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PLZ is gonna find a way to shill/include her.
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I hope so. She hasn't made an appearance in a mainline game in ages.
since SM she is a poster girl for Mega shilling

and she has Lucario who is THE Mega shill
so yeah I think so
File: ekans food.jpg (88 KB, 819x976)
88 KB

speak English, shang.
File: 1703043571127469s.jpg (2 KB, 125x103)
2 KB
>no BW remake
>no Aldith
it's oger

File: rivals.jpg (166 KB, 1080x876)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Post your final team and battle theme

>galarian Slowking
>Flutter Mane

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File: Chad lizard.png (1.66 MB, 1080x858)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
>Sceptile (Mega)
>Inteleon (Gmax)
>Starter that is weaker to yours ;3
>Toucannon (picked up Pikipek early)
>Chandelure/Cacturne/Azumarill, whichever one is stronger to your starter

File: 1707581220870720.png (758 KB, 1280x1280)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
>Darkrai (ace)
>Tyranitar (true ace)

File: reiju lips.gif (3.64 MB, 600x337)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB GIF
>female Indeedee


File: alto mare.png (1.01 MB, 853x480)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>game set entirely in one city
>it's not Alto Mare
we could have had it all
also Paris is gay, hope the gamefreak devs get Paris syndrome when they finally visit that shithole
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Man, all of the old Pokemon movies had really fantastical settings, but Alto Mare really takes the cake. The movie itself was just all right imo, but the locations really elevated it. Movies 1, 3 and 5 all featured settings that I wish I could physically exist in and fully experience. Just beautiful.
The artfulness and production quality displayed at certain parts of these films is really impressive. It's a shame they did away with traditional animation cells after this. While it's true that some of the CG scenes could be jarring, most of them were used to good enough effect that it enhanced the experience overall, and by the 5th film it seemed like the filmmakers had really gotten a grasp on how to use the two together.
File: 99.jpg (599 KB, 1128x1053)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
Every western city is a shithole under the current diversity era, but Paris still is the most visited because it has the most things to see.
The movies almost always have great settings. It's a shame they've never incorporated any of the movie settings into games, they'd be perfect for postgame stuff.
The idea of just exploring the Pokemon world has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I hope I'm alive long enough for that truly immersive VR Pokemon experience.
The real world is not too shabby either though, wish I had the means to travel more but I do it as much as I can.
File: ezgif-4-f9e684e522.jpg (940 KB, 1960x2724)
940 KB
940 KB JPG
When will they have a game set entirely in Seviper's stomach and yourd Cynthia trying to not digest BUT YOU FAIL HAHA

File: 1706147955813229.jpg (11 KB, 1079x172)
11 KB

>client for secret chat
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File: hellfrog.png (869 KB, 1282x791)
869 KB
869 KB PNG
he's somewhere in lumiose city, i just know it
kneel. worship. obey.
i would always kneel to hecktoad

File: Untitled-1.jpg (625 KB, 856x1200)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
It's time to show your devotion to PokeGoddesses.

Kneel. Worship. Obey.

Take the quiz to see what Goddess you get:
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Nice bra
File: 452450_1643317478.jpg (115 KB, 694x1192)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Your Result:
Klara is a massive sadist, who loves to watch her helpless victims squirm and beg for mercy. Poison is one of her favorite tools in either weakening her prey, or sedating the pain to extend the play for many more hours. Don’t expect any compassion - the more you scream, the less likely she is to let you go.

>singlehandedly stops Galar from being complete shit
File: sevipersamaikneel.png (829 KB, 680x729)
829 KB
829 KB PNG


File: 1559529690674.gif (2.79 MB, 577x317)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB GIF
Kalos has fallen. Billions must die.
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Cyrus loves 'tina
he didn’t even know giratina existed until she kidnapped him
>Cyrus had a god complex and was powertripping from capturing the lake pokemon despite it being obvious that he could never control actual gods
But he did control them. He was just being an absolute retard and let you free the lake guardians because surely the Pokemon who the red chain was made from won’t interfere.
Would you sacrifice Cynthia this to save the rest of the world? Why not?
>stuck with immortality under the rubble of his collapsed lair under Lumiose City
>the redevelopment plan will disturb the rubble and free him
He's coming back.

File: 1705266805127072.jpg (708 KB, 1680x1050)
708 KB
708 KB JPG
>Preparing for the contest edition
I am kinda surprised that the last thread has made it the whole week, but I am not complaining. Since it hit the bump limit, I am making a new and (hopefully) improved one.
>QotT: What would you do with your Absol? Have it join you in battles against gym leaders? Show it off in contests? Or maybe just keep it by your side as a companion?
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File: 1680295544914.jpg (236 KB, 1280x790)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
>not wanting a cute goatcat GF who climaxes at the mere sight of you
File: 1686555001449479.jpg (9 KB, 250x250)
9 KB
That's only when she's in heat
File: 1700519662084065.jpg (50 KB, 850x638)
50 KB
Yeah, Absol is a GOAT

File: 1505516565554.jpg (8 KB, 179x282)
8 KB
>people are hyped for XY
>the only character people post is serena because there are no girls in that gen
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nah, that’s just your black fetish unovamutt. go back to your “cute” embort thread lmao
File: 1697899582884213.jpg (158 KB, 969x1292)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
There are but people only care about hex maniac for some reason
No, she isn't unovan
This recent thread had some good variety https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/63542236

File: EtP-orCXIAI9XTf.jpg (183 KB, 1080x1080)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
They skipped PokeMurica because the sales were too low to justify a remake.
Capitalism matters and it's above SJW feels and tumblr popularity.
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Damn. How do you make a decent formula worse?
lol this nigga has baby eyes
1-5 are for kids, 6+ are for baby animals
Funny that you say that. I saw Verlisify video about the announcement of Legends Z-A and his complaint was, "Why are they making another Legends game when the last sold poorly?" His words.
>sold the least amount of copies on the highest selling Nintendo console of all time
>sequel sold less than USUM even though both released after a new console launched
It's time to accept that Gen5 wasn't well received

>this year is so dry in term of pokemon content that People are now pretending legends wasn’t complete dogshit and that its single town sequel won’t be even worse
Lmao. you fags are almost as pathetic as unironically placucks
Legends was great are you GAY?
he's using an Apple product
do you really have to ask?
You’re not a real Pokemon fan if you don’t consider Legends the greatest installment after RGB, formula cuck
File: Autism.png (947 KB, 1012x1134)
947 KB
947 KB PNG
nah you're dogshit faggot

File: legends.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
I'm pretty hyped for this game, but I'm worried they will throw in some subversive shit.
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>Nobody ever talked about troons or lgbt representation during pokemania.
5 years earlier, Twin Peaks, one of the biggest TV shows of the 90s while it was on, had an episode with a trans character. It did so because the subject matter was considered relevant in that era and because other shows were doing the same. The idea that nobody in the 90s knew about this stuff is silly, even a cursory glance at the era will show it's untrue.
Now, this other person claiming that it had an effect on how Gamefreak designed their games is almost certainly talking shit, but saying that it didn't exist is simply untrue.
so that's why all the tumblr pedos liked that show so much
No they liked it because the main character is extremely autistic.
Missed opportunity to give the s/oyjak milk drink.

>Kanto gets Let's Go and hundreds other shillings
>Hoenn gets ORAS, one of the best remakes in the franchise
>Sinnoh gets BDSP and Legends Arceus
>Johto gets ???
Last Johto game was HGSS, 15 years ago.
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1696175091320160.jpg (12 KB, 331x293)
12 KB
>Johto gets
Still the best remakes 15 years later

Also assloads of the regional forms and crossgen evos are Johtomon.
We could go another 15 years without a new Johto game and we'll still be feasting on HGSS
Based, fuck that Kanto DLC that doesnt even have its own league, forcing Johtrannies to crowd up OUR pure lands of MANTO to fight OUR Elite Four!
Johto is kanto's backyard, lowly pawn

The starters in Hisui are from regions that Cynthia visited.
The only major returning character in XY is Looker, who visited Unova, Alola, and Hoenn (as well as Sinnoh, his home region)

It's too soon to get Sinnoh starters again, and as we're in Kalos we'll be catching those starters in the wild. Just leaves Unova, Alola, and Hoenn
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's genuinely plausible
I hope Emma has a hot ancestor
Also, rooster is one of the symbols of France, so there might be it.
File: aldithprize.jpg (879 KB, 3706x1761)
879 KB
879 KB JPG





File: 1709067110874058.png (2.95 MB, 2401x2560)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB PNG
reposting some other anon's thread bc it got bumped off the catalog too soon for me to respond.
What regional forms/evolutions/new mega evos do you think they'll do for Legends Z-A like Legends Arceus?
60 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Retcon Ash Greninja into a Mega
Give the other two starters Mega
Clawitzer and Hawlucha mega
Avalugg mega
File: Pokemans_615.gif (15 KB, 600x600)
15 KB
i want cryogonal sigilyph ferrothorn and dhelmise to all get megas because they are all strange looking things and can look even stranger. i think beartic deserves some love too
File: Nudibranch.jpg (215 KB, 1200x758)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
I'll do you one better.
>Nudibranch water type Goodra
I guess it would have to be a blood moon ursaluna thing since it can't be a regional variant. Or is it possible they keep doing the convergent evo mons like toedscruel?
Heliolisk becoming a satellite dish
>since it can't be a regional variant
Meowth got two.

File: IMG_5929.jpg (192 KB, 1280x1319)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>gives female Pokémon cutesy heart shapes

Why is Pokémon so regressive with all this gender bullshit? Removing gender norms in SV was a step up but until we get they/them options this series will be shit. It’s 2024 and Pokémon still hasn’t gone woke enough. Also no openly gay characters in mainline series, kind of problematic if you ask me.
42 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pavlovian conditioning
>anon discovers sexual selection
Never speak again.
>reviving a dead bait thread
Shame on you.
Yeah, fag here.
I don't hate women, don't like them either.
I simply don't regard women, total apathy.

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