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File: IMG_2092.jpg (23 KB, 340x326)
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Why does it piss people off that this man followed Clarke’s third law “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and his elves don’t actually see their works as magic? Or that the black machines of Mordor are seen as literal black magic?

For reference: >>23402490
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Imagine being so miserable
File: glamdring-hilt.jpg (164 KB, 1422x800)
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164 KB JPG
It is true, the elves in LOTR don't call what they do "magic." The OP is likely correct.

It's rather that when the Elves make something, to perform a purpose, they make it so completely and thoroughly that it performs its purpose in a way that appears to be supernatural. For example, Glamdring is a sword meant to fight the forces of evil; the smiths of Gondolin made it so adept at its purpose that it has seemingly supernatural properties, like its tendency to glow when servants of the Enemy are close. But this was not done by the casting of a spell. The Elves didn't force the universe to do their bidding in the making of their things; rather, they created their things so well that their functions were naturally more than normal. That feels like what's being gotten at.
OP is wrong tho
You do not own the rights of this image. Please delete it.
He has permission. It was given to him.

File: GN8LlTkXsAAHS0Q.png (105 KB, 351x511)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
This is literally what Plato sounds like in The Republic. Why does everyone eat this shit up again?
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that's his point retard
lmao we caught a live one
read walter russell, oliver heaviside, eric dolard, Nikola Tesla and charles proteus steinmetz.
no, he is asking the right questions, quantum mechanics is fundamentally flawed, the center does not hold, they are no dualities in nature as dualities implies contradiction and mother nature does not contradict itself. Light is not an emission just like sound is an emission. its a disturbance in the medium. for sound its air and for light the medium is the Aether which is basically like saying Satan in a church amongst modern academia. Light acts like a soundwave in the aether - nikola Tesla which is accurate.
File: 1669729835726410.png (344 KB, 549x659)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
>"we don't know what will actually happen"
But we do know, we know it will become state A 30% of the time, and state B 70% of the time. That not good enough for you or something, buster?

I really enjoyed it and it restored my faith that I will enjoy BOTNS as a whole. It has not reached the heights of 5HOC, but that is a very high bar anyway.
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Sword of the Lictor is peak Wolfe and peak BOTNS.
File: 1711314387351457.jpg (144 KB, 1516x1894)
144 KB
144 KB JPG

>the fight between Severian and Baldanders
BOTNS would make a awesome anime. It even has the harem trope.
I liked when he fucked the redhead bitch and his blond 12 year old gf got jealous but quickly got over it
gene really does go fucking bananas in lictor.

File: images (2).jpg (23 KB, 463x663)
23 KB
Rebuttal: children are annoying and deserve to suffer.
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File: 1684878962188509.jpg (494 KB, 1078x857)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
Anti-natalists are at a complete poverty when it comes to weighing quality of life. Their defective nature simply precludes them from accepting any rationalization outside of their own self-indoctrination. They don't necessarily mean to be disingenuous because such is simply written into their nature.

Also note that the more you talk to them the more you'll realize a sick fascination with violence and death. These people don't want to reduce harm, they want to justify their resentment and spread their misery.
Wtf LOL what a freak
Pajeet responses on amazonturk are worth less than shit
>fixation on human waste products
I get why you're into Benetard (>>23408793).
Adults are also pretty fucking annoying

What are some good christian literature books similar to the brothers karamazov. I heard about john bunyan's the pilgrim's progress, is it good?
It's dark and nonfiction but I personally found Gulag Archipelago to be particularly profound in it's discussion of faith

File: Rosine.jpg (406 KB, 592x891)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
This might a somewhat incoherent post but what are some books, be they fiction or essays, about a pessimistic yet still somewhat morbidly appreciative view of Beauty and Innocence? I think I heard one the (probably misattributed) Thomist quote that 'Man is like a snowflake whos center is dung'. I mean seeing children, nature, life and beauty as inherently irrational and inmoral yet also imbued with inherent beauty and splendor, and on the contrary seeing civilization and men as rational and moral yet also ugly and driven to death. Like on the Michael Gira song 'Sunflower's Here to Stay' where evil/Satan is likened to Sunflowers ( And anyone whos had to deal with sunflowers on summer knows how quickly they spread ). Like how we often consider infant babies as the most innocent of the innocents, yet all infants are by their nature selfish, arrogant, ignorant, gluttonous, etc.
Pic related is Rosine from the Berserk arc 'Lost Children', in the story Rosine sacrifices her parents lives to demons so that she may turn one of her fairytales paradises into reality. So I thought it was adequate. ( In the story Rosines faux-elves rape, murder and war on each other but they only do so out of 'play', only for nubile enjoyment, that is, innocently.)
Werner Herzog’s work has a running theme of nature as a force of evil contrasting with its supreme beauty. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but it might pique your interest in that department. His biography, Every Man For Himself and God Against All, is worth of read if you want strictly literary. On a side note, that Angels of Light track has always been a favorite. The happy stock music pastiche creates this feeling of rumbling on, combined with Gira’s deep voice and lyrics: “The world fits between his jaws.”
Thanks, I like his movie "Aguirre: The Wrath of God"

File: Thomas_Mann_1929.jpg (101 KB, 464x696)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Did he really have to use all those words when all he effectively says is "fascism bad"?

File: GettyImages-526760169.jpg (1.78 MB, 3650x2732)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
Books for understanding why the world is the way it is?
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Understanding Human History by Michael H Hart
On The Nature Of Things by Lucretius
File: 1712047341894641.jpg (446 KB, 1136x1136)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
The Crocodile, by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Based. Currently reading this

What's the most 4chan book do you have ever read?

I'll start, mine is No Longer Human
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Make like your idol and kill yourself
File: 1715450499832671.jpg (73 KB, 750x539)
73 KB
Incels aren't the majority. Incels go to wizard chan or stay in /r9k/ and /a/.
Most anons just have extremely depressing sex lives. One night stands once a year. Gut wrenching ex girlfriends.
A few anons like to gloat about how amazing their life is. I think those guys are coping.
What is it about? The cover and the title seem cool.
>once a year
haha yeah

File: 1625115419769.jpg (48 KB, 960x616)
48 KB
what's the comfiest book ever?
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Max comfort

If on a Winter's Night a Traveler felt super comfy to me
The Town and the City by Kerouac. Reminds me of my childhood in a small town :)
This desu
Essays in Idleness if you ignore the religious sermons

Can you relate to Kafka and his relationship with his father?
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The whole popular image of Kafka is honestly so phony. Bro could write but had such faggot bpd energy otherwise.
>submitting recommendations which were accepted and stuff?
Kafka was Jewish, so his neuroticism and parental issues are entirely alien to me.

Was The Aeneid the first fan-fiction?
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What was he a fan of?
>Another Manlet Aeneas depiction
Even a cursory reading will tell you that Aeneas is supposed to be like 8 fucking feet tall. They mention it multiple times

>Evander says like "Hey, if Hercules didn't hit his head on this doorframe, you should be fine"
>Pallas sees Aeneas on the stern of his ship "standing head and shoulders above the rest"
>Gets dressed up like a God/Mascot by the Trojans in the Iliad

Some statues maintain this interpretation
Aren't all the ancient greece stories fan-fictions of already established myths and legends?
Writing stories of people he disliked burning in Hell
Plato's Atlantis was, and he gave up at the interesting part.

File: s-b.png (106 KB, 500x366)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
What is some good high fantasy in modern/futuristic settings?
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not high fantasy
Is the blonde bimbo actually in the story?
He goes to space about 100 pages in and fights a dragon by about page 200.
Yes. Heinlein was a huge pervert.
>He goes to space about 100 pages in and fights a dragon by about page 200.
that doesn't make it high fantasy
Acts of Caine by Matthew Stover

File: holybible.jpg (42 KB, 640x511)
42 KB
I accept Joseph's wife's son as my lord and saviour.
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>reddit-spacing atheist can defend his dogshit ahistorical misrepresentations of the Bible
Cool I made you mad enough to see some vague enemy in other posts I probably never wrote though lol
(unless that is you're calling >>23408368 the braying ass, which is totally correct. It's ambiguous on if "more real estate he wins for Jesus Christ" is a statement about the first guy's stupidity or about the response's supposed misinterpretation lol)
File: 1712703342506242.jpg (11 KB, 460x259)
11 KB
This guy posting the questions >>23408368 (and OP) is a troll. This is part of his tactics: posting as if he was different people to cause confusion, and he shows up on other anon websites and does this shit all day. He's in my "people you may know" network space so I have to read this shit every day, and I wish he would get medicated and stfu already. It's just a big clown show.

File: IMG_0794.jpg (403 KB, 813x953)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
After about 4 years of barely reading any actual books I was wondering if I could get any recommendations? I’ve had people recommend me stuff like Harassment Architecture, Gothic Violence, Selective Breeding and The Birth of Philosophy, Bronze Age Mindset, along with Julius Evola and Yukio Mishima but they didn’t really explain why they would be worth reading. I am more interested in Philosophy and more niche religious stuff like Gnosticism if you have any good recommendations.
Do you have any sense of which specific areas of philosophy you're interested in?
German Idealism seems pretty interesting.

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