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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links
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File: 4KWIP.png (741 KB, 3840x2256)
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741 KB PNG
>>602136 (Previous Thread)
Retro 4K Ultra HD Edition
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File: brehs.png (80 KB, 960x540)
80 KB
testing my bust in BI with AO, need a few corrections
Thanks for the advice.
File: 1507998831805.png (2.27 MB, 2048x2048)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
How the fuck do I even do realistic skin.
how the fuck did you do this
it looks like years of job
File: Camp_Camp_Working.jpg (246 KB, 3492x768)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Texturing is harder word than I thought it would be. Anyone have any advice? I've just been looking at other basic wood textures and trying to match it to the simple design.


If I wanted to do something like this how hard would it be? From researching around a bit I know he uses Maya, so I would need to rig my character right? But then going about creating a background like a massive planet he does here in HD how would youd o that?
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The planet is just couple of heightfields to generate the displaced mountains, then just using Maya fluids (look at the examples from the visor) you can generate a nice atmophere. Clouds are also probably simple Maya fluids as well.

So we are talking about 3 layers - ground, atmosphere and clouds. It just takes bit of tweaking to get the lighting and shaders correct but just in one afternoon you could come up with a test concept which looks acceptable.
Here's a good tutorial about displacement maps in Maya

And here's another one but in totally different scale of course. You can rip off satellite images from Nasa and play around with them to get convincing results in short time. This makes a nice afternoon test project or something
So could i do this solely on maya or do i need about 15 softwares?
wasn't as good
Good god there's so many of these autistic superhero fight videos

last one hit the bump limit >>603901
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if your purpose is to be good with organics then start sculpting right away.
even if sculpting and retopology seems hard to you, making organics strictly with box modeling is even harder so i don't recommend it.
you don't even need a lowpoly mesh to render or present your characters, but lowpoly is needed for texturing and game applications
Where can I find free textures that aren't low-resolution, don't try to install a virus when I try to download them, and can be / usually are seamless? I'm aware of cgtextures/textures but the specific things I need (scratches, wear and tear) aren't really on there.
so I like /3/ a lot but it is super fucking slow. What are some good and active 3dcg forums you guys browse?
Polycount is pretty much The Forum from what I understand
/3/ is one of the fastest 3d forums

File: Blender_logo_no_text.svg.png (87 KB, 2000x1635)
87 KB
I'll just open the general since I don't even know where to post, and the only choice were the current discussions about Blender in troll threads.

I was trying to find out if Blender has that incredibly useful bevel shader I learned about recently in Modo, and it seems that it doesn't atm, but I stumbled upon this video.


Can't understand anything though, but the video is relatively new, so is this some addon in development and will this potentially be available in Blender 2.8? Modo can even bake that bevel shader down to a low-poly, which is crazy. I can't live without it now.

That being said, as much as I like Modo, I won't lie, it's a fucking struggle to get used to the controls. Blender is piss easy compared to that, at least from my experience. And I realized that I still have to move and scale tools with a bunch of clicks, but I don't think any other program could make it more comfortable for me than Blender. My fingers start hurting after a while. I probably just got really used to Blender in the last few months so that might be why, but the struggle is real now.

Anyway, just wanted to share the video and ask about the possibilty of getting a bevel shader in Blender.
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Please don't reply to the troll posts, just ignore them. You go and make a thread to get away from trolling, then you feed the trolls?
If I resize a rigged character using it's bones. (For example, resize legs and head to give a cartoon/goblin look), is there a way to apply those changes to both the armature and the mesh?
Give me the best books on blender 3d. I've been using the software for like 4 years now but I feel like reading some interesting tutorials.
I think under modifiers, you can apply the armature? If you scale a bone, it should just scale all the verts in the corresponding bone group.
oliver villar have a dvd + book combo, check him out

File: maxresdefault (25).jpg (50 KB, 1280x720)
50 KB
No matter how hard I try, my arm and especially hand rigs always end up pretty shitty. The one thing I have the most trouble with is how the fingers fold into the hand. I want to have my character grab something, but the deformation of the fingers is just awful and I really have no clue what I'm doing wrong.

I've been doing rigging in blender. Is it just bad to do rigging in blender? Is there a better (free) program for rigging?

File: gudrendertransf.jpg (197 KB, 710x458)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
I'm having a weird time learning 3D. I feel ok with modeling but other than that I'm really not sure what direction I take and what projects I do for practice. There's other stuff I want to do like characters but where do I start? This is a transformer I modeled for my midterm but now what?

File: 1518920309010.png (336 KB, 540x960)
336 KB
336 KB PNG

Check it out, newest one. Getting serious.

Tell me what you think, do I need to improve on anything? Yes, I will be animating shooting animations, I do not include them in a set, because they will either be a universal animation for all rifles, based on one bone, OR physics based by the UE4 Engine.

this goes for the walking and running animations too, Still trying to decide.

Check it,

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I really want to see the reaction of people who will one day get your portfolio in their mail, for job aplication.
>I'm Reload Animator, I'm really passionate about it, you know(?!) I'm different, man! anons said that my animations are AAA already, you know(?!) Call of duty quality!
I've seen some average, some bad and one good clip from you.
So you do have potential as an animator, but you seem to lack good taste which IMHO ties into that lack of style problem.

I say this because you presentation is lacking. I know its not as important if you actually want to showcase your animation and i criticize the ugly shader and abysmal lightning or the ugly background, but at the end of the day, presentation is important and if you want to appear as TRIBBLE AAEE you better nail it.
And i mean the animation by that, the presentation is a side-dish you also have to master.
So the honest truth is that you have to get better with your animation, your style (you have to find one), your taste (ditto), and the presentation.

If you where as obsessed with learning and growing as an artist instead of wanting to hear that someone calls your work TRIBBLE AAAAEEEE you would be actually better.
He's a glory boy in reality. He would not have wrote paragraphs of replyis and countless threads otherwise
and all of you are baffling me... you are givving him some impression that he will ever do anything with just reload animations...
If there is anyone who is making money with just that, that's because he got there doying shitton of other work and was so good that someone agreed to hire him just for reloads
and I'm sure it is one or two projects in his life.. oh and getting someone to hire you for shit like that takes much more charisma than your animation tecniques.
Jokes on you bro, I don't truly care about getting a job in the business. BTW I've got a contact who used to be in the business and reloads was his only thing. You act like you know everything about it? Reloads are a thing that is looked for. Look up Hyper, look up ImbrokeRU, look up mrbrightside.

They have all gotten a job based on their reload animations. One of the few also is a cinematic animator.

You have no idea what you are talking about, but even if you do, I don' truly give a shit about makin' it in the bizzz

I'm not a Glory boy. I'm a guy who has a hobby who wants to know if he's gotten good yet.

File: sssDragon1_noDither.jpg (435 KB, 1257x709)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Just rendered in Blender but couldnt dither it in GIMP. It looks horrible on the phones I tested.

Please help.
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File: nomoresadness.jpg (168 KB, 1744x928)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
There is no need to build a complete model for showing the behavior of a shader in just pointy shapes.
use suzanne
Blender SSS isn't plug and play, you need to adjust it quite a bit; don't really feel like going into it though.
you are just lazy, cant even do ss on a stock model
I agree. Moving sliders in Principled shader is very hard.


Do you think they also played with boob size parameters back then?
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back when memes didn't have a lifetime of literal seconds
File: 1509750069145.jpg (11 KB, 480x270)
11 KB
>help rape
>it was just a joke :^)
can somebody make and sell shirts of these
stop talkin about ez money cucklet and enjoy the meme
needs crystal castles

File: R14kkDj.jpg (61 KB, 645x517)
61 KB

why do this anime triggers this board?
It was because it was made on blender?
its not sexci
Your non-native english (or parody of) triggers me.

As for the show, the quality of the animation is a little lacking. It seems like a problem with interpolation, even if they're rendering very few frames there's not enough inbetweens and it makes the animation look stiff.

File: 1495541093531.jpg (27 KB, 705x696)
27 KB
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u jokin but thats how I get all da wimen u faggit

I have 3ds max and blender installed atm.
>Not kicking the thread off

1.Add a small section to the obj then export it back as obj
2.Post if you're going to add to the model. If you're not done within 1 hour, someone else can claim your spot
3. Repeat until the model is deemed as "Render Complete"
4. Let the good times commence.
File: untitled2.png (24 KB, 411x397)
24 KB
I have added to it

working on it

File: 1368668902927.png (10 KB, 369x369)
10 KB
>shit talking about the other's software non stop
>whining about not getting into his beloved "3D industry"
Just fucking use your brain for once in your life
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betting it'll immediately become daz central with several daily threads about how to animate realistic porn in sfm
>3rd daily thread on how to model a horse penis

I agree with this anon, I think it's important to find something to do for yourself. there must be something in the world that's worth doing
What program did you use to make that
Why would it matter?

File: 1495860009550.jpg (171 KB, 1000x836)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
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not quite what happened.
PETA sued him because the picture was in a magazine, and they say the copyright should belong to the monkey.
How do we pay the monkey? Monkey whores and weed?
There's a point where you don't actually care about the wellbeing of animals anymore and just want to stir up trouble.

Is Modo any good? I never see anybody talk about it here.
54 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Hard Ops are little bit better.
It doesn't.
Mesh Fusion works with Sub-D meshes.
Hard OP's doesn't. Its just normal Boleans.
You obviously don't know shit.
How can it be better if it doesn't do the same thing?
File: 1517664981188.gif (2.23 MB, 200x150)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB GIF
>start learning modo
>starts in three seconds vs. a minute of loading time of 3ds max
>different workspaces for each type of job, everything is sleek as fuck
>fully customizable intefrace
>fast as fuck box modeling, modo gives zero shits about "inappropriate" geometry, you just do whatever the fuck you want and clean it up later, "fuck the 3d police" the program
>booleans on par with zbrush
>great UV tools and you can make them on par with uvlayout if you are not lazy
>decent rendering solution, a fucking PBR viewport
>you can easily bake any shit you want without suffering
>you can bake fucking round edge => fuck useless high poly meshes
get your fat ass up and learn fucking modo you dumb niggers
its not cool
i love the idea of custom workspaces, its very convenient

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