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File: IMG_3697.jpg (211 KB, 1079x1680)
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Books where substance abuse/addiction is highlighted?
Read IJ, A Scanner Darkly, Naked Lunch, and Junky and loved them.
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Jesus' Son is wonderful. I takes about a day to read.
That book is 19th century version of clickbait. No opium talk until final 20 pages.
if we're talking alcoholism you can't beat the drinker by hans fallada for me
people may talk about how it's actually about fascism or some shit but the bit where he checks into a shitty hotel and drinks schnapps until he throws up, then immediately starts drinking again without any joy really hit home
The Lost Weekend by Charles Jackson is about an alcoholic going on a bender. Very good.
>no opium talk until final 20 pages
that is generally what's it's like when you're telling your quitting from drugs

File: 13223123123.jpg (156 KB, 260x383)
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156 KB JPG
What did you think of it?

It's moderately enjoyable but not nearly as funny or clever as I believe it wishes to be.
Eh, he wasn't an author by trade...
I dropped it after a few pages. Reddit humor.
The story takes place during WWII; the plot is a send-up of Capitalism and the Cold War; and its greatest appeal was to those who read it during the Vietnam War era. It was the Harry Potter of its time.
Vonnegut is reddit humor. Catch-22 is like the Marx Brothers, neither reddit nor 4chan.
Genuinely feels almost worthless if you read it after Gravity's Rainbow. Still quite good, but I wish I read it at 15 rather than 29.

Will reading jane austin and other femoids give me insight and knack for getting girls?
Yes but add a good diet, exercise and personal hygiene.
>oh meega
Also fuck back to /r9k/ with your femoid/foid nonsense
Goddamn, there must be the most overlap between /r9k/ and /lit/ on this godforsaken website

File: 1696058495288434.png (31 KB, 831x323)
31 KB
Any books similar to their games?
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Insightful post.
File: Edmond.jpg (574 KB, 1920x1080)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
Arcane has nothing to do with League, fortunately.
Ashes of the Necropolis and Hollow Kingdom. Haven’t read the third in the series.
It's gratifying seeing the souls games being discussed on /lit/. They're my favourite games of all time.

File: 9781682040232.jpg (20 KB, 267x400)
20 KB
What are the best boooks with a mgiht is right worldview?
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Anything Nietzsche
Fukuyama's "End of history", Rawls' "Theory of justice" and "Justice as fairness".

Take the liberalpill you larping faggots
Might IS right. And might is right is also right. But might is right isn't right.
Everyone I have ever met with this worldview has been a failure with nothing in life but winning the occasional bar fight.
You should read more if you are going to make such statement.
That might be right

File: 1713969396362711.gif (1.83 MB, 640x346)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
Reading an entire book in one sitting is a lot like drinking an entire bottle of wine in one sitting.
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So, one of life's sole pleasures?
Are you guys all alcoholics? Is the stereotype of writers and alcoholism true
I'm reading this with an unironic Ouzo hangover
I'm a dry alcoholic.
I dont really drink
Feel like smoking is the real writers curse
One more hour before I can sneak off to the gas station for Goysips and a [man urinates on fellow passenger for not being allowed to] smoke

Is Fichte the endgame?
The best quantum physicists are only catching up to him.
File: 1703775705011464.png (417 KB, 1704x1773)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
??jewish quantum physics is catching up with judaism.
Quantum physics were discovered by a Dane Nils Bohr and a German Werner Heisenberg you brain damaged /pol/yp.

Books that men can never understand
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File: amy.jpg (74 KB, 640x480)
74 KB
So that the superior March sister could win the lottery of life.
Why was the anime so kino while the movie shit?
I should have known. A corrupted intelligence. *spits on Graves' grave*
Watch the PBS version with Kathryn Love Newton, Emily Wilson, and some others. It was much better. The theatrical version was propaganda, that's why it was shit.
Yep, real scamp

>reads The Outsiders for school
>loves it
>can't stop talking about the characters and problem
Which other books will he love?
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I'd say holes, I liked that one and the outsiders as a kid
I'm not paranoid, I just don't fucking care enough to click it.
File: andy capp.jpg (38 KB, 736x625)
38 KB
Big thanks for all the help.
He says he likes that there are
>"a bunch of characters and you get to know their stories and it's not one narrator just telling you everything....I don;'t like when a book is just a guy telling you the story, like "This is the story" and you just get his version of he story."

I asked him other questions and he just kept thinking then saying, "I dunno know", which my brother says ithat's all you get at that age.

I hope that helps - and thanks a ton for all this, guys.
Infinite Jest
Lord of the flies

File: 675483786457638456785.jpg (3.64 MB, 4000x3000)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB JPG
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>dont improve yourself
Self help books don't help you improve, they just make you feel like you're improving. They lack substance, they just tell you what you already know in a pretty way.
How are those Hjalmar Schacht books? Does one learn anything important about money?
they do tell you what you already know, but they will emphasize on the importance of just how much of an impact they really make, I have only read one so far, how to win friends and influence people, and this book is a game changer
A changed perspective or motivational encouragement might be just what someone needs. It depends on the way the individual's sovreign brain is gonna work thru their problems.

File: Alfred_Jules_Ayer.jpg (16 KB, 260x280)
16 KB
Am I a redditor if I only like Nietzsche and the logical positivists?
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Why the fuck are you so pissed? You were the only one calling people names from the very beginning of the discussion. I for one made no comments on your intelligence at any moment. Do you need to talk?
Can't be measured, do not care.
Redditors don't like them. Redditors believe in morality and implicitly in free will.
They think they like them, but they don't. Also, no Redditor is an atheist, nor a materialist. At some deep level they believe in dualism and in a higher immaterial order.
They're Anglos. If you're an Anglo you can't stop being a Protestantoid just by removing one or two premises from the system. It's the old George Eliot mistake identified by Nietzsche.

Sir Popper was debunked by two different angels:
1.) Kuhn and Feyerabend, among others, how show that the history of science doesn't follow the theory of popper. They plead for a more historical take on science.
2.) Quine with his "Two Dogmas of Empiricism".

And Popper avoided in this whole life the work about Bayesianistic theories of induction, too.

File: star-of-david1-3283472558.jpg (180 KB, 2000x2000)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
What are some good texts to learn about Jewish traditions and stories? I tried the Talmud, but I don't want to pour through 100s of pages of boring debates just to see some cool lore.
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Came here to say this.
You could read the Old Testament
The protocols of the elders of zion
File: 1699779949669560.jpg (148 KB, 958x1000)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I got this and I'm enjoying it
I'm also thinking about getting the Jewish Study Bible
You mean "pore over"

What are the best erotica for men?
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loli doujinshi
because the important part of sex to womenis not the sex act, but the courtship, the dating, the rituals and attnetion.
Whereas men are 100% there for the orgasm.
So many newfags outed with this post.
For me:

Venus in Furs (though half comedy)
Anything written by a woman that is actually intelligent.
He's a WASP retard

File: 1712368497614266.jpg (398 KB, 833x1024)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
> book publishing dominated by unloved middle age women, token minorities and commie professors who like subverting Western culture
> AI getting stronger, can already write better than most people
> bookstores are all closing, libraries are being used to store hobos, people traded reading for doomscrolling, even with free access to the entirety of humanitys output in their pockets
> from all sides there has been a dissolution over the last 150 years. Poetry turned into ramblings and babbling, novels turned into either hypersubjective autofiction or ironic surrealism, philosophy turned into autistic ultrarigor or postmodern bullshit. Cynicism and lack of faith or values dictate the prevailing tone of all three
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While this is about visual arts, my brother is a landscape painter (and painting teacher) who runs a non-profit arts center in a small town. It's a very conservative, Trumpy town, and the center is half exhibit space / workshop and half rental space for parties, martial arts classes, a Sunday church service, etc. There are a lot of women who do pottery and quilting. Then there's painting. I think there's also a woodcarving guild.

He is politically to the left, an atheist, but this has nothing to do with that, and his aesthetic sensibilities are very traditional and "conservative." If you saw his work, and the kind of work he likes, you'd place him as a total trad guy. He's not as good as Ivan Shishkin (see painting) but it's in that mold. The funny thing is that he's becoming more critical of abstract modern art. But he's not outright hostile to it. They had a competition recently and a bunch of people in the area submitted abstract pieces, and he was going through a critical commentary of them with me.

Like, one piece looked like Jackson Pollock, but he was quite complimentary towards it for ~reasons~ (it was complex, layered, and had subtle elements that indicated the artist was actually trying to say something). But then there was one truly awful abstract piece, and the woman submitted it was apparently horrible to them. Not only untalented, but had a big fit when she had to pay $15 to submit it because "I don't pay to play." Then her website is full of stuff about how she's changing the world with her art. Anyways, bro was like "gaahhhh." Like the worst of so-called woke culture.

But I dunno. He's also a fan of folk art. Traditional American folk art. Just the women doing quilting as a passion project can be really talented, and they're just these ladies out in Nowheresville, USA. The rich, elite art world doesn't care about those people. Art really always comes from below. Just ordinary people out there.
File: faire.jpg (370 KB, 1001x675)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
I was also thinking about Renaissance Faires. You know an interesting thing about them? The first one started in California during the hippie revival in the 60s and it was intertwined with it. It was started by a lefty couple who wanted to create a living art project and market, but you wouldn't think about the politics just by looking at the pictures. Maybe an art movement in the future would be a return to this. Like intertwining visual arts, music, and gaming (like roleplaying games) all bound up together. But start doing it in a DIY way outside the main "establishment" faires. Make it hostile to the internet.
>Apple Music's list of top 100
Kind of a given that anything made for mass consumption won't be high art. Taylor Swift is a pop artist, okay but few would even pretend it's high art
There's good music out there but it is more obscure.
The majority of great artists and philosophers were recognised only after they died.
Reminds me of that Conquest's Law which is that 'everyone is right wing about that which he knows best'

File: DFW2.jpg (107 KB, 437x650)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
where should I start with him as a person that barely read books?
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Just read infinite jest and save yourself the extra steps. Since you’re a bad reader try the first forty pages and be conscious of how much you’re absorbing. Then reread the first few pages and it should become clear how much much more you grasp the second time around now that you’ve gotten a little more used to his style. Keep reading ahead with the new grasp.
>does he has also any essay or book in which he mention something about being genuine or something similar?
One of his best essays is E Unibus Pluram, and it's one of his most damning critiques of irony and insincerity.
I'm not even a big fan of DFW, but I do still find his critique of irony culture to be dead-on.
ight, I'll read it tomorrow. goodnight.
This is a great essay, but I wouldn't recommend it to somebody just trying to get into DFW and especially somebody that "barely read books" as OP said.
Love that shirt

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