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Recommended literature:
Ask for recommendations only once you have browsed the wiki.

Looking for books?

File: rodger-3[1].jpg (47 KB, 970x721)
47 KB
This has to be the most cringe-worthy piece of amateur non-fiction you have read, right?

The strange thing is that I hate it so much, I can't point out whether I would hate it more or less if he had not done what he did.
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Because he was actually just an idiot who was feckless when it came to women, and who needed to resort to an ideology that diverted his attention away from his own failings and transpose them on to others.

In the days following the killings in Isla Vista, lots of people in the community stood up and attempted to use the event to aggrandize their own political interests. Feminists claimed that it was about misogyny (despite the majority of the victims being male), or that it was about entitlement and the patriarchy. Liberals asserted that the main issue at play was gun availability, even though half of the victims were not killed by a firearm. The interesting thing was that many of the people who made statements of this type would preface themselves by mentioning that they didn't know any of the victims. For those of us who were friends with people who had been killed, our experience wasn't one that could be explained away by something as facile as misogyny, patriarchy, or gun control. Despite this, I don't believe that there's any deeper meaning to what occurred other than that within himself he knew that he was a failure, and a failure where he most wished to succeed.
More on this?
Nice theory. It's hard to understand. He seems to go from kinda normal feelings of jealosy, rejection and bitterness then he describes his day of retribution which is extremely violent.
Feckless? More like fuckless am I right?
agree 100%

paperback version when?

File: Franz_Kafka_joven.jpg (235 KB, 1065x1600)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
The Metamorphosis failed to move me. It's the first time I've read any Kafka. Am I just too plebian for this?
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I had already drawn some conclusions in my mind and I've been reading notes online to ensure I've not missed anything huge. I don't think I am. Perhaps I'm just hard to please.
> I've been reading notes online to ensure I've not missed anything huge

>I'm too stupid to think for myself
nice it's the same "I don't understand Kafka" thread that gets posted every fucking day
First things first: have you read him in german, or a translation.

Kafka is pure language. Kafka is syntax. If you read a translation you did not read Kafka.
what are some english language writers like this?

File: vcover.jpg (48 KB, 297x500)
48 KB
What the fuck is happening
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Just finished Mondaugen's chapter and got enough into the next one to read the part with SHOCK and SHROUD

What the actual fuck
For once you've finished the novel
Anyonw have the pdf of this?
Sorry I don't

File: 1421638652662.png (510 KB, 1518x891)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
Does Evola have anything interesting to say?
How true are his claims about the Kali Yuga and the best way to deal with it?
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Ride the Tiger was perhaps the only interesting one. The rest were pretty derivative, occasionally interesting but not life altering.
>claims about kali yuga

Many right wing types don't even believe in it, they just consider it a convenient myth.

Some of his assertions are pretty crazy, like the stuff about hyperborians and atlanteans. Rene Guenon criticised his influence from Otto Weininger and Bachofen as not adding anything significantly meaningful to his analyses.
>How true are his claims about the Kali Yuga and the best way to deal with it?
Well, they are physically true to an extend, but aren't metaphysically true, since
>eastern religion
File: golden pill reading list.gif (1.58 MB, 1592x4184)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF
Nice to see someone using my OC
>Picture starts with Plato, Aristotle and Hobbes
> And then recommends a lot of genre trash

File: Transtroemer.jpg (147 KB, 600x637)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Good night, sweet prince.

Or does anyone around here actually know who he is?
oh boy I can't believe Transtroemer.jpg died
I will miss him

File: 1425605715138.png (43 KB, 720x295)
43 KB
How did you come to accept death? What were some of the books that helped you?
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>be 4
>relative dies
>wonder how much it hurts
>realize it doesn't matter because you'll be dead and not feel pain
>spend rest of life either indifferent to or desiring death
>needing a book for this

kill yourself. (also it helps accepting death)
Has anyone else ever considered suicide out of lazyness? It'll ususally be on a sunday morning, still in bed, just woke up. I think about all I have to do today and this week and how to get a good situation and money and make people proud and get a family and it makes me feel so small. Death seems as simple as not waking up on a sunday morning.
captcha: rienn
You sure? >>6322701
I think'mjust going to kill myself ctonight /lit/? It's been fun shitpoting with you

File: athens.jpg (39 KB, 256x175)
39 KB
Apart from the works of Aristotle and Plato, some works of Nietzsche, Kant and Descartes, what are the essential (or the most important) Western Philosophy books?
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The short and sweet of it is that his analyses of language were primarily phenomenological (he describes his work in the late 20s and early 30s as such sporadically in journals and books-in-progress), but then we get an analytic interpretations that situates it back in Fregean investigations of language, with their relation to his thoughts on logic. He becomes formalized in a way that he keeps saying the inquiry shouldn't be; take Kripke's Naming and Necessity for instance, and look up the passages where he uses the PI; he formalizes Wittgenstein's intentionally looser articulations.

Now, I don't think one has to make an argument that Kripke was wrong in reformulating things that way, but the tendency (followed by other analytic interpreters, at least a number of whom also take their bearing from Kripke) to formulate Wittgenstein's thought this way certainly suggests that he's not understood by those who take him up the most.

I was being *very* careful with my formulation, when I said "presents itself". ;^P
What reason is there to read any other philosopher?
Well kripke proposed that wittgenstein was advocating a new form of scepticism and that's a whole other debate, it doesn't mean that PI isn't one of the most fundamentally important works of the 20th century. Kripke's jump is so abstract that I'd wager 99% of people wouldn't come to it without already knowing of its existence, it's no problem with WI.

File: 1426925698693.jpg (109 KB, 919x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>tfw your sweet and nice gf is sapping away all the suffering that could go towards your masterpiece
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>Crushes are, past the age of 12, honestly very strange and creepy.
You're part of the reason so many contemporary males have little movitation to pursue 3DPD
heartbreak lads you don't have it that bad, at least you felt something

better than nothing
Yeah, I'm sure you're the kind of intelligent, forward-thinking person who can make reasonable and informed predictions about the future of humanity. The future you describe is Ready Player One-tier; it's wish-fulfilment for autistic losers.

Gold thread though, I do like to see all of /lit/'s insecurities on parade in one place.
I like this thread, reads better than all those frog pictures
>it's wish-fulfilment for autistic losers.

You just described most "advancements" in the Western world

File: Based Haverchuck.jpg (30 KB, 621x434)
30 KB
/lit/ which authors are the most fun?
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I just want to let you know I really appreciate "Based Haverchuck"

Prydain is pretty based too. It's a shame Disney fucked up The Black Cauldron as it would have been awesome to see the rest of the series in animated format.

Kid's lit is always some of the most fun shit. Redwall, Prydain, Narnia, The Hobbit, A Wrinkle in Time, Roald Dahl, etc.

Kid's lit is my go-to comfy/fun reading.
Flann O'Brien is potentially the funniest author I've read. Catch 22 is up there. Glad to see Wodehouse mentioned too.
David Lodge

File: 20575425.jpg (74 KB, 317x475)
74 KB
/lit/ is so boring. Only recommendations/discussion topics are 'canon' books written 30+ years ago.

You lot are scared to admit you like something not officially endorsed as classic or you're just too unimaginative to read anything else.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
What's your favorite book /lit/?
>Durrrr War and Peace ofc
Yup you nailed it. Now that you know our secret, you can contentedly leave the forum forever.

You need someone to tell you what to read?
>reads a book because a musician wrote it
>why dont u read anything other than canon, expand ur horizon wtf x((
Anybody know some books written by Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic or that other guy? I'd love to expand my literary horizons and read some Nirvana.

File: magistrale1.jpg (31 KB, 262x173)
31 KB
Are any of you English teachers or TA's, /lit/? If not, I guess the majority of you have English teachers.

I start my first teaching job on Monday and could really use some pointers. What kind of things do you like/dislike in a classroom setting? Groupwork, solo activities, being singled out for questions, strict/laid back teachers, lots of video clips, long whiteboard paragraphs to copy, tons of handouts....?

What do your 'good' teachers seem to do that your bad ones don't?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>I mean, there is a whole chapter on irrigation and drainage
With dull things, try and make it relatable for them.
Might be a bit hard, but throw out a comical anecdote here and there, even if it's bullshit.
They'll feel more comfortable with you as a teacher and what you say will have more of an impact as stay fresher in their minds.

>rough pre-made lesson plan
Christ, seems as though you've got a lot to force in.
If you mess up here and there, don't stress too much, just fill in things here and there.
Just don't skim over important things.
Far too many teachers these days assume you'll know 100% of a topic after they've spent 10 minutes at the end of a class talking about it.

>any good 'filler' advice?
Sum up what you've covered, chat with them about relevant to semi-relevant subjects.
If all else fails, have some shitty game prepared, such as hangman using relevant words.
>I have 28 lessons to plan and teach next week, class numbers of 20 - 30, and it's a little overwhelming.
>foreign teenagers

Lesson 1 to 5000: A feminist critique of the comparisons between a Marxist critique of Ulysses and the homosexuals undertones in the entire body of Foucault work.
Its easter dumbass
Student teacher reporting. It's brutalising. Off the top of my head...
>do as much creative writing, speaking and group work as possible
>use visualisers to analyse pupils' work as a class and bouncing questions pupil-pupil to create a panopticon effect
>create resources that are contemporary and cool for kids to engage in, e.g. using Eminem to help them practice poetry analysis
>above is probably the most important thing; help the pupils to relate personally to the content
>be cool but strict; apply behaviour management policies rigorously and consistently from the first second you see them (I'm absolutely shit at this still)
>kids hate copying from whiteboards and hearing lots of teacher talk, but sometimes they got to
>Its easter dumbass

OP is teaching English in Malaysia, a predominantly Muslim country. What has your zombie Jesus laying chocolate eggs got to do with anything?

File: Gatsby_1925_jacket.gif (185 KB, 534x800)
185 KB
185 KB GIF
First sentence = "my dad told me to check my privilege."

ITT: we simplify excerpts from famous works

File: Satre.jpg (132 KB, 305x479)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Okay /lit/ explain to me how Satre managed to fuck so many women despite having the looks of a potatoe.
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The guy was a fucking celebrity, like the original pop philosopher, he used to sit in a cafe and famous actors and writers would come to him to listen what he had to say, hell after reading B+N i'd suck his dick just to find out what half of it meant.
I read this whole thing on my phone while waiting at bus stops when I first started dating.

It's a cautionary tale.
Fame, status....

I wish more people understood that point. People took that book completely the wrong way.
i bet he had to try this with like 50 girls before it worked
from my experience, girls (and people in general) aren't that materialistic

File: book-ohle_t180.jpg (13 KB, 175x287)
13 KB
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finnegans wake :^)
File: the feet.jpg (301 KB, 578x878)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
It's been mentioned here on /lit/ before, exactly for the reason you mention. Lurk more, faggot.

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