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File: StirnerChad.jpg (136 KB, 1170x1194)
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136 KB JPG
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Acknowledging concepts like the "sense of self," "individual identity," and "entity" doesn't necessarily imply belief in fixed truths; rather, it's an exploration of how we perceive and understand ourselves within the context of our experiences. These concepts offer frameworks for introspection and understanding without requiring adherence to fixed beliefs or dogma.
How many times do i need to say it? I don't "believe" in the sense that you mean...
the absence or lack of anything
isn't that assertion itself entails a conceptualization of nothingness which refutes itself?
is psychopathy based?
I aspire to be as cool as this one day

File: Decay of the Angel.jpg (80 KB, 648x1000)
80 KB
Well, holy shit. That was quite the ending. This fourth and last book felt at times very rushed, but I still enjoyed it far more than I thought I would, especially after book three (The temple of dawn) with it's long, esoteric windings about buddhism, that took me quite a while to get into. Having also read The sailor who fell from grace with the sea earlier this year it was easy to see some similarities between them, mainly regarding the young boys of each novel. Thanks to that, I thought I knew where this novel was heading but the last 30 pages really caught me off-guard.

What does /lit/ think of Mishimas tetralogy?

wtf, nobody told me that Heidegger actually liked Plato, especially Plato's Parmenides

this is a great essay to introduce us to Heidegger's Plato: https://philarchive.org/archive/BACAOA
a handful but nonexhaustive selection of key points at the end:
>The main point of these last hypotheses is that if there is unity, if reality is one, then this unity of reality both comprises all things and is no thing.
>If there is no unity, if reality is not unified, then there is no manifold reality at all but only nothing.
>Heidegger interprets: Being itself, insofar as it unifies reality and renders beings possible, is itself no being at all, but rather intimately characterized by nothingness [Nichtigkeit].
>As we already know from Heidegger: Being is the Nothing [Nichts], the background which makes the Something possible in the first place.
>Heidegger concludes his seminar with the following words:
>Maximal truth has been attained when appearance and Non-being have been included within truth and Being. The dialogue literally leads to Nothing [Nichts]. . . . Thereby the question of Being has been transformed, everything is now otherwise. The on is both hen and polla, and it is hen, insofar as it is polla and vice versa. The One and the Many are only insofar as they are in themselves negative [nichtig].
the last sentence is a bit confusing though... dont the One and the Many stand as having definitions in their own? i don't think they need to be defined as not the other, One as not Many and the Many as not One.
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>Maximal truth has been attained when appearance and Non-being have been included within truth and Being.
>the last sentence is a bit confusing though... dont the One and the Many stand as having definitions in their own? i don't think they need to be defined as not the other, One as not Many and the Many as not One.
You're not getting it. It's all there in what you posted. Read it again.
I was going to point out the same, but I think OP grasps that and is questioning why Heidegger takes them that way instead of how they're taken in the Parmenides. Do I have that right, OP?
Heidegger talks about oblivion in that people aren't able to remember. They have no being because they don't remember.

Chronic stress causes damage to the hippocampus. That's the condition of unity and therefore non-being.
"Oblivion is a concealment that withdraws what is essential and alienates man from himself i.e. from the possibility of dwelling throughout his own essence."

File: IMG_4156.jpg (133 KB, 1500x1911)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I love all these guys
>Henry Miller
Read Capricorn, Cancer, and blackspring, and will probably read everything he has
>Charles Bukowski
Read every book he’s written
>Louis Celine
> F Scott Fitzgerald
Read all his books
>Marcel Proust
Read volume one, plan to read all of ISOLT
>Arthur Schopenhauer
Read all his books
>Michelle Hollebeque
Read nearly all his books
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These are some of my favorite writers as well. "The Wisdom of the Heart" by Henry Miller is incredible and I wouldn't waste any time at all... read it right away.

I will list some of my own favorites for you that capture what I love about Celine, Miller, Bukowski, and Schopenhauer.
The Book of Disquiet is one of the greatest texts to emerge in the twentieth century
>Nikos Kazantzakis
Start with "The Last Temptation of Christ". "The Saviors of God", "Buddha", and "Saint Francis" are all very underrated works of his. His "Odyssey" is of course a masterpiece as well.
>Emil Cioran
Best as an essayist, was very influential on me as a teenager.
>Antonin Artaud
Also worthwhile mostly as an essayist, but his writings are incredible and hard to turn away from.
>Octavio Paz
Just start anywhere, with any of his poetry. His essays are awesome too, he is one of my favorite writers as a critic alongside people like Barthes, Eco, Nabokov, Bloom, and Borges.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It is Michel Serres
Excellent, ty

This should keep me occupied for awhile. I’ll read the heart book by miller next
He doesn't have to read books by non-white men if he doesn't want to, right?
File: cantos.jpg (12 KB, 269x400)
12 KB
What do I need to read before I go to the Cantos? Will I need a companion book?

File: 1712064294947426.gif (192 KB, 250x250)
192 KB
192 KB GIF
Books on east asia's combination of social collectivism and hypercapitalism? I recently awakened to the horrors of South Korea and want to blackpill myself some more
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Why do old rich people want to make noodles for people
Same reason people play games like Truck Simulator.
I am enlightened
File: Disgusted Alex Jones.jpg (24 KB, 462x427)
24 KB
>incel-feminist wars in Korea
Got any more on this?
>I recently awakened to the horrors of South Korea and want to blackpill myself some more
Good. Now research into China's cat torture issue

File: IMG_9406.jpg (51 KB, 479x640)
51 KB
What are some good atmospheric horror books?
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>atmospheric horror
So... terror? Horror and terror are different things.
Start with the gothics you big faggot.
Gib rec for gothics then
You'd want some Aickman and early Barker stories. Some Ligotti, Klein maybe. Laird Barron, even.
The Terror

Another one of the greats has left us.
RIP 1942-2024
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You're just assuming empiricism - it could be that visual impressions can be created through brain data alone, without optical input. There has been some research about dreams and congenitally blind people, for example.
>Recently, objective evidence has been provided that individuals who have never had visual experiences can dream of virtual images, which are probably mediated by the activation of the cortical areas responsible for visual representations. This cross-modal effect is related to the facilitation of auditory and tactile inputs to process information in the brains of congenitally blind individuals for the formation of dreams.
I think it would make sense that members of a species with a long history of having visual organs would still experience visuals in their minds, since this aspect of the species is no doubt embedded in our nervous systems. It's like how removing the genitals doesn't entirely remove sexual urges, because part of these urges is embedded in the nervous system. But what about a species that NEVER had any visual organ? Does that species experience any "visual" as we understand the term?
>But what about a species that NEVER had any visual organ?
It's possible, at least. To say it's impossible is to be a dogmatic empiricist.
I would think that if it were possible, then there is something in the species' nervous system or genome that makes it possible, some trace of the same structure that arose the visual organs in other species.
Well, if you generalize eyes to "any generic visual-enabling structure", the original statement becomes
>if all the organisms with visual content would disappear, then the entire visual aspect of life would disappear
which is trivially true

File: vhillmonkey.png (590 KB, 828x616)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
>To be I, atheist, at home with myself, separated, happy, created -- these are synonyms.

>For those who are all too eager to shatter the circularity of the "Same" by the inbreaking of the "Other", Levinas responds from the outset that the human sphere, be it "life", "enjoyment", "separation", "habitation", "possession", or "work", constitutes its own Being as such and conditions its own happiness. Not characterized here as a "fall" or negativity, the relation of man to the material world is the "enjoyment and independence" of life.
Emmanuel Falque

>The rigorous affirmation of human independence . . . entails the risk of atheism. That risk must be run. . . . It is a great glory for God to have created a being capable of seeking Him or hearing Him from afar, having experienced separation and atheism.

>In Judaism, separation is creative (Eve's being taken from the side of Adam in Genesis), whereas in Hellenism, it is punitive (Aristophanes' myth of androgyny in Plato's Symposium). There is, in this sense, an idea of man tout court . . . within the work of Levinas. This is what the Jewish vision of the world has to teach or, for Christians at least, to reteach: that the happiness of original creation takes precedence over the anxiety of the fall, that being-there "without God" is not being-there "against God", or that self-satisfaction does not necessarily entail God's dissatisfaction. In short, God loves, wants, and desires our human condition, not so that he may deny it (sin), or surpass it (divinization), but above all, so that he may glorify it according to the rank which he ordained for it (being created).

File: 1614.jpg (158 KB, 815x1000)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>I don't want to kill my friends, family, and teachers
>They'll all die eventually, and they'll reincarnate so it doesn't matter, it's your duty
Thanks Krishna, very profound
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Enlightenment thinkers didn't know about that, those texts received first translations in western languages in the closing years of the 18th century up to late 19th century which is pushing the time window. The gita had a first confidential edition in 1785 and that was one of the first texts.
In the enlightenment there were two dozen linguists over Europe that cared about Sanskrit and mostly for autismo grammar about reconstructing language history.
Outright pajeetbooism has fortunately always been a small phenomenon and had its heyday in the mid 19th century (Emerson, Thoreau, Schopenhauer) back when the sheer novelty might excuse it.
Karna was son of Chariot driver,yet ruled over a kingdom.
he was not allowed entery in the compition to win Princess hand cause Princess herself did not open up the compition for everyone, she only allowed knights and kings were invited. Where is the caste system, are you saying a women can not have choice in who she wants to marry.
A soldier duty on the battlefield is to fight you are coward and traitor of you don't why would that translate to mass genocide.
I am convinced non of you have ever read the damn thing lol these all are dead giveaway.
Wrong post linked?
Damn now I wanna read it.
What is heaven in Hinduism, I thought it's just you incarnate unless you go Buddhist and work on incarnating into nothingness.

File: 1709445523066996.png (2.86 MB, 1526x858)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
Someone explain how McCarthy is considered to be a "great" writer. I really don't get it. I tried reading The Road. I tried reading Blood Meridian. They all suck. Most atrocious prose I have ever laid my eyes upon. Reads as if it was written by a child.
29 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
He painted a picture of Billy Parham in a rush, his mind on other things and slightly frantic to get out of the house and tend to the problem at hand. You will never write this well.
No one cares you vapid homo
I think people think McCarthy is great for 1 or 2 reasons:
1) Blood Meridian is sincerely a very unique novel. Bloom said it was an aesthetic achievement and he was right about that. The prose, the setting, the characters, all of it just weaves together into this aesthetically rich and unique tapestry of the American Southwest
2) A sense of profundity. Due or undue, people find McCarthy to be a breath of fresh air because they fancy him not just a philosophical novelist but a novelist concerned with the philosophies of science, physics, psychology, etc. which are frankly, underexplored areas in modern fiction. You’re far more likely to find a philosophical novelist that is concerned with the philosophy of politics or ethics or religion than with quantum physics and the atomic bomb if you look beyond sort of kitschy or low brow sci fi novelists and so McCarthy stands alone among Pomo writers in this regard. He’s not really cynical about modern life or materialism, and more importantly he takes science and makes it feel somehow mythic and some people are really, really into that in a world that has that feeling caught between sort of nihilistic pomo writers or else pre-war classics. If you sift through lit post-war, you find a lot of writers bemoaning the state of things like religion philosophy and culture or else a lot of writers sliding into sort of polo schizophrenia without any real deeper or mythological meaning beneath it all. McCarthy stands almost alone as an exception to this. I don’t necessarily agree with it but it’s clearly what people detect in his novels.
You're lower
>Reads as if it was written by a child.
Write a better book then, surely you're smarter than a child.

File: 1682465516590928.png (163 KB, 323x500)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Today is his 135th birthday.
Post book recommendations on the most deified man in recent Western memory, one who's name invokes a primal fear and superstition identical to that of the Devil in medieval times.
Pic-rel is an excellent book, though it assumes some familiarity with the "major" Hitler biographies, it works as a standalone as well. It thoroughly and completely debunks many aspects of Hitler's interpretation by the biographers as some evil megalomaniac tyrant "unperson" with no talent in anything (in particular, Ian Kershaw's), by simply going through their own works and pointing out absurdities, and attempts to put him in his proper context as (dark) World Historical Personality akin to a Caesar or Napoleon. He paints the picture of an extremely precocious, intelligent, and thoughtful young man transformed into a German messiah guided by an unshakable inner conviction to save the Germans.
I strongly recommend anyone interested in the man to read this book.
32 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are Volker Ulrich's Hitler bios any good? I want to read a good bio on Hitler's rise to power and time as a leader before the war but I'm not too sure what to read.
>Man is the center of the universe. Macrocosm-Microcosm
In what way?
Arts, crafts, culture and history can get you so far. Even war could be argued as a form if art seeing how some warlords were smart and creative with their environment.
But there are many stuff that just suck.
Destruction of the environment, destruction of the culture, radicalism (todats radicalism, not even back in 60s was it this bad), culture war. And yes this is mostly the west, but that is sadly being called the centre of the world.
Again I just might be overtly negative from twitterfags making the worst opinions on the planet.
There's actually plenty of material evidence about what took place; details may be off, exaggerated or even fabricated here or there, but the pogroms, the atmosphere, the camps and the subhumanization combined with mass death, none of that is without plenty of evidence. Was it 6 million or was it 200,000? That doesn't really interest me, my motivations don't sway toward a place where something like that would be of importance. Evidently, yours do.
As you say, these things are backed by consensus, in terms of narrative basis. And consensus is backed by not only what is "known;" but by what one is aiming at. The consensus you subscribe to, has a need for invalidating the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, so no evidence will really satisfy you. That type of evidence doesn't comply with your aim.
I guess I wouldn't I understand the enlightened perspective that goes along with being a Nazi, I'm too, what was it? "Profane?" I'm too profane to not understand the merits of racial supremacy and extermination rhetoric, combined with action. Too simple minded to understand the glory of mass murder.
File: 4 20.png (119 KB, 573x425)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>C.G. Jung - Wotan
>Savitri Devi - The Lightning and the Sun
>Miguel Serrano - The Golden Thread

He's not dead bros... he's restoring his vril in the light of the green ray beyond the black sun of inner earth... preparing to return in his vimana bearing the sword of Kalki...
>source: it came to me in a dream
File: 1700549243002631.png (284 KB, 267x400)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Indirectly related to Hitler.
Book on British war veteran's opinions and views on post-war early 21st century Britain. More people expressed a regret for having not fought for Hitler, than did express positive opinions on what Britain had become.

File: Evola.jpg (27 KB, 415x570)
27 KB
Are there any pro-Christian authors with a similar philosophy to Evola's?
39 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not talking about their beliefs, I'm talking about their tendencies as a people. They are less virile of a people (ex: history of enslavement/servitude) and require universalistic and egalitarian worldviews. They want/need everyone to worship their God, hold hands and sing kumbaya. Abrahamism is gay. The "based" parts of Islam come from pre-Islamic sources, same with Christianity/Europe.
>It’s only whites who reject their culture’s religion (Christianity) on the grounds that it is exclusionary and invent bogus philosophies such as Evola’s “traditionalism” which say actually ALL RELIGIONS are saying the same thing and you can just pick and choose whichever one you want
Why do you even post here when you're so clueless? Evola invented Traditionalism? Traditionalists think all religions say the same thing? it's not even worth my time replying to this crap, bye.
You replied to two different people and you're projecting, you stinky, overweight Lebanese mental patient.

Eschenbach's writing is quite literally on another level (primordial Tradition).
> the Chosen People vs. the Goyim dynamic and changing it to white vs. non-white/brown.
btw I really don't care if that's the way you misinterpret it. You're just proving my point in the other post about that generalization i made....I make fun of annoying brown virgins who worship andrew tate and watch tiktok unironically and think they're the center of the universe but are obviously just extremely insecure, then you start whining like a jew invoking the holocaust and muh racism...while saying I'm the jew. It's just total worminess and weakness. Fuck you, slimy semitic faggot. I don't care if you're upset that I don't like dumbshit immigrants with massively inflated egos who think they're owed anything. That sounds like you actually, so it makes perfect sense.
>Evola’s “traditionalism” which say actually ALL RELIGIONS are saying the same thing
People who haven't read Evola always either say this or complain about his criticisms of Christianity/Judaism. He also criticised Mahayana sects of Buddhism, Pelasgian currents in ancient Greece, the cult of Isis in Egypt, etc. because he had an actual morphological approach that determined which religions were traditional or not. You would know this if you actually read his works instead of quotes on the internet. Someone like you should start with his book on Theosophy.
Rene Guenon was infamously not a Catholic but was pro-Catholic. Rama Coomaraswamy was a Catholic convert.

Traditionalism is retarded though. You should get over it ASAP.
Rama was the most based man

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeh, he wasn't writing for the modern audience. Westerners back in the day would've read this and thought it was hilariously absurd. If only they knew
I came (metaphorically) when I read this book
It’s a perfect critique of both modern society and religion
I prefer Castle. Haven't read Amerika yet but I think ill like that one more as well
They killed him in the street like a dog....
have you fellas read his diaries? a lot of the entries read like /wwoym/ posts.

File: tttttt.jpg (35 KB, 500x500)
35 KB
>book starts out good
>becomes shit halfway through
Thats how I felt when I just finished the first Dune book. What a boring piece of empty shit that third act was.
>magic potion turns child into baby prodigy like the villian in Robocop 2 or the sidekick in Robocop 3, or take your pic, of what stupid bullshit it reminds you of.
>omg i have enough psychic power to give a defacto fourth wall breaking "next time on dune" teaser, but not enough psychic power to logically make him over powered.
>the bene gesserit needed perfect eugenic supremacy so they took fat homo harkonen's fatso cum as the logical soup for a perfect genetic royal successor.
>they give us an entire filler chapter dedicated to Gurney realizing Jessica dindu nuffin
>they give an entire filler chapter dedicated to explaining Paul will be immune to Feyd'd poison trick in the last chapter.
>in hindsight the entire point of the chapter where he fights a rigged slave was about establishing he's prone to dirty poison tricks that he'll use in the last chapter.
>paul and chani fall in love immediately after being introduced to eachother.
>the sloppy stilted writing is held together with prophecy shit and bad dialogue is excused as formality.
The first act was legitimately good. It felt like Star Wars but better. The ending of the first act was exciting and thrilling and a real page turner.
Once paul and Jessica get stranded on the desert, the book is shit and only good for the one chapter where Baron Vladimir Harkonen is freaking out about a rigged booty boy, and then his discussion with hawat.

File: file.jpg (170 KB, 1385x2014)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Anyone on /lit/ read this?

Is it as powerful and life-changing as I've heard?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
OP did you make this thread explicitly because I said it was Robert Greene's worst book that no one talks about in the last Robert Greene thread?
Why don't you consider Power or Mastery to be good books?
Go away hole.
>not be a retard
>talk normally
I don't know what this means.
You didn't read it. You just sneered at the table of contents.
Gotta put the work faggot.

If you wanna talk about the mastery of the craft of stretching out minimal content into long chapters, read Das Kapital.
For 3 long chapters he says little more than 20 yards of linen = 1 coat = 2 pounds = 8 gold ounces, therefore 8 gold ounces = 2 pounds = 1 coat = 20 yards of linen.
He goes on like this for longer than the length of the Communist Manifesto which is a quick and breezy read. This topic is dragged out longer than most books of the Bible, and throughout those 3 chapters he makes comparisons between commodities and their being resurrected or transmogrified like in the book of revelation. He uses non literal metaphors like "this is how a commodity sees itself." He makes reference to they ancient greeks, all in service of saying 20 yards of linem = ... = 8 ounces of gold therefore the reverse is true.

I've never read something so empty in my life.

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