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File: fucking books goddamn.jpg (119 KB, 637x866)
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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature.

If you want to talk about politics, go to /pol/.

Recommended literature:
Ask for recommendations only once you have browsed the wiki.

Looking for books?

File: image.jpg (133 KB, 1200x781)
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Would it be acceptable for me, a white boy, to write a book from the perspective of a black man?
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only if you use ebonics.
Post one. I want to see how subtly racist they are.
Post it.
What are you trying to achieve with the story or the character?
Would you really be able to without having experienced what it is to be a black man? I suppose if you spoke to enough of them, but they're hardly going to bear to their hearts out just like that.

anti-humanist, anti-revisionist marxist, relevant views on ideology, understands structures exist and agency is very low, and individuals decide life is neo-liberal nonsense.

can you name a more based non-fiction writer than Althusser?
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>Strangled his wife
Nice literature commentary.
He was basically a shill for Stalin and his torturous philosophy lead directly to post-structuralism.
undergrad detected
>undergrad detected

File: kierkegaard.jpg (55 KB, 600x420)
55 KB
have read nothing of his other than a few encyclopedia entries about him/his work, where do I start?

As far as philosophy goes, I've read Plato and some Kant, Nietzsche, and Hegel, if that matters.
He refers to Marx and Hegel alot, so I guess read them. Still I don't even trust myself to be objective in my understanding when reading him.

Can you cheat logos, /lit/?
I've actually read a fair amount of Marx too, just didn't think he would be relevant to Kierkegaard for some reason. I'll brush up on Hegel though.

Any recommendations for which of Kierkegaard's works to start with?
I started with The concept of Anguish, it's probably the work that gives you the clearest picture of his ethics. It's also very beautiful and cathartic.

Also, it doesn't hurt to have some knowledge of Christianity's ethics and history before you go in.

>Read ASOIAF, find it fun.
>/lit/ tells me GRRM is shit, Tolkien master race
>Get to read Lotr
>It's shit
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M8, most of the shitwits who frequent this board don't even read the books they buy, it's all about the image.
>they made me READ!!!
Anon, let's form a society with the flour people so we can bake onion pies.
>/lit/ tells me
lad, you do realize /lit/ is comprised entirely of undergraduates and illiterates?
You're totally right, bro. You shouldn't have listened to the pretentious idiots on this board.

Now to complete your intellectual trifecta of modern pinnacle art, I suggest you watch 'The Wire' and fap to Sasha Grey.

File: 136163030120.jpg (1022 KB, 1300x1415)
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1022 KB JPG
I can't seen to be able to read for over 40 minutes without having to pause and take a breath and maybe a glass of water.
Does anyone here feel the same? How can I get better?
see your doctor buddy you may qualify for adderall

You read a novel, short-story, novella, novellete, poem or God knows what, and it turns out the adaptation movie was much better for some dynamic reason. Of course movies and books are completely different languages but the people who cry out "the book was soooo much better" are not able to understand this blatant reality and say it with the meaning of "I once read a book!"

So tag along with whatever you feel that the cinematographic version did better than the literary one.

Which novel/short/novella/whatever was it?

Why was it better?
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Based anon.
Mean Girls obviously
Most Kubrick films
Kubrick definitely knew how to do his job
I've always wondered why of all Lem's works, it was Solaris that got the film treatment. Why not "The Invincible" or some of the Pilot Pirx stories?

File: foucault08.jpg (61 KB, 349x470)
61 KB
What do you think about the proposition that what we call insanity is nothing more than the inability to effectively perform in a capitalist society?
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that's a bit simplistic. "capitalism" should be contrasted with the historical "despotism" and "barbarism", where despotism is the invention of the state and state codes and capitalism is the explosion of all barbaric, cultural and state codes (indeed it is the constant explosion of all these codes in commodity circulation)
the least worst system
You need a better word than insanity. There are people with genuine disorders who can't function in any sort of society, because their psychosis are so mind altering that they speak to people that aren't physically there to begin with, and concoct ''realities'' that only help in destroying themselves even further. At that point it has nothing to do with ideology or culture, you're just fucked.

''Weird'' ''anti-social'' and the non medical use of ''autism'', maybe. Insanity, no.
"In defense of burgers" by Anon
He's saying that mental illness is a human invention.

The invention may well be useful, that's also perfectly in line with Witty. But there is no one phenomenon in the real world to which the words "mental illness" correspond exactly.

File: image.jpg (83 KB, 262x386)
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/lit/ humor thread
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This was confirmed fake, though. The OP claimed that it was in red ink at first, and refused to uncensor the text.
File: 1400169164285.png (249 KB, 642x1260)
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249 KB PNG

i enjoy this comic. it captures how nietzsche's philosophy is in a sense inhuman
File: 88857.jpg (556 KB, 696x3155)
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556 KB JPG

File: image.jpg (23 KB, 200x244)
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Define 'aesthetics'.
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he looks pretty stressed out in the left pic, prolly from all dat lifting

think he could do with spending some time in a sauna to relax him tbh
Wow. Does he run often?
Blasphemers pls go

File: Become-a-Buddhist-Step-11.jpg (496 KB, 3333x2500)
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496 KB JPG
What are the Christian critiques of Buddhism?
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The transition from ignorance to enlightenment is nothing but attempting to transcend the limits of perception, desire and the ego. One reaches buddhahood by attaining the unconditioned, that is, by transcending conditionedness, which is a kind of limit. I don't think this is a coherent project, but there you go.
>It's not my prose, it's Nietzsche's, nearly verbatim

No it isn't. Can you find me a quote? At most it's a weak paraphrase and your prose still sucks ass.

>Do you have anything to say about his argument

Yeah, it's not even an argument, just a bunch of name-calling. Is there an argument I'm missing here?
> buddhahood means 'having no limits'
Who let the mental tards on the board?
nice bait
ooga booga you'll go to heck

File: hippie.jpg (76 KB, 499x545)
76 KB
Hey /lit/, I would like to make a comprehensive poll on /lit/'s religious demographic - http://strawpoll.me/4447582 . If you have any suggestions, feel free to voice them in the thread.
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Being a retard is not a religion
Being a troll however, that almost qualifies.
Why can't I pick two?
I don't adhere to any particular religion but if I find one that is interesting I follow it for a bit until coming upon something different
Could we ask you questions about Scientology if you weren't trolling their?

File: johnscalzi.jpg (10 KB, 200x294)
10 KB

So /lit/ have you ever made any money with your writing?
Yeah didn't think so.

Post, critique, shitpost, critique, such is the way of the world.

Dying thread:
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rubber glue, rubber glue
Stick to me, stuck to you
paint us both black and blue
rubber glue, rubber glue
>2 months ago he tried to kill himself by hanging himself with a necktie from a lamp hanging in a public bathroom inside of a Chinese restaurant. But the necktie snapped, and the lamp and he both came down onto the floor with a thud. He paid for the damages and apologized to the owner profusely.

right in the feels
File: 1381202827839.jpg (7 KB, 251x237)
7 KB
Excerpt from a short story I wrote


“Claire.” I say. “what’s wrong?”
“it doesn’t seem like nothing.”
“I just wish Mom could’ve come with us.” She says, casting a blank look towards the waves.
“Me too.”
The blackness of the sky and the way that the stars litter it can leave an impression of alienation, and loneliness. An impression like that is often hard to shake, if ever able to be shook at all.
“When’s she gonna start feeling better?”
“I don’t know.” I say, looking down.
“Is she ever gonna start feeling better?” her voice shakes as she says this, as if each word were a separate wretch which she has had to will out of herself, despite her body warning her otherwise.
“I don’t know.” I reach over, and pull her close to me. She rests her head on my shoulders, and I can feel her feel as I feel. “Mom’s gonna be however Mom’s gonna be.” I say.
“What if how mom’s gonna be isn’t good?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: bengarrison.jpg (77 KB, 416x424)
77 KB
The rubble overwhelmed Ben Garrison. He fought evil the best he could. The liberal media, the Jews, the niggers, and every multiculturalist group piled their filth on Zyklon Ben and yet he repelled every lie they forced upon the world. The just cause meant heavy resistance. Rabbi Shlomo Rothschild towered over Ben. Standing on a lift, Shlomo started to pour a clear liquid over the building's trusses and rafters. He drove his heavy machinery around, spreading the liquid's heavy fumes wherever he went.

"Was getting caught part of your plan?" the Chosen One yelled.

"No, it can't be. I was supposed to stop you."

"It's happening and there's nothing you can do to stop it. This problem ends with you." The rabbi drew out his tail and grabbed a blow torch with it. He drew the flame near the liquid and it ignited. The fire spread across the building and soon smoke filled the entire room. Ben, "a .22 in every Jew," Garrison tried all he could to push the pile of foreskins off of him, but the weight of mutilation was too much for him. The fire slowly traveled to the ground floor where Ben was trapped and the excess skin caught fire. The penile leftovers quickly shriveled up and burned away.

"I hope the weight of Christian flesh doesn't overwhelm you. Soon, six trillion tons of metal will crush you." Ben began to shed tears.

"Lord, give me strength to right this wrong and all wrongs. You cannot let this evil win." The Jew laughed.

"You stupid, stupid goy. Do you think Jesus is going to help you? Is God going to save you? You fucking fool, I am God!" The rabbi screeched a sound so loud that it numbed Ben's senses. Soon Shlomo's yell turned into a cackling, and soon after a laughter. He laughed verociously as the flames engulfed the building. The skin, almost crushing Ben Garrison, burned away slowly. "This building is going to crush you like the King David Hotel crushed the English. All you pesky goyim will die." Ben let out a fearsome roar and freed himself from the burning foreskin. He kicked the burning mass off of him and stood up. The Jew's eyes opened wide.
File: bengarrison2.png (366 KB, 961x461)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
"But how? I calculated it all. The building was supposed to collapse and kill you!" Ben "the Walking Holocaust" Garrison simply grinned as he looked up towards the reptilian creature.
"You've caught yourself in your own trap of lies." Shlomo started to pant as he did not have the biological capacity to sweat. "If only your cold blood could appreciate the fire you've started."

"You can't stop us! Even if I die with you, we're shutting it down!" Ben, "the Ten Ton Terror of Tel Aviv," Garrison cracked his knuckles and glared at the Rabbi.

"You never learn. Jet fuel can't melt steel beams." Ben Garrison then jumped 7 feet into the air, catching hold of a steel pipe attached, on each side, to the walls of the building. He began spinning his body around the steel bar, gaining speed and momentum. After the sixth rotation, he released his grip on the shaft and sent himself flying. In flight, he extended his right leg and tightened his stance. In a single moment, his boot came in contact with the Jew's face, crushing his abnormally long nose. Rabbi Shlomo Rothschild was kicked off his pedestal and backwards. His body fell down as chilled blood escaped his face. Before the Jew could land on the floor twenty feet above him, he was caught by a burning furnace. A painful screech came out of the red hot oven. The yell's pitch increased exponentially and then silence covered the room. The only sound that could be heard was the heat burning away the reptilians skin and bone.

"That one's for Jesus." Ben jumped off the platform and landed on the dirt floor. He walked out of the burning building knowing the flames would eventually subside. Nobody knows where Ben, "One Man Auschwitz," Garrison went off to after his final fight. Some speculate that he moved to Argentina, to be with his German brethren. Others think he ascended to heaven to be with the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. And some others believe he is still fighting the good cause here at home. Either way, common knowledge dictates that, wherever Ben Garrison is, he is crushing every threat to the white race with him.

See you later, Space Nazi.

r8 m8s and appreci8.

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