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File: 2024-03-05 (2).png (326 KB, 1920x1080)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
So I am only a day old diving into Blender after 3 years of trying 3DS Max with no progress which is more of a skill issue on my end.

I am specifically wanting to model cars. I have something started but am not too happy with the outcome of the doors. I am starting with blueprints but still getting to grips with pretty much everything else.

What tips can you give an absolute noob when it comes to modelling?
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File: subara.png (768 KB, 1081x753)
768 KB
768 KB PNG
it's over
File: corvetta.png (784 KB, 1018x781)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
subsurf is difficult because the necessary loops in some parts of the model will break/tighten the geometry elsewhere in the model
You isolate curvature by having supporting loops that stabilize what's on one side of them, the bended interpolation as you curve sub-d surfaces only happens one section beyond what you're manipulating, think of it that way.
File: corvetta-loops.png (758 KB, 1018x781)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
idk what you mean. here the necessary loops to make the hood(white) will cause a crease (black) in the sides. this is only one example, but there are many more situations where this type of additional geometry starts to produce creases/tightening somewhere else...
make a simple object and model some curvature in there, move the verts around and try to crease and relax one corner and observe what topology moves and what doesn't. Sub-D isn't difficult to understand once it clicks in your head how the interpolation work/behave.

File: 345345345.png (260 KB, 1857x2030)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Tbh I used to do it a lot when I was younger, but I been losing hope, and wondered why you guys do in the first place?

I always worried that my work would end up as porn.
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File: futo gaming.png (52 KB, 882x784)
52 KB
I animate so that I can see my video games bitches ride big fat dicks.
I have a story to tell
Pretty sure we have an innate desire to see pictures move. isnt there cave paintings that were drawn in such a way to indicate movement? it's in our blood. dont know why but it is
thats why you get artfriends to share your shit with anon.
You weren't sharing porn with your friends back then?

Do you have any "weird" tricks that you've discovered that help you sculpt better?

>If I need to closely copy a reference I listen to power metal and pretend I'm a fighter plane in WW2 that's flying around the 3d model and tearing it apart with my guns with the goal being to sculpt it into the shape that I'm trying to make.

Helps get you immersed in what you're doing if you see it as a game
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/3/ doesn't understand because /3/ is full of technicians, not artists.
I stop fapping for a week in order to sharpen my coomer instinct and make my sculpts better.
This, I can sculpt up to 8 hours an armpit
File: Skull 18.jpg (1.49 MB, 2100x2880)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
Sculpting is a bitch
watch a course or a bunch of courses and even then it's still a bitch
picrel is the last time I sculpt
not really a "weird trick" but manual retopology for sculpting.
this way i can sculpt out the rough shape without having to worry too much about nice surfaces. then i can retopologize to get a nice smooth surface, and after that sculpt additional details and/or project details from the rough mesh.
i normally struggle with the final refinement stages of sculpting, but with this method i can get a pretty nice result without hours of polishing lumpy surfaces.

File: blender-default-cube.png (483 KB, 1920x1040)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
Deleting the default cube in Blender is bad practice.
You're supposed to drag it out of view.

Of course the total hack hiding under the moniker "Blender Guru" (or as I like to call him "The Doughnut Grifter") teaches you to erase it.
I hate him so much.
I get satisfaction by raising it up a little, so its bottom is flush with the ground.
>I just saved an empty startup file that has my UI and settings exactly how I like them
>normalfriends waste dozens of hours deleting the same fucking cube every new file
Truly subhuman.
In a way you're supposed to use it.
Well that is if blenders main workflow of boxmodelling directly into the intended base topology and using multires with sculpting and use that to export LODs did work as intended.
Blender devs shill it from time to time omitting the fact that it's completely broken and there's no way to directly edit the multires data.
I must admit I also like to do this

File: image.png (958 KB, 1080x1080)
958 KB
958 KB PNG
I made this donut to celebrate me using blender for 8 years, hurah
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yes, don't waste your time
how did you do the 'glitter' effect?

File: 1683815895853768.png (1.6 MB, 1600x2588)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
>Koreans start getting into mainstream media
>All their models look like high quality DAZ renders
Explain this, I can't be the only one who notices.
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Knew a guy who acted just like you making up his own head canon and arguing against weird positions other didn't even hold.
He got that way after suffering head trauma getting hit by a stray baseball bat that slipped out the grip of a kid who swung while wearing knitted gloves (true story).

Dude became a lonely alcoholic later in life because few could stand him for any duration.
I knew a guy like you too, he used to make this weird comic with his Oc called Sonichu, he ended up just like you (also a true story)
>Calls anons pedobears for liking adult asian women.
>Gets called a literal mother fucker
>Can't you see how damaged that line of thinking is?
Lol, go fuck yourself, or your mum.
Many Koreans use presets models and just fix them up.
A lot of people do that, mostly in porn.
I've got a lot of commissions for heads of characters, and then I see them attached to daz bodies. I have never seen a Korean game company using any daz model. Maybe a solo developer?

File: 1324401739611.jpg (434 KB, 934x645)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
Welcome to our thread dedicated to honing your topology skills in 3D art! Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, mastering topology is crucial for creating clean and efficient 3D models. In this thread, we'll share and discuss various exercises aimed at improving your understanding and application of topology.
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I like how sloppy these wipers look. It just werks and motionblur takes care of everything
I'm working on a gun, and the grip part has some curves obviously. Using subdivision modelling. The problem I'm having is that I like to keep things as low poly as possible to keep them manageable, but I just can't realistically tie in the details I need with a low poly version of parts of it.
Would it be bad practice to model the general shape low poly, apply 1 sibdivision to get the nicely smoothed slightly higher poly version, and then tie the smaller details into that? It feels hacky, but I'm not going to be able to hand-place every single one of the vertices just right as compared to the subd.
That is pretty common workflow. Rough out a shape in sub-D collapse/flatten the stack down to that level and then optimize the sub-d generated mesh to fit your target needs by modifying deleting loops etc.

There's nothing hacky about it, any method you can think of to generate the polygons you need is valid if the end result is something useful that matches your target specs.
>a good thread on 4chan
Now I can tell people that I already saw everything.
thanks anon

Is learning blender a waste of time if I'm serious about learning animation?
I just want to animate anime girls with bouncy boobies fighting with weapons and magic like RWBY.
I've seen people say that Maya is better for animation than blender but I've not seen people actually explain what makes it better specifically. Is it the UI or something? I only have experience in Blender and cinema 4d. I prefer animating in blender over C4D. Right now I'm not doing shit professionally but I don't want to waste time learning Blender if I'm just going to have to learn Maya later. I'm not getting any younger over here.

I've taken a 3d animation and modeling course at college just for an art minor. I plan on taking animation again but learning Maya instead of cinema 4d. Would it be better to just fuck around in blender making meme shit until this fall or should I just dive into Maya?
Maya if you want to get a job
animation is animation, software is less than 1% of the actual work. Blender is free, so that's good enough for me. I have used maya too and personally I like it but this shit isn't my job and at the end of the day I prefer blender's ui and ease of use over maya. mostly I just know blenders shortcuts better.

studios use maya because they have always used maya. if they could seamlessly move to blender and save a buck without disrupting the pipeline, they would. but it would unironically cost more time and money to transition to blender than it would to simply maintain the status quo. so yeah, if you want a job go with maya. blender will always be there for you if you want to play with bouncy anime tiddies though, there is no rule against using both programs.
Ask yourself why Blender is a meme on /3/
File: pepe-peepo.gif (68 KB, 498x498)
68 KB
It's 2024 already my nigga, blender died with covid and Dark Cris.
File: 1643621036801.jpg (99 KB, 896x960)
99 KB
yes, next question
>for anime girls
you can use anything you want, try anything available,blendet, source filmmaker, pirate shit, THE ONLY REASON YOU USE A TOOL IS BECAUSE MAKES YOUR LIFE EASIER, THAT IS ABOUT IT


File: 20240502_025256.jpg (11 KB, 240x240)
11 KB
Did anyone know what happens to @BeanBeanis
All platform had been deleted
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Pixiv nuked most 3DCG artists on it platform because of credit card companies disapproving of porn.
Beanis still had a deviantart, but it was abandoned after they started using pixiv.
Oh, seems their DA account was deactivated too. Hmm, they must have quit after pixiv kicked removed 3DCG artists. A pity, I loved beanis' etnas.
really hope anyone know what happen to him
File: Etna and Flonne.jpg (252 KB, 1404x1220)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
luckily I downloaded a couple of early versions of their Flonne and Etna models that they shared on their pixiv
I made this render :)

File: IMG_5650.jpg (54 KB, 458x458)
54 KB
Does starting with digital sculpting ingrain the same bad artistic habits and mediocrity that happens to people who start painting digitally instead of traditionally?

It seems like the same thing where the technology allows lower skill people to seem better than they really are while simultaneously screwing over the higher end. I think trained traditional sculptors think about sculpting in a way that is higher skill than some guy who is trained in digital sculpting by some low tier industry hack and has never touched a piece of clay
Retarded nigger I sculpt both traditionally and digitally on a daily basis they are nothing alike and have very little in common please stop shitting out low iq plebian takes and delete this thread
They're nothing alike if you suck. A skilled traditional sculptor can make the transition to making high skill art (better than the stuff most industry zbrush hacks could make) in months. Once past the learning curve, it's just an incredibly easy version of real sculpting. Take a zbrush monkey and give them some clay and they can't even make a symmetrical blocked in head, it's substantially worse than what they do digitally
delete yourself

File: 1707885423051493.png (565 KB, 902x877)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
Why did you guys choose 3D over drawing? Is it because drawing it's too difficult?

I've been thinking if I like drawing or 3D more and what to invest more time on, because with 2D you can also animate
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use a measure tool
Perspective and line work/brush strokes are the only things that you don't really have to worry about when doing 3D instead of 2D

Personally I chose both, not sure why people do one but not the other. Both are quite useful.
>Why did you guys choose 3D over drawing? Is it because drawing it's too difficult?
2d art lacks objectivity, making it harder. There is no "correct" way to get a good result.
3d has objective parameters that can me precisely measured that give me a non-subjective good result.
the technology was/is already looking rather good, and one day I dreamed of the idea that I would be able to acquire equipment good enough to have an entire VR or AR place /space/ virtual space where everything I created would be visible to me.
That was all the motivation I needed, still, I ended up getting better at drawing since i also decided to learn texture painting.

File: 10c.jpg (43 KB, 667x593)
43 KB
Could AI make rigging obsolete? I'm tweaking right now and obsessed with this idea of creating an alternative animation system that doesn't require rigging. Basically you would just have your sculped or retopo'd character, click a button, and IK/FK handles for animation would appear. But instead of bones and weight painting, which are essentially just constraints, the animation is purely done by deforming the mesh. kind of like fluid animations or blend shapes on steroids. the AI would then automatically constrain the deformation like weight painting would on a rigged character. I understand that this would result in worse performance than rig based animation and also cause problems with UV mapping, but just try to think of the benefits and how things could be 10 years from now. Pic related, my first attempt.
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File: 0001-0300.webm (636 KB, 640x480)
636 KB
I partially agree, in fact I'm trying to do something non-erotic that exemplifies the co
cool for hobbyists for quick generic characters but professional rigs are so complex and usually tailored exactly for individual animators needs that I doubt we will ever see an AI rigging tool. it's one of the safest areas of 3D to work in
You should not concern yourself with that because no professional is ever going to let you touch his animation rig.
Anon I understand it pains you to think about this but there are actual talented successful people who work in the industry on this board. Stop coping
That's funny.


Have any of you learned using this series and would you say it's worth the 15 bucks or am I better off just learning on various youtube videos?
I have never learned a single thing from cgcookie in my life.
YouTube is good for the basics and mid-level/hobbyist tutorials, but the quality and availability for tutorials for levels higher than that are relatively scarce. Channels with a good reputation tend to lock high-level stuff behind a paywall, but that isn't to say high-level tutorials don't exist on the site—they would just be from channels that aren't really popular and they don't go crazy with the presentation and whatnot.
>to answer your question directly: the courses in the bundle won't teach you whatever isn't on youtube, but the concepts within them are more throughly demonstrated (e.g., they show every single setting in each texture node). it's only $15 so i'd say go for it
buy a cgpeers account
courses are a ponzi scheme now
>>teach people skills that are obsolete thanks to AI and there are no jobs anyway

does anyone else do this?
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looks like bananas
File: GNGIQugW0AAwD7F.jpg (40 KB, 978x978)
40 KB
im new to 3d modeling p-p
but I have an apple of the same guy
now i love it :>
Hes a tad silly
Just a bit bonkers
A little crazy
you can have another render, as a treat

File: lsalfk;ajg.png (269 KB, 381x307)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
hello, need a bit of help
I'm planning to make an irl coin and for that I'm planning to 3d print a prototype for making a mold out of. Probably will use the light sensitive resin. Anyway
I need to know if I should make my model the same size as the final print or make it bigger. The size of final print is diameter 27.3 thickness 1.78
I only realized how small it is when my low qality ref pics were around 100x bigger than the basic cylinder
tldr: if I want to print something small, should the 3d model be the irl size or bigger
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Sorry. I forgot you've transitioned >>981897
Chris is the
im not cris lmao
You are definitely Cris, don't den
This fucking thread kek

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