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File: fucking books goddamn.jpg (119 KB, 637x866)
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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature.

If you want to talk about politics, go to /pol/.

Recommended literature:
Ask for recommendations only once you have browsed the wiki.

Looking for books?

Since this is also the unofficial philosophy-board, I thought I'd post this here.

What languages are most important in philosophy?

My guess is:

And maybe French.

But what is necessary? I feel like English and German can't be well translated. But the secondary lit/translations of Greek and Latin seem fine.
But I have no idea about French or if there are any other significant languages in philosophy.
French is pretty much English vocabulary with Latin grammar. It translates to English very well.
Samefag here
Just realized that classical Arabic might also be important. Especially if you're interested in phil of religion.

File: nwa.jpg (479 KB, 2657x1772)
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479 KB JPG
How /lit/ is NWA?
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File: 20150731_115804.jpg (972 KB, 2560x1440)
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972 KB JPG
fuck you
Who eats a burrito with a spoon?
>Cherry coke

We got a badass over here.
Damn /pol/ really needs to fuck off back to its board.

File: mira_gonzalez.jpg (24 KB, 375x375)
24 KB
What's your opinion of Mira Gonzalez?
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Lenin. State and Revolution.
As a third worlder who had no table to eat on, I laugh at this.
people like blaming the big Other for their problems.
Honestly I don't care if she is a bad poet it wouldn't be the first time a bad poet has been published. She fits a need for a specific consumer demand
her step-dad was in Black Flag, so, yeah

File: baz.jpg (80 KB, 900x900)
80 KB
This channel did history book reviews in a weird robot voice:

P.S. we know about Better Than Food, thanks.

P.P.S. pls don't post YA shit
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pic related was the best one, OP.
>shortsighted hedonism
that's basically what the book argues destroys civlized behavior

>I'll try to find the Zizek thing.
you probably won't find it because I'm pretty sure it was just a detour hidden away in a lecture on hegel or dialectics, but maybe I'll find it because I want to listen to it again
if I do I'll post it here
is this a booktube?

File: 803950[1].jpg (42 KB, 321x501)
42 KB
So he had autism, right?
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It is literally just the sun.
Anyone who tries to read deeper into Mersault's actions completely missed the point of the novel.
quite the opposite actually. he's true to his feellings, so he won't act as "the grieving boy" or "the scared guy" etc... he's true to himself, that's what makes him a stranger.
I want to marry Meursault !
Loving this meme ladm8 OP

File: 1405196909057.jpg (127 KB, 576x635)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>be me
>read non-fiction for the prose
>sit in lecture, about to begin
>qt professor who has been eyefucking me all semester comes up to me for no reason
>asks me what I am reading
>I always read when waiting for lectures to start, and she must have noticed earlier in the semester
>>"On war" by Clausewitz
>She says "ah" and goes back to the front desk, starts lecture
>Last lecture, she asks if anyone wants to go for a beer to celebrate the end of the semester
>some autist grills raise hands
>her eyes scan the room, right to left, I am on the far left
>she looks at me for a good, awkward 3-4 seconds
>I look at her
>do not raise hand
>too embarassed cause of reading On War and also going full aspergers over semantics one or two lectures back (I objected to the non-sensical use of "modern internet", with a snarky "modern, eh?" and the situation turned full on awkward, and ended with me having to insist "nevermind, it's okay" about 5 times

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1435752695362.jpg (207 KB, 692x960)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
>Community college open elective history course
>We had to watch a video about whether or not Christianity was "outdated"
>Seriously felt like it was trying to be ironic, as it consisted of a smug British man interviewing Jesuit priests and hearing their arguments for how Christianity does not conflict with modern science, then spliced in clips of him asking the same questions to rural American evangelicals at the "Creation Museum" and saying "WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS, THESE XTIAN FUNDIES CAN'T QUITE GET THEIR STORY STRAIGHT!"
>Seriously the crudest and most jejune worldview I've ever seen in a man of his age, I wasn't even mad, just disappointed
>Teacher is a 20-something female part-time professor with a degree in archaeology
>After the film she asks for feedback
>I raise my hand
>"I feel like this film was completely uninterested in approaching the question of whether or not Christianity is capable of existing alongside an understanding of modern science, and was rather just seeking to lampoon them by presenting a bunch of weirdos on the fringe of Christian belief and pretending they provide an accurate representation of Christian theology"
>She nods and says "Well, you clearly have a lot of background on the subject. Anyone else?"
>One girl snickers

>still a forever alone hermit

>occasionally google super qt's name, she's now a model or some shit

>notmytypeQT I met once in a railwaystation. And by met, I mean she looked at me in a corridor from a distance of 30m, I grabbed my phone and stared at the screen until the situation had passed.

>the "modern internet" girl greeted me once a year later in a corridor at my institute. I said hello and kept walking. Why mention this? Because it's in the top 5 of female contact I had since the end of that class, in terms of intensity...

>fedora-hamlet I often see on campus, always with 3-5 people (while I sit alone) of mixed gender. I observe from a distance and reminisce his ridiculous mannerisms in class. He caught on, I think, he caught me staring a few times by now. I wish he would confront me in his thespian manner tbh, so I keep staring.

>never saw qt professor again. She is/was a relatively young prof, that class is the only one she teaches. Needless to say, I got an A. She wrote a lot of praise on my essays, and my exam.
>come to hink of it, I still have those essays lying around. Sometimes I read them, her remarks, and wonder what could have been if I wasnt such an idiot

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1431369243022.jpg (29 KB, 377x345)
29 KB
>DFW pisses on my face and recites his This Is Water speech
>He caught on, I think, he caught me staring a few times by now. I wish he would confront me in his thespian manner tbh, so I keep staring.
he clearly thinks you want to fuck him

>show no interest in cute girls around you
>stare at him for prolongued times
fuck, if you add
>remember specific things he said three years ago
>keep track of his progress as human bean
I would say that you might want to.
If you turned your experiences into short stories with a passable prose you could get them published in a few minor fiction magazines with little effort.

File: Generation Identity.png (807 KB, 1291x540)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
Why is there no Corn Thread?
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you lucky motherfucker
File: orange is the new cat.png (529 KB, 1000x418)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
File: hagukre.jpg (194 KB, 1048x538)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Mildly disappointed in the book, but still a interesting read.
File: yams.png (1.45 MB, 1665x649)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG

File: 1438364383495.jpg (80 KB, 640x427)
80 KB
Was Karl Marx the prototype of the original /lit/ poster? Well-read, NEET, no job, no life, spends day writing / shitposting?
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Well I'd also like people to try applying my political theories, even if it ends in failure.
>well read
>well read
Then Marx was more /lit/ than /lit/
Then how did he come up with such a meme of a philosophy?

by banging your whore mother every day.

File: Yukio.jpg (7 KB, 184x266)
7 KB
Where should I start with Mishima
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i don't deny that there is a degree of complexity to mishima but all we can do is speculate by putting pieces together of what we've read/seen.

I do think he was romanticized almost as a misunderstood hero of sorts. his suicide wasn't noble to me. it was a waste. the way that part was filmed in particular was disturbing.

it reminds me of kafka's the penal colony where the guy puts himself on the torture device rather than not use it on others anymore. it's where the idealism exceeds any sense of practicality or reality.
Oh I agree that his suicide wasn't noble. I find it more interesting than anything. The film definitely built him up as being misunderstood, and gave him something of a sympathetic eye to try and understand exactly what he was thinking. In that sense, it is certainly romantic. I just didn't take away that it actively endorsed his philosophy, which is what I think would be overly romantic.

That's an interesting point about Kafka, too. I had thought In the Penal Colony was a fictionalization of Nietzsche's genealogy of morals. Morality begins from an arbitrary form just as the machine begins by inscribing randomly into the prisoner's back, but as time passes both the morality of our society and the lesson of the machine become clear to the society/person as they both insist themselves upon consciousness until accepted as fact. Along those lines, Mishima's warped philosophy became a concrete thing that he tried to apply to world but could only apply to himself and it ended up exceeding any sense of reality in the way you mention it. Hopefully that didn't sound like a load of nonsense.
No. It's a very specific fetish video that has become a 2chan meme.
suicide is always noble

He's popular with western traditionalists who see his mythicism and critique of modernity to be relevant to theirs. He was very nietzschean of course, he believed revolutionary spirit is underpinned by pillars of nihalism and mysticism. Evola said the collapse of the self is identified with the epiphancy of transcendence, Mishima recounts this as being a warrior among the samurai collective. Mishima called heroic sacrifice tradegy but a beautiful fleeting one. He wrote he wanted a natural, spontanious suicide, as such his last act was more theatre in the metapolitical sense than it was serious act of political violence. He was very pessimistic about life in the modern world and Japan

>Japan will disappear and in its stead, an impersonal, empty, neutral, intermediate, opulant, shrewd, economic giant will be left standing in a corner of the far east

He certainly wasn't wrong in this regard. I find his brand of romantic nationalism fascinating tbh, I really want to know more about it

Are there irreducible, absolute goods that exist sovereign of the will?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
for >>6908464
the most evolved of our race, basically.
the people who've used mind to transcend mind, which is the essence of genius. those who have had direct experiential contact of this "god", and have done the necessary prerequisites to diminish the egoistic limitations of biology, heredity, in order to reach this state of being

what we have inherited are the writings of people who have attempted to put into words what is inherently transcendental. all we are given is analogism, symbolism and principles that are readily found in nature.
So according to other people?
>All we are given
All we are given is the opinions of other men from other times.
The merit of one man's opinion is no greater than some other.
I like what you've said, but what you've said is an opinion. It is not evidence for "irreducible, absolute goods that exist sovereign of the will".
My timing's off
>>6908582 meant for >>6908530
i cannot objectify experience, therefore i cannot give you the kind of evidence we both seek.

the path is there. we'll take our own ways to penetrate the mystery of life, then.

Goodreads Thread? Find new friends and gather a nice update feed. I start:
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by not being autistic.
File: 1431737157417.jpg (1016 KB, 1547x800)
1016 KB
1016 KB JPG

just review things you like or you look like a tryhard autist like >>6908290

I'm not one of the anti-intellectuals that seem so common today, but this is the truth. This isn't fucking Amazon. It's like rating a Pollock painting on a five star scale.

That's really easy though, pollock is 1*.
I review on how I feel when I finish the book and now I am ashamed of some of my past reviews.

i'm glad you clarified your ratings in your description because i was about to get so mad at you about your skylark rating
i'm still kinda mad

File: azzcazol.png (42 KB, 310x424)
42 KB
>know next to nothing about literature
>know no actual terminology regarding grammar
>still somehow get a job in the field of English education
>teaching for three years and I have no idea what I'm doing
I keep telling myself I'll learn this stuff, guys, but I just bullshit and steal lessons off the internet. How do you become a good English teacher?
26 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
what do you mean? I'm just a few chapters in and it's still on going, I'm sure the plot will expand and thinks will make new sense, but at the start it's about two girls dealing with friends, love, family and having a huge space ship covering the sky of Japan.

meant things instead of thinks and threat instead of thread.
seemed like it was inaccurate, but it's the new asano inio so that makes sense I guess
Inspired students are always cute, if yours aren't making cute faces a good slap on the back and showing you trust them will do the work.

File: Rules_for_Radicals.png (300 KB, 309x474)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
fucking dropped.

almost as big a waste of time as the Frankfurt school.

Stupid closet reactionaries, I swear, go HAMF or go home.
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
How's 10th grade working out for you, kiddo?
Have you had a look at new manifesto? Or anything about Horkheimer in general?
i sold my copy as soon as i got to the part where he suggested a bunch of blacks who had been discriminated against for jobs at some theater or whatever all eat a huge meal of beans and then go to the theater and fart all through the shows. it sounds like a joke but i he sounded serious in the text...either way, fucking dropped.
>Concession to bourgeois historiography + repeated references to the bourgeoise ameriKKKan revolution like it was all extra and shit.

wow this is a /pol/-tier cringe I'm feeling
>Have you had a look at new manifesto?

You mean, "Towards the New Manifesto", the tiny pamphlet by Adorno & Hork?
Yeah, I've read it. It's a meditation on what is to be done next, after their return to Frankfurt. The atrocities they've witnessed - the War, the Holocaust (and the death of Benjamin), the Great Leap Forward (Hork mentions it at least 3 times), the Stalinist crimes - turned them bitter towards orthodox Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, as well as the Western Civilization. So they're searching for something else, while still preserving the Marxist language.

>Or anything about Horkheimer in general?

I've read dialectic of enlightenment. It's pretty good.

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