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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but ideally those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

Check the wiki, the catalog, and the archive before asking for advice or recommendations, and please refrain from starting new threads for questions that can be answered by a search engine.

/lit/ is a slow board! Please take the time to read what others have written, and try to make thoughtful, well-written posts of your own. Bump replies are not necessary.

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>reading on the bus
>rape scene
>I get off next stop
>>I get off next stop
Disgusting. Right there in the bus?

File: dagreeksson.jpg (80 KB, 768x432)
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Hey /lit/. Is Philosophy dead?

What I mean by that is, didn't the Greeks cover everything? What more could there possibly be to discuss? They covered it all.

Before you think so, no, I'm not a STEM fag. I'm genuinely curious about your thoughts on where philosophy is and where it's going. Are modern philosophers introducing any new ideas at all or are they just rehashing all the old ideas and changing the words to fit the modern era?

And if there ARE new ideas being presented and modern philosophers making genuine breakthroughs, could you please offer me suggestions? I'd love to look into their work.
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explain logical positivism, explain its downfall, explain Quine, explain any of that then
he finished analytic philosophy, good riddance
Witty literally was not a positivist.
There's no surviving works from Thales.
No, sorry, bullshit is endless.

File: Lacan.png (113 KB, 300x230)
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For which demographic is Psychoanalytic theory supposed to work best?

Rich/Poor, Women/Men, Left/Right, etc.? What archetype has the best chance for his problems to be suspended?
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>>7690413 here
There are quite a few elements to consider in your question. What comes to my mind are these :
1. "entry cost" in analysis and targeted audience, which may float around your opinion
2. "good" transference, which I think depends of other things
As for the first point, if you really want to go that way, you could take what >>7690438 said to a certain extend, there is a part of psychoanalysis which certainly comes from a particular social situation (intellectual bourgeoisie). Plus, there's a certain tendency to self-reflecting speech when you into intellectual classes, and a proximity in regard of psychoanalysis. If you add to this a high price for an analysis, that could restrain the analysis to certain audiences.

Though I don't think it matters a lot, at least when the psychoanalyst is a good one. Let's say someone isn't exactly rich : money may be a problem with some analysts, but you can also find free institutions or reasonable prices.
As for the habit of speaking of oneself : you may speak a lot about yourself without saying anything (anything important), it isn't what matters in analysis. The language in analysis is very different from everyday language, aptitude to self-reflection doesn't really improve this "other" language.
As I've said in my previous post, there are chances you may experience quicker/easier transference with people which are socially "closer" to you (we love what looks like us). So in "pure logic", a lot of analysts coming from a certain intellectual bourgeoisie (and you've got to moderate this, because an analyst may as well be coming from proletariat, even if it's not the most frequent situation), you could presume patients coming from intellectual class will go along well with these people. Though it's only "pure logic" and doesn't correspond to the experience. That absolutely doesn't implies anything regarding the well-being of the analysis, which depends of the effectiveness of the transference. Once you're in analysis, if there is at least a minimum of good touch between you and the analyst at the beginning, the transference game will follow and "auto-feed"...
The effectiveness of the transference depends of a world of things. To caricature, you could imagine a patient who goes along well with an analyst just because his/her perfume reminds him/her a loved one. This sounds cliché, but that's really the kind of things you're dealing with.
I have no idea which type of person it's supposed to work best for, but I do know that comparative research trials have showed that it's one of the least effective forms of psychotherapy. Whether it's scientifically valid or not, spending so much time focusing on the causes of a mental illness can be pretty distressing for a patient. People respond better to solution-oriented therapy such as CBT.
( >>7691342 here, too much text in one post)

I don't want to draw an a-sociological paradise, there are social determinants which affect one's chances to engage in psychoanalysis. But I think they vary greatly given the location, the country, local culture, etc. It would be difficult to generalize to the extend of "psychoanalysis theory" (by example, in my country there are free institutions which are specifically more invested by people which are not exactly wealthy. This doesn't tag along well with a wealthy people psychoanalysis thesis). That's for the practical/pragmatical side.
For the theory side, you could always find social determinations in the construction of psychoanalysis and its concepts, which indeed come from a given environment (intellectual bourgeoisie to (badly) put it in a nutshell). Plus, psychoanalysis could not have emerged in XVI century Europa, and it all depends of an historical situation which gave birth to a given subjectivity. This subjectivity emergence, and what a subject could mean, how it is mutating, etc. are large, difficult and (I think) very important questions on a sociological, philosophical and anthropological scale. But I believe it's not exactly where you wanted to go with your question so I won't go further on that field

All in all, that doesn't really presume of the analysis experience from people to people.
What's is in question in analysis is one's singularity, what is to "hear" in the subject's speaking. As for when you talk about different people's experience with their parents from region to region, that isn't a big deal. One comes in analysis to unfold his/her relations, and these one are always the most highly singular ones you could find.
It was mostly developed in clinical work with bourgeois female Jewish clients.

That's not to say it doesn't work well for others, but those are Freud's original clientele.

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Big news
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He's already got me.
File: 14451250390.png (113 KB, 492x448)
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>any programmer barring the top 100 in the world
>effecting anything at all
>In 1991, J.T. Lin was granted a US patent (US5520679) for a new technology using a flying-spot for customized LASIK that has been used worldwide. The first US patent (in 1993) using an eye-tracking device to prevent decentration in LASIK procedures was granted to S. Lai.

Then J.T. Lin was convicted of fraud and Tao writes about his dad going to prison for fraud.

Seems legit.
File: tao lin.jpg (670 KB, 1330x1330)
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670 KB JPG
I'm excited about the novel, probably going to be NEETcore as fuck.
this i think?

File: image.jpg (2.11 MB, 3264x1836)
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2.11 MB JPG
Write what's on your mind
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You think reading classics will make you smart, but you can't even do basic post-high school level math. Get a load of this colossal faggot, everyone.
melville is god. hemingway is kinda overrrated. literature, like music or any art in general is a dream and an hallucination. you need to get out of that mentality that tells you its all about 'facts' you have to collect like postage stamps. its about fully experiencing the world
I feel the same exact way. I'm just hoping that if i keep writing and reading it will eventually sort itself out. Good luck mate
File: 1453963358846.jpg (92 KB, 500x667)
92 KB
Spending my days woeful of the human condition, laughing at the absurdity. Slow degeneration of the body, ha.

The majority of thoughts; narcissistic
The majority of actions; the same
The majority of dreams; selfless

That's what I'm thinking of, I think.
My penis is useless.

May I use yours?

File: 1346824718141_cached.jpg (112 KB, 1200x800)
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112 KB JPG
What arguments actually exist against suicide?
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>Theoretically I would find suicide a worthwhile end in that case as well.
How so?
Thats like saying a junkie cant recommend people avoid heroin or a convict cant advise people against thievery. Not one single iota of philosophical thought is on your side.
bloom was a meme author, and had no discernible talent. he was shitposting, and is literally genre tier fiction. clearly a juvenile author.
What is reading comprehension? It's like a straight edge faggot telling others to shoot up til they can't find a decent vein or an upstanding man telling others to steal and maim as they see fit.
The thought of death makes me overjoyed. I get tingly when thinking about looking life in the face, all the bullshit people worry about (not getting jobs, pressures of being "ambitious", status, professionalism, feeling inadequate, competition), and heaving a great and sonorous "I WILL NOT ACCEPT!" from my little lungs.

My parents, before deciding to conceive me, sat down and discussed the possibility of their future child being insane, hurt, enduring suffering, and ultimately, killing itself. They made sure to understand these things and rightly so; bringing life into the world is a big deal, and all must be considered if you are to be responsible and rational. They talked to me about suicide when I turned 18, they told to me try and hold out if I ever felt the need to kill myself, explaining how they have found happiness and wealth in life and how I can as well. They did this to let assure me that I should never feel guilty about taking my own life. Of course they love me, but they take me as a responsible adult with a mind of his own, and if I am to kill myself, it is just.

I always viewed life like a boring movie at the cinema. You can walk out any time if you'd like and there isn't really much to staying to see the whole thing. Some people, especially on here, take pride in being alive and of course feel smug when their peers talk about suicide. People like these just cannot understand why anyone else in the world isn't exactly like they are; how wonderful to think death with rid me of these sociopaths!

Anyways, I go through life fearless. I have no anxiety what so ever ,and I never feel trapped or cornered since I have this big key to the exit whenever things get tiring. I already feel a little done with life and I am only 20. Most people seem to be driven to live simply to feel praise and status, that constant driving force in men that they like to call ambition. The possibility of Dick waving presides over all suffering

File: goat.jpg (168 KB, 1240x826)
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French or Japanese?
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learn russian
What's the best way to learn Russian? I know basic words and the alphabet, but I want to be able to read Russian lit without issues
cringe thread


Move to russia
You're probably not enthusiastic enough to learn any of these. It takes many years to get a decent level, especially if you're searching for literature to read. To babble with some French expatriate or painfully go through “The Stranger” with a dictionary aside isn't “speaking French”, nor watching an anime with subtitles is “speaking Japanese”. In my opinion, Japanese and French are equally difficult. The first one is easier to speak and looser in syntax rules but is significantly harder to read and write.

Any robots undergone/studied psychoanalysis?

How long have you been doing it? Made any recent insights or musings you'd like to share (about yourself or others)?

What have you been reading? Do you have anything to recommend outside the usual reading material that people interested in the subject might find intriguing?

Have you read/are you familiar with Freud's work on dream analysis, and would you like to share some of your interpretations?

Personally I've undergone about 2 years of analysis and have been studying it on my own for about a year now. I'm currently wrapping up The Interpretation of Dreams, and I'm looking to pick up some of Freud's case studies which I think I saw at a local second hand bookstore.
Hi, there is another thread about analysis if that interests you.
I'm in analysis since a few months. No particular insight or interpretation to tell "out of the blue" right now, maybe later?
I didn't read a lot, mainly The Interpretation of Dreams, Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Civilization and Its Discontents.

How's your analysis going? How many sessions do you have per week?

File: ernesthemmingway.jpg (250 KB, 1200x1003)
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250 KB JPG
>see a cute nurse on the Western Front in World War I
>get to know her
>get to really, really know her
>decide you're definitely going to marry this beautiful nurse
>get sent home, you've done your duty
>she calls off the engagement abruptly
>she's marrying an Italian instead
>a fucking Italian
>start writing to sort through your thoughts
>it's turning into a novel
>"I'll get her, heh heh heh" you mumble to yourself drunkenly
>heh heh heh (burp)
>write her into the novel, give her a different name
>brutally kill her in the last act, blood everywhere, no closure whatsoever
>your novel becomes a hit

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 093.jpg (262 KB, 650x842)
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262 KB JPG
>I believe that basically you write for two people; yourself to try to make it absolutely perfect… Then you write for who you love whether she can read or write or not and whether she is alive or dead.
hemingway was a meme author, and had no discernible talent. he was shitposting, and is literally genre tier fiction. clearly a juvenile author.

nice touch
Do it and whenever you feel guilty have a drink.

File: Dindu.jpg (24 KB, 460x276)
24 KB
Is Othello the first Dindu in the history of literature? He cuckolds Iago before the play begins and makes some untrained young stud his lieutenant. Yet he's taught as some kind of innocent victim with a short fuse. Bizarre!
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This is the future you chose.

>Emilia calls him out for thinking something so retarded
Women never lie about cheating.

"Dindu" is a racist term for blacks, particularly African Americans. The term originates from the canard that blacks accused, convicted, or proven of committing various crimes and outrages reflexively are reflexively defended on the grounds that they "dindu nuffin" (also, that "he was a good boy" who was "tryna/finna turn his life around" and perhaps could have been helped in this by the allocation of "mo money for dem programs"). For example: "Why Zimmerman shoot that Trayvon boy, he dindu nuffin!"
Dindu may also refer to those follow the folk religion of Dinduism, a syncretic cult with origins in Christianity and the American Civil Rights movement in which, roughly, Black Power takes the place of the Holy Spirit in the traditional Christian Trinity and MLK assumes the role of the Son. There is no father, of course.
>people can't reference lies
I was responding to somebody saying that nobody else brings it up. Emilia brings it up, and Emilia herself brings it up to reference a third person - neither Emilia or Iago - bringing it up. The rumour exists independent of Iago's invention of a premise to justify revenge on Othello.
I actually don't think it's racism, but I have no idea what it is. That's what makes Iago scary. Might be a naive reading but I sort of like it, or rather I like Iago's motives being completely ambiguous. I'm just calling bullshit when he says Othello slept with Emilia.

File: 18702938209.jpg (57 KB, 567x425)
57 KB
What do you use, if anything? Why (not)?

What do you put in it? Poetry, short stories, metaphors/similes?

Happy with it? Why (not)?

Pen or pencil?

Are you prepared to have your controversial opinions on all of the above shit on?
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
OP was a meme author, and had no discernible talent. he was shitposting, and is literally genre tier fiction. clearly a juvenile author.

Yes, I realized recently I let my headphones be a spook. Listen to your Monk and Tatum while you're doing homework or chores.

I take a book + the notebook with me as well. I'll switch between them when inspiration strikes.
Honestly this was me up until recently. I didn't so much feel like I was wasting my intelligence, but felt more like I wasn't living my life to it's potential. I would spend entire days just reading books and playing video games making no progress in my life. For some reason I was okay with this until the end of 2015 where it hit me that all my friends were starting their careers and I had gone nowhere in the past 5 years. Seeing my friends getting ready to graduate college ended up making my already chronic depression even worse. So I decided to start going to local bars to meet new people and keep my days fresh. I also picked up old activities I gave up during high school, like playing sports and drawing. In no way did doing these things improve my quality of life at all, but the act of going out and putting myself out there encouraged me to find more potential life experiences. In return, it helped me get closer to choosing what I wanted for my life. I'm not saying doing all these things will help you, but I find that doing something drastically different in your life changes the game pretty quick. I only did these things out of curiosity.

I'm 23 and dropped out of college twice btw, I'm pretty sure I want to go back, but this time more motivated.
I bought a notebook but nothing significant ever happens to me and I can never think of anything to write

File: bom.jpg (7 KB, 213x120)
7 KB
How do I stop caring about memes and enjoy a book for what it is as opposed to what it could/should be or can be compared to.
Stop browsing this anime board

File: 1418343809771.jpg (59 KB, 483x463)
59 KB
Describe your last shit with the title of a book.

>Three Moments of an Explosion
22 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
the sound and the fury
Remembrance of Things Passed.
Much Ado About Nothing
Collected Fictions

I'm constipated
My Struggle

File: 544.jpg (59 KB, 800x800)
59 KB
Last one hit limit. Now it's official! Any type of writing is welcome. Pastebins, google drives, anything. Rate, give advice and critique to have people do the same with your writing.

heres an easy format for beginners to use.
261 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
There is literally no reason for me to post here, is there? I'm not getting any critique at all so all I'm doing is hurting my chances of getting published
This should be seen as a place to cut your baby teeth, not to craft your masterpiece
I thought I was getting close to the masterpiece stage, or at least the publishable stage, but I can't get anyone to critique my work except my parents. Naturally they can't give objective advice, and I don't want to make a burden of myself by asking friends, so it's only by posting here that I know if I'm ready, which I don't because nobody comments on my work
Scarydog? Source?

Dogscape was good if they did that.
You should try to pitch work at some actual professionals or at clubs or something. Network. Like I said, this place is only practice. I ignore half of my critique anyways because I know the poetry I write every couple days isn't really going to be my life's work. I need to muster up the balls to share with real living people who can actually do something for me. This is really just to make me feel good.

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