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File: haussmann.jpg (12 KB, 213x335)
12 KB
>Pokemon LEGENDS

Who is more retard?
Me for thinking it's set in the past or Game Freak for not setting it in the past?
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Maybe it'll be roughly three thousand years in the past, shortly before or after that giant war where Az used the ultimate weapon, given you'd think he'd be involved with a game subtitled Z-A. It seems like the pokeworld is built on cycles of civilizations growing great and then collapsing, after all. It's post-apocalypse all the way down.
It’s set during world expo.
The blue tron lines part was about how Lumiose is supposed to be IN THE FUTURE, this is before the present day while Lumiose City is being redeveloped, as per the words in the trailer. Which matches perfectly how real-life Paris went through a redevelopment in the 19th century.
The game is still set in the past.

File: 1388778191016.jpg (810 KB, 1414x2000)
810 KB
810 KB JPG
How fuckable is her ancestor going to be?
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File: 1385109084434.jpg (2.54 MB, 2618x3338)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
... okay? I'm perfectly fine with that too.

So how fuckable will Shauna's ancestor be?
Wears a lot more clothes and her hair style is less extreme.
imagine banging her doggy style while fondling her tiny tits.
same bitch with different clothes, considering akari is the same thing

File: 8844737484847473839474795.jpg (175 KB, 1088x2048)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
I'm kinda new here, from which game i should start with?
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>Hurr Gen 5 le-bad!
Don't listen to this retard OP, PWT alone makes B2W2 worth playing after the prior GBA-DS titles
How does BF but worse make PWT worth playing?
BF doesn't give you monotype challenges.
File: 1692306078374730.png (1.32 MB, 1834x1295)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Personally as a fellow newb I've just been playing them from the start and trying to do as much as I can in each one.
It's helped me understand a lot about the games as a whole.
You got the wrong list pal. Here' I'll help you.

pokemong tcg on gba
pokemon md red rescue team
pokemon ranger shadow of almia
pokemon rangers guardian sign
pokemon md explorer of skies
pokemon xd gale of darkness
pokemon conquest

pokemon legends arceus

Thank me later.

File: 65832883_p15_master1200.jpg (536 KB, 1020x689)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
Husbando Thread - Messy room edition

>Discuss husbando
>Worship husbando
>Bully husbando
>Post art, headcanons, greentext, etc

Previous Thread


How messy is your husbando? Does he clean up after himself? Is he a germaphobe? Does he have a maid?
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File: justasillyguy.png (691 KB, 942x879)
691 KB
691 KB PNG
Id do more then just sit



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Is the maker of the Train Ojisan simulator still in here? I can't for the life of me find the secret end with Emmet. It's in the Path of Love correct? Can you give some hints on how to get it? I have the love amulet.
is this an rng selected post
File: GGYLh64awAAKwlS.jpg (130 KB, 1183x1631)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
He keeps himself clean but his living space is messy a lot of the time, not downright horrible but noticable he doesn't clean as often as he should
Also I am happy to hear they won't be ruining Johto anytime soon

File: well and truly over.jpg (461 KB, 1080x697)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
Why does GF hate BW so much?
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We won they did cancel it!
Because you dont deserve shit
>...which is still a bad look for Gen 5 with the DS's install base compared to the 3DS's
You need 10000kg dose of copium

Stop pretending to be kalosian, bort
Unovafags were desperate and begging for remakes and the moment you didnt get shit you start pretending that you didnt want it, you're so pathetic

File: 1709067110874058.png (2.95 MB, 2401x2560)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB PNG
reposting some other anon's thread bc it got bumped off the catalog too soon for me to respond.
What regional forms/evolutions/new mega evos do you think they'll do for Legends Z-A like Legends Arceus?
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>posts traumobra
You have more conspicuous changes like becoming stone evolutions. Maybe the reasoning is ones that evolve directly from an existing standard form need to be blocked, but regional forms evolving correctly is allowed.
>New forms
Probably the starters chosen like Snivy or whatever
>Mega evos
Kalos starters
Xerneas and Yveltal
Trevenant and Gourgeist
Dragalge and Clawitzer
Mega Charizard Z
Pikachu Eevee Meowth
Not important to be able to not grow anymore
Give me a normal/fighting Snorlax that basically just becomes Andre the Giant.

Anyone else feel bad about catching pokemon? They were happy in the wild and now they're stuck in balls.
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No, in fact, I want to enslave and even butcher them for food.
Yes, but now they're happy inside the pokeballs; it's like going into a foreign culture and imposing the morals of a different culture without consideration for the customs, traditions and mindsets of the local inhabitants. Pokémon allegedly like to battle, be caught and befriend trainers despite their reluctance to be captured and the quick turnaround for a friendly attitude adjustment when caught. One can also release their Pokémon if they so choose, so it's not all cut and dry, I guess. It's a weird world designed to be a turn based, handheld rpg, and they've been winging the logic behind it for over 30 years as the series has grown.
That sort of thing would never sell. What a preposterous idea. I mean sure, all of that is canon, but it shouldn't ever be shown, just illuded to with dex entries and flavor text
They'll be happier with a home and food, autistic plasmafag
File: 1686645297163184.png (66 KB, 500x365)
66 KB
No, Pokemon are happier with trainers.

File: satoshigekkouga.jpg (27 KB, 602x338)
27 KB
>No Satoshi-Gekkouga? No play
>No Satoshi and Gekkouga return in an anime special? No watch
They have obviously retconned Ash Greninja and will turn Battle Bond into a generic transformation in Legends Z-A, taking out everything legitimately cool about that form and leaving us with an empty husk meant to satisfy the lowest common denominator and kids that don't know any better.

I'm so glad Pocketpair made PALWORLD for us true Pokemon fans with actual standards. Fuck Gamefreak and TPCi.
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Mega Greninja X & Y good.
Ash-Greninja bad.
But thats a Gen VII form
only because Gamefreak was too retarded to make a Pokemon Z and wanted to rush SM instead in response to Yokai Watch
Battle Bond was likely testing the waters for a future gimmick, a kind of altered mega form with activation conditions since they obviously love the idea of temporary Pokemon transformations. I wouldn't be surprised if they decided that it would favour offence-leaning Pokemon too much and just decided to drop it entirely rather than building on it. It very well might have just been outright a failed mega replacement experiment, since they were obviously leaning into the lore of "mega evos bad!" in sun and moon with how badly it describes many of them mangling their recipient.
Suck lamefreak's cock some more, faglord

File: PSX_20240227_185248.jpg (338 KB, 1951x2732)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
Here's your new Luminose City Starters along with their Hisuian friends.
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>Charizard Z will be real
>But Mewtwo Z will also be real
Nice cock, bro
What's the video? I thought it was DLC 1 or 2 from SCAVIO but it's not.
Fire/flying blaziken
Water/ice empoleon
Grass/dragon serperior
Yeah, they are flightless.

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File: 80596732_p0.png (669 KB, 2508x3544)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
I hope that they bring her back, too.
If it was an actual evo and not a dumb gimmick form it would actually be in games.
They're adding a new mega for Eevee, but not for its evolutions. Also third Charizard mega. Mega Aegislash looks cool though
>my bro Steelix is finally getting his full potential again
I raised it from an egg and solo's ORAS with him as an Onix, then wrecked with mega steelix when I let him evolve. I'm hyped.
isnt gen 6 where power up punch came into existance? why wouldnt they add it again?

File: file.png (986 KB, 1280x1131)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
Admit it. Y'all have a Pokémon fursona.
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File: file.png (528 KB, 850x634)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
File: file.png (927 KB, 850x1149)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
File: Illustration7.png (202 KB, 1577x1186)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Had, but yes
File: 1708538445494924.jpg (1.23 MB, 1200x1600)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Does it count if its just a regular version of the pokmeon and its not my sona its just Literally Me
File: Sad.png (342 KB, 485x444)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
>Y'all have a Pokémon fursona.
Actually i can't draw so i don't have one sadly

File: WSAEFASDF.png (850 KB, 1007x1059)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
Trailer mons
122 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
I want to hunt the shiny version, fucking being locked to an old Asian distro
Just like XY?
>the original backlash to the Gen 4 cross evolutions was pretty dramatic
The backlash to Gen 4 Cross evo wasn't because there was a cross-evo: it's because the DESIGNS of most of the cross-evo are bad.

Look at Farigiraf, Wyrdeer and Ursaluna. People liked THOSE
Megas should be confirmed too. Sweet!
It's a decent assumption that every normally obtainable XY Mega will be back, so going off that these would be the obvious Pokémon inclusions just using that and currently sighted lines as a basis.

Kanto (39/151 so far)
>Venusaur line
>Charizard line
>Blastoise line
>Arbok line
>Raichu line
>Alakazam line
>Victreebel line
>Gengar line
>Starmie line

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 83407367_p0.jpg (1.16 MB, 1500x1014)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Eevee's Delivery Service Edition

>I want to learn the game, where do I begin?
Download PTCGL at https://tcg.pokemon.com/en-us/tcgl
The game has a quick tutorial and a bunch of decent decks to get you started against other beginners or against the AI. Some of those decks are very close to meta too. You can also go to your local game store and see if people are playing Pokémon.

>I know how to play, how do I make my own deck?
You have a decent beginner's guide at https://www.justinbasil.com/guide
There's also the old /tcg/ guide at https://imgur.com/a/W4NkOu6
After that, look up meta decks and try to reverse engineer them to see how things work.

>Where to find meta decks?
For big irl events, go to https://limitlesstcg.com/decks
For online events, go to https://play.limitlesstcg.com/decks?game=PTCG
For japanese events, go to https://pokecabook.com/archives/1417

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
296 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
Packs from the newest set were always the standard go-to "currency" in that game. And because of investorcucks always cracking them en masse around the world and selling the code cards online they were consistently only ~10-15 cents. Outside of extremely expensive cards like full art Giovanni or whatever you could buy pretty much any playset of cards you wanted for just one pack each. It was a far superior system to the one we have now that forces you to grind with dogshit to get better cards, just like Yugioh and MTG which we used to mog. But hey, at least now you can finally get that sick alt art that now no longer makes your deck special or impressive brooo!!
Great tusk ex bro..
Yeah sadly no way to turn off abilities without path really. Even post rotation the only way is iron thorns or fluttermane in the active.
We really need some sort of garbotoxin back if path is gone for good
Yes. I fucking love Great Tusk ex. It's PttP really rotating out? I never knew that.
Yeah it's gone, that's why everyone uppity about charizard post rotation since you can't ability lock it and pidgeot anymore
Go out and enjoy your great tusk before path rotates in about a month
>Outside of extremely expensive cards like full art Giovanni or whatever you could buy pretty much any playset of cards you wanted for just one pack each
This. Anything non-meta you could get for basically nothing in trade. It let you easily mess around with different decks.

>Retards think Legends Z takes place in the past
>When Prism Tower/Lumiose Gym, a fucking high tech power plant for the city, is front and center in the trailer
237 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: gq6guoea8q661.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1126)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>>55495513 It is smaller. Crazy, I wonder what the lore implications of this are? Man, they must have done a lot of construction in those three years to get it that small.
Those are not wild pokemon
They are civilized Pokemon

Which areas are removed? Everything looks the same?
Most routes are significantly shorter in order to allow it to fit on the cartridge. The actual cities themselves are generally the same.

File: 20240227_125034.jpg (722 KB, 2880x2880)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
Worst friends
Worst gym leaders
Worst elite four
Worst champion
137 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
We're not talking about car accidents we're talking about the great field that is Conflict. Conflict happens for many reasons but that doesn't mean all Conflict is justifyable or even necessary. A lot of criminals are absolutely retarded and do it for no particular reason except some passion in the moment. The worst, most pointless kinds of Conflict do tend to be emotional in nature.
he hated fatties
>criminals exist
what a deep interesting character. Bravo.
Criminals along with the rest of societies' ills that come from humanity's flawed nature is indeed where misantropy comes from yes.

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