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File: mason and dixon.jpg (55 KB, 666x1000)
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What am I in for?
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The best Pynch novel and an excellent story about friendship.
It always amazes me how people can see this as a story about friendship, you have to ignore most of the book and reduce it to the last 20 pages for that too work.
File: IMG_1077.jpg (778 KB, 1290x1589)
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778 KB JPG
Eh, I've had worse friends.

File: IMG_5447.jpg (81 KB, 1280x853)
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Do you guys take notes, or write in other ways about the books you read? Have you found this helpful in remembering/processing/relating thinkers and ideas to other thinkers and ideas?
Is there a way to do this without blowing way more time on the book than it would take to just read it, but is still substantive and useful?
File: 1699250783327403.jpg (162 KB, 1246x2346)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Yes. Also there's already a note thread in the catalogue.
based obsidian chad

File: TheRealmOfShadows.jpg (23 KB, 531x640)
23 KB
Common fancy puts the Absolute far away in a world beyond. The Absolute is rather directly before us, so present that so long as we think, we must, though without express consciousness of it, always carry it with us and always use it.
-Shorter Logic section 24n
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>the realm of shadows
>le heckin cold and dark hegel picture
your aspie worldbuilding isn't philosophy, you may be more proficient in discussing star wars lore

Wow that's really profound. Oh wait Plotinus said the same exact thing 2,000 years ago, and so did Lao Tzu, and Parmenides, and every other professional wise man that ever was.
I like the way Hegel says it tho.

Nothing wrong with that. Here's how Aristotle expressed the same idea:

"Since in every class of things, as in nature as a whole, we find two factors involved, a matter which is potentially all the particulars included in the class, a cause which is productive in the sense that it makes them all (the latter standing to the former, as e.g. an art to its material), these distinct elements must likewise be found within the soul.

And in fact mind as we have described it is what it is what it is by virtue of becoming all things, while there is another which is what it is by virtue of making all things: this is a sort of positive state like light; for in a sense light makes potential colours into actual colours.

Mind in this sense of it is separable, impassible, unmixed, since it is in its essential nature activity (for always the active is superior to the passive factor, the originating force to the matter which it forms).

Actual knowledge is identical with its object: in the individual, potential knowledge is in time prior to actual knowledge, but in the universe as a whole it is not prior even in time. Mind is not at one time knowing and at another not. Being separate it appears as just what it is and nothing more: this alone is immortal and eternal (but we do not remember because, while mind in this sense is impassible, mind as passive is destructible), and without it nothing thinks."

File: DerSeher.jpg (32 KB, 483x600)
32 KB
We should, therefore, have to regard the human soul as being conjoined in its present life with two worlds at the same time, of which it clearly perceives only the material world, in so far as it is conjoined with a body, and thus forms a personal unit.[9] But as a member of the spiritual world it receives and gives out the pure influences of immaterial natures, so that, as soon as the accidental conjunction has ceased, only that communion remains which at all times it has with spiritual natures.
- Kant, A Fragment of Occult Philosophy Aiming to Establish Communion with the Spirit-World
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>nothing matters and things are the way they are because they are that way
prove it
>How everything in history is inevitable and nothing they say will affect anything? So they either were bitter boomers or mystic / esoteric escapists?
No, have you ever read an enlightenment philosopher? It was quite the opposite, all about human agency and reason exercising itself in history
>Pre-critical Kant
Into the trash it goes
Pre-critical Kant is good actually
Descartes believed the pineal gland was the third eye.

File: Its_Over.jpg (36 KB, 600x600)
36 KB
>"Outwardly I am gay, especially among my own, I mean by ‘my own,’ all the Poles. But, at the root of my being I am suffering an indefinable torment – full of presentiments, uneasiness, nightmares, when it is not insomnia. Sometimes I feel indifferent to everything and sometimes a prey to the most intense homesickness; I long to live as much as to die and sometimes I feel a sort of complete numbness which incidentally is not without a certain pleasure but which makes me feel away from everything. Then suddenly vivid memories arise and torture me: hatred, bitterness, a frightful mixture of unhealthy sensations which attack me and leave me exhausted."
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Honestly reminds me of The Underground Man, although I haven't read that book in about five years
Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, shits like a duck. Become gay on the inside and you won't feel the need to blog post here. I didn't read past the first sentence obviously.
There is a Chopin anime?
i guess that means he tops?

File: Kingsley's best.jpg (119 KB, 626x1000)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
And no one talks about it.
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Oh fuck off with this reverse psych shit
>going to get 4chan/lit/ to read it for me
Nope, nice try.
Enjoy your F
You would choke up and stutter, then she'd roll her eyes at you, and her chud boyfriend would glare at you as they both walked off together.
>she'd roll her eyes at you
so you're saying she'd acknowledge me
I'll take it
t. pathetic sub-sigma
>an excellent book published by NYRB
i don't know how any other publisher can compete, short of buying out the exclusive rights to an author's entire oeuvre, like Penguin did

File: image10.png (7 KB, 422x322)
7 KB
Please don't write philosophy. I'm not interested in the most predictable ever take on the world that's just paraphrased over and over again. Have you ever tired writing something without attributing any meaning to it? JUST WRITE SOMETHING ELSE NIGGA. make it fun though
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Why not? Genuine anti feminist philosophy has never been tried. At least not the kind that’s systematic.

I just did it ^^
File: semiotics1.jpg (813 KB, 800x5800)
813 KB
813 KB JPG
the entire field appears to be manufactured bs
of course that just indicates my lack of understanding
Did the person typing this mean to spell "Semitism" instead because what the fuck is this

File: 75425.jpg (343 KB, 1437x2000)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
>know this one legit philosopher
>publishes a lot
>seethes about gay marriage whenever he can, sometimes throws in 'gender ideology'
>most of his arguments are based on really fragile criticisms of liberalism
>all other arguments are essentially just saying that it violates the Christian faith
Maybe I am wrong for seeing intellectuals as authority figures, but it seems to me like very very few philosophers actually have original and interesting things to say (Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel and Marx come to mind) while the rest kind of just reuse and repurpose other people's philosophy
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It could be, he told us to not discuss important philosophical issues in public with random people, because it could be unsafe...
I suppose you are right though. I'm not really upset, I have always viewed teachers, lecturers, scientists, even priests to some extent as authority figures, because they are all educated and intelligent.
I might try to talk to him about this issue, but when I previously asked him about his political opinions, it seemed as if he doesn't want to share them. I should probably read a book or two written by him.
Not only are most modern philosophy people retarded, but a significant number of historically important philosophers are unoriginal and uncreative (see G.E. Moore and George Berkeley)
Then why are they even historically important?
Well I am not inclined to argue with him on the first point, but my personal experiences are not necessarily the norm and some of that is environmental, plus I already have a habit of saying some atrocious things even without being cued and I have technically been punished for voicing philosophical dissent in the past so unfortunately I am inclined to agree with him on the first point. As your intuition grows from experience you will likely be better able to determine when and where it is applicable and that applies to who you feel is an authority as well I might add. I would recommend reading his books, since that is likely the easiest portal into in his professional mind, but if he is reticent about bringing up politics then it is likely that you may be incurring more harm than help. I am also reminded of an adage from somewhere about how a teacher may make a demonstration in hopes the students find a way to surmount what they were not able to do personally. I suppose that may also be a factor as well, but I would be inclined to take his statements at face value in this instance.
they were a precursor or a loud proponent of some philosophical current.
For G.E. Moore - ordinary language, analytic phil
For Berkeley - Idealism, Empiricism

File: 1665845878517632.jpg (761 KB, 1920x1356)
761 KB
761 KB JPG
Recently I have been experiencing a deep fear of death. Watching a video on a historical battle, standing in a graveyard, or even watching the news, fills me with a horrible animal fear, deep anxiety, what feels like a flight or fight response. How do i conquer this? It's paralysing. I am only 20, and the last time i felt like this can't have been less than ten years ago, when i was just a child. it is not regret or guilt about the state of my life, but fear of the unknown, the fact that one day life will be over and i must die. any books to help with this?
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I recently moved back in with my mother. My dad died a year ago almost to the day.
The thought that my mom will die one day haunts me now. To the point I've thought about just killing myself before she dies. What if she dies tomorrow? This is really fucking me up.
Its ok to reflect and be aware of how fragile life is, but unless your life is being threatened directly, I think most of that overwhelming fear comes from idleness. I wont say "find a job" because corpo slavery till death is dumb, but work onto something you are interested in, make the effort to be constant and focus on that, keeping your mind busy and making your life worthwhile before you are gone.
Yes, I've ruined my life, after dropping college, failling relationships, substance abuse and doing nothing with my life in a couple of shitty (and ilegal) jobs, now Im a 30 old neet living with mom. At this point she's my main reason to not-die, as I know she would be absolutely destroyed. Im not particularly suicidal, but I dont care much about what happens to me after, I just want her to last long, and as long as she's alive I have to be alive, I dont want to hurt her like that.
very very common at this exact age. End of the teen years. you're not alone.

you will be so busy as you grow up, you won't even have time to be depressed about death. Keep busy, go outside more and be active, you'll see your worries fade away. Sorry I can't recommend a book. whatever you do read, go to a cafe or a park and read it.

this captcha is pure cancer
File: KantianHolyBook.jpg (46 KB, 667x1000)
46 KB

File: 42744194.jpg (70 KB, 722x349)
70 KB
Do you have a favorite setting/genre/author or even specific novels to escape the hassle of life by retreating into your comfy safe space?
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Scape keys, not escape keys.

Advanced keys to the keep contra tinkering on repeat.
Can't really tell but at least it's not important to do so. Understanding stuff isn't contingent on having read any other book from the series. I suggest you dive in at almost any book, but i'll explain somewhat. If you want straight forward adventure action story telling from mainly a single perspective player of games and consider phlebas are good, look to windward, surface detail(my favourite) and hydrogen sonata are the most space operay and look at the normal culture life the most. Then there's the odd ones, which i do not suggest you start with but could consider as a second book: Use of weapons is mostly about war and the structure flips between chapters going forwards in time and a narrative going backwards in time, Excession which is littered with hyperintelligent minds discussing, scheming and shitposting about anomalous stuff even they can't understand(funniest, but hardest to read), matter which is more focused on another medieval civ living in a megastructure and then there's state of the art which is a short story collection.
Also be prepared for really liberal and left leaning stuff which might annoy chudpilled individuals.
I won't, but it's full of philosophy books. Mostly anthologies.
Cheers anon

File: atlas.jpg (136 KB, 820x1257)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>If you have no value it must be solely your fault and not because of factors due to outside circumstances
The "philosopher," everyone.
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I'm far more interested in the construction than the funding. Tents are one thing but it would have had to take decades to build and thousands of people working at least 8 hours a day. How did they keep that amount of laborers content for the time frame it would take to build a city from scratch?
Not trying to play gotcha or anything but a lot of people base their economic beliefs off this book so I wanna know how they justify it.
She understands the petty spite and cruelty bureaucracy brings out of people.
It’s a bullshit philosophy, but it’s wise to believe it, then act to change your situation innit
You know what, I never read any Rand nor even summaries. I literally don’t know what the plot of Atlas Shrugged is. Now that I’m older analyzing my own reluctance to pursue her works I think it boils down to what I learned about her as a person. When I found out she was just a woman who hooked up with a movie producer it completely erased any interest I may have had in learning more. I had this image of her not as a scholastic luminary exploring the peaks of intellectual discourse exploring truths of civilization but rather some idle chick who married into money and leisure who just wrote to celebrate her social class. I realize that’s crazy-biased but for some reason I just can’t get over it. Am I really missing out on an amazing book?

File: sweden.jfif.jpg (13 KB, 215x234)
13 KB
Why does Sweden have so little literature? Or is it just the case that it isn't widely translated?
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Nah, Norwegian and Icelandic lit is better than Dutch literature. By far.
>what is the nobel prize in literature
a meme prize given to overrated hacks?
thanks ChatGPT
>and French-speaking authors while ignoring major names
Just try and mention how French dramaturgy mogs theirs. Russians are the weirdly overrated foreigners in English speaking countries.

My boyfriend told me to read this book, I'm actually halfway there and I loved it! This is actually the second book i read, And the first one was "it ends with us" by coleen hoover.

Is there any good book to read more ? I feel intelligent when i read this book so please some similar ones
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1716828732990887.jpg (580 KB, 2048x1995)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
Yeah this is a very bad website, it's much better if you go anywhere else than here.
Thanks you
I have heard of Sylvia Plath, I think i'll read it because many have suggested it for me thanks
r/books are worst, They keep prying on me in private messages therefore it's better to post here anonymously
That's not me lol just someone copying me
tits or gtfo
Poetry in that book is garbage

File: 1712962815369416.jpg (27 KB, 220x332)
27 KB
I enjoy Guy Gravriel Kay's writing. Are there any other authors who follow this kind of Historical Fantasy?
Could you describe it a bit more?

File: IainBanks2009.jpg (596 KB, 770x1024)
596 KB
596 KB JPG
>An ex-neighbour of ours recalled (in an otherwise entirely kind and welcome comment) me telling him, years ago, that my SF novels effectively subsidised the mainstream works. I think he’s just misremembered, as this has never been the case. Until the last few years or so, when the SF novels started to achieve something approaching parity in sales, the mainstream always out-sold the SF – on average, if my memory isn’t letting me down, by a ratio of about three or four to one. I think a lot of people have assumed that the SF was the trashy but high-selling stuff I had to churn out in order to keep a roof over my head while I wrote the important, serious, non-genre literary novels. Never been the case, and I can’t imagine that I’d have lied about this sort of thing, least of all as some sort of joke. The SF novels have always mattered deeply to me – the Culture series in particular – and while it might not be what people want to hear (academics especially), the mainstream subsidised the SF, not the other way round. And… rant over.
How does it feel to be BTFOd by one of your own, /lit/?
what? who asked?

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