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How do we fix her design?
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File: BikerL3.png (510 KB, 647x1543)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
Okay, I can dig open face. Can you do one with the goggles on?
File: BikerL3b.png (490 KB, 647x1543)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
I think I might have opened a new can of worms with this one...
File: 1422212581585.jpg (5 KB, 185x155)
5 KB
I am okay with this development.
File: Biker3.png (818 KB, 1656x3011)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
I'm debating whether or not a Green Ranger reference would be proper.

File: 1915408t84nsrjpg.jpg (995 KB, 970x546)
995 KB
995 KB JPG
List of notable ROM Hacks: http://pastebin.com/ua7u6gZz
Getting started on your own hack: http://pastebin.com/fjGZfMzP

Essentials Wiki: http://pokemonessentials.wikia.com/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Essentials_Wiki
RMXP Tilesets: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sd99pug37y4v4se/Ziddy%27s+DS+Style+Tilesets+RMXP+.rar

Sites for sharing games:

IRC channel: #/vp/romhack @ irc.synirc.net
Webclient: http://webirc.synirc.net/?channels=/vp/romhack

Topic of the Thread: What generation style will your game be using?
Is there a FR/LG "soft hack"? I kinda want to replay kanto again but something different would be nice, like new poke, new areas, plot deviations...
I can't find anything good
File: Koffingirl.jpg (193 KB, 566x499)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Similar question to >23524096
Is there a mod for the first three generations that makes all 151, 251, or 386 pokemon available in a single playthrough without trading, events, or serious glitches like trainer fly? Preferably a minimalist mod that does nothing else.

If not I want to work on making my own.
I haven't even downloaded the tools for hacking yet but I was planning of doing something like this. Nothing big, just a hack with plot changes, a bit more content, making catching Mewtwo feel like it's actually something special, etc.

Fire Red Generations, Yet Another Fire Red Hack and Pokemon Fire Red/Emerald 386 are some good ones.
Dark Violet version is decent. The layout is 90% the same but it has the other things you listed. Though the writing isn't the best, it gets a little edgy.

And the hack only has seven badges before it was cancelled.

File: CancerTrio.png (407 KB, 800x450)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
Rank Specific if you want


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Guess who else is AIDS incarnate?
stall teams don't really use gliscor, gothitelle is present in a lot of them to trickscarf on set up sweepers and other threats or just dismantle opposing stall cores

cresselia was 100% needed as landorus check in stall and sableye can sweep with cm
random offensive mon in stall just makes it a bad team
File: rare pepe 3.gif (1.2 MB, 300x313)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB GIF
the kids on /b/-with-pokemon who still get upset about memes?
I havent literally seen a cresselia on OU in MONTHS

I must not play enough
How bad was this team that I used to run /vp/?

Toxicstall Gliscor
serene grace flinch hax Togekiss
Swagplay Kelfki
Prankster Thunderus

File: 1432585802310.jpg (73 KB, 765x600)
73 KB
Yo, this is Showderp! Where we root and cheer for a dude "dubbed" champ as he applies the pressure on Pokemon Showdowns ladder using Pokemon suggested by you; Anonymous.
Apply yourself
If champs current team isnt very applicable in this current meta he'll call "new team" where the fastest of 6 anons to suggest Pokemon in time'll be able to see their mons on champs newest team. If champ himself is a little spooked, something will possess him to call "new champ" where the fastest trip to understandably claim shall become our newest champ. Calls only count in thread. Don't understand? man, lurk or something

>Heath Fajitas:

>Mow Memes:

>Washy Wubs:

>Current Applicant:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 8480346.jpg (112 KB, 567x582)
112 KB
112 KB JPG

>Got my ass hair lasered off.
>everyday mfw

I was born in a good era.
you gay or something?
>not wanting a smooth butte for people to dump their loads in easily
you're the gay one here m8
File: sadchibi.jpg (152 KB, 900x837)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>tfw can't afford lasering
>staying smooth takes constant effort
>small motivation to keep up with it because nobody ever sees my ass anyway

File: 1432201866296.jpg (24 KB, 396x371)
24 KB
Sort of inspired by a previous thread, but this is more directed towards the younger pokeman fans(those who would be around 18-20 now). Do you feel like you still grew up in a good time to be a Pokemon fan? Because it honestly feels like to me that we completely missed out on the golden age of Pokemon. But, then I hear some stories about how people born in 1996 were still playing Pokemon with friends and trading cards. What do you guys think?
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>You probably never even had a Tamagotchi die from neglect or changing the battery.
That was still a thing in the early 2000s
I played all pokemon games in order, and I remember first seeing stuff about Gen 3, I was shitting bricks every day over how excited I was. Once I finally got Ruby I enjoyed that fucker so fucking much. Don't get me wrong, playing Silver was great, but to me the pokemon and the area was a huge upgrade. I thought Hoenn was fantastic and had great replay value.
dubs don't lie. I also enjoyed gen III when I first played it. and I thought the regis were badass and it was really cool how you had to unlock them
I'm turning 22 this year

First game was Pokemon blue

I'm still a Pokemon fan of the series, I love seeing new Pokemon and seeing how to make them viable
nice man
keep on playing

File: ppa.jpg (469 KB, 1568x1539)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
Trading, Breeding, Battling, Autism, and Shitposting
Giveaways, Circlejerking, Mystery Eggs, and General Questions

Pokémon WiFi General - /wfg/ - Old Thread: >>23514381

A guide for beginners and mentally incapacitated folks alike: http://pastebin.com/pEt2326i

>Hey OP! I've been looking for a place to give out or collect breeding leftovers.
People are encouraged to dump their free leftovers here. Don't hesitate to ask for anything being given out for free.

>Hey OP! I like hacks and clones! I also want to add you for for Friend Safari ;))
There are other threads for those things.

>Hey OP! I like posting text lists!
Text lists are shit. Copy and paste that into an image or a pastebin if you have to.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anyone have a technician shroomish/breloom?
I'm not sure I know your team enough to give any definite advice. Speed control other than thunder wave maybe. Icy Wind is good on clefairy unless you need moonblast for hydreigon or stuff like that. I also don't know about leading with thundu and clefairy because it doesn't give a lot of offensive in the early turns which I think is important. I'm too experienced with either so maybe there is something i'm missing.

My team is kind of weird and based around countering stuff like the genies and Kanga from the first turn so I wouldn't feel bad.
I think I'll switch Clefairy out for something more conventional, just as a test. I like Clefairy, but it either does a great job or is dead weight, with no in between.
I do. Put up summat on the GTS for a shroomish
Yeah it really works better when partnered with something with a spread move to make up for it's lack of offense and get the most out of helping hand.

Something with tailwind could work with your team on times where you don't bring thundu and kang could help set it up with fake out. Presumably something with ground immunity for synergy with garchomp.

File: Water.png (40 KB, 632x775)
40 KB
So if they eat pokemon in the anime, you ever think that pokemon fishers are ever at risk of their magikarp turning into angry gyarados?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Farfetch'd. I really like real life duck, so I don't see why not.
I wonder what a Rayquaza would taste like...
I wonder, would it taste like meat or like a berry?

New? Check the pastebin for advice on starting the game, client information, a guide on the various theme decks/products you can redeem in-game and more.

Want more Meta decklists/skeletons?

News/Legal List/Set scans/etc

Your physical cards probably aren't worth shit, but check sites like Trollandtoad, eBay and TCGplayer for the shinier ones to see if you can make a decent 5-10 bucks off them before you ask in the thread. We don't have the prices memorized for every single bulk rare you post and if you had anything worth shit, you probably would've been winning tournaments with it and knowing its value.

To see what your PTCGO stuff is worth, look on the PTCGO forums in the trading section. For example, Top Cut Trading inc

Pack codes are worth about 15-30 cents while other codes are worth around a dollar or two.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So, what then? What was the point in the string of shitposts providing it wasn't just one Australian in his natural habitat?

then again getting sense out of /vp/ is like trying to get twitch chat to stop typing kappa
Like I said in my post. I make money off of PTCGO. It also looks nicer, for the most part. I could care less about playing the game for free online.
I'd die before using that ugly piece of shit, ptcgo interface is so nice i can't stand to look at tcgone.
Him with that tree monster that locks people out of items, some safe guard pokemon, robo subs, and maybe wob to cancel effects that aren't yours.
>tfw no qt anon to help you deckbuild

File: 1395368820788.png (1.33 MB, 900x977)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
Quick /vp/!

Claim your favorite kaiju-mon!
26 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
You're an idiot.
File: Gamera_and_Irys.jpg (70 KB, 600x400)
70 KB

Iris = kyurem
File: geek_cheezburger_com.png (205 KB, 500x281)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
White or normal?
i dont know mega Garchomp and Gigan also show some major similarities

File: ayyyy.png (35 KB, 1200x1200)
35 KB
Let's have a thread for Arceus.
115 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
nice, and arceus being the equivalent of a god and all would have many tricks up his sleeve, shit that would make i have no mouth look like a fairytale
>not wanting to be retconned by Arceus like in >>23510006
Kill yourself
typical American
>wanting to be reconnected
>losing all thoughts, memories, experiences
that sounds absolutely spoopy
This, why would you want that? If it's your fetish you would probably forget it was, defeating the whole purpose!

File: 1431923637166.jpg (578 KB, 2560x1080)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
Bonnie is a perfectly acceptable substitute for Brock.

Fight me.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I haven't watched the anime in fifteen years, but I assume she's like some kind of lesbian loli version of Brock? ...I'm okay with it.
So... its it.
They finaly are forcing lesbianism in a child, on a kids E rated show.
Haven't watched it either but I actually think she's trying to get these girls for Clement, who is her brother.
Dedenne is such a qt
Oh. So she's his pimp, basically.

File: 2015-05-18_00001.jpg (138 KB, 1200x900)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Summer is coming edition.

Elder thread: >>23481437
Resources: http://pastebin.com/T8ab8NYQ

IRC Network: Rizon.net
Channel: #/vp/drawfriends
Tumblr tag: vpdrawthread
Booru: http://vp.booru.org/ (please tag your pictures and upload only drawthread things)
DA Group: http://pokemon-drawfriends.deviantart.com/
Drawcard Gallery & templates: http://imgur.com/a/LTgWW#0
Drawfag survey: http://i.imgur.com/0X9BeQc.png
Keep NSFW requests here: http://drawfag.net/draw/index.html
96 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
Requesting someone to draw a concept of a larval form of Vespiquen, something that looks like it'd biologically make more sense than Combee does.

Below her organic dress she's got a normal bee abdomen which suggests that other than that part of her, she's largely pretty similar to actual bee physiology, so it leaves me wondering what its youthful form would look like if its pre-evo wasn't the combees.
you mean you want chibi/loli vespi or something right
Wouldn't a baby vespiquen just be the combee thats on the bottom, dettached from the other two that are just heads, and it'd just have tinier features on its face of what the vespiquen has, which would grow out as it got older?

I'm not sure 100% how bees work while growing up, but I imagine they start off as little grublets don't they? Or they're just like a smaller colorless version of what they're going to be until they grow
I will take a high fantasy request.

Posting from phone because I got banned for posting vidya on /v/...
Wikstrom as a real knight and Drasna dressed as a Dragoon or Black Mage?

File: 14288171975781.png (8 KB, 492x258)
8 KB
D-day edition, Bonbon Boulevard you will be missed
Grind coins on stage 37, exp on stage 130
Code 04482045 gives 5 EXP x1.5
Mewtwo's Mega Stone is glitched, you have to drag it to the mega slot from the Pokémon List for it to register
Current event is Shaymin, 22 moves base 20% +3% per move left
Base 70 Grass type with Sleep Charm
Shaymin gives 1000 coins everyday so make sure you claim it

Also home button exploit is dead if you care about that
175 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.

There was one evolution line in gen 1 and it's only weakness was itself.
Off course it was a glitch ever early piece of official media and even the games themselves (a trainer says they "only fear Bugs and Ghosts") said Psychic was weak to Ghost.

Poison is weak to Psychic dimwit.
The ghost type alone though. The ghost type is what i'm talking about. Not just the pokemon who were ghost types.
The ghost type alone DID NOT EXIST in Gen 1.
You don't.
But then how would ghost be OP?

File: 1.png (127 KB, 563x506)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Can we all agree that generation 2 is the most nostalgic?

Johto feels so idyllic.
45 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>stating fact

There's a difference; now why don't you step off deez you're making it in-comfy in here
>accuses someone of being nostalgic
>in a nostalgia thread
>gen 2
>good games
Johtoddlers are even more delusional than genwunners about how bad their games were. I'll admit that every time I play blue I still get a rush of nostalgia, but I still recognize that it's not a good game.
File: image.jpg (32 KB, 480x360)
32 KB
>not a good game
>making up "cute" names for people who recognize the superiority of Gen 2

Wow, what a faggot. I bet you don't even realize that R/S and B/W were the worst Pokèmon games.
>so many filters on the emulator screen I want to die

File: 13413293.jpg (62 KB, 640x457)
62 KB
>Will-O-Wisp gets bounced back at your pokemon
File: 1432849922341.jpg (46 KB, 499x499)
46 KB
>heatran's flash fire raised the power of its fire-type moves!
>heatran used magma storm!
File: image.jpg (16 KB, 207x164)
16 KB
>Metagross's Clear Body
File: ec6.gif (3.17 MB, 340x189)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB GIF
>Heatran's air balloon keeps it afloat

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