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File: fucking books goddamn.jpg (119 KB, 637x866)
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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature.

If you want to talk about politics, go to /pol/.

Recommended literature:
Ask for recommendations only once you have browsed the wiki.

Looking for books?

File: gilgamesh.jpg (55 KB, 255x256)
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Great now we're all gonna have to buy new editions
No man, just read the additional tablets along with the others.
...unless you're some sort of book-reading pleb ofcourse
Kevin J Anderson wrote these, didn't he?

Here is the paper http://www.thehistoryblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/jcunestud.66.0069_w-footer.pdf

So the new tablet fleshes out the before-and-after og the slaying of Homababa in the Ceadar Forest. It seems like a meaningful addition to the story.
Fuck. I bought the 2003 Andrew George translation just a few weeks ago.

>inb4 the tablets get allah akbar'd

File: 1428881706214.jpg (208 KB, 500x643)
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208 KB JPG
Theology general.

So, according to the Orthodox Church, "the filioque was a mistake". This adds an important perspective on their theology: though they think we should adhere to Christ's injunctions, they don't think that it is otherwise part of a Christian's mission to become more Christlike; as the Holy Spirit proceeds only from the Father, each person is cut out to act and proceed in a different way according to the Father's larger plan, and the Holy Spirit guides them in that, rather than everyone trying to be a replica of Christ, which the Catholic Church holds to be the case, as they believe the Holy Spirit's proceeding from Christ guides us to be more like him. They believe the filioque outlook marginalizes worship of the Holy Spirit.

They also don't think of Communion as a continuation of Passover, but rather a new Passover. That is, they don't think Christ was celebrating the Jewish Passover in the Bible, he was celebrating the New Covenant one. Using the old the term to describe to the new is not unprecedented in the Bible: Matthew 28:1 uses "the First Sabbath" to describe Sunday (this can only be seen in the Greek and Young's Literal Translation). The Orthodox Church also points out that the word for unleavened bread was not used in the scene, just the word for bread. It's last point is that unleavened bread was not a tradition when it became widespread in the West, leavened bread had been used as far back as remembered, and therefore tradition was in its favor.

Any questions or talks about theology, folks?
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Subscribing to the Nicene Creed.
Thomas said it for me.
I'd like to ask something ancillary to the main point of the thread, and it's too small a question for a full thread.
How did the religionfags in here find God? What convinced you that there was a higher power, and from there what convinced you to follow it/its teachings?
I consider myself open to the idea of a god, but I just haven't found anything to "convince" me of one yet. To be honest it sounds like a pretty sweet deal all around.
William Lane Craig's (though I am a very different sort of Christian than he is, I respect his endeavor to get parents to teach their kids apologetics) work on the historicity of the Gospels really swayed me intellectually, and watching The Passion of the Christ swayed me emotionally.
I was born into a religious family, but around 16 I started doing research and reading on my own because I wasn't sure if I believed in God or not. And I was mainly convinced by the poetic truth through writers like Dostoevsky, Dante and Wolfe as well as Kierkegaard for philosophy. I see God as a necessity for joy, living outside his grace is living hell and his grace turn that living hell into a kingdom of God within us.
But lately I've been getting more into the all encompassing teachings of the church and seeing how it is what I consider the only perfect worldview that gives basis for every human activity of value.
Imagine a pool of absolute truth which you only need to jump, but are afraid that it is too cold. But once you find yourself in after the leap of faith you find completeness of truth and meaning and only wish to dive deeper and deeper.

File: lacan.jpg (55 KB, 469x305)
55 KB
Ask someone who has studied Lacan extensively in French and English anything on the seminar, écrits, or his teaching and work.
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Define your terms plz.
who is lakorn?
Do you know of anyone, aside from Zizek, who takes a decidedly Marxist approach to Lacan, in particular to the structure of the unconscious and what that implies for the field of possible intelligibility for a given subject?

A recent reading of Lukacs has made me interested in class unconsciousness and his remarks regarding the unconscious and class position piqued my interest (the nature of the bourgeoisie and its position within the social whole structure its conscious and unconscious so as to prevent it from reaching a true understanding of the totality).
>frogs were stupid enough to pay lacan for 2 minutes of his time
>this is his fault
File: 1438755585253.jpg (113 KB, 580x701)
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113 KB JPG
my mother is hysterics since always.

tell me about hysteria in women.

File: leonardo-da-vinci-06.jpg (159 KB, 1024x768)
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159 KB JPG
If a single man could write like Shakespeare and draw/paint like Leonardo da Vinci, but knew hardly any math, could he be considered a genius of the same caliber as Einstein and Newton?
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You're on your way too bud

Why is this thread worth bumping to you?
(don't take this as an invitation for further bumps)
He wasn't just a fantasy engineer through.
In regards to math, he had some kind of uncommonly strong intuition of geometry and mechanics, which reflected itself in his art and engineering works, but his lack of a proper education probably hampered whatever potential he might've had in that subject. And in anatomy/botany/geology, he didn't just observe and copy nature without understanding, he perceived the mechanics of it.
what the...

Oh I'm on /lit/. makes sense.

So he'd need to be Russian.

What's the hype with this guy? Is it his ideas? Because he has no writing style. MacIntyre and Milbank have better anti-enlightenment, anti-liberal critiques of society.
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No it shouldn't. One fewer sounds unnatural in that context.
so soumission is worth reading?
Far superior to his previous imput.
I love it when pedants fuck up their pedantry

File: image.jpg (44 KB, 500x271)
44 KB
Where do we stand on Trigger Warnings?
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I agree that it should definitely not be used for "mildly offended." The term is inherently loaded with the idea of psychological trauma. Referring to your mild offence as triggering is a definite example of the "privilege" these people keep ranting about. Of course they do acknowledge their privilege on most issues, but this is one of those specific things where if they had any kind of thoughtfullness behind their idealogy and weren't just in it for the social cred they would change how they use the word.
>my trigger is very specific, so far it hasn't appeared on the boards I go on.
tell us what it is, anon. we won't post images of it in the interests of scientific experiment. probably.
You have to understand that the term "trigger warning" originated on rape victim safe spaces. Since there's not a whole lot of ways to rape, it's very likely that someone's rape experience would match your own, thus triggering you. It was later co-opted by the rest of tumblr, which is real unfortunate but mildly bothering, all things considered. It's not like self-regulating user content is new or anything.
I'd really rather not for that very reason. I love you bastards, but I just don't trust any of you.

I was literally just watching this documentary, and my close-calls to heart attacks from ptsd are very similar to this https://youtu.be/ZnTwyANt_y0?t=2m34s
skip to 2:34

File: Lit's Top 100 Books.jpg (2.46 MB, 1820x4348)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
It's me again, The Polling Anon.
I'm sorry for asking all of you to take so many polls, but this will be the final poll.

You are probably asking: "Wait? didn't I just participate in a poll?" and the answer is, yes you probably did but that poll was a complete failure due to the fact that I overestimated how many people frequented /lit/.
In the original poll you could only vote for one book and as of now 162 votes have been cast but the problem is that only 91 different books have been voted for. Which means that a big part of the books will have gotten on the list with just one vote. That means that the list would not properly represent /lit/'s taste.

So I have now made a new poll where everyone will not only vote for their favourite books but also their favourite writers. Everyone can now vote for 3 different books and 3 different writers. But you cannot vote for the same book or writer multiple times and remember to state the name of the author of the book to avoid confusion

I hope you will participate in this poll
Replace the () with a "."

Pic related is the 2014 version of the list.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm back. But I can't post a picture of the current results since I'm on my phone and I don't have access to a computer until tomorrow. So I'll post the results tomorrow. However I looked at the results in my phone and so far 147 votes have been cast.
Well done
Don't know if we have any mods but hopefully this will get stickied. No one can ignore dubs and quads for long
I don't know, I didn't make the 2014 version of the poll, some other anon did

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Crop this and make it Joyce's picture, OP
Are you a grill and where are you from
I'll do that
I'm not a girl and I'm from Iceland
>I'm not a girl
nevermind then
>I'm from Iceland
nevermind back, how many digits of a qt?

File: 1444154651261.jpg (580 KB, 1920x1080)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
one post a picture, the other recommend a book based on that picture
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File: T07573_10.jpg (93 KB, 1536x1343)
93 KB
My diary, tbh

Bible, The Song ofSongs
Vergil - Eclogues


Solaris (the pic appears in the movie adaptation)

An epic (Homer - Iliad, La Chanson de Roland, Ariosto - Orlando Furioso, Tasso - La Gerusalemme liberata...)
File: 1437165298348.png (71 KB, 314x438)
71 KB

The Crab Nebula

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The Opposing Shore

Log of the S.S. the Mrs Unguentine

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1442406949279.jpg (457 KB, 1385x1800)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
Shakespeare - Titus Andronicus
File: 1441978429556.jpg (99 KB, 944x712)
99 KB
File: 90.jpg (47 KB, 640x566)
47 KB

Redpill me on Hemingway, /lit/.
44 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It seemed to me like Hemingway was actually making fun of masculinity rather than glorifying it. I couldn't tell whether the love interests were joke characters or if that's just what men wanted their waifus to be in the 1920s-40s.
This tbh
I don't know. I'm an American and I've always felt the same way.
>Therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for me

What did he meme by this
He did this on occasion. Usually he was just glorifying it, though. He really was that cartoonishly manly.

File: booksandshit.jpg (51 KB, 640x640)
51 KB
Any /speed/ readers out there? Meth, coke, adderall, ritalin, etc.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
lol same thing happened to me on adderall
I only read drunk as fuck and I have to reread about every sentence.

It's fun, though.
You probably need a secondary task, like essay writing, so you can switch back and forth between reading and writing to keep the mind fresh.

Have you also tried caffeine + L-theanine? It's better than just caffeine. Add in some nicotine and it's going to be even better.
That's a really cool Iron Maiden shirt. I've never seen that version of Eddy. Girls a qt too.

How does it feel knowing that there are much better writers on /r/nosleep than there are on this board?
/r/nosleep is p good. much better than /x/ attempts at originals, and naturally the shit you find in /lit/ critique threads.
do i even need to say it..
It's as shit as our Crit threads, which are often cross posters anyway who just want someone to look at their OC poemshit.
File: JAu7W3A[1].jpg (329 KB, 897x1200)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
>I write internet horror stories for an audience of redditors
me on the left

File: 8.jpg (19 KB, 356x379)
19 KB
From John Milbank's "Theology and Social Theory: Beyond Secular Reason"

>Because he gives a critique of political economy and modern ‘political science’, both of which, as I have shown, help to define and construct ‘secular’ power and authority, it is possible to read Marx as a deconstructor of the secular. In this sense, the following chapter is ‘for Marx’, and will insist that certain elements of the Marxist critique of capitalism and the State need to be retained and reelaborated. Yet at the same time, Marx altogether fails to realize the sheer contingency of the capitalist system as a whole, and to see that it can only be morally criticized and opposed in the name of another, equally contingent vision and practice.

[considerable elaboration]

>Given the impossibility of showing that capitalism is ‘irrational’ (that is to say, offends canons of rationality which cannot but be recognized by all thinking beings) or ‘contradictory’, only an ethical critique of capitalism remains viable. Moreover, this is likely to be also a religious critique, for the following two reasons. First, Marx himself realized that insofar as it was a culturally all-embracing system of signification, capitalism is somewhat like a religion. In consequence it can only be questioned or replaced by ‘another religion’, equally unfounded and not necessarily self-contradictory. Secondly, the ‘religiosity’ of capitalism is also, and pre-eminently, the paradoxical religiosity of the secular itself, which the preceding chapters have gradually disclosed. It is clear that the formal, regulative logic of capitalism can only be opposed by the constitutive logic of a metaphysical system which recommends certain social roles within a social narrative as objectively desirable.

>In this sense only, all true opposition to capitalism is necessarily ‘conservative’. But this is not to say that the alternative social formation proposed need be that of an organicist, socially-hierarchic society. A society directed towards paideia, the cultivation of certain virtues, may also be a society dedicated to economic and social equality, and to republican participation in political processes. In actual fact, perhaps the majority of nineteenth-century ‘socialisms’ tended to combine a ‘conservative’ concern for paideia, common public values and collective religiosity, with a ‘modern’ advocacy of equality and fraternity alongside liberal freedom. The very first unambiguously ‘socialist’ theory (in the sense of rejecting returns on unearned income to private individuals), that of Pierre Buchez, was an explicitly Catholic socialism, which conceived of the Church (thought of as an amalgam of voluntary associations), rather than the sovereign State, as the site of a new social order, a new post-political Sittlichkeit

10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This. Liberalism/Capitalism are not Christian by any means, but Socialism is literally Anti-Christian in that it was to set up an atheistic universal governing body as a kind of Anti-Christian parody of the Catholic Church.

Read Donoso Cortes' "Catholicism, Liberalism, Socialism".
He deconstructed the secular by showing its contradictions, as per Milbank, but he championed the secular in that he championed these multiplying contradictions as leading to a resolution of a contradictions (Milbank doesn't like dialectic, preferring Kirkegaardian "paradox").
Socialism is explicitly materialist/humanist/atheist. If you want to talk about the redistribution of wealth in a Christian commonwealth that's not Socialism. The reason why the Catholic Church has never forced redistribution of wealth is because that undermines the principle of almsgiving/charity.
There is nothing inherently materialist/humanist/atheist about social ownership of the means of production.

>If you want to talk about the redistribution of wealth in a Christian commonwealth that's not Socialism.

It actually might be, unless you are thinking in terms of trying to divide property entirely among individuals, which would be ludicrous. Socialism doesn't preclude some private property, it just precludes a dichotomy between owners and workers.

>The reason why the Catholic Church has never forced redistribution of wealth is because that undermines the principle of almsgiving/charity.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church explicitly supports forced redistribution. You're coming from the capitalist perspective that the wealth rightfully belongs to whoever is holding it.
I'll also point out the the Church explicitly says that giving the poor enough to get by is not charity, and it is arrogant to consider it such.

File: Alain_Badiou.jpg (916 KB, 1651x2108)
916 KB
916 KB JPG
Thoughts on this man? Where to start? He seems interesting
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1423530015440.jpg (14 KB, 370x550)
14 KB

Quentin Meillassoux: After finitude: an essay on the necessity of contingency, trans. Ray Brassier.


Beyond A/theism? Quentin Meillassoux pp.132-167, By Christopher Watkin, Difficult Atheism, Post-Theological Thinking in Alain Badiou Jean-Luc Nancy and Quentin Meillassoux

I cannot post the direct link since 4chan says that they are spam....

Who is he? What is his name?
Oh wow, O here are, we go, here wev've gone, there's no going back. The shit-post flings shit from the monkey's hand, splats forth the walls of my mental ears; "he's counterreolutionary" he says... a-hah, a-hah, a-holy fuck ay! great pozt!!!!!!!!, you swallort nigger, you swelled of jest, you joker you fool, I bet you thought that shit-flung post was the post to hark all more (A-YAH! AH-YAH!!!!!!!) Wow and ow, how might I ever recover, how?? Tell me how? you swallort nigger, you joker you fool.
Alain Badiou
Nice arguments.

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