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File: bb8ha2xwc1891.png (14 KB, 640x640)
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Is prose just je ne sais quoi?
File: 1654895590185.png (114 KB, 400x300)
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114 KB PNG
its the one and only thing /lit/ thinks what makes a "sophisticated" and "high art" book. Not only does /lit/ SUCK at prose, but they SUCK at everything else, if they can even stand to attempt making a sensical and coherent story

>anemoia (uncountable) (neologism, uncommon) Nostalgia for a time or a place one has never known

has any book ever given you anemoia, Shogun did for me I want my cute Latin speaking Japanese wife
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>Boomer self-insert masturbates to noble savage caricatures for 800 pages
Dogshit book for faggots.
You don't understand what noble savage means if you think it could be applied to Shogun.
he was just being tsundere
What else would you call it?
>These simple brown people are so much better than us with their sex toys and their polygamy and their ooga booga heathen nonsense
Noble savage as a trope comes from the romanticization of the uncivilized, like think of Rousseau or the "native americans were le peaceful and economically conscious" meme. The japanese don't fit this trope because they're extremely civilized, they just adhere to many customs that a european like the MC would find either bizarre, disgusting, or genuinely impressive and admirable.

File: 1713828465579999.jpg (66 KB, 905x829)
66 KB
>Start to read the greeks
>And then Zeus raped or fucked this guy wife, for the 20th time
>And then Heracles fucked the 50 daughters of this king
>And then Zeus forced Venus to have sex with some dude as punishment
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File: maxresdefault-556051084.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)
85 KB
File: 1714020872524.jpg (41 KB, 625x417)
41 KB
The truth is you don't need to read books in any order at all. It doesn't matter whether Fedallah reminds you of The Weird Sisters or if The Wierd Sisters remind you of Fedallah. It is sufficiant that you read the classics, the order doesn't matter. given that there are enough classics that you will never run out of them you can guiltlessly skip ones that don't interest you and still be an avid reader of the classics.
ive studied greco-roman mythology for years at the point and im ngl dude it's literally just this and dude's stabbing each other with bronze
this is as good as it gets
>cathedrals, Hamlet, symphonies, the atomic bomb, etc?
For the most part, no. The atomic bomb, sure, it's incomprehensible devastation and war-making to them, but that's not a testament of culture or greatness. Cathedrals and all later European architecture, they would marvel at its difference, but not at its superiority, likewise for later European theatre including Shakespeare. Symphonies, the art of music, is just about one of the few things later European civilisation can boast of in superiority of genius. But it doesn't make up for the rest of an imperfect civilisation and society.
>ive studied greco-roman mythology for years
Yeah sure you have retard. Reading ten books isn't 'studying'. How on earth someone could miss the profundity of Greek myth I don't know.

File: briggflats.png (731 KB, 725x575)
731 KB
731 KB PNG
Will someone please explain this first stanza to me? Its from Briggflatts (Basil Bunting 1966)

You who can calculate the course
of a biased bowl,
shall I come near the jack?
What twist can counter the force
that holds back
woods I roll?

You who elucidate the disk
hubbed by the sun,
shall I see autumn out
or the fifty years at risk
be lost, doubt
end what’s begun?

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Lmao ok that's pretty funny but I don't think you need to overthink it, he's just saying "will I succeed or fail?" using various metaphors, in the second stanza it's something vaguely astrological, in the first sentence it's a couple different games, I suppose we could say the "woods I roll" are wooden dice? Although it doesn't make much sense to talk about a dice roll being "held back" by a "force", so maybe there's some other game involving rolling a wooden ball that's being referenced. Basically it just relies on specific and nowadays obscure pieces of knowledge but the good thing is it's not really 100% necessary for comprehension of the overall point.
fifty years is a motif he keeps coming back to w/r/t the distance between him and peggy, but I’m pretty superficial in my reading at the moment.

Suspect he’s referring to jack as picking up an actual job and abandoning poetry. I only really need help with the first stanza, the second stanza was to provide context. I think a closer reading of the second fifth is needed, but I really badly want to know this stanzas meaning. A biased bowl directly parallels his imagery of the flat earth surrounded by the sun’s rotation in the latter stanza.

Lowkey for a second hallucinated its last line was a poundean commentary on the Breton woods system as relating to the toil of a based aristo-neet
>the flat earth surrounded by the sun’s rotation
I took it as the heavens, which would do the same. Doesn't really make precise literal sense of course because an astrologer would read the night sky, but that's the only disk I can think of that would actually be "hubbed" by the sun, which the Earth could never be. I also think the literal interpretation of "jack" is clean, consistent and self-evident enough not to require anything else.
additionally I didn’t really see the locomotive language embedded here, I’ll go back later and see if a flat tire metaphor makes sense in context

File: 71+rqbp57dL.jpg (134 KB, 860x1326)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
What did you think of it?
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I liked the one where he punched the waiter and said "keep the change"
I feel like only people who have worked tough, physical jobs can really enjoy this book.
I would have killed the shark.
*it aight
this. I liked sun also rises a bit more, his other books a bit less.

File: 2786544567189jpg.jpg (64 KB, 1200x900)
64 KB
I can't believe I didn't see it before. What defines a gay man is his narcissism and narcissists are known to pigeonhole i.e. they the world as the essences that they learned in childhood.

They never move on from the fantastical world of essences and always desire what made an impression on them as kids. They see new people as only like people from the past. They can't see you or anything as what it is.

The more narcissistic the person the more blind and few are more narcissistic than gay men.

Plato is a hack.

When Nietzsche and Heidegger criticize metaphysics - this is what they mean. They are based on the fantastical and they box you into only seeing what you want to see.
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Nietzsche is the definition of a narcissist and Heidegger became a willing Nazi

pwn3d. Forms ftw
Yeah Nietzsche obliterated him
Ironically, you and Nietzsche will be obliterated while Plato looks upon you and laughs from the world of forms.
File: IMG_1909.jpg (869 KB, 1179x1304)
869 KB
869 KB JPG
Plato is dead
Nietzsche is dead
Picasso is dead
It’s just us
First life?

File: Friederich_Nietzsche.jpg (165 KB, 953x1200)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
What does "Untergang" mean to Nietzsche?
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>bacchischem Geist
Liebestod. Höchste lust!

Because it's an opera done over like 5 nights?
haha, Nubelungen sounds like "nigglelovin".

File: 51ZF.jpg (43 KB, 317x500)
43 KB
What did I think of it?
This book was better than the entire Southern Reach trilogy, even if it is a Shardik rip off (he seems to like ripping off other books too, like ''A Roadside Picnic'' for his Southern Reach books).

What did I think about it?
Questions with possible spoilers below:

Why can Mord fly, and why was it taken away, what the fuck is The Company, who were they getting shit from from the mirror? What was Wick? Why did Rachel and her parents get sent through the mirror? Did Borne choose to use his and Mord's body to replenish the city with biotech and become a non-sentient plant to be able to stay with Rachel and Wick at the cliffs?
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hate this reddit libtard
I liked his ambergris trilogy more. It’s kind of like a light hearted take on lovecraftian horrors in a Victorian town where everyone refuses to speak of the mushroom people living alongside them.
File: bourne.png (689 KB, 1274x520)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
Get some rest anon. You look tired.
I'm reading one of his big-ass anthologies, he's a little libtarded with his story selections but not even close to the worst among contemporary anthology editors.
It's enough to make a man sick.

Metaphysics is eternal
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Retards like you must exist for a reason, troon
Hylicjuna: sophist and NPC par excellence
>play silly language games
>declare yourself the winner
Wow, if only every other philosopher had thought of this!
stem bro here
so what exactly does metaphysics explore/explain?
Refuted by Kripke

Why does everyone on here think of this book as onions and reddit?
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>haha goofy wacky aliens watchin u hav SEX!! xD
>also nothing matters!!
This shit is basically just proto-Rick and Morty. I don't even particularly dislike Vonnegut or this book, but you can't really deny that that's what it is.
File: u.jpg (41 KB, 402x448)
41 KB
vonnegut is too humane, too compassionate, too normal for the perpetually frustrated, sex starved, socially phobic reactionary miscreants on here
Faux-humanity, faux-compassion and a typically perverted reddit atheist banana shoving mind.
File: you.jpg (33 KB, 600x600)
33 KB
thanks for proving my point. sorry about your life
I saw this, so now I must spread it like a disease

File: IMG_0324.png (916 B, 275x183)
916 B
916 B PNG
If there are an infinite number of whole numbers, and an infinite number of decimals in between any two whole numbers, and an infinite number of decimals in between any two decimals, does that mean that there are infinite infinities? And an infinite number of those infinities? And an infinite number of those infinities? And…(infinitely times. And that infinitely times. And that infinitely times. And…) …
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There is really no such thing as infinity.
>Georg Cantor has entered the chat
Pi is infinite because it never stops getting shit added to it. You can say that it's between two set integers but you can't also deny that it keeps being infinitely added to.

Also tf does this have to do with literature.
im literally going to drop aleph-0 on you and youre going to cry
No, pi is irrational. The brainlets are really out in force here, aren't they.

File: Chevengur.jpg (169 KB, 938x1500)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
What does /lit/ think about Chevengur?
don't know but foundation pit is good
Foundation Pit is just pure concentrated schizo rambling, it starts off really well but I completely lost him in the latter parts of the book, after some point I genuinely had no idea what the fuck he was on about.

File: IMG_9847.jpg (5 KB, 100x157)
5 KB
>meta-sluice campaigning
File: 1714025647899.jpg (101 KB, 873x1024)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
what on earth does that mean?

File: 1710429237715.jpg (69 KB, 564x562)
69 KB
Not the "Turner Diaries" or "Why Whypipo be so Evil" but a book that legitimately portrays a racist person as a person with thoughts, feelings, emotion, and intelligence.
I hate to make the comparison, but something like a literary version of American History X, or the Believer, or Romper Stomper or one of those movies.

Never seen or even heard of a book like that. Do they exist?
Pic unrelated
Mein Kampf
Just read books by actual racist people, who weren't parts of spergy neo-nazi movements. Aka anyone from before about 1960.
Just read literally any classic book or play that also involves non-white people. Like The Merchant of Venice.
My diary desu~
Post it faggot you wont

File: Overman.jpg (488 KB, 1080x1080)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
Books you think a man must definitely read in his life, to become more efficient? The subject of the book doesn't matter.
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I guess getting things done
By David Allen?
you are not ready for this, but know that it's waiting for you
>pays for 4chan
>thinks "full potential" is found in the search for machine-like efficiency

it was over before it even began
Those things hardly matter. Also, shy would you take that image so seriously. Just say you have no idea what to read either?

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