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File: 025Pikachu-Hoenn.png (1.08 MB, 1280x1280)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Blew your code on the Original Cap? Want the Hoenn Cap but don't want to inject? I have an extra copy of Moon that I've been resetting over and over to farm extra Cap Pikachu.

>Friend Code: 2105-8650-9001

Post your Friend Code and wait for my acknowledgement, then get in Festival Plaza and wait for my trade request. If you aren't in the plaza within five minutes of me checking for you, I'm moving on to the next person.

I'll be around for a couple hours.
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Not until it lists you as online. Try disconnecting completely (back out of plaza) and reconnect.
Did that. Try now
Thank you. Much appreciated.
Alright, sorry for the delay. You're next up, get ready for the trade request.
Alright! no probs

File: 1504316668935.jpg (28 KB, 620x444)
28 KB
I bought Moon last year. Does gamfreak expect me to buy Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon? Do we have any idea about which ultra beasts are in which games? Having a source of all potential version legendaries and beasts is my primary factor in choosing which one. What about you guys?
UB Burst is in UltraSun
UB Assembly is in UltraMoon
Don't support Game Freak until they bring out quality

Pokken part 3
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Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Is there a discord group?
No /vp/ one but there is that pokkenarena one. Was linked here earlier.
discord.gg/pokken is where pretty much the entire community is for the game.
Goddamn, playing against Decidueye feels like playing against Mewtwo for the first time back when it released on WiiU, like so much bullshit.

File: 1505695735057.png (41 KB, 185x185)
41 KB
Why the fuck do you guys like Library-chan so much? Is it because she flashed her tits once? Is it her attitude? Explain
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File: 1483155414771.jpg (13 KB, 230x208)
13 KB
Do not make a thread dedicated to tripfags. Do not discuss them, as it only provides further incentive for them to continue being a tripfag.
This. I also enjoy all tripfags in general since they tend to make certain autists sperg out for no reason and it's just fun to see.

How about we do that when you stop avatarfagging and telling people what to do.
>How about we do that when you stop avatarfagging and telling people what to do
But he'll stop avatarfagging automatically if the tripfags stop, so why do extra work to make him stop first when he'll willingly stop on his own once the actually-annoying ones have?
Who's this library?
Post her tits

File: 359Absol-Mega.png (752 KB, 1280x1280)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
What's the edgiest pokemon?
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File: 64104676_p0.png (3.7 MB, 2150x3036)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB PNG
I don't know, but you posted the cutest.
File: DKae2shUEAYQI2g.jpg (155 KB, 959x1280)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
>you will never pet a fluffy absol
File: 2017-06-19-00-54-46.png (436 KB, 799x479)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
>Edge Mon thread.

Okay I'll start it off.
File: coldsteel.png (497 KB, 680x671)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
There is literally nothing wrong with edgy in and of itself.

File: Mega Mewtwo Y.png (62 KB, 235x314)
62 KB
Why would you ever use this thing over Life Orb or Z-crystal standard Mewtwo?
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Anon, you are the one with the shit taste.
Because it looks cooler and has better speed.

Shit taste right here. Kys faggot.
It outspeeds neutral speed nature Deoxys.

>he didn't watch the movie

This guy gets it.

Mewtwo has always been frail retard. Having less physical Defense won't matter much.
Exactly, for the boost dumbass.
There's two Mewtwo in both the games and the anime. The first (the original from Kanto) is male and can't Megavolve. The second one was created by Team Plasma, was female in both movies she appeared in, and evolved into Mega Mewtwo Y - in the games, she shows up in Kalos in X/Y and drops her Megastone when captured/defeated, though which stone you get depends on the version.
As for why anyone would use Mega Y over regular Life Orb Mewtwo, >>33643566 said it best. Besides, I actually like how Y's design makes it look closer to Mew.

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
The switch game is black abd white 3
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dude im for real
I think I love you, anon
I'd buy it
>it's kanto

File: main girls.png (713 KB, 640x540)
713 KB
713 KB PNG
Which demographic does each individual main girl appeal to?
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How about this girl?

literal shit and pedophiles
I guess it's also what girl you grew up with when you watched the anime. I watched Misty and May consistently when I was younger, then later on Dawn, but I was already older by the time Dawn was introduced.

May came during my teenage years, so seeing a cute brunette with a huge bust was a godsend. It was like May was hotter than the girls in my High school classes. I honestly wonder if May started my interest in huge boobs on shorter girls.
tsundere lovers, masochists

boobs, girl next door

no panties, legs

race traitors


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: popplio is dying.jpg (41 KB, 600x479)
41 KB
Show me a pokemon violence
File: Spoiler Image (314 KB, 849x1199)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
If only she taught her Steelix Earthquake...
I've seen this image before and it still unnerves me

also delet this

File: 310_Manectric1.png (207 KB, 750x750)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
You guys have any pics of manectric?
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File: Mane.jpg (69 KB, 600x745)
69 KB
It's a shame Arcanine's the only dog that gets love. Hardly ever see Manectric, Granbull, Furfrou, and other guys get as much art.
File: 1478267471367.jpg (64 KB, 600x533)
64 KB
Granted, Granbull and Furfrou aren't as good designs.

File: Old and New.png (2.3 MB, 1600x1868)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
It's time to settle it.
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sm ones are extremely pale while usum are normal pinkish color
One is Asian and the other is COCKasian.
anybody else can't help but notice how copy/paste the faces and poses are between the two games?
Whites, asian, spics, and niggers in that order.
yea had to pick the third avatar for my game. They made whites look like living corps in the game.

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and >>33645869
are such good threads.

Waifufags are the only people keeping your shitty board alive, faggot.
Except America.
America keeps breeding because the entire country is actually a facade for keeping a reverse jewish double-nigger agenda hidden.
>tfw I'm the OP of this thread and made one of these threads being quoted
>tfw I don't have a face
Is it the first one?

File: 738Vikavolt_Dream[1].png (50 KB, 300x300)
50 KB
How do you counter this thing in NU
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
sneaky pebbles
incognito boulders
cloaked clay
waldo minerals
togedemaru and pray no hp ground
t. actually plays NU

Gigalith isn't usable in NU anymore, Sand Stream made it rise to RU.
rocktypes and firetypes

File: 02.png (98 KB, 531x255)
98 KB
What was your favorite Pokemon when you were a kid? What's your favorite Pokemon now?
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Then: Haunter and Eevee
Now: I've got way too many. My favorite changes depending on which game I'm playing. My Kanto favorites are still Haunter and Eevee with the addition of Vaporeon which I hated as a kid.

Vaporeon is still one of my faves
Then: Dragonair, Umbreon
Now: Gyarados, Snorlax
then: lapras, vaporeon, scyther, articuno
now: swampert. scizor, slowking, lapras, noctowl, dragonite

Natu !TbPhix9DQk
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File: 1454904249037.jpg (48 KB, 558x564)
48 KB
>this psychological battle

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