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Still the Best XCOM game Edition

Previous Campaign >>131030945

XCOM GENERAL (full information, all links):

Beagle's Live & Legendary:
XCOM Operatives videos:

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File: 2016-02-06_00002.jpg (280 KB, 1920x1080)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
>tfw you didn't join XCOM to save the world
>you're just in it to kill the ayys and defile their women
>welcome to earf
I noticed this, yeah. It's not too ridiculous because the enemy basically just sees them as out of the fight and focuses on actual threats.

File: Accursed Beasts.jpg (161 KB, 1920x1080)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Hunting Edition

Old: >>130965056

>Patch 1.09 Info

>Accessing the DLC
Note: If the eye isn't showing up, go to: Settings > Playstation Network/Account Management > Restore Licenses

>Co-Op & PvP
Official PvP Chalice: hizzngr3 (Pthumeru Root)
/bbg/ Fight Club:

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Do you have top tier gems? That makes a lot of difference.
Getting a little tired of being a skill shitter. Back to HMLS for now
Burial Blade takes some finesse. Other than that, yeah, quick hittin' and easy livin'

File: tomattohinata.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1446)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Tomatto for best artist of Hinata fanart Edition

>Steam group

>Storm 4 Release Dates
for everyone but NA consolefags

>Pre-order bonuses and Leaked DLC

>New to Storm and/or coming from "traditional" fighting games?

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File: cunt.jpg (131 KB, 418x743)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
living the dream
has game been data mined yet
Kek that pic never fails to make me laugh

File: Muh Runes.png (829 KB, 962x476)
829 KB
829 KB PNG
Old: >>131026702

Runes Edition
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yea i agree the expression is a bit weird
Whatever you win with more. You might have a hidden talent with something. I played nothing but kha jung till i got back to where i was. Like 2 losses and 25 wins, carrying every game
File: 1448999203633.jpg (42 KB, 500x664)
42 KB
Why does this exist at all?

File: 1446397043921.jpg (157 KB, 600x800)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>How skinshipping is implemented in the North American version of Fire Emblem Fates

>Lost in Thoughts All Alone (ENGLISH)

>New Gameplay

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We all do, anon.
>treehouse stole my chicken grease meme
where's my cut
Not him but (lol way to prove yourself wrong out of the gate

File: 1443165269059.jpg (624 KB, 3057x1569)
624 KB
624 KB JPG

VIVA LA FRANCE in 2017 :^)

Patch notes: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/cbt/patch-alert-0524/

Stat tracker/Stalk your favorite wowsg

>Useful Information:
http://pastebin.com/nuWhcW1K (siema) (embed) (kurwa) (embed) (POI)

>In-game chat channel
EU Channel: "Official /vg/ channel", password is "vidya"

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see >>131050514
>hurrr I'll just make up shit
>gets called out on it
>ok you can have the last post
File: professor.gif (478 KB, 300x170)
478 KB
478 KB GIF
So I have to completely redownload the game?

whats the matter, poor or something?

File: anni.jpg (916 KB, 4458x1182)
916 KB
916 KB JPG
Annihilation edition

Update: the much-awaited hevy salt nerf is finally through! The average player is almost unaffected, but tryhards have switched to maining skillsuit and infil. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
Battle rank cap increased to 120, jihadism is made easier, battle rifles are still pretty shit, and more:


PTS has some new ANT stuff and a basic construction system. Also, map drawing for squad leaders.
Xander redesigns and Sanctuary images

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>do you not have a marauder or something?
No, and getting one would take 30+ hours, that's the point!
This is a joke, no? Hyperbole? Marauder is 550 certs, plus say, 50 for the mandatory fire suppression. If you're not a total shitter, and remember to redeploy hop to all the best farms, it'll take around 5 hours to pull that. That's not bad considering this is one of the finest ground based farming tools available.
Dont forget new players get 1500 welfare certs. Most of that should go to certing a class but you could spare 700 or so for a basic vehicle loadout.

File: WARRIOR.png (891 KB, 630x1454)
891 KB
891 KB PNG
best vocation addition

Tips for new players
You can change vocations at level 10 at the Gran Soren inn or BBI.
Character appearance can be changed later on.
You don't need pawns, but they help.
Don’t miss your sidequests: http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Side_Quest_Progression
Further info on "Must Do" sidequests: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qS9A47duONEwozGu8A6_oX_HyCxgBwbquGmlZqEQqqg/edit?usp=sharing
Make sure you understand the romance system before you get too far: http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Beloved

>Wiki you lazy shit


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I thought he always landed on the bridge?
File: 367500_2016-02-05_00020.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
File: 1452794677644.jpg (127 KB, 500x447)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Why did Savan dye his hair?

Infinite Challenge Never edition

>Client Download

>What server will most of /bnsg/ be playing on?
Mushin is for Memes
Poharan is for Memes
Jiwan is for RP/ERP
Windrest is for britbongs
Ebon Hall is for britbong RP

The new servers have burgeoning populations of their own, and you're encouraged to use them if you don't want to wait in non-premium queues.

>Steam Group

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Man, I regret not spending more than 10 mins in character creation. My Gon looks as generic as possible :(
File: Screenshot_160119_025.jpg (734 KB, 1920x1080)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
>Foreground Eclipse
muh nigga
I find that usually people just have trouble starting a conversation, so if you just throw out some random inconsequential shit like commenting on an appearance or bring up balance/talking about the game will get at least someone talking a lot of the time

Dailies are a lost cause though, all you'll get is annoying assholes who either ignore everyone no matter what or bitch and moan about literally anything they can.

File: DoA.jpg (262 KB, 1584x744)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
/wpsg/ guilds:

<Not Again> - GD (Horde

<Autism Awareness> - Atlantiss (Alliance)

>Where can I get game clients?

>How do I connect to [server]?
1. Register on a private server that hosts the same game client you have.
2. Copy their realmlist URL. This can usually be found on the main page of the website or on their registration page.
3. Look for a realmlist.wtf file in your WoW folder. This may either be in the root folder, or inside Wow/Data/enUS/

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get better taste your borderline retarded grandpa
Just use a different name, and if you used VOIP, just buy a different microphone
File: 1406788435157.jpg (160 KB, 760x430)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>they going to fuckin play wotlk on tod now since lorderon is not the same

File: champ 00000022.webm (669 KB, 484x478)
669 KB
do NOT bully edition

>Latest news
- tournament worlds
- new necromancy-spellbook teleports added
- Dragon warhammer and big lizard out now
- Price checker on trade screen & looting bag
- New Poll up
- Zeah released & tweaked

Home World: 327
Clan Chat: OSG
Website: http://oldschool.runescape.com/oldschool_index
Mumble: aaathats3as.com

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File: 2016.02.06_06-42-05.png (149 KB, 765x504)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Thanks for the criticism :^)
Brews are annoying but I'll git gud soon enough
File: tadaima.gif (984 KB, 416x234)
984 KB
984 KB GIF
Looking for a strong, manly man to help me out with safespotting Kamil(Desert Treasure).

pm inkognito

File: BAD CUZ NO WIDESCREENS.png (220 KB, 700x900)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
Previous loop: >>130880303


>Official Nuclear Throne Resources
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/242680/
Wiki: nuclear-throne.wikia.com/wiki/

>Fanmade stuff
Crown Ideas: https://ghostbin.com/paste/2qv3t
Character Ideas: https://ghostbin.com/paste/vttb2
Soundtrack mods: http://pastebin.com/bAtMbDCV

Character guides: http://imgur.com/a/dqJ3w

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>i don't need friends! i've got rads!
>i'm... i'm out of rads...
a few seconds after it stops the lights continue flashing, go then and press e
Does Plant's Throne Butt work on generators and the Throne itself?

File: LznXh1w.png (448 KB, 1084x658)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
Old Thread: >>130825890
I can't think of a title Edition

>Complete Character Listing
>New Wave Card Archive (Updated 01/08/16)
>Newest Fanart on Pixiv

>Estival Versus releases on March 15th, 2016

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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But why buy an import from Play Asia and get raped on shipping fees when you can just make a PSN account for the game's region and buy it there digitally for even cheaper?

>The DLC is supposed to be identical to the JP version
Please allow me to clarify something. The Japanese version on HK and JP PSN are identical. You theoretically could buy the base game on HK PSN and the DLC on JP PSN(I believe at least one person has gotten this to work.) However, the English HK version probably won't be compatible with the JP version's DLC.

Also, as far as DLC goes, the Chinese and Japanese versions are both on HK PSN right now and though they've been available for far longer, the only DLC character they have available is Ayame. They don't have Kagura, Naraku, or even Ayane.

Source: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-hk/games/senran-kagura-estival-versus/cid=JP0507-CUSA00893_00-ASIA000000000000%3AADD-ONS

>If not, I'll grab the Sakura Edition from amiami or so on for ~$35
Though you're probably getting it for the new box art I wanted to mention that the new price should become updated on JP PSN and that the Sakura Edition swimsuits will be made available to all versions as DLC.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 35163104_p1_master1200.png (280 KB, 600x846)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
But naginata have a blade at the end and are used differently than spears. You poke more with a spear while you slice with a naginata.

File: Aqua Rangers.jpg (389 KB, 960x540)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
Zenkai no /llsifg/!: >>130960004

>Current Events
JP:Useless Slav
EN: Nozomoo

>Get the game in English!
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=klb.android.lovelive_en
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/school-idol-festival/id834030294?mt=8

>Love Live! School Idol Festival Calculator

>EN Event Ranking Tracker

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1280.png (716 KB, 1280x880)
716 KB
716 KB PNG
Such a good taste.
>double face palm
File: 1434390798329.jpg (520 KB, 1599x1840)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
T2 for the gay garden

File: masspve.jpg (117 KB, 900x563)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>what is my.com?
the online gaming front for Obsidian Ent.

>About Skyforge:
Skyforge is a very different kind of MMORPG, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and Allods. It's about immortals and gods in a sci-fi/fantasy futuristic world with heavy greco-roman influences.
>Become a god! Start your own religion! Be worshipped by thousands and have them erect statues and temples in your glory! Accept the vow of Adepts, who offer their very lives at your godly service!
No traditional "leveling system", instead there's a Prestige system, your godly power-level measurement, which unlocks new content. A fine breath of fresh air in a stagnant industry of copycats.
The combat is similar to Blade N Soul: not a traditional tab-target.

There are open zones, solo/3/5 man instances, 10 man raids & PvP.

>NEW? READ THE CODEX! (Needs updating. When in doubt, ask.)


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>tfw winning two brackets at once
Pubs will never know this feel.
File: 1419381500883.jpg (44 KB, 680x346)
44 KB
I played L1 back in the days where cyber cafe gaming was a thing, and I remember all that bullshit about the high lvl players pking low lvl players for either ranking farming or just out being pure assholes, those are the same type of people like would torture small animals just so they can feel empowered and get away from the fact that they are total looser in real life that no one would even look at them.

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