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File: 1678635339352215.jpg (5 KB, 224x225)
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Is there a book that goes over all or most of the atrocities commited by the usa government? Like waco, ruby ridge etc. I looked to buy a individual book about waco but each one seemed to have flaws big enough to keep me away by the amazon reviews
File: 1680982477762819.jpg (185 KB, 829x1024)
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185 KB JPG
just lurk pol for a while and take notes. youll be surprised to find they rattle about more than just jews

>picrel is the short version
Probably not exactly what you're looking for but its really good. I never really had any interest in OKC but its a well written/researched book.
Lmao I gotta better idea, autobiography of a newbie agent monitering this site. At first he just thinks these are memes but as he starts looking in to the classified files he becomes more and more shocked at the horrors.
offtopic. take your crap to /pol/

File: 1687110674471672.jpg (426 KB, 828x659)
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426 KB JPG
How do I cope as a man with a burning passion to write all the time, but knowing I'll never escape my wagecage?
I have written two novels (unpublished), a dozen short stories and a handful of poems, so I have managed thus far. But due to the mounting financial strain I am having to consider letting my dream die in order to just stay afloat.
Feels bad, man.
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this is less torturous than wanting to make tv and movies i guess
it just depends on who you spend time with
What exactly do you plan to accomplish with your writing? Can anyone here answer this question with something truly meaningful?
Not OP but for me it is that literature is the most direct way to communicate with people, everything else relies too heavily on emotion and/or societal norms.
If you only care about getting your work published then why haven’t you just self published on Amazon?

I did this with my book, it didn’t set the world on fire or anything but I’ve sold a few hundred copies and made money for something I would have written regardless because I wanted to.
At least you have a job.
I've been NEET for four years now.
I wrote four novels, and probably more poetry than you, and probably learned more languages. In one way I am much freer, but on the other I have no money and live with my parents at nearly 30 years of age.
Being a wageslave is not that bad, I would imagine.
I recommend getting a government job. It's what I'm trying to do now. I don't know how it is in your country but these tend to be harder to get fired from, and also everyone is lazier, so you work less. My sister has an "enviable", well-paying corporate job and she truly is a slave, poor thing.

File: optimize.jpg (65 KB, 740x470)
65 KB
Any anons here experienced independent publishing? If so share your experiences.
Largely, I would like to know the answer to some of these but if you have anything else you would like to share go for it.

>How was the process?
>Is there anything you wish you knew before self-publishing, if so what was it?
>Was it worth it financially (if you care about such things as shekels)?
>What softwares did you use for designing covers and formatting the book/ebook?
>How did you target an audience for your book?

Also feel free to shill your books, this is a shill-safe zone. I'd be like to support fellow anons on their creative journeys.

File: 0303933.jpg (236 KB, 1240x744)
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236 KB JPG
Best books about Operation Gladio? And are there any books in english about the Brabant Killers?
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I kinda feel that the true heart of darkness is just Belgium.
The Flemish are Dutch, monkey. Just as the low Saxons (east), Frisians (north), Hollandish (west) and Brabantish (south) are. The Flemish are exactly as Dutch, no more and no less, as the Austrians are German.
It really feels like Belgium was a laboratory for evil at the time, but I'm not even sure what they were cooking in it. Were they really fighting Soviet expansion or was it just intelligence services run amok and fucking around for shit and giggles?
If you haven't watched it the old, difficult to find BBC doc is very good on GLADIO. As for a book, although historical fiction, Norman Mailer's Harlot's Ghost explores the CIA's interference in Europe.
Why is there no documentary about this? The Dutroux one showing all the "random suicides and car accidents" was kino.

How does she still inspire so much seething?
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Incelette core
Those books are all good and I highly doubt you've read more than one or two and aren't just impotently seething like a bitch.
based david hemmings appreciator
What was it she said about that fat feminist bitch? Something along the lines of she should be less worried about being raped and more worried about her food intake.
Unbelievably based. Only woman I know
File: paglia.jpg (61 KB, 604x460)
61 KB
I want young Camille Paglia to hurt me in countless ways, both physically and emotionally. Is this healthy? I think it is.

File: IMG_2382.jpg (413 KB, 1290x1601)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Hi anons, i wanted to get my friend a few books as a birthday gift but i cannot come up with anything myself. What would you recommend?
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The Vorrh or Voice of the Fire.
Programmed to Kill. She(he) needs to be aware of these things.
read the bible
first edition of his favourite childhood book
File: jews and their lies.jpg (22 KB, 245x380)
22 KB

File: 1697048293008522.jpg (106 KB, 1024x1024)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
What is a book you don't understand?
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Read the Wang Bi commentary
As a native speaker, agreed.
It confirms what has already shifted physiologically.
Have you ever read Celine? What about De Sade? Or the Greeks who talk about killing each other and fucking each other?
All literature throughout history has been vulgar and violent. Yet still it offers a wide range of insights, despite that. Get off your highhorse and go back to reading H.E. Bates or some other mum-tier fiction if you don't like it
Fighting heroically in war is not the same as pissing in soup you dishonest fag. Death in the Iliad is beautiful. If it's not beautiful then it's a failure of art.
The danger is that I *think* I understand the Tao te Ching, but it's vague enough and foreign enough that it's likely I'm projecting meaning onto it, rather than finding it. Then again if the Tao I got out of it was the one being given, that pretty much guarantees it's counterfeit.

The I Ching though, I'm more sure I don't get that. And I'm skeptical of commentatries.

File: wuthering.jpg (70 KB, 667x1000)
70 KB
>book is American
Snoozefest every time
linton is literally me

File: IMG_7921.jpg (141 KB, 720x1147)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Self-help book about fighting entropy? Someone posted a PDF a while ago and I can’t find it anymore.
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Why don't you just say that men should not try to attract women they like?

>fighting entropy
A meaningless phrase.
Building something, creating order, cleaning your room, these all increase entropy. Entropy increases with literally every interaction. There is no fighting it, you are ALWAYS complicit in it. The more furiously you act, the faster things decay. Not that your individual contribution is statistically meaningful either way though.
The only people who use this phrase are pseudoscience faggots who appropriate a real physical quantity to talk about a vague bundle of imaginary, unrelated concepts but feel like they're talking about something real.
Break away from this nonsense masturbation ideology. If you're a true enemy of true entropy your goal is going to be something like particle physics so you can contribute to laying the groundwork for some kind of sci-fi future tech that can genuinely decrease it. Even then it will probably only decrease locally but increase cosmically.
Damn dude

File: hex-maniac-hex.gif (398 KB, 278x331)
398 KB
398 KB GIF
Post your favorite tropes
File: thepassionofthechrist.jpg (255 KB, 1600x1201)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
for me, its the "hero fighting for people who hate him" trope. i think tvtropes refers to it as "the hero with bad publicity" trope
Man vs Man
I like when the female character doesn’t give a fuck about how people view her. She is confident in herself and still kicks ass.

I liked the epilogue.
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If you can't predict the ending of C&P by the half way point no one can help you
Some of his characters do go on paths of redemption. Evil should not be called "rightful parts of the human experience", at least not "rightful" in the sense of "good." If you mean "rightful" in the sense of it simply being part of the human experience, then his work obviously acknowledges that (and for that very reason you're seething, so what do you even want?)
Nah it's just schlock
I feel like it really fit the narrative and what it was building up to
I liked it, definitely could have used a chapter or two but it works well for what it does.

File: ToutLeMonde.jpg (71 KB, 612x612)
71 KB
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Oh and the bonus translation
Here you go. Mr. Anjin, what is it?
Everything Funijo. Sorry. Yes. Sorry. It's a surprise but I'm truly happy to have met you.
Thank you.
File: Kay says Yes!.jpg (86 KB, 400x510)
86 KB
Right. Poor Fujiko, she just wants to die honourably and she has to keep marrying people and stuff.
Not playing but I have a game based around the Bible story
I hope it involves building a fine tower like the elaborate mechanical contraption in Mousetrap.

File: IMG_3607.jpg (588 KB, 2008x1373)
588 KB
588 KB JPG
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He didn't work. Being an orator is dalit tier skill.
>3 penalties is a great display of football
No surer sign of terminal cancer.
Every man should read

Day 1: How to Have Parental Assets
Day 2: How to Avoid Labor Laws
Day 3: How to Evade Taxes
Day 4: How to Get Free Money from the Government
Day 5: How to Avoid Paying Debts
Day 6: How to Commit Fraud
Day 7: How to Commit Embezzlement
Day 8: How to Get Free Money from the Government Again
Day 9: How to Get a Driver's License Without Being Able to Read or Write
Day 10: How to Get Free Money from the Government for Doing Nothing but Failing
Day 11: How to Have a Reserve Army of Acquaintances to Blame for Your Lifelong Failure
Day 12: How to Steal from Your Employer
Day 13: How to Get Free Money from the Government Just for Breathing

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Add Kubizek: The Young Hitler I Knew

File: Edward-de-Vere-1575.jpg (775 KB, 1680x2000)
775 KB
775 KB JPG
How will democracy recover? Even if you don't care about or believe the authorship theories, you have to admit his works being written by an exhaustively educated man of noble birth really hurts foundational theories of egalitarian ideology like tabula rasa or self-made men.
213 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
People still do it today, due to humility or not. Again you're framing something common as if it's something wild and unimaginable in a dishonest attempt to push a specific conclusion.
People do lots of things today. Prove this practice existed in Elizabethan/Jacobin England.
That quora thread is excellent. Whenever this question popped up I always focused on the detail. I should have instead taken a step back and grasp just how fucking retarded the whole premise is.

>It must first be said that anti-Stratfordism is a logically unsound hypothesis. Not only is there no objective historical evidence to support the idea that someone other than Shakespeare wrote his works, but the deniers cannot even come up with a consistent, plausible scenario. They contend that Shakespeare lacked the education, experience, and background to write his plays and poem. Many go so far as to claim he was actually illiterate. But if that were the case, why would the true author pick Shakespeare to front for him/her? At the time, England’s universities were overproducing graduates, so there was no lack of more credible candidates. And why pick an actor in a rival company? Shakespeare worked on an almost daily basis with other actors for a quarter of a century or more. Can we really assume they they were so dull they never realized that Shakespeare was a fake? And many of Shakespeare’s works were collaborative efforts. How did his fellow playwrights not catch on?

>Some deniers respond that it was it was an open secret that Shakespeare was acting for someone else. If so, what was the point? If the Court knew about it and theater community knew about it, it was no longer a secret. The term ‘vast conspiracy’ is an oxymoron. It doesn’t take all that many people to be in on a secret before it becomes common knowledge.
holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
Oxfordians BTFO

File: gurd.jpg (16 KB, 220x375)
16 KB
Looking for Gurdjieffian type of self help books
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_5139.jpg (12 KB, 225x346)
12 KB
Gurdjieff himself, obviously (All and Everything series: Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, Meetings With Remarkable Men, and Life is real only then, when “I am”).

There’s also a pseudo-Gurdjieff work that’s great, not directly written by him but close enough, being a compilation by disciples of lectures of his and Q&As with him, “Views From the Real World: Early Talks in Moscow, Essentuki, Tiflis, Berlin, London, Paris, New York and Chicago,” and some other record of meetings with him.

Ouspensky: In Search of the Miraculous, The Fourth Way, perhaps supplemental works like records of meetings with Ouspensky and The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution etc. depending on how obsessed you are with it

Maurice Nicoll (highly recommended): Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky (Vols. 1-5)
The New Man: An Interpretation of Some Parables and Miracles of Christ
Living Time and the Integration of the Life
The Mark
(I can hardly stress how fucking great these works are. For more info, “The Mark” could basically have the same subtitle as “The New Man”, as it’s also an interpretation of Christ’s parables and teachings in the light of ‘Work’ ideas, “Living Time and the Integration of Life” is a fantastic synthesis of different esoteric philosophies from esoteric readings of Christianity, Sufism, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, and Egyptian mysticism in the light of a core idea about the development of the invisible side of man, which is our own psyche or soul, and the other titles are self-explanatory).

If you actually want a rec that’s even more explicitly ‘self-help’, while also influenced by Gurdjieff and other great philosophers and spiritual teachings, Vernon Howard is right on the mark. He’s a little corny but great. He was an independent American thinker some decades after the Fourth Way who didn’t directly join any of the groups, so far as I know, but studied and makes reference to their literature, along with a lot of other thinkers and philosophies, from East and West.
I don't know about self help but Krishnamurti also focused a lot on Observation.
I highly recommend Character and Neurosis by Claudio Naranjo. It's the best book about the enneagram that Gurdjieff talked about.
Pic related is nice. Jeanne de Salzmann was close to Gurdjieff. The book is pretty similar to what you get from In Search of the Miraculous, but presented more systematically.
Let's revive this thread
I got filtered by him hard. He just bullshits on for pages and I don’t know why

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