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File: squirrelover.png (397 KB, 784x975)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
>AI shitting out terrible meshes and art
>nobody developing AI driven UVs, LOD, topology and rigging
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But that requires work, I don't want that, I want Ai to do it for me.
I want to be an artist without having to work on my art
maybe give it some already finished production level assets and let it learn from that
File: anita1.webm (2.58 MB, 680x720)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB WEBM
You know why no one made neural network retopo tool? Because this tool has to actually work and do its job, or otherwise you'll be told to GTFO. Meanwhile, with automatic plagiator software you can get away with completely garbage results because "muh emergence" and "imagine how better it will get in 10 years"
Well said

File: 1675386597817200.jpg (6 KB, 215x234)
6 KB
Houdini EULA: no sex, no extreme violence, no wrongthink

defend this
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forked tongue liar
you're a cinema4d user aren't you?
WTF? well I guess I'm gonna have to be quiet about the fact that I use houdini in the future then
>>970209 (me)
>on the site
I took the fucking bait
Blender EULA requires you to transition & watch John Oliver, so?
I made an R rated CG film about decapitated zombie characters that mutilate themselves and have sex while talk about how climate change is a scam, should I be worried?

File: ca3.webm (174 KB, 896x896)
174 KB
AI is dogshit.

I am going to invent my own schizo way to cheaply generate AAA 3D anime girl animations.
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You are wrong, workflow is the only thing that is important in this world, people don't care about graphics, storytelling or gameplay, they only care about workflow >>972082
You did it, you always find a way, I'm impressed
Get back into your containment thread, Cris.
Cris, you're losing your workflow.
Completely agree, Cris workflow was peak aesthetics

File: 6524a7966e197.jpg (543 KB, 2559x1439)
543 KB
543 KB JPG
What's the secret of the realistic looking CoD reload animations? No other game has reached such fidelity in the reloads animation area. Do they have animators dedicated just to viewmodel reloads that spend months on a single weapon? Do they use some sort of procedural magic?
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Looking at some footage from Modern Warfare 2 on youtube it doesn't look like anything super tricky. It's just an animator who understand the subject material.
At a studio like infinity or whoever makes them now you also have access to great source material, you usually even have physical weapon props on site you can manipulate.

Personally I feel confident I could replicate the look of anything I see here within a day or two per gun.
Doing full body acrobatic animations I usually manage about ~10-15 seconds of really high quality movement in a full workday (16h window).

By comparison having hands move around in front of your face doing a few hand movements isn't as much of a challenge. If anything I'd complain a lot of the motion in CoD appears
too weightless, like the Desert Eagle changes direction and comes to a stop absolutely instantly like it's a plastic toy gun, those are hefty objects.
I've held one of those and it rivals the mass of our service rifle, thing must weight at least 2 kilos. You don't flick around something like that and have it translate around
the wrist with no ease-in-out to it.

Even if you're a built operative you'd twist it around it's own center of mass while the inertia of the mass of the gun frame would wanna trace it's own arc.
Revolver looks a lot better tho. What happened is they prob didn't have a deagle on hand and winged it off a Glock or something but they did have a heavy revolver to record.
File: 1677184797562890.jpg (268 KB, 686x695)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
>Cod reload animations
The secret to those is being a tacticool faggot who animates reload.
Fuck off with your weapon springing at every move like it's a bunch of jello, you layzuhcats-tier nigger.
>No other game has reached such fidelity in the reloads animation area.
Play Tarkov and try shooting/reloading real guns, retard.
It's motion capture. They get a guy in a suit to reload the gun and then they move the camera angle.
I doubt it is. Mocap is best for fullbody animation but it's a bitch to work with when you need a precise, perfectly timed animation that has multiple variations. Maybe they record some mocap for reference but the animation itself is all manual work.

File: 1681062153610856.png (402 KB, 725x684)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
I hope you are dedicated enough to hand-draw fingerprint texture of your model.
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That looks like garbage and makes no sense to make.
Good for GTS fetish content.
But I'm pretty sure you can easily archive the same results using procedural textures.
his facial animation is good, i'm never sure if it's hand key or mocap
I know it sounds crazy but i'm more into desiging cool shit instead of autistically replicating irl
I've tried to figure a way out to do it procedurally over the years. One trick is using gabor noise with a flow field, but IIRC, it gets fucked by interpolation problems and doesn't have a way to place pores correctly. Another is to implement reaction-diffusion for curved surfaces either in python or nodes, but then that requires an expensive simulation over a high poly mesh. Gonna try voronoi scattering sometime with a flow field to see if that might work - the trick will be making the rotation of each voronoi cell depend on a single central point and praying that the interpolation errors at the boundaries aren't overly visible. Any sizefags who want to collaborate on doing this kind of ultra-detailed procedural modelling, please give a shout.

Holy shit, do you fuck up with an UI this badly.
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still looks like shit even if its customized
UI does seem a bit archaic
Ui is shit but it's the best software for sculpting
File: 1559205568214.jpg (36 KB, 577x577)
36 KB
>meshes are called "tools"
Yes. They don't have to be meshes, there's things like zspheres. Just like how meshes are just objects in blender.

File: photogrammetry.gif (2.02 MB, 480x320)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB GIF
Anyone here into photogrammetry? I'm slowly learning 3d modeling but I'm curious if photogrammetry is ever really used in any professional works? I know people scan faces all the time but I'm not really familiar with it. Only time I remember someone really using it was this autist for one of his vids:
timestamp should work at 19:26. But that's it. Feel free to use this thread to talk about anything related to the scanning itself or working on models afterwards, I'm also curious about that.
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>costs like 20/month.
LMFAO. It is free for android however gives like 6 free photos.

Polycam is 100% ass. The geometry gets fucked up and is warked. You can not move from the spot you stand in only rotate and the geometry is fucked.

Not usable for anything other then Abstract art or scaning the room you are in in 3 minutes.
>Get a 300$ 3d scanner instead.
This all of this.
Photogrametry is shot because it tries to work with photos.
Most 3D scaners use more like Structured light or depth sensors.
Photogrametry is a TOY
3d scanets are infinetly more useful then 3d printers.

One is a tool that can bring physical models into the computer.
The other is a retarded toy that poisons you and can only spit out TOXIC plastic crap CnC is superior to 3 d printing for all civilian cases
All 3d scaning is limited.
There are angels these scaners can never scan.

Also do you seriously think you are going to sculpt all your characters in real clay before scaning them?
instead of simply modeling in the computer on any 2024 gaming laptop?
I tried the free version in a museum and was able to get decent models of the works without a ton of effort. Might work a bit better on iOS with its proper camera software.

File: b99.jpg (54 KB, 527x487)
54 KB
im trying to make a kart model for a certain racubg game and i wonder if there is anything i should know beforehand
A thread died for this?
learn to draw or AI prompt an ortho reference and then trace it on blender.
why do you care

Rolls out today - yay or nay?

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You can config the memory budget in the popup with the resolution.
This thing absolutely shreds SD in terms of speed on my rig.

Yeah, pretty easy. You can also use nodes in painting mode it seems.
Probably an adobe faggot.

I used it for 30 minutes easy to notice that it executes complex materials at 4k on a tiny budget faster than SD. Didn't try much though, just clicked through materials and tried blur nodes. Tried the painting template project.

Fuck adobe

>No UV paint option
>No masking by polygon option

While I agree that Adobe sucks, those are some pretty simple options that they didn't include.
One of the presenters sounds like a girly faggot. I simply can't abide and that reason, I'm out.
sounds like gay faggots taking up 90% of a bath house
I'll keep an eye on it, doesn't look to be worth the switch right now but I've been frustrated with SP shenanigans since I've started learning 3d years ago and this seems to be on the way to finally kill it

File: dkqzmphze1f81.png (3.36 MB, 1920x1080)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB PNG
Need someone who can make organic landscapes in ue/blender/maya or whatever other program you fancy and get paid for it!

I'm working with a friend to make a 2.5d top-down hentai zelda-like action. We're just stating with a demo that will go from the start of the game until the end of the fist dungeon, we somehow have gathered a pretty skilled little rag tag team but I'd like to find someone who can do landscapes exceptionally well.

Right now we literally just need the ground itself. After the demo we're hoping to put it up on social media to get some support so we can quit our day jobs and work full time until the game is finished.

If thd game takes off we'd 100% have a ton more work for you to do and paid hourly or salary depending on if we get enough funding. We just wanna make a fun game that's also horny.

If you are interested shoot me an email at vagranttale@gmail.com! Thr project is moving astonishingly fast!
Sorry for the typos, on my phone and was just browsing during a bath and decided to try recruitment here on a whim lol
you'll be competing with this guy: >>969395
you wont make it, op.

File: file.png (646 KB, 1369x581)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
What projects should I do? I want to be able emulate half-life 2's art style. can someone give me homework?
Read Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar. Study models from the game and use them as reference. You can also check out the photos the devs themselves used for reference: https://valvearchive.com/archive/Half-Life/Half-Life%202/Other/Reference%20Photos/
File: file.png (401 KB, 400x617)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
Thanks! I made a new hl2 styled model, its this anvil from the famous/infamous anvil blender tutorial. I'll read rtb and study the models. thanks
That's really good, and it fits like a glove. But it still feels a little too... idk, high quality? Try using a lower res texture, maybe bringing the poly count down just a tad. Still, well done.
File: image.png (710 KB, 907x557)
710 KB
710 KB PNG
You think so? maybe it works better amoung "newer source games like day of defeat source and the hl2 episodes more than counterstrike source maps in gmod
I think the problem is I used a triplaner texture which is definitely not how most hl2 models are textured, I should definitely work on my texture skills

File: gains.webm (3.72 MB, 720x1280)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB WEBM
i'm trying to make myself a playable character in my game. you think posing for the cam could work for one of these photogrammetry software to do their work? or do you need like rotating cam and to stay still? kek
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yea..... about that
lmao...cris is Dark Pablo. new nickname.
File: img-2024-01-19-18-55-13.png (372 KB, 1903x2024)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
AI workflowGODS won.
File: img-2024-01-26-09-13-17.png (530 KB, 1903x978)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
crisbros we're eating good!
Look at the smug bastard.
He knows that he's fucking with us.

File: Che_Guevara.jpg (103 KB, 579x684)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I have an idea for a game and unironically want to start work on it. Where should I start? What language should I learn? I want it to be a side cutaway game sort of like Yoot Tower but on a larger scale.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
A communist wants to work on something? That's a good one! Thanks for making me laugh
download visual studio & install allegro
It's an ancient game programming library but is rather simplistic so very nice to learn. It does 2D graphics, audio, video and cross platform window management
It's in c++ which is an ideal first language and it doesn't come with all the bloated abstraction that unity & unreal have.
Follow these tutorials:
If I were you I would start with UE5 and blueprints even if 4chin doesn't like it
>>971828 and >>971835 are both good advice.
I'm partial because because I've been using Allegro since version 2 (I think) in '96 (or was it '97) on my 486 PC even before I discovered GNU/Linux and I'm still using Allegro 5 today.
But if you're not up to learn C and your computer can run it, then go with UE.
This is really stupid advice, you aren't gonna get anywhere trying to build everything from scratch, take advantage of the tools available and use hired help for the rest

Other people already can do everything, just pay them to borrow their skills and you focus on the actual gameplay and polish

File: 040.jpg (180 KB, 1080x1693)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
I'm too lazy to learn how to animate the plop plop shit, so I'm trying to transfer TS4 rigs onto other 3D models so I can just use WW animations. My workflow right now is just moving the bones in edit mode to the new body, which sort of works, but is inefficient. I also need to transfer the weights and that can lead to some problems, too.

This is all for "personal use", so I don't give a shit about the legality of it or finding a way to somehow make money off of it.
partially related but some based modder managed to inject jiggle physics to the game. i just think thats neat. why arent there many games modded like this? i mean, we've seen alot of nude mods but imagine injecting jiggle physics on old psx era games that doesnt have it.

File: 1685016922206310.webm (2.3 MB, 640x360)
2.3 MB
>download Pokemon models
>adjust the proportions a bit
>throw them into your UE4 asset flip 'game'
>make hundreds of millions of dollars
is it really that easy /3/tards? Palworld and Lethal Company's success proves that traditional modelling fundamentals and whatever the fuck you nerds discuss is a meme.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Its confirmed that whoever made these screenshots adjusted the palworld models themselves to fit around the pokemon models better. Also you are fucking retarded if you cant tell the wireframe is completely different.
He said that he just scaled it which is what you will need to do to compare when you are ripping models from different games which will have different sizes naturally. Otherwise it's pretty obvious the devs took model as a base
>I can resize that quadruped to fit inside that other quadruped
Nigger, you can do the same with a horse an a cat.
And you can clearly see the geometry was made differently in the "common" parts.
>is it really that easy /3/tards
It is at least on the technical skill or merit side.
The other factor is viral marketing and the luck involved for the campaign to stick.
People win the lottery every week. Just (You) won't.

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