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File: 1426304766334.png (443 KB, 720x480)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
ITT: We try to balance the metagame

Desolate Land: Water attacks' power is reduced to 1/3 its original power
Delta Stream: Allies' speed are 1.1x the original and opponents' accuracy is reduced to 0.9x
Mega Salamence gets Mold Breaker instead
Mega Rayquaza now needs to hold a green orb and have Dragon Ascent to mega

R8 and H8
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Nah, that one's too limited. That wouldn't balance Mawile, it would just make it mediocre.

>Fairy now resist psychic
Are you insane?

Remove that Poison resistance and it's perfect.
Would it do any good if double type weaknesses were 3x damage instead of 4x? I mean, I see it could do good for a lot of weaker pokemon, but it also does too much good to a lot of powerhouses like Garchomp, Salamence and the like.
>Remove Poison Resistance
No make Water weak to Poison instead.
>pelipper laughing at your pathetic volt switch.jpg
Well if it means anything now, Mega Mawile is the lowest ranked Mega Evolution in Ubers, lower than even the likes of Slowbro and Blaziken.

Maybe it's not so much that Mega Mawile isn't balanced, rather than it seeing an unreasonable jump in power and usability.

File: image.jpg (5 KB, 97x96)
5 KB
Pokemon Get TV showed the Rayquaza battle in Shuffle.

It's coming.

Now that you're probably all out of previously-injected coins from the other new stages, and therefore can't use any items, are you ready to get shitter shattered?
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File: laughemolga.gif (84 KB, 500x276)
84 KB
>implying I haven't been grinding coins on stage 37

File: Spoiler Image (428 KB, 1200x800)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
fug thread? fug thread.
How do you even do that when there's only 3 coins that show up on the corners of the screen?
So here's the question. Will he be dragon or flying?

Do I use ampharos with haxorus, or ampharos with zapdos?

File: mudkip.jpg (74 KB, 400x399)
74 KB
Who is the best starter and why is it Mudkip?
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I like fire lizard. I hope he gets more megas.

Both have the most faggotry when it comes to asserting their starter is the best

Does fire have a representative?
Pikachu. :^)
he's number one!
Any fire starter

File: 136191548203.jpg (127 KB, 800x1039)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
May is the hottest. Anyone who disagrees is a homosexual.
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Holy shit I want this so much

its not real is it
Well, pictures of pokemon are not allowed, so this is the next best thing.
Corphish has a humongous erection.
Those look heavy. Want me to hold them for you?
She has strong legs, she can manage.
Can't say the same for skeletal ORAS May.

File: Kitejr.jpg (36 KB, 512x512)
36 KB
Posted this in the dead general so yea new thread I guess.

So I have this tournament thing coming up and the way it is going is one 3v3 singles battle, one 4v4 doubles battle, and one 3v3 triples battle. All with the same team with no changes allowed.

I have no idea how to even start building a team for this shit. Any advice? I am trying do decide which mega to bring. All megas are allowed except Mega Ray and Mega Gengar.

Part of me wants to run either rain or tailwind support for the latter two.

Part of me also wants to run trick room but that is risky as fuck.

And then when I start building for one format I am weak in the other one.

And team building advice would be awesome.
>All with the same team with no changes allowed.
Whoever is running this is a retard
I know.

I asked about stuff like changing single moves to spread moves and stuff like that. He said something like "well you will have 6 Pokemon so you can use them for that instead."

I don't even know man.

Okay, I've been watching Pokemon XY for a couple of months now(I'm at Episode 32 right now). And I gotta say that it's the best Pokemon anime I've seen in years. I watched it all the time when it first came out, but kind of stopped watching after the Johto arc ended.

But when the anime for XY came out a couple years ago, I've read nothing but good reviews so I thought I'd check it out again. I must say, I'm glad I did. But one thing surprised me most of all: Ash was actually competent! When the Hell did that happen? Not only that, but his new friends, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie all seem impressed with him. Speaking of Serena, she seems to be the first girl since Misty to have a legit crush on Ash and there are signs Ash likes Serena, too. I can't believe this is the same show I first saw 17 years ago.
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I watch about 4 episodes a week since I spend most of the time watching other anime and Netflix and playing games when I don't work. XY is by far, the best anime arc since the beginning, IMO. I wonder where the other three would rank...
Where did you get that poster?
It's official marketing material for the anime. Just wait until you see the one they put out within about a month of Valentine's Day last year!
Wait... They actually endorse this thing?
I like to say that those two are packaged and ready to ship.

File: 136Flareon[1].png (833 KB, 1280x1280)
833 KB
833 KB PNG
make a pokemon more viable with one move

Play Rough
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>Cloyster will never get the 85 BP priority STAB it deserves
>85 BP
Are you talking about making a new move for Cloyster because Water Shuriken is for ninja and Cloyster is not a ninja?
No, turns out I just can't do math
File: Weezing.png (153 KB, 400x300)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Slack Off

File: 1386476859164.jpg (405 KB, 734x521)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
To the femanons of /vp/, what do you think of the female trainer designs?

Also general Pok├ęgirl thread
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File: 11d.jpg (509 KB, 800x788)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
Wow, rude
Nigga gets it
I'm moderately concerned.
File: 1e5.jpg (371 KB, 594x600)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
There's no need to be concerned anon
File: rusty.png (151 KB, 268x295)
151 KB
151 KB PNG

>muh gullible, flat-chested 12 year olds
File: 51b.jpg (68 KB, 400x667)
68 KB
Is everything okay anon? You seem a little rustled there.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (150 KB, 1920x1080)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
What fucking Pokemon is the SpD bag based on?
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Pimpnite tonite
I thought it was Bronzong
defense is Bronzong you fucks
In what world is Bronzong gray?
It's based on pokemon that have that as their highest stat.

Defense is not remotely nincadas highest stat.
It is aggrons.

Just like machamps highest is atk
and florges's is SpD
and crobats is obviously speed.

File: Gardevoir.jpg (115 KB, 631x800)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
I haven't been on /vp/ in a while, can we have a Gardevoir thread?
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File: Gardevoir.600.1630672.jpg (56 KB, 456x600)
56 KB
I really like Gardevoir I wish she had an attack which makes her good, like an special priority move or quiver dance.
File: gardevoir (546).png (418 KB, 600x600)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
Have you tried Hyper Voice with Mega Gardevoir? It hits crazy hard and goes through substitutes.
No shit. Do you think we all use moonblast and tackle?
File: 41151102.png (2.87 MB, 1800x2700)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB PNG
Yeah I like it, but Gardevoir is too slow and fragile, that's why I believe she needs some boost in her speed stats or a priority move.
How about no you retard base 100 speed isn't exactly slow in the OU metagame. I you want it to be faster use t-wave or sticky web support, it already hits hard enough and it has a support movepool things would die for.

File: TPhoto_00049.jpg (33 KB, 640x480)
33 KB
Hey guys I basically just made a 1 am Toaster Strudel and you guys can just have it, you're my friends. I'm not that hungry anyways.

You know the rules.

Current Champ: jimml !!0cGjedNdnst
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File: 1426969234467.png (612 KB, 545x535)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
hey :3
File: why.png (30 KB, 474x405)
30 KB
It could have been over.
He tried to save us.
File: 1426105714713.gif (731 KB, 640x360)
731 KB
731 KB GIF
>try to open battle
>tab crashes
this is some funbro level shit going on isn't it?
File: #staynoided.png (215 KB, 812x308)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
/me bumps you

C-can we have an altoshipping thread?
Also maybe a writing prompt?
What if you could go to the pokemon world but only as a pokemon?
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You know, I like this ship and all, but perhaps you should wait for the write thread to come back in a few days. This sorta stuff tends to trigger shitposting
File: Spoiler Image (20 KB, 402x228)
20 KB
Latias is best poke
if the writethread is gonna be hijacked by shipping fags then maybe it should stay dead
>You will never be pinned down and forcefully stripped of your wizard powers by Latias during heat

File: image.jpg (35 KB, 414x469)
35 KB
Is there any Pokemon not hated by anyone on /vp/?
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A Sylveon is my Waifu.

Also >>23133289 proves that every Pokemon is hated by someone on /vp/. But hey, we at least know which one's the least hated: Anorith.
is there anyone who hates penis nose?
File: 135.png (17 KB, 240x239)
17 KB
Worst Eevee

But that's not Glaceon.

File: 1421307262514.jpg (23 KB, 459x452)
23 KB
Welcome to /vp/'s Monotype Tournament thread!
Here we hold a Monotype tournament where you compete to be a gym leader in the upcoming gym leader challenge!
Sign up before April 5th with your team and come fight people to become the very best. Like no one ever was.

Forms are up for the upcoming tournament.
General rules: http://pastebin.com/5m8wc2a6
Signup from: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13wbGim5SiVSiON-iUytuw61C0ZfKDZpx8lTt9FsL8Yg/viewform?usp=send_form
Team registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1314ASNwlVmuTiOI5ac70YCM1td1ghhUQJ7lIm6gWhwI/viewform?usp=send_form
65 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1369846524126.gif (1.07 MB, 500x358)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
>trying to practice on showdown
>every second asshole has a flying mono with the genies
>allows for multiple of one item


you don't care about the elo for monotypes
File: strayee.jpg (29 KB, 312x445)
29 KB
Welp, I signed up for normal just a bit ago. Hoping to see some good competition. Still considering the second half of my team, however ..

Everyone be sure to at least fill out the first half of the forms if you know what type you're running! It'll help Callum know what the numbers may look like. Let's get this tourney goin'.
jesus i havent been to the skype in 5ever
Shuckle a best

File: A Mean One.jpg (45 KB, 330x344)
45 KB
I'm using the Treecko exploit on Stage 72. I've S Ranked it multiple times in two turns. Never shaken more than once, even with the great ball. Share your tales of woe.
163 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Disruption delay
keep trying, that's pretty much a perfect team for it
+5 moves is a must have for that one.
On normal ampharos? You get 50 moves to do it, why would you need +5?
i used mega slowbro and just go on a couple tries, eventually it works
Trying with mega slowbro now. Thanks.

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