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File: matfer recall for eu.jpg (171 KB, 1179x1828)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
EU regulators have discovered toxic inclusions of arsenic in the steel. Matfer is doing the responsible thing and issuing a recall so there are no adverse health consequences to their beloved customers (EU only).

Don't worry, Ameribros. They haven't issued a recall in the US, so you can continue to use your pans as before and ignore these silly heavy-handed regulators! :)
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Yeah but why wouldn't the government test the latest batch? The entire reason they do it is to extract fines and bribes by coming out with fake allegations. It costs them practically nothing to do the test, and then they can charge the company a fine for their "crime" and a fee to reenter the market. And the more they can scare the taxpayers, the more they can insist on their own existence and raise taxes even higher.
Not him, but I hate the government for a few reasons which I can articulate without buzzwords. I think even a person like you can understand these simple ideas.

-It takes more money from me in taxes than the value it gives back in services, and the amount it takes is extremely high
-Most of the money it takes from me is given to parties that I hate, such as the poor, minorities, the elderly, defense contractors, and Israel
-Much of the money is wasted on nothing at all, because the government is so bloated and corrupt
-It conducts war around the world, killing civilians and destabilizing entire regions, for the purpose of enriching parties that I hate
-It spies on me using my own money
-It restricts the information I'm allowed to consume (at least conveniently) by forcing news and tech companies to publish certain narratives and suppress others, as well as by punishing individuals who attempt to spread information that's contrary to its agenda
-It restricts my behavior and prevents me from doing things I would otherwise do, including behaviors which would affect nobody but myself, and it does so via the threat of physical violence
-Many laws genuinely exist for no reason except to impose fines on the public, or make it more convenient for the police to harass you. For example, most speed limits are intentionally set lower than the natural flow of traffic in order to manufacture a situation where literally everyone is a criminal and can be pulled over and searched and/or fined at will.
-It prevents me from drinking raw milk
>-It takes more money from me in taxes than the value it gives back in services, and the amount it takes is extremely high
first point and you out yourself as a lolbertarian. not reading the rest of your post.
This is not an argument.
You think that statement isn't true?
>What are the chances they got an arsenic pan from the factory to their warehouse and then shipped it out within 9 days?
100% chances

File: eggplant.jpg (116 KB, 1500x1000)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
How does /ck/ use it?
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ur evil
i like baba ghanoush or brinjal curry
eggplant parm is a classic too. in turkey i had some really good stuffed eggplants.
ohhh i know what you're talking about, i had that once in a chinatown restaurant in saigon. i think it was cooked in a clay pot. super fucking good

here's a good thai stirfry using eggplant with sweet basil, my local thai spot makes it really well.
Egglant Parmesan
>beat some eggs until white and yolk are mixed, soak the egg plant, add panko, bake in oven with slice from round ball of mozzarella, then light layer of arriabata, then thin slice of portabella. This is usually enough, but some prefer a slice of roasted tomato and/or sauteed sliced mushrooms as well.
>.t father is italian, made Eggplant Parmesan since I was a kid.
>.t grow my own eggplant in my garden every summr
>Prefer to bake them
or just do chicken parm and be

File: 20240423_232352.jpg (1.05 MB, 3489x2186)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
The pre-midnight snack. Cheesy garlic bread with butter, cheddar, parmesan, and herbs. Keep it or need it?
Looks good. Not sure I'd call it a snack and I'm not gay enough to use such a faggoty question. So fuck off.
how did you make it? yes i'm a cooking noob
I don't have any specific recipes for this one since I kind of made it up, but the summary is that I made a pizza dough, melted some butter, added crushed garlic and herbs, then spread it out onto the flattened dough (it was rectangle shaped). Shredded the cheese on top, sprinkled a little extra herbs, and then put it in the oven at 450 degrees for around 18 minutes and let it rest for a short while. I personally think I overcooked it a little since I like a softer bite, but it's good if you like crunchy cheese. From what I understand, the general idea is to just leave it in the oven until you can see the cheese starting to turn darker
thanks i'll try it out sometime. sounds not too hard and looks tasty
It was pretty good. If you want some ideas to play around with, I heated the water up to tea temperatures and steeped herbs into it to get that herby flavor into the water before letting it cool down and then adding the yeast to it. I also dissolved honey into it while it was hot instead of using regular sugar since I think it makes the dough get browner. Once you dump it into the flour, the dough will have all the little herbs mixed into it. Honestly, I can't say that it makes a big difference compared to just using clean water, but I like the idea of it

File: steak01.jpg (2.56 MB, 8256x5504)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
>USDA Prime New York strip
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File: steak04.jpg (2.79 MB, 8256x5504)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB JPG
Better picture of the meat. It was just velvety soft and melt in your mouth good. I ate it with my fingers.

It was $18 for the steak, but tasted better than a $100+ steak I've had at fancy steakhouse before using 30+ day aged steak.
The color or contrast or some cranked up setting with your photos really hurts my eyes. I think the problem might be the extreme focus difference between foreground and background.
File: steak05.gif (132 KB, 420x630)
132 KB
132 KB GIF
Get better eyes, little nigga.
It’s a really nice camera. Photos are not edited except downgraded in quality to jpg.
My eyes are perfect, child. The contrast between the background and foreground is unnaturally intense. Enjoy prison.

File: 1708280156003373.jpg (742 KB, 2908x1835)
742 KB
742 KB JPG
Potato do no care too hot. Potato do no care too cold. Potato no get much water? Please, it no need much water. Potato get too much water? Is time for BIG potato. Potato do no have need of anything no even gravity. In space, scientist of russia have grow potato. They eat the space potato, it taste like ground potato. Potato survive anywhere. Potato survive everywhere. Tomato is squishy, it get bruise from walk in crate to car of farm. Not potato. Potato no care if you deliver to supermarket with bat of the baseball. You hit onion? You now have squash onion. You hit potato? Now you have many piece of potato. Can eat raw. Can boil. Can fry. You can throw in fire and eat like bear, potato? Still good. Cut up and use as stamp. With knife, chop to correct size, can use to fill hole in boat. You can turn potato into vodka, for drink or maybe even use run car engine.
Most sane potatoe ethusiast
>replying to my bot
File: 1646910425384.jpg (34 KB, 572x549)
34 KB
All of that and it still doesn't fucking taste good at all
Imagine being so resiliant and versetile only to fail at the ONE(1) thing food is supposed to be important at
Potatocucks will piss and shit and cry at this post but know in their heart of hearts that I'm right
Potatos are the worst vegtable and it isn't even close. It's not even a competition desu

File: 04202024.jpg (1.58 MB, 3694x2181)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
what's the deal with all the pizza memes? it reminds me of the japanese making up nonsense rules for how to eat sushi

>you need an 800 degree wood oven!
my 400 degree regular oven works just fine
>you need a pizza stone!
my metal sheet works just fine
>you need to use a pizza peel!
parchment paper works just fine
>you need to preheat for 2 hours!
i put it in when the oven turns on. works just fine
>you need to use agent 007 flour!
all purpose flour works just fine
>you need to let your dough sit in the fridge overnight!
i mix it, proof for 2 hours, and then cook it. works just fine
>you need to toss your dough to stretch it!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>mise en place
I somewhat support the idea of it since I've messed up a couple times when I've started cooking too early before I had my ingredients prepared. It's definitely not necessary if the ingredient list is shorter though.
Anyways, I believe that the need for "ripping hot" pans are not really needed; at least I haven't needed it
>cooking is so based guys!
>everyone proceeds to post pictures of actually garbage looking pizzas not fit for Ethiopian peasants
lol, just lol. /ck/ coming in strong again
>mise en place
yea i'm not washing 12 little bowls though i do get everything out before cooking just make sure i actually have all the ingredients, i have gotten way to far into recipes just to realize i'm missing a key ingredient
>im better than you
>proceeds to not back it up
never said I was, just ~sayin~ that you're all a bunch of gormless hypocrites and the goyslop threads are deserved.

File: IMG_0909.jpg (198 KB, 1500x1500)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Thoughts on American Chinese food?
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>I know they tried to bring Taco Bell to Mexico multiple times and failed each time
I can imagine the problem is that local Mexican shops were willing to sell their food at lower prices.
I mean, in all reality, Taco Bell in Mexico is like having Walmart in the USA. That's not quite right, since Walmart actually does sell food at decent prices.
Maybe it would be more like if the only stores in the USA sold food that was completely unaffordable to 96% of American citizens.
File: ponder.png (11 KB, 470x454)
11 KB
>Chinese family-owned business sells Chinese-American fusion dishes
>this is cultural appropriation
>cultural appropriation
Reddit, go back there
>go to panda express
>order shark tripe soup with crushed dried sea cucumbers and pangolin tongue
>kid behind the counter makes fun of my awful spanish
Orange chicken is my go to also

File: 1689636395087247.jpg (165 KB, 800x462)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
What should I do to eat those things safely?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>falling for the dry meme
mushrooms are best when boiled
not even joking
my parents always did that and i was never impressed. they are best when fried in a good sauce since they are sponges
Chew thoroughly?
do not talk about the rocket fuel or the hydrazine cartel will pay you a visit.
i've said too much. my life is in danger i must leave immediat-
Cram em up your tooshie

File: file.png (2.51 MB, 2000x1500)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
This shit makes cooking so easy.
why didn't i cook with this earlier?
>why didn't i cook with this earlier?
who the fuck knows?
$41 for this roll
Yes. I've been using it all my life and claims that it damages your mind are obviously false. I've been using it all my life and claims that it damages your mind are obviously false.ajvs
File: file.png (1.33 MB, 2000x1500)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
This shit makes cooking so easy.
why didn't i cook with this earlier?
Wait why did I make this thread again?

Remember pizza parties at school? Also ice cream socials? What did your school get? Mine always got little caesar's, cheese and pepperoni options and pepsi or mtn dew. Our ice cream socials had those gallon vanilla ice creams and a bunch of syrups.
151 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
We had an ice cream party in kindergarten and i was looking forward to it all week, but i had to go home before it started because i got sick
when we got home, we found that my cat died (he was old)
>I insulted a girl during 4th grade recess because she misidentified a wooly bear caterpillar
lmao what a stupid fuckin bitch
File: pizza-boats-5.jpg (178 KB, 1200x1529)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
My schools would order pizza from the local place whenever we got one. If there was a big event schoolwide, we got food from the staff and a bunch of other cool stuff from wherever. The pizza was always oval-shaped and always cheese, never any other toppings.

Speaking of which, in my area, chocolate milk was uncommon to rare until sixth grade. But around eighth grade onward it started tasting funny, almost like they put extra sugar in it rather than just the chocolate syrup.
Amazing defence.

File: baos.jpg (145 KB, 1500x1000)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
I always fuck up my baos and the dough is either too thick or too flimsy, when I steam em, can you help me figure out a recipe to make em better?
recipe isn't the issue.
you're not rolling the dough thin enough.
Post your exact process and results

File: 1713897120035.jpg (232 KB, 592x533)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
>accidentally burn my chilli a bit
>it tastes really good

What does it mean
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: HOWARD.jpg (43 KB, 380x385)
43 KB
Also Maillard's syndrome
>accidentally burn my chilli
oh shit im sorry
>it tastes really good
sorry for what?
When I was a kid my dad burned the pasta sauce a little but I actually really liked it.

I always assumed that humans started scavenging after forest fires. Maybe we developed a taste for smoky charred food from that.
i assume you are talking about the spiced meat and bean tomato soup chili and not the chili pepper

if you like that darker flavor, i recommend adding a bit of cocoa powder, baking cacao or dark chocolate. say, a half tablespoon/heaping teaspoon for a medium sized pot. or even just a squirt or two of chocolate syrup (a little sweetness is good anyway, not too much). i am also partial to a small amount of cinnamon in my chili

File: home93[1].png (867 KB, 960x500)
867 KB
867 KB PNG
I live in Portland, Oregon. Where should I eat?
46 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ladda House

Good Thai food that actually can be spicy
>no salt or pepper
>And what's stopping developers from building in towns/suburbs just over the boundary?
The state government.
Some possibilities: Pre-existing before the boundary was in place, special use permit, a farm,
Or we're all lying to you, there's no such thing as an urban growth boundary, we made it up , created hundreds of web pages about it, and got people in the state and city governments to go along with it. Yeah, that's probably the real answer Sherlock.
Seriously, if you really are interested, you're connected to the internet, you can easily find the answers. Or you can continue acting like it's some grand conspiracy against you.
I did grand jury in Portland in ~2009, and felony flats is a real thing. Seriously. I was in grand jury #1, which is violent crimes (2 and 3 are drugs and white collar/financial crimes), and literally 90% of every case I heard was right past 82nd.
>punches above its weight
Well yeah. I don't consider LA or NYC a single city. It doesn't count if you have to drive/ride the subway 2 hours to get to something.

I don't have a real ranking, but I'd say the top three are the Bay Area, Brooklyn/Queens, and Portland. You're crazy if you think any of the last 4 on your list can compare.

File: donkey.png (293 KB, 474x566)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
Why are there never threads about recipes/cook books on here? I've been teaching myself how to cook and the hardest part is honestly finding good (somewhat) easy things that I want to make.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Cookbooks only work if you know how to cook. Know the basics, etc. Otherwise they're just ideas.

Jaques pepin talked about a pocket book he had with like 3000 recipes in it, but each dish was just the dish name, and base ingredients that was in it, nothing else.

That's where he got his idea to expand on that and create the visual cook book, a marketing meme.

The Internet isn't real life dumb cunt.
Go back.
Fuck off and have a little cry Gordon, you fucking hack.
Book threads were banned circa 2008.

I have a limited list of groceries to operate on. Could I have some ideas or recipes that use nearly exclusively these ingredients?
>Captcha: TANGWV

scrambled eggs
glass of milk

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