pickling, get on in here and lets do food things oh yeah!

this thread is for anyone to post a cook-along,
bake-along, drink-along, pickling-along or OC food/drink pics, post your meals or what ever if you dont want to make or use another thread, feel free to spam your own cook-along thread here too

last thread >>8165645

>best friends 5ever edition
270 replies and 116 images omitted. Click here to view.
thanks for posting. are you the guy who made the thread about his new pan a few days ago?
so i found this in the freezer i think my mom gave it to me, have it thawing out gonna see whats up, going into poor mode for the next few weeks so dont be dissapoint no caviar and wagyu
By definition this site is a forum.
You're a bit slow.
This could be a good opportunity to create some budget meals. I have no doubt that you'd be able to create some great meals for cheap

>Paleo can be tasty
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

>Less things

>Dude we already know paleo is the most retarded diet out there.
why does /ck/ always prove that it's the dumbest fucking board on this shithole site?
File: 1472967760508.gif (3.26 MB, 640x266)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB GIF
>restrictions on ingredients make cooking easier
>Italian food sucks because you have to use ingredients that Italians would use
>Greek food sucks because you have to use ingredients that Greeks would use
>Japanese food sucks because you have to use ingredients that Japanese would use
>American food is great because America has some of the greatest diversity of available ingredients, if not the greatest diversity, of any cuisine in the world

shitty painter, best quality paints, etc.
>comparing local ingredient selections to retarded dietary restrictions
>implying that it takes less skill to use a small assortment of ingredients
>implying that food sucks or is great based on how easy it is to cook with a certain set of ingredients

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