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Recommended literature:
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File: w.jpg (46 KB, 620x387)
46 KB
Is everyone's hate here on women writers a direct result of not being able to get women in real life?

Just look at Schopenhauer or Nietzsche, for example, they both couldn't get laid IRL, so they write misogynistic slanders.

I guess its a combination of two things:

A) Spending too much time on the Internet
B) Not being able to get women in real life
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But things are defined primarily by what they are, secondarily (if that) by what they are. The problem is that identity (of what I am or what I belong to) has taken on a negative theological slant. Rather than affirm a certain set of practices (taken on with no base genetic or biological determinism; i.e. white pride and other such phenomena), people passively accept a set of practices primarily and secondarily (if that) only actively attack that which threatens the sacredness of that negative-oriented identity.

Your example is one of aesthetic outrage. That the aesthetic can somehow be attributed a moral stance is yet again another sign of the utter oblivion of Being.

I don't think you actually know what the entire existential-ontological ground of my being from a few comments over 4chan, sorry mate but you are being presumptuous. " The brute facts of existence" is pretty vague, what are they exactly ?

I do not have a "communal essence". The ones with a communal essence are the identity politics people who have to define themselves through narratives of discrimination at all turns, with arbitrary normative values like "equality" that are simply a tool in their existential-ontological power struggles.

They identify with the abstract forms of the "victims of discrimination" aka anyone who is'nt part of the "dominant group", especially when they are privileged bourgeois college kids who need something to revolt against to justify their own inner lack and inability to match the brightest lights of the dominant group . Their whole game is revolting against the powerful and affirmative because they are weak and can only live in a resentful manner. That is also where the narratives you are applying to this issue comes from. It is a tool of the loser to clear the field and move the goalposts by turning all standards into constructs for existential struggles. They posit this, and then they import arbitrary moral forms like "equality" in order to gain a leg up while trying to condemn their opponent to being stuck in intellectual nihilism. It's fundamentally dishonest and rather pathetic at the end of the day.

I used to fight against them on identity grounds, that we really had this kind of global nihilism by which we simply impart our values on, the nice thing about it is that you can justify any behavior by it because ultimately no justification can be had. I moved past that stage in my life and am done with it. I've already made my way to affirmative values and now am defending them against the negators with those people who I know have tapped into what I have.

Literary Misogyny really is, for the most part, a result of male frailty. But it's not "I can't get laid." That analysis misses the real cause. It has more to do 'castration anxiety,' the idea that 'well if women can do it just as good as men maybe this isn't a man's field and I, as a participant in it, am not a man.'

Also your analysis of Schop and Nietzsche is wrong:

Schopenhauer had no trouble getting laid, he had a kid for example. Nietzsche wasn't really a misogynist in the sense you probably think. He was anti-feminist, but feminism isn't women. He thought women were smarter than men, which is not anything a standard misogynist would say.
>People are slandering women that are obviously great writers.

Who are "people" in this instance? Just because /r9k/ invades /lit/ once in a while doesn't mean this is a consensus on /lit/.

The fact is, that I personally love women, I think they're pretty to look at, and if they are intelligent and well-read as well, I have problems hiding my boner.

That said, identity politics can go straight into the infernal regions.

File: MOOP.jpg (31 KB, 450x300)
31 KB
>tfw you fall somewhere between Ignatius Reilly and Bartleby the scrivener
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File: ti3j4a2.jpg (58 KB, 640x643)
58 KB
Cornelius Suttree
Cookiebaker(dutch bros?)
Ulrich the Qualityless
she need to gain a few kilos
File: 1429175882182.jpg (23 KB, 490x480)
23 KB
For me it's Mario Incandenza, nihilistic, intelligent, and with a wicked sense of humor.
i cant stand girls with muscular bodies

even something mild like that
>tfw Caulfield is literally an anglicisation of your family name.
I relate to characters from plays more than books, for some reason.

File: Robespierre[1].jpg (86 KB, 827x1024)
86 KB
Traditionally Robbespierre has been depicted as an evil tyrant with a stiffy for chopping off heads, but more recently historians have been trying to paint a more nuanced image of him. Considering how little I know of him despite being such an important figure in history, I'd like to ask you guys to recommend some articles, literature or documentaries that expand upon this more nuanced, modern view rather than the more popular, almost cartoonish caricature. I've only found one such article myself in French, and sadly my French isn't good enough to understand it.
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I do not unfortunately, though I second the request
The French revolution really was shit. Just because you like the ideas behind it doesn't mean you should be engaging in apolagetics for obvious criminals like Robbespierre. Just read a description of the period some time. People were getting beheaded left and right for looking at someone the wrong way. it was horrendous. The American revolution was the real one.
"Real one"

Please explain what you mean

Well it was a similar liberal revolution but unlike the French revolution it actually succeeded and did not lead to the monarchy coming back.
File: 1.png (26 KB, 291x245)
26 KB
>tfw you try your best and you don't succeed

File: most read authors.png (88 KB, 339x687)
88 KB
So, who are /lit/'s most read authors?
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File: tt.png (58 KB, 190x370)
58 KB
Top Ten, since June.

Wow, this seems to be a lot.

How do you deal with longer poems and shorter prosa on goodreads, though? Do you add and rate them one by one? Or do you rate the whole collection they are published in?
What's your favorite work by Shakespeare so far?
I sped through his compendium a few months ago and was a little disappointed by how dull it was when taken at face value.
If you were to suggest one work to do in depth analysis of, what would it be?
It's really not much - most of the Schnitzler and all of the Shakespeare, Euripides, Aristophanes, and Sophocles is drama, which is quick. The Yeats, Eliot, Glück, Frost, and Blake is poetry, which is even quicker. I usually add plays and collections of poetry individually, even if they're under a hundred pages long, since they're usually meant to be appreciated as single works, and because I may read from a collection of poetry or plays over a week or two - I like to know when I read each work.
I reread the Henriad recently and enjoyed it quite a lot. Double Falsehood is interesting. Hamlet is bottomless. I wouldn't force myself to revisit something I found dull immediately, though. Have you read any criticism? Keats proposes Shakespeare's "[capability] of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason" as his chief distinction - I'm inclined to agree. The structure of his plays aren't terribly interesting, and the plot is usually borrowed from lesser playwrights.

Why is it that /lit/ always makes fun of people who go to community colleges?
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File: 1429007670406s.jpg (4 KB, 112x125)
4 KB
>I wouldn't say /lit/ is entirely pleb
it's not pleb at all, although I know it's a favorite of posters here to shit angrily all over everything this board has to offer. Take a look around at the people who surround you IRL, how many of them are obsessed with improving themselves or are truly passionate about something like the people on this board are about politics or philosophy? Out of the hundreds of acquaintances that orbit around my life I could maybe count these people in my life on one hand.
File: 1420502476925.png (347 KB, 1000x1000)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
>mfw went to top 1 university of my country despite humble origins
>mfw literally the master race.
DOESN'T COUNT UNLESS YOU'RE AN ANGLO. best universities in the world bitch University of Ljubljana doesn't even fucking count.
Anglo universities are overrated. University rankings are shit because they don't take into account non-anglo university systems, like the one in my country (France).

Plenty of good continental european universities to go around.
Yale too:


File: Xenoblade-Chronocles-3D.jpg (237 KB, 1280x720)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
I asked one of my friends that plays and collects video games to recommend some with good narrative and interesting ideas. God was it depressing. Video games may have the potential to be art eventually but these are shit. I wish there was even one that could get a decent writer.

I played:
>Final Fantasy VI
>Final Fantasy VII
>Xenoblade Chronicles

Every one of them was 40+ hours of an overly sentimental hero's journey, blatant power fantasy self insertion characters, and mustache twirling cartoon villains. The humor is awful, everyone speaks in identical voice.

The only thing appealing about the majority were some of the world building aspects.
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hes right you know
Frog Fractions is the truest form of video game art.
File: 1428771021411.jpg (12 KB, 418x430)
12 KB
contrarian detected
>What I do I disagree that 999 has bad writing.
It has one neat twist (which was lifted from one of the writer's previous games). That isn't what makes good writing.

Remember11 came out after Ever17.
Jesus, i hate this argument

File: hacktrick rothfuss.gif (166 KB, 350x197)
166 KB
166 KB GIF
Why is he such a hack?
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File: photo.jpg (39 KB, 306x408)
39 KB
"I think a lot of people read and respect fantasy storytelling. A lot of the more forward-thinking colleges offer classes studying it, though they usually call it speculative fiction or magical realism to make themselves feel better. We all know the truth though: it’s fantasy.

As far as having my book recognized as literature? Why would I want that? I mean, have you read Great Expectations? Gech. Why would I want to invited into their little club? Give me Tim Powers and Phillip K Dick. Give me Le Guin, Gaiman, and Pratchett. Give me McKillip and Whedon. These are the storytellers. These are our modern mythmakers. Our oracles. Our dreamers. I want to be on that team."


>As far as having my book recognized as literature? Why would I want that? I mean, have you read Great Expectations? Gech. Why would I want to invited into their little club?

Did he really just cite one book as to why he wouldn't want anything to do with literature? Seriously? Just one book?

>Our oracle
>Our dreamer

This man is a clown.
>He did notice, but he was talking about empowered feminazi dyke queer otherkin womyn who take no orders from the white man.
She's Sir Not Appearing in this Book - she was made up for the film.
>'Academia is full of snobs looking down at people who enjoy fantasy'
>implies nobody could possibly enjoy reading Great Expectations

Why are authors of genre fiction such hypocrites?

File: open_book_pages-other.jpg (194 KB, 1932x1279)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
How many pages did you read today ?

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I just woke up.
Yesterday I read 112 pages by Hegel.
I did mdma last night and don't have the energy or motivation to do any reading. Would of Ben 50 pages of murakami to finish Kafka on the shore
Is that academic reading for school or for enjoyment
5 pages, just woke up, Catch-22.

File: pessoa.jpg (168 KB, 1096x1600)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Did Pessoa have legitimate Autism?

>Pessoa was a prolific writer, and not only under his own name, for he dreamed up approximately seventy-five others. He did not call them pseudonyms because he felt that did not capture their true independent intellectual life and instead called them heteronyms.

He wrote under 75 different aliases.
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

There you go, English translation with comments.
cool hat :^)
>25,574 pages

If he wrote under 75 'heteronyms', that means he can write approximately 341 pages for each one.

How the fuck can someone write so much?

Askreddit discusses:
What literary "classic" actually sucks?

53 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Okay I'm going to go ahead and disagree with the doxa here. Hear me out.

What these redditors are trying to say is that the books that we make children read in middle and high school is simply not appropriate with regards to their age and general experience in life. Now YOU, you browse /lit/ so you're probably a genius or a Nabokov of some sort, and thus you are more sensible to literary stuff than most people, so maybe you enjoyed Great Gatsby or Ulysses at age 9. But school shouldn't be about you, shouldn't be about Bloom's Canon, it should be about instilling the pleasure of reading in young people. And that, well, that is not what classics are supposed to do.

I'll give you my example. I come from France, so although I can't relate to some references here, have mine: I had to read Madame Bovary at 15. It was at the time the most boring book I had ever laid my hands on. I mean really horrible. Now ex post facto, I realize that I had neither the life experience nor the maturity to enjoy a book of such depth. Few at 15 can relate to anything else than fucking John Green and Agatha Christie, and that is OK. Because once you'ok get older, you'll look in deeper stuff, *at the age for which they were written*. Which obviously isn't what happens right now because people get disgusted of classics right away. If you told Joyce, Fitz, or the French classical tragedist Jean Racine that their books would be required at 14, they would have kekked pretty hard.

School should not feed you classics before you go out in the world, it should encourage you to read further once you get out in the world. You do that by giving students things that are enjoyable to read and adequate for their age.
>you browse /lit/ so you're probably a genius or a Nabokov of some sort
you think your pathetic appeal to egotism can work on a self-hateful monster like me? entire post disregarded, pitiful nigger
i think dickens is totally appropriate but people still hate him. he has so much children's appeal (everyone LOVES his stories when adapted to some other medium or otherwise retold) but people just haven't learned to read that sort of prose. teach them to read that earlier and they should love dickens
>author of the bible
Usernames and upboats. When people see this kind of thread on reddit they often don't ask themselves 'what do I think about this issue' but 'what can I say about this that people are likely to agree with'. The system is designed to encourage giant circlejerks.

Discussion on 4chan is different because anonymity helps people to honestly express their opinions, because they don't have to worry about the consequences of saying something 'bad', and there are no benefits to sucking up to eachother. At worst it encourages shitposting for the sake of messing with people.

File: 1497839693_37e95ec072.jpg (73 KB, 360x480)
73 KB
Does anyone read or write prose poetry?

>Prose poetry is poetry written in prose instead of using verse but preserving poetic qualities such as heightened imagery, parataxis and emotional effects.

Examples would be Rimbaud's A Season in Hell, or Pessoa's The Book of Disquiet
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
in english we just write free verse
its different
I like it and write some, but I want to read more.
yes but there is basically almost no prose poem tradition in english for reasons which im sure there's a good book about
a lot of writers also write prose poetry, Percy Shelley, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe, Sherwood Anderson, just for random examples

Obviously it is not their most famous work.

Maybe it is because we have someone like Whitman, who writes brilliant free verse. While in countries like France you have Baudelaire who wrote brilliant prose poetry

File: critical thinking.png (198 KB, 460x259)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Critical Thinking and Debate General
Question is a little /pol/ but I more want to learn about the grammatical and logical side of this argument I'm about to present, not about the argument itself.

A common anti-gay marriage argument is this: if gay marriage should be legal, why shouldn't incest and bestiality also be legal?

I don't want to hear your stances on gay marriage. I want to know the following: what kind of fallacy is this, if this is a fallacy at all? If its not a fallacy, how would one go about defeating an argument similar to this? Basically, an argument which takes an idea (like gay marriage) and goes throughout the levels of absurdity (legality concerning incest or bestiality).

Another argument of this structure is an anti-transgender one. If a person can legally identify as a different gender, why can't they also identify as a different ethnicity, or a different age, or a different species?

Once again, I'll repeat that I'm looking for an analysis of this type of argument structure, I'm not looking for other anon's answers to these debates. The argument structure being "If A should be legal, why shouldn't B also be legal" where B is an idea of relevance to A, and where A tends to be the accepted idea while B tends to be the more controversial one.

Takes the form of a slippery slope, "If A happens B will happen then C will happen." Mostly false equivalence, equating homosexuality with incest and bestiality. Incest is potentially dangerous to entities not engaging in intercourse if offspring are begotten, other than the potential for mutant babies, it's not so bad. Bestiality is non-consensual, on the animal's part obviously, you can't equate that will consensual homosexual intercourse. Gender is social, you can identify as another gender, you cannot "just" identify as another sex, you need to make hormonal/anatomical changes. Transformational process decidedly more challenging with regard to age and special reidentification. Impossible really.

File: kafka.jpg (1.44 MB, 2048x1535)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
>I occupied myself chiefly with the whore whose head was hanging down, Max with the one lying beside her on the left. I fingered her legs and then for a long time pressed the upper parts of her thighs in regular rhythm. My pleasure in this was so great that I wondered that for this enterainment, which was after all the most beautiful kind, one still had to pay nothing. I was convinced that I (and I alone) deceived the world. The the whore without moving her legs, raised the upper part of her body and turned her back to me, which to my horro was covered with large sealing-wax-red circles with paling edges, and red splashes scattered among them. I now noticed that her whole body was full of them, that I was pressing my thumb to her thighs in just such spots, and that were these little red particles -as though from a frumbled seal- on my fingers too.

>Kafka's Diary. October 9, 1911

wtf Kafka?
55 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
how could you possibly to come to that conclusion
Lack of reason, self-hatred and the maturity of a 15-years-old emo
says the guy jumping to ridiculous conclusions

lack of reason? look at the threads on this board, look at the substance of debates and arguments

there is nothing here for anyone serious about literature


one of my favorite authors, got shot by a nazi in the streets who was a rival of the nazi who was protecting babby bruno because of his painting talent.

File: tristant_vingtcoeur.jpg (23 KB, 636x543)
23 KB
So, tell me /lit/, what is your book about ?
37 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It is about eating children.
The fuck is wrong with /lit/ at this hour?
yes, Swift.
Rene Girard meets Historical Materialism meets Sci Fi

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