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File: 1716687513509563.png (42 KB, 684x626)
42 KB
>buy book from bookstore
>read book
>return book to the bookstore for a full refund
Anybody else?
I just pretend I've already read any book you'd bring up.
I did that with GameStop. They said it's full refund if returned within 1 week, so I just beat the game in that time and returned it.
I'm white.
So I would be doomed to only read books once and also the joy of taking my time would be tough since you usually can only do that within a certain time-frame? I will pass.
Do they still put console games on optical discs?

Have you read the lost novel? Was Márquez right in not wanting it to be published?

>futuristic dystopia
>megacorps are Japanese instead of Jewish??
What gives?
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That’s because most of it’s from the 70s and 80s, the general consensus was Japan was the threat not a middle eastern colonial power
as a person who live in cyberpunk era right now I'll be answering your question.
yes, we still smoke cigarettes, and the same brand are still around like marlboro or camel. there's alternative of cigarettes which is called 'vape', you can customize your vape stick, add some digital clock, even playing some pixel games on it, but vape is gay and it worse than cigarettes so we stick to the old one
Part of the aesthetic is vintage punk: "new is soulless, older is soul even if it's just as much of a slop product".

The Hero rides a vintage bike, a limited series from some 20 years ago, not as sleek as hypertech machines that top corpos use but "it's got character". He's not strapping awesome laser blasters, he's got an ol' reliable .45 on his hip. Magnodeflect that handcannon, bootlickers. Won't break if you cudgel the fucks with it, too.

The Hacker uses an old "cyberdeck" because "they don't make them like they used to", and he himself is "an old cowboy" whose insight into the foundations of the Old Net trumps the fancy toys of the corporate drones.

The Razorgirl Femme Fatale wears old-style jacket with obscure band logos and patches, "back from their good days before they sold out".

Cigarettes are part of that - the cyberpunk heroes reject the bleeding edge of modernity by "keeping it real", smoking "real tobacco", one of the last "real" things they have left in the plastic world of fakes.
>jews put the Jap economy down to its knees, in the eighties?

... No?
> he himself is "an old cowboy" whose insight into the foundations of the Old Net trumps the fancy toys of the corporate drones
Literally Dixie Flatline.

File: marry me.jpg (45 KB, 490x748)
45 KB
This is everything
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File: cancer.png (17 KB, 158x90)
17 KB
>Let us go and make out shittiness.
*Make our
File: et1.jpg (106 KB, 917x448)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Nobody really cares, Paco.

File: Newfag discovers lit.png (408 KB, 810x648)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Western Philosophers

Zeno the Eleatic

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What did he prove?

I can't tell because of the formatting.

What is geq 2?
Because phoneposters don't know how to make OC with their hands. The smartphone is the absolute worst thing to happen to 4chan.
It was the same with fedoras and before that calling them plebs.

File: sddefault-14.jpg (22 KB, 640x480)
22 KB
In our Socially liberal world, will DFW's reputation ever recover after being painted as an author for litbros?

Also, are the Mary Karr allegations true?
He's the last literary author to have any presence whatsoever in the mainstream public consciousness. Seething from people who think Asian diaspora women writing books about how their parents were strict is "important" won't change that.
This is true if you're American, Spanish, or Italian. Those are the countries where people seem to think he's some genius.

Most international readers see him as being interesting to read, but lazy at constructing a coherent narrative. I think this is correct, I think the reason people like him is because "big words big book mean big brain", which, sure, credit where credit's due, that is worth something, but he's definitely overrated. Infinite Jest was brought up at an author panel I was attending in Melbourne as an example of what not to do vis-a-vis Chekhov's rifle, and I think that's a really good point about him. There's nothing wrong with writing a bunch of vignettes, but I don't think it's controversial to say that your ability to connect them together demonstrates a mastery that DFW often lacks.

Obviously verbose, but ultimately self-absorbed and dry. A sanctimonious hypocrite at his worst, and a proponent of excessively reductive secular spiritualism at his best. Not a bad writer, just not particularly good (except for the scale of his writing). Infinite Jest is the perfect example of what Knox Burger meant when he said it's often more fun to hear a story pitched than to read the finished book.
I'm sorry but IJ sucks

File: mises.jpg (29 KB, 472x473)
29 KB
>destroyed socialism
>destroyed Marxism
>destroyed interventionism
>destroyed Keynesianism
>destroyed postmodernism
>destroyed positivism
>destroyed conservatism
>destroyed Nazism
Is there anyone he didn't BTFO thoroughly?
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Why does every major libertarian figure look like a 2 foot tall lawn gnome?
Because a lot of them were Jewish and (especially in Rothbard's case) looked VERY Jewish.
Rothbard specifically had a comical case of judeo-goblin physiognomy, which is ironic since he ended up the most goy friendly.
Other fellow lolbergs look ok, Jouvenel, Rueff, Kuehnelt-Leddihn were chads.
I actually am supposed to buy a garden gnome for my mom for her birthday
Are georgists acceptable in libertarianism or no?

File: 1715721188817376.jpg (72 KB, 500x500)
72 KB
>some rich guy feels a bit sad
>does some dumb shit that affects him and others, despite being educated enough to know not to
>inevitable faces the consequences of his actions
>*le gasp*, how could this happen to me?!
>author wants us to feel bad about this dumbass... just because, okay?!!
Why is such a bulk of older literature just that?
Do you réálly want to know the reason or are you just trying to insultpost dor the first time?
>some rich
Stopped reading right there. Kill yourself.
A bulk of older literature? I can’t even think of any books following that plot line, not even loosely. What specific books are you talking about?

File: neuromancer.jpg (268 KB, 631x1024)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
read the pic rel and liked it
is there any other worthwhile cyberpunk to read?
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Mona Lisa Overdrive.
File: neuromancer.jpg (298 KB, 1400x1051)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Neuromancer is Gibson at his peak and it's a very average heist novel. It's all downhill from there and you're not starting at a great height. It's all genre fiction, at best it rises to TV episode light entertainment like Neuromancer achieves, but even that proves too great a challenge for Gibson.
Genre fiction retelling of the 80s action movie where the techbro programmer nerd is the hero rather than the brawny thug.
>Snow Crash was awesome

>as was The Diamond Age

File: christopher hitchens.jpg (186 KB, 1200x1536)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
> Rowling has probably acquired male readers who find themselves having vaguely impure thoughts about Hermione Granger (if not, because the thing seems somehow impossible, about Ginny Weasley).

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Well he’s English, so one assumes.
Pretty sure she initially wrote Philosopher’s Stone for her son. For money too obviously but her son being the catalyst.
She had a daughter. You're just making stuff up.
Hitchens of amis? For me it’s amis

File: Booknewsun.jpg (17 KB, 257x387)
17 KB
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What did the Lovecraft monsters under the sea want? Why were they at war with the Autarch?
They wanted to control the New Sun i.e. Severian in order to ensure their continued survival and dominance.
You should add the Time Machine and 1984 to that image. There's one part in the 2nd book where he just ctrl+c ctrl+v's the moorlocks and another with a guy who talks in painfully cringe not-newspeak
Would make sense too, what with typhon leaving a power vacuum some time after the Whorl launches.
strawman into another j.g. keely quote. here's another from his review.
>Perhaps I'm alone in this, but I have no interest in reading your average sword-wielding badass gender-challenged fantasy book over and over in the hopes that it will get better. If Wolfe is capable of writing an original and interesting story, why cover it with a dull and occasionally insulting one?
man of onions doesn't understand subtext and completely missed what little he did read; remember, he did not finish claw when he wrote this.

File: naked lunch.jpg (71 KB, 808x1000)
71 KB
Thoughts on Naked Lunch?
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I read the Wikipedia summary of it just now, it seems be genuinely incomprehensible outside it's original (50s-60s political) context and thus not very impactful today.
also the plot sounds extremely difficult to follow despite not feeling like a pomo work that focuses on incongruity
I didn't enjoy it much
You're a moron
One of the first "grown-up" books I read as a ninth-grader. Imagine a combination of Ridley Scott's version of Bladerunner, Salo, and a cast made up of vaudeville performers, and you have a pretty good idea of what's up. Horrifying and apocalyptic, but also baffling and funny.
only pseuds seemed to like it

File: The Black Jacobins.jpg (87 KB, 648x1000)
87 KB
Is this book by a self-proclaimed 'marxist historian' a good resource for the haitian revolution?
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I suppose it plays into their shallow materialist worldview. Every Marxist is either a liar, deluding themselves, or some drone for some larger group.
If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.
I'm not them, and I'm not going to debate you on delusion here.

Marxism isn't "materialist," is is "historically materialist," which emphasises that culture and subjectivity is embodied in and expresses itself through the social reproduction of every day life.

Like they said, Engels is way more exciting than Marx. Read Engels' Peasants War in Germany, it is a good handle on how Marxists *actually* think historically materialistically. Engels points out that landsknecht had little reason to ally with free cities economically, and that free cities were more dynamic culturally and could form better alliances around economic reproduction of life with other working bodies of people. But this also means that the free city's ideology of Anabaptism was incapable of penetrating the most available military caste.

Anyway, go be a fucking reductivist as you accuse Marxists: the sin here is not hypocrisy, a virtue, but reductivism on your part.
I don't now. Might be genetic. Even Carpentier was a Negrophile, and he wasn't even raised in France.
I don't know. Seems like this interpretation is repurposing something for the purposes of politics. Regardless I doubt the Haitian revolution is a good way to learn about the proletariat.
I did not say Engels was more exciting lol. But I think you are right in that he represents more closely what most actual marxists are like. Or not, I'm not sure what they have to say about his whole "slavery is better than wage labor because wage laborers are basically whores" schtick. Sure, maybe the wage laborer is bad because he actually has to do something on his own in order to live and cannot live with the comfort of a slave who doesn't have to live at all.

File: IMG_20240530_003347.jpg (1.44 MB, 3269x2160)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Who would win a debate?
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> Badic thoughts for basic bitches I suppise

You clearly got filtered already. So, there is not meaning in the attempt to provide you better arguments.
I suggest you to read more. Maybe, the day will come in which you are no longer a illiterate morron.

> Qnd Stirner was a retarded anarchist

Thars a possible interpretation, yes.
But you don't understand how and why.
>Stirner unironically died from a fucking mosquito bite
It will end in a fight
Basic thoughts are more practical and better than abstract and complex thoughts about basic life and critic
Winning a debate means the other person understood his co-debater’s ideas and concedes.

Enough fiction. I want unfiltered reality and theory.
Interact with people.
I genuinely think that is the worst start.
Start with the greeks is not that of a meme compared to your pic. Even Leo Strauss would be a good start.
If you want some alt-right aspect on it, I recommend François Furet. Do not start with that fucking meme

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