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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but ideally those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

Check the wiki, the catalog, and the archive before asking for advice or recommendations, and please refrain from starting new threads for questions that can be answered by a search engine.

/lit/ is a slow board! Please take the time to read what others have written, and try to make thoughtful, well-written posts of your own. Bump replies are not necessary.

Looking for books online? Check here:
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Recommended Literature

>ITT: Books that are impossible to "spoil".
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Yup. I've blacked out the foreword, though. But I like it. More than any cloudy design, that's for sure.
actually the best
File: 1463884640623.jpg (79 KB, 945x833)
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> Nothing to do with the book
> Missing the obvious reference to the importance and sheer amount of footnotes
>change the cover
tell me your secrets

File: bookzz.jpg (35 KB, 640x480)
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Recent Purchases?

Thomas Pynchon-Mason & Dixon, 1st Ed
The Collected Stories of Louis Auchincloss
Salman Rushdie-The Satanic Verses, 1st Ed
Montaigne-Selected Essays
Another Republic-Poems, anthologized by Simic & Strand
Fadia Faqir-Pillars of Salt
Yasunari Kawabata-Palm-of-the-Hand Stories
Ron Rash-One Foot in Eden, signed
The Vintage Book of Latin American Stories, edited by Fuentes & Ortega
Natsume Soseki-And Then
John Williams-The Man Who Cried I Am
Naguib Mahfouz-Arabian Nights & Days
Ron Rash-Above the Waterfall

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File: book hauls may.jpg (1.7 MB, 1954x3217)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
Here are mine from the past week--probably getting a few more in the mail today (A Little History of the World, some Little Bear books, Strega Nona).

The Judge Dee ones were a great find, all $1 or less. I'm only missing Murder in Canton and Poets and Murder now.
Considered. But more descriptive doesn't equal better. The silence of the lambs is discussed literally when the main character recollects her time on a farm with sheep and doesn't hear them bleating anymore. But then they were being slaughtered so that's why and then there's the symbolism of it as the victims are being murdered by a serial killer thoughout.
Finally someone said it
File: bookz.jpg (3.72 MB, 3000x4096)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG

File: 1445737577430.jpg (633 KB, 1500x2600)
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633 KB JPG
Does anyone have a version of this chart for /lit/
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What makes late DeLilo so difficult?
Looked it up, and it's just making fun of those sorts of people. The guy you replied to was saying that the only high schoolers that talked about Joyce were the "I'm so much smarter than you" retards that get posted there, I think, because no high school would run a class on an author like that.
File: 1320371948767.jpg (150 KB, 798x800)
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150 KB JPG
Obvious plebeian contrarians and edgy children, 2 hurt ?
File: 8226431.jpg (5 KB, 100x75)
5 KB
>because no high school would run a class on an author like that
Are you joking?

File: EzraPound_Pavannes5.jpg (31 KB, 420x416)
31 KB
I have a couple of ideas of what this poem is about, but I wanted to see how you guys interpreted it just to be sure i'm not interjecting my own views.

GO, my songs, to the lonely and the unsatisfied,
Go also to the nerve-wracked, go to the enslaved-by-convention,
Bear to them my contempt for their oppressors.
Go as a great wave of cool water,
Bear my contempt of oppressors.

Speak against unconscious oppression,
Speak against the tyranny of the unimaginative,
Speak against bonds.

Go to the bourgeoise who is dying of her ennuis,
Go to the women in suburbs.

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"Do u ever get mad and frustrated about THINGS?"
*stops Linkin Park music*
*adjusts ear gauges*
i thought the poem was mocking marxists, interesting that you see it as linkin park-tier

Lear was just pretending to be mad all along so he could find out which one of his daughters really loved him.
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on humans****
uhm what? that definitely happened.
All of that happened. The executioner hanged cordelia and the jester, then lear killed him in rage. he literally explains this to everyone in the last scene
I think Lear goes in a journey of self-discocery where he realises he's a cunt and recovers "sanity". Not a punishment, but a "recomputing" moment. The foolwould be the supporting figure, like a catalyser. We've all had one of those moments. Wasn't really mad IMO.
It's possible, I guess.

File: mental institution.jpg (28 KB, 600x315)
28 KB
Surprisingly enough, I didn't see one around so here it is. A thread for discussing and rating poetry you've written. Just post your poem down below and feel free to give a slight explanation of it.

You shant obtrude the fragile,
you, a deleterious pariah
with impact menial and agile,
skilled lasciviously in maya,
birthed to grapple with babel,
sprouting to internal vandal.
You, a grotesque psyche -
distorter of subconsciousness,
embracing yet spiky,
an excruciating phlebotomus,
awry begotten.

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My heart is with you.
You who sing sweet, distant odes
to the ends of the earth
and cry mysteries of the pale pink horizon beyond.
You there! You who dance in the undying breeze
before clouds, alive with embers
from the dim, setting sun. Gliding
patiently, gently, softly
over the shore.
You who sores downwards
In a flurry of white feathers,
prying, with ease, from the hands of a resting fisherman
and now tainted with batter,

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Multisyllable locution
Thesaurus junkie
Doggerel cadence protrusion
Fustian and clunky
Inarticulate nevertheless calm
I carry rhymezone dot com
Everytime I see these topics I like to write one on the spot, so here's me continuing that tradition.

They could not slow my glabrous form.
In every book and map the world
Laid bare would never end the
What and Why and How and Where and
“Shut the fuck up”. They don't know
My genius. When I grow up
I'll cure cancer and brush moon dust
Off my space boots. They say there is
No place we know left to explore.
Let me tell you otherwise.
In the primal bush in golden sunshine robed,
perspiring blackened topsoil underneath
to cool the crib, the little feet of lizards
now long returned to loam and dirt would drag
their little bellies through the cooling crust
and scrawl across the ground in scurried streaks
a city in relief embossed in dirt,
winding its ways through the swaying tallgrass,

until the primal simian learned that if
he tucked his throbbing thumb against the rock
cupped in his foregathered dactyls, it would
repel the haul of gravity and taste
the glassy higher air unsullied still
by smoke and breath, and fly to where it pleased

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
As a whole, it's not supposed to be delicate. The "and"s left it to be very jumbled, like a thought, and cumbersome so that was more or less intentional. Which parts were particularly clunky? Also, the "you're" wasn't actually a typo, the idea just didn't come across well enough. It was meant to be like "You're crazy" as a diagnosis pretty much.

I definitely wasn't trying for any sort of metre, it was all flow. Like I said to anon above, it was really meant to be very flow of consciousness.

File: image.jpg (74 KB, 640x360)
74 KB
I'm looking for stories featuring Indiana Jones-esque characters traveling the world for adventure and/or treasure.
Old, pulpy series would be what I'm looking for but id be interested with anything featuring those tropes.
Uncharted 4
Allan Quatermain was a big influence on the Indiana Jones Character if I remember correctly

Also, I rec A.C. Doyles' The Lost World.
That's what inspired my interest!
Seriously though, I've read nothing but depressing novels this year an I need something light to indulge in.
File: ce47199894261178fb-0.jpg (101 KB, 935x1210)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Matt Reilly has a decent series with a similar premise. It's sometimes aggressively adolescent but I enjoyed them back in the day. Definitely up your alley if all you want is a dumb page turner.
Uncharted 2 is the most Indiana Jones.

File: image.jpg (64 KB, 500x372)
64 KB
Do you really believe strength and intelligence are mutually exclusive?
Is this just jealousy from weak nerds who want to feel superior?
Or are physically smaller people really smarter than stronger people?
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File: 1459722675983.png (78 KB, 321x185)
78 KB
>tfw you wake up and the affects of your Henryposting are still around
One with both is superior. Balance is sublime
You need only look to the Greeks to confirm this hypothesis. Those depraved faggots never contributed anything of value - philosophical, literary or otherwise civilized practices.

The whole degenerate country was so occupied with pitiful, physical training befit for barbaric animals that they never developed any culture - they simply wasted all their time on physical health, those stupid, crude idiots.

oh, wait
If you think going to the gym = meat head you are a fedora tipping pretentious cunt
Can't remember the name but some Greek cunt said something along the lines of get stronk cuz ur body can and u shud use it :DD

That is utter horseshit.


File: IMG_271405762236038.jpg (41 KB, 880x667)
41 KB
Previous thread
Selected: http://i.imgur.com/3v2oXAY.jpg/
General: http://i.imgur.com/igBYngL.jpg/
Flowchart: http://i.imgur.com/uykqKJn.jpg/
Selected: http://i.imgur.com/A96mTQX.jpg/
General: http://i.imgur.com/r55ODlL.jpg/ / http://i.imgur.com/gNTrDmc.jpg/
Talk about whatever you want
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Yeah most of his stuff is similar. Here's an excerpt from Stormlight:

"Kuso yarou!" snarled Szeth, wiping a ribbon of blood from the corner of his mouth. "Ore ga dare da to omotte yaru?!"

Electric guitars wailed in Kaladin's head as he watched light coalesce around Szeth's raised blade, indicating the preparation of Messatsu Tensei Ougi: Zantetsugetsumetsuken. Szeth's scream grew louder, while small rocks floated up off the quaking earth.

"Yare yare daze," muttered Kaladin.
Literally jibberish.
I would watch that, it would probably make for the best anime out there entertainment wise.
Too bad it's unreadable as a novel.
It's Hokuto no Jojo
File: map_roshar_2560x1600.jpg (3.68 MB, 2560x1600)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG
Good thing an anime already exists of that post.

File: City on Fire 03.jpg (261 KB, 1600x1200)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Did anyone here read this? What was your opinion? I've only just started catching up to the award-winners (Tartt, Catton, James, Doerr) and the premise sounds intriguing. Hell, if it's at least entertaining I'm sure the length is a virtue.

3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just read the first pages on amazon because I like that title. Book reads very entertaining. Will give it a go.
Is he the new david foster wallace?

Is this the next generation of shitposters' infinite jest
Not a chance. The book hasn't gotten nearly enough hype, even with the extremely large advance, to compare to IJ. IJ was a chart-topper that also got academic attention and became an IRL meme that /lit/ has simply continued. Infinite Summer has been a thing for quite some time now.

I haven't heard a peep about CoF since it launched.
I read it. The prose is not that good, there isn't much philosophy behind it and the characters aren't original. Read it because I like the theme and the punk setting in 70s New York.
Is it entertaining? that's the only reason I read.

File: Shadow of the Torturer.jpg (357 KB, 593x1000)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
I am trying to get into reading once again (I only read one or two books per year) and a friend recommended me these books since I like fantasy stuff.

I was reading some reviews and many of them say that the books from this author are extremely complex and you need to focus on many small details on each one of them.

Should I consider something less complex before reading these books (I was thinking in reading the Dune series)?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The surface story is simple enough. Dude goes on a random quest. The complexity doesn't take away from how interesting the adventure is.

It's heavy going desu. And oddly ill-written in some respects; since Gene Wolfe is obviously capable of writing clear and beautiful prose, it's probably a deliberate technique, but that doesn't make it any easier for the reader.

I actually recommend you read Book of The Long Sun first; it has a more likeable MC, a more obvious and appealing story, and is also just all round filled with COOL SHIT, while at the same time being every bit as layered and filled with allusions, omissions and puzzles, as BOTNS is.

And no you don't need to read BOTNS first to get the most out of it.
I read it and it's awesome.

It may be complicated, in the sense that it almost seems like you would recall a dream sometimes.
And maybe that is also because there are many dreams during the book.

Go for it dude, it's really good imo
On my 1st reread currently. Dive in anon. Then read Ficciones, then start rereading it.
It's pretty complex, but can be read with just enjoying the prose and the dream like atmosphere.
But you should probably pick dune if you just want to get into the habit of reading.

File: gassy15.jpg (11 KB, 500x333)
11 KB
>I think I would know Nora's fart anywhere. I think I could pick hers out in a roomful of farting women. It is a rather girlish noise not like the wet windy fart which I imagine fat wives have. It is sudden and dry and dirty like what a bold girl would let off in fun in a school dormitory at night. I hope Nora will let off no end of her farts in my face so that I may know their smell also,

Which other writers revel in the grotesque?
>tfw Gass never said that
>tfw you will never make a pun about Gass's love letters to his wife Nora because he never wrote them
>tfw if he did actually say that some memer would have already made a joke by the time you thought about doing it
Pic unrelated, I've just seen a lot of buzz around William Gass lately so I thought it'd be a good magnet for conversation.

you're not using this correctly. a "grotesque" is a specific literary term.
Marquise de Sade

Who was in the right here?
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: socrates.png (131 KB, 702x306)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
To stave the tide of these kinds of threads i made this.
coming from le 'u dun know nuthing i'm bettter than you cuz i know i dun know nuthin' man

sm h
but you, obviously, know what you're talking about
Chomsky wins in the debate and as a philosopher.

Foucault is overrated although still interesting.
If you knew anything about ideas you wouldn't care if the thought came from Satan himself.

File: images (1).jpg (25 KB, 531x277)
25 KB
Discussion for everything steampunk, Victorian, alternative history, dieselpunk, and 19th Century

Has anyone out there read Philip Jose Farmer's "The other log of Phileas Fogg"? If so, would you consider it steampunk?
u already ahve a thread for this, quiet clogging up the board >>8078729

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