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File: OIP (1).jpg (65 KB, 474x474)
65 KB
Chicken Hearts so damn good, I wish more people were open to try them.
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File: 1705024650553798.png (462 KB, 661x1089)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
Don't forget to eat lots of pig sphincter. If you try hard you can convince yourself it's calamari
File: popcorn chicken hearts.jpg (108 KB, 720x1080)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>Americans will deep fry anything
Popcorn chicken hearts are wonderful!
looks good. Got any fav recipe?
These things are great breaded
You need to make sure you're not overcooking the liver or it's fucking horrible, this applies to all liver

Pan frying for a few minutes is fine

Thread for discussing coffee and coffee-related topics

Chiefs win edition.

If you're new or confused, start here: https://pastebin.com/UEzwuyLz
If you're old and confused, drink anything good lately?

Previous thread:>>20164541
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The bed. How's it look?
25g coffee at 93 clicks on K6
375g water at 97°C
1:20 bloom 7:40 total
Using a tea strainer as a brewer, a jar as the carafe, and a pitcher style kettle.
Coffee came out tasting of coffee. Maybe a touch overextracted. I'll try a slightly lower temperature next time.
File: IMG_20240220_210051.jpg (2.4 MB, 2250x4000)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
Tasting notes: flat, nutty, hints of chocolate. No acidity, minor bitterness.
Not a taste sensation by any means, but surpasses Lidl's americano.
Does the job in the morning.
New Option O soon. P64 replacement?
Just eat your coffee beans like a normal person what the fuck is that thing

Blackened grouper sandwich
i want to give you shit but its a good looking plate
Eh, there's worse you could do. I know it's a fad, but making sandwiches with the 'stuff' way overflowing the bun is annoying. Looks like it tasted good.
Why have the bread when you got beenz and rice already? Also, blackened grouper? More like, blacked groyper!

File: nessie ladle.jpg (62 KB, 1200x630)
62 KB
Are these good? Thought about buying one "for mom", but I'll be using it, it's cute
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>Is heat-resistant
every person i know who uses plastic seems to have a half melted one
I only use wood or metal ladles but if forced to I'd only ever use plastic for cold dishes
Silicone is plastic with a pr manager
I doubt it's that low. probably some kind of thermoplastic. ABS maybe
horseshit, you fucking doomer retard
even fucking britas filter out a noticeable portion microplastics. RO most definitely can. distillation can remove basically all of them.
meant for

File: IMG_7478.jpg (151 KB, 749x785)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
There are cathedrals everywhere for those with the eyes to see
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File: Big Chicken.jpg (22 KB, 474x296)
22 KB
Is your KFC a "Big Chicken" location, a standard standalone, food court, or God forbid, a Yum! Brands combo store?
How is this much meat the same cost as like 6 Taco Bell soft tacos?
Anybody who thinks McDonald's is better than Burger King is a giganto retard
File: 1000011422.jpg (33 KB, 390x514)
33 KB
I love KFC so much bros
Are you from goddamn Canada?

I ate at pic related today. It was meh but what really surprised me were the prices. Meals were like $10 on average and some even cheaper. The quality was the same as McDonald's. This goes to show you that McDonald's is over pricing on purpose. McD's controls every aspect of their product from growing and raising the food to delivery. They should be able to cut every corner to make their product cheaper yet they are beat price wise by a near dead franchise with only 41 locations.
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I was unaware these still existed.
Did you try the roast beef
The closest Roy's is about 30 minutes away but sometimes I just have to
For me, it's the gold rush chicken sandwich
It's like liquid gold! It really gives you the rush!
NTA but you're the one spewing bullshit. The right are well aware that corporations are the ones that lobby to make things harder for small businesses. The right are also the ones that are anti-war and want Raytheon out of business. They right are the ones that want the board of Pfizer tarred and feathered. The left LOVES giant corporations, we've seen your tattoos. They're a step toward complete national monopolies which is part of the commiecuck dream.

File: 838-127.jpg (438 KB, 1060x1500)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
Will i die
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For you...
Yeah, it says "Best before", not "expiration"
are you really eating them without the seasonings and just a few vegetables? wtf
why not just use some regular pasta if you are going to do that?
"There is a sin unto death; I do not say you should pray for that."
It doesnt say any of those words

>just eat flour bro its good for you
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Mongolians had constant diarrhea from the mares milk they drank
>mongolians are le strong boned
>had to do hit and run tactics against le weak boned asians
something feels off
An essential part of their terror campaign against their enemies.
Men aren’t lactose intolerant that’s just for gays and women
Based stench warfare

>Vegans can't be health-

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File: 1440021698892.jpg (594 KB, 1944x1944)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
if you wanted to bait people into clicking your shit channel you should have made outrage thread like
>look at this retard faking veganism
or something like that, it works better
It's manufactured via bacterial fermentation
Sorry retard no gotcha for you
>vegantard hates nature and prefers labslop
imagine my shock
>desperate for pussy voice
Tell me what this crystal does
>desperate for penis voice
I'm vegan

File: ms.jpg (133 KB, 1110x798)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
He really went too far this time
I, too, remember when I first saw A Bridge Too Far, with an all star cast. It was quite something. They don't make 'ilms like that anymore.

File: evoo.png (509 KB, 722x406)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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>we eat them with the bread
I like to make the olives into paste and add garlic and oregano
I have never seen this brand before, it's probably export-only
I have seen this brand, it's middle of the pack. Not too amazing but not bad either.
>cretan olive oil
>recommending anything other than co-ops
Ανέβα επίπεδο αδερφέ
0.56 is a lot. The limit is 0.8.
Peroxides 13.8 isn't that bad. Limit is 20.

Yes I make them like that too!!
Are you the sardinian anon? Is it true that italians hate greeks because of the 2008 crisis?
File: 1699611371090.jpg (913 KB, 1920x2560)
913 KB
913 KB JPG
My wife buys this one, it's quite nice. For my specialty use I have a smaller tin of Buzey brought to me by a good friend from Turkey.

File: 1000011407.jpg (41 KB, 700x558)
41 KB
What do you snack on if dealwithing a hangover or even worse, a detox? For me it's pic related
For me, it's a cafe americano up the wrong way, a decafe if you will.
I just chug gatorade and more liquor until the hangover goes away.
File: 1000011421.jpg (26 KB, 556x505)
26 KB

Is there a canned chili that isn't complete shit? Don't think I've ever got one that didn't suck.
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I can give you some homemade pasty butt chili, open your mouth gay boy
Nope, you're better off making your own
I rather die an incel than have AIDs because I got ass raped
Digits checked, and yeah. I'm no vegetarian/vegan, but the green canned Amy's chili is toppest tier. Only issue is I can rarely afford it
I like Stagg. The Laredo one esp. Lately dynamite habanero has been on close out so I got it and it's pretty tasty. I'm no spice guy but I didn't find it thst hot at all. Never had normal, surpsingly.
>Is there a canned chili that isn't complete shit?
The one you can yourself.

File: Trump_Steaks.png (101 KB, 223x300)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
What's the most underrated cut of beef?
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>Imagine voluntarily going to fight for a country you have no allegiance to,

This is my opinion of everyone who willingly joins the military when their country isn't in an active war they feel the need to help in.
Yeah. Or imagine joining the military so you can be deployed to the desert. on the opposite side of the world, to fight local warlords with no air capabilities, no international capabilities, no ICBMs, and no direct threat to your country and then dying in an ambush.
>the government was shut down and all federal employees (including white house kitchen staff) were furloughed
Oh shit. I forgot about that. Check out though.
>they hated him because he told the truth
To me it’s a lower tier of zogbottery. At least those retards do that because their country “needs” them to do it and they’ll be compensated with benefits and able to go to school for free and get any job they want when they get back, or their family will get something if they die. Doing that just because you feel like it for absolutely no benefit other than bragging rights if you don’t get blown up is a whole other level of zogbot stupidity.

File: mackrell.jpg (65 KB, 602x602)
65 KB
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probably like 2-3 times a weeks, usually its smoked makerel, i just buy a smoked makerel, put it in tinfoil, with butter, green onion, dill, thinly sliced potatoes, tomatoes sometimes
easy, cheap, filling
Sardines and brown rice almost every day
File: torskerogn.jpg (325 KB, 1000x1000)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
other then that, just a can of tuna, some mayonaise, green onion, black pepper

or cod roe with remoulade

Once a week mostly. Either in fishcake form or some nice steamed pollock or salmon If the budget stretches.
Normally once per week on Saturday
Then usually pork or chicken on Sunday

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